Y&R Short Recap Monday, August 1, 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Jack told Diane he was glad she was there when Kyle and Summer told Harrison that Ashland died. Phyllis told Summer that Jack admitted he still loved her, and he sounded unhappy about it. Phyllis was displeased to hear that Diane was there when Harrison found out about Ashland. Phyllis, unaware that Harrison was nearby, lashed out at Diane and accused her of using Harrison’s pain to her advantage. Jack told Phyllis off for yelling at Diane with Harrison in earshot. Phyllis accused Jack of going easier on Diane than her. Jack said he loved Phyllis, but he had to protect himself, Kyle, Harrison and Summer from getting caught in the crossfire. Devon and Amanda returned to town. Amanda wanted to be in Virginia, with her mother, but she felt like her mother, sister and stepfather didn’t want her there. Devon didn’t think Amanda was right, and he encouraged her to visit her mother as often as possible. She worried about her job and their relationship, and he eased her fears.

Elena came home from Hawaii and spent some private time with Nate. Nate made a decision at work that he mistakenly thought Devon had given him permission to do. Devon accused Nate of overstepping his authority and said he might hire a mentor to supervise Nate. Nate balked. Nate texted Imani to ask about her mother. At her request, he called Imani. Faith, Sharon welcomed Tessa with gifts when Mariah brought her home after her successful surgery. Mariah had to speak for Tessa, because she was not allowed to use her vocal cords at all right now. Mariah spent time with Kyle. He told her that Diane had earned the right to be known as Harrison’s grandmother.

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