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Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Kevin figured that whatever Chance wanted to talk about must be top-secret since they were meeting at Crimson Lights instead of the station. Chance asked what Kevin knew about Locke’s death. Kevin heard Ashland lost control of the car and drove into a ravine, news that wasn’t met with an outpouring of grief. Chance realized Kevin didn’t read the police report. Kevin had been busy with IT stuff. Chance said that Locke’s death might be more complicated than originally thought. Kevin asked if there were signs of foul play. Chance said that there was nothing he could point to just yet. Chance laid out the facts of the case – Ashland showing up at Victoria’s, the confrontation with Nick that got physical, Ashland seemingly not having a pulse, but then leaving the house while Nick and Victoria were outside waiting for Chance.

Kevin suggested that Ashland’s death was hitting Chance harder because he’d recently lost his partner, Rey. Chance said it was a reminder that not everything was the way it initially seemed. When Chance found out Rey had a heart attack, it he understood why Rey didn’t make an attempt to avoid the collision. Chance wanted to know exactly what Ashland did every minute leading up to his death, and he wanted Kevin to help. Kevin didn’t think he could help, since he wasn’t a cop or a mechanic. Chance told Kevin to go see the medical examiner. Chance had learned that she and Kevin both liked some fantasy game, and he thought they could bond over it. Chance said Kevin should invite the doctor to join his group of players. Kevin knew Chance meant a guild. Chance said once the medical examiner was buttered up, Kevin should let her know that this autopsy was a top priority. Kevin guessed that was simple enough. Chance needed Kevin to learn the police report inside out. Kevin was excited, because he figured he and Chance were a team. He bounded out of the coffeehouse.

Victor was at Society on the phone with someone. He learned that everyone on the security team who’d been watching Victoria’s house on the night Ashland died had been interviewed by the police and that all the interviews went smoothly. He wanted to be informed if anything changed. Adam walked in and watched Victor from afar. Victor was pleased by something the caller said. He ended the call just as Noah arrived for their meeting. Noah asked if Victor had looked at his proposal to turn Top of the Tower into a nightclub. Victor had, and he thought it was a hell of a concept. He could tell Noah put a lot of work into it.

Noah thought that during the day, the club could showcase cutting edge art from around the world. He said the space could be a gallery, an event venue and a nightclub. He said they could utilize augmented reality to change the space and give people an immersive experience. He said he’d handle curating everything himself. Victor said Noah was a Newman, and he was very bright. However, Newman Tower was a business, and they needed Top of the Tower. Victor said that Noah’s idea was impressive and it was a recipe for success. Victor said that when you were young, sometimes it was important to spread your wings, like Nick did, and now he was coming back to Newman, and he was going to apply all he learned to the company Victor built. Victor knew that Noah would do the same thing one day. They shook hands, and Noah started out. Noah acknowledged Adam as he left.

Adam wondered why Victor wasn’t drinking tequila to celebrate Ashland’s demise. Victor invited Adam to sit, and he did. Victor didn’t grieve Ashland, but he didn’t think Adam should be so glib about his death. Adam understood that Victor didn’t want to seem too happy about it in public, given that Chance was implying there were a lot of questions surrounding Ashland’s death. Victor sat up straighter. “Oh, now I have your attention,” Adam said.

Victor didn’t realize Chance and Adam buried the hatchet. Adam said he wouldn’t go that far. He explained that he’d been about to leave town. He didn’t have a job or prospects, so he thought he was due a vacation. Victor asked where Adam was going to go. Adam was gong to go to Vegas for R&R and maybe a few poker games. He ran into Chance, who told him about Ashland. Adam wasn’t surprised no one in his family told him the news. Victor said they were preoccupied. Adam was sure Victor would’ve contacted him if he needed anything underhanded or shady done. Victor asked what Chance said. Adam explained that Chance told him to stay in town because the family might need him. Adam didn’t tell Chance he was a Newman in name only. Victor said that was Adam’s choice. Adam complained that Victor left him no other choice. Adam asked if he was supposed to keep letting Victor use him and just play the dutiful son, trying to earn his respect? Adam didn’t think they needed to rehash this again. Victor wanted to know what Chance said. Adam said that Chance told him the official version was that Locke got into a car crash. It was interesting to Adam that Chance added that qualifier, like he might think there was a different end to Locke’s story.

Adam wondered why the police were looking into what appeared to be a simple car crash. He asked what Victor thought. Victor thought Adam was wasting time asking questions about the dead. He asked if Adam wasn’t concerned about his sister and her children. “I guess you’re only interested in twisting the knife,” Victor said. Adam pointed out that yesterday, he’d come to Victor and Victoria and warned them that they’d pushed Locke too far. He said Victor had Ashland arrested just for seeing his son. Ashland knew it was Victor, and Adam couldn’t deny it. Adam thought the arrest was completely unnecessary. Adam knew Locke was out of control and planning to use Victoria to get revenge. “He wanted to hurt you [and Victoria], and he was gonna use your precious daughter to make his point,” Adam said. Adam didn’t know what Ashland’s plan was, but it didn’t matter now. “You got your happy ending. You wanted Locke gone, he’s gone. But that was just a crazy coincidence wasn’t it,” Adam said, with a knowing look. “You’re beginning to piss me off, and that’s never a good idea” Victor stated.

Victor was adamant that Ashland died in a car accident. Adam thought it was funny how things worked out for everyone, except Locke. Victor said Adam didn’t even like Locke. Adam found the situation very intriguing. Victor acknowledged that Adam walked away from the family, but he said that when a Newman was in trouble, they all forgot about their differences and pulled together. Adam said Ashland was dead, and the threat was gone. “I don’t give a damn whether that son of a bitch is gone. Do you honestly think that when one threat disappears others aren’t lurking?,” Victor asked. Victor told Adam that he was a Newman, and he should remember that. Victor walked out, and Adam got up and went to the window to watch him leave.

Noah went to Dive Bar and met with Allie. He said Victor turned him down, but getting to see Allie was helping cheer him up. She said they should work on plan B – the location his sister suggested. It was in the Grand Phoenix, and Noah wasn’t enthused about working with Phyllis. Allie understood how Noah felt about Phyllis on a personal level, but this was business, and she thought Phyllis must be good at running a business. Noah said there was always some drama swirling around Phyllis in her professional life too. Allie said Noah didn’t have to be Phyllis’s best friend to lease a space from her. He thought Allie was almost mercenary in how she was looking at this. She said she was practical. He liked that. She toasted to all the no’s that brought him here and the one that would lead him to a yes. He stared into her eyes, but then he got a text, and she told him he should probably take it. The text was letting him know Ashland died.

Allie only knew the news alert was about Ashland, and she asked what the jerk had done now. She felt bad after she found out he died, but Noah didn’t think she should. He said Ashland did some abysmal things to innocent people. He thought she should feel bad for his victims, not Ashland. Allie knew Ashland hurt a lot of people Noah loved. Noah was sure Victor already knew Ashland was dead, and he found it odd that Victor failed to mention this gigantic event that affected the family and the business.

Allie suggested that Victor didn’t mention Ashland’s death out of respect for Noah and his pitch. Noah said that would be sweet and considerate, which were two things Victor wasn’t. Allie said Victor might want Nick to tell Noah. Noah said that Victor liked to handle things himself. Noah said Nick loved Victor and would do anything for him, but he left Newman Enterprises so many years ago because he couldn’t stand to be around the plotting and scheming anymore. “He can’t be that bad. Can he?,” Allie asked.

Noah apologized for making things sound so ominous, but then he decided that Allie should know what his family was all about, so she knew what she was getting into. Allie grinned and said from the day she and Noah met, he peddled this whole story about the twisted dark Newmans and their arch-rivals, the Abbotts. She was making light of the whole thing. He said he wasn’t making it up. She knew there was a history, because Jack and Ashley mentioned it many times, but no one ever told her the exact issue. She said she met Victor and found him pleasant. Noah said that was because Allie hadn’t given him a reason to put her on his enemy list.

Allie wanted to know one specific thing Victor did. Noah said that once Victor organized a hostile takeover of Jabot and stole her family’s company. Allie said Victor didn’t own it now. Noah said it took years for Jack to get Jabot back, but if he hadn’t, there was a good chance Allie wouldn’t be interning there now. Allie wasn’t fazed about something that happened so long ago. Noah said that it was just a matter of time before Victor got upset with the Abbotts again, and there was a good chance Allie would get caught in the crossfire, so he’d understand if she wanted to run in the other direction. Allie wasn’t going to run from Noah. She didn’t scare easily, and she knew he wasn’t the manipulative guy he’d described his grandfather as being. Noah clarified that Victor was also a generous loving man who’d do anything for his family. Allie thought it sounded like Victor was human, and therefore he had a contradictory nature. She said her father hid her family history from her. She still struggled with it, but she loved him nonetheless. He suggested again that she might want to get out while she still could. She asked how she could think about leaving just when things were getting good between them. He kissed her.

Nick was working at a little table in Victoria’s office. He flashed back to everything that happened the night that Ashland died. Sally showed up and told Nick she was staying at Newman Media. He noted that she’d sounded sure about quitting. She said she’d let her personal life cloud her judgment and she wasn’t thinking about what was right for her. She’d just been reacting. He said that could get you in trouble. She said she’d been reacting to things Adam was saying and doing, and that was a huge mistake. She knew she’d been given a unique opportunity. She’d been underestimated her whole life, and now that someone was taking a chance on her, she thought she owed it to them to show them that they were right to do so. She also wanted to prove it to herself. He was happy for her. She thanked him for the epiphany. He was sorry he’d been so blunt with her that night. He used to think Adam had stopped trying to sabotage his happiness, but now he felt that Adam must need chaos in his life. Sally got a news alert about Ashland’s death, and she was shocked.

Nick said he already knew Ashland was dead. Sally asked if he had any details about what caused the car accident. She wondered if Ashland had been drunk or if someone in another car had run him off the road. She asked how Victoria was doing. Nick said Victoria was on a trip with the kids. He added that Victoria planned the trip weeks ago. Sally clarified that she wasn’t insinuating anything. “You were with your eyes,” Nick countered. Sally guessed it was a good thing Victoria was out of town and out of the spotlight. Nick didn’t think Newman Media should dig too far into the story, out of respect for the family’s privacy. Sally thought that Newman Media could tell this story like no one else – the death of Victoria’s ex, the disgraced former co-CEO of their parent company. Nick said there was a lot more to it than that. Sally thought Nick should tell her with he knew before she jumped to the wrong conclusion. Nick said what he was about to tell Sally was off the record and not to be shared with anyone else. He told her he already spoke with the cops. He thought that this story might eventually come out, so he wanted her to hear this from him.

Nick said he had a confrontation with Ashland before he spoke to Sally at Crimson Lights. Sally said it was obvious something had been weighing on Nick last night, and the last thing he wanted to deal with was her personal drama. He said that was the last thing he wanted to deal with any night. She understood now why he was harsh when she told him she was leaving Newman Media. She said talking with him really helped, and she’d like to return the favor. She was sure this was a lot for him to deal with. Chance texted Nick wanting to meet. Sally asked if that text was about Ashland. Nick said he just had a lot of work to do, now that Victoria was gone. He needed Sally to leave the office, but he made it clear that he was glad she was staying at the company. He brought up the story on Ashland, and she said that Newman Media would stick to the facts. He said it was nice to know he could count on her. Sally left.

Nick and Chance met at Crimson Lights on the patio. Chance didn’t want to make a difficult situation any harder on Nick. Chance said Nick could tell Victoria everything they discussed today. Chance talked to the security team who watched Victoria’s house, and all the stories lined up with what Victor said, like they were reading from the same script. Nick asked if Chance would prefer the stories not to line up. Chance had been doing this for long enough to look for red flags. Nick said the people Victor employed were smart enough to know what they were doing, and they were just trying to give Chance the information he needed. Nick said he’d been nothing but open and honest with Chance, and he had nothing to hide. He asked what Chance wanted from him.

Chance just wanted to give Nick an update and he didn’t mean to upset him. Nick didn’t believe that. Nick said Chance was family, but he didn’t have to deal with Ashland’s scams and lying and worrying every day what he was going to do to Victoria. Nick said Ashland was gone now, but the chaos remained. Chance was trying to cut through the chaos and figure out what happened, especially from the moment the security team called Victor. Nick thought it sounded like Chance should be talking to Victor then. He walked off.

Kevin returned to Crimson Lights. He’d charmed the medial examiner into giving him the autopsy report. It said Ashland hit his head on the windshield and died instantly. Chance asked if she said definitively that the head injury was caused by the crash. According to Kevin, she wouldn’t say that was definitely what happened. Kevin asked if Chance was thinking about the fight Nick and Locke had and trying to connect the dots. Chance said he didn’t have an agenda – he was just trying to evaluate the evidence and reach the correct conclusion. Chance said Nick was in good shape, and he threw a punch, and Ashland fell. Kevin realized Chance’s theory was that Nick threw the punch killed Locke. “And if he did, then how the hell did that guy wind up dead in a ravine?,” Chance asked.
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Y&R Update Monday, August 1, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At the Abbott house, Jack thanked Diane for offering to take Harrison to the park. She’d worried that Harrison wouldn’t be up for it after learning about Ashland, but he was. She said that she thought the loss was too much for a boy his age to take in all at once. Jack was glad Diane showed up this morning, while Kyle and Summer were talking to Harrison about Ashland’s death. Jack forgot that Diane had a real touch in communicating with little ones. Diane was heartbroken by all Harrison had to deal with in his short time on this earth. She only saw Harrison and Ashland a couple times, but she saw a genuine bond there. Jack was kind of glad Ashland defied the restraining order and spent a last few precious moments with that little boy. He hoped their grandson would remember it for the rest of his life. She invited him to come to the park, but he said he had to go to the office.

At the park, Phyllis thanked Summer for meeting with her. Phyllis wanted to know how Harrison took the news of Ashland’s death. Summer said that Harrison was confused. Phyllis asked if Harrison was with Kyle. Summer said that Harrison was napping, so Kyle went to work and left him with Jack. Phyllis thought that was great, because Jack knew the right thing to say in this kind of situation. Summer knew Phyllis missed having Jack in her life. Phyllis was confident she and Jack would work things out eventually.

Phyllis said things used to be so simple between her and Jack. His face used to light up when she walked in the room. Summer saw it too. Phyllis said even before she and Jack got together this last time, they always gravitated toward each other and supported each other. She noted that when she hadn’t heard from Jack in LA, she got on a plane and flew out there. Summer assumed Jack’s face must’ve really lit up then. Phyllis said it didn’t, because he looked like he’d seen a ghost – Diane. Phyllis had been there for Jack. Summer was sure that meant a lot to him. Phyllis didn’t know because every time Jack talked to her now, he was so angry and tense. Phyllis felt the same way – the other day, she just blurted out her feelings and told him she loved him. Summer asked what Jack said. “He said ‘I love you,’” Phyllis replied.

Summer asked if Jack’s admission that he loved Phyllis would lead to more. Phyllis said no. She thought Jack sounded like he seemed mad at himself because he couldn’t stop loving Phyllis. Phyllis said he was hurt, but so was she. It hurt Summer to see Jack and Phyllis hurting. She wanted Jack to be happy. Phyllis wanted that too, and she said he could be happy with her, but he wouldn’t let himself, and he wouldn’t talk about it. She said she apologized a million times. Summer said Phyllis didn’t resolve the main issue. Phyllis griped that the main issue was Jack viewing Diane through rose-colored glasses. Diane walked up, and Phyllis snapped at her for intruding. Summer tried to smooth things over, but Diane said nobody except Summer was putting stock in Phyllis’s so-called truce.

Diane just wanted to give Summer an update on the situation. She assumed Summer filled Phyllis in about Ashland. Phyllis pointedly stated that she and Summer learned about Ashland at the same time, well before Diane found out. Diane said she found out this morning, when she stopped by the house and found Kyle and Summer breaking the news to Harrison. Phyllis said Diane had barged in when she wasn’t wanted. Diane replied that Summer didn’t see it that way, since she’d been kind enough to let Diane offer Harrison some comforting words. She added that Kyle told Harrison who she was – his grandmother and Kyle’s mother. Summer explained to Phyllis that she had her doubts about involving Diane, but Harrison responded positively to her, and Kyle felt the time was right – none of this was planned. Phyllis thought that Diane actually had planned this.

“How low can you go, Diane? You’re using that little boy’s heartbreak to worm your way back into the family,” Phyllis accused. Diane noted that she was part of this family. Phyllis argued that Diane lost that privilege when she abandoned the family. Diane thought it was clear that Kyle disagreed. She said she hoped that Harrison finding out he had a loving grandmother would soften the blow of losing the man he called Father. Phyllis didn’t think Diane actually had a heart. She noted that Diane let Kyle think she’d been killed by having her head bashed in with a rock. Diane said her son knew she regretted it.

If [Kyle is] ready to forgive me then who the hell are you to second-guess his decision?,” Diane snarled. Phyllis screamed that she saw the fallout and helped Kyle grow up, heartbroken that he lost a mother. Jack ran up and told Phyllis to stop yelling. Phyllis continued, noting that Diane expected everyone to believe she was the virtuous grandmother. He pointed out Harrison, who was over on the swings. Phyllis admitted that she didn’t notice him. Diane confirmed that Phyllis didn’t know Harrison was here. Phyllis said Diane could’ve told her sooner. Jack suggested Phyllis could’ve shown restraint in public. He said people could hear her all the way across the park. Diane asked if it was okay to get Harrison a treat, and Summer said yes. Diane left. Summer told Jack she doubted Harrison was paying attention to the boring grownups. Jack thought it was wrong for anyone ot have to deal with this, least of all Harrison. He asked Phyllis if she had any idea what his grandson was going through. She did, and that was why she found it disgusting that Diane was using it to her advantage. “Of course that’s your take on it,” Jack griped. Phyllis told Summer to go check on Harrison, so he wasn’t alone with Diane any longer than necessary. Summer left.

Jack guessed it was too hard for Phyllis to keep the truce she set up. She said she tried, for her daughter, but she couldn’t do it. She tried so hard even though it went against all her instincts. Jack said he’d struggled with Diane too, but he put Harrison and Kyle first. She asked if he was saying he was a better parent than her. He was just acknowledging it was hard for all of them. She said it would’ve helped if he put his foot down and made it clear to Diane that he wouldn’t let her manipulate, prod and provoke Phyllis. He asked if she was saying she couldn’t control herself until he controlled Diane. She thought he knew that wasn’t what she meant. “This coming from a man who claims he loves me,” she scoffed. He told her not to weaponize his feelings. She said he claimed to love her, but he wouldn’t go the limit for her. She said they could help each other through this, but he was shutting her out.

Jack wished he and Phyllis could go back and salvage the magic between them, but things like today kept happening. He started his day thinking about getting his grandson through the toughest day of his life, but she was focused on bringing down Diane. Phyllis said Jack was wrong. She called Summer because she knew Harrison had just found out about Ashland, and she wanted to know how he was doing. She wouldn’t have gone off on Diane if she knew Harrison was here. He asked if it would’ve really made a difference. Phyllis didn’t understand why Jack forgave Diane for everything she’d done to his family and to Phyllis, yet he had zero tolerance for anything Phyllis did.

Jack said he wasn’t giving Diane a free pass – even if she kept coming through for Kyle and Harrison, he’d never completely trust her, because he knew her. He also knew Phyllis. Jack thought Phyllis was the most beautiful captivating, interesting person he’d ever met, and his heart beat faster every time they were together, but she couldn’t get past this feud with Diane. He said the stakes were too high. He wasn’t just protecting his own heart; he had to think about Harrison and Kyle and Summer getting caught in the crossfire. “I won’t have that, no matter how much I love you,” he said, then he stormed off.

Amanda and Devon were at Dive Bar. He bought her a lot of food, because he noticed that while she was getting her mother situated in Virginia, she wasn’t really taking care of herself. Now that they were back, he wanted to spoil her and get her all her favorites, like curly fries. He could tell something was weighing on her – she’d been so quiet on the flight home. She couldn’t help but think maybe she shouldn’t have left.

Devon asked why Amanda didn’t speak up before. He said they could’ve extended the trip, which was the plan before Imani showed up. Amanda said Imani did show up, and she insisted that she had everything under control. Amanda thought this was harder on Imani than she was willing to admit. He asked how Amanda felt. She was torn, because she wanted to stay, but she didn’t think they wanted her there. She said Naya, Eric and Imani had been this tight little family since Imani’s birth, and Amanda was practically a stranger. Amanda said if it weren’t for her Sutton wouldn’t be in prison.

Devon thought Sutton belonged in prison, and he thought Naya thought the same thing. Amanda knew that in her head, but it was different when you were sick and you missed your father. She said you didn’t just stop loving someone you loved your whole life. She felt that sometimes when Naya looked at her, she resented her. Devon didn’t notice that, but he thought that if this was the reason Amanda came home, she probably made a mistake.

Devon thought he could relate. When he found out Katherine was his grandmother, she was in the hospital just after having a stroke. That, plus her age should’ve made it clear he didn’t have a lot of time left with her, but he didn’t trust her, and that kept them from getting close until it was almost too late. Amanda said she trusted Naya, but she didn’t think Naya trusted her. Devon thought Naya made it clear she loved spending time with Amanda. He figured that Naya saw this as an opportunity to make up for lost time with Amanda. He thought that she should follow her heart and not let her assumptions keep her from doing what she needed to do.

Devon thought Amanda should spend as much time in Virginia as she wanted. She said she couldn’t because of the merger. He said she could let the legal team handle it and work remotely from Virginia. She asked what about their relationship – how could it survive being long distance. He said when he could, he’d be with her, and when he couldn’t, he’d miss her like crazy.

Elena surprised Nate at work, where he’d just put a folder on Lily’s desk. He’d been planning to pick her up from the airport, but she said she caught an earlier flight because she missed him. She put a lei around his neck and asked if he could get away from the office for a bit. He said he was due for a break. They kissed and left.

Elena and Nate went home and up to the bed room, where a love scene followed. Later, she rested her head on his chest, and he asked her about the conference. She shared details. He hoped someone recorded it. She was surprised that she wasn’t nervous on stage. She felt like she’d finally found her voice. He was proud, and he knew how it felt to feel like you were being heard and respected. She said all her attention had been splintered at the hospital, AskMDNow and the clinic, but now she felt like it was all coming together. She learned a lot at the conference and she was excited to share what she’d learned with her peers at the hospital. He had to get back to work. She hoped they could work together soon. She asked if Imani got her out of her contract. Nate was sure Imani didn’t have a chance to do that before she left to visit her mother. Elena asked if Amanda was out of town. Nate said she and Devon just returned. Elena wondered if Amanda could get her out of the contract – she thought it’d be better if Amanda helped. Nate said he was happy Elena came back early. He had to leave, but they agreed to meet up in bed again tonight. Alone in the room, Elena put the lei on Nate’s pillow, and arranged it into a heart.

Devon went to Lily’s office while on the phone with her. He said she and Billy were gone, and Nate wasn’t here, so he was the only one holding the company together. She wanted him to get a file, and while he was doing that, he saw the file Nate put on the desk. Devon ended the call and he was reading the file when Nate walked in. Devon wasn’t happy. The file showed that Nate had booked an artist to replace Tessa on tour without running it by Devon first. Devon had already booked this same artist on another tour on the same dates. Nate had actually run his plan by Devon earlier, and he mistakenly thought Devon had given him permission to do it. Nate thought they could easily find someone else to perform instead. Devon said they had two festivals promoting the same guy on the same weekend, and it made them look incompetent. He asked Nate to get PR on this right away.

Nate hoped Devon understood that this was just a miscommunication. Devon contended that this was the second time Nate overstepped authority and left Devon to do damage control. Nate was sorry. He really thought Devon had approved the plan. Devon didn’t want this to happen again. He said this was an important time for their company, and the competition would love to see them stumble. Devon had upcoming trips planned, so he didn’t have the time to be here every day and give Nate the supervision he needed. He thought it might be time to get Nate a mentor. Nate thought that Devon was overreacting. Amanda walked in and heard Nate say he was no intern who needed adult supervision like a kid fresh out of school.

Nate asked if Imani got any further terminating Elena’s contract. Amanda wasn’t sure, but she could check with Imani. Nate said he’d check, himself. He left. In the hall, Nate texted Imani and said he hoped her mother’s care was up to her standards. Imani texted back asking if Nate had time to talk. He called.

Faith got a bunch of balloons and a gift bag for Tessa and brought it to Crimson Lights. Sharon remarked that Faith was taking her sister in law duties seriously. Faith felt bad for Tessa. Sharon did too; she’d put together a care package. Faith knew Tessa’s surgery wasn’t as complicated as Faith’s transplant surgery, but Tessa’s entire career hinged on its success. Sharon told Faith to stay positive when Tessa arrived. At that moment, Tessa and Mariah came in. The procedure went great, according to Mariah, but Tessa was on complete vocal rest for the next few days, so she couldn’t talk, clear her throat or cough. Mariah said it meant she got to say sappy things to Tessa, and she couldn’t groan. Sharon suggested Mariah not tell jokes, because Tessa wasn’t supposed to laugh, either.

Faith got Tessa a whiteboard. Tessa texted that she loved it. Faith said Tessa could just use her phone, but she could be more expressive with the whiteboard. Tessa drew a heart on the board and held it up. Faith was sorry Tessa would miss her summer tour. Sharon asked when Tessa would be able to sing again. Mariah said Tessa would need to go to vocal therapy with a speech pathologist, then they could work on singing, but it was a gradual process. Faith said Tessa could still write music. Mariah said she’d be playing Tessa’s album a lot, because she couldn’t go months without hearing her wife’s beautiful singing voice. Mariah said the positive was that she and Tessa would virtually never argue again – no matter what she did, Tessa wouldn’t be able to yell at her, so she planned to get away with quite a bit. “Wanna bet?,” Tessa wrote, and everyone smiled.

Mariah returned after going upstairs with Tessa. She was resting now. Faith left because she had something to do with Moses. Kyle walked in. The friends caught up on each other’s lives – she told him about the surgery, and he told her about Ashland. He didn’t sleep much last night. He hated thinking about what Harrison’s life would look like right now if Kyle never found out he was Harrison’s father. Mariah said no what-ifs because it only brought pain. She thought it sounded like Diane was pretty helpful. He said Diane was great with Harrison, and it reminded Kyle of how she used to be with him. It hit him so hard that he told Harrison who Diane was. Mariah said that was a big step. Kyle thought Diane earned it.

Kyle said seeing Diane comforting Harrison this morning hit him on a level he couldn’t explain. Mariah noted that Kyle said it reminded him of the feelings he had for his mother at that age. She thought it also reminded him of how it felt to lose a parent. He agreed – he remembered the fear, confusion and shock. She said that the person who caused all that pain was back in his life and doing the right thing – comforting a heartbroken little boy. Kyle said there was no way Diane could erase what she put him through, but being there for Harrison was about as close as she could get.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, August 1, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Christine

Jack told Diane he was glad she was there when Kyle and Summer told Harrison that Ashland died. Phyllis told Summer that Jack admitted he still loved her, and he sounded unhappy about it. Phyllis was displeased to hear that Diane was there when Harrison found out about Ashland. Phyllis, unaware that Harrison was nearby, lashed out at Diane and accused her of using Harrison’s pain to her advantage. Jack told Phyllis off for yelling at Diane with Harrison in earshot. Phyllis accused Jack of going easier on Diane than her. Jack said he loved Phyllis, but he had to protect himself, Kyle, Harrison and Summer from getting caught in the crossfire. Devon and Amanda returned to town. Amanda wanted to be in Virginia, with her mother, but she felt like her mother, sister and stepfather didn’t want her there. Devon didn’t think Amanda was right, and he encouraged her to visit her mother as often as possible. She worried about her job and their relationship, and he eased her fears.

Elena came home from Hawaii and spent some private time with Nate. Nate made a decision at work that he mistakenly thought Devon had given him permission to do. Devon accused Nate of overstepping his authority and said he might hire a mentor to supervise Nate. Nate balked. Nate texted Imani to ask about her mother. At her request, he called Imani. Faith, Sharon welcomed Tessa with gifts when Mariah brought her home after her successful surgery. Mariah had to speak for Tessa, because she was not allowed to use her vocal cords at all right now. Mariah spent time with Kyle. He told her that Diane had earned the right to be known as Harrison’s grandmother.

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Y&R Update Friday, July 29, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Chance went to Newman Enterprises looking for Victoria and found Nick in her office instead. Nick was looking at his phone, and Chance said that news on Locke’s death hadn’t leaked if that’s what Nick was searching for. Chance was surprised Nick was at work. Nick only came by to pick up a file. Chance wanted to talk to Victoria and Nick. Nick said Victoria wasn’t around. She’d gone to pick up her kids from camp, then she was taking them to a water park. He said it would be hard because she had to tell the kids that their stepfather was dead. Chance knew that would be tough, but wondered why Victoria didn’t have Billy pick the kids up instead, given the ongoing investigation. Nick said Billy was away on business. He asked why Victoria needed to stay in town, when she didn’t do anything wrong. Chance noted that he never said Victoria did something wrong. Nick thought Chance kind of implied it. Chance was hoping to get some insight into Ashland’s frame of mind. Nick thought he made it clear last night that Ashland was in a complete rage when he went after Victoria. Chance asked if Ashland seemed to be suicidal. Nick didn’t know, since he wasn’t there when Ashland left. Nick said Ashland was homicidal when he went after Victoria, then he turned on Nick. Nick didn’t even realize Ashland was alive, let alone capable of driving a car.

Nikki entered the office. She was grateful Chance came to Victoria’s aid and found Ashland so quickly. He said he was doing his job. Nikki was sure Chance understood the terrible toll this was taking on Abby’s siblings. She asked for time with her son and sent her love to Abby and Dominic. Chance left. Nikki hugged Nick and said she was so grateful he was there for his sister and sorry for what he’d been through. He didn’t feel like he deserved thanks. Nikki thought they needed to leave and talk in a place that didn’t remind them of the dreaded Newman-Locke regime.

Nikki took Nick to the park. She hoped he knew he wasn’t responsible for Ashland’s death. He didn’t know that. She said he probably saved his sister’s life. He began to recount the events of that night, but Nikki said she already knew everything. Nikki could relate to the horror Nick felt, because she thought she killed JT. Even though she knew she was justified, she’d blamed herself and felt haunted by it. She said she’d been defending Victoria, just as Nick was. She would still do the same thing again in a heartbeat. He said he would too. She reiterated that she was grateful he was there, because otherwise, they might be planning Victoria’s funeral while Ashland was walking the streets. Nick just couldn’t shake the visual of Ashland lying on the ground. Nikki told Nick he wasn’t responsible for what happened to Ashland. She didn’t mourn Ashland. She said Ashland got up and drove off, and it wasn’t Nick’s fault he died in a car accident.

Kyle and Jack were in the Abbott living room. Kyle said he and Summer were up all night talking about how to tell Harrison that Ashland died. Jack knew that was the hardest thing in the world. Jack felt heartbroken for Harrison – as much as they didn’t like Ashland, Harrison was crazy about him. Kyle said even worse, Harrison and Ashland didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, and Kyle knew how excruciating that could be. He hated how much loss his son had experienced in his young life – first Tara, now Ashland. Jack said Harrison gained wonderful parents in Kyle and Summer. Summer came downstairs and overheard the discussion. As much as Kyle despised Ashland, he wished Ashland was alive, so that Harrison wouldn’t have to go through this. Jack remembered traveling to Switzerland to tell Kyle that his mother died. Kyle said that day still haunted him, and that was why he knew Harrison would likely never forget this day.

Jack offered to help, but Kyle thought he and Summer should be the ones to tell their son the news. He asked Jack to stick around to help Harrison heal afterward. Jack agreed. Jack went upstairs to get his grandson. Summer and Kyle worried over Harrison. Kyle talked about how hard it was to lose a parent as a child. He wondered if his mother ever considered the pain she would put him through, the way he was considering Harrison’s pain now. Summer understood if Kyle wasn’t ready to do this. He said that he knew what it was like to feel this pain, but he also knew you could get through it. He could do this for his son. Summer made it clear they were in this together. Jack brought Harrison into the room. Summer and Kyle gently explained accidents and death to Harrison and that Father died. Diane came, and Jack told her it wasn’t a good time, but Harrison saw his Dee Dee and tried to run over to her. Kyle pulled Harrison onto his lap and asked if he understood that Father was dead and wouldn’t be around anymore. “No, Father told me he would come back,” Harrison replied.

Summer took Diane outside and told her about the accident. Diane was shocked. Summer asked Diane to leave, because Harrison had a lot to process, and this was bringing up a lot of bad memories for Kyle. Diane thought that was exactly why she should stay. She begged to go back inside and try to help. Later, Diane went inside and told Harrison that she knew his Mommy and Daddy shared some sad news with him about how Father got hurt and he wouldn’t be back. She noted that she and Harrison just saw Ashland in the park, and he’d said he had to go away on a trip, but he’d be back soon. She explained that sometimes people’s plans changed. Her voice broke as she assured Harrison that his father loved him and would be here if he could be. She asked him to point to his heart. Kyle told Harrison that his father was still in his heart, along with all the people he loved. Diane was going to leave, but Harrison didn’t want her to go. Diane suggested she could take Harrison outside. Summer thought it would be nice for Harrison to have time with his friend. Kyle revealed that Diane was his mother, and Harrison’s grandmother, like Jack was his grandfather. Kyle said Dee Dee loved Harrison, and they were happy she was here.

At the park, Mariah gave Tessa a pep talk before her surgery. Even though the doctor was the best, Tessa said she was still nervous. Mariah asked what Tessa was really worried about. Tessa was afraid to say it out loud, as if that would increase the chances of it happening. Mariah convinced Tessa she’d feel better if she said it. Tessa fought back tears. She was afraid the surgery wouldn’t be a success and she’d lose her one true talent – singing – and her musical career would be over. Mariah said that was far from Tessa’s only talent, and her music career wasn’t over because she was an amazing songwriter. Mariah said Tessa was good at making people feel seen and accepted or making them laugh. Mariah joked that Tessa was bad at washing dishes, and Tessa said that was why her career as a barista was short-lived. Mariah added that the thing Tessa was best at was loving Mariah. Tessa was glad because that was the thing that meant most to her and the thing that changed her from the hot mess she used to be. Mariah vowed to spend the rest of her life telling Tessa about the incredible gifts she had. Mariah was also sure the procedure would go well and that Tessa would emerge from this with a stronger voice. Mariah said she’d take all Tessa’s fears, so she could focus on the positive and healing. They hugged and kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Adam ordered a black coffee with an espresso shot. He saw a package and asked Sharon about it. She said that she put it together for Tessa, who was having minor surgery. Adam got a call and stepped away to take it. It was confirmation of his flight out of town. Sharon overheard and said she guessed that meant he and Sally didn’t work things out. He asked her why she thought that would be a possibility. At first, Sharon covered, but then she said they were all adults, and she wasn’t going to have a secret conversation with his girlfriend about him. He reminded her that Sally wasn’t his girlfriend. She was sorry to hear that. She explained that Sally confided in her about Adam. Sharon was struck by the way Sally seemed to love and accept Adam, flaws and all. He said Sally would be better hating him. Sharon was sure it would be easier for Adam if he succeeded in running Sally off forever. Adam was sure Sharon saw what a spectacle Sally made of herself – if anyone from Newman saw that, her days would be numbered. Sharon bet Sally was aware of that, and yet she did it anyway. She asked him why he thought that was. Adam thought Sally’s priorities were out of whack. Sharon said that wasn’t for Adam to decide. He said it actually was. Sally spent her whole life seeking professional respect and success, and now that she’d gotten them, he wouldn’t let her lose it, especially when his relationships were destined to crash and burn. Sharon suggested Sally could be the person Adam was destined to spend the rest of his life with. Sharon thought she could be objective, because she was one of the few people Adam could count on. He promised not to burden Sharon with that responsibility. He said he didn’t need to be with anyone right now. She thought everyone needed people to care about them. She felt it was good for him to have Sally in his life. She’d encouraged Sally to convince him that he was more important to her than any job. Sharon asked if Adam hardened his heart to Sally.

Adam said he had feelings for Sally – past tense. Sharon didn’t believe Adam’s feelings were in the past. She asked why he was cutting out someone who cared about him, saw the best in him and might even bring the best out in him. He said it was complicated. She told him that when you found someone you matched with, it shouldn’t be complicated and you shouldn’t take it for granted. He said this was what was best for everyone. He’d booked a trip to Vegas. She asked why he’d want to go back there, given his history. She noted that she brought him home from Vegas. She asked how long he was staying. He said he was leaving now. Tessa and Mariah arrived, and Adam wished her luck with the procedure and left.

Tessa wasn’t allowed to have anything before her procedure, but she really wanted a hot mocha. Sharon understood that. She said after everything she’d been through, medical stuff gave her the jitters. Tessa said she was less nervous thanks to Mariah. Sharon gave Tessa the care package and said she was going to stock their fridge with soothing foods and drinks. Tessa felt lucky to have a mother in law who felt like a mom. She kissed Sharon’s cheek, then she went upstairs. Mariah’s happy facade fell, and she admitted she was scared to death about today. Sharon was so sorry. She had no idea Mariah was scared. Mariah said the procedure was routine, but seeing how afraid Tessa was made her afraid too. She couldn’t bear the thought of Tessa to be in pain. Sharon hugged Mariah and said she knew the feeling, but that was marriage. She shared some encouraging words, then Tessa came down. Mariah kissed her hand.

Nick went to Crimson Lights, and Sharon told him he just missed the girls, who left for Tessa’s appointment. He said he’d send flowers to Tessa and Mariah’s apartment. Sharon noticed something was bothering Nick. He said he came here last night looking for her, and he ran into Sally instead. And he’d just had a conversation with his mom that wasn’t as comforting as she’d intended. Sharon assured Nick she was here now. He said this hadn’t hit the news, but Ashland died last night. He told her the whole story. He didn’t understand how Ashland got up and left the house. Sharon knew from the situation with JT that you could think someone died, but be mistaken. Sharon said Nikki thought she killed JT, just like Nick thought he killed Ashland, but they didn’t. She thought he was lucky to find out the truth now instead of having to wait months to find out, like Nikki did.

Nick said Ashland didn’t have a pulse, and Victoria tried CPR. Sharon was sure Nikki told him how they’d been in that situation with JT. She thought that it was clear that if Ashland was there when Nick left and gone when Nick came back, he wasn’t dead. She wondered if Nick was saying that the head injury caused the accident. Nick said the way Victor showed up just after they discovered Ashland was gone just didn’t make sense. Nick was trying to fight the feeling, but when Victor was involved, things tended to get very complicated. Nick had asked Victor what went on, but he knew he couldn’t trust his dad to tell the truth.

Chance ran into Adam at the park. Adam mentioned he was on his way to Vegas, and he’d play a round on Chance’s behalf. Chance was surprised Adam’s family didn’t tell him about Ashland. Adam said he was permanently out of the loop where they were concerned. He asked what Ashland did now. Chance said Ashland died in an accident, at least that was the official version. Adam wondered if there was another version of the story. Chance got a text, and he had to leave. He said he hoped Adam came back from Vegas soon, because his family might need the support. Chance left. Adam called and canceled his flight.
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Y&R Update Thursday, July 28, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At Newman Enterprises, Michael informed Victor that everyone on his security team had been briefed. “The less is said, the better,” Victor said, and Michael agreed. Victor appreciated what Michael did tonight. He thought it was nice knowing he could count on his old friend, Michael, and he said he wouldn’t forget this. Michael offered to stay here and get updates on the case so Victor could go home and check on Victoria. Victor declined, because he knew Nikki was taking care of their daughter. He didn’t want Victoria to get upset by any bad news Chance might have. Victor said Michael could go home to Lauren. Michael said he wouldn’t let Victor talk to Chance without having his attorney present. Michael said that Chance was Victor’s son-in-law, but he was also a damn good cop who was sure to have questions.

At Crimson Lights, Nick acknowledged telling Sally he’d be available to talk to her about work, but this wasn’t a good time. She didn’t want to talk about work either. She’d been hoping to run into Sharon, because they recently had a good talk about Adam, the most confusing, infuriating and exasperating human she’d ever known. Nick recalled Sally saying she regretted getting involved with Adam. He guessed he understood why she wanted to commiserate with Sharon, since she could relate. Sally plopped down into the chair opposite Nick and began to share her tale of woe, but he apologetically said that he couldn’t talk about the drama between her and Adam right now. She asked what happened to put him in a bad mood.

Nick didn’t want to talk about what happened. He was sure Sally would read all about it when she got to work tomorrow. Sally dropped the bomb that she was going to resign. “The hell you are,” Nick replied. He wanted an explanation. She revealed that she overheard Adam tell Sharon that he broke up with Sally because he thought that was best for her. Nick contended that everyone already knew that was why Adam broke up with Sally, but it didn’t matter. Sally thought it changed everything. She said she wasn’t okay with Adam making that sacrifice. Nick thought it was clear that Adam didn’t care what Sally thought, since he made the decision without consulting her and was continuing to lie to her. Sally said Adam made a stupid mistake, but he thought he was doing the right thing. Nick felt Sally was just making excuses for Adam, just like Sharon and Chelsea did and just like Victoria did with Ashland. She denied doing that. “What is wrong with you? You’ve got this incredible opportunity. It is right in front of your face. You just have to grab it. And you’re willing to throw it all away for this guy who stomped on your heart with both feet. Is this all the self-respect you have?,” he asked. Sally was taken aback by Nick’s harshness. She bet this had more to do with Victoria than her. She told him not to put his baggage on her, because he didn’t know her that well. He apologized and said she could do what she wanted, but she shouldn’t confuse Adam treating her like dirt as a sign of their incredible love – a lot of women had made that mistake with Adam. Nick got summoned to Newman by Victor. He told Sally he hoped she reconsidered this terrible decision, and he left.

Sally called Chloe into the office late. Chloe didn’t mind coming in, since she was so excited about this new position. Chloe noticed that Sally didn’t seem as enthusiastic as she was before. “This is about Adam, isn’t it?” Chloe asked. Chloe wondered if Adam was angry with Sally for staying on while he quit. Sally said that Adam broke up with her so their relationship wouldn’t get in the way of her job. Sally explained that she told Adam that she didn’t want to get the job this way, and she was going to turn in her resignation. Chloe hoped Sally had realized that quitting would be crazy. Sally said she’d been dismissing being CEO as just a job, but the truth was it was an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity. She’d mentioned her plans to Nick, and he told her that she’d be one more in a long line of women making bad decisions to impress Adam. Sally was confused, and she called Chloe here help her think this through. Chloe asked what Sally would do if Adam told her to quit the job to show how much she loved him. Sally noted that Adam said the exact opposite. Chloe said that Adam knew Sally never fall for that. “And now just look what he has you doing with just a touch of reverse psychology?,” Chloe said. Chloe asserted that Adam basically had Sally begging him to accept this sacrifice in honor of her love for him. Sally was adamant that she’d never beg Adam for anything. Chloe stared at Sally knowingly. Sally realized that she actually had been begging Adam. She admitted he’d even called her pathetic. Chloe said Sally was feeding Adam’s massive ego and making him think he was more important to her than anything else, meanwhile he was putting her down. Chloe asked if that was what Sally wanted the rest of her life to look like. Sally said of course not. Chloe said Adam was going to constantly put his love with Sally to the test, because he didn’t know how else to be in a relationship.

Sally didn’t want to think Adam had been playing mind games with her all along. She honestly thought he wanted her to have this opportunity to prove herself. Chloe said if Adam was truly noble and thought Sally would be better off in the job than in the relationship, he’d be right. Sally thought love was more important than a job. Chloe said a healthy stable relationship with the right man was better than a job, but that didn’t describe Sally and Adam’s relationship. Sally didn’t want to believe Adam stopped loving her or that he never did. Chloe thought Sally had to stop fixating on what Adam felt and meant before she lost herself. Chloe said Chelsea fell into the same trap, and that was why she wasn’t able to continue the fashion line – she’d lost years of her life because of her obsession with Adam. Sally said even if Chloe was right, and this relationship wasn’t healthy or worth saving, she told Adam she didn’t want to get the job this way, and that was the truth. Chloe said Adam didn’t get Sally the job – the most he did was get out of her way. She said Nick and Victoria asked Sally to stay because they loved her ideas. Sally said Adam took a chance on her and gave her the job in the first place. Chloe said Sally proved she deserved to be the boss with her brilliance and hard work. Chloe said when she and Sally first started working together, she was determined to make people sit up and take notice – so where was that Sally Spectra? Sally said Chloe was right. “You knew what I was going to say. That’s why you asked me to come here. You don’t want to lose this job and you are not a quitter,” Chloe said.

Sally thanked Chloe for reminding her she wasn’t a quitter. Sally was going to show the world what she was capable of. She wasn’t sure what Adam expected out of this whole thing, but it didn’t matter because she was going to make the most of the opportunity she was given. “Correction – that you’ve earned,” Chloe said. Sally appreciated having a friend and ally like Chloe. Sally gave Chloe permission to shake sense into her. Chloe said she wouldn’t abuse the privilege. Chloe said she was honored to work with Sally again, and they were invincible and unstoppable. Sally said tomorrow they were moving forward full throttle.

Nick went to the office, and Victor said Chance was on his way. Nick asked about Victoria. She was resting, according to Victor. Nick noticed Victor and Michael seemed remarkably calm, given what happened. Nick asked if Michael and Victor knew more than they were letting on. Michael and Victor didn’t mention that they already knew the car in the ravine was Ashland’s and that he was found inside. Michael said Chance organized a thorough search, and Ashland would surely be found soon. Victor said he had his men watching all over town, and the noose around Ashland’s neck was tightening. Victor said when Ashland was caught, Victoria could press charges. Michael thought there was enough to keep Ashland in jail while he awaited trial. Nick assumed they were so calm because they both assumed the end of the Ashland Locke nightmare was coming.

Chance came in. nick recalled that the last time they talked, Chance said they’d found a car in the ravine. He asked if it was Ashland’s car. The answer was yes. Nick asked if Ashland was in the car. Again, yes – Ashland was behind the wheel, and he was dead. Nick hoped Ashland would’ve survived the crash. He asked if the crash caused Ashland’s death. Chance hesitated, and Michael said those were questions for the medical examiner. Chance agreed that they wouldn’t know until the autopsy. Chance correctly assumed Victor wanted to be the one to break the news to Victoria. Chance wanted to know why Victor ended up at Victoria’s house tonight. Victor said his security team told him something was amiss. Chance asked why this was the first he was hearing that there was a security team involved. Victor said that Chance never asked before. He explained that he sent his security team to watch Victoria after he found out Ashland was in town. Chance asked what security saw. According to Victor, the team got suspicious when they saw Nick knock on the door without getting a response. Nick explained that he went around to the back door when Victoria didn’t answer. Chance asked if the team followed Nick to the back of the house.

Victoria said the team kept watching the house, then not long after, they saw Nick and Victoria leave the house in an agitated state. That alarmed the security team, and they called Victor. Chance asked if Nick was aware of security’s presence, and he said no. Chance didn’t see them when he got there either. Victor said he told his team to take the night off because he knew Nick was with Victoria. Chance asked if Victor was saying his guys didn’t approach the house or see Ashland come or go. Michael thought Victor answered those questions. Chance said he didn’t. Victor felt like he was being interrogated. Chance said he was just trying to build a timeline. Victor said Michael could give Chance the contact info for the security team. Chance decided to leave, and Victor said to say hi to Abby and Dominic.

Nick suspected Victor and Michael were keeping something from him. Victor understood Nick was upset and probably felt responsible for Ashland’s death, but he shouldn’t. Victor said Nick saved Victoria’s life. Michael echoed Victor’s sentiments and added that Nick had no intention of killing Ashland. Victor said it wasn’t even clear whether Nick’s punch caused Ashland’s death. Michael stated that Ashland had no business driving tonight, and Nick had nothing to do with him getting behind the wheel. Victor said maybe Ashland chose to drive into the ravine to kill himself. Michael noted that Rey had a heart attack and lost control of the car – something like that could’ve happened to Ashland. While Nick appreciated the attempts to let him off the hook, but he highly doubted any of those scenarios happened. Victor didn’t care how Ashland died – the important thing was that he was out of their lives and no longer a threat to Victoria. Victor asked Nick to come stay at the ranch. Nick needed to go for a drive to clear his head.

Once they were alone, Victor thanked Michael for how he handled things. Michael was sure Chance would be back with more questions. Victor said that they should assume Ashland got up after the punch, realized he had nothing to live for anymore, and then he drove into the ravine and met his end. Michael said that was a plausible theory that was impossible to disprove. “Exactly,” Victor replied.

Chance was back at Crimson Lights staring at Ashland’s ring, with a pensive expression.

Phyllis and Summer met at Society. Summer hoped Phyllis didn’t ask her to come here without Kyle so she could bash Diane without offending him. Phyllis said she and Summer had a lifetime together without talking about Diane, and she wanted to go back to that. Summer was relieved and eager to do that. Summer admitted it had been a struggle getting caught between Phyllis and Kyle and Phyllis and Jack, all while trying to manage an international move and getting Harrison settled in and launching a company. Phyllis understood it was hectic. Phyllis said they should have fun and she’d foot the bill.

Phyllis knew what it was like to juggle the home and business. The Grand Phoenix was a well oiled machine now, so she had time to help Summer. Phyllis was sure that Chelsea pulling out of Marchetti was hard. Summer understood that Chelsea had to prioritize her mental health. Phyllis asked about the person Chelsea recommended, and Summer said they were in talks. Phyllis asked if the marketing position Summer offered her was still available. Summer said she filled the position months ago.

Summer was surprised Phyllis was angling for a job at Marchetti. She thought Phyllis was happy running the hotel. Phyllis said she loved the hotel, but it wasn’t like it was in the beginning. She missed the challenge of setting up a new business. Summer asked how much this had to do with Diane working at Marchetti. Phyllis insisted that she was doing everything she could to stay away from Diane. Phyllis said she didn’t ask about the job before because of Diane, but then she decided that she shouldn’t let Diane influence her life. Summer found this hard to believe. Phyllis thought it was a mistake for Kyle to hire Diane, but he’d have to suffer the consequences. Summer assumed Phyllis was hoping hiring Diane turned would blow up in their faces so Phyllis would be proven right. Phyllis pointed out that Summer was the one who kept bringing up Diane. Phyllis said this wasn’t about Diane. Phyllis wanted to work with Summer on something creative. Phyllis said she and Summer had so much fun when they worked together before, and they could have that again.

Summer admitted she’d been a bit jealous that Kyle was getting to work with his mother, while Summer missed the chance to work with hers. Phyllis said she missed it too. Summer didn’t think Kyle would be thrilled at the prospect of Phyllis and Diane getting in each other’s faces every day. Phyllis said that wasn’t going to happen. She said she wouldn’t let anything or anyone jeopardize her relationship with Summer. Summer wasn’t sure Phyllis could stop herself from feuding with Diane. Phyllis said she’d just stay clear of Diane. Phyllis didn’t want to talk about Diane. She wanted to talk about this job.

Summer said Harrison kept asking why they didn’t speak Italy anymore. She thought his phrasing was so cute. Phyllis thought the maternal role suited Summer. Nick walked in and they waved him over. Phyllis asked if he was okay. He revealed that Ashland was dead. Nick was sorry. This was going to be so hard on Harrison. Summer thanked Nick for letting her know. She said she’d get back to Phyllis on her idea. Summer went home to talk to Kyle about how to deal with this. Phyllis sensed there was more to this story that Nick didn’t want to share in front of Summer. He said that the death was just sudden. Phyllis said the bright side was that Nick never had to deal with Ashland ever again.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At Victoria’s place, Nick asked if Victor knew more about Ashland’s disappearance than he was letting on. Victor stated that he didn’t know anything. Victoria worried about what Ashland was going to do next, and her father and brother promised her she’d be safe. Victor was certain the cops would find Ashland. He invited Victoria to stay at the ranch, and she said she’d pack a bag. Nick thought they should have someone clean up this place after the investigation so Victoria didn’t have to come back to it looking like this. Victor agreed. Nick didn’t understand how Ashland made it out of the house when he wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. Victoria said Ashland was so angry with her that he was unstoppable. Victor was glad Ashland didn’t kill Victoria tonight. Nick said he was just trying to protect his sister. He asked if Victor would’ve done anything different. Victor said he would’ve done the exact same thing – in fact, he’d risk his life for any of his kids. However, Victor thought Nick might have put himself in a tough legal situation. Nick agreed, but that paled in comparison to thinking he’d killed someone. He was prepared to face the consequences. Victor said Nick was a good person, and Victor promised to take care of things. Nick said he’d take care of things at the house while Victor took Victoria to the ranch. He said he might even burn some sage to get rid of the bad energy. Victoria hugged Nick and said she wasn’t sure what she’d do without him. He was just glad she was okay. Victor and Victoria left. Nick flashed back to the key events of the night, then he paced around the room. He saw Ashland’s ring on the floor.

Victoria and Victor took a detour to Newman to pick up some files she needed for a meeting tomorrow. He understood that she wanted to work in a situation like this, because he tended to do the same thing. Nikki walked in and was surprised they were here at this hour. Victoria and Victor explained that Victoria would be staying at the ranch because Ashland came by the house in a rage, and Nick protected Victoria. They didn’t go into more detail. Nick called to ask about the ring. Victoria explained it was a Valentine’s day gift to Ashland that he brought to the house and waved around. Victoria remembered Ashland putting the ring back in his shirt pocket. Nick wondered how it got on the floor. All Victoria knew was that she never wanted to see that ring again.

Victoria told Nikki everything that happened tonight. She said while she was in the kitchen about to call the police, she thought she heard Ashland say he was going to finish what he came to do. When she went back into the room, he was on the floor, and Nick was checking for a pulse. Victoria finished the story and wondered how it was that Ashland was gone, even though he didn’t have a pulse. Nikki didn’t know. Victoria said when Ashland came after her, she’d sworn she would do whatever it took to fight him off. If Nick hadn’t come, Victoria said she could’ve killed Ashland. Nikki was relieved neither of her kids killed Ashland, so they didn’t have anything to apologize for or regret. Victor agreed with Nikki. He said the most important thing was that the family was safe.

Chance was at Crimson Lights instructing an officer to keep an eye out for Ashland. Michael walked up. He’d heard the news from Victor, and he fished for updates on Ashland. Chance wondered if Victor sent Michael on this fishing expedition. Michael said he was the Newman attorney, and he cared about the family. Michael thought Victor was entitled to have information on the search for the man who tried to kill his daughter. Michael noted that Chance and Victoria were family, through Abby. Chance said he still had to play it by the book, and he wasn’t going to let his father-in-law interfere with the investigation. Chance had already told the Newmans he’d contact them once he located Locke. Michael made it clear that he was willing to relay anything Chance heard. Chance excused himself.

Victor stepped into the hallway of Newman Enterprises to take a call from Michael. Victor asked if he was still watching Chance. He was, but there wasn’t anything to report yet. Ashland hadn’t been found.

Back in the office, Nikki couldn’t imagine what it was like for Victoria to be attacked in her home again. Victoria said when Ashland came at her, it triggered a heavy rush of memories about JT. Victoria noted that JT was violent because of a brain tumor, and it had nothing to do with her, but she brought Ashland and his chaos into the family. Nikki said Victoria fell in love with the wrong person, and everyone in the family had made that same mistake. Victoria admitted she kept falling for damaged men she deluded herself into thinking she could fix, like a struggling company that she could buy and make profitable. Nikki didn’t think it was bad that Victoria wanted to see the best in people she loved. Victoria said she had a blind spot in relationships – they all warned her about Ashland, and she didn’t listen. She said she forced the family to accept Ashland and made excuses for his lies and he did exactly what Nick and everyone else said he would. She wasn’t sure how to forgive herself.

Nikki didn’t know why Victoria felt guilty. Victoria said she didn’t take all the blame. She felt disgusted by what Ashland did. It felt so good to turn the tables on him and make him pay. Victoria said that Ashland looked so defeated when she left him in NY, and she thought something may have shattered in him. She’d wanted to punish Ashland and hurt him the way he hurt her and get some revenge. Nikki said that if Bobby DeFranco, because they were going to call this monster by his real name, didn’t realize that every predator was someone’s prey, he’d learned a valuable lesson. “Nobody messes with the Newmans. His feelings got hurt. That’s on him,” Nikki said. Victoria never thought of it like that. Nikki thought the way Victoria was feeling was understandable, since she was a caring, forgiving person, and she once loved this man. Nikki said Bobby was never the man he’d made Victoria believe he was, and he never deserved Victoria or her sympathy. Victor came in and said he couldn’t agree more.

Nick walked into Crimson Lights just as Michael ended the call. Nick correctly assumed Michael was talking with Victor. Michael was sorry for what Nick had been through. Nick asked for an update. Michael didn’t think there was any news. Michael asked how Nick was holding up. Nick wanted Ashland to disappear, but he didn’t want to have a role in taking a man’s life. He wondered if Ashland was hurt or suffering. Michael said Nick was a good man who had every right to protect his sister and himself. Nick just wanted Ashland to be found. Michael said he would be, and justice would be served. Michael told Nick to try and get some rest.

Nick went to the patio and thanked Chance again for his help. Nick gave Chance the ring, explaining that Ashland had put it in his pocket. Chance asked if the ring fell out. Nick didn’t know. He said maybe Ashland took the ring out to look at it. Chance put the ring in an evidence bag and thanked Nick for bringing it to him. Nick asked about the search. Chance thought it was odd that Locke hadn’t been found yet, but he said they would locate him. Chance asked if Nick had anything else he wanted to get off his chest. He didn’t. Chance got a call. Nick asked if it was about Ashland. Chance didn’t want Nick getting involved. Nick wanted to be able to give Victoria something to put her mind at ease. Chance said there was no positive ID, but there was a car at the bottom of a ravine. Nick wanted to go to the scene, but Chance refused to let him get involved.

Back at Newman Enterprises, Nikki wanted to get Victoria to the ranch to rest. Victoria thanked Victor, and he said he’d always protect her. Michael showed up, and he waited for the ladies to leave before he talked to Victor. Michael said he was informed by a member of Victor’s team that the police found Ashland’s car. Victor asked if Ashland was inside. Michael nodded. “Good,” Victor said.

Adam woke up in his suite and saw Sally sitting on the couch. He asked what she was doing here, and she said she was like one of those ghosts in a Dickens novel, here to give him a chance to make the right choice, so they could reclaim their future. He was frustrated that she ignored everything he told her earlier and broke into his room. She held up a key card and said it was their room. She’d told the lady they always saw when they rented this room that Adam forgot to give her a key. He asked how she knew where to find him. She knew he’d come to the place where they made so many memories and where they felt safe and understood. She said she understood him. He told her she was reading way too much into where he decided to sleep tonight. She knew he left the ranch because he was angry with Victor. He said she was only repeating things he told her. She felt he’d opened up to her because of their connection. He said he purposely got her to fall in love with him. She knew that she wasn’t just another one of his conquests, because she pursued him.

Adam wanted Sally to stop acting like this. She said he had to know she wasn’t just going to give up. He thought she’d have the self respect not to keep throwing herself at someone who didn’t want her. She said she had enough self confidence to take what he dished out until he dropped his defenses. He insisted that he didn’t want a future with her. She had tears in her eyes, and she said she knew what they still had, and she didn’t want to lose it.

Adam said he didn’t mean to hurt Sally. She told him that if this was an apology it wasn’t a good one. He told her she didn’t need love to succeed at Newman Media. She knew that, but she wanted love in her life, and she wanted to be with him above anything else. She told him he wasn’t an expert on her. She knew he was aware that her parents vanished from her life when she was very young, and she and her sister had to fend for themselves. This left a black hole where her heart should’ve been. She was glad she had her sister and grandmother. Every time she reached high and fell hard, her grandmother and sister were there, but something was always missing. He suggested she should call her family. She ordered him not to give her advice – she knew what was best for her. So many times, she thought she found the perfect job or man of her dreams, but she got her heart broken or her hopes dashed. She never let it break her spirit, because she knew the right man was out there. When she met Adam, that black hole vanished. She felt like she’d known him her whole life and in every universe. “This is our time. This is the right place to be. And all of the stars are aligned,” she said. She said she wasn’t his enemy, and she’d never stood between him and his family or him and anything he wanted, because he wanted those same things, and they could have those things together. She told him to just admit he still loved her and that she was good for him. She implored her to stop resisting and start working with him so they could find their way back to each other.

Adam told Sally that was beautiful, but he didn’t feel the same way she did. She told him to remember when they first started working together. They’d wanted each other so badly, but they knew if they got too close they’d burn up in each other’s atmosphere. She said he’d never met another woman like her, and he’d been waiting for her his whole life. He coolly said that was then, and he’d moved on. She scoffed. She wasn’t sure if he was pretending he didn’t love her or if he’d actually convinced himself that he didn’t, but she knew him well enough to know he’d eventually realize this was a catastrophic mistake. She said the sad thing was he probably wouldn’t realize what a massive screw up this was until it was too late and she’d moved on. She asked him to think about what he’d be losing if he let her slip away.

Adam said he’d thought this through and what was done was done. Sally said okay and wished him a good night. He asked if they were done, just like that. She said yes, but she was going to resign from Newman Media first thing in the morning. He told her she couldn’t do that – she loved that job. She said she didn’t want it anymore because it may have cost her her happiness. Adam fixed himself a drink, then he booked a flight to Las Vegas.

Sally ran into Nick at Crimson Lights and asked if his world was falling apart and he wished he could get a do-over. He asked how she could tell, and she said he looked like hell and misery loved company. She offered to buy him a coffee.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Victoria and Nick didn’t know what to make of Ashland’s disappearance after his apparent death. He wasn’t anywhere in the house, and there was no trail of blood. Nick said that they had to assume Ashland survived and was out there somewhere. Ashland’s blood was still on Victoria’s hand, and she wiped it off. In the next moment, Nick wavered – reminding Victoria that Ashland didn’t have a pulse. Victoria said maybe there was a pulse, but it was so faint that she and Nick missed it. She said obviously Ashland was alive, since he walked away. She added that the good news was Nick didn’t kill Ashland. Victor let himself in. Victoria asked why he came, and he said he was there to protect her.

Victor told Victoria that he’d put security on her when he found out Ashland was back in town. Victoria knew; she’d seen them. Victor said the security detail was discreetly parked outside Victoria’s house. Nick asked if security saw Ashland and if he was alive. Chance arrived and asked what happened with Ashland. Victoria said Ashland showed up uninvited. Chance heard Ashland and Victoria split, but he didn’t know the details. Victoria said she let Ashland in, and he rambled and when she made it clear they had no future, he grew more agitated. She said he grabbed her, and she knew he was going to hurt her. She explained that she got away, and thank God Nick showed up, because she knew Ashland was going to kill her.

At this point, Nick took over the story. He explained that Ashland told him to get out, and he was in a total rage. Nick wasn’t going to leave his sister alone in this situation, so he told her to call the police. Victoria added that she went to the kitchen. Nick said Ashland tried to stop Victoria. Nick stepped in, it got physical, and he socked Ashland, who fell and hit his head. Nick checked for a pulse, and he couldn’t find one. Victoria said she checked Ashland’s pulse too, and she even tried to resuscitate him. The idea that he’d taken a life was hard for Nick, so he’d gone outside, and Victoria followed him. Victor said it was obvious that Nick acted in defense of his sister. Chance agreed. He told Victoria he was sorry this happened, and he was glad Nick was there to intervene. However, he wanted to know where Ashland was now. Nick said when they came back inside, Ashland was gone.

Chance examined the fireplace hearth and said Ashland had to have had a concussion after hitting that sharp edge and losing that much blood. He said that sometimes it was hard to find a pulse, but Ashland must be alive since bodies didn’t just disappear. Chance was surprised Ashland was able to make it out of the house like that after getting knocked out. He asked Victoria how long elapsed between Ashland hitting his head and her calling Chance. Victor wanted to know what Chance was getting at. Chance felt the best way he could help was to know precisely what happened here, and his questions were based off what he was seeing. Victor said Ashland had a pulse since he walked out of the house. Nick said Ashland couldn’t have gotten far in his condition. Chance asked about Ashland’s car. Nick didn’t see it when he got here. Victoria suggested Ashland parked in the back, or on a side street. Chance said he’d get some officers to search the area. He reiterated that he was sorry this happened to Victoria. Nick wondered if they should tell Kyle and Summer about this, in case Ashland went after Harrison. Victor thought that would unnecessarily alarm them. He asked Chance to send a squad car to the Abbott neighborhood to look for Ashland. Chance said he would, but he doubted Ashland would make it that far in his condition. He said if Ashland was smart, he’d go to the hospital. He promised he’d find Ashland. He asked if Victoria wanted to press charges, and she said yes. Chance asked if there was anything else Nick and Victoria left out or forgot to say. The sibling conferred and felt that they’d said everything. Chance left. Nick asked Victor what really happened to Ashland.

Kyle took Summer to Dive Bar. She was glad he suggested it. Part of her had wanted to stay home and watch Harrison sleep after the bullet they dodged with Ashland earlier today. He felt the same way. They were grateful to Diane. Kyle wanted to thank Summer for being such a great stepmom and wife. She noted that he was her business partner too. Summer spotted her brother on a date with Kyle’s niece. She wanted to say hello since she hadn’t caught up with Noah in awhile. Kyle knew Summer just wanted to spy on the new romance, but he also wanted to talk with Allie, since they hadn’t chatted much, even though they lived in the same house.

Kyle and Summer went to chat with Noah and Allie. The couples danced, and then Kyle and Allie went to grab drinks while the siblings caught up. Over at the bar, Kyle told Allie he’d like to get to know her better. Allie brought up Diane, and Kyle appreciated the directness. He asked if she was one of the people who was angry with his mom. She was undecided. She didn’t like that Diane used her to get to Jack, but Diane had been nice to her. She did note that Diane had a lot of enemies in this town. He admitted his mother had done more than most. Allie said a lot of people were interested in her opinion of Diane, but Allie was good at avoiding trouble. Allie said that for the first time in a long time, her future looked bright. Kyle asked if Noah had anything to do with that, and Allie said perhaps.

Allie asked if being an Abbott was as perfect as it appeared to be. Kyle said it had its upsides, but it could be a roller coaster, as she’d find out if she stayed. He hoped she did. She said it was looking more likely. He was sorry he never got to know her dad, who was his brother. She thought it was weird that her dad and Kyle were brothers, since Kyle was barely older than she was. He said it must have been bizarre for Allie to find out her father had a whole family she didn’t know. She said it was, but the whole family had been so warm and welcoming. She knew Ashley was skeptical of her at first, but she felt like Ashley had come to accept her as part of the family. Kyle said Ashley and most of the women in the family were tough and protective, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. She agreed and felt lucky to be included in that group. They talked about her new job at Jabot. He was glad she found her place. She looked over at Noah and said she was too.

Noah told Summer he was leaving New Hope. She worried he was leaving town, and he said he was staying. She wasn’t surprised he was leaving New Hope, since it’d seemed like a stop gap to her. He said their dad was accepting. They agreed that they got lucky with their father. Summer recalled that Nick helped her get settled in Milan, even though he didn’t want her to move away. Noah suggested that Nick had always been more hands off as a father because Victor had such a heavy hand in his kids’ lives. Summer said Nick wanted different for them.

Allie, Noah, Summer and Kyle had drinks together. Summer was glad Allie put a smile back on Noah’s face and gave him a reason to stay in town. Allie said she wasn’t the only reason Noah was staying. She encouraged him to share his idea. He told them about his plan to start a club with a glam vibe. They thought that was cool, but Summer didn’t think Victor was going to let Noah change Top of the Tower to a nightclub. She said their grandfather used the restaurant like a second office. Kyle didn’t think Victor knew the meaning of glam vibe. Noah said he’d seen pictures of Victor in the 70s and he was a stud. Kyle thought Victor was more Burt Reynolds, less Bowie. Allie had never heard of Burt Reynolds, and Noah said they were going to have to have a movie marathon. Allie only met Victor once, but she heard he was a great businessman, and great businessmen could see a great idea. Summer had another idea. There was a space on the top floor of her mom’s hotel that would be perfect for Noah. He said if it didn’t work with their grandpa, he’d keep Summer’s idea in mind.

Adam went to Crimson Lights, and Sharon approached. She noticed he looked like he was mulling something over. He asked how she was. She felt she was as well as could be expected. She asked about him. Connor was away at camp, and Adam was moving away from the ranch for the time being. He was staying at The Grand Phoenix. Sharon heard about the personnel change at Newman Enterprises. He asked if she meant Victoria’s return, Nick’s rise and Adam’s fall. Sharon said she was surprised Nick returned to Newman, but he spent a lot of time thinking about it. Adam always thought Nick was the type to go on instinct. Sharon said Adam and Nick both acted on impulse. She wondered if it was an impetuous decision for him to turn down the CEO job at Newman Media. He said it was a calculated, yet defiant declaration of independence from his father. She wondered if he’d change his mind once he cooled down. He felt like she wasn’t hearing what he was saying. She apologized and said it was because she knew how much building Newman Media meant to him. He said he built it up, and his family rewarded him by using him and kicking him to the curb when Victoria, the anointed, reappeared. He said he’d tried for the last time to be part of the inner circle, but they wouldn’t allow it, and he didn’t want it anymore. He’d finally cut ties with Victor. Sally was out on the patio eavesdropping and she heard it all.

Sharon said she’d seen Adam go down this road before, and he never got very far. He said it was different this time. She said if he was really making a clean break from Victor, she applauded it. He noted that she supported Nick rejoining the family fold. She said he and Nick were very different. He knew she always thought he needed to define himself in a way that was separate from his father. She said that was because the tortured dynamic between them was responsible for Adam’s worst tendencies and actions. He said she was right, and that was why the only way for him to truly be free was to make a clean break. He said that as much as Victor said he was going to give him autonomy, it wasn’t true. Victor wanted to take the reins whenever it suited him, Adam said.

Sharon said that the last few months, she’d seen some glimpses of the good man she knew Adam to be at his core. She couldn’t believe she was saying this, but she wondered if Sally had something to do with that. He said he and Sally were through. Sharon was sorry. Adam was surprised because he didn’t think she was part of the Sally fan club. Sharon wasn’t, but she thought Sally cared about Adam and supported him extricating himself from the complex family dynamic. Sharon thought Sally and Adam seemed to get each other. She said Sally came to see her awhile ago to talk about Adam. Adam said Sally shouldn’t have done that. Sharon had come to realize Sally did that because she cared about Adam.

Sally pressed her ear against the wall to make sure she didn’t miss a thing. Adam said that he and Sally were holding each other back. Sharon asked how. Adam said that Sally wasn’t a popular choice with certain people. Sharon smiled and told Adam he could be an acquired taste too. She reminded him that he said he didn’t care what his family thought. He replied that there were a lot of other factors and he didn’t want to get into details. Sharon reminded Adam that they could be honest with each other. She said he was the first person she could reveal the full extent of her grief to after Rey died. Sally overheard Adam admit that he set Sally free so she could soar. He was sure Sharon knew he could be an albatross on the neck of anyone who cared about him. Sally burst in and told Adam that she didn’t want him to do this favor for her. “All I want is to be with you,” she said.

Sharon decided to leave. Adam tried to leave too, but Sally wouldn’t let him. Sally didn’t know whether to be angry at Adam or hug him. She said she knew he loved her. He denied it, but she said she heard it with her own ears. She told him she heard him say he was setting her free so she could soar. She just heard him say he didn’t care what Victor thought. Adam claimed he’d lied to Sharon because he cared about her opinion, and he didn’t want her to think he still had issues with his father. He said it was cleaner to make Sharon think his actions were noble. Sally didn’t buy it. Adam said Sharon had intimate knowledge of his history, so he lied to her to avoid her judgment. Sally felt like Adam was scrambling to come with an explanation. He said he was, because she kept following him and eavesdropping. She denied following him. He told her she looked pathetic and desperate. She slapped him, then she pulled him into a kiss.

Sally challenged Adam to tell her he didn’t miss that and miss them. She said she didn’t care about what his family thought of her, so he could lie to everyone, including himself, but she knew that kiss was the truth. “You love me as much as I love you. Why can’t you get that through your thick skull?,” she asked. She said Newman Media was just a job, and what they had was so much more. She kissed him again, and he gave in to it, wrapping his hands around her waist, but then he suddenly pulled back and told Sally that she was making a fool of herself, and they were through.

After Adam was gone, Sharon returned and brought Sally a drink. Sharon asked if Sally wanted to talk. She did. Sally always prided herself on being able to read people, but Adam had her head spinning. Sharon asked what happened. Sally said Adam claimed he lost everything because of her, but then she heard him tell Sharon the exact opposite. When she confronted him, he said he lied to Sharon so she wouldn’t think badly of him. Sharon said Adam could be hard to understand sometimes. Sally said the last time she came to Sharon for insight on Adam’s relationship with Victor, she was really helpful. Sally asked if she was fooling herself with Adam. Sharon didn’t know what was going on with Adam, but she guessed the truth with Adam was somewhere in the middle.

Sharon said Adam just told her he was done with his father forever. She found that hard to believe, but she could accept that Adam had to step away for awhile, and that would give Sally a chance to prove herself at Newman Media without her relationship with Adam tainting people’s perception. Sally thought that should be her decision to make. She said that despite what people thought, Adam never influenced her. She wondered why he was suddenly doubting her ability to make her own choices. Sharon didn’t know, but she said it was a human trait to think you were protecting people even when they didn’t ask for it. She said that happened with Victoria when everyone stepped in to save her from Ashland. Sally said that if Adam was doing this to help her, she thought she could forgive him, but she wasn’t sure how to get through to him. She asked how to stop him from being noble and go back to loving her.

Sharon said, unfortunately, when it came to Adam, there often weren’t easy answers. Sally said she couldn’t help loving Adam. Sharon thought there was truth to the notion that Sally’s success at Newman Media was precarious as long as she was with Adam. She was sure that Sally must know Victoria didn’t like or trust Adam. Sally said Victoria didn’t hide her feelings. Sharon said now that Newman was back in the family business, Nick would be part of the equation. She said that Nick and Adam’s relationship had cooled down right after Adam donated a kidney to Faith, but they still had a complicated history. She thought Nick wavered between tolerance and outright hatred for his brother. Sally knew Adam was flawed and complicated, but she didn’t understand why the family had to figure so heavily into her relationship with him. Sharon said Newmans came as a package deal. Sharon felt the important thing was how much Sally valued her job at Newman Media. Sally said it wasn’t as important as Adam. Sharon said Sally had to find a way to prove that to him.

Adam went home to his room at The Grand Phoenix. He flashed back to his kiss with Sally and remembered her asking if he didn’t miss them.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, July 25, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Christine

Ashland heavily implied he planned to kill Victoria. He grabbed her, and she broke free and threatened him with a fireplace poker. Nick entered and saw Ashland menacing Victoria. When Nick found out Ashland had grabbed Victoria, he punched Ashland, causing him to fall and hit his head. Ashland didn’t have a pulse, and Nick and Victoria thought he was dead. Since Victoria was resistant to calling the police, they called Chance instead. They went on a walk, and Victoria thanked Nick for saving her life. When they reentered the house, Ashland was gone.

Sharon and Chance talked about the night Rey died. Victoria called Chance and said Ashland had an accident. Phyllis and Nikki decided to make it look like Diane was sabotaging Marchetti. Nikki thought Phyllis should take a job at Marchetti so she could damage Diane’s reputation from the inside. Diane confided in Jack that she was nervous about her job, because she really wanted to impress Kyle and Summer. Jack gave Diane a pep talk, but when she asked if they’d ever be friends, he turned cool toward her. Later, they spent time watching their grandson sleep. Back to the Daytime Recaps Page

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Y&R Update Monday, July 25, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Nick was on Victoria’s doorstep. He knocked and called out to her. It was noisy out, due to high winds and barking dogs. Inside the house, Victoria asked Ashland what he meant when he said there was only one way for this to end. He was in a rage, and he took a step toward her, causing her to back away. Her eyes were filled with tears. Nick called, and Victoria said she needed to answer the phone, but Ashland said no. She glanced at the fireplace poker. Victoria said that it was her security detail, and if she didn’t answer within 15 minutes, they’d come inside. “Well then, we’re gonna have to make this quick,” Ashland replied.

Back outside, Nick saw the lights were on, but he thought Victoria might be asleep. He recorded a voice message asking her to call and let him know she was safe, then he left. Ashland didn’t buy Victoria’s bluff about the security detail calling her. He said she’d been lying to him for weeks, so he didn’t believe her now. He was sorry it had to end this way, but maybe it was inevitable. He said said that they were both unique powerhouses and driven, so maybe it was a mistake to think they could work this relationship out, because both of them couldn’t be on top – someone had to fall. She did not understand his ramblings, and she wanted him to leave. He pulled out the Loch family ring she gave him as a gift. He reminded her that she’d said it was supposed to represent their bright shiny future, but it only represented her lies and deception. He said he’d never wear it again, but he’d keep it as a reminder of how cruel people could be. “I’m cruel after everything that you’ve done?,” she shouted. He screamed that he loved her and she used that love against him. She began to point out that he started it, but he wouldn’t let her get a word in. He went on a tirade arguing that she was worst that he was, because he was willing to become a better person for her, and he walked through fire for her.

Victoria begged Ashland to calm down. He snarled that he risked his life pulling her from that burning car only to have her destroy his life. He wished that he’d left her to burn to death. “I should’ve let you die. Because maybe then I could still believe now that you loved me til the bitter end,” he said.

Victoria contended that Ashland only had himself to blame for how his life turned out. He advanced on her, ordering her to stop saying that because she sounded like Victor. She said even if she’d died in that crash, he wouldn’t have been loved because she’d fallen in love with who he pretended to be. “And who was that, Victoria? A stronger younger version of your dad?,” he asked. She said it wasn’t even close. She saw him for who he was now – he wasn’t the strong and powerful Ashalnd Locke, and he wasn’t anywhere near the man her father was, he wasn’t even poor pathetic Bobby DeFranco, who he’d left in New Jersey.

Victoria yelled at Ashland that he was pathetic, sad, ugly and disgusting, and no one could ever love him. Ashland grabbed Victoria by the upper arms and ordered her not to say that. She broke free and shoved him off, then she ran over and grabbed the fireplace poker. He approached again, but he backed up when she held the poker to his chest. “You bitch,” he snarled. Victoria ran toward the door, and Ashland followed, saying he wasn’t going to let her leave. Just then, Nick burst in and ordered Ashland to get back. Nick demanded to know what was going on. “Your sister and I are saying our final goodbyes,” Ashland said.

Nick got caught up to speed, and he positioned himself between Ashland and Victoria. Victoria said she’d repeatedly asked Ashland to leave. Ashland said he didn’t break the law since Victoria let him in. she pointed out that he’d been lurking outside. Nick told Victoria to call the police. Ashland said there was no need since Victoria said the security team was on the way, in spite of the fact that there was no intended malice on his part. Nick argued that everything Ashland did to the family had malice. Ashland groused about Nick breaking up a conversation between a husband and wife. Victoria pointed out that they weren’t married. Ashland rushed toward Victoria, screaming about their unbreakable bond, but Nick pushed him backward. “You keep your hands of me!,” Ashland ordered. Nick told Victoria to call the police, and she turned to get her phone from the kitchen, while Ashland demanded that she stay put. Nick told Ashland not to talk to Victoria like that.

Victoria stopped and stayed in the living room. She heard Ashland say he’d talk to her however he damn well pleased. Nick shoved Ashland and said if he didn’t leave, there was going to be a problem. Ashland maintained that he didn’t do anything wrong. Victoria countered that Ashland broke into her house, threatened her and grabbed her. Victoria went to get the phone. Nick snapped when he heard that Ashland had put his hands on Victoria. He punched Ashland in the face, and he fell and hit his head on the fireplace hearth.

Ashland was still. Nick didn’t believe Ashland was really knocked out, since he’d been faking since since day one. He kicked Ashland and ordered him to get up. Ashland remained motionless, and a concerned Nick knelt down by him. Victoria came running back in and asked what was wrong. Nick couldn’t feel a pulse. Victoria wrapped her hand around Ashland’s head to feel for a pulse too. She couldn’t find one either, and when she withdrew her hand, Nick saw that it was coated in blood. The siblings shared an alarmed look.

While Nick closed the patio doors, Victoria did CPR, then she told Nick Ashland was dead. Victoria never called 911, because she’d hoped Nick could get Ashland out without calling the authorities. Nick said to call them now, but Victoria wasn’t sure that was the right thing to do. She thought maybe they should call their father, but he said no. “I’m responsible. I hit him. We got to do the right thing. When has circumventing the law ever worked out for us?,” he said. Victoria brought up the consequences. Nick thought it was self defense – Ashland attacked Victoria, so Nick had to hit him, and he fell. Victoria wasn’t sure the district attorney would see it that way. Nick said to call Chance then, because he was family, and he could help. Victoria got on the phone while Nick went outside for air.

Chance was at Crimson Lights with Sharon. He wanted coffee because he figured it’d be a late night at work. He said when the weather got weird, things tended to happen. Sharon looked uncomfortable, and Chance apologized. She said it was okay. She acknowledged that Rey’s accident happened on a very foggy night, but the crash turned out to be unrelated to the weather. Chance didn’t want to bring up bad memories for Sharon. She said it was fine – she was thinking about Rey too. She asked how things were out there, and he said it was mostly fine, just some fallen trees. He hoped he was just being paranoid. Victoria called Chance and asked him to come by because Ashland got hurt.

Victoria went outside and stood with Nick. He told her how he’d been about to leave the house earlier, but something didn’t feel right, so he came in through the back door. He felt he needed to go over the night’s events to get his story straight for Chance. “He was coming after you again, so I hit him and then he fell down. I was just trying to stop him. Obviously, I didn’t want him to die,” Nick said. Victoria said it was an accident, simple as that. He didn’t think it felt that simple. He decided to go walk this off. He left.

Victoria followed Nick out into the woods. She told him he saved her life tonight. He wasn’t so sure. She said she could tell from the look in Ashland’s eyes that he was going to kill her. She repeated what Ashland said about last goodbyes and how he wished she died in the car accident. Nick thought that was sick. She said Nick did what he had to do to stop Ashland. Victoria was grateful. He was glad he was there for her, but he took a man’s life tonight and there was no changing that. She said he had her back, just like he’d always promised, and she’d do whatever she could for him. He knew. They hugged, and he said they had to get back to the house.

Victoria and Nick went back to the house. She asked what he was going to say to Chance. He said he’d just tell the truth. They noticed the patio doors rattling, and Nick thought he didn’t close them tightly enough. They soon noticed that Ashland was gone. There was just a small pool of blood on the floor and hearth where he’d fallen.

Nikki entered the Grand Phoenix. Victor called and relayed Adam’s warning that Ashland was out for blood. Victor wanted Nikki to be safe. She was more worried about Victoria. He reminded her that he had everything under control. The call ended, and Nikki met with Phyllis, who was hoping Nikki’s investigators came up with something on Diane. Nikki was disappointed to say that they hadn’t. Ashley texted that she couldn’t make it. She also told them not to worry about Diane using Allie, because Allie could hold her own. Phyllis didn’t have the same faith in Allie, because she was lovely and sweet, and Diane took advantage of people like that. Phyllis ranted about Diane, and Nikki asked what had her so riled up.

Phyllis was miffed because she met with Summer earlier, and Summer had acted like Diane deserved a medal for saving Harrison from Ashland. Nikki said that was ridiculous. Nikki was there at the park, and all Diane did was send a text to Michael. Phyllis said Diane probably did it so everyone would fall all over her. Nikki said you would’ve thought Diane saved Harrison from a burning building with the way Michael gushed over her. Phyllis wondered what was wrong with Michael. Nikki said Ashland gave Diane a look like she’d betrayed him. It made Nikki wonder if Ashland and Diane had an arrangement, and she double crossed him. Nikki said the worst part was Ashland got out of jail in a matter of hours, and now this situation made him even more furious.

Phyllis was sorry Ashland was pointing his anger toward the Newmans instead of someone who deserved it, like Diane. Nikki was sure Diane would walk away unscathed, since she inexplicably had a charmed life. Phyllis thought they should make it look like Diane was intentionally trying to sabotage Marchetti. Nikki really liked this idea. She said she knew she could count on Phyllis to think of something devious and underhanded. Phyllis said she was better at this than Nikki.

Phyllis said this would be tricky because they didn’t want to actually hurt the company or Summer. They also didn’t have anyone on the inside, because Ashley worked strictly at Jabot. Phyllis said that there were some people coming form Italy to work and some new hires. She said it was ironic because Summer offered her a job at Marchetti, and she turned it down. Nikki assumed Phyllis didn’t take the job because of Jack. Phyllis said she didn’t want to leave him. Nikki was sorry it didn’t work out. Phyllis alluded to the point that things had been going well between her and Jack until Diane’s arrival. That was why she was willing to do whatever it took to get that bitch out of their lives for good.

Phyllis thought it was too bad Chelsea didn’t take the job at Marchetti, because she could’ve helped them out, since she liked schemes. Nikki said they needed someone with an ax to grind toward Diane. Nikki thought Phyllis should tell Summer she wanted to work at Marchetti. Phyllis said that she couldn’t do that because she ran the hotel. Nikki thought the place could run itself. Phyllis had an idea.

The winds whipped around Diane on Jack’s doorstep, pelting her with leaves. Jack ushered her inside. He told her that when he was a kid they used to call summer wind that came out of nowhere wicked winds, and it was a bad omen. He said when wind like this kicked up, trouble was right around the corner. “And here you are,” he said, smiling. She was sorry to come unannounced, but she came to talk to Kyle. He said Kyle and Summer were gone. Jack thanked Diane for the situation at the park.

Diane modestly stated that she did what anyone would’ve done – she knew about the restraining order, so when Ashland showed up, she texted Michael. Jack said Diane still took a risk, and he knew Ashland was playing on her emotions. Diane said that Jack deserved some credit too because he warned her about Ashland. Jack thought Diane was brave to risk getting on the wrong side of Ashland. Diane didn’t think she was in danger. He didn’t know why she wasn’t just thanking him for the praise instead of arguing with him. She thanked him. He said Kyle was very pleased with the way she handled this. She said she’d do anything for Kyle. Diane had come to ask Kyle some work questions, but she wondered if Jack could help instead.

Jack said Marchetti was Kyle’s domain, so Diane should ask him. Diane said her questions were larger and not specific to Marchetti – things like protocol and early expectations vs. long term goals. Jack was sure those were rudimentary questions for Diane, who’d been in business the whole time they’d known each other. He was sure that pretending to be dead hadn’t taken away her ability to handle new situations. She said she might be rusty. He told her to fake it. He was sure she could bluff her way through this and hundreds of other situations. She asked if he was teasing or being mean. “I’ll never tell,” he replied. He offered her a drink, and she accepted. She accurately guessed the kind of drink he was going to make for himself, and he said she knew him well.

Diane was nervous about her job. Jack was surprised anything made her nervous. She said she didn’t let many people see that side of her. He was flattered. She saw no point in trying to fool him, given their history. She agreed with what he said earlier – she could fake her way through any scenario, but this job was different. She didn’t want to let Kyle down. He said Kyle would understand that she had to learn on the job. Diane said she also had to impress Summer and everyone else. Jack was sure Kyle would give Diane the benefit of the doubt every time, but Summer could be tougher. Diane said she couldn’t bluff or use her old bag of tricks with Summer. Jack asked if one of Diane’s tricks was showing up asking for Kyle when she actually only wanted Jack’s advice. “I’ll never tell,” she said, and they smiled.

Jack thought Diane should stop putting so much pressure on herself. She said she had a good thing going and she didn’t want to mess it up. He said that Kyle and Summer were intelligent, rational people who knew she wasn’t an expert in public relations. He thought all they expected was commitment and honesty. She thought being honest in PR was unusual, but he said not for companies under the Jabot umbrella. He guessed that was the hardest part for her. She hoped people would stop rubbing her history in her face. He said old habits died hard.

Diane didn’t take this job opportunity for granted. It meant a lot that she was going to work so closely with Kyle and Summer. She also appreciated Jack for not preventing them from hiring her. She was sure it was hard for him to see Kyle readily accept her. He said it proved something was missing in Kyle’s life, and her return filled a void. She was sure he must resent her for leaving him to raise Kyle alone. He said resentment was a waste of time and energy. She thanked him for his remarkable restraint. He wanted her to know it wasn’t for her benefit. She hoped that one day they could be friends. She’d made a bet with herself that she could pull that off. She asked what her odds were. “You don’t want to know,” he replied.

Later, Diane was pleased because she and Jack had gone upstairs and peeked in on the sleeping Harrison. Jack said their grandson could put a smile on your face. She loved hearing him say “our grandson.” She was so glad she decided to reclaim her life – even if it ended tomorrow, spending time with Harrison and Kyle made it worth it, even though Harrison didn’t know she was his grandmother. Jack said that was for Kyle to tell him. Diane decided to leave. The wind had let up, and Jack said maybe there was no trouble tonight after all.

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Y&R Update Thursday, July 22, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Noah and Nick were at Crimson Lights on the patio. Noah said he’d wanted to postpone this conversation until Nick was more settled at Newman, but Sharon and Allie encouraged him to do this now. Nick started to worry. Noah started explaining how he’d been trying to find the right career path, and Nick caught on that he wanted to leave New Hope. Noah loved the work the charity did, and he’d been proud to work alongside Nick, but New Hope was Nick’s vision, not Noah’s. His heart wasn’t in running New Hope full time. Nick asked how long Noah had thought about making a change. Noah said putting together the unique experience for Mariah and Tessa’s wedding, like an art director felt good and right.

Noah wanted to turn Top of the Tower into an art-inspired nightclub. Nick was interested in hearing more. Noah wanted to make a place where people could have fun and relax. He wanted to incorporate the stuff he learned working at the Underground and managing the Top of the Tower with the stuff he learned in London art culture and make something new and inspiring. Nick asked what Victor said. Noah wanted to talk to Nick first, and he also had to put together a solid proposal to show Victor that a nightclub would be more profitable than the restaurant. Noah promised to stay on at New Hope until they found a replacement Nick was satisfied with. Noah hated letting Nick down, though. Nick said Noah could never disappoint him. He was also really happy to see Noah so excited about something, and he was fully supportive of this idea. They hugged.

Noah felt relieved at how Nick took the news. Nick said he’d made a lot of career changes, so it’d be hypocritical of him to judge. Nick had been excited about the possibility of Noah continuing his work at New Hope, but the most important thing was that Noah was happy. Noah said Allie told him this was probably how Nick would react, and that’s what gave him the guts to have this conversation. Noah mentioned he and Allie had a date tonight. Nick said he’d be there if Noah ever needed advice. He said to have fun tonight.

Victoria was shaken up when she got home. She made sure to lock the door immediately after she stepped inside, and she jumped when she heard knocking. Billy called out, and Victoria relaxed and let him in, relocking the door behind him. He wanted to let her know that he and Lily were going on a business trip to LA, so he wouldn’t be able to pick up the kids at camp. He noticed she seemed tense. There was a through-the-window shot of Billy and Victoria talking inside. Someone was watching them.

Victoria said she had a lot on her mind. Billy was sure she did. He heard Ashland was back. She said Ashland was the least of her worries. Billy asked why Ashland was back, and Victoria said she imagined it had to do with Harrison. Billy noted that Ashland lied to Harrison about having cancer and let Kyle take him to Milan. Victoria said Ashland got arrested for violating the restraining order against Harrison, and he’d already made bail. It was windy out, and something blew over, scaring Victoria.

Billy asked Victoria if she was okay, and he lightened the mood by reminding her that the house made so much noise when it was windy that the kids made up a game about it called the grumpy goblin. Victoria said that now that Katie was in her sci-fi phase, she theorized that an alien lived in the attic. He marveled that it seemed like yesterday they were teaching Katie the alphabet. Victoria wished they could stop time and freeze the kids at this stage where they were old enough to be independent, but young enough to be innocent and get excited about everything. He agreed that it was nice to see the world through innocent eyes. That was one of the things she was looking forward to about the kids coming home again. He was a little concerned about Ashland being in town. He thought they had to wonder about Ashland’s headspace. Victoria didn’t know or care what was going on in Ashland’s head. He was worried about her being home alone especially with the kids coming back. Victoria said if Ashland was mad at anyone, it’d be the Abbotts, because they had him arrested. She was sure she could handle things, and she said Victor had a security team on her. She said she could pick up the kids, and she looked forward to having them on her own. He asked about work, and she said that Nikki and Nick made it easier for her to step away from the office. She told him she’d be fine, and she asked him to go so she could get some work done. He left.

Billy caught Nick at Crimson Lights and told him that Victoria was on edge. Nick said he hadn’t seen anything like that. He told Billy not to worry about Victoria and to stay out of it. Billy commented that Nick had been back at Newman for five minutes, and he already sounded like Victor. Billy said Victoria was the mother of his kids, and he had good reason to worry. Nick said Billy felt compelled to play white knight to a woman who got over him years ago. Billy said he was just with Victoria, and he saw that she was covering up how upset she was that Ashland was still around, and Ashland was reckless enough to disobey a court order. Nick said Ashland was an entitled jerk who thought rules were for other people. Billy thought Ashland would want to retaliate. Nick said he might retaliate against Kyle, since he was the one who got the restraining order. Billy thought that was logical, but Ashland didn’t think logically. Nick appreciated the concern, but they were done with this. Billy reminded Nick that they were recently on the same side, trying to show Victoria what kind of man she married. Billy said he’d cancel his work trip to keep an eye on Victoria. Nick said there was nothing for Billy to do. He promised he wouldn’t let Ashland hurt Victoria, and he told Billy to go on his trip. Billy told Nick to go check on his sister. Nick called Victoria.

The wind whipped around outside while Victoria worked. She heard rapping on the patio door and opened the curtains to see Ashland glowering at her. Victoria opened the door and demanded to know what Ashland was doing spying on her. He said he’d been debating on whether to make his presence known. He wanted to see her one last time. She said he shouldn’t be here, and she wondered if she needed to get a restraining order. He wasn’t sure how to say goodbye after all they’d been through. Victoria agreed to hear Ashland out if he promised to leave her alone after this. She let him inside. He said it was so hard to see her so wary, but it was hard to stay away too. He asked if she felt the same way. He said their time together were the happiest days of his life. He knew she felt the same way, because she’d told him as much in the past. He asked if she really looked at him right now and felt that it was all over between them. Nick’s call came in, but Victoria didn’t answer it. She told Ashland that they were over. He said her family turned her against him. She strongly told him that these were her words – there was nothing between them. She thought he’d accept that after NY. She told him he didn’t like to lose. “I will not be dismissed!,” he snapped.

Ashland yelled about how he’d never felt remorse a day in his life until Victoria’s love changed him. He said her love and their marriage made him want to be a better person, then she just took all that away from him, and now he really was that lost man she and her father accused him of being all along. “You were my whole heart and my soul and now they’ve both been ripped away from me,” he said. She refused to take the blame for something he brought it on himself. He screamed at her that he felt pain because of her – because she made him feel again. He said he’d believed her when she said she’d always love him no matter what. She said he wanted to believe she’d forgive and forget all his monumental lies. He said she just couldn’t accept that something changed in him, or maybe she saw the change and she didn’t care. She yelled that there was nothing left for him to fight for.

Victoria asked Ashland to leave. He refused because he wasn’t finished. She said whatever fantasy he had about how this meeting would go, it wasn’t going to happen. Her voice shook as she told him to leave her home and leave town. She headed toward the door, but he jumped in front of her and walked toward her, causing her to back away. He yelled that she wanted him gone because she couldn’t face up to what she’d done and the sacrifices she’d made when she gave up on them. She told him he couldn’t manipulate her anymore. She said she stopped giving a damn about him when she realized who he really was. He felt that she thought she could throw him away like a piece of trash. He was just a few inches away from her now. “There’s only one way that you’re gonna be done with me. I see that now. Only one way to end this,” Ashland stated, ominously. Since Victoria didn’t answer the phone earlier, Nick showed up and knocked on the door and yelled out to Victoria.

Allie and Noah went to Dive Bar and commented on the wind. He pointed out the wind barriers around the deck. He told her about the talk with Nick, and she was really happy for him. He admitted she was right, and she had him repeat that a couple times, then she said it was time to celebrate. Allie said Noah was right that the GCAC rooftop was pretty chill at night. She accepted his offer to dance, and as they swayed, he said he couldn’t stop thinking about their kiss. She kissed him again.

At Society, Sally told Chloe that Nick and Victoria were giving her a three month trial period at work, which meant Chloe would also be coming in on a trial basis. Sally understood if Chloe didn’t want to take an offer that might not be permanent. Chloe wondered if Sally didn’t want her to accept the offer, so she could hire someone with more experience. Sally said she and Chloe worked really well together, and she trusted her implicitly. Sally had faith in Chloe’s ability to learn the job in record time. Chloe took the job, and Sally was glad. Chloe wanted to make it clear that she wasn’t just taking the job because Chelsea ended their partnership. Chloe said she had to live up to the standard Sally set. Chloe thought Victoria must be impressed with Sally to keep her on, despite her involvement with Adam, one of Victoria’s least favorite humans. At that moment, Adam walked through. He and Sally locked eyes, then he went and got his takeout and started to leave. Sally excused herself from the table.

Sally went after Adam, and she told him not to be a coward and run away from her. She asked if he got her voicemail. He didn’t want to do this again, because he got no pleasure out of being cruel to her. She asked if he destroyed what they had so she could keep her job at Newman Media. She said in spite of his past and who he used to be, she refused to believe he could so easily shut off his feelings for her and throw it all away. He thought he already made it clear that was a liability who was standing between him and a chance to prove himself to his father. He thought she should focus on her job instead of chasing a man who didn’t love her. He was surprised Victoria let her stay, even though she deserved the job. He told her to make the most of her opportunity and stop wasting her time and his. Chelsea walked up and saw Sally crying. She asked if everything was okay, and Adam left.

Sally went back to her table. Chloe wondered what was going on, and Sally said she and Adam weren’t together. Sally didn’t want to hear that Chloe was relieved. Sally said she was going to focus on work, and she raised a toast to the job. Chloe asked if Adam expected Sally to quit in solidarity to him. Sally changed the subject back to work. Chloe knew this was harder for Sally than she was letting on. Sally said she refused to let her personal problems let her lose this job. Chloe told Sally to hold onto that sentiment, because Adam had a bad habit of keeping women in his orbit and making them feel like they had something special and like the woman was the only one who truly understood him. In a sad tone, Sally said thanks. Chloe said she knew this relationship would end badly, because she’d seen it happen multiple times, and it was irritating to watch him treat people this way. Chloe said if Sally stayed mired in this toxic mix, Adam would cost her everything, and she shouldn’t let him. Chloe said Sally had this job on merit, so she shouldn’t worry about Adam.

Chelsea walked up and said she couldn’t believe how Adam just treated Sally and that she felt terrible for Sally. Sally brusquely said she appreciated the concern, but she and Chloe were in a meeting. Chelsea came to the wrong conclusion, and she was annoyed that Chloe asked Sally to work with her at Fenmore’s and confused that Lauren allowed it. Sally clarified that she was still CEO of Newman Media, and Chloe was her COO. Chelsea thought Adam was CEO of Newman Media now that Victoria was in charge again. Sally said Adam wasn’t interested and he was moving on from everything. “Including you, apparently. Wow. That lasted about as long as I expected it to,” Chelsea replied.

Sally said Chelsea dumped Chloe with no warning for her own bizarre reasons. Chelsea said that Chloe made it very clear the partnership wasn’t working for her either. Sally said in other words, Chelsea screwed up, and Chloe called her out on it. Chloe said she understood Chelsea needed to end the partnership, for herself. Sally thought that Chelsea should show Chloe the same grace and understanding and be happy for her. Chloe said she was in a good place. “You replace me with her of all people?,” Chelsea griped. Chelsea was mad that Chloe hired Sally at Newman Fashion without even asking Chelsea first. Chloe pointed out that Chelsea didn’t even work there then, and she wasn’t even in town when Sally got hired.

Chelsea noted that Sally had gone from Chloe’s subordinate to her boss. “Do you see how manipulative [Sally] is?,” Chelsea told Chloe. Sally said she was sorry Chelsea’s life was so empty and miserable that she had nothing better to do than spew poison, but no one at this table cared. Billy walked in. Chelsea said she was embarking on a new partnership too. She wished Sally luck with the job Adam gave her because he was sleeping with her at the time. Chelsea went with Billy.

Sally called Chelsea a witch. Chloe said Chelsea had her moments. Sally wondered what was going on with Chelsea and Billy, and Chloe told her about the podcast. Sally thought that was weird. Chloe wished Chelsea the best if the podcast was what she needed to finish healing. Sally thought Chloe was generous with Chelsea. Chloe said they were still on the outs, but she still cared about Chelsea. Chloe changed the subject to work and proving themselves to Victoria. They could hear Chelsea laughing.

Chelsea called Billy boss, and he said they were partners. He told her he was going out of town for a few days, and he’d emailed her some ideas for the podcast.

Sally wondered what Lily thought of this partnership between Billy and Lily. Chloe didn’t know, and she said it was none of her business. Chelsea laughed again, and Sally stared at her.

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Y&R Update Thursday, July 21, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asked if the great thing Noah referenced had something to do with Allie. He said he liked Allie a lot, and he couldn’t remember being so comfortable and relaxed with someone this quickly. He was wondering if this thing with Allie could go anywhere. Noah had never been in a relationship like this before. He said first he and Allie irritated each other, then they became friends, and it wasn’t his usual thing. Sharon understood what was going on. She said that since Noah’s first girlfriend, he’d always been attracted to troublemakers and drama queens who had a lot of baggage and who were destined to break his heart. She didn’t judge, since she had her own history. She said he was raised by parents who had a complicated past, and maybe he grew up thinking that conflict in a relationship was normal and expected, but it didn’t have to be that way. She said she’d like to see him with someone who was smart, kind and honest and appreciated him. “Like what you had with Rey,” he said, and she agreed. She told him that a loving lasting relationship didn’t have to be contentious or a lot of hard work. She thought it was great that he and Allie got along. He thought that a healthy relationship sounded appealing. She told him not to over-analyze things or put too much pressure on figuring out where he and Allie were headed. Noah appreciated the advice. He had a date with Allie tonight, and he was going to live in the moment. Sharon told Noah to talk with Nick about New Hope before his date. Noah was hesitant. Sharon said that this was going to eat away at Noah, and Nick deserved the truth.

Victor went to Newman Enterprises and found Adam staring at Victoria’s portrait. Victor asked what it would take to get Adam back at Newman. Adam said Victor could’ve kept him in this very office, but instead, he chose Victoria. Victor asked why Adam was here. Adam was there to talk to Victoria about Sally. Victor heard Adam ended things with Sally. Adam was sure Victor was thrilled about that. Adam even realized getting involved with Sally was a mistake. Victor thought that was a sudden realization. Adam just hoped the family would give Sally a chance to prove herself at Newman. Victor asked if Adam broke up with Sally so she could keep her position at Newman. He said no – he broke things off because they weren’t working out. He didn’t want Sally to be punished because of their personal relationship. It pained Victor that Adam was going to such great lengths to protect Sally, but he was willing to walk away from the family and the company. “Do you dislike us that much?,” Victor asked. Adam scoffed and said there was so much more going on besides hatred – there was devastation, humiliation and betrayal. He’d thought they’d finally turned a corner, but he was wrong. Victor said Adam could’ve had another place at Newman, since he wasn’t happy at Newman Media; all he had to do was be patient. Adam said he’d been more than patient, but Victor had been jerking him around like a puppet. Adam felt like a second class citizen in this family who wasn’t good enough to be a real Newman, so he was through. Victor was adamant that he’d had Adam’s back the whole time. It upset him that Adam didn’t feel like he belonged in this family. Adam was frustrated because Victor never listened. Adam thought Victor expected to get his way all the time and assumed Adam would bow down to his will.

Adam said the situation with Locke should’ve ended when they paid him off, but Victoria just had to get the money back as a way to kiss Victor’s ring. Victor didn’t understand why Adam had a problem with Victoria returning the money to the family. Adam said Victoria humiliated Ashland and she made sure his cancer deception was exposed on the podcast, destroying Ashland’s chances of ever doing business again. Victor thought Ashland deserved worse than he got. Adam said that wasn’t how you put someone in their place – it was how you motivated them to get revenge. Adam noted that Victor set Ashland up to get arrested for seeing his son. Victor was unapologetic about setting Ashland up. Adam said Ashland was out on bail and gunning for a fight. Victor asked if Adam had been talking to Ashland. Adam was frustrated that Victor was questioning him instead of thanking him for the head’s up. Victor wasn’t worried about a potential threat from Ashland. “Let that bastard try whatever he wants to,” Victor said. However, Victor was concerned about Adam. Adam said Victor shouldn’t worry about him. Victor told Adam to take some time to come to his senses and realize he belonged here with his family. Adam gave up on getting through to Victor and left.

At Society, Victoria found Nick’s suggestion that Adam broke up with Sally so she could keep her job hard to believe. Nick said he wasn’t nominating Adam for sainthood, but he’d done selfless things, like saving Faith’s life. Victoria didn’t forget that, but she said Adam had done egregious things that far outweighed a few acts of kindness. She wasn’t going to give him the benefit of the doubt while he was making big moves like threatening to leave the family and company for good. She wondered if he broke things off from Sally because he had something bigger planned. Nick asked if Victoria thought Adam was plotting revenge against them. She didn’t know, but she didn’t believe he was sincere about walking away from the company for good. She said even when Adam was trying to stay on the straight and narrow, he was like a dark cloud hanging over Newman, and that wouldn’t change.

Nick thought Adam made some significant strides with his relationships in the family. Victoria didn’t blame Adam for how he was, given what they learned about his childhood. She conceded he’d been on comparatively good behavior, but she didn’t trust his loyalty because he was constantly flip-flopping, and he had an intense competitive streak, a constant need for Victor’s approval, and got resentful whenever he was shunned. She said those character flaws had always remained. Nick didn’t disagree. She said that was why there was no place for Adam at the new Newman Enterprises. She said time would tell what his true intentions were. Nick said soon they’d find out if Sally deserved her spot. Victoria was just glad to have Nick on her side.

Adam walked in and invited himself to sit with his siblings. He said he went by the office hoping to hear what the decision was on Sally, but he ran into Victor, who was no help. Nick said that Sally would remain interim CEO. Victoria was surprised when Sally made an incredible case for himself. Adam said Sally was right for the job, and they would’ve regretted cutting her loose. Nick noted that Adam didn’t regret cutting Sally loose. He said he’d had some issues and he informed Sally it was over, and it was no one else’s business.

Adam thought it was vicious to have Ashland arrested just for seeing his son at the park. Victoria said she and Nick had nothing to do with that, although it sent a very clear message. Adam said no one thought about the consequences now that Ashland was released on bail. Nick thought Adam should be warning the person responsible. Adam said he told their dad, but he wasn’t fazed. Nick got the feeling Adam had recently spoken to Ashland. Adam said he visited Ashland at the GCAC recently. Adam had gone there hoping to find a man fired up about Newman Enterprises. “I was hoping that [Ashland] was concocting some kind of corporate maneuver that would hit Dad back. I just wanted to let him know that I would be more than happy to lend a hand,” Adam said. Victoria wasn’t surprised by Adam’s revelation. She wondered why he was telling them this, not that they’d believe a word that came out of his mouth. She was sure they’d find out his agenda eventually. He said his agenda came to a screeching halt when he found out Ashland was out for blood, not revenge.

Adam said Ashland had been stripped of everything that ever mattered to him, and he wasn’t ranting or making threats, but he was pretty messed up, and he’d trashed his hotel room. Victoria was shocked because even at his angriest, Ashland had never done anything like that. The look in Ashland’s eye when he talked about “Victor’s darling daughter” gave Adam the chills. Adam wasn’t certain what Ashland was planning, but he just wanted to warn Victoria. Nick said he appreciated Adam telling them. Adam knew he was the last person they’d trust, and his feelings about them hadn’t changed either, but he didn’t want anyone to get hurt. He left.

Victoria hated to admit it, but Adam’s concern seemed sincere. She wondered if Ashland really had gone off the rails. Nick thought that Victoria should move to the ranch for the time being. She dismissed that idea because she didn’t want Ashland having that power over her, and she didn’t think he’d actually get violent with her. Nick thought the destruction of the hotel room was a sign of violence. She agreed to think about moving to ranch, but she said she refused to let Ashland scare her. Noah called and asked to talk to Nick. They agreed to meet up. Nick wanted to drive Victoria to work, but she said she wanted to take a walk. He was frustrated, because they’d just talked about her taking extra precautions, but she reminded him that their dad had his security detail watching her.

Victoria strolled through the park while conducting a business call. After the call ended, she tensed up and quickly glanced around. No one else was in sight, but she still rushed out of the park. Ashland stepped out of hiding, and he had a icy glare on his face.

Nick met Noah at Crimson Lights. Noah took his dad out to patio for privacy and asked him to sit. Nick had a feeling he wasn’t going to like what he was about to hear.

Ashley met Allie at the Abbott house. Allie was excited because tomorrow was her first day actually working in the lab. Ashley loved Allie’s enthusiasm and said they were both comfortable in the lab, just like Keemo. Allie said it must be in the genes. Ashley asked how getting to know the family was going. Allie said it was going better than expected – she’d been nervous and scared when she first got here. Ashley was sure it must’ve been strange for Allie to find out she had this whole family and that Diane orchestrated whole thing. Allie said it was a bit mind blowing, but she’d be forever grateful to be in this big loving family that she never knew she had. Ashley said Allie was a gift to the family, but this whole situation had to be very overwhelming. Allie sensed that Ashley was really talking about Diane.

Allie said that Phyllis had approached her and questioned her about the family, then Diane went on a fishing expedition with Allie too, now Ashley was here talking about Diane. Allie understood how people felt about Diane, but she didn’t want to be involved. Ashley was sorry if she made Allie uncomfortable, but she said she and Phyllis understood how manipulative Diane was. Ashley thought Diane did a great thing connecting Allie to the family, but Diane had an ulterior motive, and she used Allie. Allie knew that. Ashley didn’t want to see Allie get used again. Ashley said Allie didn’t know her well, but her concern was genuine. Allie didn’t question that. It was important to Ashley that Allie have her eyes open where Diane was concerned, because as long as she was here, she’d continue to hurt their family. Ashley wanted to know how Allie felt, and she promised it wouldn’t affect their relationship at the lab. “Even though I may seem innocent or naive, I am anything but, and I won’t let anyone manipulate me. Not Diane, not Phyllis and not you,” Allie said, then she excused herself to get ready for her date with Noah.

Allie came back downstairs in a summer dress for her date, and Ashley said she looked gorgeous. Allie mentioned that they were going to the Athletic Club pool bar. Ashley said that was definitely the most LA lifestyle-like place Allie could find here in town. Allie said Noah was more into the nightlife than she was. Allie asked Ashley to forgive her if she sounded harsh earlier. Ashley didn’t want Allie to apologize for standing up for herself. Ashley said she respected strong independent women – it was a family trait. She thought it would serve Allie well if she was able to hold her own against the strong opinions of this town.

Jack ran into Phyllis in the park, and they had polite, but awkward small talk. He was going to be meeting with the Marchetti board of directors later. They’d flown in from Italy. She knew, because Summer had booked rooms for them at the hotel. He was about to leave, but she stopped him and said she wanted to talk to him about his sister. She mentioned that she knew he told Ashley what happened between him and Phyllis. Phyllis stated that Ashley understood her reaction to Diane. “Ashley and I are on the same side. That’s a first,” Phyllis said. Jack said Ashley always had a unique perspective. He thought that Ashley and Phyllis were both determined to see the worst in Diane. Phyllis noted that Jack respected Ashley, so she asked if Ashley’s opinion on Diane didn’t change his stance. Phyllis really wanted Jack to know that Diane was never more important than her feelings for him. Jack said he had to go to work, and he rushed off.

Phyllis went to work, and Lily was there at the hotel bar, waiting for her. Lily had an offer. She was sure Phyllis knew Devon recently sold the GCAC. Phyllis thought that was good, since Diane was now living there. Lily didn’t know Diane that well. Lily thought Chancellor Winters needed a trendy hotel in this town for the artists on Devon’s label to stay at. Phyllis was open to a partnership. She loved the idea of The Grand Phoenix being the exclusive hotel for Chancellor Winters VIPs. Lily clarified that she wanted to buy the hotel. Phyllis said the hotel was named for her – she was the phoenix rising from the ashes. This hotel was her chance to show the world she was a legitimate entrepreneur and her slap in the face to all the people who didn’t think she amounted to anything. Lily understood this was more than a business for Phyllis. Lily said Phyllis’s commitment and drive made this place what it was – one that would net a hefty price. Lily told Phyllis to imagine what she could do with the money – she could have a new chapter in her life. Phyllis said the hotel was her new chapter, and she wasn’t ready to step away. Lily handed Phyllis a proposal anyway.

Phyllis’s eyes bulged at the offer, but she turned it down because it wasn’t about the money. Lily told Phyllis to think it over. As she was leaving, Jack arrived. He wasn’t there to talk to Phyllis – the Marchetti board wanted to meet at the hotel restaurant instead of at Jabot. He asked for the private dining room, and she said she’d make sure his guests were comfortable. She asked if she could get some business advice from him, and he said yes. She showed him Lily’s proposal, and he said the price was significantly above market value. She said she loved running this place and proving to the whole world that she did something successful. She also had good memories here. He said there were good memories and some that weren’t so good. He thought that she had to make a decision, herself. She said if it weren’t for Summer, she’d take this offer. She didn’t feel like she belonged in this town anymore.

If you are trying to back me into a corner it is not going to work. Stay in Genoa City. Go. Keep the hotel. Sell it. It is none of my business,” Jack firmly stated. “So the fact that I love you – that doesn’t matter,” Phyllis said. He said that was everything. “I have never stopped loving you. Why do you think it hurts so damned much?,” he replied. He stormed off.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

As Sally packed up her office, she paused to look at a picture of her and Adam, posing cheek to cheek. Victoria and Nick returned, and Sally said they could look through her box and make sure she wasn’t stealing. Victoria and Nick revealed that they’d decided to keep Sally on, at least short term. Sally asked what the catch was. Nick said that some of the ideas Sally mentioned in her outpouring had potential. Victoria said Sally would be interim CEO for 90 days and if she met or exceeded expectations, she could stay. Victoria said that Newman Media was going to play an integral role in moving the entire company forward and if Sally couldn’t do that, they’d have no choice but to replace her. Sally said she was up for the job. Nick knew they were asking a lot of Sally, but Adam clearly had a lot of faith in her. He was sure Sally had assumed she’d have Adam’s guidance. Sally said she could do it without him. Victoria impressed upon Sally the importance of this role – millions of dollars, and people’s livelihoods and reputations were on the line, so Sally shouldn’t take the job if she wasn’t sure she was up for it. Victoria said she’d give Sally a robust severance package and a good recommendation if she left. Sally looked down at the picture of her and Adam, and then she said she was the right person to run the company.

Victoria thought Sally should hire an experienced COO who had years of media experience and knew all the players. Nick had some ideas. Sally said she already hired Chloe Mitchell – while Chloe had mostly worked in fashion, they worked really well together, and she was a smart creative thinker, which couldn’t be taught. Sally thought Chloe could learn the rest, like she did. She noted that Adam had no media experience when Victor put him in charge, but he was very successful. Victoria said this would be Sally’s first test, and she and Chloe could rise and fall together.

Nick and Victoria told Sally that they were there for her if she needed help or someone to bounce ideas off of. Sally asked if this was a diplomatic way of saying they wanted to keep tabs on her. They said they wanted to take an active role in supporting her. Sally seemed wary. Victoria was sure Adam warned Sally not to trust them. She hoped Sally saw that you couldn’t take everything Adam said at face value. Sally recalled Adam saying she’d regret getting involved with him, and that was true. Victoria said Sally was better off without Adam, because he turned on everyone eventually. Victoria also noted that Sally wouldn’t have been allowed to keep this job if she and Adam were still together. Sally said her job was a silver lining, and she intended to make the most of it. Victoria and Nick left.

Noah and Allie kissed at the Abbott mansion. They flew apart when they heard the door open. Jack apologized for interrupting. Allie thought she and Noah should apologize. Allie mentioned that they went to the rooftop pool at the GCAC, and Jack told her that she and her friends were welcome to use the pool here at the house. Jack left. Allie was embarrassed, and Noah told her that he bet Jack forgot all about it. Noah suggested he and Allie go back to Dive Bar tonight. She thought he was just trying to stall talking to his dad. She said she had her internship tomorrow, and she didn’t think Jack would approve of her going out partying the night before work. Noah wondered if Allie was trying to let him down easy because she just wanted to be friends. Allie said she just felt blown away by how fast her life was changing, but she did want to go to Dive Bar tonight. She said when they met up, he could tell her how things went with his dad. As Noah was leaving, Allie pulled him into another kiss.

After Noah left, Jack reappeared. Allie was still embarrassed, and Jack said there was no reason to be. He liked the idea of her spending time with Noah. He felt she deserved to live her life and have a good time. Allie bashfully said Noah invited her back to the pool at night. Jack sensed Allie didn’t want to go. Allie wanted to go, but things were going so well that she felt overwhelmed at times. Jack was sure Noah would understand if Allie wanted to slow things down. Allie replied that Noah said the same thing, and he was kind and sweet and thoughtful toward her. She really liked Noah, and she wasn’t sure why she was acting like a confused teen. Jack said love did that to you, and he wasn’t saying she was in love Noah, though it was great if she was. He just wanted her to be happy. She thanked him. When Allie was alone, she flashed back to the kiss.

Noah went to Crimson Lights and asked his mom if his dad was around. He wasn’t. Noah said he figured that if he ran into Nick, he’d have a talk with him about New Hope. Sharon got Noah to fix the espresso machine, and she noticed he seemed cheerful. He said something great happened.

Nikki, Phyllis and Ashley met at Society to talk about Diane. Phyllis called this the Disappear Diane Club, or the Jettison Jenkins Foundation. Nikki understood Phyllis’ need to inject humor into this, but the reality was that this situation was dire – they had to get Diane out of here before she hurt the people they loved. Ashley and Nikki agreed that Kyle was the only one who had influence over Diane. Ashley asked if Phyllis could get Summer to open Kyle’s eyes. Phyllis already tried that a million times. She said she wasn’t the best person to talk to Kyle and Summer about Diane, because she tended to get emotional, and Kyle and Summer thought she’d lost perspective. Ashley asked if that was because of what happened between Jack and Phyllis. Nikki asked what happened. Phyllis asked what Ashley knew. Ashley got the jist of it from Jack, and she told him she didn’t blame Phyllis.

Again, Nikki asked what happened. Phyllis said she was trying to send a message to Diane, and Jack felt used. Phyllis felt bad. Nikki agreed with Ashley. She said the impulse to fend off Diane was sometimes overwhelming, because she was a predator. Phyllis said that when she tried to talk to Summer and Kyle about Diane, she got emotional, and they saw it like she was trying to justify her behavior. Nikki wasn’t successful at swaying Summer either. She wondered if she and Ashley could get through to Jack. Phyllis was sure that Jack would listen to them and that Kyle would listen to Jack. Ashley wasn’t convinced Jack would be receptive to what they had to say.

Phyllis and Nikki were alarmed when Ashley said that Jack had complicated feelings for Diane. Ashley clarified that it was nothing romantic. Nikki said Jack would have more sense than that. Ashley said that she got the sense Jack thought Diane deserved another chance. That prompted Nikki to respond with disapproving groans, and Phyllis had an outburst. Phyllis insisted that Nikki and Ashley talk to Jack and convince him before Diane ruined Jack and Summer. Ashley said that Phyllis couldn’t be part of this team if she was going to go off the deep end and do something stupid. Phyllis said she was focused on bringing this woman down. Ashley said they couldn’t be irrational. Nikki said they all had to calm down and keep their eyes on the prize – getting rid of Diane.

Ashley said they had to accept that Jack, Kyle and Summer didn’t want to hear anything negative about Diane. She felt that the key would be providing them with evidence about Diane, not suspicions. Phyllis asked Nikki how the investigation into Diane’s past in LA. Nikki’s investigators hadn’t found anything yet, but she wasn’t giving up. Ashley didn’t believe Diane lived a clean life as Taylor Jenkins – there had to be a witness or victim to one of her scams. Phyllis said Allie was the only one Diane targeted from LA. Phyllis said that the other day, Diane saw her talking to Allie and accused her of trying to use Allie to get back into Jack’s life. Ashley called Diane a hypocrite. Phyllis said she’d only been having a light chat with Allie, with no ulterior motive. Nikki thought it sounded like Diane was projecting. “Maybe she’s the one who wants to maintain a relationship with Jack’s granddaughter. I’m sure she would love to have an Allie in the house,” Nikki said. Ashley didn’t like the sound of that, because the lovely Allie was not equipped to handle someone as devious as Diane. Phyllis said when they were in California, she tried to warn Allie about Diane. Allie took it to heart, but Phyllis wasn’t sure Allie really understood. Ashley decided she needed to talk to Allie.

Nikki said she’d keep the ladies posted on her investigation. Ashley said she’d talk to Allie. Phyllis said she’d steer clear of Diane, because Diane kept twisting everything Phyllis did and using it against her. Nick and Victoria arrived, and they were both wary when they saw their mother spending time with Ashley and Phyllis.

Victoria and Nick and asked what was going on. Nikki said she, Phyllis and Ashley were just working on a project. Nick asked if it was a charity thing, and Victoria reminded Nikki that she’d already used that excuse in the past. Nick added that the last time they’d said something like that, they were trying to hide a body. Phyllis said they were just working on a beautification project for the city. Ashley and Phyllis exited. Nick hoped that whatever Nikki was doing didn’t get her in trouble. Nikki shifted gears and asked how things went with firing Sally. They brought her up to speed on the decision to let Sally stay. Nikki left for the office. Nick wondered what Nikki, Phyllis and Ashley were really up to. Victoria had no idea, and she was just glad she wasn’t involved. Victoria was more concerned about Adam, because if he really broke things off with Sally, he was going to be even more emotionally unstable, and he might lash out.

Nick couldn’t wait to see how Summer reacted to them giving Sally a second chance. Victoria didn’t realize they were still rivals. Nick said Summer would never forgive Sally. He thought Summer was a lot like Phyllis when it came to holding grudges. He felt Sally was creative and fiery, and that was the kind of person they needed in the job. He was starting to think Adam broke up with Sally so she could keep the job. Victoria asked if Adam was doing something noble. Nick said it wouldn’t be the first time.

Adam went to the GCAC looking for Ashland. Adam’s knocking went unanswered. He talked a housekeeper to let him into the room by explaining that Ashland had a heart condition. They found the room trashed. The housekeeper began to clean, and she said Ashland must be a troublemaker. Ashland came home and demanded to know why they were in his suite. Adam said he was worried after Ashland dropped out of contact. Referencing the state of the room, Adam asked if Ashland had been robbed and if they should call the police.

Ashland sent the housekeeper away with a tip and a promise to clean things up himself. Adam asked if Ashland went on a bender. Ashland said he’d been in jail, not that it was any of Adam’s business. Adam realized that was why Ashland stopped answering his calls. He assumed Ashland went to jail for violating the restraining order and seeing Harrison. Ashland explained that he’d mistakenly thought he had an ally in Diane. Adam said he could’ve warned Ashland that everyone who trusted Diane lived to regret it. Ashland said that Diane took Harrison to the park, let him spend time with his son, then the cops came. Adam said Diane decided to use Ashland to score points with the Newmans. Ashland was pretty sure Victor arranged the whole thing. Adam thought that sounded like his dad. He asked what Ashland was going to do about it.

Adam helped Ashland set a couch upright and put the cushions in place. Ashland wanted Adam to leave. Adam said that his family was going to leak Ashland’s arrest to the press. Ashland found it hard to believe that Adam cared about him. Adam said it could’ve just as easily been him in the family’s crosshairs. In fact, Adam figured the family would probably target him when they were finished destroying Ashland. Adam said his dad only used him, and his brother and sister made him think he could earn their loyalty and trust, but it wasn’t true.

Ashland knew Adam wasn’t concerned for his well being. He wondered why Adam really came. Adam said he needed an ally, however tenuous. There weren’t a lot of people he could be open with about his anger toward his family. Ashland told Adam to go cry on Sally’s shoulder. Adam said that their relationship was over, because Sally couldn’t stay in a relationship with him and keep her job at Newman Media. Ashland mistakenly thought Sally broke up with Adam to keep her job, and Adam didn’t correct him. Adam said he and Ashland were in the same position, with little left to lose. Ashland said that people could say Adam was in the same position as Diane – hoping to score points with Victor to get back into his good graces. Adam understood why Ashland would be skeptical after Victoria and Diane turned on him, but he said he was done with the Newmans. Ashland recalled Victoria saying that exact same thing, right before she took 250 million dollars from him. Adam pointed out that Ashland was the one who said they’d be natural allies. Adam repeated the old saying that the enemy of his enemy was his friend. Ashland asked what Adam would do in his shoes. “That’s easy. I would wreck everything. I would burn it all down,” Adam replied.

Ashland wanted exact details on what Adam would do. Adam thought it was obvious: to really hit Victor where it hurt you had to go after the company – his life’s work. Adam noted that Ashland had experience dismantled companies and sending their founders spiraling into bankruptcy for things that were nothing compared to what Victor put him through. Since this was a personal matter, Ashland planned to go in a different direction. Adam asked what Ashland was going to do. Ashland was going to do Adam a favor and give him plausible deniability, so when his family later asked if he knew what was going to happen, he honestly could say no. adam said he could help by getting into Victor’s head. Ashland said that you didn’t have to get too far inside Victor’s head to see that the company was not the most important thing to him. He stated that Victor had gone to extremes to protect his precious oldest daughter. Adam assumed realized Ashland was going after Victoria. Ashland said he and Adam weren’t going to be working together. Adam suggested they should talk this through. Ashland wasn’t interested. He showed Adam the door.

After Adam found out Ashland was going target Victoria, he went to her office, but she wasn’t there. He thought about calling her, but he didn’t do it. Meanwhile, Sally called him and left a message saying that if he only broke up with her so she could keep the job, she didn’t want the job. Adam listened to his voicemail and heard the message.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Victoria, Nick and Nikki were at the Newman office talking about the successful press conference. They touched on Adam’s absence, and Victoria said she guessed he was serious about walking away from the company. They talked about Newman Media. Nick thought, as Victoria previously said, that the company needed strong leadership. He said Sally didn’t have experience, and Adam would be pulling her strings, even though he said they broke up. Nikki didn’t hear about the breakup. She theorized that Adam just pretended to break up with Sally so they’d keep her on as CEO of the division. Victoria wanted to handle this as soon as possible. Nikki had a meeting to get to, so she left with the expectation that Nick and Victoria would be firing Sally.

Sally was relieved when Adam walked into her office. She tried to hug him, but he pushed her away. He revealed that he never went to Chicago. Instead he’d spent time thinking about the latest mind game Victor pulled on him, and he went over every move and counter-move they’d made. Sally asked why Adam didn’t tell her that or use her as a sounding board. He said he needed to be alone and he needed time to understand why he allowed himself to be manipulated into believing Victor believed in him. “He dangled the CEO position in front of me. I fell for it. Twice,” Adam said. Sally didn’t think Adam should beat himself up for trusting Victor. Adam was questioning everything he’d done since he came back to this town – everything he’d done to infuriate Victor, undermine his trust and question Adam’s fitness for the job. “I realized you are the reason I am on the outside. You are standing between me and everything that I want,” Adam stated.

Sally contended that Adam should blame his family, not her. She said she stood by him and believed in him. He said she sabotaged Victor’s granddaughter, she was despised by Victor’s inner circle, and she nearly sabotaged the Newman Media launch. She argued that Victor had accepted her and maybe even respected her a little – if he didn’t, she wouldn’t still have a job here. Adam said this made Victor stop respecting him. Adam didn’t deny Sally’s talent, but he said that having her as a fixture in his life cost him everything. She was near tears and asked why he was being so cruel. He said he was being honest. She thought he sounded crazy. He countered that the crazy thing was that he’d ever made the choice to be with her at all.

Adam sighed that he should’ve listened to his father and taken him seriously when he said Sally was bad news. Adam stated that Victor had a lot more concerns than Adam had let on. Sally asked why Adam hid this from her. He said he did it to spare her feelings. Adam said in time, Victor stopped raising objections, but he’d found another way to make his feelings known – by refusing to consider Adam a potential rightful heir of Newman Enterprises. Adam said he’d deluded himself into thinking he could prove himself worthy to Victor, but Victor’s mind was already made up, because Adam was with Sally. Sally didn’t buy any of this. “You don’t give a damn what your father thinks about me,” she argued. He told her that he cared about the consequences. He said this was who he was. He knew Sally had come into this with her eyes wide open, since she read Billy’s expose on Adam.

Sally said Adam told her he loved her and showed his love in ways that were impossible to fake. “I’m not saying that I didn’t love you. I’m just saying that I didn’t love you enough,” he replied. Wiping a tear, Sally reminded Adam he’d told her she was what he always needed, and she knew he was telling the truth. She asked how he could pretend he didn’t care. Sally theorized that Adam was embarking on an insane attempt to protect her from Victor and Victoria. “If you are distancing yourself from me so I can keep my job, I don’t want it. I don’t want it, not like this. You mean more to me,” she said. She told him that he could drop the act, and she’d forgive him.

Adam wasn’t interested in forgiveness, because there was no future for him and Sally. He said he didn’t want her in his life anymore. His priority was to regain his father’s respect and regaining respect for himself. He said he hated what his relationship with her cost him, and more than that, he hated what it turned him into. He said he’d become someone who griped that his daddy mistreated him. He wondered how he expected anyone to take him seriously like that. He said he had to get away from her and get back to being the kind of man who took what he wanted. He said whatever momentary pleasure he got from rubbing her in everyone’s face and whatever glee he derived from being with her, it wasn’t worth it. She said everyone was right about him – he was a self-serving bastard. He said she got a CEO job out of the deal, if she could hang onto it. She told him to go to hell. Adam left, and in the hallway, he looked upset. Victoria and Nick ran into Adam in the hallway. He said Sally was having a hard time accepting that they were through, and he’d hate to see her lose her job on top of everything. He said she was a loyal hard worker, and they should give her a chance.

Sally dried her tears when she heard the knock on the door. She showed Nick and Victoria in. she said she’d heard this so many times – this was the part where they told her it wasn’t working. She thought they were going to cast aside her potential and what she was currently accomplishing, because they just wanted to play the game. She thought they were so busy swapping out nameplates in the executive suite that they were unaware of what she’d accomplished here. She felt she’d earned the right to be judged on her own achievements regardless of her relationship with Adam. She said she’d worked night and day studying the history of the company and reimagining its future. She’d established a clear mission statement and she was building contacts that mattered, and it was having an impact, not that any of the Newmans were paying attention. She continued her passionate speech about the changes she’d made and her future ideas for the company. While fighting tears and referencing her personal life, she said this had this had been one of the greatest opportunities of her life, and she’d really miss the office, among other things. She asked them to get this over with so she could pack up her things and get out of their hair. Nick pulled Victoria aside for a private talk in the hallway.

Nick was impressed with Sally. Victoria said Sally was scrambling to keep her job. Nick thought that you could see what a person was really made of when their back was against the wall. He said the job meant everything to Sally. He also felt that Sally had good ideas and her vision was what they were looking for. Back inside he office, Sally picked up her nameplate and cried.

Jack and Ashley were at Society. She said his granddaughter was a star in the lab. A proud Jack said Allie was Keemo’s daughter. Ashley said Allie was smart and intuitive like her father. Jack missed out with Keemo, and having Allie here was a dream come true. Jack said no special favors for Allie though. Ashley said Allie had made it clear that she didn’t want special treatment because she was an Abbott. Ashley wanted to know why Jack and Phyllis weren’t joined at the hip anymore. She was convinced Phyllis did something.

Jack said Phyllis lured him into a romantic assignation at her hotel, then she contrived to have Diane see what Jack foolishly thought was an intimate moment. Jack said what he thought was a giant step in his relationship with Phyllis, she saw as an opportunity to send Diane a message. He didn’t want Ashley to let this fuel her animosity toward Phyllis. Ashley asked why Phyllis couldn’t have seen that event as a giant step in the relationship and an opportunity to send Diane a message. Phyllis was not Ashley’s favorite person, but they all knew what Diane was capable of, so it made sense that Phyllis would want to set some boundaries.

Jack thought Ashley was telling him to forgive Phyllis. Ashley said she was the last person who’d defend what Phyllis did to him. However, when Jack got back from LA, she saw a light in his eye that she hadn’t seen in a long time. He said it was because he found out about Allie. She was sure that was part of it, but she also got the feeling that he’d been falling back in love with Phyllis while they were in LA. He said Ashley was right, and that made Phyllis’ betrayal more painful. Ashley understood that, and in any other circumstance, she’d agree, but she thought Phyllis deserved another chance. She said that when it came to fighting Diane, all bets were off, and she reminded him that he used to know that.

If things were so great with you and Phyllis why did she feel that she had the need to let Diane know where things stood with you?,” Ashley asked. Jack said he couldn’t fathom why Phyllis did the things she did, but Ashley said that wasn’t true. She said he knew Phyllis acted out when she felt wronged. He wanted to drop this, and she said no. ashley said Jack was clearly on the road to forgiving Diane, after all the horrible things she’d done, yet he wouldn’t forgive Phyllis. Ashley conceded that Phyllis did something twisted, but she said Phyllis did it to protect her relationship with Jack. Ashley thought Jack’s feelings for Diane were a lot more complicated than he was letting on.

Jack contended that what was going on between him and Phyllis had nothing to do with Diane. “You cannot possibly be that dumb,” Ashley replied. She didn’t spend much time with Jack, but she could see he had complicated feelings for Diane. She suggested it was compassion because of Kyle and Harrison. Jack said he was just trying to be fair. Ashley told Jack to imagine how Phyllis felt seeing Jack bend over backward for someone she despised and did horrible things to her. Jack said he was doing this for Kyle. He felt that Diane deserved to know her son, given how she handled everything that had been thrown at her since she returned. Ashley was adamant that Diane was not Jack’s friend. Jack said that Phyllis had a penchant for self-sabotage. He’d given Phyllis many chances, and he couldn’t go through this again. He insisted that Ashley drop this. He saw that she needed the last word, so he told her to go ahead. She said that things with Diane were never as simple as they seemed. He saw a dejected Adam walk in and decided to go check on him. Ashley grumbled about Jack’s need to befriend every pariah in town. She said he was way too forgiving, except when it came to Phyllis.

Ashley left. Jack joined Adam, who said he wasn’t in the mood for company. Jack said that was why he was staying. He knew that look on Adam’s face, and he’d been there himself. Jack saw the press conference. He hoped that Victoria was right about Adam moving on to other ventures. Adam said he understood Jack’s feud with Victor – Victor was relentless. “You think he’s doing one thing and in reality he’s doing something completely different. By the time you catch up, he’s just changed the rules,” Adam said. Jack congratulated Adam for catching on. Adam said you’d think Victor would learn there was only so far you could push a man before he pushed back. Jack noted that this wasn’t the first time Victor did something like this. Adam said it was different this time, and there was no going back. Jack didn’t want Adam to give in to his worst impulses, like Victor would expect him to. Ashland was shown stewing in his jail cell, while Adam’s voice over said it would be pointless for him to go after his father. “I am the last person that he needs to worry about,” Adam said.

Allie and Noah were at Crimson Lights. He said she’d been exactly what she needed, and she stuck around and listened while he figured out the New Hope thing. He was sure most people would’ve told him to shut up. Allie said Noah was about to seriously disappoint his father, and those things had to be handled carefully. He was bothered that she said that, but she felt she was helping him. She said that by pointing out the worst thing that could happen, it would build his immunity to it. She said his father was kind, understanding and laid back, but this wouldn’t be an easy conversation. He joked that he could bring her along and let her blurt out the secret. She said most of the time she was a vault. She wasn’t sure why she blurted out the secret to his sister and her wife earlier. He suggested that he made her nervous, due to his devilish good looks or his unique humor. She joked that she was afraid he’d make a joke, and she’d have to laugh in pity.

Allie was sorry for telling Mariah and Tessa. He said it was fine, since he wanted Mariah and Tessa’s opinion almost as much as he wanted hers. She didn’t think she should get credit for that, since he made the decision on his own. He told her to take the compliment and live in the moment. Phyllis approached and told Allie and Noah how cute they were. Phyllis then gushed over Allie getting a job at Jabot. Phyllis said she was once CEO of Jabot, and she could give Allie some insight into how things run over there. Phyllis wanted to chat right now, but Noah made up a flimsy excuse about he and Allie having a “thing” they had to get to. Allie went with it and they walked off. Diane walked up and commented that Phyllis could really clear a room.

We both know that Noah and Allie didn’t have a thing to go to. They’re trying to get away from you,” Diane said. She theorized that Allie picked up on Phyllis’s plan to befriend her in hopes that Allie would talk her up to Jack. Phyllis denied doing that. Diane said it wasn’t a good look for Phyllis to use Jack’s granddaughter. Phyllis said she just said hi to Allie. Diane said Phyllis dug a hole for herself. Phyllis refused to play Diane’s game. Diane said Phyllis toyed with Jack to make a point to Diane. Phyllis considered those fighting words. Diane asked if Phyllis was accusing her of breaking their peace treaty. Phyllis sarcastically said Diane would never do that. Phyllis thought Diane was being paranoid to accuse her of plotting by talking to Allie. Diane said it was a shame Phyllis screwed up the relationship with Jack that was so important to her. Diane crowed about getting closer to Kyle and Harrison. She mentioned her job and said she, Kyle, Jack and Summer were part of the big Jabot family.

Diane said her life was in such a good place that she didn’t want things to be adversarial with her and Phyllis. Diane said that Phyllis needed to accept that she was a permanent fixture. Phyllis countered that things didn’t last forever. Nikki walked up and called Diane delusional for thinking she was a permanent fixture. Diane was pleased she could bring together two women who despised each other. Nikki and Phyllis agreed that Diane’s confidence was going to cause her to let her guard down. Diane said she enjoyed being the center of attention.

Ashley walked up and joined Phyllis and Nikki in sniping about Diane. Phyllis said Diane pretended to be a doting grandmother. Diane smiled and said Harrison called her Dee Dee. Ashley predicted that when Harrison grew up and learned who Diane really was, he’d become the object of her machinations, just like Kyle. All three were convinced Diane would ruin her relationship with Harrison. Diane had to go, but she said she’d give their love to Kyle, Summer and Jack. After Diane left, the three remaining ladies agreed that something needed to be done about Diane. They lamented that Diane was getting a free pass by Kyle, Michael and Jack. They all felt that Diane was using Kyle to get to Jack. They rattled off Diane’s misdeeds – she framed Phyllis for arson, and she slept with Ashley’s fiance then blackmailed her, and she framed Nikki for murder. Phyllis wondered if the three of them ould do something about Diane. Phyllis wasn’t sure since they couldn’t stand to be in the same room with each other. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” Nikki replied. “At least temporarily,” Ashley said. They decided to pool their talents and get Diane out of their lives forever.

Allie and Noah went to the Abbott house. She was grateful he got her out of the conversation with Phyllis. She said Phyllis was trying to use her to get more information about Jack and the other Abbotts. She thought there was some kind of drama going on. He thought that was guaranteed if Phyllis was involved. He likened Phyllis to a force of nature, like an earthquake or forest fire. He said Phyllis didn’t understand boundaries, so if she crossed one, Allie would have to tell her. On the other hand, he said Phyllis had a good heart and she’d move mountains for the people she loved, like Summer. Allie said Summer and Phyllis seemed so different. Noah seemed Summer took after their dad – the steady presence in the hurricane that balanced everything out. Allie encouraged Noah to tell Nick about stepping away from New Hope. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, but Nick was a good dad, and good dads wanted their kids to be happy. She knew from experience. He thanked her for that and for everything, then he kissed her.

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Y&R Update Monday, July 18, 2022

p align=”center”>Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At Chancellor Park, Kyle demanded to know where Harrison was. Ashland pointed him out – he was at the pond with Diane. Kyle was going to go get his son, but Summer said she’d get him while Kyle kept an eye on Ashland. Ashland commented that they were planning to keep him here until the cops arrived. Michael told Ashland not to try to run, because there were too many witnesses who saw him violating the restraining order. Kyle demanded to know what Ashland was thinking. Ashland said his crime was reassuring Harrison that he hadn’t been abandoned and that yet another person hadn’t walked out of his life. Ashland maintained that this was madness. He’d just wanted to have a moment to hold Harrison and say goodbye. He asked if they were all so cold as to think he was a threat to Harrison. Nikki contended that Ashland was a threat to everyone he came into contact with, and now he was going to jail, where he belonged.

Ashland asked if the cops who were on their way were on Victor’s payroll, just like the judge who signed the restraining order. Michael claimed he had no idea what Ashland was talking about. He said not everyone needed to be paid off to enforce the law. Diane approached and said Summer took Harrison to look at the ducks. Ashland sarcastically thanked Diane. She said she was just trying to protect her grandson. He accused her of setting this up. A cop came, and Nikki pointed out Ashland. Ashland claimed this was all an innocent mistake – he just happened to be at the park when Harrison ran to him, and he couldn’t bring himself to ignore the child. The cop was unmoved. Ashland didn’t want Harrison to see him get arrested, so Kyle went to distract him. Ashland wasn’t cuffed; he went with the cop peacefully.

Michael pointedly told Nikki that Diane did the right thing. Nikki grudgingly agreed. Summer returned and asked if Ashland was gone, and Michael said yes, thanks to Diane. Nikki also gave Diane credit. Diane hoped this showed Nikki that she was one of the good guys. Nikki said one right move didn’t erase a lifetime of destruction. Diane said that Nikki’s opinion wasn’t her main concern. She did this for Kyle, Summer and Harrison.

Later, Nikki and Michael were alone, he said they got lucky because Diane really came through. Nikki said Diane was in the right spot at the right time, as usual. He asked what that meant. She said that, no matter the situation, things always seemed to work out for Diane. He contended that Diane tried to do something good, but Nikki said Diane was trying to improve her image. He painted Diane in a good light, while Nikki argued that Diane never did anything selfless. Michael stated that, selfless or not, Diane protected Harrison. Nikki shifted gears and said the important thing was Ashland was finally facing legal consequences. Michael said Ashland would probably be out later today, since it was a misdemeanor, and he’d make bail. She said at least they sent a strong message. Michael thought it would be smart of Ashland to leave town for good.

Victoria walked into her office, where Victor and Nick were waiting. Victor was behind the desk. Victoria said that everything was set for the press conference. Victor protested that there were only three of them, and Nikki and Adam were missing. Victor and Nick wanted to hear how Victoria’s talk with Adam went. She said Adam tried to convince her not to fire Sally, and he said he and Sally broke up. Nick was skeptical, because the last few times he saw Sally and Adam together, they seemed fine. Victoria had no idea what was going on – she said Adam could be bluffing to keep Sally in her position. Victoria said the media division had become a very important part of the company, and she didn’t want to see it in potentially dangerous hands. She had to make a decision about Sally soon. Victor asked if Adam was coming back to Newman Media. Victoria knew it wasn’t what Victor wanted to hear, but Adam had no intention of going back. Nick was sure Adam had a plan. He said once again, Adam was the wildcard.

Victor admitted he’d hoped to announce at the press conference that Adam had returned to the company and that they were working together as a family. Victoria said that would’ve been a lovely photo op that would’ve lead to more conflict. He was still disappointed. She said that Adam didn’t want to be her subordinate. Victor asked if Victoria made any attempt to change Adam’s mind. She said no, because she thought Adam’s decision was best for the company. Victor thought Sally was the only one who could save his mind. Victoria said that if Sally tried, she failed, and if the breakup was real, Sally likely wouldn’t give up her promotion for her ex. “Well if she is no longer the key to Adam coming back to the company then what the hell use is she?,” Victor said. Victoria said she didn’t have a lot of faith in Sally running the business day to day, and if this breakup was real, Adam wouldn’t be around to guide Sally. However, Victoria didn’t have a real replacement. She vowed to make a decision about Sally by the end of the day.

Nikki went to work and told her family about Ashland’s arrest. Victoria thought Ashland had gone too far. Nick felt that the important thing was that Harrison was okay. Victoria noticed Victor didn’t seem surprised. Victor said he’d instructed Michael to be vigilant because Ashland would likely try to see his son. Nikki revealed that Diane was the one who tipped off Michael. Victor said Ashland was too despicable for Diane, but Nick thought that Diane was probably just looking out for her grandson. Nikki was adamant that Diane was trying to get people to let their guards down. She didn’t want Nick falling for it like Michael had. Victoria swore she’d never give anyone the benefit of the doubt again after what Ashland did. Nick thought that was cynical. Nikki didn’t want Victoria to adopt that attitude toward people as a whole, but she thought it was fine to treat Diane that way. Victor said the important thing was that Ashland was paying.

Ashland was lead to a holding cell, ranting all the way and vowing to sue the police department. The officer sarcastically called him a big shot and said she’d tell him when his lawyer arrived.

Sally was at Newman Media. She called Adam and left a message saying she loved him, but she needed to know what was going on. Chloe walked in, and a worried Sally said she hadn’t heard from Adam since last night, when he sent her a short text saying he was taking a trip to Chicago for the night. Sally thought it was weird, but Chloe said that of all the things she found odd about Adam, she wouldn’t rank that in the top 100. chloe asked if Sally and Adam argued before this. Sally said they were happy, and they’d just snuck off to their secret getaway suite for some private time. Chloe didn’t want the details. She suggested a work emergency. Sally revealed that Adam quit Newman – Victoria was back in charge, and Adam was out in the cold. Chloe asked if they should all duck for cover while Adam got payback. Sally said Adam promised her that he wouldn’t get into any trouble. “When he says something to me, he means it,” Sally said. Chloe said she’d been down this road before, and Sally was in for a rude awakening if she thought Adam was going to keep his word. Sally said maybe Adam changed his mind about not getting payback, or maybe he just lied to her, but either way, he could be exacting revenge on Victor and Victoria right now.

Chloe said maybe Sally was right, and Adam was telling the truth. Chloe was sorry Sally was experiencing this kind of uncertainty, but… Sally knew Chloe thought she should’ve expected this when she got into a relationship with Adam. Chloe assumed the job offer was on hold, now that everything was up in the air. Sally said she’d been assured that her job was safe. Chloe asked who assured Sally. Sally said Adam did. She vowed to stay in charge unless someone dragged her out of this office. Sally was confident she could prove herself, but she needed a second in command. Chloe was interested. Sally asked how Chelsea would take it. Chloe said Chelsea dissolved the partnership, and now she was out of a job, so this offer was perfectly timed.

Sally heard about the press conference and it made her think that her job might be about to disappear. She didn’t think it was a good sign that Newman Enterprises was doing a press conference and she was left out of the loop. Chloe wanted to stay positive. Sally and Chloe watched the press conference.

At the press conference, Victor said Victoria was back from sabbatical and would resume the position of CEO of Newman Enterprises, with Nikki as co-CEO and Nick as COO. Victoria said, with Victor’s guidance, they looked forward to a brand new era for Newman Enterprises. A reporter asked where Adam fit into this. Victoria said her brother filled in admirably while she was gone, and she appreciated that, but since her return, he’d decided to move on to something outside Newman. Back at Newman Media, Sally grumbled to the screen that the family mistreated Adam and used him. A reporter asked if Sally was still in charge at Newman Media. Victoria said possible staff realignments were still under consideration. Sally didn’t think that sounded good.

Back at Newman, Victoria, Nikki and Nick returned to the office after the press conference. Nikki thought the business community would feel confident now that Victoria’s steady hand was at the helm again. Victoria thought they sent the message hat they were out from under the dark cloud of Ashland Locke and that they were stronger than ever and anything was possible. Nikki asked if Victoria was talking about the business or herself. Victoria guessed it was a bit of both. She was glad Nikki and Nick were by her side. Nick predicted nothing but blue skies ahead. Nikki wondered where Victor was.

Ashland heard the cop yell that he had a visitor. He thought it was his lawyer, and he began to grumble about how long they took – a complaint that was cut short when Victor appeared. Victor told Ashland he belonged there, like a caged animal. Ashland said that his lawyers would have him out in no time. Victor didn’t agree. He said Ashland would go back to jail if he approached the boy again. Ashland said Victor was using the boy like a pawn and punishing him to kick Ashland while he was down. Victor said Ashland had this coming. Ashland didn’t agree, and he said Victor was the one who deserved to suffer. Victor reached through the bars and grabbed Ashland. “No one breaks my daughter’s heart and gets away with it. No one!,” Victor snarled. He vowed to follow Ashland wherever he went. Victor left.

At the Abbott house, Diane looked at the family photos. Summer walked in, and Diane asked how Harrison was. He was fine and having a snack. Summer said Harrison seemed happy to see Ashland, and luckily, it didn’t seem like Locke had a chance to fill Harrison’s head with any more lies. Diane said she was thrown by the whole incident. Kyle joined the group and said he was shaken because Ashland could’ve run off with Harrison and vanish for good. Summer thought they should just be grateful Harrison was home safe and sound. Diane worried Kyle was angry with her.

Kyle asked why he’d be angry with Diane, when she didn’t do anything wrong. “It’s not like you colluded with Ashland? Did you?,” Summer replied. The question made Kyle bristle, but Diane thought Summer had every right to ask. She said she didn’t collude with Ashland. She said she let Ashland get close to Harrison for a few moments, and she didn’t think Ashland said anything out of line, but he could’ve. She blamed herself for not thinking things through. He didn’t want her to blame herself. She said maybe she should’ve texted Kyle instead of Michael, but in the moment, she thought he’d know what to do from a legal standpoint. Kyle thought Diane was smart to reach out to the lawyer who set up the restraining order. Summer said Harrison was unscathed, and Diane handled it correctly. Kyle thanked Diane and said he was grateful.

Noah, Tessa and Mariah were at Dive Bar on top of the Athletic Club. He’d invited them out. Tessa had just gotten a second opinion on her vocal nodes, and it wasn’t good. Tessa was going in for surgery tomorrow. Mariah said they were going to be very very very very positive. Noah quipped that this was a lot of positivity. He also shared an optimistic message for Tessa. Allie came up, and Noah said tomorrow was her first day of work at Jabot. Noah got a text about New Hope, and Allie blurted out that he never talked to his dad about his plans.

Allie was so sorry – she didn’t mean to let that slip. Noah said it was okay, since he’d planned to get Mariah and Tessa’s advice on this anyway. He said he was thinking about leaving New Hope, but he wasn’t sure it was the right time, since his dad just went back to Newman. Tessa said Noah wasn’t the office type, so she was surprised he’d stayed at New Hope this long. Allie said Noah had to find his bliss. Noah still felt guilty leaving his dad and New Hope high and dry. Mariah asked if Noah was just going to stay at a job he didn’t want.

Noah said he was going to wait until Nick was more settled at Newman then tell him that he was leaving New Hope. Tessa asked if Noah was going back to art. He said he’d been bummed out on the art scene since London. Noah really enjoyed planning Tessa and Mariah’s wedding and decking out The Top of the Tower to look like a club. He was going to ask Victor if he could lease Top of the Tower and turn it into a permanent club. He said he could combine his experience in the art world and at The Underground and make something that was his own. He said maybe Tessa could perform there sometime. She said he couldn’t afford her, and everyone laughed. Mariah took Allie to the bar for drinks, and Tessa asked Noah how things were going with Allie. He really liked Allie. He didn’t know where it would go, but their first date was fun.

Mariah asked how things were going with Allie at the Abbott house. She said everyone had been really welcoming, but she got the feeling Diane was being nice in case she needed Allie in the future. Mariah advised sticking with the core Abbotts, and Noah too. Later, the foursome toasted.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, July 18, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Christine

When Ashland got arrested for breaking the restraining order, he accused Diane of setting him up. Nikki didn’t think a good deed from Diane erased a lifetime of destruction. Victor was dismayed that Adam didn’t want to come back to Newman. Victor didn’t think there was any point in keeping Sally around if she wasn’t going to bring Adam back to the family business. Victoria said she thought Adam quitting was for the best. Victoria decided to make a decision on Sally by the end of the day. A worried Sally told Chloe Adam had abruptly told her he was going to Chicago, and she hadn’t heard from him since. Chloe took Sally’s job offer.

The Newmans held a press conference announcing Victoria’s return to CEO and Adam’s departure from the company. Victoria said something at the press conference that made Sally fear for her job. Kyle assured a worried Diane that he wasn’t angry with her for letting Harrison get near Ashland. Noah, Allie, Mariah and Tessa had an outing. Noah revealed his desire to open a club at Top of the Tower. Tessa was going in for surgery tomorrow to remove the vocal cord nodules. Allie sensed Diane saw her as a useful tool. Mariah told Allie to stick with the core Abbotts. Back to the Daytime Recaps Page

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Y&R Update Friday, July 15 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Phyllis caught Ashland as he skulked around Chancellor Park, and she asked why he was still in town. He told her to beat it, and she refused, since she was allowed to be here. He conceded he didn’t get to decide who came to the park or much of anything else these days. Phyllis said she might throw Victoria a party to celebrate her getting rid of Ashland. Phyllis realized Ashland must be here waiting for Harrison. She asked if he was planning to violate Kyle and Summer’s restraining order. He asked who appointed her the town police – he was just walking in a park and he had every right to be here. She listened to the Grinning Soul, and she was appalled by his cancer scam. He found it ironic that so many people with sordid pasts thought they had the right to judge him. He didn’t see why it was so terrible that he wanted to catch a glimpse of his son at a distance. She said she’d call Harrison’s parents if he violated the restraining order. She felt he and Diane had crossed a line they could never come back from. “You people have no mercy!,” he yelled. He didn’t see why it was so bad that he and Diane wanted to have a relationship with that sweet child. Phyllis accused Ashland of spinning out like a caged animal. She knew how dangerous that was. She left. He sank onto the bench and put his head in his hands. “Father!,” an excited Harrison yelled as he and Diane arrived.

Diane watched from a distance. She looked troubled, but made no attempt to intervene when Harrison ran to Ashland, or when Ashland scooped the boy up into his arms. Ashland told a white lie that he didn’t visit Harrison because he’d been busy with work. Ashland said he might have to leave again soon, so he was glad he was seeing Harrison right now. Diane flashed back to Michael asking her to let Ashland visit Harrison so they could catch him breaking the restraining order. Diane had balked about using Ashland’s love for his son against him. Michael said it was a preemptive move to keep Ashland away from Victoria. He told Diane that the Newmans would appreciate her cooperation, and Nikki might even be prevailed upon to drop the investigation into Diane’s past. In the present, Ashland wanted to buy Harrison an Italian ice from a nearby cart. Diane walked up and said she’d buy it while Ashland and Harrison talked. Ashland tearfully thanked Diane, and she told him to enjoy his time with his son. Diane told Harrison that she’d be watching him the whole time, so he should be good. He nodded.

Nikki grabbed coffee to go at Society, and she ran into Michael, who invited her to join him. She told him Ashland was back and that he came to Victoria’s office and asked Victor to lift the restraining order for Harrison. Michael already knew, because Victor texted him about it. Nikki didn’t like the idea of Ashland being around Harrison. Michael was hoping Ashland defied the restraining order. Nikki demanded an explanation. Michael said this was part of a contingency plan he and Victor came up with to have Ashland arrested for violating the order. Michael had asked Diane to help. Nikki thought that was a terrible idea, because Diane wasn’t trustworthy. “How can you put that child at risk?,” Nikki asked. Michael said Diane was Harrison’s grandmother, and she’d never put him at risk. Nikki didn’t think Diane had a protective bone in her body.

Michael said Diane refused to help, because she didn’t want to alienate Kyle. Nikki said Diane was thinking with her head for a change. Nikki hoped her investigator would help her find something on Diane that would drive her out of town. Michael said he hadn’t forgiven Nikki for firing him. She said Victor convinced her Michael wans’t suitable for the job. “No, Victor loves me,” Michael replied. Nikki added that there was a conflict of interest since Michael had befriended that woman for some bizarre reason. Michael said the PI firm in LA that he hired discovered something about Diane before he pulled them off the case.

Nikki said of course she wanted to know. Michael said, as he predicted, the PI firm found that Diane, or Taylor Jenkins, had a pristine record. Nothing so much as a parking ticket. Nikki was disturbed at how gleeful Michael was. She said that just because his firm didn’t find anything in the short time they searched didn’t mean anything wasn’t there. She didn’t understand how a man as savvy as him could be taken in like this. He asked if she’d never once needed forgiveness. She said she’d never done anything as evil as what Diane had done to Nikki and her family. Diane texted Michael that Harrison and Ashland were together at the park. Michael triumphantly told Nikki that Diane had made a step toward rectifying some of her so-called evil.

Back at the park, Ashland said that while he wished he could spend more time with Harrison, he knew Harrison was having fun at the Abbott house and that his father and stepmom loved him. Harrison added that Dee Dee loved him too. Diane overheard Harrison and smiled. Michael texted back that he’d alerted the police. He told Diane to keep Ashland there.

Nate was in Lily’s office. He showed her pictures of Elena sightseeing in Hawaii after a successful presentation at the conference. Imani entered, then apologized for interrupting. She heard about the pictures and asked to see, so Nate showed her. Imani said it looked like Elena didn’t have a care in the world. Lily was sure Elena missed Nate. Lily was sorry Nate had to miss the trip because of work. Imani was glad Nate stayed because he was a huge help to her last night. Lily asked how. Nate explained that they were going to meet with Sally to try and get Elena out of her contract with Newman so she could do a medical podcast for Chancellor Winters. Lily hoped they could make that work because they needed more podcasts and having the face of AskMDNow back would be a huge win. Lily thought Amanda would be able to get anyone out of a contract. Imani said she hadn’t discussed it with Amanda, because she was busy dealing with their mom’s health issues. Nate continued that Sally backed out of the meeting. Imani said she freaked out last night over her mom’s seizure, and Nate peeled her off the ceiling and eased her concerns. She spent all night researching that rehab facility he told her about in Virginia. Now she just needed to convince her dad and Amanda to go along with it.

According to Imani, Amanda and Devon spent the night where Naya was. Last night, Nate had made Imani see that Naya had a long road to recovery and that an inpatient rehab was for the best. Imani talked to her family last night, and her father thought her mom would be more comfortable at home, and Amanda didn’t think Naya would like the idea of going to rehab in Virginia. Nate said that the rehab would increase Naya’s chances of getting her life back. Nate thought Naya would likely need intense physical and speech therapy. Imani said an aide coming to the house a few days a week wouldn’t cut it. Imani had learned the facility kept a strict schedule, and since Naya was stubborn, that could be a conflict. Lily was sorry – she knew how difficult this could be. Nate said the whole family had to be on board, starting with the patient. Imani was going to try and talk everyone into it, and even if that didn’t work, she appreciated having Nate there last night to lift her up. Lily seemed to observe the way Imani talked about Nate.

Nate decided to leave, and Imani was going to head out too, but Lily kept her behind for a chat. Lily was sorry if she pressured Imani about Elena’s contract. This company put family first, Lily said. Imani said there was no need to apologize. She was sure she could handle the workload and her mom’s situation. She said Nate helped her. Lily offered Imani time off with her mom. Imani thought it might be best to let Amanda handle things in person while Imani handled stuff from a distance and picked up the slack at work. Imani said the tension was causing some stress between her and her sister.

Imani went to Crimson Lights and talked to Amanda by phone. She thanked Amanda for convincing their mom to go to rehab. Amanda asked about work, and Imani said it was under control. Nate arrived, and Imani filled him in. he hoped he didn’t push her too far by suggesting a facility out of state. She thought this was just what Naya needed. He said Imani did her family a good service by convincing them to send Naya there. She was near tears, and she admitted she was scared. He held her and said it would be okay.

Chelsea met Kyle and Summer at Dive Bar. She broke the news that she wouldn’t be able to accept their job offer. Summer said that if this was about money or creative control, they could work something out. Chelsea said she realized she’d jumped into a stressful environment way too quickly. She said it was one thing to go back to a fashion platform that was already up and running, but it was with Adam, so he was her boss, her ex, they were co-parenting – it was too much. Summer thought that was part of the reason Chelsea was happy at Fenmore’s without Adam. Chelsea said she was, but she and Chloe had to deliver a whole new line in record time, and the chaos and pace caught up to her, and she had personal issues she had to deal with. She was glad she recognized it before she destroyed her friendship with Chloe. Summer and Kyle were understanding. They assured Chelsea that the offer was on the table if she ever wanted it and that they’d help if she needed it. Chelsea saw Billy show up. She said she already had something that would keep her busy.

Billy joined the group, and Chelsea said he asked her to consult on his podcast. That wasn’t what Summer was expecting. Chelsea said it couldn’t be further from the podcast world, yet it was still creative. Billy congratulated Kyle and Summer on making it home and bringing Marchetti with them. He was sure Jack and Phyllis were happy. Kyle added that Phyllis wasn’t happy Diane was back. Billy was pulling for Diane and hoped she’d redeem herself, which wouldn’t be easy in this town with all her enemies. Kyle said people were judgmental. Billy said it probably wasn’t easy for Phyllis either, because Diane put her through the wringer back in the day. Billy knew it must be hard for Kyle and Summer to be stuck between their mothers. He had some experience with that, as he had a mother with a reputation for being difficult too. Summer was impressed Billy was able to empathize with everyone. He replied that it took him long enough to mature. Michael texted Kyle about Harrison and Ashland being together. Kyle told Summer they had to go, and they rushed out.

Nikki and Michael showed up at the park, and he had to stop her from running to separate Ashland and Harrison. At that point, Diane returned with the Italian ice. Ashland tensed up when he saw that he was caught. Ashland got one last hug from Harrison and handed him off to his grandmother. Diane took Harrison out of the area. He tried to leave, but Nikki and Michael walked over, and Kyle and Summer approached from the other direction. Kyle demanded to know where his son was.

Chelsea had so many fun ideas for Billy’s podcast. He said it was their podcast. Her instincts told her this was what she needed. “So giving me grief about my take on the world is life-affirming for you. Good to know,” he quipped. She said it actually was, because by critiquing his self-analysis, it forced her to reflect on herself. She’d thought she was going in the right direction with her designs, but she was actually just treading water. No wonder Chloe was so worried, Chelsea said. Chelsea had been so focused on staying on her A game that it suddenly became more about quantity vs quality. She said she was stuck doing the same thing over and over, and nothing new was coming to her, and she started procrastinating and missing deadlines which drove Chloe bonkers and strained their friendship. Realizing all that felt like an awakening to Chelsea. He was glad to hear her say that because he had a similar moment when he decided to go forward with the podcast.

Billy took Chelsea to the recording studio. She thought their listeners would be intrigued if she and Billy told shared their past as a gambler and con artist. She said it would be about getting past the layer of salaciousness and exploring the notion that they were all just humans living in a competitive world. She said they’d have to be honest in what they’d done and how they changed, and the key was that they had to call each other out and they couldn’t let each other off the hook.

Chelsea sensed ambivalence in Billy. He said he loved the idea, but he wanted to remind her that Connor would hear this. He’d thought long and hard about Johnny and Katie and he went over it extensively with Lily before he put out the first episode. Chelsea already told Connor about it. She said she had no choice but to tell him because they went to see Anita. Anita had spent hours regaling Connor with stories of every scam. Chelsea was mortified and her mother kept telling her to lighten up. Chelsea had turned things around and used it as a teaching moment for Connor. Lily called Billy, and he told her he was in the studio with Chelsea. Lily told Billy not to forget about a meeting he was attending in her place. He said he’d handle it, then he said he loved her. Lily had something else to say, but Billy had already hung up.

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Y&R Update Thursday, July 14, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At the Newman Media office, Adam told Sally that he wouldn’t let her be a pawn in the Newman power play. She appreciated that, but she was troubled by him saying she didn’t want to know what his solution was. He said he was just being hyperbolic. She was still worried because he’d just talked about getting revenge on his family, and she was concerned about what would happen to him. He promised he he had no plans to get himself in trouble. She asked if that meant he planned to get someone else in trouble. He wanted her to focus on being CEO and trust him to find a solution that worked for everyone. She did trust him, but she didn’t understand what the solution would be, since no one in the Newman Enterprises executive suite was on her side. He held her and emphatically stated that she belonged in that chair, and he’d do whatever it took to keep here there. She asked what about where he belonged.

Adam said he excelled at creating opportunities for himself. Sally knew, but she wasn’t sure what would be more fulfilling than running Newman Media, which was his baby, more than it was hers. She saw so much potential in the division. He said she had such enthusiasm for the company, and that was why she deserved to run it. He didn’t want to run the company anymore – things were different now that he’d been kicked out of the top spot of the empire. He couldn’t go back to being under Victor’s thumb and answering to Victoria, who’d never trust him. Sally was sure Victoria would never trust her to run the media division. He said he’d convince Victoria. She wanted to know how. He reminded her that she said she believed in him. She did, but she wanted some details. He said that Sally committed some sins in her life, but right now, she was guilty by association, and that wasn’t fair. He was going to do everything to persuade Victoria to judge Sally solely on her merits, because she was extraordinary in every way. He kissed her and asked if she believed him now. She wanted to go somewhere else, then show him how much she loved him. Sally and Adam got a room at The Grand Phoenix, and they had a love scene. Afterward, she was asleep, and he stroked her hair and stared off into the distance, then he got out of bed.

At the Newman CEO office, Victoria told Ashland he wasn’t welcome. He claimed to have something to say. She thought this was an attempt to rattle her, and she told him he should know not to underestimate her. He said he’d never make that mistake again. He felt that they owed it to him to hear him out. Victor said he and Victoria didn’t owe Ashland a thing, but, Victoria admitted she was intrigued. Ashland said he was here to pick up his personal items. She seemed skeptical, but she said she’d text him the location of the storage unit, then he could take his knic knacks and leave town. Victor was sure that Ashland wasn’t here to pick up a damned box. Ashland wanted to say he knew there was no coming back from what happened, and he also wanted to commend Victor and Victoria for doing what many had tried and failed to do – they took him on and beat him.

Victoria wasn’t expecting Ashland to just admit defeat like that. She said he didn’t have another move, and he lost. He said everyone who heard The Grinning Soul knew that. He assumed she was the source of the details about his cancer. Victor corrected Ashland that the cancer was fake. Victoria said the truth usually had a way to reveal itself. Ashland had thought that Victoria would hold onto that information to keep him at bay. She said while that was her initial plan, after she heard the podcast, she was glad the information was out there. She told him to forget about going on the attack, if that was his plan. He said he didn’t come here for revenge. He was hoping they’d show mercy and get him one last visit and final goodbye to his son. Victor said it was Kyle’s son. Ashland didn’t argue the point, but the boy meant everything to him. Victoria said Ashland’s relationship with Harrison wasn’t her concern anymore. Ashland knew that, but he said Victor orchestrated this, and all he’d have to do was call the judge and Kyle. “Please. You’ve taken everything else away from me,” Ashland said. Victor felt that Ashland belonged in prison after all his lies and deceit and the pain he caused Victoria. Ashland said he was asking father to father. Victor contended that Ashland was a monster. “Why the hell would I allow you to be anywhere near that boy?” Ashland said, in his experience, the man who was stripped of everything was the most dangerous. Victoria said Ashland walked in so calm and deferential, and now he was baring his teeth. Ashland was just saying that if a dog was kicked enough times, eventually it would bite. “If anyone in my family is bitten by your damn dog, I will kill you myself,” Victor warned. Ashland said he’d leave quietly and he wouldn’t come back. Nick arrived.

Nick told Ashland that the smart thing to do would be to leave and never come back. Ashland agreed that it was a mistake to come. He left. Nick slammed the door, and he wanted to know why Ashland came. Victor caught Nick up. Nick had more to say, but Victoria didn’t want to discuss it anymore. She wanted to know how his recon mission went with Sally. Victor asked why Nick went to see Sally. He said he went to get information about Adam. Nick never saw Sally, because he ran into Adam, and he was eager for Sally to keep her job. Victoria asked if Nick told Adam that she didn’t see a future for Sally at the company. Nick had been upfront with Adam, since Adam was being upfront with him. Victor thought that allowing Sally to stay on would ensure Adam’s return. Nick said Adam wanted to talk to Victoria. At that moment, Victoria got a text from Adam. Victor thought that meant Adam was willing to be CEO of Newman Media, while Sally stayed on as COO. Victoria said it was just as likely that Adam wanted her to keep Sally on as CEO. Victor was ready to find out.

Adam showed up at Victoria’s office. She was alone, and she said she was busy, so she asked him to get right to the point. She assumed he wanted to go back to running Newman Media. He said that ship sailed. He was there because he knew she wanted to fire Sally. Victoria thought Sally was unqualified to be COO and that she’d be out of her depth to be CEO. Adam said Sally proved herself as his partner, and no one would work harder than her. Victoria said as talented as Sally might be, there were bigger issues at play. Victoria thought that Adam would be delighted if things went wrong at Newman Enterprises and since Sally wanted to make him happy, she had the incentive to do a bad job at Newman Media. Adam said Sally was her own person, and she had no interest in tanking Newman Media – she wanted to build a good reputation in the business world. Victoria had looked into the fashion house Sally used to run in LA, and she’d learned that Sally had pulled a lot of stunts that gave her a terrible reputation. Adam said Sally matured and changed. Victoria recalled people used to say the same thing about Adam, but look at him now. Adam said Sally wasn’t a hardened cynic like him; her transformation was genuine. He said Victoria’s fear of Sally was misplaced. She said she wasn’t afraid of Sally; she just wanted people she knew she could trust. He said sally was contentious, hardworking and reliable. He wanted her to give Sally a chance. She asked how she was supposed to do that when Sally’s primary loyalty was to Adam. He said he no longer had any influence over Sally. “There is no Sally and Adam anymore. It’s not working out so I am breaking it off,” Adam said. Back at the hotel, Sally woke up and reached for Adam and found an empty mattress. She called out for him.

Allie met Noah at Crimson Lights on the patio after her first day at the Jabot internship. Today was orientation, and she just loved it. She was bubbling over with excitement, then she apologized because she was going on and on about her internship when he wasn’t fulfilled with his job. He said there was no reason to apologize. He asked her to dinner to celebrate. She said they could just eat here, but he clarified that he meant a real dinner. She asked if he was asking her on a date. He didn’t think they needed to label it. He just wanted to commemorate her success and thank her for listening to him talk about his dilemma with his dad. Sharon was just outside the patio door, cleaning a table. She overheard Noah tell Allie that he’d decided to leave New Hope. Sharon walked away.

Back on the patio, Noah was sure Nick would understand, but this was complicated. Noah thought he’d stay on at New Hope until he found a quality replacement or until Nick was settled at his new job. Noah didn’t want to undermine Nick’s decision to go back to Newman. Allie thought Noah was being considerate. Noah also didn’t want to give his parents another reason to worry that he was lost or directionless. He said he could be 50 years old, on top of the world, and they’d still worry. She said his parents did that out of love. He agreed and said he was lucky to have them. He said she got him off the topic of whether she’d go to dinner with him. No pressure. She said she’d love to.

Allie had been too excited about work to eat earlier, so she was really hungry. She said she’d go change, then meet him. He offered to be a gentleman and pick her up, and she accepted. Right after Allie left, Sharon came out. She and Noah started chatting about Allie and the dinner and jobs, and it soon came out that she overheard his conversation with Allie. She said she didn’t listen on on purpose, but she heard him say he was leaving New Hope. He thought she was worried he was going in the wrong direction. She wasn’t judging, she just wanted to understand. He said he hadn’t made up his mind, but he was leaning toward leaving. She noticed that he didn’t seem enthusiastic when Nick was talking to him earlier about taking on a bigger role, but she was surprised he wanted to leave New Hope altogether. She thought he liked it there. He did like it there, but he felt like an outsider there, because it was his dad’s passion project, not his. He didn’t want to disappoint his dad. Sharon thought Nick would be thrown by Noah’s decision, but he wouldn’t be disappointed unless Noah bottled up his feelings. She was sure Nick wouldn’t want Noah to stay out of obligation. She said you had to have your heart in this work to be successful. Noah reiterated his plan to stay on until Nick was comfortable at his new job or until Noah found a quality replacement. He asked his mom to keep this between them. She said of course. She just wanted him to be happy, and she asked what he thought would get him there. He wasn’t sure, but there was something out there for him. She asked if he’d leave town. He said he had too many reasons to stay in town.

Allie went home and Traci wanted to talk about the internship. Allie explained she was in a rush because Noah asked her out to dinner. She smiled when Traci said it sounded like a date. Allie came downstairs in one of the dresses Summer had given her to wear earlier. She asked Traci if she looked alright, and she noted that she didn’t always dress like this. Traci gave Allie her seal of approval. Noah showed up, and Traci said they both looked cute.

Traci went to Crimson Lights and asked Sharon how she was – she knew the last few months had been difficult. Sharon said things had been a little easier each day. She appreciated Traci checking in with her every time they saw each other. It was nice to have someone remember Rey. They segued into a conversation about Noah and Allie’s date. Traci said that Allie was quiet and shy, and it went away when she saw Noah. Sharon said that Noah seemed genuinely happy when he was with Allie. They thought Noah and Allie had a connection. Sharon got quiet because she was worried about Noah. She’d thought he settled into a career path and found his way, but now she wasn’t so sure.

Sharon and Traci got a table. She said she knew Noah was an adult, but she still worried about him. Traci thought that was what a mother was supposed to do. Traci said Noah was an artist at heart, so his path might not ever be straight and clear. She said she figured out she could write when she was in school, but it took longer to realize she could make it her career. She thought Noah might need time to explore things, and he was such a smart and talented young man that he was going to find his way.

Noah and Allie went to Society. He was a little deflated because his dad and grandfather were there, and that would put a damper on the date atmosphere. Allie said they could leave. Noah said they’d just get a table far away from his relatives, but first they’d go say hi. Noah introduced Victor and Allie. Victor smiled and said he wouldn’t hold Allie being Jack’s granddaughter against her. She laughed and said she’d heard the stories of the feud. Victor invited Noah and Allie to join them, but Nick knew that Noah and Allie would want their own table. Nick shared the news that Noah was going to take over New Hope. Victor thought that would be good for Noah. Nick had some New Hope business to forward to Noah. Noah said he’d handle it. Noah was kind of quiet, and Nick asked if everything was okay. He said he and Allie just wanted to get to their table. Victor said he’d cover dinner for Noah and Allie, and Noah said thanks.

At their table, Allie noticed that Noah didn’t hesitate to promise to take care of the New Hope business. She asked if he was having second thoughts about stepping away. He looked over at his family and said he didn’t want to talk about it. He wanted to focus on celebrating her tonight.

Nick told Victor that Ashland couldn’t be trusted. Victor knew Ashland was out for revenge. The question was how long Ashland would stay in Genoa City. Nick said they needed to tell Kyle and Summer Ashland was back. Victor agreed and said they had to stay vigilant.

Ashland was in his suite at the Athletic Club. He had a drink, then he went through the belongings Victoria had packed up for him. He found the ring she gave him for Valentine’s day, then he flashed back to the moment she gave it to him. He’d promised to cherish the ring forever. In the present, Ashland wept, then he threw the ring across the room. He proceeded to trash the room, screaming as he hurled things into walls.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At Society, Lauren was plunged into a bad mood when Chelsea said she didn’t have any designs to show today. Chelsea apologetically said she had to take a sabbatical from designing for her mental health. Lauren asked about Chloe. Chelsea said she chose to dissolve the partnership with Chloe. Lauren didn’t want to be harsh, but she took a chance on Chelsea, despite their past differences, and Fenmore’s was waiting for Chelsea’s full winter line in a couple weeks. Chelsea had a designer friend, Mark Paulsen, who was willing to step in for her. Lauren knew him, and she guessed that could work, not that she had much choice. Lauren supported Chelsea taking care of her health, and she asked if she could help. Chelsea thought she had to heal herself.

Devon, Lily, Billy and Nate listened to Billy’s podcast at the office. Everyone really liked the new episode. In the podcast, Billy had talked about a partner he had that pointed out his flaws. Nate said he wouldn’t be bringing up Elena’s weaknesses. Billy said he and Chelsea accidentally kept recording. He played the rest, so everyone could hear his and Chelsea’s banter. Nate thought it was more evidence that honesty wasn’t always the best policy, but Lily felt honesty was crucial. Billy thought the camaraderie between him and Chelsea would engage the audience.

Billy hadn’t asked Chelsea to be his co-host yet. He wanted to run it by the team first. He said it’d still be his podcast, but he’d have someone to hold him accountable. He said he and Chelsea both messed up in life, but it made them resilient and they’d bounced back. He thought they could keep it light and not so dour. Lily guessed she’d never live that down. Billy said it was hard to hear, but now he could fix the issue. Devon and Nate both admitted they thought the podcast was depressing too. Billy laughed and wondered why no one said anything before. Nate and Devon thought bringing Chelsea on as a co-host was a good idea. Lily said they could give it a try. Billy said now he had to convince his partner – his co-host. He left.

As the meeting broke up, Nate said he had to meet Imani and Sally to try and get Elena out of her contract. Devon asked Lily if it was the best idea for Billy to be focused on podcasts when 3their newly merged company was just finding its footing. Lily thought Devon was on board with Billy’s ideas. Devon was, but Billy had rushed out before the meeting was over, and Devon was worried about how much energy this was taking up and what it was taking way from. Nate said Billy was just excited. Devon was glad Billy was enthusiastic about he podcast, since they needed the content after promising to release dozens of new series. Devon just didn’t want the podcast to get in the way of Billy being Lily’s COO. Lily said the podcast hit record numbers today. Devon didn’t think that was true. Since the companies had merged, Lily figured Devon and Nate would find out sooner or later – Billy was the Grinning Soul. Devon realized the attack on Ashland that was getting all that traction was made by Billy. Lily said that Billy was doing as much as the three of them to contribute to the success at Chancellor Winters.

Billy ran into Lauren at Society, and she said she heard his podcast. He told her it was a work in progress. After Lauren left, Chelsea met with Billy. He said she was at a crossroads in her life, and his self-help podcast needed a little self help. He asked her to be his co-host. He said she knew the different sides of him, and she wasn’t afraid to tell him what she thought. He thought they had a connection. She thought this could be healing and a lot of fun.

Imani was in her suite at the Grand Phoenix. She called and confirmed the dinner reservation for two. Amanda showed up to drop off some work stuff, and she saw that Imani was all dressed up. Imani said she and Nate were meeting Sally at Society to discuss getting Elena out of her Newman contract. Amanda asked if Imani took it upon herself to set this up. Imani said that Nate asked her to help. Imani said she’d planned to tell Amanda this before, but with Amanda visiting their mom at the time, the timing didn’t seem right. Amanda decided she’d go to the meeting too, but Imani said that wasn’t necessary. Amanda accused Imani of finding excuses to spend time with Nate, especially when Elena was out of town.

Imani acted offended that Amanda was suggesting she’d put the moves on Nate during a business dinner with the head of a rival company. She told Amanda to stop trying to control her. Amanda denied trying to do that. Imani theorized that Amanda was trying to make up for the years she lost of being a big sister. Imani said this wasn’t the way to do that. Imani got a text from her dad saying that their mom had a minor seizure. Imani told Amanda to go to Naya. Amanda just got back, so she thought Imani should go. Imani said Naya was asking for Amanda.

Amanda went to work, where Lily thanked her for clearing up the legal issues with the Grinning Soul podcast on Ashland. Amanda told Lily and Devon about Naya’s seizure. Lily told Amanda to take all the time he needed. Devon told Amanda he’d take her home. They went to the hallway and hugged. He said he’d go with her to see her mom, and she hugged him again.

Nate met Imani at Society, and she lied and said Sally rescheduled the meeting. He was disappointed because he wanted to get the ball rolling to free Elena up before she went back to her conference. She promised she’d keep working on it. He was going to leave, but she asked him to stay, and she told him about Naya’s seizure. He said that usually the after effects of a seizure like that were manageable. She thanked him for being so encouraging. Imani said her mom was finally able to say something, and she said Amanda’s name. Imani knew she shouldn’t care, but she felt conflicted. He said her feelings were normal, and he was glad she talked to him, because in times like these you needed to lean on friends.

Victoria and Nick were in her office. He told her that Faith had designs on taking his job after college. Victoria thought the management training program would be a better fit for Faith, but she loved that Faith was interested in the family business. She wanted to see the next generation come through the ranks. If she’d learned anything this past year it was that the leadership of the company had to stay in Newman hands. He said it was a new era with Ashland gone. She didn’t think Ashland would ever be able to attack the business now that his credibility was shot. Nick heard the podcast exposing Ashland for faking cancer. He thought The Grinning Soul went after the jugular, but she didn’t think the podcast went far enough. He was concerned about how Ashland would react to the podcast. She wasn’t worried because Ashland was ruined and dead in the business world. Nick didn’t think Victoria should be so cavalier. He said Victor thought Ashland was discreetly making his way back to Genoa City.

Victoria didn’t care if Ashland slithered back into town. She said there was nothing he could do to hurt her again. Nick thought Victoria should have a security detail just in case. Victoria said Victor already had that under control. She thought she saw two of Victor’s security guards following her. That made Nick relieved. Victoria didn’t know how she felt about it, other than she was tired of thinking of Ashland. She wanted to talk about business. She wanted to fold ChancComm into Newman Media in a more cohesive way – she felt that Sally and Adam left too much hanging in the air.

Victoria wanted to fire Sally, because she was under-qualified to be COO and she’d proven she couldn’t be trusted. Nick thought that might be a harsh one-two punch so soon after Adam left. She said they’d offer Sally a nice severance package. Victoria wanted to surround herself with people she could trust, and she didn’t think Adam and Sally fit the bill. She knew Victor wanted Adam to stay on board, but she didn’t want her brother at Newman. Nick didn’t disagree on the trust factor. He said he’d go talk to Sally and feel her out, and maybe find out what their brother was up to, so Victoria wouldn’t have to replace Sally unless it was necessary. Victoria appreciated that.

Ashland was in his suite at The Athletic Club. He listened to the podcast on him. Adam showed up, and Ashland wondered how Adam found him. “I may be going to war with Victor, but I’m still my father’s son,” Adam replied. Adam said Victor would soon find out where Ashland was, if he didn’t already know. Adam wanted to know the real reason Ashland was here. Adam didn’t believe the story Ashland gave him earlier about coming to retrieve his belongings from Victoria’s. Adam knew Ashland had a restraining order against him for Harrison. Ashland said that was completely unjust thanks to Victor’s vendetta. Adam said Victor was relentless about going after his enemies, so Ashland would be a fool to break that. Adam suspected Ashland was back for revenge, which he’d alluded to during their last encounter. Adam also didn’t think it was a coincidence that they ran into each other at Crimson Lights; he thought Ashland sought him out. Ashland asked how he’d know when Adam went to Crimson Lights. Adam was sure Ashland had his ways, just as Adam had his. Adam thought Ashland wanted to let him know they had like minds when it came to Victoria. Adam admitted he’d been a bit intrigued after their chat. Ashland assumed Adam was still smarting from the humiliation of losing the position so quickly. Before Adam knocked on the door, he could’ve sworn he heard Ashland listening to the Grinning Soul podcast. Ashland was pretty sure Victoria was behind it. He asked why Adam cared so much. “I hated what you did to my family, back when I cared about being part of the family. And since then they’ve made it crystal clear that I am dispensable,” Adam said. He declared he was through with all of his family.

Adam said he and Ashland were in a similar situation, even though they didn’t get there in the same way. Adam knew what it was like to be pushed aside – not good enough for the Newmans. Adam knew it must hurt for Victoria to tell Ashland she’d never forgive him. Ashland glared and said Adam had no idea how he felt. Adam said he actually believed Ashland loved Victoria. Adam figured he was the only person on the planet who thought Ashland felt remorse. Adam stated that Ashland’s remorse got him nothing, like Adam’s family loyalty got him nothing. Adam said his family had one standard for themselves and another for Adam and Ashland. Ashland realized that he and Adam did want the same thing. “To see our enemies taken down? Where do we start?,” Adam asked.

Ashland asked if Adam was really ready to commit to this. Adam wanted his family to be sorry for the way they turned their backs on him. The easiest way to achieve that was to team up with Ashland. Adam said that he had something Ashland needed, because he was on the inside. Ashland countered that Adam just said he wasn’t on the inside anymore. Ashland asked how Adam could be helpful to him. Adam said he knew how the family operated, and he knew the pressure points that worked on his father and sister. Adam thought Ashland would be smart to use that information to take down Victoria and hurt Victor.

Sally was in her office. She texted Chloe to call her about some new developments. Victor showed up. He picked up Sally’s nameplate, that said she was CEO, and he chuckled. Victor believed Sally knew what Adam’s next move was. She said she didn’t. He asked if she knew he’d asked Adam to helm Newman Media and that Adam said no. Sally confirmed that Adam told her. Victor said he and Adam created Newman Media, and Adam made it a force to be reckoned with. Victor said there was nothing in Sally’s background to suggest she knew what she was doing running this company. She said lots of people changed careers, and the skills she used to run a fashion house translated to this job. She said she wasn’t the CEO because she was Adam’s girlfriend, but because Adam believed in her talent and ability. She was willing to prove that to anyone who had doubts. Victor wanted Sally to convince Adam to become CEO of Newman Media.

Sally asked why Victor couldn’t accept Adam’s decision. Victor held up the nameplate and said he knew Sally had influence over his son. He instructed her to convince Adam to return and assume his proper role as CEO of Newman Media. “I have a feeling this is something I shouldn’t refuse,” Sally said. He told her to have a nice day and left. She called Adam and told him they needed to talk.

Adam ran into Nick on his way into Sally’s office. Adam asked Nick if it felt good to replace him. Nick said his career change had nothing to do with Adam. Adam asked if Nick had business with Sally. He said he cared about Sally, and the job meant the world to her. Nick said he had a feeling that if Adam didn’t come back to Newman Media, Victoria would fire Sally. Adam said it wasn’t fair to fire Sally because she was dating Adam. Nick said Victoria didn’t feel like Sally was the right fit for the job. Adam said Sally had been doing stellar work. Nick didn’t know anything about Sally’s track record, but he bet no one would have a problem with Adam as Newman Media CEO and Sally as COO. Adam asked what if he came back as COO of Newman Media and let Sally stay CEO. Nick said Victoria wanted someone more experienced. “And who isn’t sleeping with me,” Adam said. Adam wanted to talk to Victoria before Nick talked to Sally. Nick agreed and left.

Adam went into Sally’s office, and she asked who he was talking to in the hall. He pretended he was just talking to an employee who heard he was quitting. He asked what happened with his dad. She told him Victor wanted her to convince Adam to come back, and Victor implied her days were numbered if she didn’t comply. She suggested Victor cared about Adam’s well being. He wished that were true, but he said Victor was just playing games and dragging Sally into it. Adam thought his father made it clear that he only saw Adam as a tool to keep Victoria and Nick in line. Adam was sick of it. He told Sally she wasn’t leaving Newman Media, and he promised to take care of everything. She asked how. “You don’t want to know,” he said while smiling.

Victor visited Victoria at her office and said he enjoyed watching her work. She assured him Newman was in good hands. She said Sally needed to go. He said not so fast, because Sally could be essential. He said Sally might be able to lure Adam back into running Newman Media. Victoria said Adam made his position clear. She thought they should put someone new and fresh in that position. Ashland strolled in and announced he had something to say.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Kyle was glad to run into Phyllis at the park. He said they hadn’t had a one on one since she engineered the truce with his mother. He knew it must have been hard for her to take the high road. She said she took the high road on a daily basis when running her hotel, and she treated people the way she wanted to be treated. She said the only reason she was talking to his mother at all was as an act of mercy. She also thought he should know that she was the one who convinced Jack to let Kyle decide whether he wanted his mother in his life at all. He didn’t realize that, and he appreciated it. She said that she was only going to be superficially polite with Diane, so he could take her off the guest list for his next celebration of his mother.

Kyle said the celebration was Diane’s impromptu idea. He knew it’d take more than a peace agreement for tehm all to become a happy family, and he conceded that his mother pushed things by inviting Phyllis to join the toast to Diane’s new job. Kyle accepted the win of the truce. Phyllis said she wouldn’t break the truce, but she predicted that it wouldn’t be long before Diane showed her true colors. She thought it was lovely that he wanted to give his mother another chance, but she was adamant that things would deteriorate. Phyllis promised she’d be there to pick up the pieces when it did, and she wouldn’t say “I told you so.” Kyle suggested Phyllis was being hypocritical by painting his mother as self-serving and duplicitous. He thought she showed her true colors when she used his father to mark her territory in front of his mother.

Phyllis was mad Kyle insinuated that she used his father. He said it didn’t come out how she intended. She thought it was inappropriate that his father involved him in something so personal. Kyle pointed out that Phyllis told Summer. Phyllis said Kyle didn’t know the facts. He said he knew enough, and he trusted his dad. It was clear to him that she used Jack to prove a point to Diane. Phyllis said she cared deeply about Jack and that was why she was so incensed Kyle allowed this woman to come into his life with open arms. He didn’t want to hear her opinion on his mother again. He thought Phyllis had changed her attitude, but now it was clear that this truce was just for show.

Phyllis thought it was time for them to stop talking before they said something they regretted. Kyle said he’d be civil and respectful for the same reason Phyllis pretended to coexist with his mother – for Summer. Kyle believed with all his heart that Diane’s intentions were good and she was remorseful. Phyllis scoffed and said that was because Kyle was too young to remember Diane’s history. He said this was the chance to try and have the loving relationship with her that he never thought he’d get. “So if you get in the way I will do whatever is necessary to protect my mother,” he stated. Phyllis said Kyle and her daughter would regret that. She stormed off.

Summer approached Diane at Crimson Lights and said Harrison was eager to spend more time with her. Summer noticed Diane seemed distracted. Diane said she was thinking about some ways to introduce Marchetti to Jabot’s customer base. She asked what Summer thought of publicity stunts. Summer didn’t have time to discuss it right now because she was meeting someone, and she meant no offense, but she thought it was best if this person didn’t cross paths with Diane.

Diane assumed Summer was waiting for Phyllis, but Summer said she was waiting for her grandmother. Summer was sorry things were so complicated. Diane understood Summer was doing her best to manage a difficult situation. Diane wasn’t afraid of coming face to face with Nikki, but she recognized that Summer didn’t want the bad publicity of a public confrontation, so she said she’d leave. Summer wanted to hear more about Diane’s business ideas later. Summer went out to the patio, and Nikki came in. Diane said she’d been warned to make herself scarce around Nikki. Nikki was sorry Diane failed so miserably. Diane said she was doing a favor to her daughter in law, not leaving out of deference to Nikki. Nikki wanted Diane to leave town. Diane said Summer and Kyle hired her at Marchetti, so she was staying. Nikki made a snide comment about Diane ruining the company. Diane said, for the last time, she was sorry, and she’d changed. She was sure Nikki had regrets. Nikki said that just because Diane said she was sorry didn’t mean people she hurt had to forgive her. Nikki reiterated that no one wanted her here. Diane said Kyle did, and Summer and Jack had been supportive. She said Nikki could accept her or find a way to pretend she wasn’t here.

Nikki went to the patio, after Diane left, and chided Summer for giving Diane a job. Nikki was sure that Diane was unqualified, since Jabot must require its employees to be trustworthy. Nikki suggested it wasn’t legal to even hire Diane since she was legally dead. Summer asked if Nikki might forgive Diane one day. Nikki said absolutely not. According to Nikki, Diane brought trouble wherever she went, and deep down, Nikki thought Summer knew that. Nikki knew Summer loved her husband and wanted to support him, but Nikki said Summer was playing into Diane’s hands. Nikki said the way to support Kyle was to open his eyes to who Diane really was.

Summer knew Nikki wanted the best for her and Kyle, but Summer didn’t think it was her place to tell Kyle how to feel about his mom. Summer said Diane was on her best behavior. Nikki said soon, something would set Diane off, and she’d reveal her true colors, and the only thing that would drive her off for good was Kyle’s complete rejection. Nikki wanted to speed that along. Summer was ready to change the subject. Nikki was proud of Summer and everything she achieved at Marchetti. Summer said she and Kyle were excited about their plans for the company.

Phyllis came to Crimson Lights, and Nikki wanted her opinion on Diane. Now that Victoria was back, Nikki wanted to focus her efforts on driving Diane out of town. Phyllis was curious about the plan. Nikki was having someone look into Diane’s activities while she was presumed dead. Phyllis was eager to aid Nikki in this plan. “No! Has the world completely turned upside down? You two don’t work together for anything, ever,” Summer exclaimed. Summer reminded Phyllis that she called a truce with Diane. Nikki was shocked and disapproving.

Phyllis grudgingly said she’d stick with her truce. Incredulous, Nikki asked if Phyllis forgave Diane. Phyllis said it wasn’t like that. Summer explained that Phyllis agreed to keep the peace for Summer and Kyle’s sake. “Phyllis, over the years, you’ve done some questionable upsetting things, but this by far the most shocking. I don’t understand how you can stand by and watch that woman wheedle her way into your daughter’s life after everything she’s done,” Nikki said. Phyllis’s resolve broke. “I know. I know. I know. I cannot do this,” Phyllis replied. Summer plead with her mom, to no avail. “No, I can’t. [Nikki’s] right. That woman will be your downfall and working with her is a horrible idea,” Phyllis stated. Phyllis turned to Nikki and said they had to get Diane out of town. Summer protested. Phyllis contended that no one loved Summer more than her mother and grandmother. Phyllis was finished pretending Diane wasn’t evil and dangerous. At that moment, Kyle arrived.

At the Abbott house, Traci, who was intending to go write in the garden, invited Allie to join her. Allie didn’t hear Traci at first because she was engrossed in some research, in preparation for her Jabot internship that started this afternoon. Traci joked that at this rate, Allie would be on the board of directors by next week. Allie shifted gears and asked if Jack and Phyllis were a couple. Allie noticed that Jack and Phyllis didn’t seem as solid as they were when they were in L.A. Phyllis never visited this house even though Summer lived here, and Phyllis had invited Allie to coffee the other day. Since Allie and Phyllis weren’t close, Allie concluded that Phyllis was on a fishing expedition for information on Jack. Traci gently suggested Allie ask Jack. Allie didn’t mean to overstep. Traci assured Allie that, since she was family, her curiosity was natural, but Traci didn’t want to speak for her brother.

After Traci left, Diane went to the Abbott house to drop off Harrison’s toy fox that he left in her car. Allie said she’d take the fox, but Diane held onto it and wondered if Jack was here. He was at work. Allie mentioned her internship and how generous the Abbotts were. Diane seized the opportunity to take credit for bringing Allie and her Abbott relatives together. Allie said that, in spite of all the subterfuge, it all worked out. Diane assured Allie that she had no intention of selling Keemo’s house, so it would be there if Allie ever wanted to visit.

Allie began to gather her things for work as she talked. She appreciated the offer, but the house was part of her past, and she wanted to focus on the present – her wonderful new job, this great group of friends and family. Diane said she hadn’t received such a warm reception from Summer’s side of the family. Diane didn’t think she could trust the truce Phyllis called. Diane was sure Allie heard about her past with Phyllis. Allie had decided it was better not to deep dive into all of that. Diane said Phyllis hated her because of their history with Jack. Diane asked if Phyllis and Jack mentioned it. Allie said she’d picked up on it. Diane said Phyllis saw the slightest infraction as an excuse to go into battle. Allie didn’t want to be late for her job. Diane said they might be able to hang out at Jabot, since they’d both work there. Allie didn’t seem receptive. She gave an excuse about not knowing her schedule. Diane understood that Allie was trying to keep her at a distance. Diane suggested Allie use the same level of caution with Phyllis, because she liked to use people to get what she wanted.

Traci returned and Diane left. Traci noticed Allie wasn’t upbeat anymore. Allie was getting the same uneasy feeling with Diane as she got when she had coffee with Phyllis. She felt like they were trying to buddy up with her to get information about Jack, but she didn’t know anything, and even if she did, she’d never tell anyone. Traci said both women should know that Jack would be angry if they dragged Allie into the middle of their mess. Traci advised Allie to steer clear of both ladies. Allie wasn’t scared of Allie or Phyllis; she just didn’t want her grandfather to get hurt. Traci said Jack could take care of himself, and if he didn’t, Traci and Ashley would help.

Nick called Sharon, Noah and Faith together at Society. Noah had news too. Nick shared that Victoria was back. Nick announced to the kids that he was taking the COO job at Jabot. He asked what they thought. Faith spoke for herself and Noah by saying this news was unexpected, but she and Noah were happy. Faith asked if Nick thought about the ramifications and if they were worth it. He thought the job would make him happy. Noah asked if Nick was just going to walk away from New Hope. Nick said he was going to leave it in Noah’s capable hands. Faith congratulated Noah on the promotion. Noah promised he wouldn’t let Nick down.

Sharon wondered what Noah wanted to share. Noah thought they should toast Faith because she would be going to college soon, and they’d all miss her. Nick teased that he was glad to be sending Faith off. Faith was going to The University of Michigan, and she was thinking about double majoring in marketing and business. She thought that she could do her summer internships at Newman, now that Nick was back at the business. She was thinking she’d start in the finance department, since that was the core of the company, and money is power. Nick wondered when their daughter became an aspiring shark, and Sharon joked that they never should’ve let Victor teach Faith chess. She promised she’d be an ethical mogul. She suggested a summer project of figuring out how Newman could improve all the cities where it had offices. Nick thought that was a great idea. Faith said by the time she graduated, she’d know exactly which department would be a fit for her. Noah looked uncomfortable when the self-assured Faith talked about having her life plotted out.

Nick was 100% sure Noah could handle this job. Sharon noted that Nick was planning to talk to the project leaders and donors to set things up for Noah. Faith said when she wasn’t interning at Newman, she could put in hours at New Hope, and she could teach Noah to boss people around. Nick said everyone was doing what they were meant to be doing. Noah left the table, claiming he had to make a call. He texted Allie.

Allie and Noah met up at the park before her orientation. He told her about the new development in his life, and she noticed he looked miserable. Noah loved New Hope’s mission, but he took the gig when he was at loose end, and he never thought it would be a permanent career path. It wasn’t a corporate job, but he still felt like an outsider there. She asked how long he felt like he didn’t belong. He said since around the time they met. He said she knew she was into chemistry, and it helped him realize he was trying to be something that he wasn’t. He’d been about to tell his family that he was going to move on from New Hope, but then Nick sprung this news on him. Everyone had been so happy at the family meeting, and Noah didn’t want to be a buzzkill. Then on top of that, his sister, at the ripe old age of 17, had her whole life planned out, and that made him feel like he was wasting time. Allie said Faith was seventeen, so her life plans weren’t set in stone, and Noah should trust himself. She said his job was probably someone else’s dream job, and if he left, he’d be letting them fulfill their passion. She thought he should relentlessly pursue his passion, and if he got tired of doing that, he should move on to the next thing. He agreed, but he wasn’t sure how to tell his dad. Nick had only felt comfortable quitting New Hope because he was leaving it in Noah’s hands. Allie looked concerned and asked if Noah would be moving away. He said he had too many reasons to stay. She asked if he was going to go back to making art. He thought he had to straighten out his present before figuring out his future. She put her hand on his knee and said he’d make the right decision. He found her confidence in him refreshing, since it felt like his family was always questioning his choices. He said he didn’t want to move backward, and he wondered if she could help him figure it out. She said she’d like that.

Nick, Sharon and Faith went to Crimson Lights. Faith revealed that she wanted to take over Newman one day. Sharon sensed Noah was ambivalent about taking over New Hope. Nick thought Noah was fine. He asked Faith what she thought, since she knew her brother better than anyone. Faith said Noah was an adult, and if he didn’t want the job, he’d say so. Nick thought Faith was brilliant, and he told Sharon she was overthinking things.

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Y&R Update Monday, July 11, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Nick brought Victoria a bouquet of flowers to her office, from him and Christian. He said he almost forgave her for letting them think she chose Ashland over the family. She said she’d make it up to him in corporate perks if he accepted her job offer. She was delighted when he said he was ready to re-join the team at Newman, and maybe it would stick for good this time. She wanted him to be her COO. Nikki would be co-CEO. Nick was cool with that, but he thought that would make Adam resent them even more. Victoria said she’d let Victor mollify him. Nick was sure Adam was hurt Victor used him to lure Victoria back. Victoria said she wasn’t responsible for what Victor did to Adam while she was gone. She wanted to change the subject.

Nick asked what Victoria heard from Ashland. She hadn’t heard anything from him, and she didn’t expect to. She saw to it that there was nothing connecting her and Ashland anymore and she even boxed up the last few things she left at her house and put them in storage. Nick said Victoria embarrassed Ashland and he wasn’t the kind of guy who’d brush something like this off. She said she crushed Ashland, and she was pretty sure he was tired of getting burned by the Newmans, but it was going to happen one last time.

Victoria revealed that she asked Billy to use his resources to expose Ashland’s cancer scam. Nick wished Victoria talked to his family before doing this. He said making this public would come at a cost. She said the real danger was Ashland raising more money and starting a new company and come at them that way. She didn’t want anyone to trust Ashland as a a business partner. Nick thought this might backfire in a way Victoria didn’t anticipate. She thought she’d proven that she knew how to handle Ashland.

Victor and Nikki were at Society. they’d just had a meal, and her appetite was back, and she’d slept better last night than she had in years. They were glad Victoria was back and that Nick might re-join the company. “It would make me happy to see them all work for the company,” he said. He wondered where Adam would fit into all this though. For Victor’s sake, Nikki hoped Adam came around and got over losing the CEO position twice. Michael walked up, and Nikki said she had to go talk to her new investigator who was looking into Diane’s time in L.A. Michael asked how it was going. Nikki didn’t want to tell Michael, since he was continuing to spend time with Diane. Nikki left. Michael revealed that Ashland chartered a plane to Chicago, and once he was there, he gave Victor’s people the slip. Now no one knew if he was still in Chicago or on his way to Genoa City.

Michael wondered what it would take to end this – Ashland already lost the money, the company, his marriage, and there was a restraining order keeping him from Harrison. Victor said Ashland had lost at every turn, and he was dangerous. Victor had an idea to handle this, and he thought Michael was the key to make it work.

Nikki walked into Victoria’s office and was thrilled to see Victoria and Nick working together. He told her he was the new COO, and she hugged him. He said the biggest draw for him coming back was getting to work with some of his favorite people every day.

Billy and Lily were at Crimson Lights. He told her that Chelsea coming on board to critique his podcast was a win for them all – it would give Chelsea something fun to be part of, it would give him another set of ears, and it would take the pressure of Lily. Lily said she did like encouraging Billy more than being his critic. Lily clarified that this was about Billy’s personal podcast. She asked if Chelsea knew about his anonymous podcast, The Grinning Soul. He said Chelsea didn’t know about it, but Victoria asked him to do a podcast on Ashland. Lily was hoping Billy didn’t agree. He said he didn’t commit to anything with Victoria, and he made it clear he had to consult with Lily, because there were risks. She agreed and said Ashland could sic his lawyers on them. He acknowledged that was true. She said she was glad he was taking this into consideration after what happened with ChancComm. He said this was different because they were hacked at ChancComm and set up by Gaines, but Victoria wouldn’t set them up. “The fact that Victoria is the one driving this is not the selling point that you think it is,” Lily replied.

Lily still had a bad taste in her mouth after Victoria tried to use Billy to bring down Adam. Billy understood that. He believed the world needed to know about Ashland, because he was going to find another victim. He said as far as the world saw it, Ashland was the victim – his wife stole his company and left him while he was dying from cancer. As a cancer survivor, Lily didn’t like what Ashland did, but that didn’t mean The Grinning Soul needed to expose him. Billy asked what if he talked to Amanda to make usre they were legally in the clear. Lily thought about and said that if Amanda gave him a thumbs up, he should go for it.

Billy went home and began his podcast on Ashland’s cancer lie.

Diane and Harrison had ice cream in the park, and Ashland saw them. Diane sent Harrison to the playground. Ashland approached Diane. She reminded him that he wasn’t supposed to be around Harrison. He knew that, but he missed his son and wanted to see him. She told him to leave. He told her no one would know if she let him talk to Harrison. She countered that Harrison would blurt it out, and she’d get in trouble. He said he’d tell the boy to keep it secret. Diane felt for Ashland, but she wasn’t going to betray Kyle’s trust. He implored her, but she firmly said no, and she went to get her grandson.

Diane dropped Harrison at home, then she met Michael at Crimson Lights. He’d arranged the meeting. Michael asked if the Abbotts were letting Diane have unsupervised outings with Harrison or if there was a chaperone. She thought he was implying that Kyle would be scared she’d kidnap her grandson. He wasn’t trying to insult her. He needed her help with something. He said rumor had it Ashland was on his way back, and he might even approach her on one of their outings. She said if something like that happened, she’d tell Ashalnd he was being inappropriate, and she’d take Harrison home.

Michael wanted Diane to “slip up” and “accidentally” let Ashland spend time with Harrison, so Ashland could get in trouble for violating the restraining order. Diane was appalled. She was sure this was something Victor dreamed up. She thought it was unconscionable to use Ashland’s love for his son against him. Michael said it was a preemptive move to keep Ashland away from Victoria. He said the family would appreciate Diane’s cooperation, and Nikki might even be prevailed upon to drop the investigation into Diane’s past. Diane said Kyle would be livid if she involved Harrison in this scheme. Michael told Diane she didn’t have to decide now – Ashland might not even be in town. Diane detailed her encounter with Ashland at the park today. She said she wasn’t going to help Michael – even if she wanted to, she’d already told Ashland no, so it was too late.

Ashland went home to his suite at the Athletic Club, and he was furious. “I can’t even say hello to my own damn son,” he seethed. Just then, Stannis sent him a link to the podcast.

Sally and Adam were at her office. He told her she needed to hire a COO. Sally was trying to see how things would play out first. Adam said he wasn’t going to wind up back in this office again. Sally remembered that Adam was hurt when Victor sold Newman Media to Victoria, but then he realized he could live with it. She asked if he was really ready to walk away from the company and his family. He took her hand and assured her he wouldn’t oust her from her position. She said she’d understand if he did. He felt she deserved this and that she’d do amazing things, and he wouldn’t rob her of that. It was new to her to have someone have so much faith in her abilities, but she said he didn’t have to make a sacrifice for her. He said it wasn’t a sacrifice – it would be a relief not to be forced to deal with these people’s crap anymore. He could see the contempt in Victoria and Nikki’s eyes, and Nick and Victor didn’t come to his defense.

Sally asked Adam how much of this rage was sparked by what Ashland said to him. She didn’t want him to get so caught up in revenge that he lost sight of what was best for him. He said he knew what he was doing. She looked into his eyes and said Ashland didn’t give a damn about him or have his best interests at heart. She said she did, so she didn’t want him to blow her off.

Sally told Adam she was on his side. She thought what Victor did to him sucked, but she wanted him to choose a path he wouldn’t regret. She was speaking from experience. He knew she meant well, but no one knew what it was like to be the Newman black sheep, constantly rejected by his so called next of kin. His dad said he was on equal footing with his siblings, but it wasn’t true, and it never would be. Sally said Adam had a brilliant business mind and he was the best choice to run the company. She was sure everyone would see that sooner or later, but if he gave into his anger, he’d take himself out of the running. He said he was never in the running. He’d been trying to play by the family’s rules and be the best version of himself, but it was never enough for them. She was afraid of the blowback that would happen if he lashed out at his family. He was willing to live with that, because right now, all he could think of was how sweet it would be to get even. They didn’t notice that Victor was in the doorway. “Is that really how you feel son?,” he asked.

Sally left, because Victor wanted to talk to Adam in private. Victor wanted Adam to stay with the company and work with his siblings to increase the Newman family legacy. Adam took that to mean Nick accepted Victoria’s offer. As far as Victor knew, Nick hadn’t given a definitive answer. Adam assumed that meant Nick, Victoria and Nikki to set the overall strategy for Newman. Adam asked if he was expected to stay at Newman Media and manage his own division. Victor said Adam was happy running Newman Media as a standalone company, and now the company was bigger after the merger with ChancComm. Adam said that, in that same time frame, Victor named him CEO of the company twice, without having any intention of keeping him in the spot. Adam said he’d been used as a placeholder for Victoria. Adam grumbled that Nick, who previously had no interest in the company, had leapfrogged over him too. Victor said Newman Media could be Adam’s domain. Victor told Victoria to treat Adam with respect and consideration. “Why would she do that when you don’t do that?,” Adam challenged. Adam felt like Victor was just humoring him while giving the real positions of influence to Nikki and the other kids. He griped that he was tolerated but not appreciated. Victor wondered if Adam needed to reminded of his history with the family. Victor said that when Adam came into the family, his siblings didn’t know him, but Victor received him with open arms and gave him every chance. “Do you realize the kind of damage you have done to this family when you first came? You wanted to kill your own father!,” Victor snapped. Victor said if Adam acted vengefully now, he’d reaffirm the suspicions of his siblings. Adam no longer believed that if he humbled himself and worked hard things would work out for him. “I’m out,” Adam said. Victor said he’d tried very hard to integrate Adam into the family – Adam was his son and his blood. Victor said he’d be heartbroken if Adam walked away. Victor left.

Victor went to Newman Enterprises, where he was glad to hear Nick took the job. Victoria was going to have a toast, and Nikki asked if Victor wanted to invite Adam. Victor said Adam decided he didn’t want to be part of Newman Media anymore. Victoria said she’d talk to Adam, for Victor’s sake. Victor said no. nick asked if Sally was leaving with him. Victor didn’t think Sally would go of her own volition. Nikki said no other company would hire Sally at that level. Victor told Victoria it was up to her to decide who she wanted to run Newman Media – perhaps someone with more experience and a less colorful history. Victoria would give that some thought later, but right now she wanted to celebrate her brother. They toasted. Victor was very happy two of his beloved children and his beautiful wife would shepherd the company he built into the future. Nick toasted to Victor, saying everything happening now was possible because of him.

Sally found Adam stewing at the Society bar. He said he told Victor he was sick of being used and pushed aside. Sally hoped Victor tried to talk Adam out of leaving. Adam said Victor made a half-hearted attempt. He felt that if Victor had really meant it, he would’ve given Adam a reason to stay. Adam was infuriated and insulted by what Victor said, so he quit. Stunned, Sally asked if she should also quit in solidarity. He said no. She noted that, at the end of the day, Victoria and Nick were in charge. Nick was Summer’s dad, and Sally was sure that he didn’t forget what she did to his little princess. Adam said maybe he should’ve stayed longer to protect Sally, but he couldn’t take it anymore. She understood. She wanted him to break free if he wanted to, and she said she’d have his back and land on her feet, like always.

Adam warned Sally that what came next at Newman would be anything but business as usual. Sally figured since it sounded like Ashland was launching an attack and might try to get Adam involved. Adam said regardless of what he did, everyone else named Newman would always assume the worst of him and that could end up impacting Sally. He told her to watch her back because things were about to get ugly.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, July 11, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Christine

Nick accepted Victoria’s job offer to be her COO, but he was sure Adam would be hurt. Victoria said she’d let Victor mollify Adam. Nick was concerned about reprisal when Victoria said she was going to have Billy make Ashland’s cancer lie public. Victoria was sure that she’d crushed Ashland so badly that he wouldn’t come back. Nikki and Victor had lunch and talked about their kids’ positions in the company. Michael warned Victor that Ashland might be on his way back to Genoa City. Victor came up with a plan to deal with Ashland. Lily was okay with Billy’s plan to hire Chelsea at the podcast. Lily had reservations about Billy exposing Ashland on his anonymous podcast, but she agreed to let him do it as long as Amanda said they wouldn’t face any legal ramifications. Diane took Harrison to the park, and Ashland approached and tried to visit his son. Diane sent Ashland away. Michael asked Diane to let Ashland see Harrison, in hopes that he’d be face legal consequences for breaking the restraining order. Diane refused to help Michael and the Newmans entrap Ashland. Billy recorded the podcast, and Stannis sent the recording to Ashland. Sally told Adam that he wouldn’t take her job from her. Sally worried that Adam would get caught up in Ashland’s revenge plot and live to regret it. Victor overheard Adam say he wanted to get even against the family. Victor hoped Adam would find happiness running Newman Media, like he used to. Adam quit the company. Adam complained that he was disrespected by the family. Victor reminded Adam of his past behavior. Victor said he’d be heartbroken if Adam quit. Victor, Victoria, Nikki and Nick celebrated Nick’s return to the company. Victor suggested Victoria might want to replace Sally as CEO. Sally told Adam that she wasn’t sure Victoria and Nick would let her keep her job, but she believed she’d land on her feet.

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Y&R Update Friday, July 8, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At Society, Stannis sent a text to Ashland saying he overheard an argument between Adam and a guy named Billy.

Sally was on a jog in the park when she got a text from Chloe wanting to discuss the job offer. Sally typed out a text saying the situation had changed, but then she deleted it without sending it. She called Adam and sent a voice message asking if he’d decided on his next move. “Moves and countermoves. Sounds like you and Adam are made for each other,” Jack said as he walked up. Sally wondered if that was meant to be cutting. Jack said it wasn’t an insult – he was fond of Adam, and he seemed to be happy and not creating chaos, at least not publicly. Jack said that if Sally’s relationship with Adam had anything to do with that, he was happy for them both. Sally was glad to hear that, because as one friend of Adam’s to another, she was trying to figure out of she should be freaking out.

Sally was sure Jack saw the media blitz about Adam becoming CEO, but now that was up in the air after Victoria’s return. Sally thought this was unfair to Adam, who never even had a chance to get his feet wet. Jack said Victor had a long history of manipulating his children. Jack thought Victor’s cavalier approach to Adam had always been reprehensible. Sally said compared to the Newmans, the Abbotts were downright wholesome. Jack didn’t know about that. He assumed she was also worried about how this would affect her. She said she wanted this to work out for both her and Adam.

Sally said Adam was constantly being mistreated by his family, and now he was getting unceremoniously kicked out of the top spot. “Yes, I get that he’s done some messed up things in the past, but haven’t we all? Haven’t they? However, he’s the one that’s always being kept on the outside. He can never do enough, be enough in their eyes. And it just ridiculous,” she said. Jack said there had been a complicated dynamic at play decades before Sally arrived in Genoa City. She knew but she said Adam had done so much to prove himself and earn the family’s respect. She said Adam was brilliant, funny and sharp, and no one had ever treated her with this level of respect and appreciation, personally and professionally. Jack adopted a stiff smile, and Sally apologized. She said he’d been great until she gave in to her worst impulses, which Phyllis was more than happy to reveal to him and everyone else. She said she fought really hard to change her self-defeating behavior and she’d accepted the consequences and went about rebuilding her credibility. He thought she’d made real progress. She said she’d shown up and done the work and it had paid off in ways she couldn’t imagine. He said she’d always been a big dreamer. She said she was really proud of everything she accomplished, and now all her plans and dreams might be taken away, and she wasn’t sure what to do or how to feel. The one thing she was sure about was Adam, who believed in her and trusted her. Jack could hear the love in Sally’s voice, and he thought the relationship made sense, since Adam and Sally always wanted to prove themselves to the world. He said Adam was unpredictable when he felt emotionally wounded, and he tended to overreact in outsized and dangerous ways, rarely considering the collateral damage.

Nick met with Sharon at Crimson Lights and told her about Victoria’s scheme to cut Ashland out of their lives for good. He said Victoria needed Ashland and the family to believe she was choosing him over the family. Nick didn’t approve of Victoria’s methods, but he thought she played it brilliantly. Sharon said Victoria was her father’s daughter. Nick revealed that Victoria offered him a job. Sharon asked if he was going to take it and where that left Adam. He assumed Victoria would want Adam to return to Newman Media. He said Adam stormed out of the meeting, because they all knew Victor was going to reinstate Victoria as the CEO. Sharon noted that Victor just had a splashy press conference announcing Adam would be running things. Nick understood that Adam was upset to be one of Victor’s chess pieces, but he said everyone, even Adam, knew Victor’s goal was to rehire Victoria. Nick thought Adam had hoped Victor would punish Victoria by keeping Adam in charge. Nick just wished Adam would understand that being CEO of a major media company was a tremendous opportunity. Nick thought Victoria would want Nikki to be co-CEO. He said Nikki thought Victoria would want him to be COO. He wasn’t sure how he felt about this.

Sharon brought Nick to the park so he could have some fresh air while he thought. He said that if he took this job, his hours would be a lot less flexible, so he’d have less time with Christian. Sharon noted that they had young kids when he worked for Newman before, and he balanced work and parenting. He said if he went back to Newman, he’d be stepping away from New Hope, and he really enjoyed that work. She said improving people’s lives by building affordable housing was exactly who he was. He contrasted that to re-joining corporate America, Newman style, and all the chaos that went along with that. She reminded him that he said he’d be able to mitigate a lot of that, influence the family’s decisions and manage the family infighting, and possibly prevent something like what Victoria just went through. She thought that protecting the family and the family business would be fulfilling in a different way. She said Noah would be able to fill in the gaps at New Hope. He said that it would make him comfortable to know his son was there to continue the mission. Noah was a fast learner who knew the place inside and out. Sharon said that this could be a good opportunity for their son. He thought it sounded like she thought he should take the job at Newman.

Since Sharon had historically been supportive of Nick’s decision to strike out on his own, he wondered what changed. She said he was stronger and more centered now, and the blinders were off – he saw his family for who and what they were. She suggested he was older and wiser, and they smiled. She said in the past, working in that environment changed him into someone he didn’t want to be, but now she thought he would be able to change the environment. She said that making this decision for the sake of his family could be the most fulfilling thing he’d ever done. She knew him well enough to know that he was going to go back to Newman. Nick stood, staring off into the distance, and Sharon nudged him and smiled. He thought she was right – he’d been heading in this direction for awhile. He said he needed to hear her advice, that he wasn’t crazy for considering this. He thought she was right and that this was the correct decision.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria’s portrait was back on the wall. Nikki straightened it and said it was in its rightful place. Nikki thought that Victor would be so happy the painting he commissioned was back on the wall. Victoria said she and Victor were in a good place after a nice long talk. Victoria asked Nikki to be her co-CEO again, and she accepted. Nikki thought this was an important transition for the family – they’d all be working side by side in the company Victor built. They talked about the possibility of Nick joining the company. Victoria said Nick supported her through the entire ordeal even though he didn’t understand or agree with her decisions. She said she needed people like that around her – with unquestionable loyalty. Victoria wasn’t going to push Nick, but she thought it would be wonderful if they all worked together with Victor as their advisor. Nikki said there was a dangerous wildcard who could blow everything up.

Nikki was talking about Adam. She wasn’t lobbying for him to have a seat at the Newman Enterprises table, but he had been abruptly pushed out, and he needed to feel valued. She said they’d have to handle the situation carefully. Victoria said that after Adam was done licking his wounds, she’d happily have him back as CEO of Newman Media. Nikki said that Adam might view it as an insulting demotion. Victoria said it was Adam’s choice, but if he came to work for her, that would satisfy Victor’s desire to have the family work together, while making sure Adam couldn’t affect the decision making at Newman Enterprises. Nikki said if Adam decided to stay, he’d be miserable and try to undermine Victoria at every turn. Victoria knew Adam was a menace, but she wasn’t going to lose sleep over it.

Jack ran into Nikki at Crimson Lights. He told her he didn’t want to get into it over Diane, but she went on a short rant about Diane anyway. Afterward, Nikki said right now she had other things on her mind, though, like her family. He heard her family was going through a lot, but he kne Victoria came back without Ashland, so he was sure she must be relieved. She said they were glad Victoria was out of that horrible man’s clutches.

Stannis tipped Ashland off that Adam was at the coffeehouse, so Ashland went there. Ashland approached Adam on the patio and pretended it was a chance meeting. Adam asked what Ashland wanted. Ashland said he wouldn’t give the Newmans the satisfaction of fleeing every time he saw one of them. Adam wondered why Ashland was in town – surely he couldn’t still be chasing Victoria after the way she worked him over. Ashland claimed he was here to pick up his belongings from Victoria’s house. Adam said Victoria might have put them out on the curb. Ashland assumed Adam knew what it was like to be kicked to the curb, now that Victoria returned to reclaim her rightful place on the throne.

Ashland could just imagine Victor welcoming his precious daughter back into the fold, proud as a peacock about her pulling off another remarkable coup. Adam didn’t know why Ashland was rhapsodizing about a woman who scammed the hell out of him. Ashland admired the way Victoria played the game. He thought it was clever of her to trick him into signing away the rest of the money he got from her father. He noted that paying him off had been Adam’s idea. Ashland complimented the skill with which Victoria lied. He said it was the kind of deal Victor himself could’ve thought of. Ashland was sure that when Victoria talked to Victor, she’d pointed out that the payoff was Adam’s plan and that her plan was more like something Victor would’ve conceived of. Adam said it wasn’t like Ashland didn’t have it coming. “Victoria played us both to get exactly what she wanted,” Ashland said.

Ashland said that Victor saw Adam as a convenient placeholder and never had any intention of taking him seriously. He said they both got lied to by someone they thought they could trust. Adam said at least he didn’t get fleeced for 250 million. Ashland said Victor took Adam’s power and respect, which was way more valuable than cash. Adam said Ashland had to know Victoria would never take him back. Ashland didn’t understand why Adam continued to think Ashland was interested in reconciling with the woman who just conned him. Adam said surely Ashland wasn’t going to try and sue for the money Victoria reclaimed, since that would be a losing proposition after he lied about cancer. Ashland wasn’t interested in a court case. Adam asked if Ashland was out for revenge. Ashland was sure Adam was out for revenge after what his family had done. Ashland mused that he and Adam wanted the same thing.

Adam went to Sally’s office and apologized for not returning the calls. She understood he had a lot on his mind. He told her about his run-ins with Billy and Ashland. Adam thought Ashland was doing something that could turn things back in Adam and Sally’s favor. He said Ashland kept implying they were after the same thing, which was stripping Victoria of everything she had. Adam said Victoria took everything from Ashland and humiliated him. Adam knew how that felt too. He said Ashland wanted to make Victoria pay and make her life hell. He said that if Victoria was under attack, she might make costly attacks that he could capitalize on. Adam wondered if he could help speed things along. Sally thought the ultimate goal was for Adam to be CEO. Adam said that wasn’t his goal anymore. He was finished trying to prove to his father that he was worthy. “Victor has insulted me and used me again and again. And my sister’s loved every minute of it. She’s confident in her place and secure no matter how much I have tried to prove myself,” he said. “I’m done trying. I just want to see my dear little sister crash and burn, and I want to see my father go down with her,” Adam revealed. Sally looked concerned.

Chelsea and Billy got a table at Society. She commented that Adam stormed out of the restaurant past her without acknowledging her. Billy said that Adam had a bad day. He didn’t want to talk about Adam, though. He asked how Chelsea and Chloe were doing. Chelsea said she decided to take a much-needed break from fashion to preserve her friendship with Chloe. Chelsea said she partially had Billy to thank, because their conversation earlier gave her a lot of clarity. She said she’d been saying yes to everyone recently out of fear of letting everyone down, especially Chloe. He knew that feeling.

Chelsea wanted to do something for Billy to repay him. She knew he was caught off guard by her honest opinion of his podcast. He said she told him that she wallowed in self-recrimination and that he was dour. She believed Lily was the one who used the word dour. Chelsea said that she also said Billy was one of the funniest people she’d ever met, and she’d seen every facet of Billy Abbott. She thought she could help his podcast grow by telling him what it needed. He felt that was generous of her, but he said he worked alone, delving into his psyche in the middle of the night. She suggested that was part of the problem. He wanted to hear her out since the last time she gave him a critique it was right on the money. She thought she could help him broaden topics and have a different tone. He admitted that the latest research said his audience was plateauing, so maybe he could use a little help. Victoria walked in, and Billy ended the meeting with Chelsea, because he and Victoria had to discuss the kids. Chelsea welcomed Victoria back and left.

Victoria sat with Billy. He was glad she’d finally seen Locke for who he was and cut him loose. Victoria said it wasn’t easy to convince people that she still loved Ashland and that she was willing to walk away from everything for him. The part she regretted the most was how tough it was on everyone she loved. He assumed she was talking about her parents, and he said they were tough as nails. Victoria wanted Billy to use The Grinning Soul podcast to reveal the ugly truth about Ashland’s cancer scam. She said it would be coming from an anonymous podcaster. Billy said that would mean revealing the truth of what Ashland did to Victoria. She said it would be worth it to close all the doors on Ashland and ensure that he couldn’t ever do this to anyone else.

Ashland was in a bad mood when he went back to his room at the Athletic Club. He slammed the door shut and groaned.

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Y&R Update Thursday, July 7, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Victor showed up at Society to scold Adam for storming off in the middle of the meeting with his siblings. Adam said it was an honest expression of how he felt. Victor didn’t give a damn if it was honest – it was inappropriate. “Your sister just came back. She defeated Ashland Locke. She brought back 250 million of the 500 million that I paid that bastard to get out of town. She ought to be applauded,” Victor contended. “If I am less than thrilled about Victoria’s return, it’s because I can feel the ground crumbling under my feet,” Adam admitted. Victor said he never would’ve gone to the press and announced Adam as new CEO if he’d known Victoria would be back in a week. Adam believed that, but he said it meant Victoria used Victor as a pawn in her plan. Adam said Victoria knew that Victor would make that announcement – it was almost like proof to Locke that she’d been exiled from the family. Victor stated that Victoria did what she thought she had to do. Adam appreciated Victor giving him a chance, but he knew Victor had hoped Victoria would return. “I just wish that you had given me a little more time to show you what I am capable of.” Adam felt he had a lot of great ideas, and he didn’t get bogged down by his wreck of a personal life, like Victoria did. Victor told Adam to stop criticizing his sister. Victor thought that Adam was very bright and capable, and he wanted him to use his talents to support Victoria as CEO. Victor didn’t want Adam undermining Victoria. He wanted his children to work together as a family, not act like gladiators in a ring.

Victor said that they needed to pull together as a family, like they did when they fought Ashland. He reiterated that Victoria should be applauded for delivering the final blow. Adam said Victoria deceived and manipulated them all. Victor understood Adam’s frustration, but he said there was a time things were all reversed. Victor said Adam grew up on a farm in Kansas, he went to Harvard and worked on Wall Street. When Adam came back to the family, they didn’t know him. Victor said Adam’s siblings considered him a threat, but Victor welcomed Adam and supported him. Adam said he was still paying for his own mistakes – nothing he did to redeem himself made a difference to his siblings, and nothing probably ever would. Victor urged Adam to give it time. He thought Adam and Nick were getting closer. Adam grumbled that all it cost him was one of his kidneys. Victor said no one had forgotten Adam’s extraordinary act. Adam said Victoria didn’t trust him. Victor said Victoria couldn’t deny Adam’s success at Newman Media. Victor wanted the three of them to sit down together. Adam asked who the three people were. Victor said that Victoria asked Nick to join the company. Adam was caught off guard. Victor thought that if Victoria, Nick and Adam worked together, they could make Newman a formidable company. Adam grudgingly admitted that was true.

Victoria was alone in the CEO’s office when Billy dropped in to find out what was going on. He was thrilled she wasn’t with that fraud, Ashland anymore, but he wanted to know how Victoria went from moving away with Ashland and quitting her job to being back in her office again. Victoria felt Billy deserved the truth, so she revealed that she never actually planned to reconcile with Ashland. Billy had hoped that was the case, but he wondered why she didn’t trust him with her plan. She said she didn’t want “The Grinning Soul” to do an entire podcast on clever women who flipped the script on their devious husbands. He was glad she was safe, sound and he hoped she was single. She said that was right – she wanted nothing to do with Ashland.

Victoria explained that her biggest gamble was telling Nick that she and Ashland were looking for investors. Billy understood Victoria had to trust Nick to make sure no one invested in the company. She stated that her plan hinged on Nick telling Victor everything. She said that Nick had to read between the lines and know that was what she wanted him to do, or he’d have to go into overprotective patronizing mode. Billy hoped it was the former. Victoria didn’t care why Nick did it at this point, since all that mattered was that everything went exactly as she planned. Billy said it took brains and courage to set this trap for Ashland. He thought it was fantastic that she got Victor’s 250 million dollars back. She didn’t know he cared so much about her father’s wallet. He didn’t care about that – he was just glad that Ashland didn’t have that money anymore. He was surprised Victor gave Ashland 500 million dollars. Victoria noted that Ashland gave half of it to Nick’s charity. Billy assumed that Adam had planned to hold the money over Victoria’s head and chide her for falling in love with a conman and costing the family a fortune. “Adam didn’t make this deal with Ashland because he cared about the family. He did it because he was thinking about himself. He wanted to highlight my mistakes,” Victoria asserted. She said it didn’t matter though because the money was back in the family, and she’d made everything right again. Billy said Victoria could move on and forget about Ashland for good.

Billy couldn’t explain the way he felt. “Because of your limited vocabulary?,” Victoria asked. He said he was overwhelmed with happiness that Ashland wouldn’t be part of the kids lives. She apologized for misleading him. She’d never had any intention of letting Ashland around the kids. He realized she wasn’t as fragile as she thought she was. She groaned and said she’d told him for years that she was no delicate flower. He said he should’ve listened. He was sure her family was happy. She thought everyone was happy except Adam, who was disappointed he wouldn’t be running Newman. Billy and Victoria’s kids were at camp, and he’d video chatted with them recently. She asked how Katie’s swim test went. She knew their daughter had been nervous about it. He said Katie nailed it and she couldn’t wait to tell Victoria about it. Johnny had a crush on his counselor, who was 96, according to Billy. Victor showed up wanting to talk to Victoria. Billy told Victoria he wasn’t upset that she only pretended to get out from under her father’s influence. Victor said Victoria would never leave her family, though she’d become an expert at getting rid of her toxic exes. Victoria thanked Billy for the update on the kids. Victor asked Billy how the kids were, and he said they were fine. He said to thank Nikki for sending the kids a care package. Victor said he’d pass it along. Billy said the best part was when the kids came home from camp, Ashalnd wouldn’t be part of their lives. Victor agreed, and Billy left.

Victor asked Victoria what that idiot had been doing here. Victor was there to discuss work, but Victoria wanted to know how upset he was with her. Before he’d answer, he asked how much Billy knew about the plan to get rid of Ashland. She said she’d kept Billy in the dark, and he’d even threatened her with legal action over the kids. She was just glad Billy knew the truth now. Victor was very glad that Billy didn’t know before, because he would’ve blabbed about it on his sad podcast. Victoria mentioned that she said the same thing to Billy. She noted that she and Victor thought alike. He asked why she didn’t confide in him. She said she didn’t want to put him in a position of having to lie to Nikki. He conceded her point. She said if she’d told him, he might not have held that press conference announcing Adam as CEO. He asked if that was helpful, and she said it was instrumental in convincing Ashland that her ties with her family was irrevocably broken. He asked what if Nick didn’t tell her about her plan to find investors. He said her plan was risky. She said it was risky, but she had everything to gain, and nothing to lose – unless she’d been fired in favor of Adam. Victor felt Victoria handled this whole thing very well. He said she took revenge on Ashland Locke and taught him a lesson he’d never forget – that no one threatened the Newmans and got away with it. He was very proud of her and of her ability to run the company. He said she was capable and strong, and he asked if that answered her question. It did. She thanked him for her confidence in her. She asked if he thought Nick would join the company. He didn’t know, but he thought if anyone had a shot at bringing Nick in, it was her.

Victor said that Nick seemed more inclined to join the business. He felt that Nick had prioritized the family more than he had in a long time. A telling sign was that Nick came to him to tell him about Victoria’s plan to get investors. Victor said he’d always impressed the importance of loyalty onto the kids, and he thought Nick’s act exemplified that loyalty. Victoria said she hadn’t always appreciated Nick’s brand of loyalty, but she intended to make up for that. Victor hoped Victoria would show some appreciation for Adam and what he could contribute. She said that was something to think about. She asked if he thought Adam would hang around. He asked if she thought Adam would just walk away.

Victoria didn’t want Victor to make her feel bad about not being enthusiastic to work with Adam. She thought it was clear that Adam felt the same way, given the way he stormed out of the office earlier. She said he couldn’t even stand to be in the same room as her, which wouldn’t make for a good working environment. Victor asked if Victoria didn’t understand Adam’s frustration. Victoria said Adam felt entitled to run the company, never mind the fact that he hadn’t integrated ChancComm and Newman Media. She said he wanted to wash his hands of that and move on to bigger and better. Victor thought it was in Victoria’s best interest to take what Adam had to say seriously. She said she was always willing to listen, but she wasn’t going to let her guard down because Adam was always trying to undermine her. Victor said he made it clear it was in Adam’s best interest to remain loyal. Victoria didn’t think Adam cared about that. Victor said Adam had been working very hard to be accepted by the family, and he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that.

Ashland was in another hotel room, in the Athletic Club. He met with a man in a suit named Stannis. Stannis wanted to explain what happened with the job in Peru, but Ashland said there was no need. “We had many successes in the past, Peru wasn’t one of them, but you can’t knock it out of the park every time, can you?,” Ashland stated. However, Ashland was very annoyed that Stannis had failed to accomplish what should’ve been a simple task of keeping Michael Baldwin locked up in the Peruvian prison so that Ashland could’ve controlled the narrative in Genoa City. Ashland still didn’t understand what went wrong – perhaps there were some unforeseen exigences they didn’t plan for, or perhaps Michael was smarter than him and Stannis. Stannis tried to explain again, but Ashland reiterated that there was no need. Ashland was offering Stannis a job that would give him a chance to redeem himself. Stannis assumed the job was still Michael Baldwin. “Oh God no, let’s not bite off more than we can chew. I can’t expect you to keep up with a wily third-rate lawyer,” Ashland said. He stated that this time the target would be much more manageable – “my wife.”

Ashland said he would be keeping a low profile in Genoa City, so he needed Stannis to be his eyes and ears. Victor and Adam had been thorns in his side, so he wanted information on them, but Victoria would be the primary target. Stannis understood that he was to tail and keep track of Victoria’s whereabouts. “Yes, good for you,” Ashland said in a condescending tone. Ashland knew this was beneath Stannis’s prodigious skill set, but after what happened in Peru, he thought that Stannis should start out with an easier assignment. Ashland wanted to know everything Victoria did – if she bought gum, he wanted to know what flavor. Stannis nodded and left.

Billy found Adam at the Society bar and joined him. Billy needled Adam about losing his CEO’s spot. Adam told Billy to go to Hell. Billy asked how many times Victor had let Billy go. Adam made a crack about Billy’s podcast. Billy said Victoria got rid of Locke, got the money back and sent Adam packing – a true trifecta. Stannis was at Society, and he listened in on Adam and Billy trading barbs.

Billy asked if Adam broke the news to Sally that she’d be getting demoted so he could have her job back. He said Sally might start to feel like she’d bet on the wrong horse. Adam noticed Billy was using a lot of gambling metaphors. He asked if Billy was reverting to his old ways. Billy was in a great mood because he got to watch Adam fail – lose his job, possibly his girl and that little bit of respect Victor had for him. Billy said Adam’s plan to get rid of Locke cost a half a billion dollars and it didn’t work, and his sister had to clean things up. Billy said Adam must be hurt and have his back against the wall. Adam admitted he did have his back against he wall. “You, of all people, should know that’s when I’m most dangerous,” Adam added.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki told Nick she was relieved Victoria was back and had cut ties with Ashland. Nikki had worried that Victoria was gone forever. She felt she should’ve had more faith in Victoria. Nick said they shouldn’t let Victoria off the hook entirely because she’d given a very convincing performance. He understood why Victoria did it, but he also thought it was cruel of her to put the family through that, especially Nikki. Nikki said that if a few sleepless nights was the price to pay for getting rid of Ashland, it was well worth it. Nikki asked what Nick thought of Victoria’s job offer. She said Victor told her that Nick seemed to be interested in returning to Newman even before Victoria made the job offer.

Nick didn’t know how real Victoria’s job offer was. He thought it was more of a gesture of goodwill. Nikki was glad her kids were close again – it was what every mother hoped for. He said he’d always support his sister, even though she could be extremely exasperating. He said Victoria needed people around her that she felt like she could trust. He thought that was where the job offer came from. Nikki said Victoria never let sentiment get in the way of how she ran business. She thought Victoria trusted Nick’s judgment and business instincts and that was why she made him the offer. He asked if she thought he should take it. She thought he should do what made him happy, but she knew Victor would be thrilled to have Nick and Victoria working together again.

Nick didn’t like the tension at Newman. He said Victor felt like he’d needed to control everything, and intentionally or not, Victor had created all these rivalries between his kids. Nikki said that could change. Nick didn’t see that happening. He noted that Adam had just stormed out of the office because Victor finally gave him the job he wanted and now it looked like he’d have to relinquish it. Nick didn’t blame Adam for being angry. Nikki guessed she couldn’t blame Adam either. Nick said Victor couldn’t seem to resist pitting Adam and Victoria against each other. Nikki said Victor didn’t always do that always on purpose. Nick said that Victor’s M.O. was to keep Adam and Victoria on opposing sides. Nick asked why he’d want to work there too and subject himself to that. Nikki said it’d mean a lot to Victor. He liked his life and his job, and he asked why he’d give that up to go back to Newman. She didn’t know, but she could tell he’d given this a lot of thought.

Nick said he had given this a lot of thought, and he realized that if he took a role in the company, he’d have more say in family matters. He said Nikki was constantly in the middle of all these skirmishes and that had to take a toll on her. That concerned him. She didn’t want him to step away from New Hope just because of her. She thought things would calm down for awhile. He was sure there was something else coming. He didn’t think Ashland was just going to stay away, and he also thought the tension between Adam and Victoria would continue to grow, and it would lead to a serious problem unless someone defused it. Nikki liked seeing Nick be so thoughtful, loving and protective – a born leader.

Nikki said she’d been COO and co-CEO and one of those positions would be available for Nick. He thought Victoria had a smaller role in mind for him, like advisor. Nikki thought that Victoria left things open-ended so Nick could decide where he fit in. she thought he had a unique vantage point because he understood what Victoria and Adam were going through but he grew out of needing Victor’s approval, because he had the confidence in knowing he could be a success without Victor. She said he could be the moral compass. Nick didn’t really see himself that way, but Sharon recently said he could provide some balance at the company. Nikki hoped Nick would consider it.

Chloe met Chelsea at the park. Chloe saw Connor playing soccer and commented on how tall he was. Chelsea was glad Chloe came. She was sorry she’d snapped at Chloe earlier. Chloe said she advised against the Marchetti job because Chelsea had been under so much pressure. She wasn’t trying to be critical, she was trying to look out for Chelsea. Chelsea knew that Chloe always had her best interests at heart. Chelsea felt like she was obligated to Chloe. She said Chloe created the fashion platform at Newman, she agreed to work with Adam, she kept the peace between Chelsea and Sally, she went to Lauren and created a new deal with Fenmore’s after Victoria dropped the brand. Chelsea said Chloe created all these amazing opportunities for her, and she felt like she couldn’t hold up her end of the bargain. She didn’t want to let Chloe down. Chloe said Chelsea couldn’t ever do that. Chelsea said not to be so sure. Chelsea was sorry, but they needed to dissolve their partnership.

Chloe felt like that was a bit of an overreaction. Chelsea said this was actually the only solution. Chelsea said that she was distracted and missing deadlines because she’d spread herself too thin because she wasn’t emotionally ready to throw herself into this business. Chelsea didn’t want to admit that to her friend, since Chloe had thrown her heart and soul into this line. Chelsea said the longer she pretended, the more defensive she’d get and the more damage she’d cause the friendship. Chelsea asked if Chloe could ever forgive her. Chloe didn’t want Chelsea to give up on her dreams. Chelsea said that wasn’t what this was. Chelsea had tried to make everyone else happy and be the old version of herself, and maybe she’d get there one day, but she didn’t currently have it in her to give this business her full focus. Chloe wasn’t mad; she supported Chelsea doing this to take care of herself. Chloe offered to tell Lauren and Summer. Chelsea already set up a meeting with Lauren. Chelsea was going to void the deal with Fenmore’s, then tell Summer and Kyle she couldn’t take the Marchetti deal. Chelsea asked again if Chloe was angry. Chloe felt a little brokenhearted, but she thought it was better to lose the business partnership than the friendship. She thanked Chloe for having the guts to face what she was going through and for being honest with her. Chelsea said she wouldn’t make this decision if she wasn’t sure Chloe would be able to find another job.

As Chloe left the park, she called Sally and asked if they could get together and discuss the job offer.

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Y&R Update Wednesday, July 6 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At the Abbott house, Jack told Allie that she could start working at the internship tomorrow. She was excited and grateful. He admitted his motives weren’t fully benevolent – he thought that the happier she was here, the more likely she would be to stay, possibly for good. She hugged him, and he smiled. She said he made her feel welcome from the moment she arrived. He said that was easy because he loved having her here. She got a text from Noah that made her laugh, and Jack commented that they were getting close. She said she and Noah weren’t close-close. She decided not to say more, since this didn’t seem like a conversation she should have with her grandfather.

Jack assured Allie that he was just a regular guy and it was okay to talk to him. She said she and Noah were just hanging out, but after tomorrow, she was going to focus strictly on work. Jack didn’t want Allie to be locked in a lab all day. He had fun at her age, and he wanted her to have fun too. He thought Noah was a good guy. Jack knew what Allie had been through and it made him happy to see her smile. Jack had a meeting, and he reiterated that Allie should have fun. Allie started texting Noah, and she accepted his invitation to meet at Crimson Lights. Jack glanced back and smiled, then he left.

Diane ran into Phyllis at the park. Diane wondered what the odds were that they’d keep bumping into each other. Phyllis replied that they were pretty high, since Diane had come to her hotel today. Diane intended to use the spa more often now that she knew she was welcome. Phyllis said there was no need to thank her for having an area that provided a friendly face. Phyllis was sure Diane was still getting a chilly reception from the people of Genoa City. Diane said that even if the rest of the town never came around, that was fine because she was connecting with her son, her grandson and the Abbotts, especially Jack, who was accepting that she would be part of the family.

Diane was amazed at how things had changed since she returned, and she was happy with how things were going. Phyllis was going to say something, but she decided against it. Diane continued that she and Michael were friends again, Kyle had opened his heart, and Summer couldn’t be more supportive. Phyllis said that her daughter was gracious. Diane gushed about the deep mature level that she and Jack were connecting on. Phyllis couldn’t take it anymore. She snapped that Diane was delusional if she thought she would ever be romantically linked with Jack again. “Who said anything about romance? Your mind went straight there because you expected Jack to forgive and forget and take you back like he’s done too many times before. And now you’re terrified because he finally wants nothing to do with you, and you have no one to blame but yourself. It must be making you insane,” Diane said, with a smile. Phyllis refused to let Diane bait her. Diane said she wasn’t baiting Phyllis; she was simply stating the truth. Phyllis said she didn’t believe Diane, then Phyllis started to leave. “Well it’s not just me,” Diane called out, which caused Phyllis to stop. “Everyone in your life can see what’s going on. Even your own daughter can see who you really are,” Diane said.

Phyllis ordered Diane to keep Summer out of this. Diane said she was just being honest. She overheard Summer say that Jack deserved more than Phyllis had to offer. Phyllis asked if Diane was spying on her. Diane said no – she came back to the lobby and caught part of the conversation. Phyllis didn’t buy it. Diane hoped Phyllis accepted the reality that Jack would never love or trust her again and that he’d never think of her as anything but conniving and duplicitous. Phyllis said that was Diane, not her. “I’m the one who’s winning and you, once again, are out in the cold,” Diane stated, before flouncing off.

Jack came up and caught Phyllis yelling after Diane. “I will never lose. Ever!,” Phyllis bellowed. Phyllis was glad Jack came. She hoped he saw that Diane was the aggressor. Jack did notice that Diane seemed to be pushing Phyllis’ buttons, and he wished Diane hadn’t done that. However, since Jack didn’t see the whole exchange, he wasn’t sure what Phyllis may have done to provoke Diane. Phyllis was angry Jack would think that she provoked Diane. He said it would be the first time. “Miss ‘I came back from the dead gets a free pass, but I don’t get the benefit of the doubt? Seriously?,” she yelled. She didn’t understand him – they’d had something amazing and it could’ve been great. He thought she know why it couldn’t. She continued to scream in his face throughout the exchange. She said she knew why it couldn’t work because she’d taken responsibility for everything, while that bitch didn’t take responsibility for anything she’d done to Phyllis. Phyllis said that everything went to hell when Diane came to town and Jack didn’t see it. Phyllis predicted that one day Jack would realize he made a mistake, and he’d want her back, but it would be too late. She walked off.

Summer and Kyle met at Society, where Jack and Diane would be joining them later. She said her mom told her what happened between her and Jack. He said he got the story out of his dad too. Summer was disappointed by Phyllis using her relationship with Jack to irritate Diane. Kyle said Phyllis had a special talent for shooting herself in the foot and inadvertently taking other people down with her. Summer said Kyle wasn’t wrong, but Phyllis cared about Jack, and Summer thought Jack felt the same way. Summer hoped Jack could forgive Phyllis. Kyle sighed, and Summer asked if he didn’t think her mom deserved another chance.

Kyle would never say Phyllis didn’t deserve another chance. He noted that he was giving his own mother another chance. He knew his dad still had feelings for Phyllis, but she’d hurt him badly. Kyle said that it took a lot for Jack to put himself out there again, after his history with Phyllis. Jack was very wounded, and Kyle didn’t see a way for Jack and Phyllis to get back together. Summer knew Kyle had a point, but she felt terrible for her mom. She wondered how this would affect everyone going forward, especially with Diane working at Marchetti. Both Summer and Kyle didn’t think the conflict between tehir mothers was over.

Diane met Kyle and Summer at Society. Summer said she loved the ambiance at Society, but she’d be glad when they could have meetings in their own office space. Diane asked if they’d found a location for the new Marchetti office. Kyle said they were going to work out of the Jabot building once the space had been reorganized. “Well that will be convenient, being under the same roof as Jack – and – and – and the Jabot headquarters,” Diane replied. She was humbled by the opportunity and she felt like things were finally starting to settle down for her here.

Jack went to Society and apologized for being late. Diane said they wondered what kept him. Jack said he’d gotten caught up talking to Allie. He was ready to start the meeting. Kyle said they set up a press conference to announce the purchase of Marchetti and that Kyle would be taking over the role of CEO. Jack wanted it to be splashy. Diane had an idea to leak the news and get some buzz going before the press conference. Summer, Kyle and Jack all thought was a good idea. Kyle said that this job already seemed like a good fit for Diane. She said she was willing to do what it took to do a good job and make Kyle proud.

Allie went to Crimson Lights to meet Noah and ran into Phyllis. Phyllis invited Allie to wait with her for Noah to arrive. Allie was surprised she hadn’t seen Phyllis in awhile. She’d thought they’d run into each other into the Abbott house. Phyllis said she’d been out of town, and she’d been busy since she got back. Phyllis asked how things were going. Allie said it had been a whirlwind, and her life had gone in a different direction than she ever expected. Phyllis said Allie deserved happiness. Phyllis wanted to hear everything about Allie’s life at the Abbott house and how she was getting along with Jack and the others.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam asked what Victoria accomplished with Ashland. “I righted every wrong,” she replied. He asked her to elaborate. Victor walked in and hugged Victoria. She said she cut Ashland out of her life and made him pay dearly, and now she was safe and home for good. Victoria told her parents and brothers that she had to end the nightmare Ashland put her through on her own terms. In order to pull that off, she had to make sure Ashland believed she was willing to turn her back on the family and the company. Victor wished Victoria had told them in advance and saved them all that heartache. She was sorry she put them through that, but she couldn’t risk Ashland finding out she was lying to him. Nikki asked if that meant Victoria never believed Ashland’s claims that her love changed him. Victoria believed Ashland loved her as much as a man like him was capable of love, and she believed he was remorseful, but that wasn’t enough to see past his massive betrayal. She said whether or not Ashland loved her didn’t matter – he built his empire on lies and he wasn’t ever going to change. She said he didn’t deserve forgiveness or the generous payout Victor gave him in hopes he’d disappear, which he didn’t do until she agreed to go with him. She wished the family let her handle this on her own, but she’d rectified everything. She thanked all of them. “I don’t think my plan would have been successful without those of you who truly love me,” she said. Adam looked like he wanted to say something, but Victor waved him off and shook his head no.

Victoria explained that she told Nick that she and Ashland were meeting with potential investors for a business venture, hoping that Nick would share that information with Victor. “I was counting on you to do the right thing, and you came through for me,” she told her brother. Victoria had expected Victor to try and track down the investors and squash any possible deals. Nikki said she’d been worried Victoria would be furious with Victor. “You do know your father,” Nikki admitted. Victoria said she and Victor thought the same way. She knew he would want to stop her from making what he would consider a foolish decision. Victor said Victoria was right. Victoria said that once Victor killed the potential funding, she convinced Ashland that they should use their own money. She opened a corporate bank account, and she deposited 250 million dollars of her money into the account, and Ashland took the bait and transferred in the 250 million that Victor gave him. She then moved his money into her private bank account and closed the corporate account. She said she’d give Victor back his money. Victor was proud. He winked at Victoria.

Nick couldn’t imagine Ashland took the news very well. Victoria said she told Ashland what she’d done and how she truly felt. It was painful and cathartic. She was still hurt, but in that moment, getting revenge was a moment of triumph. She said it was a crushing and devastating final blow for Ashland, and he’d never looked so devastated. Victor admired Victoria for turning Ashland’s devious plan back on him. “You’re my daughter alright. You not only did that for yourself. You did that for all of us, and I love that,” Victor said. Everyone except Adam looked pleased.

Adam wanted to talk about how things would work at the company. While Victor understood Adam’s concern, he felt that this was the time to celebrate the extraordinary thing Victoria did. Nick thought celebrating was premature, since Ashland was going to be looking for a fight. He asked what was to stop Ashland from coming back to get the money he lost or his part of the company. Victoria said she told Ashland that she’d expose his cancer fraud if he did, which would ruin his name. Nick admired what Victoria did, but he said Ashland had nothing to lose, so what was topping him from going after revenge?

Victor loved the idea of Ashland coming after the Newmans. Victor said they’d never been more united as a family. Adam looked annoyed. Victoria agreed with Victor. She said it would be stupid for Ashland to come after them. Nikki said they should keep their eyes open and realize that this wasn’t a battle they should take on. Nikki said together, they were unstoppable. Adam said he had more important things to do than celebrate the family’s reunification and Ashland’s downfall. He left. Victor said he’d deal with Adam later. Nikki knew that when Victoria spoke to Nick earlier, she said there would be changes. Nikki wanted to know what that meant.

Victoria said it had been important to find balance between who she was and who she was as a Newman. She knew she’d pushed them away from time to time because she felt like she had to fight to maintain her sense of self, especially while she was running the family company. After everything that happened with Ashland she realized she didn’t have to fight to get thing she already had. She knew they wanted her happiness and success as much as she wanted it. She felt whole and complete because of her family. She said their guidance and advice kept her strong. She realized Nick had her back no matter what, and he was the best brother and friend she could ever ask for. She was so thankful for their help and support through this difficult period. She wanted them to come together as a team to run Newman. She wanted Victor as her consigliere, the wisest and most amazing of all advisors, Nikki as her partner and collaborator, and she thought it was time that Nick consider coming back into the fold.

Sally called Chloe, who was at Crimson Lights, and apologized for having to cut their talk short earlier. Sally wanted to talk again, and Chloe did too. Chloe accepted Sally’s invitation to meet her at Newman Media. Sally promised it would be worth her while. Chloe arrived at Sally’s office and commented that she looked right behind that desk. Sally asked how Chloe was doing, since she was so upset before, and rightfully so. Chloe had felt like she was on the verge of a mental breakdown. She said she and Chelsea were constantly bickering and fighting lately. Normally, they were in sync, but now it felt like they were speaking two different languages. Chloe loved Chelsea with all her heart, and they’d been through so much together. Sally knew a true best friend was hard to come by and she wasn’t going to dissect Chloe’s friendship. Sally just wanted to know if Chloe actually wanted out of her professional partnership with Chelsea, or if she’d just said that in the heat of the moment. Chloe admitted she was curious what Sally meant earlier when she said there was a possible alternative.

Chloe asked if Sally heard about an opening at another fashion label. Sally had something better in mind – she wanted Chloe to come work here with her. Sally wanted to create her own team at Newman Media, and Chloe checked all the boxes – smart, scrappy and savvy. Sally said they really connected when they worked together before. Chloe asked what she’d be doing. Sally revealed that she wanted Chloe to be her COO. Chloe was stunned. She asked what Adam thought about this. Sally said that Adam supported this because he trusted her judgment, and he wanted Newman Media to succeed, so if Sally thought this was best, he’d go along with it. Sally said Chloe would be reporting to her, so any personal things going on between Chloe and Adam wouldn’t be an issue. Chloe was flattered, but overwhelmed by the offer. Sally had an internal debate about taking this job, but in the end, she went with her gut, and she was doing that now with Chloe. Sally had a lot to prove, and she figured Chloe probably did too, but she knew they could accomplish great things together. Chloe didn’t know how Sally could be so confident when Chloe wasn’t. Sally said to look how far they took Newman Fashion – it was on the verge of greatness before Victoria shut it down. Sally also said selling fashion was similar to selling content – they were both creative endeavors aimed at enticing the public. Sally felt Chloe was brilliant at branding, always on top of current trends, and she wasn’t afraid to color outside the lines. Chloe was used to working with a handful of employees, and this would entail overseeing a ton of people and a huge budget. Sally thought Chloe was capable of more than she realized and that she wouldn’t see it unless she challenged herself.

Chloe was humbled by Sally’s faith in her, especially when Chelsea and Chloe moved on without Sally after Newman Fashion shut down. Sally called it water under the bridge. She knew Chloe was caught in an awkward situation, and she understood why Chloe made the choice she did. Sally said she belonged at Newman Media and so did Chloe. Chloe was grateful for the opportunity. Before she could say more, Adam burst in. Chloe decided to leave. She said she’d take some time to think it over and to see if she could fix things with her current job. Sally understood. Chloe left. Adam was upset because his family had fallen all over each other talking about family love and loyalty and complimenting each other and acting like he wasn’t even in the room. “Victoria’s back and they pulled the rug out from under me. Again. But if they think that I am going to sit down and take it – they are in for a rude awakening,” he stated.

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Y&R Update Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Nikki went to Adam’s office so she could be there for Victoria’s homecoming. She asked if Adam had any idea when Victor would be driving Victoria here from the airport. Adam thought it was telling that the homecoming would be in the CEO’s office and that he wasn’t informed. Nikki said no one was intentionally excluding him. He asked if she had an idea on what his future at Newman might be.

Nikki had no idea what Victoria’s plans were, since Victoria hadn’t been in contact since she left. She wasn’t even sure Victoria was staying for good. Adam said he talked to the pilot, and Victoria was the only person on board and there were no plans to have a return flight. Nikki wouldn’t get her hopes up until she heard from Victoria herself. She said Victoria could just be coming to chew Victor out for blocking her business venture with Ashland. Adam was startled to hear Victor did that. “Is there anything that Dad didn’t do to pave the way for Victoria’s glorious return?,” he asked.

Nikki contended that Victor didn’t pave the way for anyone, and he wasn’t making a calculated move against Adam; Victor was simply trying to protect his daughter. Adam thought that Victoria left town to get away from that famous Victor Newman protection. Nikki didn’t want to get into this with Adam right now. He shifted gears and asked a work question, which she answered. Nikki got a text from Victor saying that the plane landed early and Victoria wasn’t at the airport anymore.

Billy called Victoria to check in, but she didn’t answer. He said it was clear her family was keeping a secret.

Nick met Victoria at a suite in the Grand Phoenix. She greeted her brother with a hug. Victoria had a hotel room because she was having her house deep cleaned to symbolically remove any remnants of Ashland. Nick wanted to know what was going on and why Victoria didn’t want him to tell their parents she was here. He said Nikki and Victor knew Victoria was coming home, and Victor had even planned to surprise Victoria at the airport. She said her flight got in early. She wanted to have a minute alone with Nick before seeing everyone else. He assumed she was upset he betrayed her confidence. She said she actually wanted to thank him.

Victoria said Nick was the only relative who came to her after she announced she was leaving, with no reprimands or judgment, just love. He said he was sincere. He didn’t like what she was doing, but it was her choice to make. He said it was very hard for Victor to accept, since it contradicted what he wanted. Nick asked what happened in NY. Victoria didn’t want to say anything until everyone was at the office. She asked Nick to gather the family. He asked if she was back for good. She said she was, but things would have to change.

Victoria went to the bathroom to freshen up. While there, she had a flashback to her final confrontation with Ashland. She remembered telling him that she didn’t want to see or hear from him again. She called Billy and he asked if she was alright. She said she was better than she’d been in a long time. She’d taken a huge step forward in her life, and there was no looking back now. She said she was back in town, and she’d give him the details after she talked to her family. He asked if Ashland was still in the picture, and she said he was out of her life for good.

Ashland was still in NY brooding over Victoria tricking him. He had a flashback of their last moment together, when she revealed her plot to take back the 250 million dollars he got from Victor. In the present, Ashland called the bank and asked them to reverse the money transfer, but they said no. He ended the call, then he threw his phone across the room. Later, while Victoria was telling Billy that Ashland was out of her life, Ashland chartered a plane to Chicago.

Victoria met Nikki, Nick and Adam at the office. Nikki hugged Victoria and said she wasn’t sure she’d ever see her again. Nikki said that Victoria had seemingly been willing to walk away from the family forever. Victoria was sorry she put them through that, but she had to make the break seem plausible to Ashland. “So it was all a scam? A trick? What have you done, Victoria?,” Adam asked.

Elena was about to leave home for the airport. Nate came home early with a red rose to see her off and say aloha. He wanted to have a meaningful goodbye. He took her hand and lead her upstairs to their bedroom, and a love scene followed. They incorporated the rose, with him running it over her body. Later, they came downstairs and agreed it would be difficult to say goodbye. She wished he could come. He was tempted, but he couldn’t leave work. He said he loved her and would miss her every second. She said she’d send him updates and bring him home some sand from Hawaii. He promised the next trip they took would be work-free. He wanted to drive her to the airport, but she’d already called a car.

Devon was at the park on a run, and he bumped into Chance. They decided to jog together. Chance won the race, and he and Devon joked around, then Devon asked how Chance was doing. Chance channeled his grief over Rey into a something positive. He closed 80% of Rey’s open cases. Devon was sure Rey was smiling down on Chance. He was impressed that Chance seemed to be in a better headspace. Chance said Devon’s support had a positive impact. Devon also knew he’d made things messier than they needed to be when it came to Dominic. Chance knew Devon wanted the best for their baby, and all that mattered was that things worked out well.

Lily met Amanda and Imani at Society and asked about their mom. Imani had just come back from seeing Naya, who was still struggling with her speech and mobility. Amanda said they were worried about Naya’s psychological state, since she was stuck in the hospital bed. Imani said that it seemed to lift Naya’s spirits when they visited. Lily told the sisters that they could take time off whenever they wanted to go visit. Abby stopped by and talked about the launch party. She’d missed running events. Lily asked what happened to Abby’s plans to build a hotel across the street from The Grand Phoenix. Abby sighed that it was a long story.

Abby said Phyllis fought her tooth and nail from the beginning, so Abby gave up. Amanda said Phyllis just didn’t like the idea of a competing hotel across the street. Lily wanted to revisit the idea of having another hotel in town. Devon sold the Athletic Club, and Lily was thinking Chancellor Winters needed a place to have visiting talent stay and conferences, events and concerts. “Maybe I could build an even grander phoenix in Genoa City,” Lily said. Lily said dealing with Phyllis was a potential headache, and using the Grand Phoenix would cut into profits, so she wanted to open a Chancellor Winters hotel. Abby hated giving up The Grand Phoenix to Phyllis. Lily wondered if they could get Phyllis to sell. Amanda didn’t think Phyllis would let the hotel go after all she poured into it. Lily had no problem opening a different hotel and going head to head with Phyllis.

Devon and Amanda met up at home and kissed. She started crying about her mom. Amanda was worried for Imani too. She said she and Imani were both putting on a brave face, but sooner or later, Imani’s walls would have to come down. Amanda was really frustrated because, as a lawyer, if you were prepared, things would usually go as expected, but in your personal life, there were things you couldn’t control. Devon knew what Amanda was going through. He lost a lot of people – Dru, Neil, Hilary and their child. Amanda was sorry, but he said she didn’t have to be. He said sometimes all you could do was your best. He told her that it was fine if Imani wanted to act like what was happening with their mom didn’t bother her, but Amanda didn’t have to do that because she had him. She said he’d given her an emotional security she never had before. It was comforting and empowering, but it was also scary because it felt so fragile. She was scared it would go away and she’d be alone. He put her hand on his chest and told her as long as his heart was beating, she’d never be alone again. They kissed.

Nate ran into Imani at Crimson Lights. He asked about her mom. Unfortunately, Naya wasn’t great. Nate asked if Imani had anything she wanted to talk about. She did. She said she looked into getting Elena out of the AskMDNow contract so she could start a Chancellor Winters podcast. Unfortunately, Elena’s contract with Newman Media was airtight, and it wouldn’t be easy to break it. Imani knew that Nate wanted to get this done before Elena was back from Hawaii. Nate said Elena was boarding the flight now. Imani said she and Nate would have to work together to figure this out. He said thanks. He wanted Elena to work with them, so he was counting on Imani to make that happen. He also had to do everything he could to fulfill the promise he made at the launch party. They didn’t currently have 50 podcasts to deliver yet. She was glad he confided in her. She felt a little responsible since she was the one who encouraged him to go big during his speech. He thought they should meet with Sally Spectra, the new head of Newman Media. Imani said she’d set up a meeting. Nate stepped away, and Imani quietly made a dinner reservation for two. When Nate returned, Imani lied and said she’d gotten a meeting with Sally and made dinner reservations for the three of them.

Chance went to Society and talked with Abby and Lily. Chance had some time off after all the overtime, so he spent time with Dominic, then he went on a run and now he hoped to spend time with Abby. Lily left them alone. Chance felt he’d been neglecting Abby since he’d been so busy at work. Chance and Abby had a picnic in the park. He showed her a picture of Dom that he took this morning. Abby assured Chance that she didn’t feel neglected. She was proud of the way he was honoring Rey’s memory. His dedication to his partner made her love him even more. They kissed. Chance got a tip on one of Rey’s cases that had to be dealt with right away. He was going to let someone else deal with it, but she encouraged him to go and see his personal mission through. He wanted to spend uninterrupted time with him. She said it meant so much that he put this together for her, and they had the rest of their lives to go on picnics together. They exchanged I love yous and he left.

Lily and Billy met at work. She wanted to tell him about an interesting conversation with Abby. He interrupted to say that Victoria was back. He had no idea how much this was weighing on him until now. He’d been dreading telling the kis that their mom left town. He felt inspired to lighten up his podcast and have a little fun. He said he could talk about how they had to trust the people they surrounded themselves with. Lily didn’t think the disastrous end to a dramatic relationship was cause for celebration. He said he’d turn it around and say a dramatic end to a disastrous relationship was inspiring. “Victoria is back where she belongs,” he said.

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