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After you. Okay. Alright, I’m impressed. This place is nice. Yeah. I really love it up here. How do you know the guy who owns this cabin? Dan and I interned together. He’s a good guy. Make yourself at home. Just put your stuff anywhere.

[ Sighs ] This is comfy and perfect. He said it would be here somewhere. He just didn’t say where. What are you looking for? You know, if you tell me, I can help you look for it. Found them. Okay, I never would have guessed that’s what you’re looking for. What are we doing? Hunting vampires? Hi. Um, do you have time to talk to mayor collins? She’s here to see you. Yeah, I always have time for laura. Send her in. Thank you, esme. Hey. Esme: You’re welcome. Hey. Boy, you have really settled into your new role as the receptionist. Well, she’s actually doing a very good job. In fact, she caught a mistake I made and saved me a lot of trouble a few weeks ago. It’s all part of my job. Let me know if you need anything. Okay. Welcome home. Thank you. Good to see you. You, too. Alright, what did you find out about nikolas? Oh, well, before I fill you in on all of that, I want to thank you for keeping your eye on esme while I was out of town with kevin. Good morning, mr. Gatlin. I need to check your incision sites to make sure they’re healing properly and there’s no sign of infection. Okay? I need you to roll onto your side. And I need you to make yourself useful. I need some more damn drugs.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey, joss. Hey. Why did you leave so early this morning? I woke up and you were gone. Yeah, I’m at the gallery, covering for ava. After everything that happened in the past few days, she wanted to take the morning off and spend it with avery. Oh, that’s really sweet of you. Listen, can you do me a favor?

Yeah, anything. So, somebody’s supposed to drop off an art book at the dorm for me. Has it come yet? No, it hasn’T. And I’ve been in the dorm all morning studying with adam for organic chem. Okay, when it comes, can you just leave it on my bed? Yeah, of course. Okay. Thanks. Uh, hey, joss, I got to let you go. Somebody’s here. So, you’ve done this before? Done it, uh, once. I want to warn you, it can get pretty messy. I’m not the one who’s afraid to get messy. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to me to know that esme was here working with you and her baby was just down the hall in the daycare center. And I wasn’t kidding. She actually is doing a good job. Who’d have thunk it?

[ Laughs ] And I love having that cute little boy down the hall. He’s darling. Isn’t he? And he’s big. Have you seen how big he’s gotten? Yeah. Oh, I just wish that nikolas could see him. I’ll let your surgeon know that you’re still in pain. But right now, you are receiving the correct dosage of pain medicine. Doc, I’m really hurting here. I need something stronger. Okay? Do you think I’m lying to you? No, I don’t think you’re lying. But according to your chart, you just received your pain meds. Try to relax and let the medicine take effect. Oh, just get me another doctor, then, okay?! You don’t look old enough to be an intern. Any doctor who comes in here would read your chart and come to the same conclusion. We can’t endanger your health by ordering additional pain medicine. Do you need your ears checked? Because obviously you do if you ain’t heard me the first time. I need more drugs, now! Mr. Gatlin, I really need you to try to take a better tone — just out of my room. Go. Sir, I need you to calm down. Oh, god. Here you go, just running your mouth. I can’t listen to your whining anymore. I can’t wait for this to be over so I never have to hear you speak again. You never used to shut up down there, either.

[ Groans ] Wait. Wait. No, no. I know who you are. Yeah, I’m your patient. Now get me some more drugs. You were one of the men that was holding me captive when I was abducted. You held me prisoner for days.

[ Chuckles ] Well, then, cry me a river. So, is that it? The roles are reversed — now I’m your prisoner? I guess I don’t know what I’m saying. I must really be stoned. No, you know what you’re saying. You know what you did to me, don’t you? You know what you did to me, and you’re going to pay for it, you sick son of a bitch! That’s so old school. What is? Oh, handwritten notes. I mean, I don’t know how you can keep up with what the professor is saying and, like, write everything down fast enough. I don’T. I actually record the lecture, and then later on, I transcribe it in my own handwriting. Apparently there’s a bunch of research on this. If you actually handwrite things, you remember them better instead of, like, typing it. You’re full of surprises. You know that? Well, you should try it sometime. Seriously. I mean, it just seems like a waste of time. Oh, yeah, I get it. Your grades are already perfect, but I don’t know. This — this just helps a lot with memory retention. It’s the easiest way for me to remember all of the details. Trina, what a nice surprise. Forgive me for startling you. I… what are you doing here? Oh, right down to business. I like that. Not sure if you’ve heard, but I was released from pentonville. God bless our justice system. What do you want? I’m here to find some artwork for my new place. I thought ava would be here. This is just a fortuitous accident, finding you here. There’s no such thing as an accident when it comes to you. Yeah, I stopped by general hospital to apologize to dr. Robinson, and she gave me a stern warning not to seek you out. And, of course, I would abide by your mother’s wishes. Then leave. You’re right, I-I should — I should go. But before I do, I would like to apologize to you for my past actions. For — for what I put you and your — your mother through. What you put us through? I can’t believe this bs that I’m hearing. You held us hostage at gunpoint, and you want me to forgive you? You’re more of a psychopath than I thought you were. Get out! Now! Spencer: Trina? What’s going on? Cyrus, what are you doing here? Spencer, my boy. I really would like you to call me uncle. Remember the things you loved… …before asthma got in the way? Fasenra is an add-on treatment okay, lay it on me. Thanks. What do you know about nikolas? Oh, well, everyone who told me that chechnya would be a dead end was right. He wasn’t there? No. And no sign that he had ever been there. The same with cassadine island. There was absolutely no trace of him. So, then, kevin and i actually went to italy, to the cassadine mansion on lake como. I know it well. Yeah. That was also a dead end. And then I just had this gut feeling that maybe I should go check in with his banker in geneva, because eventually he’s going to need money, and that’s where his biggest holdings are. Was he there? No, we just missed him. But I got confirmation that he had been there. Several times, in fact. And one time, he moved a very large sum of money. I couldn’t get the details on it, but the good news is I walked away from there knowing that my son’s alive. Great. Thank god, right? Yes. But the bad news is that, uh, he doesn’t want to be found. Tj, what’s wrong? I just found out who abducted and held me prisoner. Wait. What? Who? Mason gatlin. The man who abducted ava jerome? Are you sure of this? I have never been more certain of anything in my life. It is him. Well, if it isn’t the doctor in the family. Says the felon in the family. Aw, didn’t you miss me, cuz? Nope, not at all. Well, at least, did you bring me some better drugs? You’ve had enough drugs. What did you tell the cops? What do you think I told them? I’m not messing around here, mason. What did you tell them? I told them that I kidnapped ava for you. You’re out of prison? I am. Miracles do happen, if you believe. Wait — spencer, I thought you knew that he was released? No. He went to gh and harassed my mother yesterday. She called me and she said she’s getting a restraining order so that you’d stay away from us. But here he is, bothering me. Spencer, I explained this to trina already. I had no idea she would be here. I stopped in to patronize ava’s gallery. If ava wants to sell you something, that’s on her, but I refuse. I refuse to wait on you. I don’t blame you. Oh, stop with this disgusting act. I don’t buy it. Trina, you’re angry at me, and I understand. I did a terrible thing to you and your mother. You’re damn right you did. And I regret it deeply. But since finding the lord, I’ve tried to make amends. Spencer, you — you know this. You witnessed it at pentonville. I did everything I could to make sure no harm came to you while you were there. I did everything to protect you. You want to try to pick one carefully. Why? Well, you know, sometimes it doesn’t work. No. Is there a trick to hitting the vein? No, a little luck, little skill. You usually don’t get one on the first try, but maybe you will. Let’s see. Yeah, this looks good. Come on. Come here. Are you ready? Okay. Put your bucket down. Alright. Yeah. Alright. Now, hold it right there with your left. Okay. Alright, and you’re going to… you’re going to strike it with your hammer, right here with your right, alright? You want to watch your fingers.

[ Laughs ] Watch my fingers. Watch my fingers. I’m going to watch both of our fingers. Okay, I got it. You sure? Yes, I got it. You sure? Let go! [ Laughs ] Okay. Everything I do that’s for my health is an accomplishment. Concerns of getting screened faded yes. You did look after me while I was in pentonville. But what you did to trina and to dr. Robinson and to my grandmother is unforgivable. Someone could have been killed that night. Spencer, I realize that, and I’m trying to make amends with everyone that I wronged. Spencer, are you buying this? Oh, look at that. The — the turtle dove. I gave those to spencer just before christmas last year in the hope that he would share them with you, trina. And he did. That warms my heart. You don’t have a heart. I hope you kept the other one, spencer. I did. Good. May I? No. I’m not going to stand here and make pleasant conversation with somebody who held me and my mother at gunpoint.

[ Laughing ] You should see your face. “Oh, no. I’m going to prison.” You’re an idiot, austin. If I had given you up to the almighty pcpd, you’d be in custody right now, not walking the halls of a hospital. You’re a joke. You’re insane. You know that? You are — you are. You’re certifiably insane. What did you tell them? I came in with two bullet holes in my back, cuz. I didn’t really have time to have a sit-down and chit-chat. But worry not. I do a tell-all when the cops offer me a deal. They’re not going to offer you a deal. I start rattling off details, I’m pretty sure they will. You know, I plan to tell the police it was you and me together in on the ava kidnapping. There is no proof that I had anything to do with ava being kidnapped. And they are never going to believe a word out of your mouth. I think they will. Tell me why you think mason gatlin is the one who abducted you. Look, I-I kept running into him in his cousin’s office, dr. Gatlin-holt, and I had this feeling that I knew him from somewhere. I just couldn’t put my finger on how or where. And today — today — tj. Tj. Take a deep breath.

[ Breathes deeply ] Today it finally clicked. I was treating gatlin, and it was something that — that he said to me that made me recognize his voice. It is distinctive, mom. He was the leader of those men that held me captive. It was — it was him. You were abducted to force my cooperation. Now we can both get justice. We can make sure that mason gatlin is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. No. We can’T. Why not? I really feel sad for nikolas. Mm. The decisions that he’s making now are affecting every single relationship in his life. And I just — I just wish I could get him to see that. But of my three children, he is the hardest to get through to. The brooding and the stubborn side of him is cassadine. The light and the loving side of him is you. But the bottom line is he did a lot of bad things and made bad choices in the last year, and they just compounded to the point where he felt the only alternative was for him to run and hide, which is exactly what he did. Even if it meant leaving spencer and ace. Alexis, let me ask you something. From a legal standpoint, if nikolas were to come back to port charles today, how severe would the charges be against him for holding esme hostage? Esme doesn’t remember that she was held hostage. So, at the moment, that would work in his favor. As far as the rest of it, that’s up to robert scorpio, da, to decide whether he wants to prosecute or not. And as far as I know, the only thing they have right now is a statement from elizabeth baldwin. Well, but she’s a very credible witness. They still need corroborating evidence, and they need esme’s testimony. And without that, I don’t think that he’ll face criminal charges. I wish nikolas knew that. Laura… the truth is, is even if he did, I don’t think it would matter. Wow.

[ Laughs ] Right? What did you say about not getting it on the first time? Beginner’s luck.

[ Chuckles ] Mmm. How is it? See for yourself. Amazing. Kayaking is my thing. Running is awesome. But her moderate to severe eczema would make her skin so uncomfortable. I was always so itch y es I just wish there was a way for me to get ahold of nikolas. I mean, even though I know once he’s made up his mind, there’s usually no changing it. Nikolas prides himself on being the good son, the good father, and he was all those things until he wasn’T. He blew it. And he knows that, which is why he ran. He doesn’t want to face the people he disappointed. But that’s why I feel it’s so important for me to reach out to him, to let him know that I love him, I support him, even though he made some bad decisions. I’m sorry to say this, but nikolas has resources the rest of us don’t have. And when a cassadine wants to disappear without a trace, they do. So, I think the only choice that we have is to just let him figure this out and come back on his own time. But he’s got a beautiful baby boy he’s never even met. And he’s missing moments in those — in the baby’s life that he will never be able to get back again. I just wish that he’d come to his senses and come back soon, that’s all. Well, I wish that, too, for ace’s sake. And I will tell you that spencer believes he’s very independent, but he needs his father, too.

[ Scoffs ] It’s so ironic. What is? That I can’t bring my son home, but my brother’s back, whether I want him or not. So, looking at my notes, I see the professor has mentioned twice in the same lecture “small alkanes.” Can you name all four? Come on. Is — is that the best you can do? No cheating. Okay, okay. First, joss, I would suggest knowing the definition of an alkane. An alkane, or otherwise known as a paraffin, is an acyclic saturated hydrocarbon. Or if the professor gets complex in his questioning, an alkane consists of both hydrogen and carbon atoms arranged in a tree structure in which all of the carbon-carbon bonds are single. So, now, to answer your question, the four smallest alkanes are methane, ethane, propane, and butane. Okay, well, it’s official. You’re a genius. I see why you get such great grades. Well, I-I have to. The, uh, competition is fierce to get into any med school, let alone the ones that are on my parents’ approved list. I’m sorry.

Your parentshave a list of medical schools? Oh, yeah. They want me to either go to harvard, stanford, or johns hopkins. I’m leaning towards harvard. I really love boston. Well, yeah. Boston is beautiful in the fall. So, what about you? What about me? What medical school are you leaning towards? Oh, my gosh. I don’t know. I mean, I haven’t really thought that far ahead. My goal right now is to just do well in undergrad and then move on to the next thing. You know, take it in manageable steps. And your parents are okay with that approach? Yeah, I mean, my parents are okay with anything as long as it’s reasonably productive and I’m happy doing it. Wow, I mean… what’s thali? , I haven’t really thoughtthat far ahead. My goal right now is to just do well in undergrad and then move on to the next thing. You know, take it in manageable steps. And your parents are okay with that approach? Yeah, I mean, my parents are okay with anything as long as it’s reasonably productive and I’m happy doing it. Wow, I mean… what’s thali? As long as it’s reasonably productive and I’m happy doing it. Wow, I mean… what’s thali? What do you mean, gatlin can’t be prosecuted for what he did to me? Tj, yes, you were a victim of abduction. But let’s look at this the way da scorpio would. You were blindfolded, correct? Yes. Disoriented? Yeah. Then your account of the situation and the details surrounding it are unreliable at best, and we have no supporting evidence to corroborate your statements. We don’t even know where you were held. This — this is ridiculous, mom! Yes, yes. You’re right, it is. But with my experience in law enforcement, this is not a case I’d ever bring to the prosecutors. He did this to me. Mom, I know this. I know it was him, okay? That voice. That voice — mom, it — it was him. I have no doubt about this. Tj, I believe you, but it’s not up to me. I hate that this happened to you. But if there’s any consolation in this, it’s that mason gatlin is going to be charged with abduction and attempted murder for what he did to ava jerome. That is great. That — that is — that is so great for ava. I’m happy that she’s getting her justice. Okay? I am. But what about mine? Where’s my justice? I’m not going to allow you to waltz in here and pretend that you didn’t hold me hostage at gunpoint. You threatened to shoot me if my mother didn’t tend to your gunshot wound. And if laura hadn’t offered to take our places as your hostage, you would have killed us. Those words came out of your mouth. So, you just want me to forget all that? I never asked anyone to forget what I did. I asked them to forgive, like the good book says. Oh, so, let bygones be bygones? You expect me to accept your pathetic, meaningless apology just because you’re spencer’s uncle? Well, guess what, I don’t forgive you. And I don’t care if you did protect spencer in pentonville. If you come near me again, I will call the cops. Come on, cuz. We’ve been seen together plenty of times in plenty of places by plenty of people. Especially your coworkers here at general hospital. Face it, we’re thick as thieves. When it comes to masterminding an abduction, who’s better to play the boss? Who’s better to play the henchman? I can play dumb with the best of them. I’m just going to tell the cops that I was doing everything that my big, smart doctor cousin told me to do. Why? Really, why? Implicating me isn’t going to make you less guilty, mason. You’re a lready going togo down for this, you know that. Yeah, I know, but I’m going to take you with me. You have been a pain in my ass for years. Always being so high and mighty, thinking you’re better than me. Why? Because you got some fancy piece of paper from a college. Well, I want to see how high and mighty you are when we’re sharing a prison cell. Wait, how many tries is this? Well, there was that time you hit your finger, and then you hit the tree. Uh-huh. And then the other time, I don’t know what you were aiming for. We’ll just call it four times. Good luck. What? 10th time’s the charm. Uh-huh. Maybe hunting vampires would have been easier. Well, I’ve got enough for both of us. Uh-huh. So much for beginner’s luck. Oh, we can have this on our pancakes tomorrow morning. Yeah. Speaking of which, um, are you hungry? Starving. Let’s go make some dinner. Okay. My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love her.But it did change her. It was so much fun. Thank you. Oh, it’s — it’s nice to be out of the city. It’s nice to be out of the hospital and be out here in nature with you.

[ Sighs ] Couldn’t agree more. My hands are so sticky. We have soap around here? Let me have a look. Here. Here we go. Thank you. You’re welcome. Mind if I join you?

[ Laughs ] Of course. Can you give me an example of a functional group? Can I use my notes? No, you may not. Josslyn jacks. Come on. I know you got this. By memory only. Okay. Okay. A functional group is a specific structural arrangement of atoms or bonds that imparts a characteristic chemical reactivity to a molecule?

[ Laughing ] Yes. Really? That’s it! You got it! Oh, my god. I told you you could remember it. Oh, my gosh, I feel like I just ran a marathon. Okay, well, now I need a break. Okay. We should — we should maybe go down and get some food or something.

[ Knock on door ] Oh, well, that’s probably the art book getting delivered.

[ Gasps ] Hi! Oh, you’re just in time to save me. I really wasn’t going to bring cyrus up. Oh, that’s okay. I’m fine. It is baffling to me how a miscarriage of justice to that extent could happen. Yeah. Leave it to cyrus to find a way to finagle a hardship release. It’s really unbelievable. I don’t know how you deal with it.

[ Sighs ] But he is your brother. But still… I’m very, very conflicted. I mean, I do believe in rehabilitation, but that would mean restoring someone to a moral state that — that is acceptable to society. I don’t know that that’s possible with cyrus. And then after all the things that he’s done, my god, does he even deserve that? The judge felt he did.

[ Sighs ] Well, then I guessI’ll do my best to believe that the judge is right and that cyrus can become a productive member of society. Mm. Yeah. But between you and me, it’s going to be a really long time before I trust my brother. I can understand why you don’t trust me. Hey, it’s, uh, it’s time for you to go now. Okay. I owe you a great debt, trina. If you ever need my help for any reason, you only need to ask. I will never ask you for anything. Do you hear me? Never. Now get the hell out! Hey. It’s okay. You’re alright. It’s okay. Hey. I’m here. You’re alright. Okay. I have active psoriatic arthritis. But with skyrizi to treat my skin and joints, we should wash our hands together more often. Definitely. We’re filthy all the time.

[ Laughs ] Should we start dinner? Maybe dinner can wait. I don’t know. We’ve both talked about how — yeah, okay. Dinner can definitely wait. What am i saving you from? Organic chem. I was just telling adam I was going stir crazy in here. How long have you been studying? A few hours. With our midterms coming up, we probably could use a few more hours. Oh, god, no. No, I’m done, adam. Well, you still need to learn the identification of hydrocarbons, though. Oh. Well, if you need to stay and learn the identification of hydrocarbons, I can come back. No, no, no, I need fresh air. Okay, well, that, I can do. You know, I have to take sonny’s speedboat upriver to dry dock it for the winter if you want to come. Really? Okay. Yeah, yeah. Let me grab my jacket. Um…well… I guess that hydrocarbon structures are going to have to wait. But if I ace this midterm, it’s thanks to you. Yeah. Yep. Pick up later this evening? Oh, I can’T. Um, but thursday? Perfect. Our midterm is friday, so… okay, cool. Oh, uh, what about trina’s art book? Do you want me to stick around here and wait for it? Oh, that’s really sweet of you. But seriously, no big deal. I’m sure the delivery person is just going to leave it right outside the door. I don’t mind at all. No, I’m serious. It’s totally fine. Do you have everything? Yeah. Alright. Bye. Are you ready? Yep. Let’s do it. If there’s time after, maybe we get lunch at kelly’s? Kelly’S. Mm. I know the owner. Well, they say that trust is built over time. Let’s see if cyrus can earn your trust. I mean, really, do you believe his religious conversion is sincere? To be perfectly honest, I am really not sure. You know, what I want to do is sit down with my brother martin and compare notes with him and get his take on it.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Sorry to interrupt, but you have a video conference call in 15 minutes. Do you want me to reschedule it or… oh, no, absolutely not. Not on my account. I am going to get out of your hair and let you get on with your business day. Thank you so much for coming by and catching me up. I appreciate it. Always so nice to see you. So good to see you, as well. Oh, before you go, I have a question. Yeah? Do you know judge kim, the judge that sentenced drew cain? I don’t know him. I’m sorry. Mm. Well, thanks anyway. It was good to see you. You, too. So, I’ll see you at home tonight. You know what? Maybe tomorrow morning, we can all wake up and have family breakfast together? Okay, I’d — I’d like that. Okay, good. Um, I know you have that video conference call to prep for, but I have a quick question, if you don’t mind. Sure. Go ahead. I don’t, uh, really know how to ask this. Just ask. Can I have a raise? You want a raise? Yes. I want to move out of kevin and laura’s apartment. With them back, it’s just all so crowded. Is that the real reason? Yeah. Esme. Okay, I am starting to… …have feelings for spencer. Hey, drink this water. I shouldn’t have given that man that much power over me. Nobody should have that much power over anybody. I’m not going to let him make me a victim again, spencer. Trina, you did good. You did really good. You practically kicked him out all by yourself. Can you promise me something? Trina, I’m never going to let him come near you again. No, no, that’s not what I mean. I know you would never let him do anything to me, but… …I need you to promise that you won’t tell anyone that I — that I lost it like that with him. Especially my mom and curtis. Because my mom is already angry and terrified that he’s released, and I don’t want to add fuel to the fire. I know curtis is — is in a wheelchair, and he feels like he can’t protect us from cyrus. I promise. I’m not going to tell anyone. But clearly, you can take care of yourself. Though, if you ever need backup, just know I’m right here, okay? I know you are.

[ Monitor beeping ] If you’re here to beg and plead, just save your breath. I’m going to take you down with me. Oh, no, no, I’M… …done begging for things in my life. Besides, mason, who would I be begging? Right? I mean, there’s no one in this shell of you that’s even remotely human, so there’s no reasoning with you. You wouldn’t help me, would you? Not on your life. Well, then, I guess it’s just time. It’s time for me to help myself.

[ Monitor turns off ] You don’t have the guts.

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