Y&R Short Recap Monday, July 11, 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Nick accepted Victoria’s job offer to be her COO, but he was sure Adam would be hurt. Victoria said she’d let Victor mollify Adam. Nick was concerned about reprisal when Victoria said she was going to have Billy make Ashland’s cancer lie public. Victoria was sure that she’d crushed Ashland so badly that he wouldn’t come back. Nikki and Victor had lunch and talked about their kids’ positions in the company. Michael warned Victor that Ashland might be on his way back to Genoa City. Victor came up with a plan to deal with Ashland. Lily was okay with Billy’s plan to hire Chelsea at the podcast. Lily had reservations about Billy exposing Ashland on his anonymous podcast, but she agreed to let him do it as long as Amanda said they wouldn’t face any legal ramifications. Diane took Harrison to the park, and Ashland approached and tried to visit his son. Diane sent Ashland away. Michael asked Diane to let Ashland see Harrison, in hopes that he’d be face legal consequences for breaking the restraining order. Diane refused to help Michael and the Newmans entrap Ashland. Billy recorded the podcast, and Stannis sent the recording to Ashland. Sally told Adam that he wouldn’t take her job from her. Sally worried that Adam would get caught up in Ashland’s revenge plot and live to regret it. Victor overheard Adam say he wanted to get even against the family. Victor hoped Adam would find happiness running Newman Media, like he used to. Adam quit the company. Adam complained that he was disrespected by the family. Victor reminded Adam of his past behavior. Victor said he’d be heartbroken if Adam quit. Victor, Victoria, Nikki and Nick celebrated Nick’s return to the company. Victor suggested Victoria might want to replace Sally as CEO. Sally told Adam that she wasn’t sure Victoria and Nick would let her keep her job, but she believed she’d land on her feet.

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