GH Update Monday, December 12, 2022

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Update written by Shane

At Spring Ridge, Ryan informed Heather that he knew she had left town while carrying their child. She didn’t even try to hide it and arrogantly insisted that she had gone to such great lengths to hide her from him that he would never find her.  Heather was left completely dumbfounded when Ryan told her that she had been coming to visit him for quite some time. Heather then got very serious and said that it wouldn’t have been possible for either of them to have been parents. Ryan was certain that Heather had known that Esme had an internship at Spring Ridge. He explained that she had found him with something of his that had belonged to a former girlfriend. He admitted that he had always wondered what had happened to his “special chain of keepsakes.” Heather admitted that she had stolen it, and Ryan was visibly irritated. He declared that he would hold Heather responsible if anything landed in the wrong hands. Heather asked if that was a threat. Heather insisted that she had kept it in mostly good shape. Heather told Ryan that she had been wearing the chain on the day she gave their baby up for adoption.  Supposedly, The baby had grabbed the chain, and the keepsakes had scattered all over the ground. Heather had thought that she had retrieved all of them. Ryan stated that Esme had used the keepsakes to find him. Heather wanted to hear all about their daughter.

Heather added that she had wanted to protect Esme because the world was full of terrible people like Heather. Ryan spoke about a strong young woman and shared that he and Esme had a special relationship, but he confided that she had been missing for quite some time. He revealed that Ava had thrown Esme over the parapet at Wyndemere although he knew she had survived that incident. He assumed that Esme wasn’t able to contact him right now because she was wanted by the police. “We will make them pay,” Ryan said about the Cassadine clan. Heather noted that Ryan wouldn’t be able to do much from his wheelchair, when he suddenly stood up. “People tend to underestimate me,” he said. Heather smiled broadly and rushed to Ryan’s arms. She was delighted, and she wondered what else Ryan might be able to do. They agreed that they had to find out what had happened to Esme and punish those responsible. 

At Wyndemere, Nikolas showed up in Esme’s room to grant her a wish. She was happy that she might go outside to chop down a tree, but Demetrius carried a pint-sized tree into her room. She was angry, but Nikolas acknowledged that he would never allow her to go out to run away. He reminded her that she was nothing more than a vessel until their child was delivered.

Downstairs, Spencer was searching through every liquor cabinet in the place looking for an assortment of alcohol to dull the pain of being brutally rebuffed by Trina. He continued to drink until Nikolas appeared. Spencer announced that Victor had insisted that they stay at Wyndemere. Nikolas replied that it wasn’t healthy for them to share living space. He spied the bottle, and Spencer quickly said that he didn’t want a lecture. He admitted to losing his appetite and running out on his dinner with Victor.

Nikolas offered to listen to Spencer and said that he loved his son. Spencer thought that Nikolas was a “distinct minority.” Nikolas began to name the people who loved Spencer. “She said we’re not even friends anymore,” Spencer blurted out. He told Nikolas about seeing Trina and Rory at the restaurant and that Rory had professed his love for Trina right there for everyone to hear. He admitted that he knew why Trina had rejected him, and he admired her for finding someone with the courage to confess his feelings.

Spencer said he felt like he was still in prison, and he knew when there was no hope. Nikolas reminded him of a childhood book he loved as a kid, a story of a baby bird that had been saved. “Hold onto hope,” Spencer recalled. Nikolas thought it was a good lesson. He didn’t think it was too late, but Spencer was sure that Trina and Rory loved each other. Nikolas revealed that it was hope that got him through the darkest times, even though he kept making mistakes. He thought that he and Spencer both had persistence as a quality, and they didn’t give up on those they loved. He said he knew that Spencer loved Trina.

Back in Esme’s room, she decorated the tree with whatever she could find. She felt alone. She wanted help from her father, and soon after, Demetrius walked in. He handed a box to her. She opened it up and found some ornaments. She said that it meant a lot to her, and he hoped she would stop crying. Esme told her baby that its grandfather had shown her the way.

In Terry’s office at General Hospital, Elizabeth told Finn that she was pregnant after he spotted the bottle of prenatal vitamins. “Another man’s baby,” he said. Elizabeth was sorry, and Finn didn’t believe her. Elizabeth sighed. She told him that it had happened after her return from Monterey when she’d needed someone to talk to. He was angry and reminded her that he had always stood by her. He asked who the father was. “Nikolas,” Elizabeth replied.

Finn stormed out of the office and into his own. Elizabeth followed, as Finn struggled with his rage. He finally smashed a tray of glass items onto the floor. She told him that she had just found out. Finn assumed that Ava didn’t know. He guessed that congratulations were in order, and he promised he wouldn’t bother Elizabeth anymore. He stated that he would call the commissioner to report his suspicions about Esme being at Wyndemere. But, Elizabeth insisted that Esme was not on Spoon Island, and that she oughta know because she had been spending a lot of time there.  Her words cut Finn deeply.  Finn couldn’t believe what a fool he had been.  Elizabeth told him that the boys didn’t know and she made him swear that he wouldn’t divulge the information.  He said he would tell no one and left.

Trina wandered around her house and picked up the bottle of perfume that Rory had given her. She thought about their conversation until there was a knock at the front door. It was Ava, and Trina was glad that Ava was there to stop her from making a huge mistake. Trina told her about the three-month anniversary dinner, and she confessed that her heart had been taking her down the path to more heartbreak. Ava told Trina that she had lots of experience in that area. She wanted Trina to have happiness. “Even if it leads to Spencer?” Trina asked.

Ava related that she’d heard about Spencer being out of prison. Trina admitted that she couldn’t pretend to have feelings for Rory, even with all the hurt that Spencer and Esme had caused. Ava also suggested that evidence had been brought to light that seemed to point to another perpetrator being the Hook killer and not Esme. Trina was frightened for her friends and family again because this gave the killer an air of anonymity again.

Ava told Trina to listen to her heart. She thought that her own heart was loud and clear about Nikolas, but she didn’t know if she would listen. After Ava had gone, Trina thought about her friend’s advice. “Welcome home,” read the text she decided to send to Spencer.

Carly arrived at Metro Court just as Drew met up with Denise in the lounge area to discuss Willow’s childhood. Before Carly could make her way to observe, Willow called out to her. Willow announced that she was there for a date night dinner with Michael, but she received a call from him to tell her that he couldn’t make it. She asked Carly to join her instead.

Carly and Willow sat at a table, and Carly asked about Willow’s condition during her first pregnancy. She quickly apologized, and Willow explained that she didn’t like to talk about it because she had had no support from anyone at that time. Carly grabbed Willow’s hands as Willow expressed her gratitude for Michael’s family and the one she had “yet to discover.” She asked Carly about the search that Drew had been conducting, but Carly replied that it was Drew who was running that show. Willow hoped that he would have some news for her soon.

Willow also expressed how kind Carly had been to her and how happy she was that her kids would have Carly as a grandmother. She thought that so much could go wrong. Carly asked if Willow was okay, and Willow replied that she had been thinking of her new baby. She hoped it would be healthy and happy. Carly said she was sure it would be strong and healthy. 

In the sitting area of the Metro Court bar, Drew and Denise chatted. Denise stated that the people in the commune had been lost, and he asked if Willow’s mother had been the same. Denise recalled Kali, now Willow, to have been sweet, which was a small miracle, considering her mother. She told Drew about the pregnant, drug addicted Joan, who had joined the commune and then abandoned her baby. Denise said that she was sweet but troubled. The commune leader, Josiah, had asked Harmony and her husband Doug to take the baby.

Drew asked about the baby’s father, but Denise didn’t know anything about him. She was glad to hear that Willow had a good life, husband and family, and she added that Willow’s biological mother had died of an overdose. The conversation drew to a close, and Denise decided to stick around to enjoy a colorful drink from the bar. She confirmed that Drew had been paying for her visit.

Drew made his way to Willow and Carly’s table with an update, and Carly insisted on leaving them alone. Drew thought he should verify the information first, but Willow wanted to hear it. He told her what he’d learned.

Carly found Denise and asked how the conversation with Drew had gone. Denise replied that she had handled the situation exactly as Carly had wanted her to.

At Wyndemere, Spencer received Trina’s text message, and he smiled at Nikolas. He announced that he wouldn’t have to drink anymore. “Hold onto hope,” Spencer said and he exited the room, leaving Ava standing at the door.

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GH Update Monday, December 5, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Shane

At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Michael told Willow that he thought that people should know about her diagnosis, but Willow stubbornly argued that she wanted to do things her way. Michael reminded her that she had just fainted, but she blamed the whole thing on Nina. She went even further to blame Sonny for supporting Nina because she knew this would distract Michael. Willow thought that Michael’s anger with Sonny was only hurting him. Michael insisted that his primary focus was on Willow and helping her to fight her cancer, but Willow believed otherwise.

At Dex’s place, Dex told Josslyn that he had been trying to do the right thing, and she told him she wanted honesty. He grabbed her and began to kiss her until they were interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Sonny, who called out that he knew that Dex was home. Joss and Dex tried to come up with a plan, and finally Joss hid and Dex opened the door. Sonny barged in and Dex said that he was in the middle of something. He suggested that he and Sonny meet at Sonny’s office instead, which only made Sonny want to know what was going on there at his apartment.  “Why do you want to get rid of me?”  Sonny said.

As Josslyn hid, Sonny interrogated Dex about everything that had happened after he was shot. Sonny suspected that Dex was hiding something. Dex tried to explain that he had located a secure spot on the Quartermaine grounds where someone had taken care of him. He refused to divulge the person’s name, but Sonny insisted that he tell him. Before Sonny could press Dex anymore, Josslyn emerged and said, “It was me.”  She told Sonny it had been her who had helped Dex but pointedly did not say where she had found Dex. Sonny was less than pleased that Josslyn had become involved in what could be a criminal matter. Dex asked her to go, but Josslyn went off on Sonny before leaving. She told Sonny that he was a pathetic person for completely disregarding Dex’s health because he was too focused on whether a trail of evidence could lead back to him.  She didn’t understand why Dex remained loyal to Sonny when the last thing Sonny would do was exercise any loyalty to Dex in return.  Sonny offered to take her home but she refused.

After Josslyn had gone, Sonny was livid. Dex stated that he hadn’t planned to run into Josslyn on the evening of the prison transport, but she had found him on the grounds of the boathouse. He added that later, she had taken him to her dorm. “Big mistake, Dex,” Sonny yelled. Dex insisted that he would never have involved Josslyn had he been in his right mind.  Sonny asked if he was delirious and Dex replied that he had been shot so he definitely was delirious and in shock.

Sonny said that he had come there to offer Dex a job which would be a significant promotion in his organization.  But, Sonny wondered if he had made a mistake thinking that Dex was ready for it. He outlined the possibility of his facilities being used for unofficial exports. Dex replied that he was up for it.  Sonny implied this would be Dex’s last chance to prove himself and said there was “no more room for mistakes.”

Shortly after, Michael showed up, and Dex revealed that Sonny had just been there. Michael offered an envelope to Dex that he said was his severance pay and Michael asked Dex how quickly he could pack and leave town. Dex told him about the upcoming illegal activity that would be occurring in Sonny’s facilities. Dex maintained that there would never be a better opportunity to take Sonny down than the upcoming shipments that would be moving through Port Charles.

Robert stared at a photo of himself and Holly as he sat in his office. There was a knock at the door, it was Olivia.  She said she wanted to check in on him and offer her sympathies for Holly being ripped out of his life again right after he she had reemerged after years. Robert divulged that Holly had a long road ahead of her in recovery, but she would pull through. Olivia was more concerned that Holly had betrayed Robert. Olivia didn’t think that Robert would ever be able to trust Holly again and Robert admitted he had some very difficult decisions ahead.

As Cody stepped off the elevator at General Hospital, he received a message that Mac wanted to see him at the Metro Court bar. Nearby, Britt and Austin were speaking about her birthday party that she was planning for herself because she had never had one. Cody asked if he would be invited. Britt glared at him and sarcastically suggested that he concentrating on playing the field. The two argued, and finally, Britt told him they had no future and she walked away with Austin.

Heading into Britt’s office, Austin wanted to know what had just happened, but Britt didn’t want to discuss it. She said that she wanted her party to be on the Haunted Star because she didn’t know how many birthdays she had left. Austin pointed out that this would not be Britt’s last birthday, and she told him that she was so angry about her condition. She fumed that she had the curse of being Faison’s daughter had also brought her this disease. Britt said that she didn’t fear death but that she did fear “being a burden” to others.

Austin accepted Britt’s invite for himself and said that Maxie would be his plus one for Britt’s party.  Britt explained that she would be leaving Port Charles right after the party in order to protect her privacy. Austin mentioned the exchange with Cody but Britt refused to speak about it.  She said that she was sparing people having to deal with a condition that would rob her of her ability to care for herself in a matter of years, possibly even months.  Austin said she actually wasn’t sparing people, she was being selfish.  Britt was furious with his choice of words and Austin quickly backpedaled.  Austin said that he shouldn’t have used the word “selfish,” that was too harsh.  He said that she was being too proud.  He told about his own father, who had avoided conversations that were uncomfortable, and then by the time he was ready to broach the subject, it was too late.  He said that Britt was making decisions for people in her life that they should be allowed to make for themselves.  He then joked about what the dress code would be to lighten the moment which had gotten extremely heavy.  Britt playfully joked back and told Austin to have Maxie pick out his outfit.

Drew stopped at Carly’s house to let her know that one of his contacts had found a friend of Harmony’s from the Peace and Love Commune, a female firefighter named Denise McKenzie.  He hoped she would be able to fill in some of the dots on how Harmony had “adopted” Willow. Carly hoped that Drew wouldn’t be disappointed, but she stopped him from calling Willow to give her the news. Carly told Drew about Willow’s fainting and suggested that he talk to Denise first. He mentioned how so many people had lied to Willow in the past. Carly was distracted as she realized she was one of those people as well, and she told Drew about Nina’s spreading the lies about Carly having an affair with Brick. She admitted that it had been the reason for her telling Sonny about her and Drew. As they shared a kiss, Josslyn walked in, and she recalled Dex’s kiss in her mind. Carly said she was looking forward to when she no longer had to hide kissing Drew. “I hear ya,” Josslyn replied, thinking of her feelings for Dex, which she also has to keep on the down-low.

Later, after Drew and Josslyn had left, Carly phoned Olivia to ask for a favor. She wanted to know immediately when Denise McKenzie checked into the Metro Court.

Mac, Felicia, and Laura sat at a table at the Metro Court. restaurant. Mac suspected that Robert was brooding in his office. Valentin stopped, and Laura informed him that Holly was “holding her own.” Mac accused the Cassadine family of being behind all that had transpired, especially where the Ice Princess was concerned. “Where there’s trouble, there’s Victor,” Mac said.

Valentin told Mac not to assume where Valentin’s loyalties lie, but Mac warned him not to be too close because Victor would be going down. Felicia and Laura exchanged glances. Mac left, and Valentin sat down. Laura noted that Robert had suspected Holly of passing information to Victor because no one had been able to reach Ethan. Valentin thought that he could help, but Felicia quickly shouted out for him not to do that. She stated that everything was not as it seemed, and she suggested that Laura talk to Robert. Laura invited Valentin to get in touch with her for dinner, and she left.

Valentin thought that his contacts could help in locating Ethan. Felicia admitted that Lucy was also a hostage of Victor’s after Valentin guessed, and she told him what had been suspected of happening at the pier the day that Lucy had disappeared. Valentin demanded to know where Anna was, as she needed to know. Felicia wrote down a name on a piece of paper and handed it to Valentin. She told him that the person would know how to get in touch with Anna. Valentin opened the paper, and his eyes widened. He ripped the paper and dunked it into his drink. Felicia told him it wouldn’t be easy.

Nearby, Mac met with Cody at the bar and bought him a drink. Mac divulged that the necklace was missing and presumed destroyed in the fire. Cody couldn’t believe that he’d lost another inheritance, and he told Mac a story about breaking in a wild mustang before getting tossed onto the ground with both a broken wrist and pride. He said that he was back to having nothing, and he wondered about always making wrong choices. Mac told him that money wasn’t everything, and Cody was not the same man as his father, whose only good had been to provide Cody with an inheritance.

Cody was about to say something, but Felicia interrupted and said that she wanted to leave. Cody remarked that the DNA test result had been his loss. “Ours, too,” Mac replied.

As Robert sat and stared at the necklace in his office, there was another knock on his door. It was Laura.  She told Robert that Victor had to be brought down and they needed to redouble their efforts.

Drew visited with Willow to make certain that she was behind him one hundred percent in his search for her family. He hoped he wouldn’t disappoint her. Willow confirmed that she wanted the answers and was 100% in support of his efforts.

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GH Update Thursday, December 8, 2022

General Hospital Updates


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Update written by Shane

Sonny and Nina spoke on the phone and Nina told him how Donna was doing as she was clearly playing babysitter. Sonny said  they could discuss his day when he got home. Nina tells Sonny that Donna is having an early dinner in the kitchen, but that she had ordered a gourmet dinner for two from the Metro Court for them to enjoy.

At that moment, the doorbell rang and Nina announced that the catering guys were early, she opened the door to reveal Josslyn standing there.  Josslyn was none to happy to see Nina and said that she didn’t believe that Nina was supposed to be around Donna at all.  Nina took pleasure in telling Josslyn that she was operating off of dated information.  Sonny and Carly had spoken and they had come to a new understanding.  Josslyn said that she would be sure to verify this with her mother as soon as she made it home.  She told Nina she would wait for Donna to finish dinner but then she would be leaving.

Nina told Josslyn about the drama at Willow’s house. Josslyn instantly blamed Nina for the whole sordid affair and said that “only Nina would pick an argument with a pregnant woman.”  Nina denied picking a fight with Willow and she added that she and Carly had put aside their differences to revive Willow and to talk about what was in her best interests.  Nina said that if she and Carly could put aside their differences that she didn’t understand why she and Josslyn could not do the same. Josslyn refused to even discuss the subject.  When Nina asked Josslyn how Cameron was doing, Josslyn flashed back to a moment with Dex, when she finally came out of it, she screamed at Nina that she was nothing like her.

At Pozzulo’s, Dex walked in to Sonny’s office.  Sonny asked Dex what was more important to him, working for him or spending time with Josslyn. Dex looked floored.

At the Port Charles Grille, it was difficult for Spencer to hear Rory proclaiming his love for Trina.  But, he then gives her a box of perfume called L’Amor. But Trina’s eyes were all on Spencer as she couldn’t believe he was even there, as he stood behind Rory. He explained that he used his Cassadine connections to get out of jail early and then sat down with Trina as soon as Rory got a call from Jordan and left the table.

Spencer sits down at the table and asks Trina if they can start over, and Trina could not say yes. Instead, she went on and on about how it’s not possible for them anymore. Spencer sadly had to say he guessed what happened between them in the past had consequences. Trina then tried to backtrack and tell him he misunderstood what was going on with Rory.  

Later, a rejected Spencer tried to throw out the two turtle doves, but Victor kept them for safekeeping.

Finn told Elizabeth that he was sure that Esme was on Spoon Island and Nikolas was definitely hiding something. Why else would Esme have been on the pier with the launch the night Liz tried to go there? Liz was stunned to hear that Finn even made his way to Wyndemere to look for Esme, but she was relieved that Nikolas managed to cover up their elaborate ruse.

Liz tried to talk Finn out of going back to Spoon Island, so he tried to drag Elizabeth to see Jordan instead so they could tell the commissioner his suspicions. When he went back into his office to get what Liz left there, he noticed the bottle she was carrying was prenatal vitamins — the same ones he saw at Wyndemere. Finn then asked Elizabeth if she was pregnant.

Over at Spring Ridge, Heather and Ryan caught up, and we learned that they met one night in the woods when Heather saw this handsome man chopping down wood with an ax. They called themselves Hazel and Richard and had a glorious time in this cabin many years ago. Heather told Ryan that she knew he was faking the catatonic state, so he came clean and just started talking, telling her she left him with no word and broke his heart.

Heather then slapped him across the face for setting her son Franco up to take the fall for his last round of serial killings but mentioned how they made a good team, and she owes him one. Ryan said she owes him two because he later learned that Hazel was pregnant when she left Richie all those years ago. Heather looked like she had seen a ghost. 

In his office, Sonny gave Dex a whole speech about how he started off in the mob business.  He told Dex that when he first got in the business he was ordered to take care of someone and he was arrogant, naive and sloppy and he left a trail that could have easily been traced back to him or to his boss.  Dex wanted to know how he was able to continue after that situation.  Sonny said that he had a guardian angel and Dex said that he was lucky.  Sonny snapped, “luck will only get you so far.”  Dex told Sonny that he was smart and a fast learner and could adapt quickly.  Sonny told him he believed that was true. But, he cautioned Dex as he opened his desk drawer to reveal a new gun. You have to know when to keep the safety on a gun or when to take it off. He then handed Dex the shiny, new gun and told Dex that he would be accompanying him to a meeting. It turned out this meeting was with Nina at his place for dinner, but when Dex saw Joss there, he tried to get out of staying. He quickly asked Sonny if he could skip dinner because he wasn’t really that hungry.  Sonny said that was fine and Dex left.  

Sonny then asked Nina if Josslyn had been at the penthouse long and she said they had been talking for a while.  Sonny said that he didn’t see any broken glass so he was curious what they had been talking about.  Nina laughed and said that Josslyn clearly had other things on her mind.


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GH Update Wednesday, December 7, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Shane

In Ireland, Anna and Valentin are reunited at an acquaintance’s house where Anna is staying.  Valentine arrives and calls out for Tiffany.  “Tiffany are you here?”  The second time he asks Anna says hello stranger and slides her hand down the back of his neck.  The moment is ruined quickly when Anna and Valentin answer the door to find Martin. He admits hacking into Valentin’s personal information in the hopes that he would lead him to Lucy’s killer. Anna again insists that she did not kill Lucy. Martin finally admits that he is beginning to believe her. He assumes that they are looking for the real killer and he wants to help them in any way he can.

There’s another firm knock at the door and someone screams, “U.S. Marshals, open up!”  Agent Whitten stands at the front door, he has followed Martin to Ireland.

Martin answers the door, and Whitten barges in without a warrant and demands to know where Anna is. Martin has no idea, so Whitten asks what he’s doing here. Martin explains he came here to be alone and grieve Lucy’s passing. Whitten demands his agents search the house. Martin tells them no one is searching anything until he sees a warrant. When he finds out they have no warrant, he suggests they wait outside because he didn’t give them permission to enter. The agents leave, but Whitten stays and tells Martin that standing in his way is a bad move, and orders him to tell him where Anna is. He places his hand on his gun, and Martin scoffs that he can’t shoot an unarmed man. Valentin appears and tells Whitten to stop, and that Martin followed him knowing he was looking for Anna, but she’s not here. Whitten refuses to believe that. At that point, Anna puts a gun to Whitten’s back and orders him to take his hand off his gun.

Whitten says they won’t get away with this. Anna disagrees and knocks the agent out with a blow to his head. Later, Martin calls for help, and the other agents burst in, and Martin explains Whitten just collapsed. Meanwhile, Valentin and Anna escape thanks to Martin’s diversion. Back at the house, Whitten regains consciousness and demands Martin be arrested.

At Wyndemere, Victor thinks with Spencer home the Cassadine’s should host a huge Christmas dinner to celebrate.  Spencer asks Victor to wait with the large scale plans because his father has even said whether or not he wants him there.  Nikolas says that in fact he is not ready for Spencer to live there with him at Wyndemere.  He says that their relationship is too volatile and that they can’t be in the same room without Spencer going for his throat. Nikolas explains his long term goal is to save their relationship, and they must maintain some distance for the time being. Victor reminds Nikolas that he has to watch over Spencer per his release conditions, so Nikolas says Victor will have to leave too. He suggests they get a room at the Metro Court. Victor calms Spencer down and suggests they go to the Port Charles Grill for dinner. Victor and Spencer leave, and Nikolas clears a table in the hallway of its contents, smashing everything to the floor and screams, “Damn you, Esme!”

At the Port Charles Grill, Rory and Trina enjoy a three-month anniversary dinner. He asks her about her work at the museum, and she tells him about a new exhibit she’s working on. She asks what he’s doing on Christmas. He has to work in the morning and spends the afternoon with his family. He asks if she’d like to come with him. She’s a bit surprised that he wants her to meet his parents, but she agrees.

Dessert eventually arrives and they share it. Trina tells Rory that he makes her feel so special. Rory tells her she is exceptional, and that he loves her. Trina looks shocked, as does Spencer who has just entered the restaurant and heard Rory confess his love for Trina.

At Spring Ridge, Jordan and Ava, question Ryan. Jordan is curious about what Esme said to him when she visited him into his room at General Hospital. Ryan communicates through blinking, the letter board and his caretaker that they were close, and she was worried about him. When asked if Esme is capable of murder, Ryan answers yes.

Jordan shows him the letter the Hook killer penned to the paper and asks if Esme could have written it. He says no. Ryan explains the killer wrote the letter, but it’s not Esme. The killer used the words me and mine, and Ryan says that Esme has no one. Ryan also wonders why Ava is wearing her wedding ring when it’s obvious she and Nikolas are over. Ava asks how he knows that. The caretaker explains Ryan follows the news and gossip columns. Ryan wants Ava to come back to him. Ava tells Ryan that her marriage is none of his business.

Sonny visits Heather and asks her what she knows about Dex.  Heather describes Dex down to the last detail and says if she saw him again she could easily point him out.  “That’s unfortunate,” Sonny says. Sonny tells Heather that Sonny tells Heather it would be wise for her to forget everything she knows. He threatens her and tells her that even in minimum security prisons horrible things can happen. He tells her to take care of herself as he leaves her cell.  

Later, Sonny joins Jordan and Ava, in the common room as they question Ryan.  Ava tells Sonny she is participating with the PCPD to try and profile the Hook killer.  Sonny asks Jordan if she believes that Esme is the killer.  Jordan, who had once been operating under the theory that Esme was the principal suspect now doesn’t seem so sure.

Sonny notices that Ava seems jumpy and before he leaves he tells Ava that if she is going to participate with the PCPD to draw up this profile, she needs to find a way to keep Ryan out of her head. Ava confesses it’s not just that, she tells Sonny that she and Nikolas are having problems.  Sonny tells Ava she needs to ditch Nikolas for good.  Sonny says he is nothing but bad news.  He then leaves her to think about what he has said.  

Later, back in his cell, Ryan is visited by Heather, who refers to him as “lover.”

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GH Update Tuesday, December 6, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Shane

At General Hospital, Portia informed Stella that everything looked good on her annual checkup. Marshall was with Stella, and Portia took the opportunity to ask (in front of Stella) if he had given more thought to genetic counseling. Marshall tried to reassure Portia that he didn’t need a reevaluation and that he was at peace. Marshall politely asked Portia to respect his wishes.  Stella too agreed that Portia should respect Marshall’s privacy.

In Jordan’s office at the PCPD, Curtis hand delivered an invitation to his and Portia’s wedding. Curtis grew angry when Jordan said she couldn’t “protect” Curtis’ family.  A poor choice of words from Jordan because it left Curtis believing she was speaking about the Hook killer and Trina, when she was actually speaking of Trina’s true paternity.  Curtis yelled at Jordan, and he accused her of keeping secrets from him again. Rory entered to provide Jordan with reports, including one for her to sign off on which detailed police plans for the city on Christmas Eve. A furious Curtis left as Jordan would not give him any details on what she had meant by her comments. On Curtis’ way out, he told Jordan not to forget to RSVP to the wedding. Later, Jordan stared at the invitation for a long time before she eventually used a pen to check the box marked “regretfully declines.”

At Rice Plaza, Ava took Trina shopping. Rory appeared, and Ava left them alone for a moment. Rory asked Trina to go with him to a nice dinner for their three-month anniversary, which Trina seemed to have forgotten.

Trina thanked Rory for having always believed in her innocence, and they finalized plans for dinner. Rory left, and Ava and Trina picked up their conversation where they had left off. Ava asked Trina to tell her what was on her mind, and Trina admitted that she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Spencer. Ava remarked that Spencer was still weeks away from being released from Pentonville and that Trina could use that time to prioritize and take stock of her life and what she wanted from it. Ava said she envied Trina. Ava said that having a man who worked an honest job was a blessing.  She added that complicated men create nothing but chaos. Ava thought it was best if she and Trina avoided those kinds of men altogether. The two parted ways.

Also at Rice Plaza, Eileen had whispered to Victor that the necklace had been destroyed. Victor reminded Eileen that her primary function was to keep Laura distracted, and Eileen replied that she had pulled the necessary strings.

Victor walked away, and struck up a conversation with Ava. The two talked about love, and Ava accused Victor of having never experienced true love. Victor said that when Ava was free from Nikolas, perhaps there would be hope for Victor and Ava. Ava pointedly reminded Victor that her marriage to Nikolas wasn’t over, and she asked what Victor would use to hold over Nikolas’ head, since Esme was still alive. Victor remarked that he wouldn’t need to coerce Nikolas into a divorce because Nikolas was already showing signs of moving on.

At Pentonville, Cyrus noted that Spencer had kept his distance since Victor’s visit. Spencer naively said that Cyrus had been out of line for having suggested that Victor was responsible for the attempt on Laura and Martin’s lives, and he defended Victor.

Cyrus hoped that his friendship with Spencer would continue after Spencer was released. Cyrus then produced a ring-sized box, and slid it across the table. Spencer said that he was uncomfortable taking a gift from Cyrus, who revealed that the gift was for Trina. It was a pair of white, turtle doves.

Spencer said that Trina would love them. However, he thought that he had caused Trina enough pain and had decided to stay away from Trina forever. Cyrus encouraged Spencer to take the gift and for Spencer to follow his heart. Just then, Victor entered the room, and he scowled at Cyrus. Cyrus started to leave, but Victor asked him to stay to hear what he had to say. “I have some news about my great-nephew’s future,” Victor exclaimed.

Elsewhere at Rice Plaza, Alexis tried to get Finn to open up to her about where things stood between him and Elizabeth. Finn informed Alexis that the man Reiko had an affair with had been Elizabeth’s father.  Alexis asked Finn to tell her more and asked where that left Finn and Elizabeth.  But, Finn did not answer her inquiries.

Their talk then turned to Alexis’ coverage of the Hook killer, and Alexis said that while it was not at all abnormal for Elizabeth to be on the pier waiting for a launch to Wyndemere, she couldn’t understand why Esme had been spotted there.  She wondered aloud what Esme had been doing there and why she hadn’t been seen since.  Finn said that he knew there was a history between Elizabeth and Nikolas and that Elizabeth trusted him.  But, Finn made it clear that he did not trust him and couldn’t stand the fact that Elizabeth did.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas had phoned Elizabeth to check on Esme. Elizabeth was worried when she found Esme “unconscious” on the bed after learning that Esme’s prenatal vitamins had all disappeared. Elizabeth and Nikolas thought that Esme might have swallowed the entire bottle of vitamins, and Elizabeth said that if that were true, Esme’s stomach would need to be pumped. Esme jumped up, and screamed at Elizabeth to stay away from her.

Esme said she had thrown the bottle of vitamins away, but not before she had taken one. Elizabeth took that as a sign that Esme cared about the baby. Esme swore that she wasn’t the Hook killer, and she told Elizabeth to ask Nikolas what had really happened on the night Esme had gone over the parapet. Esme implored Elizabeth to ask how Ava was involved as well. 

Elizabeth wanted to know what she meant but Nikolas convinced her to return to General Hospital to get more prenatal vitamins.  Nikolas assured Elizabeth he would explain everything later.  Elizabeth left and Nikolas glared at Esme.  “That was a mistake.”

Nikolas wanted to know what Esme wanted.  Esme said that she wanted a Christmas tree, a real one, and that she wanted to pick it out from the Spoon Island grounds.  Nikolas scoffed and left the room, coldly. Once downstairs, Nikolas heard a knock at the door. Nikolas opened the door. Finn was there waiting.

At Spring Ridge, Heather was stunned that Jeff had come to visit her. Jeff told Heather to stay away from his family, and he mentioned Heather’s run-in with Cameron at Kelly’s. Heather said that Jeff didn’t care about his family, and never had.

Just then, Ryan was wheeled into the room. Jeff glanced at Ryan, and he asked if Ryan was who Jeff thought he was. “The one and only,” Heather remarked. Jeff again warned Heather to stay clear of his family, and he started to leave when Heather reached for his hand. Jeff seemed repulsed by Heather and left.

After Jeff left, Heather approached Ryan. “If you could speak, I imagine we’d have quite a lot to discuss,” Heather told Ryan, who blinked his eyes once in response. After Heather walked away, Ryan made a fist.



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GH Update Friday, December 2, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Dante arrived at Pozzulo’s and knocked on Sonny’s office door. Sonny ended a call with Brick, and Dante thanked him for Thanksgiving dinner. Dante admitted that Michael had been right about Sonny having Dex abducted and beaten, and he admitted that he’d covered for Sonny. Dante said that the line between his love for his father and his duty as a cop was starting to blur, as he would have pursued Dex’s case more aggressively if the suspect had been anyone else. He added that he needed Sonny to know that he was aware what Sonny had done. Sonny didn’t see the problem because he had never asked Dante to cover for him and said that he never would.

Dante wanted to know about Sonny’s involvement in Anna’s escape. Sonny didn’t have a response to that question and Dante hoped that Sonny had been very careful. Dante said that he wasn’t out to get Sonny (like his brother Michael) but he intended to keep his oath to uphold the law. “I wouldn’t expect any less,” Sonny said. Sonny wanted Dante to know that no matter what happened in the future he wouldn’t love Dante any less.  Dante told Sonny that he loved him and then gave him a hug.  Dante then left.

At Dex’s apartment, Josslyn dressed Dex’s wound in fresh bandages and said that it was healing well. When she was done she told him he could put a shirt on. He apologized and remarked that he hadn’t noticed that it made her uncomfortable.  She had, after all, seen him in less. “You’ve even slept in my bed,” she replied. Dex said it was a shame that he had been so feverish that all he could do was sleep. “There’s always next time,” Josslyn joked. She advised him to take it easy and limit his activity, as she’d done some research on gun shot wounds. She promised not to bail on him before he was fully healed. Dex recalled his conversation with Michael about keeping Josslyn at a distance, and he told her that she needed to leave and never return.

Josslyn said that she needed to get more bandages and antibiotic ointment for Dex, but he insisted that he could order those things online. He said that he was trying to do the right thing, but she demanded honesty. “You want honest?” he asked, and he kissed her. At that moment, there was a knock, it was Sonny, who instructed Dex to open the door.

Drew arrived at Carly’s house, and Michael wondered why Drew had wanted to meet there. Drew confided that he wanted to have a confidential conversation about the potential criminal charges against him and Carly for insider trading. Drew thought that it was best for both he and Michael to reconcile their relationship with Ned. Michael agreed. Drew added that he and Carly needed to stop seeing each other. A surprised Michael admitted that it was the happiest he’d seen his mother in a while. Michael didn’t want to get involved in Carly’s personal life, but he did say that people usually got less time together than they thought they would. Drew wondered if Michael was worried about Sonny retaliating, but Michael replied that the feud with Sonny had made him value his family more. He told Drew to take advantage of the time he had with Carly, and then he left to return home to Willow.

Carly arrived at the Quartermaine gatehouse and found Willow screaming at Nina to leave. Carly entered the house as Willow passed out. Carly and Nina tried to revive Willow. When Willow finally woke up, Nina insisted on calling 911, but Willow refused. Carly asked Nina if they could speak outside and they walked out. Willow apologized to the baby, but she promised to get the baby into the world safely. Outside, Nina told Carly she didn’t want another lecture, as she’d only come by to ask a favor of Willow. Carly said she believed her, but she told Nina that her visit had a terrible effect on Willow and that the best thing for Willow and the baby was for Nina to stay away. Nina insisted that she never wanted to hurt them, and Carly told her she believed her. Nina left and Carly went back into the house with Willow and insisted that Willow see a doctor. A few minutes later, they returned to the living room after Carly had checked Willow’s blood pressure and the baby on the fetal monitor.  Willow appeared to be fine, but Carly pointed out that she was not an obstetrician.  

Michael arrived home, and Carly told him that Willow had collapsed. Michael promised his mother that Willow would be seen by a doctor. Carly advised Willow to rest, and she left. Michael messaged Dr. Randolph on his phone. A short while later, Willow thanked Michael for the soup, and she told him Nina had been a factor in her collapse. Michael was furious when Willow told him that Nina had accused her of being selfish. But, Willow assured him that Nina wouldn’t be back. Michael insisted that the entire situation could have been avoided had Nina known that Willow was sick. He told Willow that it was time to tell people about Willow’s leukemia so they could concentrate on finding a bone marrow donor.

Carly arrived home to find Drew there. He kissed her and told her that they needed to take advantage of the time they had together. She reminded him that they were supposed to stay away from each other, but he said that he couldn’t do that. Drew got a notification on his phone and Carly insisted that he check it. He looked at his phone and shared the good news that he’d gotten a lead on Willow’s birth parents. Carly was shocked.

At Rice Plaza, Sasha continued to decorate with Sam’s help. Sam said she hoped that the boys wouldn’t claim to be too old to help decorate. Sasha talked about how magical Christmas was for kids, but then she quickly changed the subject. Sam told her that she didn’t have to do that. Sam told Sasha that she could say whatever she was thinking. Sasha admitted that she was working on acknowledging her feelings in therapy. Sam told Sasha that her first daughter was stillborn.  Sasha was obviously moved and told Sam how sorry she was. She then shared her hopes of taking Liam to see Santa with Brando.

A short while later, Sasha talked about how good it felt to do something useful and positive. “Helping others is a great way to help yourself,” she said happily. After their conversation, Sam departed and Nina returned. Sasha could tell that something had happened, and Nina told her that sometimes she feared that she was just as horrible a person as Willow believed she was. 

Dante found Sam at Rice Plaza, and he advised her to pace herself, as they still had to decorate their place. Dante talked about Sonny, and how he hoped that his relationship with Rocco wouldn’t end up as troubled as his relationship with Sonny. Sam told him how much love she saw between Dante and Rocco. He thanked Sam for everything she had done for him, and they kissed.

At Pentonville, Victor spoke to someone on the phone and demanded an update on what had happened to the necklace. He and Nikolas then stepped into the visitation room. Spencer was led in by a guard, and when he saw that Nikolas was there, he demanded to be returned to his cell. Victor insisted that Spencer would need his father’s support once he got out of jail. “Not if you keep your end of the bargain,” Spencer replied. Nikolas demanded to know what that meant and Spencer revealed that he had agreed to keep quiet about Nikolas sleeping with Esme, in exchange for Victor giving him his birthright ahead of schedule. Spencer advised Nikolas that he would no longer need his support.

Nikolas told Spencer that if he would just give him another chance, he would never hurt Spencer again. Spencer replied that he would settle for never having to listen to any more of Nikolas’ empty words. “I told you this was a bad idea,” Nikolas told Victor, and he left. Victor seemed disappointed and demanded Spencer sit down. Spencer didn’t care that Victor was disappointed. He told Victor that while Victor might be “all-powerful on the outside,” inside Pentonville, he had serious competition. As he finished making his point, Cyrus entered and apologized to Spencer for being late to their chess game.

Victor was glad to see that Spencer had made friends, but Cyrus said that he was family. Spencer was grateful for all of his uncles looking out for him, including Sonny and Martin. Victor revealed himself as Spencer’s true, biological uncle. Cyrus, having found the remark to be an insult, revealed that Victor had ordered hits on Martin and Laura, which prompted a shocked response from Spencer. Victor then proceeded to announce all of Cyrus’ crimes.  “I don’t hear you denying it,” Cyrus said. “I don’t answer to you,” Victor hissed. “You will if you ever go near my family again, and that includes Spencer,” Cyrus countered.

Victor told Cyrus to exercise caution as he would not want to have Victor as an enemy. Cyrus asked if that meant that Victor was adding him to the hit list as well. Victor warned Spencer to not allow himself to be manipulated by Cyrus. Spencer advised Victor that he would never allow himself to be manipulated again. Victor reminded Spencer that he still needed Victor’s help and he left. Cyrus apologized that Spencer had to learn of his uncle’s guilt in that way. Spencer said, “could it be more obvious?”  He told Cyrus that he was no longer in the mood for chess, so he excused himself and returned to his cell.

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GH Update Thursday, December 1, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn greeted Dante and provided him with the letter for the review board. Dante told her that it was too late.  The review board needed her letter by Friday of the previous week.  Brook Lynn was desperate to help Chase and said there must be something that she can do and rushed to get her coat.  Dante said that unless she had connections on the review board there was nothing she could do and even then Chase would not want her using her connections because she would be forced to lie.  Dante explained that Chase would not want his badge returned to him based on lies that were engineered by Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn came clean to Dante and explained that she had been extremely selfish in her desire to take down Linc, and she had hoped that Chase would have eventually changed his mind and wanted to be a singer more than a cop. She told Dante that Chase had ended their relationship.  Dante appeared sad for her and said that he was sorry.  Brook Lynn said that there was no need for him to lie to save her feelings.  Dante explained that he wasn’t lying and that he thought that Chase had been happy with her. Brook Lynn was surprised when she heard this news.  Later, after Dante left she read the letter aloud she had written for the review board.  She then became angry and threw it across the room.  Suddenly, her emotions seemed to change and she vowed to do whatever was necessary to help Chase be restored to the police force. She made a call to an unknown individual and pleaded for “help.”

.At Rice Plaza, Nina and Sasha carried Christmas decorations to a table. Nina looked around and realized that she and Sasha had been the first to arrive, but Nina was confident the volunteers would be there shortly. Sasha was flattered that Nina had put her in charge of the holiday decorations for the plaza. Sasha assured Nina that she didn’t need her staying around to supervise and said she would not let Nina down. After Nina left, Sasha began to organize things when Chase arrived. Chase was curious what Sasha was up to, so she told him that Nina had put her in charge of transforming the plaza.

Chase thought it had been generous of Sasha to take on the project, but Sasha confessed that it helped her to stay busy, since the guardianship limited what she could do at Deception. Sasha invited Chase to help, and he took her up on the offer. He admitted that he needed something to focus on because he had broken up with Brook Lynn. Sasha felt bad for Chase, and offered to listen if he needed to talk. Chase explained the break up by saying that he and Brook Lynn simply had different priorities.

Chase accused Brook Lynn of acting in her own self-interest by putting his singing career ahead of his police career, but Sasha asked if it was possible that Brook Lynn had sincerely believed that Chase becoming a singer would be best for their relationship. Chase considered what she had said and said that she might have a point. 

Dante joined Chase and Sasha on the plaza. Chase wanted to know if Dante had heard anything from the review board. Dante told Chase that he had already given his testimony and hoped that it would help Chase. Chase thanked Dante. Sasha invited Dante to help them decorate and to her surprise, he agreed to help before going to work.

After Sasha went to fetch a box, Chase received a text notification. Chase read the text message. “It’s final. The review board turned down my appeal,” Chase said. Dante was obviously sympathetic to Chase’s plight. Chase’s tone filled with sadness as he realized that he was no longer a police officer — and would never be one again.

At Pozzulo’s, Valentin was escorted into Sonny’s office. Sonny asked about Anna, but Valentin revealed that Anna had decided to handle things on her own. Sonny was curious why Valentin had come to see him, so Valentin revealed that he had a business proposal for Sonny. Sonny wasn’t interested in doing business with Valentin. Sonny explained that his collaboration with Valentin had been for Anna’s sake because Anna was important to Sonny. 

Valentin asked if Sonny had heard of the Pikeman Security Group. Sonny was familiar with the mercenary group, so Valentin revealed that the group wanted to move “classified merchandise” through Port Charles — without interference from the government or law enforcement — and Sonny’s facilities would be ideal for the operation. Valentin acknowledged that he would receive a fee, but the group was prepared to pay Sonny $10,000,000 for every successful shipment. Sonny had reservations because it sounded too good to be true, and Sonny was curious how Valentin was connected to the group. Valentin explained that he had occasionally worked as a logistics contractor with Pikeman, and extending the offer to Sonny had earned Valentin a favor.

Sonny wanted to know about Valentin’s agreement with Pikeman, but Valentin would only tell Sonny that it had nothing to do with him or his organization. Valentin gave his word, but Sonny said that Valentin’s word was worthless to him. Valentin said that it would be in Sonny’s best interests to take Pikeman up on their offer. Sonny made it clear that he did not like ultimatums, but Valentin clarified that he was just the messenger.

Valentin explained that Pikeman would find someone else, but the group fully intended to move their merchandise through Port Charles because it was a shipping hub with access to the Atlantic and Canadian waters. According to Valentin, if Sonny wasn’t interested in working with Pikeman, then Sonny would be reclassified as a liability and obstacle, and Pikeman had a reputation for removing obstacles. Valentin told Sonny that he could either make a boatload of money, or gain a new set of powerful enemies. “Ball is in your court,” Valentin said as he exited Sonny’s office.

After Valentin left, Sonny called Brick. Sonny asked Brick to gather as much information as possible on Pikeman Security Group and to get back to Sonny as quickly as possible.

At Carly’s house, Carly entered the kitchen and said good morning to Josslyn.  Josslyn, who was seated at the island and focused on her open laptop, did not return Carly’s greeting. So, Carly repeated her greeting and made sure to get her daughter’s attention. Josslyn told Carly that she had decided to change her major to pre-med. Carly was taken aback, and was curious what had prompted the sudden change. Josslyn explained that she had hated feeling helpless when Dex had been shot, but Carly assured her daughter that Josslyn had done more than most people would have done under similar circumstances.

Josslyn admitted that she had felt a sense of fear both when Dex was shot and when Ava had been stabbed.  She said she did not wish to have that sense of fear anymore.  She wanted to know what to do in those situations. Josslyn was surprised at Carly’s lack of enthusiasm for her decision, but Carly had concerns because medical school was difficult and time-consuming.

Carly wanted Josslyn to be clear on her motivations.  She wanted to know if Dex had any role in Josslyn’s decision.  She cautioned Josslyn to admit her feelings for Dex with an awareness of the violence that was likely to plague Dex’s life. Josslyn promised that becoming a doctor was separate from Dex. Carly asked about Cameron and Josslyn’s mood saddened.  She said that things with Cameron just weren’t the same anymore and that she simply didn’t know how to end it.  She couldn’t stand the idea of hurting Cameron. Carly told her she understood, but that the longer she waited, the harder it would be to end things with Cameron.

At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Michael and Willow arrived home. Willow was weak and Michael helped guide her to the couch in the center of the room. He offered to make some tea, but Willow declined. She sat as Michael knelt at her feet and slid off her boots. Willow urged Michael to go about his day as usual because Michael and Wiley’s routine gave her a sense of normalcy. Willow lay down to take a nap as Michael draped a blanket on her. He promised to return soon, but he stopped at the door to look at her. “And he says he doesn’t hover,” Willow said. She smiled but her eyes remained closed.

At Dex’s apartment, Dex had a dream about Josslyn and their passionate kiss in her dorm room. He awakened and sat up quickly, but was overcome with pain from the gunshot wound. There was a knock at the door and Dex answered it to reveal Michael with his phone. As Michael entered the apartment, he handed the phone to Dex. Michael asked how the phone had ended up outside the gatehouse, so Dex told Michael about his role in Anna’s escape and the gunshot wound.

Dex explained that he had hoped Michael might get him patched up or at least to his apartment. Michael was not happy when Dex admitted that Josslyn had helped, but Michael realized that it had explained Josslyn’s strange behavior when Michael and Willow had arrived home. Michael was furious that Dex had made Josslyn an accomplice to a crime, and he was further angered when Dex admitted that Carly had gotten involved by getting him antibiotics.

Michael made it clear that he had no desire to dismantle Sonny’s organization at the expense of his mother and sister. Dex promised that this was an isolated incident and that it would never happen again, but Michael still wasn’t satisfied. Michael warned Dex that he would rather call everything off than put Josslyn at risk. “You need to find a way to keep her at arm’s length,” Michael said. Shortly after Michael left, Dex answered a knock at his door to reveal Josslyn standing in the hallway.

At the gatehouse, Willow woke up when she heard someone knocking at the door. She was confused when she saw Nina standing at the door. Nina explained that she had a favor to ask of Willow. Willow informed Nina that Wiley was at school, so Nina’s attempt to accidentally run into him would not work. Nina admitted that she had purposefully stopped by when Wiley was not home. “I was hoping you might want to help out a friend,” Nina said.

Willow poured herself a glass of water as Nina told her about the holiday project at Rice Plaza and Sasha’s role in getting everything done. Nina admitted that she had thought it might help Sasha to have Willow on hand to get the work done, but Willow told Nina that it was not a good day for her. Willow pointed out that Nina had not only taken on the project because Nina had decided it was what Sasha had needed, but Nina had put Sasha in charge of it without consulting Sasha about any of it. Nina was confident that she had made the right decision because Sasha had seemed happy when Nina had left the plaza. Willow was curious why — if Sasha had been doing great — Sasha needed friends to rally around her. “You are spinning your own narrative like you always do,” Willow said.

Willow accused Nina of not having consideration for anyone, and Willow advised Nina to pick a lane and stay in it. Nina grew  defensive. Nina claimed that she had hoped that Willow would be willing to set aside their differences to help a friend. “There goes that narrative again,” Willow said. “Willow Tait, you’re as selfish as they come,” Nina shot back. Nina insisted that Willow had everything, while Sasha had lost Liam and Brando, suffered several nervous breakdowns, and been put under a guardianship. Nina claimed that Willow’s life was perfect because Willow had graduated from nursing school, had plenty of time off from work for naps, and lived on a beautiful estate in a house with a man and son who loved and adored her. Nina also reminded Willow that she was pregnant with another child. As Nina ranted about Willow’s life being perfect, Willow lost it. 

“Shut up!” Willow screamed. Willow repeated it two more times, each time gaining momentum and anger.  Stunned by the screams, Nina stopped speaking. Willow accused Nina of using Sasha as an excuse to scheme her way back into her good graces. Willow insisted that Nina had lost her mind if she thought that she would simply look past all of the lies that Nina had spread about Willow and T.J. Carly approached the gatehouse, but slowed when she heard Willow screaming. Carly got close enough to see what was going on through the window in the door. She paused to see who Willow was speaking to and was shocked when she saw that it was Nina.

When Willow ordered Nina to leave, Carly opened the door and stood in the doorway. Nina threw her hands up in defeat. Carly was ready for an altercation, but before she could say anything, Willow fainted, her head striking the floor.

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GH Update Wednesday, November 30, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At the cabin where Holly has taken refuge, Jordan orders Mac to move in, the cabin explodes taking everyone by surprise.  Holly rushes out consumed by flames. Robert, who is at first subdued by Mac, rushes over with a blanket and extinguishes the flames covering Holly.  Robert screams.

The paramedics, after conducting their initial exam, explain Holly has third-degree burns over most of her body. They tell Robert that the burn unit at General Hospital is not equipped to handle such a serious case, so they plan to airlift Holly to a hospital that is better equipped. Robert goes with her. Jordan tells Mac she needs him on site.

The paramedics load Holly into an ambulance with Robert by her side. Later by the side of the road, the ambulance stops and the back doors open.  The paramedics exit and Felicia reveals herself as the driver. Holly sits up in the back of the ambulance without a hint of injury.

They all exit the ambulance and Holly thanks Felicia, who provides her with a new passport. Holly explains the events as they have unfolded over the past 24 hours. Felicia had shown up the previous night at the cabin and helped her fix the stove to explode when the time was right. She had also brought flame retardant clothing. Holly further reveals to Felicia that she and Robert staged his drugging, providing her the opportunity to “steal” the necklace. Holly explains that Ethan’s only chance at survival is if Victor thinks she is of no use to him. Felicia tells everyone that the official story will record that Holly was transported to a burn unit thousands of miles from Port Charles on the other side of the world. Holly is just sorry they had to keep Mac in the dark. Felicia says that under the circumstances she believes he would understand and says it provides him with plausible deniability.  As long as he is in the dark, he will not be lying to Jordan.

Holly then recalls meeting and giving Selina one of the diamonds from the necklace, in exchange for her drugging Victor.  Selina asked her what Victor did to her, and she explained he was holding her son hostage. Selina says that there is a special place in hell for men like him.  Holly says, “Yes, the 9th ring.” The drug will pay him back in kind, but it won’t kill him. She’ll never get Ethan back with Victor dead. Selina agreed to help her.

Once Felicia departs, Holly tells Robert she’s sorry that this must be goodbye. She notes this isn’t their moment, and he laughs, “It never is.” Before he can let her go, he asks for the necklace. She laughs, and hands it over. Holly tells Robert to be careful and blows him a kiss as she walks away.

Back at the cabin, Jordan tells Mac that it appears a faulty stove had caused the explosion. Mac is handed the remains of Robert’s briefcase, but there is no necklace to be found. He tells Jordan that the fire was so hot it could have destroyed the necklace.  Jordan says that the WSB is not going to be happy with the news.

At Portia and Curtis’ place, Marshall sits outside cleaning his clarinet when Trina tries to sneak out. He expected boredom to drive her out sooner or later. She admits she has cabin fever and needs room to breathe.

Inside, Portia and Curtis talk about the holiday. Curtis plans to make the most of his time with his father in case his disease returns. He asks what the chances are of that happening. Portia says she is not a psychiatrist and so she can not help Curtis in that regard. Curtis tells her Marshall claims he hasn’t had an episode since his arrest at the protest, and maybe he caught a break. 

Back outside, Curtis and Portia find Marshall with Trina. Curtis tells his dad the game is about to start if he wants to watch. Portia and Marshall head in, and Curtis offers Trina the last piece of the pie. She pushes it aside. Trina knows he posted Marshall outside, which Curtis admits he did, but only to watch out for Esme. She accepts the pie and cleans the plate.

Back inside, Portia hopes Marshall will play the clarinet for them tonight. She asks if his illness has ever affected his music. Marshall says it never did, just his ambitions. He wonders why all the questions. She says that genetic counseling wasn’t available back when he was diagnosed and he could get it now. Marshall says that it can not possibly tell him anything he doesn’t already know. 

In the kitchen of the Quartermaine mansion, Chase asks Brook Lynn if she had ever planned on telling him about the letter Dante asked her to write. She’s shocked Dante told him and explains she’s been so busy with his singing career she hasn’t had time to think about it. Chase wonders if she was ever planning on telling him or writing the letter. She swears she had every intention of writing the letter once they had taken Linc down. Chase grows angry and says that taking Linc down was never a certainty.

Brook Lynn says, “There is only one reason, us.” She cries and tells Chase that she’s never had anything like she has with him, and she didn’t think she was capable of finding it. However, he showed her that wasn’t the case. She says even if she never exposes Linc or gets her songs back, she’d be okay because they keep getting closer. She thought that given enough time he’d forget about the badge and simply want what they have together.

Chase admits that singing has been fun. However, he is not a singer. He explains she took away the choice for him to decide for himself what he wanted to do with his future. Brook Lynn understands and says she is fine with him “hanging up the mic.” Chase says, “Yes my singing career is over, but so are we.” She begs him to think about what he’s saying. Chase tells her that she kept him from the thing that makes him who he is. He says that they are over and leaves.

At The Savoy, Britt collides with Ava (at the bar drinking a martini) and orders herself a cosmopolitan. Cody shows up, as does Nikolas. Britt complains to Ava about how long it’s been since she had real “relationship sex.” 2014 was the last time and with her husband Nikolas, who approaches them and brags that he’s a “tough act to follow.”

Meanwhile, Liesl grabs Cody and drags him to another area of the club. Liesl tells Cody that Britt doesn’t have the time or energy for romantic distractions. She offers him money to stay away from Britt.  Cody says that he doesn’t want her money.

Cody says he originally wanted the necklace, but then he wanted Britt. He thought he could have both, but now he’s lost them both. He tells Liesl not to worry, he knows where he is not wanted and that he will not be bothering Britt anymore. Cody does ask Liesl to tell him what is wrong with Britt. Liesl tells him that answers were never part of the offer.

Selina finds Victor drinking by himself and joins him. Victor gets a text from Gavin that he’s at the location and trying to get the necklace. Victor texts Gavin and tells him that the necklace is key and that Holly is expendable. Victor and Selina discuss their recent family holiday.

Back at the bar, Britt orders another round for her, Ava and Nikolas. Britt suggests Nikolas be her wingman tonight.  Britt suddenly becomes woozy and can’t stand. She is caught by Victor and Selina who rush over to help.

Selina asks if Britt has been overserved. Britt says that she has only had one drink but becomes unstable again. Victor helps her to a table. Selina follows, and Britt continues to yell at them to get away from her as she can handle her alcohol. Victor soon realizes that Britt is sick and tells her that this has nothing to do with alcohol. Britt screams, “Don’t say that!”  Liesl appears and slaps Victor, and Cody forcibly moves Victor to another area of the club. Selina meanwhile recalls sending Victor a drink earlier containing the drug Holly had given her.

Later, Liesl tells Britt they should go home. She helps her daughter walk out of the club as Cody watches.

Elsewhere, Ava fills Nikolas in on Mac and Kevin believing she can convince Ryan to help them find Esme. Nikolas is understandably upset, and makes it seem he fears for Ava’s safety.

Alone, Victor finishes his drugged drink. He gets a text from Gavin that Holly is disabled and the necklace is missing. Victor smashes the empty glass that had contained his drink. He has consumed every last drop.


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GH Update Tuesday, November 29, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Carly arrived at the Quartermaine mansion and Drew told her that she looked absolutely beautiful.  She responded by saying that Drew looked pretty handsome himself.  Before they could continue the conversation, Willow and Michael arrived and Carly and Drew greeted both of them. Michael and Willow were pleased when they learned that Carly intended to help Drew with the search for Willow’s birth parents.

Olivia would not hear of any talk about the Quartermaine’s jaded Thanksgiving past and was determined that this year the Quartermaine family would have a turkey for Thanksgiving.  She informed Ned and Michael that she had ordered it herself from a farm with a French name, in Port Charles. But Olivia clearly doesn’t know French that well or she would have figured out that they were sending her a real, live turkey.  When it arrived, both Michael and Ned made fun of Olivia for not realizing that she was being sent a live turkey.  Michael suggested that they prepare the bird themselves when Olivia’s plan to bribe the Quartermaine chef to prepare the bird, failed miserably.  Ned said that preparing the turkey had been part of Thanksgiving since the dawn of the holiday.  Michael agreed and said that he would grab Drew and Chase to assist.

Leo was thrilled to see the turkey but did not like the idea of Ned and Michael prepping it and cooking it, so he set it free inside the house and then proceeded to run room to room screaming for everyone to get out of the house because there was a turkey on the loose.

Sonny hosted his own Thanksgiving dinner but found time for romance beforehand by giving Nina a pair of diamond earrings. Sam and Dante were the first guests to arrive. When they shared a private moment, Sam voiced her concerns about Cody, and Dante shrugged them off. Sam said she appreciated Dante defending his friend but she was curious if Cody was up to something concerning the Ice Princess.  Dante said that the necklace might actually be Cody’s property and he said that having come from nothing, it was perfectly natural for Cody to defend his interests in the necklace.

The conversation between Dante and Sam was brought to a screeching halt when they heard Gladys tear into Alexis from the other room for publishing the fact that Esme might be the prime suspect in the Hook killings. She felt she should have been the first to know, seeing how Brando was one of the killer’s victims. Nina was confused and asked Gladys if she had not been informed that Esme was a suspect. Gladys responded by saying she had not. Dante told them all that this was because the PCPD did not have a prime suspect because the investigation was ongoing and it was important that the press not release information prematurely.  Alexis glared at them all, knowing that she had already authorized the story to be printed.  Sonny asked everyone to remain calm and reminded them that Thanksgiving was about family.  Gladys reminded Sonny that Brando was her family.  Her only family.  Alexis then apologized for releasing the information.  She said that she thought that Gladys would be pleased with her decision because she was turning up the heat on the investigation at a time when it appeared to have run cold.  Gladys, however, was having no part of Alexis’ apology and retreated from the room.

Laura, Robert, Mac and Jordan gathered to track down Holly. They finally got a lead on her. But before they began discussions, Laura dispatched the duplicitous Deputy Mayor Ashby elsewhere, before she could overhear the details of the search.

Meanwhile, Holly modeled the Ice Princess necklace while hiding out in an abandoned cabin in the woods. She made herself a fire to keep warm without noticing that gas had been leaked onto the floor. When the authorities arrived, Robert begged her to give up and come out of the cabin. Holly asked if Laura was all right and told Robert to apologize to her for her actions.

Back at the PCPD, Felicia had brought everyone Thanksgiving dinner because she knew that they would be working. Felicia asked Laura how she was doing with everything that had happened in the last twenty-four hours.  Laura replied that she was fine.  Felicia said that she couldn’t believe that Holly would steal Laura’s car and leave her on the side of the road all for a necklace.  Laura told Felicia she believed the matter was far more complicated than just “a necklace.” Felicia said that she agreed, but that she still could not believe the events that had transpired.

The Q’s looked on in horror from the back windows of the mansion’s kitchen as the turkey tore the room apart. Brook Lynn congratulated Olivia on her valiant effort to create a perfect Thanksgiving for the family. She then named all the wonderful women who had tried and failed in the past to set the Quartermaine Thanksgiving curse right (including her grandmother, Lila Quartermaine). But, she said that at some point you have to accept tradition, as it is. Olivia agreed, but was out of ideas for what they would all eat.  The entire group said in unison, “Luigi’s.”  The pizza arrived, the Quartermaine’s sang, and once again, all appeared right with the world. 

Sasha stared out of the windows of Sonny’s penthouse, while she recalled the events of her wedding to Brando. Sonny came in and asked how she was doing. They spoke briefly and Sonny told her she was always welcome at his house.  Sasha thanked him and he then asked her if Gladys was still exercising her responsibilities as guardian with a “hands-on” attitude.  Sasha said that she believed that she and Gladys finally understood each other.  

Gladys, on the other hand, said that she had to make a call and excused herself.  She called the Savoy, told them she was having a bad day and needed some fun.  She then booked herself a seat at Selina Wu’s next poker game. 

Back at the cabin, Jordan instructed Mac to move in with armed police units as Robert begged her to give Holly more time to do the right thing.  Jordan said that Holly had already had enough time; but before she could finish her statement there was a large explosion in the cabin which nearly knocked everyone to the ground.  Shortly after, a woman, who appeared to be Holly burst through the front door, completely consumed by flames.


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GH Update Tuesday, November 22, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At the Metro Court, Sam and Dante meet with Alexis for lunch. Nina interrupts and asks Dante how worried Ava needs to be about Esme. Alexis is surprised to hear Esme is back in town, and of the theory that the attacks are connected to Trina’s trial. Nina pretends to be worried about Ava but it is clear she is looking out for number 1.  Since Ava is temporarily staying at her place, she feels she may be in dangerous.  Dante can only say the investigation is ongoing and suggests they stay vigilant.

After Nina walks off, Alexis turns the discussion to food, and what Sonny will be cooking for Thanksgiving. Dante says a feast from what he hears. They all plan to go to Sonny’s, but Sam and Dante are later going to the Quartermaines for pizza. Dante says his mom even invited Cody, but he doubts he’ll come. Dante says he will probably have to go down to the stables to coax him out. Sam seems surprised. Dante messages Brook Lynn again about her statement to help Chase. She tells him that she’s in a meeting at Kelly’s. Dante tells them duty calls and excuses himself.

Alone, Alexis asks what the face Sam made was about when Dante mentioned Cody. Sam reveals Cody dropped hints that Dante may have done something illegal as a child, and she thinks she should find out what it was. When Sam steps away, Alexis asks Nina why she’s so certain Esme could be the hook. Nina says Ava seems very concerned about her return. Later, Alexis calls the PCPD and leaves a message for Jordan. Because she has not received her exclusive that she was promised she is going ahead with the printing of the hook’s letter on the front page the following day and would like a comment from the commissioner.  At Kelly’s, Chase and Brook Lynn arrive and meet with Blaze and Linc, who has issues with Brook Lynn’s song. Blaze loves the song, but she feels she’s singing too much back up to Chase. Chase and Brook Lynn believe they can work this out. Linc agrees as he caresses Blaze and says she knows how to play nice. Brook Lynn and Chase see this blatant sexual harassment but manage to keep their cool. Brook Lynn suggests she and Linc grab some coffee and let Blaze and Chase talk.

Brook Lynn says, “It won’t be just me.” She points out all the instances recently where one woman came out publicly against someone, which results in more coming out, and all she has to do is light the match. She says fortunately she doesn’t have a singing career he can hang over her head to keep her quiet, and she is going to destroy him. Linc says, “Or, you could get your songs back.”

Dante sits down with Chase and asks why Blaze is in Port Charles. Chase reveals they are working on a song together. Dante explains he’s been leaving messages for Brook Lynn and came to track her down. Chase relays that she’s been working around the clock promoting him. Dante says, “With this new career of his, maybe she doesn’t have to write that letter.”

In Britt’s office, Cody finds her on the floor holding the necklace. The office is a mess, and he asks if someone broke in and tried to steal the necklace. She tells him no. He can see she’s upset and asks if he can help. Britt cries to Cody that when she found out her father died, she thought it was finally over. However, his reach extends beyond the grave and he’s still hurting her. She can’t believe she wasted so much time seeking his approval. He tells her if Faison didn’t appreciate her then that’s on him, and she is worth loving. She asks, “Even with what’s been passed down to me?”

Cody initially assumes she’s speaking of the necklace and suggests she can give it to him because it’s basically his anyways. She can’t believe she didn’t see this before and screams she wasn’t talking about the necklace. She thinks that’s all he wanted. She tells him if he wants it so bad take it and get out! She hands it to him.

As Britt opens the door and demands Cody leave, Robert is standing there with a cop. He has a warrant for the necklace and demands Cody hand it over. Cody hesitates. Robert explains some of the diamonds in it are possibly stolen, Cody continues to stand there motionless so Britt finally grabs the necklace and hands it over to Robert.  Robert and the officer leave.

Britt again demands Cody get out, but he refuses. He wants to know if she wasn’t talking about the necklace then what was she talking about? He apologizes for making a mistake, and she knows he has a habit of putting his foot in his mouth. He asks what it will take for her to give him the benefit of the doubt. She says, “More than I have to give.”

Obrecht arrives and says, “What is going on here?”  “Absolutely nothing,” Cody says as he exits. Obrecht asks what is going on, and Britt breaks down and cries “I’m sick.”

In the lobby of , the officer cuffs the briefcase with the necklace to Robert’s wrist. He reveals he’s going to turn it over to some WSB agents at the Metro Court. One of Victor’s men overhears this and calls Victor.Elsewhere, Michael and Willow arrive for her first chemo appointment. They run into Carly, and soon after TJ appears. Willow whisks TJ aside to talk to him about her pregnancy. While they are alone, Carly asks Michael how everything is going. Michael reveals Willow wants to find her birth parents. Carly is stunned and asks what changed her mind. Michael simply says with the baby coming, they thought it could be important to have all the medical information available to them.  He makes no mention of Willow’s leukemia to Carly.

Nearby, Willow admits to TJ that she feels like a coward not letting anyone know she’s sick. TJ assures her that she’s not a coward. TJ and Willow rejoin Carly and Michael. Carly asks TJ if he and Molly have plans for Thanksgiving. He explains Alexis is going to Sonny’s, but they thought that might be awkward. Carly is confused, so Michael tells her about Nina’s accusations about Willow and TJ having an affair. Carly is livid and storms off.

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GH Update Wednesday, November 23, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At Kelly’s Diner, Linc asked Brook Lynn to help him salvage his less than stellar reputation. In exchange, Linc said he would give back to Brook Lynn the remaining contents of her catalog. Brook Lynn was incredulous.  She couldn’t believe that Linc was now suggesting she agree to rehabilitate his reputation in return for the songs that he virtually stole from her.

Chase joined them, and he asked Brook Lynn directly if she was okay with whatever Linc had proposed. Brook Lynn hesitantly said that she and Linc were on good terms, and Linc left. Chase told Brook Lynn that he trusted her to do the right thing. Brook Lynn appeared no where near as certain as Chase was as they walked outside.

Earlier, Chase was surprised to learn that Dante had asked for Brook Lynn’s help in getting Chase reinstated as a detective. Chase pointedly asked Dante how long ago he had made the request and Dante told him it had been weeks. Chase wondered if Brook Lynn had ever intended to send a letter on his behalf to the review board. Dante told Chase not to simply assume the worst about Brook Lynn.

In Britt’s office at the hospital, Britt told Liesl that her Huntington’s disease had advanced. She told her Liesl that the specialist had given her between five to 15 years to live. Britt said that within a year, she might require around-the-clock care. Liesl said that they were both intelligent, talented doctors and that they would not let the disease win so easily.  But, Britt was not having it.  She told Liesl that she needed a mother, not a doctor.  Liesl said that she could do that, but she stated that Britt deserved a better mother.  They cried together.  Britt asked Liesl to go home to Scott.  But, Liesl couldn’t stand the thought of Britt being alone.

At Volonino’s Gym, Drew told Sonny that he was searching for Willow’s biological mother at the requested of Willow and Michael. Sonny shared that he had heard the failed merger between Aurora and ELQ had recently caused trouble between Drew and Carly. Drew seemed surprised when Sonny said that Carly had felt the need to tell Sonny about her relationship with Drew. Drew asked how Sonny had reacted, and Sonny recalled that he had told Carly that he was happy for her. “Well, that was nice of you to say. Did you mean it?” Drew asked. Sonny said that he had been sincere when he had wished Carly well, and he added that he only wanted what was best for Carly because she was Donna’s mother.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Carly and Nina bickered at each other over Nina’s misinterpretation of Carly’s visit to Brick’s room at the Metro Court. The argument grew ugly and at one point, Carly took a bowl of soup from Trish, a waitress who had walked by. Carly eventually returned the bowl to the waitress after Sonny and Drew appeared. Carly said that she had been tempted to throw the soup in Nina’s face, but she claimed she had refused because she had too much respect for the hotel and its staff.

Sonny convinced Nina to walk away. Afterwards, Carly was surprised when Drew said he would help Willow search for her birth mother. Carly had yet another flashback to months earlier when she had learned that Nina was Willow’s biological mother. Carly then told Drew that she would help with the search for Willow’s mom.

At Pier 55, Valentin was surprised to find Martin, who was still grieving the loss of Lucy. Martin said that Anna had murdered Lucy. Valentin swore that Martin was wrong about Anna, but Martin said that Valentin’s judgment was clouded by his love for Anna. Valentin offered sincere apologies to Martin, who added that he wished Lucy hadn’t gone to the pier on the night of the gunshot. Valentin clarified that there had been two shots fired instead of one. Martin wondered what Valentin’s point had been. “If Anna was the shooter, she wouldn’t need two shots, especially at close range,” Valentine reiterated.

Valentin told Martin to come with him because the two had work to do. “Go where?” Martin asked. “To find out what happened to Lucy,” Valentin answered.

In the restaurant at the Metro Court, Robert waited for his WSB contact to appear. Diane joined Robert, who shared that the briefcase that was handcuffed to him contained diamonds from the Ice Princess. Diane was intrigued with being so close to the famed Ice Princess. Holly joined them, and Robert introduced her to Diane. Robert ordered tequila shots for the table. Robert said that Holly was someone he trusted with his life. Holly said that she and Diane had both cheated death, and then excused herself for a moment. When Holly was away, Diane told Robert that she was lovely and said she could see why Robert was so fond of her.  Robert warned Diane that she could be duplicitous. Holly returned to the table and found a way to drug Robert without he or Diane noticing.  Robert wanted Holly to do a shot with him, but Holly claimed she had to watch her salt intake. Holly and Diane had a conversation, and Robert grew quiet. Diane asked Robert a question, and suddenly, Robert’s head fell to the table.

Diane was concerned about Robert. Holly claimed that he just wasn’t able to handle his liquor anymore. Robert appeared to have been drugged, but he said he needed to stay at Metro Court to wait for the WSB contact. Holly convinced Robert to leave with her.

After Robert and Holly left, Diane left a voice message for Robert. Diane shared that she hadn’t had a good feeling about Robert being alone with Holly. Diane hung up, and she was stunned when Robert stumbled off the elevator. He appeared to have been assaulted and the suitcase that had been cuffed to his wrist was gone.

Elsewhere, Holly opened the box in the suitcase that had contained the necklace. She pulled the necklace from the box and held it in her hands.

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GH Short Recap Monday, March 14, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written Suzanne

Chase gives Brook Lynn a hard time for leaving town so quickly and wonders if it’s because he kissed her. She assures him that it wasn’t personal and how she was upset about Maxie taking Bailey back. Their reunion is sweet and awkward. He takes out her songbook that she left behind and sings her one of the songs he liked. She is touched. He pours on the compliments, making her feel better. He thinks she should be a songwriter, even if she can’t sing any more.

Joss and Carly confront Esme at Metro Court about the video; Esme denies it and pretends to be sympathetic as she accuses Trina of leaking the video and then saying nasty things to them both. Carly grabs her arm, so Esme pretends to cry and scream in pain. Nikolas comes over and rescues her, yelling at Carly. Carly vows to find proof and make her pay. Joss is upset about messages she keeps getting and feels her life has been destroyed. Carly phones Diane for hel

Nikolas takes Esme to the hospital, where she’s examined. Her arm has a nasty bruise. He believes that Carly did it and is sympathetic. Esme goes on and on about how “they” are treating her. He asks if they’re right and points out that Esme has done some bad things in the past. Nikolas doesn’t think that she’s the type to let people get her down. She’s missing Spence and feels judged by everyone. He thinks that they could definitely be more supportive of her. They have a nice chat. She offers to give him something he wants – Spencer at his vow renewal ceremony. She thanks him, holding his hands and smiling at him.

Cam visits Spencer, who blasts him for filming Joss. Cam denies it. They argue. Cam points out that Spencer is just upset because only Esme or Trina on could have set it up. Spencer denies that he has feelings for Trina and doesn’t see how Esme could have done it, since they were long gone. Cam points out that she could have started the recording before she left. Spencer thinks it’s just a theory. Cam keeps on his case about Esme. He’s worried that this fiasco might cost him Josslyn andthat she won’t trust him any more. Spence assures him that Joss is stronger than that. Cam shares with him how others have been shaming him and Joss – especially Joss. Spencer and Cam apologize to each other. Spencer knows that Trina isn’t responsible for the video, either, but he doesn’t think it was Esme, either. Cam points out that it has to be her.

Selina confronts Curtis at The Savoy. She wants him to partner with her on a back-room high stakes poker game, but he declines. She keeps working on him, flattering his reputation and how classy his place is. She tells him that she won’t even be there because she plans to put her family member Brad in charge of the games. Although she says it’s perfectly legal, he wonders why. She explains that she’s just doing it so that the rich people will be grateful to her. Curtis says he’s too busy to do it. She warns him not to do something he might regret. She tells him an old proverb about a man growing a money tree and suggests that he think her proposition over. Later, Selina sends Curtis a money tree with a sweet card, with a red ribbon attached to a casino chip.

Britt and Brad have a night out drinking at the Metro Court. Brad points out that Peter’s gone, so she’s free. She still has to put the past behind her. They talk about how “Aunt Selina” wants to keep them apart. She suggests they go somewhere else less conspicuous, but he insists on staying to celebrate his new job. She asks him what it is, so he asks her to get him a job at GH. She doesn’t think that would be so easy. He understands but says he’s scared of what else his Aunt Selina might want him to do. Britt changes her mind and says she’ll try to get him in to GH. She thinks that he should use the super-exclusive matchmaking service that her mother gave her for Christmas. They toast with Champagne. Selina watches them through the door, looking angry.

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