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Update written by Dustin-Shane Merrill

Curtis wanted to know why Sonny didn’t help him investigate his father. Sonny remembered seeing Marshall drop a bottle of his medication and said the past should stay in the past. He hoped that everything worked out for Curtis and his father. Curtis told him that Marshall left town. Sonny was willing to have his guys track Marshall down. He told him not to give up if there’s a chance they could reconcile.  He told Curtis that he had two very strong willed men as sons and they often didn’t see eye to eye. 

Sasha is blindsided at a Deception celebration. A sleazy photographer bursts into the restaurant where Gladys, Sasha, Maxie, Brooke Lynn and Lucy are having drinks. He begins taking pictures of Sasha and refuses to relent even after Lucy threatens to call security.  Eventually, Austin arrives and intervenes. While Austin is dealing with the photographer, Gladys slips the memory card that contains the photos, out of the camera. 

TJ gets an unexpected gift that arrives in an unmarked box.  He is not able to discern who or where it is from. He opens it and realizes that Marshall has gifted him his clarinet as a parting gift and tells him he wishes to leave him the gift of music and reminds him of their conversation when T.J. said that working on a surgical team was a lot like being part of an orchestra. 

Nina shares her concerns with Brando.  Nina believes that Sasha is really shaken up by what happened at Charlie’s a few nights back. Sasha expressed to Nina that Brando rushed to Sonny’s aid without giving thought to the consequences.  Sasha tells Nina that she has already lost Liam, she can’t lose Brando as well.

Portia and Drew met at The Savoy to talk about Marshall leaving town. Drew blamed himself for Marshall leaving. Drew tells her about the fake job offer so he could do a background check on Marshall. He said Marshall was upset about it. She didn’t think that was enough to make him leave. Drew thought Curtis might have found something out about him. She wished Curtis would have let her help him. Drew told her that Marshall’s past was dangerous. He said it was better that she didn’t know. 

Gladys and Sasha are pursued by the photographer as Sasha is driving them home.  The photographer wants the memory card for the photos he took. He is right behind them and driving erratically, so Sasha increases her speed to try to lose him.

Alexis wanted to know how many people had to die for Harmony to keep her secret about Willow. Harmony says, “as many as it takes.” She strangles Alexis. Alexis pushes her away. Harmony grabbed a rock to bash her in the head. But, Carly appeared and pushed Harmony away. Alexis called the police while Carly held off Harmony. Harmony eventually managed to get away from Carly. Carly tells Alexis that they have to stop her. Alexis assures her that the police were on their way. Carly was afraid that Harmony was going after Willow and Wiley. 

Rory showed up to question Carly and Alexis. They told him everything about Harmony, all the murders she had committed, the stolen therapy notes, her psychiatric file. But, Carly said that it was all a waste of time. She said if Harmony reached the highway, she would escape. Harmony was in the woods and looked at a picture of Willow and Wiley. They were all she had left. She refused to lose them. She ran out into the road and was caught in the headlights of Sasha’s car.  Gladys told Sasha to watch out for the person that appeared in the road.  Harmony screams while Sasha swerves to avoid striking Harmony.

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