Y&R Short Recap Monday, July 18, 2022

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Recap written by Christine

When Ashland got arrested for breaking the restraining order, he accused Diane of setting him up. Nikki didn’t think a good deed from Diane erased a lifetime of destruction. Victor was dismayed that Adam didn’t want to come back to Newman. Victor didn’t think there was any point in keeping Sally around if she wasn’t going to bring Adam back to the family business. Victoria said she thought Adam quitting was for the best. Victoria decided to make a decision on Sally by the end of the day. A worried Sally told Chloe Adam had abruptly told her he was going to Chicago, and she hadn’t heard from him since. Chloe took Sally’s job offer.

The Newmans held a press conference announcing Victoria’s return to CEO and Adam’s departure from the company. Victoria said something at the press conference that made Sally fear for her job. Kyle assured a worried Diane that he wasn’t angry with her for letting Harrison get near Ashland. Noah, Allie, Mariah and Tessa had an outing. Noah revealed his desire to open a club at Top of the Tower. Tessa was going in for surgery tomorrow to remove the vocal cord nodules. Allie sensed Diane saw her as a useful tool. Mariah told Allie to stick with the core Abbotts. Back to the Daytime Recaps Page

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