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Ava is on the phone at home, turning down a job as a personal chef and saying that she received another offer that she couldn’t refuse. Ava hangs up and then gets another call from Harris. Ava wishes him a good first day at the Salem PD. Harris thanks her and jokes that it feels like it’s been 100 years since he was in the police academy so he hopes he knows what he’s doing. Ava encourages that he’ll do great. Harris asks if she’s okay as she sounds stressed. Ava claims she’s fine. Harris promises that she will find a job soon. Ava advises Harris to be careful out there. Harris says he’ll call her when his shift ends as they hang up. Kate then approaches Harris and asks about him getting a job. Harris thanks Kate and says because of her, he talked to Rafe about a job at the police department and she was right about him needing help with the criminals in town.

Ava answers the door to the apartment and meets a man, who says he’s a friend of Clyde Weston and he asked him to stop by to see how Tripp is doing.

Tripp and Wendy wake up in bed together. Tripp talks about trying not to sleep on his arm where he was cut but now he has a stiff neck. Wendy says she can help with that and massages him which Tripp says feels amazing.

Leo has a nightmare about Rafe and Jada bursting in to arrest he and Dimitri. Leo then wakes up in a panic in bed with Dimitri and tells him about the nightmare.

At Rafe’s office, Kayla gives him her statement about what happened at the hospital. Kayla remarks that she can’t believe Dimitri handcuffed her to a bed and that Leo helped him escape. Kayla asks if Rafe can make an exception and tell her about an ongoing investigation. Kayla asks if Rafe has any leads on catching them but Rafe says not yet as they are a little short staffed at the moment, which he’s working on.

Kate asks Harris if Rafe actually hired him. Harris notes that she sounds surprised and questions why Kate told him to ask for a job if she didn’t think Rafe would hire him. Kate explains that she knew the Salem PD could use someone like him but she also thought his past employment would raise red flags. Harris confirms that it did but Rafe knows that working for Megan was not his choice. Kate knows that Megan can cause havoc. Harris assures that Megan doesn’t control him anymore as he was completely deprogrammed and is still seeing Marlena. Kate knows that Harris is no longer a danger. Harris questions Kate still thinking that Rafe is taking a chance by hiring him. Kate acknowledges that Harris’ associates may be a problem. Harris questions who she’s talking about so Kate admits it’s Ava.

Ava asks if the man at the door is the one who hurt Tripp and threatens to do the same to him. He acknowledges knowing about the famous Vitali temper and warns her not to do anything she’ll regret. Ava responds that if he hurts her son, she won’t regret a damn thing. He informs her that he never let a hand on her son.

Wendy mentions having to get up and look for a job. Tripp thanks her for the massage as they kiss in bed.

The man tells Ava that he’s more middle management with Clyde but he’s willing to get his hands dirty. Ava warns him. He responds that if Ava stays in line, she’s good but if she doesn’t, Clyde has plenty of people on the payroll who will have no problem putting her son in the ground.

Dimitri encourages Leo that it was just a dream. Leo says it felt so real. Dimitri assures that they are safe as they got out of the hospital and are now in a motel where no police officer will ever think to look for him. Dimitri says it’s all thanks to Leo. Leo asks what their next move is, pointing out that they can’t stay here because the police will come looking for them and then his nightmare will come true. Dimitri asks what they should do. Leo responds that they have to get out of dodge.

Kayla can’t believe she let Leo Stark get the better of her. Rafe tells her not to blame herself since Leo wasn’t acting alone. Kayla still feels embarrassed after being married to Steve all these years but she couldn’t handle these two. Rafe calls them two particularly slippery weasels. Kayla just wants them caught. Rafe encourages that their pictures are all over and someone’s going to catch them if one of their officers doesn’t. Kayla asks if there’s any lead on the guy that attacked Tripp at the hospital. Rafe says no and talks about how they don’t even know where to look. Rafe wishes he could make Tripp’s case the top priorty. Kayla knows it’s not the first time that someone like that has attacked her staff, she just wishes to get him off the streets. Rafe feels the same and points out that crimes with no motives are harder to solve.

Harris tells Kate that he knows Rafe and Ava have history, but he doesn’t see why that matters to hiring him. Kate thinks Rafe might have questions about Harris’ relationship with Ava. Harris asks if that’s because their relationship ended badly. Kate points out that Ava used her mob connections to try to make Rafe out to be a dirty cop. Harris calls that a long time ago. Kate remarks that she thinks Rafe would have reservations about hiring an officer who is cozying up to the woman that tried to ruin his life. Kate says that’s no exaggeration that Ava nearly ruined Rafe’s life and brings up what she did to Steve. Harris responds that he’s not really in to the whole gossip thing. Kate says it’s not gossip but a warning. Harris thought they were talking about his job. Kate responds that Harris needs to be careful in his job, just like he needs to be careful if he gets romantically involved with Ava. Harris informs Kate that he and Ava are just friends. Kate asks if Ava knows that since he broke her out of Bayview and then took off to London. Harris says it was to rescue Susan Banks. Kate calls that a grand gesture for someone he doesn’t have feelings for. Harris states that he did feel for Ava as she needed help, so he helped her out and that’s it. Kate believes Ava didn’t deserve his help. Harris says she’s entitled to her opinion but he should get going. Kate tells Harris that she likes him, she’s rooting for him, and she’s happy that he has a job and is rebuilidng his life. Kate doesn’t want to see Ava derail that. Harris assures that won’t happen. Kate says that Harris rescued Ava because that’s what he does, but she’s not a victim, she’s a predator. Kate adds that she knows that because Ava is either obsessed with a man or using them. Kate brings up that Ava used her son to launder mob money through Titan. Harris informs Kate that Ava has told him everything about her past and that she says she left it behind. Harris adds that it would be awkward considering he’s now a cop. Harris then gets up and exits the Pub.

Ava tells Clyde’s man that she understands Clyde needs a new business partner but she made it clear that she’s not interested. He argues that Ava owes Clyde for screwing up his plan. Ava argues that it was an accident as she had no idea what Clyde was planning with EJ. The man tells her that because of her interference, EJ is no longer an option, so she needs to step up in his place. Ava repeats that she can’t do that. The man thought yesterday’s incident would be enough of an incentive, but decides maybe she needs more convincing. Tripp then comes out from his room and asks if everything is okay. Ava claims everything is fine and introduces Tripp to Gil Carter, who says that Ava just told him what happened at the hospital and he hopes he’s okay. Tripp says he’s fine and questions what he was talking about Ava needing convincing on. Gil reveals that he’s the owner of the Bistro and claims that he was offering Ava a job as manager because he’s so impressed by her skills but that she seems reluctant to commit. Tripp tells Ava that it sounds perfect for her and asks what the problem is. Gil assures he won’t treat her differently because of her past and that he’s a big believer of second chances. Tripp relates to that as well. Ava then tells Gil that she will take the job and thanks him. Tripp hugs Ava and says that’s amazing.

Kayla goes to the Brady Pub to pick up breakfast and runs in to Kate, who asks if she’s okay after what happened at the hospital. Kayla says that she just has a bruised ego but she’s fine and confirms that Dimitri handcuffed her to a bed. Kayla brings up how Dimitri held Kate prisoner on a boat. Kate hopes the police have tracked Dimitri and Leo. Kayla says not yet but Rafe is on it and is certain that they will be caught and put in jail where they belong.

Leo and Dimitri talk about where they want to go. Dimitri suggests leaving the country. Leo says they will need help. Dimitri suggests his mother Megan but Leo says no as they are on the run and have to be stealthy under the radar while Megan is all about attracting attention. Dimitri asks if he has a better idea. Leo suggests someone must be able to help them. Dimitri says his only family member he could reach out to would be Kristen, who was last pointing a gun at him and Leo’s only friend was Gwen. Dimitri says that brings them back to Megan. Leo reminds him that Megan is a fugitive and they have no idea where she is. Dimitri decides they will have to track her down then. Leo argues that every law enforcement agency has failed to track her down so that would take them some time. Leo says they will have to be on the move and they need cash. Dimitri says they will have to make a plan and stay ahead of the police.

Rafe meets with Jada at the police station. Jada notes there still being no tips on Dimitri and Leo. Rafe comments that she looks like she could use a break. Jada complains that she still has the same case load and no partner, so she could really use some help. Rafe agrees and then introduces Jada to her new partner, Harris Michaels. Rafe calls Paulina, who signs off on the hire so he welcomes Harris to officially being a member of the force. Harris says he’s happy to be here. Rafe says he’ll get him a gun and a badge. Jada mentions looking in to Harris’ file and seeing it’s not all pretty. Harris admits that and hopes this will be a fresh start. Jada assures that Harris is more than qualified and she likes the idea of a Navy SEAL having her back. Harris looks forward to learning from her. Harris asks if their first assignment is still to find who delivered Susan to Edmund Crumb. Rafe responds that he’s decided to start with something a little closer to home. Rafe presents photos of Leo and Dimitri, declaring that they need to find these two punks and make them pay.

Dimitri and Leo come up with $14.42 and thought they had a bit more. Leo questions where the rest of Dimitri’s cash is. Dimitri argues that his inheritance is in jeopardy and says they just need to get their hands on some money. Leo responds that he knows just where they can find it.

Kate tells Kayla that Leo is a real piece of work. Kayla explains how Leo disguised himself as a nurse to wheel Dimitri out of the hospital. Kate calls them a couple from Hell. Kayla asks about Kate and Leo going way back. Kate confirms that she did take over one of Vivian’s plots to have Leo falsely accuse Sonny of sexual harassment but she doesn’t want to think about that. Kayla asks if Kate doesn’t miss the intrigue and scheming. Kate admits that she does a little but, but she’s happy being married to the former police commissioner and decides that’s better than living on the other side of the law.

Tripp congratulates Ava and tells her that he’s so proud of her. Tripp thanks Gil for giving Ava the opportunity. Gil remarks that what they will be doing at the Bistro will be exciting stuff and he’ll be counting on Ava to keep the operation humming along. Gil suggests they head there now to work on their game plan, so Gil and Ava exit. Wendy comes out and asks Tripp if someone was there. Tripp informs Wendy that Ava is going to be the new manager of the Bistro. Wendy jokes about getting a family discount and calls it amazing news. Tripp says he’s really happy for Ava as she was stressed about finding work. Wendy says she was too but she thinks she found a solid lead on a job. Wendy says she’ll tell him if she gets the job as they kiss.

Tripp joins Kayla at the hospital and tells her that his arm is healing well. Kayla mentions speaking to Rafe and he’s not optimistic about the person who stabbed him. Tripp says he’s not too worried about it. Kayla says she is and has security on alert. Tripp thanks her for looking out. Tripp adds that on a happier note, Ava got a job. Kayla is surprised as she thought he wasn’t even sure if she was staying in Salem. Tripp says the job was too good to pass up and reveals that Ava is going to manage the Bistro. Tripp mentions that he met the new owner and he seems like a nice guy. Kayla calls running a restaurant a lot and asks if he’s sure that Ava can handle all the stress. Tripp admits she was nervous but says it’s in her wheelhouse and honest work. Tripp knows Kayla and Steve are concerned about him getting too close to his mom, but insists that she’s better now and dedicated to getting her life back on track. Kayla advises Tripp to promise to stay cautious and to call her or Steve if anything happens. Tripp agrees to do so but assures this job will be good for Ava.

Ava and Gil walk through the town square. Ava doesn’t appreciate him threatening her son. He tells her to focus on the positive that she went straight from the looney bin to a job. Gil says she’ll be making good money and good food. Ava argues that it’s not a restaurant, but a drug front. Gil warns her to keep her voice down. Ava tells him that her heart isn’t in it as she gave up this kind of business a long time ago and she has no desire to get back in to it. Ava proposes an alternative and brings up how she handed over her family business to her cousin Angelo, but she’s sure he could recommend someone more qualified. Gil says she’ll need to speak to Clyde about that. Ava argues that Gil seems more reasonable and smarter than Clyde. Ava suggests they put their heads together and come up with a way to know that this just isn’t going to work out.

Rafe, Jada, and Harris go over how Leo busted Dimitri out of the hospital but there have been no leads. Jada worries that they are already gone. Harris suggests they are holed up somewhere in town and they just have to figure out where to look. Jada suggests starting at Leo’s room at the Salem Inn and that maybe with a fresh set of eyes, they’ll find something they missed. Rafe decides it’s worth a shot and they exit the station.

Leo tells Dimitri that in his room at the Salem Inn, he has an envelope full of cash with enough to get them out of town but they have to figure out how to get there in broad daylight without being seen. Dimitri says he’ll do it since Leo has done enough for him. Leo doesn’t want to risk losing him. Dimitri says they have to do something as they can’t just hide under the sheets. Leo suggests maybe they can.

Rafe has issues with his laptop in his office. Wendy arrives and says she heard that the department needs a new I.T. person and asks what’s going on. Rafe tells her that his screen is frozen and now ads are popping up. Wendy offers to take a look. Rafe asks if they have been hacked. Wendy says it’s just annoying spyware and says that she will remove it. Wendy fixes it which impresses Rafe, who says he’s glad they didn’t get hacked. Wendy warns that they could’ve been easily as they have no anti-spyware installed to protect against viruses. Wendy then guesses Rafe’s password is his birthday and says he needs to up his tech game. Rafe decides that Wendy is hired then and tells her the I.T. job is hers. Wendy argues that he hasn’t interviewed her or seen her resume. Rafe says he saw what she just did. Wendy questions that being impressive enough to hire her on the spot. Rafe jokes that he figures if he hires her then she won’t have time to make phony passports and help fugitives escape.

Leo cuts holes in the bed sheets so that he and Dimitri can dress up a ghosts, insisting that since it’s Halloween time, no one will notice. Dimitri worries that this could get them killed but Leo insists that they will get the money and float on out of Salem.

Tripp reassures Kayla that his arm is fine and asks how her day is going. Kayla mentions being behind on her charts and she hasn’t even started the report on what happened to Tripp yesterday. Tripp says he keeps going over that interaction with the patient and wonders what went wrong. Kayla encourages that he was only trying to help. Tripp feels that he failed. Kayla argues that when someone is under the influence of drugs, they don’t always know what they are doing and are often hallucinating so that could’ve been happening. Tripp just wishes he knew for sure. Kayla knows as doctors they always want answers but they don’t always get them. Kayla adds that when something like this happens with a patient, they may never know his motive.

Gil tells Ava that her being the face of the Bistro is settled and not up for discussing. Gil adds that he’ll keep her suggestion between them, but he’s sure Clyde would not appreciate her going behind his back to try to influence him. Ava apologizes and says she doesn’t want any part of this. Ava begs him and says there has to be another solution. Gil responds that if she wants her son to keep breathing, this is it and there is no other option. Harris and Jada then walk up. Harris greets Ava and notes that she seemed upset, so he asks if something is wrong.

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