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Update written by Shane

Sam shows up at Maxie’s front door and Maxie asks if she is her fairy godmother.  Sam has brought a bottle of wine in hopes that the two can catch up.  But, she quickly hears the kids fighting in another room of the apartment.  Maxie raises the wine bottle like she could really use a drink and they both smile. Maxie disciplines the children and sends Georgie to her room.  Sam, in the meantime, gives James some ice cream.  Maxie tells Sam that they need a new place and Sam says that she could lease Dante’s place.  Maxie asks if she means the house where Dante lived with Lulu.  Maxie then begins to speak about Lulu and how much she misses her, she tells Sam it’s been nearly three years.  Maxie asks if Sam thinks that Dante would let her live there.  Sam tells Maxie that if he decided to lease the place that she believes there would be no better candidate than Maxie. 

Maxie and Sam then discuss Sasha’s descent into madness.  Maxie tells Sam that Brook Lynn saw her at Fern Cliff and that Sasha was crying and screaming and Maxie tells Sam she doesn’t want to see her that way.  Sam can’t believe that Sasha has taken such a rapid downturn. Maxie agrees and says that there was absolutely no evidence that Sasha was abusing drugs before her breakdown. Sam then tells Maxie that she has to leave soon and Maxie is disappointed.  Maxie says it was so nice to spend time with an actual adult.

Marshall arrives home at Portia’s place and Portia tells him he is just in time. “In time for what?” Marshall asks.  Portia informs him that Trina has moved back home.  Portia tells Marshall she will get Trina from her room so that they can visit together.  Marshall seems distracted.  Portia finds that Trina has left  and she tells Marshall that she has to go out.  She tells Marshall that she hopes that Trina hasn’t gone to see Spencer.  Portia tells Marshall that she feels responsible for what happened to Curtis.  Marshall tells her that focusing on the what ifs and the might have beens is no way to live.  He insists that they have to move forward.  Marshall tells Portia that he will be there for her and Curtis. Portia and Marshall share a hug.  

In Curtis’ room at General Hospital, Curtis has a flashback to the sounds of the shooting and then pulls the covers up and stares at his legs.  Elizabeth enters his room and asks him if he is OK.  Elizabeth discusses Curtis’ transfer to rehab the next day. She tells Curtis that the rehabilitation will be difficult but he will be fine because he is strong.  Curtis asks Elizabeth to just be honest and say that he will be stuck in a chair for the rest of his life.  

Trina arrives at General Hospital and asks Finn to sneak her in to see Curtis.  At first he is hesitant, but then he relents. Finn goes to visit Curtis and lets Trina in.  Trina tells Curtis that regardless of what the future holds he will always be her father.  “Yes I will,” Curtis replies.  Trina asks Curtis if he remembers the first words he uttered when he regained consciousness after his surgery.  Curtis says, “I need my daughter.”  Trina says that she needs him too and she will always be there for him.

Alexis comes home and startles Kristina who is watching “How To Catch A Killer” on TV.  Alexis tells Kristina that she thought she didn’t watch TV anymore.  Kristina says that her internet has been shut off and besides she prefers to watch TV at Alexis’ place. Alexis tells Kristina from now on if she could tell her she was coming by that would be nice.  Alexis says that would help prevent her from having a heart attack in the future.  Kristina said she didn’t expect Alexis to be out this late.  Alexis says that she was out helping someone check off an item on their bucket list. Kristina asks for details and Alexis says that she was out throwing hatchets with a friend.  Kristina tells her that she has heard about those places and she has also heard they can be a lot of fun.  Alexis then notices that Kristina has brought over books on business management that Sam had purchased for her.  Alexis then becomes convinced that Kristina was planning on burning the books in the fireplace.  But, Kristina convinces her that she has really enjoyed the knowledge she has acquired from the books.  She says it makes her feel empowered and she intends to use the knowledge while setting up her new center for at-risk youth.  Alexis then tells Kristina she is very proud of her.

The doorbell rings at Anna’s home, she comes down the stairs and finds Dante at the door.  When Dante enters Anna’s home, it is clear that they are both being watched by an unseen party. Anna thanks Dante for coming over so late and she asks him if there has been any progress on the investigation of the shooting at the Metro Court.  Dante tells her that they still have more questions than answers and that he really wouldn’t call that progress.  Anna informs Dante that Pikeman Security Group may be involved in the shooting. Anna says she has recently learned that Pikeman often recruits former WSB agents to work for them.  Dante asks her how she knows this for sure.  Anna tells him that Valentin was recruited to work for them.  Dante asks where Valentin is and Anna tells him that there was a water main break at ELQ and that he had to go and deal with that.  Dante tells Anna that he can’t believe that Valentin admitted that he was recruited by Pikeman.  Anna tells him he was hesitant at first, but after pressing him, he shared the information with her. 

Dante asks Anna if she believes that Pikeman tried to kill her that day at the Metro Court pool. Anna is not certain but she tells Dante when she was debriefed by a WSB agent after what happened in Greenland that she noticed that he had a portfolio with a Pikeman logo on it.  Dante says that maybe the presence of the logo was just a coincidence.  Anna disagrees and says that the bureau may be using Pikeman to further its own political agenda. Dante assures Anna that he will go back to the PCPD and work the Pikeman angle. As he leaves her home, the person watching Anna’s front door is still present.

At General Hospital, Finn gets a call about a patient.  He orders an ER to be made ready and another doctor to be paged to assist.  He then hangs up the phone and rushes away as Elizabeth watches from across the lobby.

Carly and Olivia show up at a dive bar that Carly says reminds her of Jake’s.  Olivia excuses herself to go to the ladies room while Carly orders drinks.  To Carly’s surprise, Ned walks across the room and begins a conversation with her.  Olivia comes back and finds Ned talking to Carly.  Olivia says to Carly, “is it possible that my husband is trying to pick up my best friend?”  Carly says she doesn’t think so, but then is immediately proven wrong. Olivia quips that she guesses she should be thankful that he is hitting on her and not some other loser.  At this point, Mason enters the picture and makes a pass at Olivia.  Mason tells Olivia that she looks, “lonely and hot.”  Olivia rolls her eyes.  Mason starts hitting on Olivia and Ned punches Mason, which leads to a fight between the two.  Mason knocks Ned out and then continues hitting on Olivia.  The bartender, seeing the situation is getting out of hand, passes Carly a bottle which she then breaks over the back of Mason’s head.  Mason falls to the floor.  Ned then regains consciousness and asks Olivia, “did I get him?”  Olivia says, “you got him all right.”  Carly rolls her eyes with exasperation.

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GH Update Friday, November 4, 2022

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Update written by Shane

At Charlie’s Pub, Willow and Michael enjoy a rare date night. Michael apologized for missing Willow’s doctor’s appointment at GH, but she lied and told him that it had been a routine appointment, and everything was fine. Willow briefly replayed T.J.’s words in her head that her Leukemia may have reached State 3 which would seriously limit their treatment options. Michael interrupted Willow’s thoughts. He promised to be by her side at the next checkup. Michael told her that she was stuck with him. After Michael left the table for a moment, Willow checked her phone, but there were no new text messages or voicemails.

Later, Michael noticed that Willow hadn’t touched her food. She admitted that she’d been distracted waiting for the results of her recent tests. Worried, Michael asked about the tests, but Willow rushed to assure him that it had merely been a precaution. Michael reminded Willow that they were a team, but her glance slid to her phone. After the food had been cleared away, Willow broached the subject of marriage. Michael was surprised, but he assured her that he was ready to get married right away. Willow’s eyes welled up with tears as she promised that she never wanted to leave Michael, Wiley, or the baby.

Willow saw that it was Terry, but she told Michael it was “the hospital.”

After a brief exchange with Terry, Willow agreed to meet the doctor the following day to discuss the results. After Willow ended the call, Michael made it clear that he intended to accompany her to the visit. Willow admitted that she wanted Michael to be there.

In Austin’s office at the hospital, Austin announced that he was done with both Mason and Mason’s boss because Austin was a different person now and he had built a life he was proud of in Port Charles. Mason laughed. Maxie barged in and  apologized when she realized that she had walked in on something. “You want to tell her, or should I?” Mason asked his cousin. Austin claimed that Mason had asked Austin to help with some hospital paperwork and Mason’s insurance company. Austin explained that he hadn’t been comfortable crossing any ethical lines, but he reluctantly agreed to look into the matter for Mason.

Maxie felt bad that she had canceled her date with Austin and offered to get something at the Metro Court Restaurant. But, Austin declined the offer saying that he had too much work to do.  Moments later, Austin’s office phone rang. Austin made arrangements to treat a patient that had asked for him in the E.R.

Later when Austin returned from the E.R. to find Mason in his office chair, he furiously ordered Mason out.  The details were not discussed but it was clear that Austin had performed a procedure on a gunshot victim without following the proper protocol of informing the police.

At Metro Court’s restaurant, Spinelli stood on the balcony as he spoke to someone about shutting down Society Setups as quickly as possible. Spinelli told the caller that he was fully aware that the stock had made significant gains, but Spinelli was adamant that the company be shut down. After Spinelli ended the call, he turned and saw Maxie standing in the doorway. Maxie revealed that she’d been waiting for a pickup order, but she was curious about Spinelli’s phone call. “I know the real story behind Society Setups, remember?” Maxie said. Maxie urged Spinelli not to give up because she was certain that Spinelli would find someone else.  

At Curtis and Portia’s house, Curtis admitted that he feared the killer would not stop until she had targeted Trina. Jordan promised both Curtis and Portia that the police would do everything possible to keep Trina safe. Curtis realized that Taggert needed to be told, and security would need to be increased. Jordan advised Portia to follow Trina’s lead by carrying on as normally as possible, but Curtis worried that it might impact Curtis and Portia’s wedding plans. Jordan was surprised when Curtis and Portia revealed their plans for a Valentine’s Day wedding. After Curtis left to call Taggert, Jordan asked when Portia intended to tell Curtis the truth.

Portia explained that she needed more time and that she wanted to prevent Trina from any more stress.  Portia wanted to know for sure if Curtis had the genetic markers for schizophrenia before raising the topic with Trina. Jordan said she believed Portia was just stalling and didn’t realize how important the truth was to Curtis.  Portia snapped and told Jordan that she didn’t need her approval to conduct her familial affairs in the way she saw fit.  With that, Jordan said that her business there had been completed and Portia apologized for having snapped.  She explained to Jordan that there were things that she wasn’t aware of that she was dealing with.  

After Jordan left, Curtis offered to postpone the wedding, in light of the new information. Portia didn’t really want to give some psychopath that much control over their daily lives and so they agreed to keep the wedding date on Valentine’s Day.  Portia asked Jordan to promise that everything would be OK.  He did and she smiled, but her smile quickly turned to an expression of concern.

At Carly’s house, Josslyn was upset that both her life and Trina’s had just been turned upside down by one visit from Jordan. Carly consoled her, but Josslyn realized that if the Hook killer was targeting people associated with Trina that Cameron was also in serious danger. She made several calls to Cameron but they all went to voicemail. After Josslyn left Cameron an urgent message to call her immediately because he might be in “serious danger,” she sent him a text message. Josslyn grew more anxious when Cameron didn’t reply.

Josslyn grabbed her things and said she was going to Kelly’s to warn Cameron, but Carly forbade her to leave the house when a killer was on the loose. Carly promised to take care of everything, but Carly insisted that Josslyn stay put. Carly called Drew and asked if he could find Cameron and warn him and he said that he didn’t have to.  Drew had found Cameron on the footbridge and they had been talking. She was relieved when he told her that he was with Cameron, but she asked Drew to make certain that Cameron got home safe.

At Kelly’s, Sonny and Nina enjoyed an ice cream sundae. Sonny confessed that he was pleased he and Nina no longer had to hide their relationship. Nina agreed, and she admitted that she’d been touched when Sonny had stood up for her to Carly. “I’m a part of your life, so that makes me a part of your kids’ lives,” Nina said. Sonny admitted that it hadn’t been necessary to tell Carly that because of the way that Avery and Donna had responded to Nina. According to Sonny, his youngest two daughters had made it clear that Nina was already part of the family.

Nina noticed Dex outside in the cold, but Sonny reminded Nina that Dex was working, and the cold made him more alert. Nina admitted that she was still getting used to having a bodyguard, but Sonny made it clear that her safety was paramount to him. After a kiss, Nina confessed that she was happy that both Avery and Donna had accepted her, but she noted that Michael and Josslyn had not. Sonny assured Nina that Michael and Josslyn were a “work in progress,” but Sonny had no intention of giving up. Nina smile and said that it wasn’t Sonny’s style to give up.

Outside, Dex was on guard, but his thoughts were on Josslyn. He recalled their talk in Kelly’s when she had told him that his choices had disappointed her, a comment that had clearly cut Dex to the bone. When Nina popped outside to offer him a cup of hot chocolate, Dex politely declined because he was working. Nina insisted, but Dex didn’t accept the offering until Sonny gave his approval. Nina was thrilled when Dex said that she brought out the best in Sonny.

After Sonny and Nina returned to their table, Josslyn approached the front door to Kelly’s, but she stopped short when she saw Dex. She was irritated when Dex revealed that Sonny and Nina were inside. Josslyn glanced through the window, but she didn’t see Cameron working. She decided to wait outside rather than be around Sonny. Within minutes, Josslyn berated Dex for wanting to work for Sonny. “You have no idea what I want,” Dex said.

Just then, Cameron walked up, and he immediately picked up on the tension between Dex and Josslyn. Josslyn ran to Cameron, threw her arms around him, and told him how relieved she was to see him. Dex averted his attention until he heard Josslyn tell Cameron that Jordan believed the Hook had been after Josslyn the night Brando had been attacked. “Wait, the cops think you were the target?” Dex asked Josslyn.

Josslyn explained that all the victims had been linked to Trina’s trial. Josslyn reminded Cameron and Dex that Ava had been Trina’s mentor, Diane had been Trina’s attorney, and Oz Haggerty had exonerated Trina. Josslyn warned Cameron that they were both in danger because both Josslyn and Cameron had testified as defense witnesses. Dex decided that Sonny should be told, but Josslyn objected. Dex asked if her pride was more important than being targeted by a killer.

Moments later, Dex, Josslyn, and Cameron approached Sonny. Dex explained that there was something Sonny needed to know. Sonny left to take Josslyn home as Cameron closed up. Dex assured Cameron that he would return after he dropped off Nina, but Cameron declined being “escorted” home. Dex reminded Cameron that Sonny had ordered Dex to escort Cameron home, but Cameron was adamant in his refusal. Cameron said, “I don’t work for Sonny.”  Nina sided with Dex and asked Cameron if he was sure he didn’t want someone to see that he got home safely. 

After Dex and Nina left, Cameron recalled how Josslyn had run into his arms. The memory made him smile.

At Carly’s house, Carly was surprised when Drew stopped by to check on her. She reminded him that they had agreed to be careful, but Drew admitted that he’d heard the tension in her voice during their phone call. He assured Carly that Cameron was safe, and Drew had dropped Cameron off at Kelly’s. Grateful, Carly decided to let Josslyn know, but Josslyn was nowhere to be seen. Carly called out to her daughter, but she was met with silence.

Carly was furious when she realized that Josslyn had slipped out to check on Cameron at Kelly’s. Carly called her daughter’s phone, but the calls went to voicemail, and Carly’s text messages went unanswered. Drew reminded Carly that she would have done the same thing at Josslyn’s age. Carly agreed, but she had hoped that her daughter would have been smarter. Carly grabbed her jacket with the intention of driving to Kelly’s, but Drew insisted on taking Carly. Carly argued that they couldn’t be seen together, but Drew argued that Josslyn was more important than the SEC.

As Carly opened the door for her and Drew to exit, she found Sonny and Josslyn on the doorstep.  Sonny explained that Josslyn had told him about Jordan’s concerns and that he had decided to bring Josslyn home while Dex saw to getting Cameron home safely.  Carly thanked Sonny for bringing Josslyn home and after he left, she told Drew he had to leave also, so that Sonny would see him leave.  He agreed, but not before kissing Carly goodnight.  After the kiss, Drew left and Carly closed the mansion door, unaware that Josslyn had seen the whole thing.

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