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Update written by Shane

At Volonino’s gym, Chase worked until Brook Lynn showed up. Chase complained to Brook Lynn that his singing career (which has pointedly told her–he doesn’t want) is all she ever wants to talk about.  He mentioned Rory’s death and how he hadn’t been there on the force to show Rory the ropes because of her fantasy of him being a singer.  Brook Lynn admitted that she had written the letter, but that it had been too little, too late.  Chase said that he wasn’t giving up on his career.  Brook Lynn said that he should do the single with Blaze and use the money to finance his efforts to get his badge back. Chase told her that if he needed extra money he would work extra shifts at a regular job.  He told her that they needed space.  Brook Lynn said that she would draw up the paperwork to end their relationship as client and manager and Chase told her to send it certified, they had no reason to see each other again. 

Sonny and Nina called out Ava’s name as they rushed into the art gallery, followed by Dex. They were concerned that her door had been unlocked, and Nina wondered where Ava had been the previous evening. Nina said that she had even called Nikolas to see if Ava was at Wyndemere.  Ava admitted that she had stayed at the gallery all night and that Wyndemere was no longer her home. Sonny departed as Nina and Ava continued their conversation.  On their way out, Dex asked if he should arrange protection for Ava, but Sonny said no because issues with Nikolas would take precedence. 

Ava claimed that she had been doing paperwork through the night, which had created a sore neck. Nina noticed there was broken glass all over the floor and she helped to clean things up. Nina asked about Nikolas. Ava revealed that Nikolas had served her with divorce papers, and Nina was shocked because she was sure that Ava and Nikolas were on the road to reconciliation. Ava disclosed that Nikolas had not only slept with Elizabeth, but Elizabeth was also pregnant. Nina was floored.

Ava vowed to shed no more tears for Nikolas and that she fully intended to take Nikolas for everything he was worth, thanks to Victor, who wanted to keep family skeletons in the closet. Nina asked Ava if she had lost her mind.  “You do not want to attempt to extort a member of that family,” she said.  But, Ava was undeterred.  She was focused on the task at hand and said that she was leaving to go to the pharmacy to get something for her sore neck.

Josslyn finished her daily run to find Carly just finishing up a phone conversation with Jax. Carly told Josslyn that Jax wanted her to come to Australia.  He thought it was important for her to get out of Port Charles with The Hook still on the loose. Josslyn said that she couldn’t walk out on her life. Carly was concerned about Josslyn’s safety, and she wanted Josslyn to be careful. She gave Josslyn strict orders to remain on the grounds, along with several other rules. She was also worried about Josslyn’s association with Dex.

Carly said that she had faith in Josslyn and that she would always be in her corner. She knew that Josslyn was aware of what life would be like with Dex because of Carly’s relationships with Jason and Sonny. Josslyn apologized for calling Jason an idiot for working for Sonny.  She also told Carly that after what happened the previous night with Spencer that she believed Dex would no longer be an issue.  Carly was shocked to hear that Spencer had been released from Pentonville early.  Josslyn filled her in on Spencer’s release and what had happened at Kelly’s.  The doorbell rang and Carly answered it.  It was Sonny and Dex. Sonny said that he wanted to assign protection to Josslyn and Carly was in full support of that idea.  Carly said that she and Josslyn had a lunch date with Michael and Willow.  Josslyn said she had decided to skip lunch and Sonny asked Dex to stay with Josslyn until he could get someone else as her full time protection.  He told Carly to give Michael and Willow his best wishes.  

Outside Carly’s house, Sonny asked his man to send a gender neutral gift to Michael and Willow without a card. Inside the house, Dex thanked Carly for her assistance when he was wounded, and he promised to keep an eye on Josslyn until the new guard arrived. “That’s what I’m afraid of,” Carly remarked as she departed. Josslyn wanted Dex to leave, but he exclaimed that he had his orders. “It’s clear where we stand,” Josslyn insisted. “Aren’t you tired of pretending?” Dex replied. He told her that it was okay to be scared, even though he knew she was tough. He added that she was safe with him. Josslyn began to cry and ran into his arms.

At General Hospital, Michael and Willow were ready for Dr. Navarro to do an ultrasound.  There was some trepidation at whether or not they should find out the sex of the baby and they went back and forth discussing the issue. But, in the end, Willow said go ahead with her ultrasound, since she’d promised to disclose the baby’s gender at lunch.

Dr. Navarro was called to the room and performed the ultrasound. She announced that everything looked good, and they listened to the baby’s heartbeat. She showed Michael and Willow the screen and revealed that they were going to have a baby girl. 

Nikolas found Elizabeth at the nurses’ station and demanded they talk. Elizabeth said that she was working and Nikolas insisted that he would wait.  Elizabeth told him that he would have a long wait because she had just started her shift. Nikolas wanted to know if Elizabeth intended to tell the police about his holding Esme against her will. Elizabeth finally agreed to walk to the chapel once she saw that the conversation was going to get incredibly personal.

Elizabeth said that she had only gone along with Nikolas’ plans because they had thought that Esme was The Hook killer. Elizabeth thought she was in too deep and worried that she would be charged as an accomplice. She said she felt trapped. Nikolas suggested that he hire someone else to take over as Esme’s  nurse. Elizabeth said that it wouldn’t matter. Esme would talk, and Elizabeth’s career would be over, even if she escaped jail time. Elizabeth saw no other option but to continue on as Esme’s nurse.  Elizabeth said that they would have to deal with all of the people they had hurt as part of their scheming and that things were about to get very difficult. Nikolas apologized and left, and soon after, Elizabeth headed to the door and found Ava standing in the doorway. “Going somewhere?” Ava asked before adding, “I don’t think so.”

Drew and Alexis met at Charlie’s Pub and sat at a table. Alexis announced that she had done some “digging” for him regarding Willow’s search for her mother and she had discovered after speaking with a local reporter that there was no Joan at the commune and there were certainly no heroin-related deaths in that county. Alexis and Drew were able to surmise from the available information that Denise had falsified the information she had funneled to Drew.  

Drew flashed back to Carly saying that Harmony had told her that Nina was Willow’s mother, and Alexis noted that she was glad to have verified the information and uncovered the lies. Alexis added that Harmony had been quite the liar herself. Drew agreed that Harmony had definitely told lies, and Phyllis overheard them as she came to offer a refill on their coffee.

Phyllis asked about the investigation and noted that Harmony (or Lorraine as she had known her) had always kept secrets. Phyllis recalled the day she had run into Harmony at Charlie’s pub and said that the way she spoke to her seemed as though she were trying to rewrite history. She went off to see other customers, and Drew said that he wanted to question Denise again because everything she had told him seemed to be a lie.  Just as Drew made the statement about Denise’s lies, Carly walked in and overheard him.  She looked shocked and realized that Drew was on to the campaign of lies that she had set into motion.


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