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Victoria: Are you telling me that dad has been faking it this whole time? His mind isn’t failing him?

Nick: Yep.

Victoria: That this is just another one of his games, to see which one of us would exploit his illness and take advantage of him?

Nick: It’s all one big trap, vic.

Victoria: What is the point? I mean, does he really think that we would try to steal newman enterprises away from him? No, I– no, nick. I mean, come on. This is just– it’s too cruel. It’s– it’s– it’s too horrible.

Nick: You know dad would and he did. I mean, he faked his own death to try and catch adam. It’s right out of the victor newman playbook. Anytime he’s worried about who he can and can’t trust, he does whatever it takes to test the loyalty of the people around him.

Victoria: Whose loyalty is he testing? Mine, yours, adam’s? I mean– I mean, we’ve all been worried sick about him. I was afraid at some point that we might lose him.

Nick: I know. I was shocked too at first, but then I was relieved.

Victoria: How did you find out?

Nick: It doesn’t matter. The point is…

Victoria: It was dad, wasn’t it? Dad. I see. So, you’re the only one in the family that he trusts.

Nick: I’m so sick of fighting with you.

Adam: Well, then just admit that sally still wants me.

Nick: If you believe that, you’re more delusional than I thought.

Adam: Okay, well, then why are you so angry? If the two of you are in love, why don’t you ride off into the sunset together and just leave me the hell alone? Because maybe she doesn’t want you.

Sally: Stop it.

Adam: Sally, will you tell nick that you’re still in love with me?

Nick: No, why don’t you tell adam he’s delusional?

Sally: Stop, I’m begging you.

Nick: We were happy, sally. You know that. If he really loved you, why does he do everything he can to take away your happiness?

Adam: I couldn’t have ruined it if it was real. Just face it, nick, you lost.

Nick: Are you listening to this? This has nothing to do with you, sally. This is about him winning and taking away everything that I care about.

Adam: You know, believe it or not, there’s parts of my life, nick that have nothing to do with you.

Nick: You have been competing with me since the day you got to town.

Adam: Oh, please, don’t flatter yourself. You’re not that important. Not to me, not to anyone.

Sally: Stop it!

Nick: You’re the only one who could stop it. You choose right now. Me or him.

Sally: I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know.

Adam: My father doesn’t seem to be inclined to want to deal with what’s going on with him. I mean, how is an apology from me gonna change anything, if he can’t accept something’s even wrong with him? How is he gonna accept somebody taking responsibility for it?

Sally: Okay. Then, what can you do?

Adam: I, um, I reached out to a doctor.

Sally: A psychiatrist?

Adam: Mm-hmm. I told him what was going on. I told him how he was acting and he agreed that it was serious. But then again, how do I get him to talk to a man without him realizing what’s really going on?

Sally: Yeah. No, I agree. It’s a risky move.

Adam: Yeah, and it could completely backfire. He could just think this is me trying to work another angle. This is another con. But I’m gonna have to take that chance. I’m gonna have to follow through with it because honestly, I don’t know what else to do. Uh, dr. Skelton. Hey, adam newman. Thank you for meeting me. I know it’s late.

Skelton: I saw my last patient an hour ago, so this isn’t that late for me. Psychiatrists need to be flexible.

Adam: Oh, well, I’m sure. You come highly recommended.

Skelton: Well, thank you, mr. Newman.

Adam: Oh, no, please call me adam.

Skelton: Oh, thank you, adam. So, what can I do for you?

Adam: Well, before we get into it, I need to know that I can count on your discretion.

Skelton: Of course. All professional conversations between me and my clients are strictly confidential.

Adam: Okay. Well, I appreciate that.

Skelton: According to your message, this meeting between us isn’t about you. It’s about your father?

Adam: Yes, it is. And, uh, my father happens to be victor newman.

Skelton: Ah, yes. Well, I’ve certainly heard of him.

Adam: Yes. He’s, uh, a well-known, enormously successful businessman who’s also stubborn and usually the smartest person in the room.

Skelton: Well, his reputation certainly precedes him. I remember reading his unauthorized biography which I took with a grain of salt, by the way.

Adam: Yeah. Well, details aside, it wasn’t called ruthless for nothing.

[ Skelton chuckling ]

Skelton: So, how can I help?

Adam: I need your advice. I think he’s exhibiting signs of dementia.

Nikki: What do you think nicholas is going to do with this information that there’s nothing wrong with you?

Victor: He’ll probably go straight to victoria and tell her all.

Nikki: I imagine she’ll be quite upset.

Victor: And that is why she must not hear a word about any of this, all right?

Nikki: I would say that ship has sailed.

Victor: She’ll eventually understand.

Nikki: I don’t know that she will.

Victor: I don’t care. Doesn’t interfere with my plan.

Nikki: Your plan. Your wretched plan. What is the next step in this plan?

Victor: Kindly send him in. Thank you.

[ Nikki sighing ] Hello, nate.

Nate: Nikki, victor. I hope I’m not interrupting.

Victor: Not at all. Thank you for coming.

Nikki: Hello, nate.

Victor: Darling, would you give us some time?

Nikki: Are you sure?

Victor: Yeah.

Nate: I got here as soon as I could, victor. Is everything all right? Your call sounded a bit ominous.

Victor: Oh, yeah? In what way?

Nate: You told me I might be the only person you can trust.

Victor: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That is what I told you. All right. Right.

Victor: You know, nate, it is difficult to trust people who think that you’re no longer capable of running your own business because they think you’re losing your marbles.

Nate: Who is accusing you of that?

Victor: My children. My flesh and blood.

Nate: I can’t imagine that’s true.

Victor: Yeah.

Nate: They love you and have normal concerns about their father.

Victor: Wish that were so. Has victoria told you anything about this in private? I need to know what she has told you.

Nick: Look, dad didn’t just come out and tell me he was faking. He left a clue in his desk drawer. Adam found it and showed it to me. I just sort of put the whole thing together, confronted dad and he came clean.

Victoria: What kind of clue?

Nick: It was this bizarre drawing that he had done that tied back to one of my favorite books when I was a kid. Uh, it wouldn’t mean anything to anyone but me.

Victoria: What book was it?

Nick: It’s called the serpent of names.

Victoria: I don’t remember it.

Nick: Yeah. It’s not something you ever would have been interested in. When I first saw it, I thought it was like a cry for help, but then it occurred to me that it was meant for me. He wanted me to figure this out.

Victoria: Why?

Nick: I’m guessing to recruit me as an ally.

Victoria: So, I was right. You are the only one that he trusts.

Nick: I think that’s just because I don’t have any stake in the power struggle at newman.

Victoria: And adam and I are right in the middle of it.

Nick: And don’t forget nate. He gets something from the company too.

Victoria: Does dad know that you’re telling me about this?

Nick: I told him I was gonna tell you. And mom insisted that we come clean to you because she didn’t want you to agonize any longer over this imaginary mental condition.

Victoria: Mom knows about this? She’s been keeping all of this from me? How long has she been in on this, nick?

Skelton: I’m eager to help adam, but I’m sure you understand that I can’t make any kind of valid diagnosis without a face-to-face evaluation of your father.

Adam: No, and of course. And I would not expect you to do that. I was just hoping that you could maybe help guide me in the right direction if I was to give you some examples of what’s going on with him.

Skelton: Just as long as we agree that this is a completely informal discussion, nothing diagnostic.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Agreed. And just so you know, I’ve only witnessed these things firsthand. It’s just a few of them. Everything else I heard from my brother and my sister.

Skelton: Understood.

Adam: Okay. Well, let’s see. He forgot that he had appointed my stepmother, not my sister, to be in charge of one of the company’s divisions. He called me by my brother’s name, which I realize that’s not that uncommon, but it was the way that he denied it. He got so defensive and then he flew into a fit of rage. He fired me from a position he had appointed me to, and then it wasn’t even five minutes later, he said goodbye with a happy and jovial, “I’ll see you back at the office.” And then he brought up the baby that, um, my former girlfriend and I were expecting as if it had slipped his mind that we lost her weeks ago. And the list goes on and on. But none of this seemed to start happening until he decided that he was gonna come out of retirement and he was gonna resume his position as ceo of newman enterprises.

Skelton: Interesting. And I’m very sorry. These are very difficult examples. I’m sure it’s painful for all of you. But you have to keep in mind that, uh, there’s a very fine line between signs of dementia and just common age-related memory problems. And it’s very difficult to differentiate between the two without a thorough set of tests.

Adam: Maybe. Either way though, I mean, it has to be especially risky for someone that’s running a multibillion-dollar corporation that’s gotta constantly manage stress and make rapid-fire decisions, don’t you think?

Skelton: Of course, adam. And I empathize with your concern for your father. Stress can definitely be a factor in causing dementia-like symptoms that you’ve described. As can other physiological factors such as certain infections, sleep apnea, hydrocephalus, uh, vitamin deficiencies, even– even depression. All of those can be treated and most of them can be reversed. Progressive dementias like alzheimer’s disease can’T. The progression can only be slowed.

Adam: Okay. Um… well, uh, where do we– where do we go from here?

Skelton: Well, ideally I’d like to, uh, do a thorough review of your father’s complete medical history, all his medications. And then I’d like to run a series of tests.

Adam: How can we do that if he’s not willing to do it?

Skelton: We can’T. He’d have to be convinced. And I would say sooner rather than later. Undiagnosed or improperly handled and your father’s situation could very likely decline.

Sally: I love how supportive you are of people who matter to you, including me.

Adam: If I ever neglect to show you how grateful I am for you–

Sally: Never happen. Because I intend to make it easy for you to keep showing me, every day. What is all this?

Nick: There is something I haven’t said to you yet and it requires some embellishments.

Sally: What have you done?

Nick: What I’ve done is fallen completely in love with you.

Nick: Thank you.

Victoria: Thank you.

Nick: Look, I don’t know how long mom has known about this, but I can tell you keeping dad’s secret has been eating away at her.

[ Victoria sighing ]

Victoria: Poor mom. I mean, what a– a terrible position to put her in. And how could he even imagine that I would try to use his imagined diminished mental capacity to try to claw my way back into the ceo chair? That would be adam’s M.O., Not mine.

Nick: I did point that out to dad, but he is convinced somebody is going to betray him.

Victoria: Why?

Nick: Well, look at the way everybody reacted when he came back to the company.

Victoria: Well, nobody was expecting it. He just did it out of the blue. What?

Nick: I don’t know if dad is wrong.

Victoria: Excuse me?

Nick: It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there was a threat inside newman.

Victoria: Yeah. Our brother, which is obvious to everyone but dad. But no, no, no, no, no, he has to– he has to suspect everyone in the world. Including me.

Nick: And nate.

Victoria: No, I am not going there with you.

Nick: I’m just saying, maybe he has reason to be concerned and we should give him a chance.

Victoria: So, what are you saying? We play along with this plan and– and help him to smoke out adam?

Nick: I think we should consider it. I think you’re right. Adam is exactly the kind of person who would take advantage of a weakened and incapacitated leader for his own benefit. So, maybe we do just go along with it and if we get lucky, adam just weasels his way right into dad’s trap.

Victoria: Yeah. And then, maybe dad can finally see adam for who he is and give up on this ridiculous belief that he’s ever gonna change.

Nick: It would make this whole mess worth it.

Victoria: I suppose. Maybe.

Nick: Look, vic. We’re never gonna stop dad from being dad. If he wants to do this, he’s gonna do it. So, if we try to stop it, maybe this whole thing blows up in our face. But if we go along with it, we just gotta let adam be adam.

Victoria: I’m just so torn. I’m furious at dad right now. But I’m– I’m also relieved that he’s fine after all.

[ Victoria sighing ] Frankly, I don’t know– I don’t know how to handle this.

Nick: I know, vic. It’s– it’s a lot to process.

Victoria: I know that you don’t trust nate any more than you do, adam, but is he on dad’s list of possible traitors? Has he considered that nate might take advantage?

Nate: As you know, victoria and I are together. We confide in each other.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nate: So yes, of course, she’s shared some concerns about your mental health. No judgment. Not at all. Just a daughter being protective of her father. And she’s scared something terrible might be happening with you.

Victor: I see.

Nate: I hope you know, I hate the idea of betraying her trust. I’m just trying to ease your mind. She wouldn’t even think of using a mental lapse against you. Not a chance. And she’s come to terms with your return to newman. Her concerns for what may or may not be your condition come from nothing more and nothing less than the profound love she has for you. You do know that, right?

Victor: Of course, I wanna believe that victoria’s support comes from love, you know, without an agenda. I hope that’s the case with all my children.

Nate: What about nick? Do you think he shares victoria’s concern?

Nick: Let me just get this straight. You put me and vic through hell just so you could prove what we already knew. That adam cannot be trusted. Or more accurately, adam and nate.

Victor: You have got to trust that I know what I’m doing. Yes, I do.

[ Victor sighing ] Nate, I’m gonna have to tell you something in confidence. No one must know anything about the conversation I’m having with you now.

Nate: You have my word.

Victor: And to be honest with you, I feel that my family’s worries are justified. I really am beginning to fear that my grasp on reality is well, slipping away.

Nate: I’m so sorry. But what makes you think that?

Nick: Don’t worry, I’m not gonna try to convince you or dad that nate might be a threat.

Victoria: Because he isn’t one, nick. Look, I need to know what dad believes.

Nick: All right, when dad came clean to me, he specifically said he needed to sell his mental decline to you, adam, and nate.

Victoria: So then, the three of us are his targets.

Nick: I don’t think dad wants you to know about it because he doesn’t want you to spill it to nate.

Victoria: All right then. Well, maybe we should go along with dad’s plan. I want to see adam fail.

Nick: Glad to hear it.

Victoria: In fact, maybe you shouldn’t even let him know that you told me everything. That way, I will be a lot more convincing when I pretend to be genuinely concerned.

Nick: Then, we escort adam right into dad’s trap.

Victoria: Good. Then maybe finally, we’ll be rid of him.

Skelton: It could actually be counterproductive to ambush your father, adam. This will only be effective if your father willingly cooperates with being diagnosed and examined.

Adam: Yeah, you, um, have no idea how unlikely that is. But I will see what I can do. And in the meantime, I– I appreciate your advice. You know, I– I love my father and I am scared for him and I for him and I want to do whatever I can to help him.

Skelton: I understand and I admire your devotion.

Adam: Well, I’ll be in touch with you when I know more.

Skelton: I’ll expect your call. In the meantime, please make a note of any further incidents.

Adam: No. Absolutely.

Skelton: All the best to both of you.

[ Adam exhaling ]

Adam: Sally? Hi, my name is damion clark. And if you have both medicare and medicaid, I have some really encouraging news that you’ll definitely want to hear. Depending on the plans available in your area, you may be eligible to get extra benefits with a humana medicare advantage dual-eligible special needs plan. All of these plans include a healthy options allowance. A monthly allowance to help pay for eligible groceries, utilities, rent, and over-the-counter items like vitamins, pain relievers, first-aid supplies and more. The healthy options allowance is loaded onto a prepaid card each month. And whatever you don’t spend, carries over from each month. Other benefits on these plans include free rides to and from your medical appointments. You pay nothing for covered prescriptions, all year long. All plans have dental coverage which includes 2 free cleanings a year, fillings, and a yearly exam. They also have vision coverage including vision exams and a yearly allowance towards eyewear such as lenses or contacts. And hearing coverage, which includes routine hearing tests and coverage for hearing aids.

Adam: Are you okay?

Sally: Yeah, I’m fine.

Adam: You look a little frazzled.

Sally: I’m fine, adam.

Adam: Okay. Come on, let me buy you a drink.

Sally: Ah, thanks. But you know what? It was a mistake coming down here.

Adam: Why? Because you ran into me?

Sally: No, because it’s late and I’m exhausted and I should be in bed. So, good night.

Nick: Well, I’m glad we’ve agreed to play along, but I gotta warn you, I’m not sure dad’s plan is gonna work on adam.

Victoria: Why do you say that?

Nick: I was talking with him earlier. Adam actually thinks we should all join forces so we can get dad the help he needs.

Victoria: Oh, please. As if he really cares.

Nick: I know. I didn’t believe him either, but I got to be honest, he actually seems as worried about dad as we’ve been.

Victoria: Oh, my god. Yes, of course, that’s how he seemed. The more he acts like he cares, the more he thinks we believe him, the closer he gets to dad and then he stabs him in the back and twists the knife. That’s who adam is. It’s what he does. So, if this gets rid of him once and for all, then, uh, god bless dad for thinking of it.

Nick: All we can do is try.

Victoria: I was so scared, nick.

Nick: I know. I know and I’m sorry for both of us. And for what it’s worth, I think dad is too.

Victor: You know, I gotta tell you the most disturbing lapse of memory was the fact that I had forgotten that adam and sally had lost the baby.

Nate: I see how that can shake you.

Victor: She was my grandchild. She died and I didn’t remember that. I– I really began to fear that I’m losing my memory.

Nate: Listen, victor, the incidents you just described would frighten anyone, but please don’t try to diagnose yourself and jump to the worst possible conclusions. This may not be as dire as you think it is. You need to see a medical professional who can tell you what’s going on and what to do about it. There very well might be treatments out there that can turn this thing around.

Victor: So, you’re saying this is not– not hopeless.

Nate: You don’t have nearly enough information to be writing yourself off as hopeless.

Victor: Well, I’m relieved to hear you say that. To be very honest, very relieved. Because I tell you this so bothers me, I need to get this out of my mind, you know?

Nate: Yes, exactly what you and all the people who love you deserve.

Victor: And by the way, I knew that you would be understanding and compassionate. You’re a doctor. You’re a damn good doctor, so I knew I could come to you.

Nate: Always, victor.

Victor: One thing I gotta ask you. None of this, none of what you and I are talking about now, no one must know about it.

Nate: That goes without saying.

Victor: Because if there’s even the slightest hint that I’m losing my marbles, as it were, that would be devastating to my company. I mean, devastating.

Nikki: I had a feeling you would leave the ranch to go find your sister.

Nick: There was no way I was keeping this news about dad from vic.

Nikki: So, you’ve told her everything?

Victoria: Yes. Yes, he did, mom. And don’t you dare get mad at him for doing what you should have done the second that you knew dad was faking all of this.

Nikki: I am not mad. I am relieved that this is all out in the open. But I’m sure that you’re upset with me.

Victoria: Look, I understand that you were put in a terrible position, all right? But what I don’t understand is how you could watch me go through so much worry and concern without speaking up about it.

Nikki: I know. And I– I am so sorry. I came so close to telling you.

Victoria: But you didn’T. You didn’T.

Nick: Vic, come on, take it easy on her. Like you said, dad put her in an impossible position.

Nikki: Your father seems to think someone is scheming against him and they’re going to betray him soon and this is his idea of how to trick them into revealing themselves.

Victoria: Me though? He suspects me? I mean, how could he think I would stoop so low to use his mental struggles against him? Just because he demoted me? I mean, does he think that little of me, mom?

Nikki: No, of course not. He adores you. He adores both of you. Never doubt that.

Victoria: Well, then I just don’t understand.

Nikki: Well, personally, I think this is all adam’s fault. After years of being double-crossed by his own son, victor now wonders if he can trust anybody he’s close to.

Victoria: That might be true, but it’s not an excuse. And I’m not sure that I can forgive him.

Adam: Look, sally, will you please wait? I’m not going stalker on you, okay?

Sally: Okay. Then, what are you doing?

Adam: I just– I hate that you still feel so uncomfortable around me. I mean, I thought we moved past this. If something’s changed, I want to know what it is.

Sally: What are you talking about?

Adam: You practically ran out of the lounge when you saw me.

Sally: I wasn’t running from you. I just had bad dreams and I was a little agitated. So I thought, uh, going to grab a drink would calm me down.

Adam: I offered to buy you a drink.

Sally: But when I got to the lounge, I realized that I needed sleep more than I needed alcohol, so I just left.

Adam: If I wasn’t there, would you have stayed?

Sally: This has nothing to do with you.

Adam: Okay.

Sally: Well, now you look like something’s wrong. And you did downstairs as well. Are you okay?

Adam: No, no.

Sally: Does this have anything to do with the man that I passed on the stairs?

Adam: Yes, that was dr. Skelton who’s a psychiatrist. I was meeting with him.

Sally: About your father?

Adam: Mm-hmm. I wanted to get his advice on how to help him.

Sally: Well, good for you. You know, being proactive.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sally: You’re really worried about him, aren’t you?

Adam: More than anybody would believe. Since I’m always up to something devious and trying to plot something.

Sally: It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Adam: Look, I’m worried sick about him and I don’t think that there is a damn thing that I can do to help him. If your moderate to severe crohn’s

Nate: I have some brilliant contacts in the mental health and psycho-neurological communities. Say the word and I’ll make arrangements to get you tested, accurately diagnosed and treated. And to ease your mind, they’ll be as sensitive to the importance of discretion in this situation as I am.

Victor: All right. But I’m gonna reiterate, not a word of this to anyone, all right? Not even to victoria.

Nate: She’d be relieved to hear you’re doing something about this. But it’s your decision to make, not mine.

Victor: And by the way, not a word of this to adam, all right? And if any of the doctors should call you back, tell them to contact you on your cell phone, not the regular landline, not by email. ‘Cause if adam picks up on any of this, it’ll be disastrous.

Nate: You’re that suspicious?

Victor: Well, can you blame me? I bet you adam is smelling the blood in the water already. And by the way, this conversation stays between us, you and me. Or else.

Nick: You know what, it doesn’t really matter how we handle the situation. The bottom line is when you find out someone you love is faking a decline in order to expose a traitor, it’s not an everyday occurrence. I think we all reacted accordingly.

Nikki: True.

Nick: So let’s not dwell on the previous rotten weeks. What is important is what we do going forward.

Nikki: If we could only figure out what that is.

Victoria: Actually, nick has an idea that might help move things along.

Nikki: Oh, I’d love to hear it

Nick: Simple. We just go along with it. We act like we’re buying dad’s condition, while dad continues to set his trap. Hopefully, adam walks right into it.

Nikki: Or nate.

Victoria: Come on, you two. Would you please stop with all this distrust of nate? Look, it’s ridiculous and it’s silly and you know as well as I do that adam is the danger here.

Adam: Should we stop?

Sally: I don’t want to stop.

Adam: I don’t want to stop.

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Kyle: I’m tired of my family offering me crumbs and expecting me to take it with a smile. I want what is rightfully mine and I will do anything to get it.

Lily: So, what happened with aunt mamie that you wanted to talk about?

Nate: I didn’t think much of it at first, but then I found out something about aunt mamie that changes the whole ball game. And it isn’t good.

Victoria: Nick told me that you’ve been fooling us this whole time. I can’t believe that you would let me think that there’s something seriously wrong with you. Do you actually think that I would exploit your health just for a job title?

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