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Trina and Ava talk about what is going on in Trina’s life. Ava asks what Trina’s plans are for the new school year.  Trina asks Ava if she can come back to work at the Jerome Gallery.  Nina says of course she can and she asks why Trina would want to work at her gallery and not one of the more sophisticated galleries in town. Trina says that she enjoys setting her own hours and the more relaxed atmosphere. Nina arrives and Trina goes to spend time with Spencer and Ace who are swimming in the pool. 

Nina wants to know what is going on with Ava and Sonny.  Ava doesn’t tell her much, only that everything is going to get better soon. Nina is irritated at first but then resigns herself to the fact that Ava is her friend and she can trust her when she says that Ava and Sonny are protecting Nina by not telling her.

Marshall goes to see Portia at General Hospital and as soon as he arrives he steps into Portia’s office and says, “we have a problem.” He then tells Portia they have got to provide Neka with some help because she is overwhelmed at the Savoy without Curtis’ daily presence. Marshall and Portia agree that the family will step in to fill the void left by Curtis’ absence.

Michael and Willow arrive at General Hospital for Willow’s appointment with Dr. Randolph.  They are greeted by Austin, who notes how well Willow is looking. Michael notices Dex watching Austin and after Willow goes in for her appointment, he follows Dex outside and asks him what is going on. Dex tells him that he is on an assignment from Sonny but doesn’t give him many details.

Betty and Mason go into Austin’s office so Betty can tell them both what she found at Sonny’s penthouse. Austin remarks that no one bothers to knock anymore. Austin then tells Mason and Betty that he is done as Dex tries to listen outside. Mason reminds Austin that they are all employees of the boss and that no one gets out until the boss says so. 

Spencer and Trina talk about her feelings about what is going on with her mother and Curtis as Esme watches them from across the roof of the Metro Court. Spencer encourages her to go to Portia to check in on her. After Trina kisses him and leaves, Esme walks over and asks Ace if he wants to go swimming with his mother. She takes off her wrap revealing a pink bikini which Spencer takes notice of. 

Portia is looking at accessibility options for the house when Trina arrives bearing latte’s. She tells her mother that it was Spencer’s idea for Trina to check in on Portia but that the lattes were her idea. Trina sees the accessibility equipment on Portia’s screen and says she had no idea that it was so expensive to make a home handicap accessible.

Curtis is working with his therapist Roy when Roy insists they take a break. Roy tells Curtis that it is important that he not push himself too hard too quickly. Curtis isn’t happy but he agrees. At that moment, Selina Wu comes into the room and tells Curtis she is there as a friend to offer to run the Savoy while Curtis is out of commission.  She actually then makes an offer to take it off of Curtis’ hands altogether. “Over my dead body,” Marshall tells her. Marshall tells Selina that their family will take care of the club for his son. Wu makes some pointed remarks about Marshall not knowing anything about running a club.

Sam meets Cody at the coffee bar and he tells her that he thinks Sasha is being drugged and wants the entire situation to be investigated. Cody tells Sam that the reason why Sasha took a downward spiral is because she was considering removing Gladys as her guardian. Cody tells Sam about the situation that happened on the Home and Heart show and how well Sasha handled it.  He also says the timing of Sasha’s breakdown is just too coincidental. Sam says that they need concrete evidence before they can get the police to do anything like that and Cody gets up to leave.  Sam says, “where are you going?”  Cody tells Sam he is going to get the proof she needs. 

At the PCPD Gladys files for a restraining order to keep Cody away from Sasha. Mac comes over to them and sends her to another officer to get the paperwork for the restraining order processed.

At Ferncliff, Mandy tries to figure out why Sasha is acting the way she is because her medications shouldn’t be causing it. She tries to talk to her but Dr. Montague comes in. Mandy talks to him and tells him that she ordered a blood test and he tells her to not do anything else with his patient without talking to him first. After she leaves he tries to convince Sasha she is using again and gives her another injection.

Cody goes to the PCPD and tells Dante and Mac that they need to help Sasha and then Gladys comes out and pushes the restraining order in Cody’s face. But, Cody has finally had it with Gladys and goes off on her, screaming and yelling about what she has been doing to Sasha.  Cody says that Gladys has left Sasha scared and alone at Ferncliff.  He then says, maybe it is time that Gladys felt “scared and alone” and he lunges at Gladys. Dante drags Cody into an interrogation room and Gladys demands that Mac arrest Cody. Mac tells her that he can do that but if he does then the PCPD will have to investigate all of Cody’s claims. Gladys, knowing that she is guilty of everything Cody has accused her of, finally relents.

At Ferncliff, Dr. Montague tells Janice that someone on staff is smuggling drugs to Sasha and asks her to remove Mandy from Sasha’s case. Later Janice goes in to check on Sasha and Sam sneaks around the corner and watches through the window as Sasha screams at Janice to leave her alone.

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