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Update written by Shane

At the Robinson residence, Trina revealed that she had been in touch with Spencer. Portia lectured Trina about remaining in contact with Spencer. Trina recalled how helpless Esme had seemed when she had approached Trina and Spencer on the Haunted Star on NYE, and she admitted that she did have sympathy for Esme. Trina wondered aloud if it were possible that her amnesia had changed Esme.

Trina said she was ready to move on with her life. Portia asked how letting Spencer back into Trina’s life would help. Trina said that Spencer had been there for her like no one else since Rory’s death. Portia then began blasting the entire Cassadine family. She claimed that she had tried to keep an open mind about Nikolas, but then immediately started picking apart Nikolas and Victor in particular. Portia very condescendingly added that Spencer was a convicted felon.

Trina said that one day she hoped they could see eye to eye on Spencer but she added that this was not a necessity because Spencer was her friend and she called the shots in her life.  She made it clear she was disgusted with Portia’s actions and words and retired for the night to her bedroom.

Curtis entered the room carrying both he and Portia a glass of wine. Portia asked if he had overheard her conversation with Trina.  Curtis said that he had heard most of it. Portia vowed that Spencer wouldn’t become a habit. “Not if I have anything to say,” Portia said.

At Sonny’s penthouse, Alexis visited Spencer.  She and Spencer discussed Esme’s claim to have memory loss, and he was still heartbroken at the loss of Britt. Alexis said that whatever Spencer decided about the baby it was imperative that he not hold an innocent child to blame for their family problems. Spencer said he would never hold a grudge against an innocent baby, but he was concerned that Esme might take the baby far away from Port Charles. Alexis nixed that idea, when she told Nikolas that his father was resigned to have total custody of the child.  When she told Spencer about the conversation she had with Nikolas about custody of the baby and how Nikolas didn’t want Esme anywhere near his child because she was unstable.  Spencer paused and said, “pot meet kettle.”  Alexis agreed and told him she had reiterated that point to Nikolas as well.

Alexis wanted Spencer to tell her about anyone that might have been loyal enough (other than the psychopath Ryan Chamberlain) to Esme to kill those people she regarded as threats to Esme and her child. Spencer recalled that Sam had looked into Maggie, Esme’s nanny, whose last whereabouts had been in London. Spencer told Alexis that Maggie had warned Esme in a letter not to have anything to do with her birth father. Alexis thanked Spencer for the scoop.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Jordan asked Dante for a lead on the hook killer. Soon afterward, Josslyn appeared. Dante, Jordan, and Robert started to formally question Josslyn about her encounter with the hook attacker. Dante showed Josslyn a grainy photo that he said had been taken 15 minutes before Britt had called in the attack on New Year’s Eve. Jordan asked if it was Josslyn’s life that Britt had saved. Before Josslyn could say anything, Diane arrived and ended the interview by looking at Josslyn and saying, “not another word.”

Diane, Robert, and Jordan were pushed out of the interrogation room so that Diane could confer with Josslyn. Diane soon reappeared and said Josslyn was prepared to give a statement. In the statement, Josslyn admitted that she had been on the pier during the night of the attack and that someone had attacked her with a knife. Josslyn claimed that during the night of the attack, she hadn’t seen anything that could help the police. Dante asked if the attacker had looked pregnant, and Josslyn said she couldn’t recall.  Josslyn said there was no need for this interrogation style meeting, she told Dante if she could have helped the police in any way she would have come to Dante on her own.  Dante agreed.

Dante asked Diane for permission to speak to Josslyn alone, and Diane asked Josslyn sho said that it would be fine. Alone in the interrogation room, Josslyn self-righteously claimed that Dante had “ambushed” her, and she gloated that she had “learned from the best” to not talk to the police. “Yeah, you did,” Dante said. So, what was the family emergency?” Dante asked Josslyn.

At the hospital, Drew told Michael that Nina was Willow’s birth mother. Michael was livid and his face did not hide his disgust and exasperation. Drew tried to console Michael and to remind Michael that the important thing now was to get Nina tested for the bone marrow donor registry.  Michael begrudgingly agreed and returned to Willow’s room.

In the hospital chapel, Carly said that Nina might be the only person who could help Willow. “Nelle isn’t your only daughter. Willow is, too,” Carly told a confused Nina. Nina became her typical self-righteous self and demanded answers from Carly, who explained that years earlier, Nina had given birth to twin daughters under medical supervision. “So, if Willow was Nelle’s twin, you’re saying that Madeline handed Willow off to…” Nina said. “Harmony. Your mother gave the baby to Harmony,” Carly answered without any doubt in her mind.

Carly admitted that Harmony had suspected that Nina was Willow’s mother on the night that Harmony had died. Carly later added that she knew for a fact that Nina was Willow’s biological mother, and she admitted that she had proof. Carly admitted that she had run a DNA test on both Nina and Willow and that the results were conclusive. This made Nina angrier as she accused Carly of stealing her DNA and then conducting an unauthorized DNA test without her knowledge or consent.  Carly said that none of this mattered because what was done was done; and that Nina and Willow were mother and daughter.

Nina remained skeptical that Carly was telling the truth, but Carly pleaded with her that now was not the time for doubts. Nina needed to be tested. Nina flashed back to a series of conversations and run-ins with Willow through the years. Carly continued to plead with Nina, who grew visibly angry. Nina rushed to the door of the chapel, but she turned to look at Carly again. “You made me feel like the scum of the earth for a year. You kept saying over and over how I was wrecking your family. What about my family? How could you keep me away from my child?” Nina said as her voice started to give out.

Carly said that Nina could lash out at her after Nina had been tested. “Don’t tell me what to do, Carly! Go to hell… you selfish bitch! I’m gonna go save my daughter,” Nina yelled. Slamming the chapel door.  Carly looked absolutely wrecked.

Sonny sat with Willow in Willow’s room. Sonny told an unconscious Willow that she was tough and that Michael would get her the best of care. Sonny said he wished he could take care of both Willow and Michael.

Sonny continued to praise Willow, and he thanked her for having never lost hope in repairing his relationship with Michael. Just then, Michael entered the room.  Sonny explained to Michael that Josslyn had to leave and that she had asked Sonny to stay in the room with Willow so that she would not be alone. Michael said he appreciated Sonny having stayed with Willow. Sonny left to give Michael and Willow space. Alone with Willow, Michael whispered that he needed Willow, and he pressed his face against her hand. Willow awoke, and she asked what had happened. Michael recalled that Willow had passed out and had been brought by ambulance to GH.

Willow recalled that Nina had been in the gatehouse with Wiley. Michael confirmed that Wiley had seen Willow pass out, and he said they would explain everything to Wiley. Willow surmised that there was something Michael wasn’t telling her, and she asked what was wrong. Michael said that what he had to say was about Nina. Willow coldly remarked that she never wanted to hear Nina’s name again.

Just then, Nina entered the room. Willow demanded that Nina leave. “I’m sorry, but your life may depend on me,” Nina said still reeling from the news herself.

Outside Willow’s room, Sonny chatted with Drew. Sonny was surprised that Drew hadn’t known about Willow’s diagnosis until recently. “Can I ask you a question? Carly’s in the chapel right now with Nina instead of Michael and Willow. Do you know anything about that?” Sonny asked Drew.

Drew remained tight-lipped, and he said that it wasn’t his place to share why Carly had wanted to speak to Nina. Sonny “suggested” that Drew tell him the truth. After leaving the chapel, Carly appeared. Carly told Sonny to “back off.”

“What’s going on, Carly?” Sonny asked directly.


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