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Finn, I — hi. Bad timing? No, not at all. Uh, almost done here. What’s up? It can wait. I’ll talk to you later. Okay. I get it. People have to look out for themselves sometimes, and that sometimes means starting over somewhere new. Just really, really sucks when someone who cares gets left behind. Hey, there. Hi, cody. Are you busy? Just feeding trigger here. You, uh, came to say goodbye? No. I, um, came to say that… I’m staying. You are? Um… well, that’s — that’s great. Cody, you can look at me. It’s okay to ask why I’m not leaving. Well, I am — I’m glad you brought that up, ’cause I am dying to know why you’re staying. Okay, here you go. Thank you so much. Jordan, what brings you to G.H.? I am happy to report I’ve been cleared by my nephrologist. So no more appointments with dr. Simon? Well, considering I only have one kidney, I still need to check in with him every six months. But he’s pleased with my latest ultrasound results. Well, this calls for a celebration. No champagne in the vending machines, but can I buy you a coffee? Aw. No, thanks, but you can give me an update on curtis. How’s he doing? You know curtis as well as I do. He’s tough as nails, and he’s determined to make the best out of this bad situation. Yeah, but it took him a while to get there. Yeah, he was feeling sorry for himself in the beginning and pushing people away. But I think he’s made a lot of progress. Something tells me you gave him a tough love speech. I certainly did. He wasn’t too happy at first, but he came around. I just wish I had an update on the case for him. No word on who did this? No. Unfortunately, we have no answers yet.

[ Sighs ] I keep praying to god to help me understand why this happened. But like you, I — I haven’t gotten an answer yet. Hey, babe. Babe. I’m glad you’re back, because your lunchtime visit wasn’t nearly long enough. Oh. [ Chuckles ] But I do understand why you rushed off. And I want to say thank you. For what? Because, clearly, you told laura it was a good time to come by, and I appreciate it. Laura has been an amazing friend to you, and you haven’t seen each other since the shooting, so I’m glad you two got to spend some time together. Curtis: Yeah. Babe. Is everything okay? Not really. Cyrus renault was released from prison. And I’m guessing that you already heard that. Just found out. I didn’t want to call you and stress you at work. I figured we would talk about it at home. Who told you? Tj. And, of course, I was furious that they actually let this monster go, but I said, “that’s okay. I’m going to take some time to process it.” Lo and behold, guess who shows up? Cyrus decides to approach me at G.H. That son of a bitch. Josslyn, I’m so sorry. It’s no problem. No, thank you for covering. I mean, I was at sonny’s office, and we were right in the middle of something when katrina called and said that she couldn’t finish her shift, so… it’s really no problem. We weren’t too busy. But why did you need to see sonny? Hey. Sonny: Hey. Gabe said you were busy, but I thought I’d interrupt you anyway. Not at all. Come on in. Want to give you this for the groom, and for the bride as well, actually. What? Yeah. Ringside seats to all the boxing matches? Are you serious? Yeah. I love it. But this is like a — not like a wedding gift for nina, is it? Yeah. She’s going to love it, too.

[ Laughs ] What do you mean? Gets you out of the house so she can have a few nights to herself. This is all you get, nina. Take it or leave it.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Your assistant said michael was in here. I hope…I’m not interrupting. Is this a bad time? No, no, no, no. Not at all. It’s actually a perfect time because nina and i were just discussing something that concerns you. Weren’t we, nina? Yes, we were. So, do you want to tell willow? Or should I? Uh, thanks, dante. You know, this is — this is better than a toaster. Is that what michael got you?

[ Both chuckle ] How was the wedding? The wedding was exactly what we wanted it to be. It was small, intimate, just family. A few people missing, like avery and my best man. But… yeah, listen, you know I wanted to be there. You did it last minute. I couldn’t — I couldn’t drop everything. Work. The kids look cute. They have fun? Yeah, they — they loved it. Good. So, did michael fill in for me, or what? Your brother, you know, he stood by me, and it meant the world to me. But I’m not going to forget that I asked you to be my best man. Michael and I, we were talking about how much fun we had at the wedding on the island, and maybe we should go back there. That’s exactly why I’m here. This morning, wiley told me that he wants to go to grandpa’s island with you and sonny. Are the rest of us invited? Yes. We’re included. And he wants amelia to come this time. But he did make a point of saying that he wants to sit next to grandma nina on the plane. Halloween is coming up, but I thought the following weekend would be perfect, so we’ll all go down together. Does that work for you? I went to see sonny because drew was moved back to pentonville this morning. Whoa, what? Drew was almost beaten to death. They’re not going to let him finish recovering at G.H.? Does diane know that they sent him back? Yeah, she does, but, unfortunately, the transfer had already been approved, so there was nothing she could do about it. Well, that isn’t fair. No, it’s not. And then I went to go see him, and they wouldn’t let me in. Why? That’s why I went to go see sonny. I was trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Then I find out that drew was put in solitary confinement. That’s awful. Except it’s not, because it’s for his protection. And we are making some progress on getting him released. It just hasn’t happened yet. Thank you. Oh, look at you. Your hair looks good. Did I miss the memo? Have we opened up a salon at G.H.? It looks okay? You — you really like it? Yeah, I do. Okay. Do you always get your hair cut in your office? No. It was the first time. My barber, anzhela, was doing me a favor. It’s funny, when I hear the word “barber,” I think of some dude named joe in a white smock. Joe was booked, and I didn’t have any time to go out. And I was backed up with patients, and I guess, I don’t know, I just — I wanted to look nice for our trip. Well, I’m not going anywhere if I don’t get this done. So you better let me get back to work. I’m sorry if my hair was a distraction. I’ll see you later. Yeah. Okay. How does this happen? You weren’t notified when he was released, and now he’s allowed to confront his victims? This — this is outrageous. Cyrus said that he was there to apologize, that he was a different man back then. And now — now he’s found god and he sees the light. Oh, please. Of course, I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Um… did you try to contact the hospital security? No, no, no. I wanted to stand up to him on my own. I told him that I would get a restraining order if he approached me or trina ever again. I put on a brave face. I did. But I’m not going to lie, he got to me. Mainly because I was thinking about trina. What if he approaches her? We can’t protect her in that dorm. She’s going to have to move back home, at least for a little while. Yeah. We’re going to have to protect our daughter. And I know just who to call. I haven’t seen you since tj and molly told me their surrogate was pregnant. Mm-hmm. Oh, I’m so happy for them. I know, it’s so exciting. And you are going to be a grandma. Okay, you know, I-I’m not sure I’m ready to be called that yet.

[ Laughs ] I’m working on an alternate name. Okay, okay, I understand. Stella, you got to help me. Yes? Okay. I made a big mistake. All right. You’ll have to excuse me, ladies. It’s curtis. I don’t know what to do. Okay, well, tell me what’s wrong. Calm down. I made a costly mistake with a patient. Uh-huh. Calm down. Calm down. Okay. And tell me what happened. Well, as you know, I finished my patient advocate training last week, and I was feeling very confident with myself. I thought that I could do the job, but today turned out to be a really big disaster. I was helping a patient fill out some insurance forms to get an approval for an mri. Now, these papers, it’s very complicated, but I thought that I filled them out correctly, and I told him that it was approved by the insurance. And so off he went to radiology. And I looked at the paperwork again, and I realized I made a huge mistake. He’s got to pay, out of pocket, $11,000. Now, I know that he and his wife are on a limited income and they don’t have that kind of money. What am I going to do, stella? Write a check. Can you repeat that? I have to write a check for $11,000? I was just kidding. A little patient advocate humor. Now, look, we deal with difficult situations like this all the time, and we will figure this out, okay? You just need to take a deep breath. Hm! All right. Good. And let me have the forms, and I’ll see what I can do. Should I come with you? No, no, you just sit tight, and I’ll try to figure this out. I told jordan that we were concerned about trina. Now, I don’t expect them to have someone watching cyrus 24/7, but he does need to be on the pcpd’s radar.

[ Sighs ] I don’t want trina to worry, and I certainly don’t want her to be paranoid, but she’s got to keep her eyes open. You know what? I’m going to call ava. I don’t want her working at the gallery alone anymore, especially at night. Jordan told me that you were with her when she found out how cyrus was released. Yeah, yeah, I was. He got a hardship release because of a heart attack he had a while back? That, and she said the warden cited his good behavior? I couldn’t believe it when jordan told me that. I mean, why would a warden do that, knowing what a criminal cyrus is? I’m more suspect of the doctor. Who would testify on cyrus’ behalf? Did jordan tell you who the doctor was? I didn’t ask. I know jordan, and she wouldn’t give up a name, especially to me, because she knows I would go track this guy down. What kind of doctor would put this animal back on the streets? Jordan: Felicia, are you okay? Oh, no. I messed up really big. I’m hoping stella can help me. Don’t worry. If anyone can fix it, it’s stella.

[ Door opens ] Hi. I just remembered what I wanted to ask you. Uh-huh. What do I pack for vermont? A toothbrush and a sweater? Ugh, you’re no help. What? What? It gets cold in the mountains, so, uh, maybe a hat and, um, the — those — don’t worry about it, all right? Dan already stocked the cabin. It’ll have everything we need. Okay, but what are we planning? Like, do I need hiking boots? Rain gear? Right, right. Okay. So, yeah. You know, we’re going to go for some walks in the woods, but nothing too crazy. It should be relaxing, not an episode of “survivor.” I mean, it’ll be fun, I promise. Yeah. I-I can’t wait. Okay. So what time are we leaving tomorrow morning? I was thinking around 6:00? 8:00? 7:00? 7:15? Deal. I’ll pick you up at 7:15 sharp. Oh, no, I don’t think so. I know you didn’t grow up with me in your life, but we’ve always had a special bond. Yeah, look, I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t tough growing up without a father. But, you know, my mother did her best, but… seeing my friends in the street playing stickball with their dads, you know, that’s something I wanted, too. I’m sorry about that. It’s not your fault. You didn’t know I existed. But you know what? When you found out I was your father, you could have turned your back on me. And you didn’T. Yeah, I could have. But you know what? We lead different lives, and I made peace with that a long time ago. I just want you to know that there’s no one I respect more than you. Thanks. It means a lot. You supported me and nina from the beginning. And that… you always have my back. Well, the feeling’s mutual, because if it wasn’t for you, I don’t know that I would be standing here right now. I’m busy that weekend. I-I happen to be out of town. I’m going to paris to meet a designer. We’re doing a feature on him for his spring line. Well, no worries. It was just an impulsive idea. We can — we can do it another time.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. But with the holidays coming up, it might be hard for us to get away. I think we should shoot for next year. Yeah. Well, you know, you didn’t stop by for nothing, right? I mean, nina, why don’t — why don’t you give willow that — that gift? What gift? I’m sorry. Sonny — he ruined the surprise. I saw him earlier. He said that you had a gift for willow. Why don’t — why don’t you — why don’t you give to her now? No, that’s okay, I can wait. I’ll just bring it by the house this weekend. Yeah, no, but it’ll save you a trip. Besides, I know how busy you are at work, and who knows the next time you might be able to see the kids. Great idea.

[ Chuckles ] Here you go. Thank you, nina. Okay. I’m going to head out, but let me walk you to your car. You know what? That’s okay. I, um… I want to catch up with nina. Okay.

[ Door closes ] While I was packing, I, um — I came across a photo of me and brando. It was taken the weekend we got married. And I debated for a really long time if I was going to take it with me or not. And finally I decided to leave it there. Why didn’t you want to take it with you? He was your husband. It was symbolic, I guess. If I didn’t take it with me, it would be like I was leaving the past behind. All the pain and suffering would stay here in port charles, and it wouldn’t come with me. But as I was in the car on my way to the airport, I, um — I asked the driver to go along the lake so I could see it one last time, and when I was looking out over the water, I realized that despite all the loss — brando, liam — and despite the betrayal of gladys, there are many good things about this place. I have people here who care about me. Put me on the top of that list. Did you just change your mind? You don’t want to go? I absolutely have not changed my mind. I am really looking forward to it. I just don’t think a five-hour car ride with luggage and a cooler is practical in your mini cooper. You don’t like the mini cooper? No, I-I-I love the mini cooper. It’s a great car. I just think that mine makes more sense, you know, because it’s bigger. Uh-huh. Okay, well, I just — I don’t want you to have to drive the whole way. We can split the driving. Deal.

[ Chuckles ] I’m thinking whoever testified on cyrus’ behalf had to be paid off. So cyrus used his connections to get out. The hardship release, that was just an excuse. We need to find the name of this doctor. At the very least, he needs his license revoked. I agree, but you don’t need to get your hands dirty, okay?

[ Scoffs ] Cyrus is still a dangerous man, so we’ll just leave it to the pcpd for now. Yeah, yeah, I’ll back off. But if cyrus comes near me or trina, I’m not going to hesitate to take the first shot. That’s my wife. Not only a healer, but a warrior. You got that right. Felicia, I spoke to the insurance company. Were they able to cover the cost of the mri? Unfortunately not. They would not budge. It’s just unfair for the patient to have to cover the cost. Since it’s my mistake. Exactly. There has to be something G.H. Can do. No, this is my responsibility. I intend to pay for it. Come on. You know I owe you my life. When I was with the wsb, imprisoned, you came over there, you brought me back. You would have done the same thing for your son. Yeah, but, man, did i come back with a lot of baggage. It was like a struggle to get out of bed. And, you know, I was on the verge of losing everything that mattered to me. And I was able to rebuild my life. That’s thanks in large part to you. You got to give yourself a lot of credit. You worked hard, and I know it wasn’t easy, but… you know, if I learned anything from that time, it was, like, leave the past alone and just move forward. You’ve done that. You moved forward. I mean, you even found love with sam. Yeah. Like you did with nina. Couldn’t be happier for you. Hey, what are you doing? Going to pick up some takeout cookies for my grandson?

[ Chuckles ] No, no. But that does sound good, though. No, uh, josslyn just wanted to meet with me. Hey, what’s going on? Hey, it’s time to put out the “q signal.” Like — like the bat signal for batman. All right, you need to use some of your quartermaine influence, because you have connections and elq has clout. Okay, what do you need me to do? Well, mom was telling me about how even though we’re making progress in getting drew released, it’s stalled, so maybe you can help un-stall it. What — wait, what’s going on? Okay, look, I really appreciate, josslyn, that you want michael to help, but I don’t want you any more involved than you already have been, okay? It’s too risky. It’s too close to the insider-trading incident. Yeah, no, I’m afraid you’re right. Way too close. Oh, nina. This is so thoughtful. I love it.

[ Chuckles ] Look at how handsome our boy is. Yeah. Well… I’m really glad that you like it, willow. I made one for carly, too, to give to her. This means a lot to me. Thank you. You’re welcome. You know, we really had such a great time at your wedding. Wiley has not stopped talking about it. No, I think this can be a new beginning for all of us. Nina: It was impulsive. I will explain it to willow. Oh, right. You think willow will understand? Do you know what drew means to her? I know he helped her. He saved her life! Drew saved your daughter’s life, and you got him sent to prison. No, i didn’T. Oh, no, no. He’s only there because of you, nina. He was beaten so badly that he almost died. Do you think willow’s gonna forgive you for that? We really have to stop meeting like this.

[ Laughs ] I’m actually glad I ran into you. Please don’t let me forget apples. I won’t let you forget apples. Why apples? This weekend. I promised aiden that I would bring him back apples from vermont, because he’s totally into making pies right now. I love a good pie. Oh, I learn something new about you every day. What’s your favorite? Everything but rhubarb. What is that, a root pie? I don’t get it. I know. Me neither. I will tell aiden no rhubarb, like, ever. So, are your dad and chase all set for babysitting? Yeah, absolutely. And brook lynn is joining them. Aww. Violet’s so excited, I don’t think she’ll even miss me.

[ Chuckles ] I doubt I’ll even get a text message. So, no responsibility, no work. Just us. Just us. I like the sound of that. Me too.

[ Elevator bell dings ] So, uh, what’s next for you? Calling the movers. Mm-hmm. They have to bring everything back. And they’re somewhere in between austin and here. So I’m going to have to stay at the metro court for a few nights. If you want, I could ask mama q if there’s a spare room in the main house, you know, just till your furniture comes back. Oh, no, no. Some of the quartermaines are just too intimidating. Mm. And by “some,” you mean tracy. Yeah. She’s just a lot to take on. And I am not up for the challenge these days. I haven’t even gathered the courage to return maxie’s calls. Why not? Maxie’s always had your back, hasn’t she? Oh, yes. Always. But she never really said why she came over last night, and I just have a bad feeling it had something to do with work. Like, maybe my future as the face of deception won’t last very long. Well, don’t — don’t go jumping to conclusions. I mean, maxie totally supports you. She’s a good person. She’s raised a great kid. I’ve gotten to know james a little.

[ Laughs ] Kid cracks me up. He really tells it like it is. I’m not surprised that you feel close to james. You’re family. Although I missed you at the wedding, I’m glad that you stayed, because dex told me what happened with ava. Yeah, that was crazy. That mason gatlin guy abducts her. And, luckily, we found them before, you know, he could hurt her. If not for you, ava and dex would be dead. Dex, josslyn, spinelli — without them, we wouldn’t have found mason’s location. Well, I’m glad that you saved ava, because the last thing I want to do is tell avery that her mother died. Yeah. No kidding. So, you do all this, what does the pcpd do? Ah. They put you on leave? Is that what — why is that? It’s just procedural stuff. It doesn’t — it’ll clear itself up. But what I’m concerned about more is that cyrus renault was released from prison. Yep. I heard. Just don’t do anything you might normally want to do. Okay? Yes, detective. Come here. I love you. All right. Love you, too.

[ Exhales sharply ] Alexis tried to help us by cornering judge kim. I uncovered proof that kim was taking kickbacks and gifts, so alexis and gregory chase called in judge kim for an interview. They said they were doing a profile on his landmark cases. Did that work? Well, they confronted him about a trip he took on asher alexander’s private jet. Hey, isn’t he that billionaire with the yacht? Yeah, and, apparently, he went on some caribbean fishing trip with him. Kim denied it and stormed out of alexis’ office. Well, that might have scared him. I think it did. Alexis heard through a contact that he requested drew’s case file. So we’re thinking he’s either going to reduce the sentence or commute it altogether. No matter what, I just want to lie low. I don’t want you pushing anything, because I want to see what kim’s next move is. But you can still pursue your connection at the sec, because I want a name. I’m not going to stop until I find out who blew the whistle on me and drew. Willow, um, I just want to tell you that I have so many regrets about the things that I have done and my behavior in the past. I’ve made so many mistakes. I’ve made mistakes with you. And if I had one wish, I wish that I could take them all back. We can’t change what’s happened. But we can learn from it and try to do better. Yeah. I’m willing, if you are. Yes.

[ Chuckles ] I’m so thankful to have you in my life. You’re wearing the bracelet. Yeah, I’m wearing the bracelet. Are you kidding me? I haven’t taken it off since you gave it to me. I love it, I cherish it. You said it was harmony’s? Yeah, it was. It’s so strange. I’ve been dreaming about her lately. What have you been dreaming? I can’t figure it out. She’s — she’s trying to tell me something, warn me. And when I ask her what it means, she talks, but I can’t hear anything. I’m sure it’s just my subconscious working overtime. Oh, nina, I’m s– does talking about harmony make you uncomfortable? No! No, no, no, it’s nothing like that. It’s just sometimes I get overwhelmed because I realize how much I have, and I want to hold on to it, you know? I feel so grateful our relationship is so good now. I just… I just sometimes feel like it’s going to be taken away from me. I — I’m sorry. I’ve just lost a lot of things in my life. You’re not going to lose me. Okay. Oh, you’re the best, tonya. Thank you. And the next dinner is on me, girl. No, no, no, no, no arguing. I owe you big time. Okay. Stella, I got it. Who do I make it out to? Uh, no one. Oh, they don’t take a personal check? I can go to the bank tomorrow and get a cashier’s check. You don’t have to write any check. It’s taken care of. I don’t understand. The patient agreed to letting G.H. Use the mri results in a major research project that the hospital is sponsoring.

[ Mouths “what?” ] See? I told you stella would fix it. How did you get that done? My friend tonya coordinates research for clinical trials, and she gave me a few contacts. I made some calls, and that was it. Easy-peasy.

[ Laughter ] Oh, my goodness. Thank you so much. You’re a lifesaver. You’re back at the books. Yeah. Going over these numbers for august. This is our worst quarter ever. I mean, it’s going to take some time to get out of this hole. But you weren’t at the savoy. You were still recovering. Now that you’re back, the savoy is going to be fine. I sure hope so. Why don’t we put all this stuff away for now and start thinking about what you want for dinner tonight? I can cook. I think I got some steaks in the refrigerator. You know, you need a break. So why don’t I take my beautiful wife to dinner? Oh. What do you say? I’m thinking sushi. Sushi. Maxie and her kids are not my family. I mean, technically, they kind of are, but I’m the only one who knows, so it doesn’t really count. I know. Yeah, I know you know. And so do sam and dante. But I trust you guys. I know you won’t tell anyone. Wow. I’m honored you would put me in the same category as sam and dante. Oh, sasha, you’re in a category all by yourself. And what would that be? Mm, it is so unique, so je ne sais quoi, it defies categorization.

[ Laughs ] Um… I’ve actually been thinking about why you haven’t been honest with mac. Look, I’m the last person who should be giving any advice. But for what it’s worth, I would not be standing here today if I did not realize what I would miss if I walked away from the people I care about. And mac, he cares about you, even though he doesn’t even know that he’s your father. Can you imagine how amazing he would feel if you told him the truth? My contact is still working on it, but I’ll — I’ll keep you posted. Okay. Hey. Carly: Hey. Oh, willow, it’s so good to see you. Good to see you. Hi. How are you? Good. How are you? Good. Hey. Glad you could join us. Yeah. I came straight from nina’S. She’s still on cloud nine from the wedding. Carly, I am so sorry. That was… it’s okay. We were just talking about the wedding, or donna’s version of the wedding. Well, she is now a pro at being a flower girl. She threw down those petals with confidence.

[ Laughter ] And I do have to say, you know, donna wasn’t the only one who rose to the occasion. Michael really stepped up. I’m just so proud of him and the way that he’s accepted sonny and nina.

[ Knock on door ] Yeah. Hello, bride. Well, hello, groom. What are you doing? You already sent me flowers. Yeah, but, you know, the new mrs. Corinthos can’t have too many flowers. It’s a special occasion. Oh, really? And what would that be? Well, it’s the first night back in port charles as husband and wife. So we’ll celebrate. Mm. All right? Yeah. My dry eye’s made me a burning,stingi okay. Work done. Check. Haircut done. Check. Playlist for the car? Podcast on dengue fever. Check. Oh, no. You can hold that check. We will not be listening to podcasts on infectious diseases. Oh, no, I’ve been saving this one. It’s supposed to be really good. No, please stop. I will take care of the music.

[ Mellow guitar music plays ] Huh? Okay. Okay.

[ Laughs ] See you at 7:30. No, 7:15. W-we said 7:15.

I opened up my heart

and you walked right in this is not my first rodeo.

Would you stay a little while? Okay. Go, cowgirl.

That love takes its sweetest time to grow yeah. Yeah, trigger’s a good guy.

And I hope, I hope don’t let these forms intimidate you. You’re going to get used to the terminology. Okay?

I get to know you more yes, okay. You’re going to get this. I know you will.

‘Cause I want every bit of you

the good and the bad

my heart is yours when you’re happy hey, you ready to go, sweetie? All set. Wow. Lookit. You look great. Thank you. So do you. Thank you. Let’s do it. Yes. Yes. After you, monsieur.

[ Laughs ] Look at me. Oh, man!

And I know, I know

that love makes a person feel whole leave her alone. Hey, you know, when michael was little, he used to dip his french fries in his shake.

And I hope, I hope he still does it. That’s gross. Don’t knock it till you try it. Here. No, I’m not trying it.

We get closer as we go I’m not trying it. It’s mint chip. No, you try it.

‘Cause I want every bit of you

the good and the bad oh.

My heart is yours when you’re happy

it’s yours when you’re sad this is delicious. Not better than my cooking? No, nothing is better than your cooking.

…That I feel the way I do I’ll make you my specialty tomorrow.

And I was made for you I can’t wait.

And I was made for you

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