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Konstantin is at the Kiriakis Mansion and calls Theresa, asking if she’s settled in to her new home and making in roads with Alex. Theresa is in the park and responds that she’s playing the long game because she doesn’t want to scare Alex off. Konstantin says he understands, especially after she went through all the trouble of making Alex the long lost heir of Victor. Sarah appears with baby Victoria in the doorway as Konstantin tells Theresa that he’s grateful because neither one of them wanted it to be Xander.

Xander is at his apartment, on the phone with Sloan, telling her not to hold back and hit Sarah with both barrels. Xander declares that with the hearing coming up, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get custody of his daughter. Xander tells her to let him know if she needs anything else. Xander hangs up as Maggie shows up at his door and questions how dare he try to take her granddaughter away.

Steve, Kayla, and Marlena are at the Brady Pub with Halloween candy. Kate arrives with Thomas and Charlotte in their Halloween costumes. Thomas mentions that Chad and Stephanie are at home working.

Chad is dressed as a vampire at home as he works on his laptop. Chad reads what he has so far on an article about Titan to Stephanie, who advises him on some adjustments. Stephanie mentions that she’s putting last minute touches on her costume as the doorbell rings. Chad answers the door expecting trick or treaters, but when he opens the door, no one is there.

Konstantin tells Theresa that he must go and hangs up as he greets Sarah and Victoria. Konstantin calls Victoria’s name a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man in Victor. Sarah brings up that Victor wasn’t always happy with Victoria’s father, Xander. Sarah notes that she couldn’t help overhear that when she came in, Konstantin was talking about Xander.

Maggie goes off on Xander trying to take Victoria and calling Sarah an unfit mother. Xander argues that she is unfit but Maggie calls her a wonderful mother. Xander remarks that Sarah wasn’t wonderful to him when she lied to him and let him believe that his daughter was Rex’s. Xander then points out that Maggie did too.

Chad shuts the door and tells Stephanie that no one was there so it must have been kids playing a prank. Chad asks if she needs help with her costume, joking that it’s taking forever. Stephanie thinks it’s finally finished and comes out in a princess costume. Chad calls it nice but Stephanie notes his change in demeanor and questions what’s wrong. Chad tries to say it’s nothing but then admits that on the last Halloween he spent with Abigail, she wore a costume exactly like that.

Alex comes through the park and slips as Theresa panics upon seeing his shirt covered red. Alex quickly points out that it’s not blood and explains that protesters were unhappy about Titan moving local turtles from their habitat and threw what he believes is food coloring on him. Alex guesses he could pass it off as a sick Halloween prank but figures it’d be better go home and change. Theresa adds that he could use a shower and a clean shirt. Alex suggests she come home and join him.

Xander talks about Maggie knowing the truth the whole time while he was an idiot that thought they had a real connection. Maggie insists that they do and he knows how she feels about him. Maggie says she hated lying to him and she pleaded with Sarah to tell him the truth, but she was so angry with him because of what he did to Bonnie and Susan. Xander remarks that Sarah convinced herself that he was a murderer. Maggie talks about Sarah thinking Xander reverted back to his scheming ways with terrible consequences. Maggie says she thought Xander deserved a second chance but Sarah disagreed and she had to respect her daughter’s wishes. Xander apologizes for losing his temper with her and says he can’t imagine how hard things have been for her since losing Victor. Maggie accepts his apology and admits it is hard but says it’s been a little easier lately thanks to Konstantin .

Konstantin questions Sarah hearing him say something about Xander. Sarah says she didn’t mean to eavesdrop. Konstantin claims he was talking to a friend in Greece who is running his restaurant while he’s away. Konstantin remarks that Xander has quite the reputation in Greece and everyone knows that he’s the black sheep of the Kiriakis family despite his misguided delusions of wanting to be the golden boy. Sarah says that sounds about right. Konstantin mentions hearing from Maggie that Xander is trying to take custody of her daughter. Konstantin says he had to tell his friend in Greece that Xander added another horrible deed and that Xander has hurt a lot of people including his family. Sarah says she’s so sorry but Konstantin says there’s no need for her to apologize. Konstantin asks Sarah what her lawyer is saying since they can’t believe Xander could get custody. Sarah informs him that her lawyer is Victor’s nephew, Justin and he doesn’t think that a judge would give Xander custody but he also warned that they could. Konstantin questions how a judge could possibly find Sarah unfit. Sarah admits that she lied and told Xander that he wasn’t Victoria’s father and he only found out because of something that someone else overheard. Konstantin calls that unfortunate and guesses that Sarah thought it was in Victoria’s best interest that Xander never learn he was the father. Konstantin says he completely agrees with her. Sarah hopes the judge will be that understanding. Sarah declares that right now, she has to do everything she can to look like the perfect parent for her daughter and she thinks she knows just how to do that.

Steve and Kayla give candy to Thomas and Charlotte. Kayla then takes Steve aside and says she wanted to talk to him before Stephanie and Chad get there so he doesn’t ask them about getting married. Steve responds that he won’t make that mistake twice and asks if Chad proposed. Kayla explains that Chad told Stephanie the other day that he finally admitted he doesn’t see himself getting married anytime soon.

Stephanie tells Chad that she’s sorry as she had no idea. Chad tells her it’s not her fault that her and Abigail’s outfits are almost identical. Stephanie guesses Abigail got her costume from the same place in the town square. Chad states that Abigail always went all out for Halloween. Stephanie says she will go change. Chad tells her that she doesn’t have to but Stephanie says she doesn’t want to wear something that upsets the kids or Chad either as today is supposed to be fun.

Theresa tells Alex that she doesn’t think showering with him falls under roommate duties. Alex thinks they are little bit more than roommates. Theresa knows they slept together really fast but thinks now that they are living together, they should hold off and get to know each other. Theresa suggests Alex buy her lunch which Alex agrees to. Alex remarks that he just inherited a gazillion dollars so he can spare it. Alex says he’ll be back and walks away.

Chad and Stephanie arrive at the Brady Pub. Kate comments on Chad’s vampire costume and questions Stephanie not having one. Stephanie responds that she just decided not to wear her costume. Marlena questions why. Stephanie claims that it just wasn’t the right thing and that it didn’t really fit her. Kayla says she needs to get work and says goodbye to everybody as she then exits. Thomas and Charlotte show Stephanie their candy. Steve then tells Chad that he needs to talk to him.

Xander tells Maggie that it sounds like Konstantin has been a great comfort to her which she confirms. Xander says he’s grateful that Konstantin can give her that but he’s afraid that Konstantin is not as fond of him as he had some unfortunate business dealings with his family. Xander says he’s glad that Maggie has someone to lean on, though she can always lean on him too. Maggie tells Xander that his friendship means so much to her. Xander responds that they are more than friends, they are family as they hug. Maggie declares that they will always be family because of baby Victoria. Maggie says Victoria deserves to be loved and cared for by both of her parents, so she hopes that Xander and Sarah can work things out. Maggie then exits the apartment.

Konstantin tells Sarah that whatever she has to do will be more than worth it if it means keeping her baby with her where she belongs. Sarah knows Maggie is very happy that Konstantin is there and that he’s been a comfort to her. Sarah mentions running late and that she has to run an errand so she has to find Victoria’s nanny. Konstantin offers to take the baby to her nanny upstairs so Sarah hands Victoria over to Konstantin. Sarah thanks him and then exits the mansion. After Sarah leaves, Konstantin tells Victoria that he hates to break it to her, but her namesake was one horrible son of a bitch and he intends to get all of Victor’s money.

Alex and Theresa sit together in the town square. Alex worries about the protestors following him. Alex and Theresa flirt with each other as Xander approaches. Theresa asks what he wants. Xander warns Alex that he’s making a huge mistake being anywhere near Theresa. Alex thinks he can handle himself. Xander is unsure and calls Theresa a grade A manipulator. Xander remarks that the only reason Theresa would hang out with someone like Alex is because she’s after his fortune.

Maggie goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion where Konstantin excitedly greets her. Konstantin informs Maggie that while she was out, a gift that he had made for her was delivered. Maggie calls that sweet but unnecessary. Konstantin argues that she’s been gracious enough to let him stay here so he wanted to repay her kindness. Maggie talks about Konstantin already giving her Victor’s photo album. Konstantin hopes this gift gives her comfort as well. Maggie opens the gift which is a framed painting of Victor.

Sarah goes to Kayla’s office at the hospital. Kayla asks about Victoria. Sarah says she’s amazing. Sarah talks about being exhausted. Kayla knows the first few months are brutal but tells Sarah that she looks great. Kayla asks if Sarah brought Victoria for a checkup. Sarah says no and that she came in because there was something she hoped Kayla could help her with. Kayla asks what she needs. Sarah responds that she needs a job.

Chad asks Steve what’s going on. Steve apologizes for bringing up marriage the other night, but Kayla just told him that Stephanie told her that Chad didn’t see himself getting married anytime soon. Chad confirms they talked about it and that Stephanie feels the same way about it so they are on the same page. Steve questions if they are and thinks they may need to turn to a new page.

Kayla didn’t know Sarah decided to stay in town. Sarah confirms that she is definitely staying. Sarah doesn’t know how much Kayla has heard but informs her that Xander is suing her for full custody of Victoria. Kayla argues that she can’t really be worried that a judge would grant that. Sarah explains that Justin said a judge could because she lied about her paternity. Sarah cries that she’s doing everything in her power to look like the best parent to her daughter, but now she and Rex are getting a divorce and her situation is a lot more precarious now. Sarah adds that Xander will probably use anything and everything, so she just wants to be prepared and showing the court that she is employed would help her prospects. Kayla asks if she’s sure she’s ready to come back when she has a newborn. Sarah insists that she is and hoped she could start part time and then slowly work back up to full time. Kayla declares that will work as she just had a part time doctor resign. Sarah agrees to start as soon as she wants. Kayla says she will get her assistant to get the paperwork together and they will e-mail her. Sarah hugs her and thanks her. Kayla is sorry that she’s going through all of this, but she’s happy to have her back. Sarah thanks her and says she’ll see her soon as she exits.

Theresa tells Alex not to listen to Xander and argues that their living situation has nothing to do with money. Theresa adds that she asked Alex out before she even knew he was Victor’s son. Xander calls that unbelievable and says he wouldn’t be surprised if Theresa had inside information on Victor’s will. Alex tells Xander to get lost. Theresa asks how she would know what’s in Victor’s will. Xander insists there’s a way. Xander warns Alex to watch his back because Theresa comes off sweet but can turn in a dime. Xander reminds Alex that Theresa wanted Brady so badly that she falsely accused him of raping her and he went to jail for it. Theresa remarks that she worked so hard to make amends that she’s a totally different person. Xander says she’s the same witch to him and warns Alex to guard his fortune with his life.

Maggie cries to Konstantin that the painting is beautiful and asks how he had it done. Konstantin says he just found an artist in town, brought a photograph, and he brought it to life. Maggie says she can’t get over it and it’s too much. Konstantin argues that it’s never too much as Victor was such a wonderful man, so he wants everyone to feel his presence here.

Chad tells Steve that he and Stephanie are on the same page, so he doesn’t understand what Steve is getting at. Steve explains to Chad that Stephanie may have told him that she doesn’t want to get married right now, but she’s moved in with him and gotten close with his kids so anyone can see how committed she is to him. Steve says if he knows his daughter, she’s thinking marriage. Steve understands everything Chad has gone through with Abigail and says his heart goes out to him, but if he’s not willing to give Stephanie everything she’s expecting, then he needs to end it. Chad asks for a minute to explain. Steve repeats that Chad needs to end it not just for Stephanie’s sake but for Thomas and Charlotte too because the longer he lets this go on, the more painful it will be for the kids. Chad assures that he would never do anything to hurt his kids. Steve relates as a parent and says that’s why he has to protect Stephanie. Steve advises Chad that if he’s not in it for the long haul, he needs to tell Stephanie now. Stephanie comes over and asks if everything is okay. Steve says everything is good and that he has to go. Marlena says she has to go too but says it was nice to see Chad, Stephanie, and the kids. Marlena wishes Chad a happy Halloween as she and Steve then exit the Pub.

Steve goes to Kayla’s office at the hospital. Kayla hugs him and calls it a surprise, asking what he’s doing there. Steve wishes he was just there for a nice surprise. Kayla questions what he did. Steve is afraid he might have caused a problem between Stephanie and Chad.

Chad asks Kate to watch the kids a little longer so he can talk to Stephanie. Kate takes the kids to look through Roman’s movie collection. Stephanie asks Chad what is going on and if something happened between he and Steve. Chad says it’s not really about Steve. Stephanie questions what he’s talking about. Chad tells Stephanie to be honest with him as he asks if she was telling him the truth when she said she didn’t want to get married.

Alex gets that Xander thinks he’s helping but says he’s just being rude. Alex says he and Theresa just want to enjoy a peaceful lunch. Xander remarks that if Alex keeps hanging out with her, this lunch may be the last peaceful thing he enjoys. Xander tells Alex that it’s his funeral and walks away. Xander then runs in to Sarah and says he’s glad he ran in to her as he was going to try and track her down this afternoon. Sarah questions what he wants. Xander thought maybe they could grab a coffee and talk about custody. Sarah doesn’t think it’s a good idea for them to talk about custody without their lawyers. Sarah tells Xander that she’ll see him in court and walks away.

Theresa hopes Alex didn’t take what Xander said to heart. Alex assures that he didn’t as everyone in his family knows that Xander blames everyone else for his problems and he’s just jealous that he’s not Victor’s heir. Theresa remarks that thank God that Xander isn’t Victor’s son.

Konstantin hangs the painting of Victor above the fireplace and declares it’s exactly what the room needed. Maggie agrees and thanks him for the amazing gift. Konstantin calls it his great pleasure. After crying, Maggie says she’s going to fix her makeup and hurries out of the room. Konstantin speaks to the painting of Victor and declares that Victor may have screwed him out of his will, but it’s not over between them yet. Konstantin asks why he should settle for a cut of his son’s half when he can take all of his wife’s half. Konstantin remarks that now Victor will get to watch all of it.

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