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Brady is at home with a to-go order from the Pub which he tells Marlena about Tate getting the order wrong and wonders if he’s doing it on purpose to get fired. Brady asks if he’s being hard on Tate. Marlena thinks Brady is holding him accountable but suggests everyone deserves some grace. Brady agrees that he could be overparenting and trying to make up for lost time for what he can’t give to Rachel right now, but that might be about to change. Marlena asks what he means. Brady responds that something has come up which might help him regain custody of Rachel and a chance that Kristen may just lose this battle big time.

Kristen goes to Gabi’s room and asks if she’s seen Rachel because she keeps disappearing. Gabi responds that it’s a big house so she’s sure she will turn up. Kristen mentions that she just wanted to say goodbye to her before she leaves. Gabi asks where she is going. Kristen informs her that EJ is taking her to lunch at the Bistro and says it will be nice to have some brother-sister bonding. Gabi thinks back to planning with Stefan against Kristen and EJ. Gabi is surprised as she didn’t know Kristen and EJ were buddy-buddy these days. Kristen responds that they are putting aside old grudges and getting closer all the time.

Stefan is with Rachel in the living room and tells her that she has three questions left in their game. Rachel calls that not fair and says she would’ve won yesterday if Holly didn’t drag her out for math tutoring. Stefan encourages that she’s this close and knows she can do it. Rachel asks for a hint. Stefan says it’s really big. Rachel guesses a giraffe in a hot air balloon which Stefan says is correct. Rachel asks what she gets for winning. Rachel guesses Taylor Swift tickets which Stefan says it is. Rachel asks how since even Kristen can’t get Taylor tickets. Stefan says Rachel is going to be the one doing it but there’s just one small condition that must be met.

In the town square, Gil tells Ava that he’s sure Clyde would not appreciate her going behind his back to try to influence him. Ava apologizes and says she doesn’t want any part of this. Ava begs him and says there has to be another solution. Gil responds that if she wants her son to keep breathing, this is it and there is no other option. Harris and Jada then walk up. Harris greets Ava and notes that she seemed upset, so he asks if something is wrong. Ava claims she’s fine. Harris asks who Gil is. Ava introduces him as the new owner of the Bistro and now her new boss.

Leo complains about his sheet as a ghost costume not working for him. Dimitri reminds Leo that it was his idea. Leo says it’s triggering his claustrophobia but they don’t have any other costumes. Dimitri encourages that people will just think they are ghosts and it will be great. Dimitri suggests Leo is just nervous. Leo worries that if they get recognized, his entire life becomes a dumpster fire. Dimitri reminds Leo that he has an out since he’s the fugitive while Leo is just along for the ride. Dimitri asks if this is really what Leo wants to do, because this might be his last chance to change his mind.

Marlena asks Brady about Gabi and Stefan helping him get his daughter back and questions Brady not asking how or why. Brady feels he’d rather not know more than he needs to and calls it plausible deniability. Marlena calls that a strategy. Marlena states that she is fond of Gabi but can’t help but wonder what’s in this for her. Brady guesses Kristen pissed Gabi off and there’s always DiMeras stabbing each other in the back. Brady doesn’t want to be involved in any of that and says he just wants his daughter back.

Rachel tells Stefan that she calls BS. Stefan says he’s trying to help her here. Stefan knows how much Rachel and Holly love Taylor Swift and he saw an ad online for a Halloween costume contest where the prize is front row seats to Taylor Swift. Stefan says his first thought was that Rachel would win hands down. Rachel complains that Kristen wouldn’t let her be a pirate wench so now her costume is stupid. Stefan encourages that they have their own costume designer so Rachel will have this in the bag.

Kristen tells Gabi that she and EJ are on fine terms now and that EJ is so thrilled that Susan is alive, that he wants to go celebrate with her. Kristen remarks that she apparently reminds EJ of Susan. Kristen says she’s just so happy that her and her brother have gotten close again. Kristen tells Gabi that she is going to continue her search for Rachel. Gabi thinks back to planning with Stefan to use Rachel to get Kristen’s shares. Gabi then claims that she heard Harold say something about taking Rachel out to carve a pumpkin. Gabi tells Kristen to go ahead to lunch and she will tell Rachel that she said goodbye. Kristen thanks her and exits.

Harris congratulates Ava as he knew she’d get something but notes that he had no idea she applied for the Bistro. Ava says it sort of just fell in her lap. Ava introduces Gil to Harris and Jada. Gil comments on them being cops and says it’s a pleasure to meet some of Salem’s finest and he’s thankful for what they do. Jada talks about loving the Bistro and says he’ll be seeing her a lot. Gil says he’s going to give Ava a tour of the kitchen so they walk off together.

Leo tells Dimitri that he wouldn’t be here now if he was going to leave him. Dimitri argues that Leo hasn’t had a chance to pause and think all this through when he sprung him out of the hospital. Dimitri reminds Leo that not long ago, he was promised a cut of the Von Leuschner fortune and now here they are with $14.42 and two bedsheets. Dimitri says it’s not lost on him that this is not what Leo signed up for. Leo assures that it was never about money, just about Dimitri making him happier than ever before as they kiss.

Jada comments on Ava landing a job at the Bistro straight out of Bayview. Harris points out that he didn’t think Rafe would hire him either. Jada brings up Harris having a skillset. Harris says that Ava does too but worries that something was off with Gil. Jada thinks Harris is just being protective of Ava. Jada wants to give Gil the benefit of the doubt since she does like the Bistro. Harris agrees that he’s probably just being overprotective as they walk away. Leo and Dimitri then arrive in the town square, dressed as ghosts with their bed sheets over them.

Ava and Gil sit together in the Bistro. Gil questions Ava not telling him that she’s tight with the cops. Ava points out that he didn’t ask. Gil argues that this is not good for business and he doesn’t need law enforcement sniffing around. Ava reminds him that he and Clyde strong armed her in to taking the job so if she cuts ties with Harris now, it will look rather suspicious so if he wants her, he’s stuck with Harris. Ava suggests he could just find someone else to run the drug front operation and then they could all live happily ever after.

Marlena asks Brady if he’s sure that Gabi and Stefan aren’t doing something illegal. Brady says he doesn’t know or care as he’s desperate to get his kid back. Brady complains that the judge that granted Kristen custody had an axe to grind and there’s nothing he can do about it unless Kristen goes off the rails and does something to jeopardize Rachel. Brady says he doesn’t want her to do that and she’s not going to, but if he wants to fight Kristen, he has to fight dirty. Marlena asks if he’s sure they can’t work out a co-parenting agreement. Brady argues that there is no co-parenting or good faith with Kristen. Brady doesn’t care what Gabi and Stefan are up to as he knows they have their own agenda, but as long as their interests align, he will take whatever help he can get to get Rachel back.

Gabi joins Stefan in the living room and asks if he has any updates on Rachel. Stefan informs her that Rachel is trying on concert outfits as they speak. Gabi worries that they need to step up their plan because EJ is taking Kristen out to lunch to celebrate Susan not being dead and they both know the topic of conversation will be Kristen’s DiMera shares. Gabi says they need to work quickly on getting her shares. Stefan says that Rachel is game and asks what they are waiting for. Rachel comes back in and asks if they were talking about her. Stefan says he was just talking about what a great team Rachel and Gabi are going to make. Rachel brings up her costume idea of a vampire princess pop star. Gabi says she was thinking something different and pulls out her bag of makeup which excites Rachel.

Dimitri and Leo make it to Leo’s room at the Salem Inn and find the envelope of cash that Leo had. Dimitri can’t believe they went right past Jada in the town square and wonders why she was with Harris Michaels. Leo says they just need to stay one step ahead of them.

Harris and Jada walk through the town square and talk about going up to Leo’s room. Jada talks about a fresh set of eyes giving an angle they haven’t seen yet. Jada says that Leo and Dimitri could be long gone by now and if they fled their jurisdiction, then it’s onto the next case for them.

Stefan goes to see Brady, who assumes he’s there about the plan. Stefan wants assurance that Brady is in. Brady assures that he’s in 1000% but asks if he should be worried about what’s in it for Stefan and Gabi. Stefan says it’s just family stuff that would bore him. Brady tells Stefan that he appreciates him getting his daughter back. Brady knows they didn’t get off on the best foot after his comeback. Stefan agrees since usually kidnapping and trying to unbrainwash him would be a deal breaker, but if he hadn’t have done that, he wouldn’t have gotten his life back so he’s grateful. Stefan notes that time is of the essence. Brady asks what he needs him to do. Stefan responds that Kristen is on her way to the Bistro, so he needs Brady to intercept her. Brady says he’s got it and asks him to tell him more.

Gabi does Rachel’s makeup in her room and tells her that she reminds her of her daughter Arianna. Gabi finishes and tells Rachel that she looks amazing as she put red makeup on her to make it look like she has a black eye.

Stefan asks if Brady can pull off making it look like he’s gotten in a fight with Kristen. Brady assures he could pull that off in his sleep.

Kristen exits the DiMera Mansion and thinks back to arguing with Brady in court when she won custody of Rachel. Kristen then runs in to Marlena and asks what she’s doing there. Marlena responds that she brought a Halloween goody bag for Rachel and she’d like to give it to her, herself. Kristen responds that Rachel has moved on from glow in the dark vampire teeth and she doesn’t allow her to eat candy but it was very kind of her. Marlena says she came all this way and would like to see her granddaughter as she misses her. Kristen responds that she doesn’t miss her and storms off.

Rachel tells Gabi that her makeup looks so real and she can’t wait to show her mom. Gabi says they thought they could surprise her. Gabi then tells Rachel that the contest claims they can’t have help from anyone but parents. Rachel worries about wanting to win the Taylor Swift tickets. Gabi encourages that there is always a work around.

Leo and Dimtiri go over making sure they have everything they need. Leo then stops to go use the restroom before they leave.

Gil tells Ava that when Clyde pulls you in, the only way out of the arrangement is in a bodybag. Ava agrees to do the job, but says she can’t do anything about Harris. Ava says she can tell him that she doesn’t like to eat where she works. Gil notes that she raises a good point about cops and suggests maybe her friendship with Harris isn’t a bad thing after all and they can make it work in their favor.

Jada and Harris go to Leo’s room at the Salem Inn and note the crime scene tape is gone. Harris questions if Leo would be stupid enough to show up here. Jada decides they are about to find out. They burst in but find the room is empty. Jada says they must have just missed them. Harris asks about the two ghosts they passed in the lobby a few minutes ago so they rush out.

Leo and Dimitri travel through the town square in their ghosts costumes while Leo complains that he’s starving.

Brady runs in to Kristen in the town square. Brady asks for a word. Kristen says she’s on her way to lunch but Brady says it won’t take long. Brady tells her that he wanted to thank her for allowing Tate to visit Rachel the other day as he said he had a great visit with her. Kristen says she’s so glad Tate enjoyed it but if Brady is asking to tag along next time, the answer is no. Brady says that’s okay and he wanted to talk to her about something else. Kristen tells him to make it quick. Brady informs her that he got an e-mail from Rachel’s teacher about Rachel having a D in math. Kristen responds that she hired her a tutor. Brady points out that’s Holly Jonas and calls her a sweet girl but questions if that’s the best Kristen could do. Kristen argues that Rachel just needs a little brushing up. Brady argues that Kristen put her at a level she’s not ready for. Kristen question if Brady is saying their daughter isn’t smart and remarks that she takes after Brady’s side of the family. Brady tells Kristen they are not through yet.

Rachel asks Gabi where the rest of her black eyed pea costume is. Gabi says she still has to sew it but assures she’ll be ready and takes a picture of her with the makeup on.

Kristen reminds Brady that she has custody of Rachel, not him, so she will make the decisions on her schooling. Behind them, Harris and Jada chase after two men in ghost costumes.

Gil questions Ava about her relationship with Harris but he gets the impression that they are tight which means they have an inside track to what’s going on in the Salem police department and Ava will be sure to know. Ava warns Gil that Harris is a trained assassin, so he should tread carefully. Gil warns Ava not to go spilling her guts to her cop/trained assassin friend because Clyde has eyes and ears everywhere.

Jada and Harris catch two men dressed as ghosts but it’s not Dimitri and Leo.

Leo and Dimitri return to their motel and celebrate getting away with it. Leo credits Dimitri as they kiss in bed.

Brady tells Kristen that he knows they aren’t getting along lately and they may hate each others’ guts but they want what’s best for Rachel. Brady states that Kristen has full custody now but he was the single parent before. Kristen asks what his point is. Brady says that Tate told him that Rachel was very upset the other day and didn’t want to do her homework while Kristen made her do pages worth of extra problems. Kristen argues that she’s exaggerating. Brady accuses her of punishing her like that. Kristen complains that there are consequences for not doing homework and that she’s a trained social worker. Stefan walks by with his phone recording as Kristen tells Brady that Rachel is her daughter and she will discipline her in any way she sees fit.

Gabi records Rachel saying that her mom gave her the black eye and that she would never make up something like that since the contest said she could only have parents help. Gabi tells her she was perfect.

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