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Update written by Shane

At GH, Nina looked through Britt’s belongings as she packed up Britt’s office. Sonny arrived, and he asked how she and Liesl were doing. Nina said that she was fine, but that she hadn’t been able to locate Liesl since she arrived. Sonny then asked how Liesl seemed to be coping.  Nina then explained to Sonny that she had received a text message from Liesl asking her to meet Liesl in Britt’s office, but when Nina arrived she couldn’t find Liesl anywhere.  Sonny quickly asked Nina if Liesl was aware that Esme was in custody and being treated at General Hospital. Nina’s face went from concern to panic as she and Sonny rushed out of Britt’s office en route to locate Liesl.

In Esme’s room at GH, Esme asked what Liesl wanted. Liesl told her she was there to exact revenge on her for killing her daughter the previous night. Liesl produced a syringe and when Esme screamed, Liesl gagged her with a cloth. Esme and Liesl struggled and Liesl promised Esme if she continued putting up a fight she would make her death “exquisitely painful.”  Esme quickly realized she was in no condition to fight off an assault, so she pushed back her hospital table, revealing her pregnancy.  “You’re pregnant?” Liesl asked. Liesl briefly paused to think. But, she said that her pregnancy would not save Esme. She told Esme that her death would be far more merciful than Britt’s was.  She injected Esme with the contents of the syringe.  Seconds later, Nina entered the hospital room and asked Liesl what she had done. 

Liesl told Nina that she had injected Esme with a sedative, she then began smothering Esme with a pillow. This prompted an immediate response from Nina. Nina and Liesl fought over the pillow. Nina, trying very hard to keep the noise controlled because of the guard outside the door, pleaded with Liesl to stop.  Nina said that this was not what Britt would have wanted.  Nina then asked if Liesl would kill a mother and her child for revenge.  Liesl said that she had no intention of killing the baby and made an evil grin. Nina then changed tactics and asked if Liesl wanted to spend the rest of her life in prison. Liesl said that she didn’t care. “Well, I care,” Nina pleaded. She added that James, Maxie, Scott, they would all be devastated if Liesl threw her entire life away in a simple act of rage.  Nina continued to beg Liesl to take a moment and reassess.  Nina said that Liesl was not thinking clearly.  Liesl seemed to calm a bit, although she showed no remorse for what she had done.  Nina was able to convince her to leave the room quickly.  The two stepped out of the room while the guard was distracted and onto an elevator, and quickly descended from the 10th floor.

Sonny appeared at the 10th floor nurses’ station, and asked Elizabeth if she had seen Liesl. Elizabeth said that she hadn’t seen Liesl since the previous night at the Haunted Star

Nikolas then approached Sonny and wanted to know if Sonny had spoken to Spencer. Sonny asked Nikolas to try speaking to his son himself.  Nikolas told Sonny that he was only asking because Spencer was not taking his calls and that he didn’t want Spencer to hear of Britt’s death from a stranger or through the media. Nikolas then admitted to Sonny that Esme was pregnant, and that he was the baby’s father. Sonny lunged at Nikolas and began punching him.  However, the altercation was quickly contained by a guard and Nikolas declined to file charges.

Afterwards, Sonny left the hospital so that he could find Spencer and deliver the news of Britt’s death personally. 

Elizabeth asked what had happened to Nikolas, who revealed that Sonny had punched him. Nikolas added that he had admitted to Sonny that he had sex with Esme and that she was carrying his baby. “Do you have a death wish?” Elizabeth asked.

Elizabeth scolded Nikolas for trying to stand near Esme’s door. Elizabeth said that Esme had no reason to fake amnesia, that she held all the leverage and could easily bury the two of them. Elizabeth told Nikolas that Esme had not recognized her, but she feared seeing Nikolas could trigger the return of her memory.  Elizabeth grew increasingly angry, and then replied with something she knew would get Nikolas’ attention.  If you go to prison, Victor will love nothing more than to mold another Cassadine into his image (speaking of Spencer). “That cannot happen,” Nikolas said defiantly. Elizabeth then said that Nikolas needed to pull it together and insisted that he not make any more asinine attempts to enter Esme’s room.  Elizabeth insisted that they “hold tight” and buy themselves more time.  

Later, Elizabeth entered Esme’s room. Esme grabbed her arm, and begged Elizabeth not to hurt her. Esme asked where that horrible woman was and what she intended to do to her.  Elizabeth insisted that Esme was safe in the hospital and that it sounded as if she was recalling events from a bad dream.

In the kitchen of Carly’s mansion, Josslyn was shaken when she entered the room and saw Carly with Dex. Dex told Josslyn that Britt had been attacked by the hook after her party.  Dex was clearly trying to maintain their secrecy in front of Carly. He informed Josslyn that Britt had intervened in an attack that was already in progress and that Britt was not the intended target.  Dex told her that the person who was targeted got away. Josslyn said that sounded terrible and said that it was fortunate that no one was hurt.  Dex and Carly exchanged a look of sadness.  Josslyn saw it, and asked if Britt was OK. Carly crossed the room to hold Josslyn’s hands. Carly said, “No she’s not okay.” Carly told Josslyn that Britt had died as a result of the attack.  She explained that the hook had scratched Britt and that the hook had been laced with poison.  Josslyn burst into tears and said that she was the reason Britt had died. Carly was clearly shaken by her daughter’s words. Josslyn then told Carly the whole truth, that she was the intended target and that Britt had simply gotten in the way trying to defend her.

Carly was in shock. She asked Josslyn why she hadn’t remained on the docks with Britt until the police came. Carly also wanted to know why Britt would tell the police that she didn’t know the identity of the person who got away. Dex said they had convinced Britt to let them leave because he had been carrying an unregistered gun that Sonny had given him. At that point Josslyn told Dex that she needed to speak to her mother alone. Dex resisted, but Josslyn walked him out. Dex said that he felt as though he should stay and face Carly with her. Josslyn said that wouldn’t be necessary.  Josslyn told Dex that her only regret about the previous night was that they had left Britt alone.

Back in the kitchen, Josslyn told Carly the entire story.  She had been on the way to Britt’s party and was attacked on the docks.  She said that she couldn’t run because she was in heels and that Britt had saved her. She told Carly that Dex had also arrived on the docks as Britt struggled with the killer and Dex had fired a single shot. She said that was the main reason they had left.  Carly wanted to know if Dex had actually hit the killer.  Josslyn said that there was no way to be sure.  Josslyn swore to Carly that Britt was fine when they left her and that no one, not even Britt, was aware that she had been scratched with the hook. Carly knew that Josslyn would never have left Britt if she had known.  Carly was overcome with emotion that the killer had come that close to Josslyn and she kept repeating, “Thank God you’re alive.”

Josslyn also told Carly that she had gone from Dex’s apartment straight to Kelly’s, to speak to Cameron. She told Carly that she had broken up with Cameron. She began to cry again when she told Carly that Cameron was “so hurt.” This clearly affected Carly as she grabbed for Josslyn’s hand.  Josslyn said that after the attack, it became clear to her that she could not put off the conversation with Cameron any longer.  Josslyn felt she had to tell Cameron the truth—they had grown apart and that she did not want to continue in the relationship.  Josslyn said that Cameron absolutely deserved that from her. Carly reached for Josslyn, and they hugged.

Arriving back at Nina’s penthouse, an exhausted Liesl said that she just wanted to get some rest.  Nina said that was a good idea and told Liesl to sleep in her room and she would be there in the living area if Liesl needed anything.  Nina discovered a trophy and a photograph of Britt and Brad in the box of Britt’s stuff. Underneath the photo and the trophy, was a close-up of a document from Dr. Terry Randolph detailing the chemotherapy treatment being received by Willow Tait. Nina grabbed the trophy and held it to her chest, but she did not notice the document.

At Kelly’s Diner, Spencer ordered coffee and then remarked that Cameron looked like he felt.  Cameron simply said that he had not gotten any sleep and that he was not scheduled to work that day but someone had called in sick.

Spencer told Cameron that Esme had been found and that she was pregnant. Spencer added that Nikolas had slept with Esme months earlier, and he also stated that Esme claimed to have near total memory loss. Cameron asked if Nikolas knew that Esme was pregnant before she went into hiding.  Spencer said that he wasn’t sure but that he definitely got the feeling that Nikolas knew before the previous night’s events.

Cameron asked if Spencer thought Esme was faking her memory loss. Spencer said he wouldn’t put it past her, but he added that he, Cameron, Trina, and Josslyn should get together to figure out what to do next. Cameron said that Spencer would have to meet with Trina and Josslyn separately. Spencer demanded to know what Cameron was not telling him. “Joss and I broke up,” Cameron said. Spencer immediately asked if their breakup had been caused by Dex.

Cameron asked what Spencer wasn’t telling him. He wanted to know why Spencer would immediately think that the breakup with Josslyn anything to do with Dex. Spencer asked Cameron to excuse him, then said that after the night he had just had, he didn’t have a lot of faith in others. As Spencer was speaking, Sonny entered Kelly’s. Spencer greeted him and Sonny said that he had been looking for Spencer. Sonny pulled up a chair, Cameron started to get up, but Sonny asked him to say.  Sonny then told Cameron and Spencer that Britt had been attacked by the hook killer and had died from her injuries.

Spencer was heartbroken, his face frozen, he kept insisting that it must be a mistake. Sonny said that it was no mistake. Spencer stood up, and told Sonny and Cameron he just needed a minute to himself. Spencer started up the stairs at Kelly’s but sat down before ascending them.  He then began to cry. 

Spencer returned, and Dex entered the diner. Dex approached Sonny, who told Dex to give him a minute. Cameron gave Dex a stringent stare and then he stood up and returned to work.

Spencer poured out his heart to Sonny. He asked if Britt had been alone and Sonny quickly replied that she was with her mother when she passed. Spencer was relieved that Britt had not been alone. Spencer then told Sonny that he couldn’t bear the thought of returning to Wyndemere to face Nikolas and Victor. Sonny said there was an “easy fix,” and he invited Spencer to come home with him. Spencer left the diner with Sonny and Dex.  As they left, Dex and Cameron made eye contact and held the awkward stare for several seconds.

In the stables on the Quartermaine estate, Willow told Michael that she believed her strength was returning following her first round of chemo, and she vowed to continue to fight the leukemia. 

Drew entered the stables and remarked that Willow and Michael seemed to be doing better. Willow asked how the search for her parents had progressed.

Drew asked if Willow had ever heard of a man named Josiah, at the commune in Colorado. Willow replied “Yes!.”  She then revealed that Harmony had taken her to visit someone named Josiah after they had left the commune. Willow said she couldn’t remember much about the actual visit, but did recall it being her first time on an airplane. She remembered that Harmony had given her chewing gum to make her ears pop to relieve the air pressure.  

Willow asked Drew if he thought that Josiah would be able to identify her birth parents.  Drew said that he couldn’t be sure, but it was definitely a step in the right direction. Drew wanted to make sure that Michael and Willow were not losing hope that they would be able to locate her birth parents. Willow vowed that she was determined to stay alive to see Wiley and her unborn daughter grow up together.  

After making that comment, Willow received a call from Dr. Terry Randolph, who said that Willow had been matched with a bone marrow donor. Willow told Michael and Drew the news and then exclaimed, “I’m going to live!”  Drew smiled, and Michael and Willow embraced.

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