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Update written by Shane

In Paris, Anna was disheartened that her search with Valentin had not revealed more details on Lucy’s location.  

Anna admitted her guilt over having involved Lucy in her quest to bring down Victor. There was a knock at the door and Valentin answered. Outside, a young boy named Antoine indicated he had information for Valentin.  Anna and Valentin invited him in. Antoine spoke in French and told Valentin and Anna that his father had been complaining about the American woman who would not stop speaking. Antoine said that the woman had uttered the words “Ciao” and “Ta” often. Anna and Valentin realized the woman he spoke of was Lucy.

Valentin thanked Antoine and gave him money for the information and asked him to remain quiet about their meeting. Antoine said that he had never met Valentin.  Valentin and Anna smiled and bid Antoine goodbye. After he left, Valentin and Anna realized that Antoine was the son of one of Victor’s men. Anna and Valentin were thrilled to know that Lucy was alive and still putting up a fight. They spoke of how to rescue Lucy. Valentin said that perhaps they could use the sewer system to gain access to Victor’s compound. Anna believed the catacombs would be of better use to them.

Anna studied the maps of the catacombs and realized that the location of Victor’s prison for Lucy was a veritable fortress and not easily accessed by any means. Valentin suggested that there were many areas of the catacombs not reflected in the blueprints or on any map.  He said that there still might be a way to reach Lucy and they both agreed they would make an attempt to free Lucy from Victor’s men.

At GH, Victor visited Esme. Victor spoke to Esme as if she was faking her amnesia, but Esme had no clue who he was. Victor told Esme to call him “Uncle Victor.”  He manipulated Esme into thinking that he was there to make sure she received the best of care and representation because she was carrying the “next Cassadine heir.”  Victor was obviously surprised that Esme had a genuine case of memory loss.

Esme said that given the awful things she stood accused of, it might be better if she never regained her memory. Victor asked Esme what she planned to do after leaving the hospital. Esme replied that she would go to court and hoped to avoid prison.

At that point, Martin entered. Victor reminded Martin and Esme that the police had no physical evidence to tie Esme to any of the hook killings. Martin grew angry, and asked to speak to Victor outside the room. Martin called Victor an “unrepentant sociopath,” and conversation became heated when Martin spoke of Lucy. Martin issued a veiled threat by implying that he didn’t know if he would be able to fully concentrate on Esme’s case because he was so worried about Lucy’s disappearance. He said that Esme might have to have her baby behind bars. Victor asked Martin if he was threatening him. Martin said that he was only stating the facts.  Both men stared at each other with enmity, Martin knowing all too well that Victor was behind Lucy’s disappearance and Victor not doing a very good job of concealing his guilt. Martin walked away from Victor knowing he had the upper hand now that he was Esme’s only hope of being exonerated.

Later, Victor placed a call to a henchman named Gavin in France. Victor asked about their “guest,” and he warned Gavin that Anna and Valentin had still not been located and he feared that they might be headed in his direction.  He ordered the guard to double security.

Heather made her way into Ryan’s cell and was startled when he leapt from his wheelchair and approached her.  Heather told Ryan that her favorite security guard had been fired for stealing.  She revealed her plan to bust Esme out of GH and that they would run from the authorities.  It bothered Heather that Esme had no idea who she was and probably didn’t even know her name.  Ryan confirmed that Esme had no clue who Heather was.  This further angered Heather, who despite Ryan’s objections said she was carrying out her plan immediately with no delays. Ryan insisted she needed a better plan and to think things through.  She dismissed him and when she left the cell she said that she would “send him a postcard.”

In Willow’s room at the hospital, Willow told Michael that she didn’t want to deliver their baby prematurely. Michael grew angry, and he said that Willow having the baby a month before its due date would not pose a great risk to the baby’s overall health. Michael added that by delaying treatment for the leukemia, Willow was gambling with her life. 

Michael left Willow’s room to go for a walk with Chase, who had come to the hospital to offer their support for Michael. In Willow’s room, Sasha confirmed that she knew that Willow had leukemia. Sasha was floored when Willow said that she had just learned that Nina was her biological mother. Willow sarcastically said that she was “better off with Harmony” as a mother. Sasha asked if Willow was thinking about refusing a transplant merely because Nina was the donor.

Willow believed that Nina would “leverage” her bone marrow as a way to gain visitation with Wiley. Willow claimed that she wouldn’t refuse a transplant from Nina. After Michael returned, Sasha departed.

Alone in the room, Michael apologized for having grown angry with Willow. Willow said that she had decided she would bring their baby into the world if Dr. Randolph thought it was too risky to delay treatment. Michael was relieved, and he told Willow that he loved her. 

At Sonny’s penthouse, Nina kept calling the hospital and asking if she was a bone marrow match for Willow.  She became angry at how long it was taking the lab to perform a “simple blood test.”  Nina was thrilled that she might be able to save Willow.

Nina, who was overcome with emotion and couldn’t stop crying, said that she would never forgive Carly for having kept the truth from her. Sonny admitted that he was “mad as hell” over Carly’s actions. Sonny told Nina that he and Michael had shared a moment the previous night. Sonny said that he had seen a glimpse of the person Michael used to be.  

Nina received a phone call and learned she was a potential bone marrow match donor for Willow.  She shared the news with Sonny, who told Nina that “as long as there is life, there is hope.”

Nina said that she had to get to the hospital and Sonny asked her if she would like him to go with her.  Nina said that she wouldn’t have it any other way.  The two kissed and laughed.

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