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Elizabeth runs into  Finn on the roof of General Hospital.  Elizabeth tells him that he is sitting in her spot.  Finn asks her if she is really up there enough to claim her own spot.  Elizabeth tells him that it comes with being the head nurse. Elizabeth tells Finn she prefers the night shift because nights pay time and a half.  She also tells Finn she comes to the roof to make sense of everything that goes on in the hospital.  Finn says that is exactly why he is up there. 

Elizabeth asks Finn if he is OK.  Finn tells her that he lost a patient during his shift.  Finn tells Elizabeth that the patient’s daughter was a classmate of Violet’s.  He tells Elizabeth that the whole situation just made him think about things.  Elizabeth tells Finn that it is a natural reaction to think about your own life when someone dies.  Finn tells her that this time is different. Finn worries about what would happen to Violet if something happened to him because he is her only parent.

Finn says that he has no family to raise Violet because Chase is a cop and that he could be killed every time he goes to work.  Finn then asks Elizabeth to be Violet’s guardian. Elizabeth looks stunned at first but agrees to be Violet’s guardian.

Sonny, on the phone with Ava, tells Ava that he is handling their situation.  Avery comes in and Sonny has Ava put her on the phone.  She does and Sonny tells her she will not have a good time at school if she falls asleep because she didn’t sleep any during the night.

Later after Sonny and Nina have gone to sleep, Sonny takes a call.  Nina awakes to find him gone and she goes looking for him in the other rooms of the penthouse.

She returns and calls Ava and tells her that Sonny is gone.  Ava asked Nina what she expected.  Ava tells Nina that she is engaged to a mobster and that things like that are going to happen. 

Chase arrives at the PCPD, with Ned, Olivia and Carly in tow.  Ned and Carly are in  handcuffs from their scuffle at the Hard Cider Bar.  Chase demands to know what happened at the bar.  Olivia gives him a very long and confusing explanation.  At that moment, Chase’s phone rings, it is the owner of the Hard Cider Bar.  He informs Chase that he will not be pressing charges.

Anna goes for a jog.  When she leaves her home, it is clear she is being watched.  She begins to jog. Back at Anna’s house, we see an unidentified individual pick the lock to Anna’s french doors.  The individual then enters her home.  Kerosene is quickly doused all over Anna’s furniture and the walls of her home.  The burglar then lights Anna’s home on fire. Within moments the entire home is engulfed in flames. Anna returns home and finds her home in ruins. She phones the fire department and pleads with them to hurry because the fire that started on the lower floors of the home is quickly spreading.

Dante is working on the Pikeman case when Sam enters and puts his laptop away.  Sam tells Dante that work is over.  Dante agrees.  Sam discusses allowing Maxie to lease the house that Dante owned with Lulu and Dante says it is a great idea.  He says that Maxie’s kids would love the place and the kids would each have their own room and a yard to play in. Dante thinks its a great idea.  He says there is no point in the house being empty, when Maxie can live their with the kids and he mentions that he is sure that Maxie would handle the upkeep as well.

The phone rings and Chase tells Dante that Olivia is at the PCPD and needs someone to sign her out.  Dante goes down to the PCPD and after some drama, he signs out Olivia.  Sonny arrives and says he will sign for Ned and Carly.  Carly says that Sonny can take Ned but that she isn’t going with him. 

Dante finally gets back to his apartment and Sam is asleep.  He watches her sleep for just a moment. Dante goes to change and when he comes back and gets into bed, Sam awakens.  Dante tells her about the situation down at the police department.  

Austin goes to his office and finds Mason sitting in his chair.  Mason shows him the wounds from his run in with Carly and the bottle at the Hard Cider Bar. He tells Austin that he needs a doctor but Austin doesn’t look at all interested in helping him.  Austin tells Mason that he can’t just show up and make himself comfortable in his office whenever he wants.Austin says that he can treat him but he is going to have to know what happened.  Mason tells him that he had a “run in” with a lady in a bar. 

Mason asks Austin how Betty is doing with Ava and Sonny.  Austin tells Mason that as far as he knows, Ava and Sonny are pleased with Betty’s services.

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