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Ava: Trina!

[ Gasps ] Ava. Hi. Hi. Oh! Hi. I’d like to arrange a visit with a prisoner. Drew cain.

[ Ominous chord strikes ] Why? Is he okay? He was just transferred back there from the hospital. Then why can’t I see him? Well, then I’d like to speak to the warden. Okay. Yeah. I’ll speak to someone else. James, wait. What do you mean you want a new halloween costume? I just bought you one. You picked it out. I know, but I found one that would be way cooler. Great. You can wear that next year. It won’t be cool then. And, plus, halloween is the most important holiday of the year. Who told you that? Oma. Oh, you look marvelous,

mein lieber. And you’re back to work. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. ‘Twas nothing. You saved my life. And I would do it again. We haven’t heard from you in so long. Where have you been? Purging my demons and reinventing myself.

[ Telephone rings ] Yeah. Oh! Send him right in.

[ Knock on door ] Hey. Michael. It’s nice to see you. That’s some beautiful flowers. From my dad? Yes, they are. I’m so lucky, aren’t I? Yeah, you’re very lucky. Yeah, too bad luck runs out. Congratulations, my man. I’m happy for you. Thanks, brick. Now, uh, I thought you were supposed to be having the wedding at the metro court… and olivia was supposed to be planning it…

and I was supposed to be invited. That was the plan, but it kind of — ah. Plans change. Plans change. Yeah, well, I just couldn’t wait any longer, you know? No surprise there. I can see how in love you two are. Did you have the wedding on the island? Yeah. Beautiful. Just you and her? Well, I mean, michael was there. Donna was there. And kristina and willow and my grandson wiley. You…

[ Chuckles ] No, but avery didn’t come, and dante was busy taking down mason gatlin. Hm. Oh! Look at you, man. Back on the job. Hey! As a matter of fact, I do still have a job, thanks to your mom. Yeah, of course you do. Yeah, I kind of just figured I’d, you know, get fired after going awol for a couple of weeks, but mama q wouldn’t have it. Well, that’s my mother. Yeah, she said, “there is no way that cody is getting fired for trying to help save sasha’s life.” Well, sasha will be happy to hear that you did not lose your job, either. Yeah. She’s probably gone by now, though. I know you can’t always count on luck. No. No. Of course not. And I — I don’t intend to, michael. I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure this family, sonny and I, have the happiest life possible. And I am so sorry that you and willow and wiley had to leave so soon after the ceremony. But, then again, sonny and I had to cut our honeymoon short because he also had business to attend to. Hm. Yeah, I know. I heard. I just came from his office. He seems as happy as you are. Well, thank you for saying that. Yeah, we can hardly wait to get back to the island for an extended stay, and we were hoping that you and willow and the kids would join us. You know, the whole family. Yeah, I — you know, I don’t — I don’t see that happening. Well, we haven’t actually picked out a specific date, so we’ll work around your schedule. No, I — what I’m saying is I have to look out for my family’s best interest, and that means they’re not gonna be spending too much time with you in the future. Liesl: Of course, the ice baths came after the 8-mile hikes and before the daily colonics. And you actually paid to be put through that? Only $10,000 a week. It was heaven. Sounds kind of pricey. Ah! I would have paid double! After that horrible time in greenland with victor… and then giving my bone marrow to help you, I was a shell of myself. Well, you look great now. I do, don’t I? Because I am back to 100%.

[ Laughs ] While flying home, I — I was thinking how wonderful it would be if you and nina and I could go back to the spa together. Yeah, that sounds great, but I’m not sure nina will want to go anywhere without sonny now that they’re married. What? Oh. You didn’t know? Good to hear that ava’s alright. Sounds like dex and dante did their jobs. Yeah, they did. Too bad mason gatlin survived. And renault was released from prison earlier the same day. Short. Is the same guy that’s on the board of a foundation to reduce recidivism? Turns out they’re proponents of rehabilitation rather than incarceration. So cyrus — supposedly he’s given a lot of money to this cause. Yeah, well, regardless of whatever behind-the-scenes dealings were going on, it doesn’t matter at this point. He’s out. We just have to figure out what cyrus is gonna do next. Why didn’t you tell me when you asked me to cover for you at the gallery? Oh, I — I didn’t want to upset you. Uh — joss told me that you were almost killed! Oh. Right. I-I’m sorry. I should have realized that you would talk to joss. Thank god for her and dex. Are you sure you’re alright now? Yes. I’m sure I’m alright now. And avery’s fine. It was wonderful to see her and — and hold her when it was all over. Just like it’s wonderful to see you. I can’t lose you, ava. Hey, maxie. James. It’s so nice to see your faces. What can I get you? Katrina had to run an errand. Hopefully she’ll be back soon. I want an ice-cream sundae, like the one I split with cody before, please. For dessert, but would you like your dinner

before your dessert? I’m having a backwards dinner. Ice-cream sundae first then grilled cheese. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I’ll have a backwards dinner, too. Uh, chocolate pie and then a chicken caesar salad. Okay. I love it. Two backwards dinners coming right up. Yeah, sasha was all packed up. So you went to go see her? I did. I wanted to say goodbye before she took off. But you tried to talk her out of leaving, right? I did. But she’s got to make her own decisions. Yeah. Yeah, well, this one’s the wrong one. I don’t know, man. I mean, I understand her wanting to start fresh in a place that doesn’t have bad memories everywhere. Yeah. And some good ones, too. Well, I guess she’s got to weigh the difference between the good and bad ones and make a decision. Thanks for going to see her. Yeah. Just wanted to make sure she was okay. You think she is? I hope so. What about you, man? You okay? One piece of chocolate pie and one sundae. Thank you, carly. Thank you. You’re welcome. Enjoy! Oh! Okay. So you don’t want to wear the halloween costume we ordered? Please, mom, I have to wear a different one. James, you haven’t even told me what it is yet. You’re not going to like it. Oh. Hi! Hey. Hi, hi, hi, hi. Mwah. Oh. Hmm. Okay. Why — why are we, uh — thank you. Why are we meeting here? I mean, they do not serve wine, you know. And right now I could really use a glass of wine. Yeah, yeah. I’m sorry about that. I thought it would be a little more intimate. In any case, never mind that. Where did you wander off to? I was waiting for you at the metro court. I know. Sorry. Okay. So I — I had that contract I had to sign to give 51% of my deception to tracy, right? So I decided I would go to the quartermaines’ and I wanted to look her in the eye and then I wanted to take that contract and just…cram it down her throat. But she wasn’t there. Well, that was a blessing. Erm. Mnh. Anyway, so not only now did tracy blackmail me out of control of my company… she’s completely trying to derail my creative vision. You’re never gonna lose me, trina. I almost did. Joss said that you were kidnapped by some horrible man. W-why? You know, none of that even matters now. He’s in police custody, and he’s gonna get the punishment that he deserves for what he did. How can you be so calm about it? Believe me, I wasn’t calm when it was happening. If dex and dante hadn’t shown up when they did… joss said dante shot the man. Yeah. And he survived. Of course. Men like him usually do. He’s being treated at G.H. That must have been awful. It was. I have to move on, move forward. You know, for avery’s sake. I have to put it behind me. You’re so strong, ava. Yeah, maybe. Maybe not as strong as you think.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I thought about you so much when I was in new york city. Mm! Yes! Tell me about it. I hope you had a wonderful time. I did. I did. But it wouldn’t have been nearly as good if it weren’t for you. You changed my life forever, ava. After much, much digging, I found this. What’s this? Confirming what you already knew. Renault is mason and austin’s boss. Good. Then I have proof that cyrus was pulling the strings. Brick: Yeah. So he’s the guy responsible for ava’s kidnapping and he’s the one who planted betty in your house to dig up information. And he turned over that doctored evidence she came up with to the feds. Yeah. If you weren’t a step ahead, you would have been going into prison right around the time he was being released. And port charles would have been wide open for cyrus to take over. No matter. You’re still here. And because you’re still here, he’s not in any position to take over any territory whatsoever. Well, you know what? That is true. But he’s still a threat. I cannot believe nina wouldn’t contact her only aunt to let her know she was getting married! Do I mean nothing to her?! Actually, the whole thing was totally last-minute. I mean, nina and sonny eloped. Oh! So it was just the two of them? Well, not exactly. Be exact. Please. A few people were there. How few? Michael and kristina and wiley and donna and me. Well, that’s more than a few! You and michael went to the wedding? I have missed a lot. I am sure nina wanted you there, but you were at the spa, and she probably didn’t want to bother you. She could’ve given me a choice, but she didn’t! No matter. I shall move on. If I learned anything in gdansk… gdansk? That’s where the spa was. And on my hikes and meditation, I learned that we must not spend time lamenting the past. We must stay in the present and be thankful and curious about what is going on in the here and now. That sounds like a good philosophy. So, tell me, my beautiful grand-niece, how is your here and now? It couldn’t be better. Nina: I don’t understand, michael. When you said that you would bring willow and wiley to the wedding, I thought we reached a new agreement. That’s because that’s what my father wanted, and willow agreed to go. No. You were happy for us. You were happy for both of us. And so was willow. And wiley — he had a wonderful time at the wedding. Yeah, he did. And you said that your father is happy. He is. No, michael. You’re not pretending. I saw your face when you were watching me and your father after the ceremony. I knew that you knew how much that moment meant to us. And I finally felt like that animosity between us was finally falling away. I felt so — what, lucky? That’s because you were lucky, nina! Because sonny, willow, not even I knew what you did. But now I know. And your luck has run out. Yeah. I’m fine. And if that’s the only reason why you came here, then I got work to do. Besides, you were always useless in a barn anyways. Yeah, I’m useless in a barn, but I’m sure there’s some — I don’t know — menial task even I can do. Okay, yeah. Uh, well… trigger could use an apple. There you go. Half it up. Okay. You remember camp. Didn’t think you were able to do it, so I did it. It’s all good. I got you, trigger. Hey, buddy. -Just don’t bite my hand. -Only if you’re evil. So you want to tell me why you think I’m so screwed up? What are you talking about, man? I never said you were screwed up. “What about you, cody? Are you okay?” Wow! Wow. So a guy just can’t ask a buddy if he’s doing okay? Why do you think I’m not okay? I don’t know. Maybe because you pretended to be crazy so you could get institutionalized so you could save sasha, then you save her… and she decides to move to texas. That’s her choice. You know, it’s okay to admit that you’re gonna miss her and you like her and all that kind of stuff. I’m going to miss her. That’s good. That’s a good first step. Mm-hmm. And I’m sure you’re gonna tell me the second step that I should be taking. I will. I’ll tell both of you the next step. Uh-huh. You tell mac that you’re his kid and stop pretending that you’re not. We’ve been through all of that. Yeah, I remember. You know what? I actually love the fact that I’m not the only one who knows anymore. What does that mean? Well, you told sam. You told sasha. I’m no psychiatrist, but I, uh, kind of have a feeling that deep down you kind of want mac to find out that you’re his kid. Martin: I don’t understand. You like sasha. I love sasha. I have told you that many, many times. I adore her. And she still has an interest in deception. So wouldn’t you think it’d be in her best interest if our company was as profitable as possible and as soon as possible? I suppose. You suppo– yes! But tracy doesn’t see that. You understand? She is mandating that sasha remain the “face of deception.” But you know what? We haven’t even asked sasha. Does she want that? So, I spoke to selina wu and let her know who’s in control. She’s definitely gonna be cooperating when it comes to cyrus. She’s not a stupid woman. She understands the power structure. Yeah, I know. But I need your expertise, brick. Name it. What’s up? Cyrus has, you know, given a lot of money to this foundation, and I want to know where the money’s coming from. Do you really think a guy like renault would give all his money away? Not likely. He probably has a stash somewhere else. But we have to figure out who else he’s working with. Seems like a renegade to me, but I’ll check it out. I’ve got a lot of enemies in this town, you know? Cyrus is not going anywhere, and he’s got a lot of connections in port charles. I’ll do a deep dive into his finances, see where the money leads.

[ Knock on door ] Brick: Ah! This is a bonus. Brick! Getting to see my favorite girl.

[ Laughs ] How you doing? I don’t know what you’re accusing me of, michael. Accusing you? You only wish that I was accusing you. See, I’m — I’m stating a fact.

[ Beep] Martin: I called the sec at nina reeves’ direction

and I suggested

they investigate drew cain and carly spencer for insider trading.

[ Beep ] Where did you get that? Doesn’t matter. What matters is that martin is telling the truth. Now, the question is, what am I gonna do with it? Wiley and amelia are both doing so well. And michael has been amazing. I was very impressed with how how loving and supportive he was in your time of need. He still is. And somehow things have gotten better with nina. You went to her wedding. That’s a good sign. I’m certain she was so happy you were there. She loves you very much. I’m starting to think we might actually be able to develop some kind of relationship. Of course you will. It sounds as if everything is perfect. Well, not everything. Drew cain is still locked up in pentonville. Injustice. That man not only saved my life — in turn, yours as well. Yes. And I pray that he will be released soon. From your mouth… but there’s something else. No. I can see it. Please share with me. I… I keep having this dream. Dreams are important. Tell me. It’s harmony. In the dream, it’s as if she’s warning me not to trust someone. Classic freudian. After all you’ve been through, your mind is trying to tell you to stay alert. It’s trying to protect you from your deepest fear, that the uncertainty and struggle you’ve been through will return. But it is a false dream. You must ignore it. Your future, your family’s future, now your future with your birth mother — they’re all bright and beautiful! Wolf: Don’t mind me. Did you get to all the museums on your list? Yeah. And they were amazing. And guess what. Spencer got us a first-class tour of the archives at the met. That’s incredible. Yeah, and I was walking through, and I realized that I liked art before I worked at the gallery. I just didn’t understand why or — or how to really appreciate it. You had a great eye from the moment we met. But you opened my eyes to that. You helped me realize that it’s more than just about the strokes or the beautiful sculpture. It’s — it’s something else. A meaningful piece of art can give you an understanding and — no, it can — can give you an actual feeling of what the artist went through to create it. Yes. Yeah. And that’s what I felt when I went to the met. Those paintings made me feel something. Hm. You are extraordinary. No. You opened my eyes to all of it. I love my mom and I love both of my dads, and I’m so lucky to have both of them. All of them. But I’m also lucky because when I met you… it’s like I found a second mom. So you haven’t even spoken to sasha? Um, no. I mean, come on. After that horrible ordeal with that barbaric doctor and her crazy mother-in-law, I just thought she needed space. She needed her privacy. And I completely understand. But she doesn’t know about tracy’s plans. Uh, no. And according to maxie, sasha is leaving town today. But tracy — she wants me to somehow track down sasha and demand — what am I supposed to do? Really? Force her to remain the “face of deception”? Well, don’t you at least owe it to her to let her know it’s an option?

[ Sighs ] I-I guess. I-I don’t know. Because I have found the perfect choice to be the “face of deception” to replace sasha.

[ Sighs ] Then I could wear the first costume for the halloween parade at school… and the second costume for trick-or-treating. Sounds like you got it all figured out. I do. You don’t need two costumes, james. Of course he does. Because halloween is the most important holiday of the year. Oma!

[ Giggles ] Ohh! Hello. Beautiful boy. What do you want, michael? You know, I expected a denial. Oh, there’s no point. Clearly, you coerced martin into betraying attorney/client privilege. You said that you saw your father earlier. I assume that you didn’t tell him or anyone else. No, I haven’t, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna tell everybody what you did. I didn’t do anything illegal… unlike your mother and drew. Right. So you don’t care if I tell everyone what you did. Just tell me what you want! I want you to stay away from willow forever! But that’s only gonna make her suspicious. So this is what’s gonna happen. From now on, you are going to get my permission before even setting foot near them. Why? Why would you even think that? Willow and wiley had a wonderful time at the wedding. Your father is finally happy. Why don’t you just leave it alone? What, you think you’re gonna get off that easy for what you did to my mom and drew? Me? Me get off that easy? Me get off that easy? Your mother kept both of my daughters from me. I didn’t know that nelle was my daughter until after she was dead, but did carly know? Yes, she did. I could have helped nelle. No one could have helped nelle. You are talking about wiley’s mother and my daughter, so watch it! And after carly put me through hell, did she change? No. She found out that willow was my daughter, too. Did she tell anyone? Did she tell me? Did she tell you? Did she tell willow or anyone? No. She waited until willow was literally dying! Yeah, people are gonna be a little angry at me that I turned in carly and drew to the sec for doing something illegal, but that is nothing compared to what she has done to me. And I am telling you this — you are not keeping me away from my daughter. Or my grandchildren. Well, that is crazy. I do not want mac to know that I’m his son. Well, why do you keep telling everybody? Three people. I told three — three friends. I’m just saying that you don’t want anyone to know something, you don’t tell anyone. I knew I could trust you. And sam and sasha.

[Mockingly] Yes and yes. I’m just saying. People slip up when they know stuff. Well, I knew you weren’t gonna tell anyone. Neither is sam. A-and sasha’s on her way to texas. This is ridiculous. Why am I even arguing this? Okay? Mac has this tight-knit family. He’s happy. The last thing he needs is to be stuck with a guy like me for a son. Mac trusted you. He bent the rules to help you take down montague. He did that for sasha, and I-I’m thankful for it. I don’t think so. I think he did it ’cause he believed in you. He’s seen, you know, the side of you that can sabotage yourself with poker games and such. Okay. See? See? Exactly. Who in their right mind would want to be stuck with someone like that as a son? Because he’s also seen the other side of you that does good stuff — like saving sasha. I saw the way he looked at you after you did that. He was proud of you. Be proud to call you his son. I didn’t know you were in town! Just got back. Just got back. I hope you’re doing okay. I-I’m trying. I am really sorry that I had to call you, but I’m glad you’re here. You did the right thing. She’s the one who told me that cyrus was set free. Yeah. Is he harassing you? That’s not why I’m here. I’m here because drew went back to pentonville this morning, and when I called to arrange a visit, they said he wasn’t allowed any visitors. Is he in the infirmary? I don’t know. I mean, the G.H. Doctor said he was well enough to go back into general population, but when I asked why I couldn’t see him, they wouldn’t tell me. Okay. Let me — let me check this out. I’ll be right back. -Alright. -Thank you. Stop worrying. He’ll get to the bottom of it. Oh, god, I hope so. How are you? Life is good. Lots of changes in port charles. Yes, and I’m still trying to get used to them all. Same here. You know, I haven’t been back to kelly’s since you took over. You should drop by. You should. I’ve made some improvements. I’m sure you have. I’m usually pretty good about rolling with the punches. Change can be good sometimes. Yes. But I don’t know if I’m ever gonna get used to calling anybody else mrs. Corinthos. My dry eye’s made me a burning, not going to ask yourpermission to see my child. You’re not gonna play god with my life. You know, the only reason why I turned carly and drew in to the sec for doing something illegal? Because I wanted your mother brought to justice! It was impulsive. I will explain it to willow. Oh, right. You think willow will understand? Do you know what drew means to her? I know he helped her. He saved her life! Drew saved your daughter’s life, and you got him sent to prison. No, i didn’T. Oh, no, no. He’s only there because of you, nina. He was beaten so badly that he almost died. Do you think willow’s gonna forgive you for that? No, I didn’t mean for him to get hurt. Oh, you didn’t mean for him to get hurt. You don’t mean for a lot of things to happen. But you know what? Bad things always do happen when it comes to you, nina. And you know who’s been going out of their way, who’s doing everything he possibly can to protect drew while he’s in pentonville? Sonny. And how do you think he’s gonna feel when he finds out that his new wife is responsible for drew being in prison and costing my mother everything?! You are a shameless flatterer, brick. I am.

[ Chuckles ] But I mean this. How many mrs. Corinthoses have you known? A few. But you’ve always been the one. Thank you. Yeah. But I’m not anymore. Nina is. And I wish them both happiness. Well, I wish sonny happiness. I can see that. He wants the same for you. I know. And I care about what happens to him. That’s why I’m glad you’re in town. Especially with cyrus being out of prison. Well, you know this guy pretty well. I remember you and jason facing off against him several times when sonny was away. When sonny was away? You mean when his new wife let us all believe he was dead?

[ Sighs ] Yeah. Did I say that out loud? I didn’t hear a word. I heard nothing.

[ Laughs ] Hey. Jason and I wouldn’t have gotten through that time without you. Cyrus is vicious. Please look out for sonny. Consider it done. Thank you. Not a lot of mothers would be so open to their daughters working with me, let alone becoming friends with me. But you’re more than a friend, ava. And my mom knows how important you are to me. And she really appreciates everything that you’ve done for me. You know, when — when I lost kiki… look. It’s okay. Thank god for avery. Now I have avery. And I love her. And I know that she loves me. But she’s just…. she’s just a kid. You know? And… there aren’t — there aren’t many people in my life who care about me. With no agenda, you know? And I’m just — I feel so lucky to be sitting with one of those people right now. You really think mac was proud of me?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, man, I do. I wouldn’t have said it otherwise. Thanks, dante. T-that means a lot to me. But you’re still not gonna do anything about it, right? I really — I really think that things are better the way that they are. What are you talking — how can they be better for mac not knowing he’s got a kid? I’m a loner. You know that. Hey. You know that about me. And you also know that I’m only gonna screw things up again. Mac’s happy now. I don’t need to mess up his life. Okay, but what are you talking about being a loner? ‘Cause I think you have more friends than I do at this point.

[ Chuckles ] I did get lucky. Hm. Hey. Why don’t you come to the house next sunday? Watch the game with me, sam, and the kids. I mean, provided scout doesn’t commandeer the tv and put on “lilo & stitch” again, that is. There ain’t nothing wrong with that. Look. I’ll be there either way, okay? Okay. Good. And, uh, you know what? Texas ain’t mars. Alright? Remember that. Yeah. I know. I know. Texas isn’T… hey, dante. Hey. Yeah? Um, dude, I meant what I said. I am lucky to have you as a friend. Yeah, I know.

[ Chuckles ] Liesl. We obviously missed you very much. Very much. Oh, and I have missed my family. Mwah! Although my time at the spa was divine. Ohh! Can’t wait to hear about it. Grandma, do you want half of my grilled cheese sandwich? James! Sorry, liesl. James, we agreed we would do backwards dinner if you ate your entire grilled cheese. M-o-o-om! J-a-a-ames! Liesl: James, you must listen to your mother, hm? Blaze is not only beautiful,but she is a fantastic singer. So picture this. We go to “home & heart.” She sings this wonderful song, belts out that tune, knocks everybody’s socks off, and then we sell lots and lots of deception product. Slam dunk. But tracy doesn’t see it your way? No. The answer to digging ourselves out of the hole that we’re in is right in front of us, and tracy will have nothing to do with it. Tracy is right. My mom’s alzheimer’s never onna be for halloween, oma? Oh, it is a difficult choice. Either an alpine maiden or a nascar driver. Nascar driver! Okay. [ Chuckles ] Okay, yes, blaze would be a fabulous idea… if sasha wasn’t already the “face of deception.” We discussed this with tracy. We agreed. You did? Uh, well, you know, you’re right, but — there’s a but! Lucy, come on. We owe sasha the option to continue. But you said that sasha is leaving town today, so… we agreed that we would call her! Come on. Lucy, you know how important sasha was in getting deception off the ground. We owe her another chance. Dante has a different life. It’s hard for him to see that it doesn’t pay to invest too much in other people. And it’s not their fault, and I-I don’t regret anything that I did. I understand that people need to look out for themselves. Sometimes that means starting over someplace else. It just really sucks when someone who cares gets left behind.

[ Door creaks ] Tell me more about your trip. And I don’t mean the museum part. Well, spencer and I had a wonderful time. He had so much planned, and it was all so special. We had dinner on a beautiful rooftop with beautiful views. And it was the first time you were really alone together. Yeah. Um… a-and he got me this. Wow. Well, that boy has excellent taste. And not just in necklaces. The whole trip was just a dream. And… now we’re back to reality. Ah. Esme. And ace. Yeah. He still has so much to work out. Well… I’m glad you had a great trip. And, trina, if it’s meant to be… I know. Hey. Did you hear anything? The reason drew can’t have any visitors is ’cause he’s in solitary. What? Yeah. Why? Drew was the one attacked and almost killed. Why the hell is he being punished? Carly, they might be doing this for his protection. Brick is right. And to cover their butts. They either don’t know or don’t want to know who attacked drew. But the prison — they don’t want a repeat. That would be

horrible press. Carly, the fact that he’s in solitary under their observation, that means he’s safe. He’s not gonna be safe until he’s out of pentonville for good. Is that a possibility? Alexis is working on it. Alexis is looking into the judge’s past cases. She thinks she found some improprieties. And I assume you’re helping her. I’m doing everything that I can. The main priority right now is to get drew out of pentonville. When he is set free, we’ll figure out what we’re gonna do with cyrus. I’ll explain it to sonny. I’ll just — I’ll tell him that I acted impulsively. Yeah, I’m sure — yeah. Explain it to sonny. Explain it to willow. I’m sure they’ll understand how you — how you did what you did in the most underhanded, secretive way. No… oh, yeah, I’m sure they’ll understand why you lied to them this whole time. Yeah, I’m sure sonny will understand that when — when my mother stood there and accused ned of turning them in to the sec, you stood silent. I mean, after all, sonny, you know — he’s very understanding of lies and deception. No, you can’t tell sonny. I can and I will. If you don’t do exactly what I tell you to do. You know, I’m not even sure that sonny should be the one you’re most worried about right now because once my mom finds out what you did… don’t you understand? You’re not only trying to control my life. You’re trying to control willow’S. I’m trying to protect my family from you! See, my father is happy right now, so I’m not gonna take that away from him. I’m sure he’ll be happy until he finds out the kind of woman that you really are. I love sonny. I don’t care. I’m not risking my family. You will only see them when I say that it is okay to see them. And you’re gonna do something else for me, too. You’re gonna sell my mother her half of the metro court back. She doesn’t have the money, michael. How’s she gonna buy it back? I suggest you figure out a way. No. It’s too much. This is too much. This is all you get, nina. Take it or leave it.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Your assistant said michael was in here. I hope… I’m not interrupting.

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