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Update written by Shane

At the Metro Court pool, Brook Lynn is spending some time with Tracy.  Tracy says that the flower necklace is “what she has always wanted.”  Brook Lynn finally admits that she has asked Tracy to the Metro Court pool to get her away from the family and the staff.  Tracy tells Brook Lynn that she is easy to get along with which causes Brook Lynn to question Tracy’s sense of self awareness.  Brook Lynn offers Tracy a drink and Tracy gets a bit tipsy.  Tracy becomes emotional and confides in Brook Lynn about all the things she misses about Luke.  She begins to cry as she tells Brook Lynn how much she misses him.  Brook Lynn asks her to lower her voice and Tracy says, “wait a minute it was you who brought me to this pineapple purgatory and now I can’t even speak my mind.  Brook Lynn is really not concerned about Tracy speaking her mind, she is worried that she will launch into some diatribe about The Deceptor.  Which Tracy, of course does, shouting about how she is going to get it lock, stock and barrel.  Brook Lynn asks Tracy why she is so laser focused on the Deceptor product.  Tracy finally admits that it is distracting her from her feelings of longing for Luke. Brook Lynn finally gets Tracy to leave the pull as she is starting to cause a scene.

Elizabeth arrives at Finn’s apartment to be greeted by Violet.  Violet asks why Elizabeth is picking Finn up instead of Finn picking Elizabeth up. Violet looks puzzled and turns and tells Finn that Elizabeth is there to pick him up.  When Finn looks at her and agrees, Violet turns back towards Elizabeth at the door and says, “girl power,” while gesturing for a fist bump from Elizabeth.  Elizabeth and Finn depart for their date shortly after Gregory arrives.  After Finn and Elizabeth leave, Violet and Gregory begin making bracelets with beads.  Gregory is having some degree of difficulty making the bracelets, but the situation only gets worse when he loses his balance and falls to the floor. Violet is out of the room when Gregory falls, but she quickly returns and asks if she should call Finn. Gregory of course says no, that he doesn’t want to burden her father and besides he feels fine now.

At Molly and T. J.’s apartment, Molly calls together a meeting of the Davis girls (complete with Jordan) with a notably absent Kristina.  Molly tells the group that she has family news.  Sam says that if it’s family news, then shouldn’t all members of the family be present?  This remark garners an extremely sarcastic facial expression from Alexis.  Molly tells everyone that she and T.J. have found their surrogate.  Alexis questions the timing of the decision. Alexis and Sam stare at Molly with disbelief as she says that she and T. J. have been thinking about their surrogate for quite some time. Which is obviously not the case.

Kristina arrives at General Hospital for a meeting with Dr. Randolph and runs into a confused T.J.  T.J. tells Kristina that he didn’t realize that she and Dr. Randolph were friends. Kristina says that they are not close, but she is hoping that Dr. Randolph will serve on the board of her new foundation. She tells T.J. that she wants a member of the LGBTQ+ community to serve on the board to add credibility to the center’s leadership.  T. J. says that Dr. Randolph would be a great pick because she is thorough, thoughtful and detail-oriented. T.J.’s discussion with Kristina is cut short when the elevator arrives and Kristina heads up to Dr. Randolph’s office for their meeting.  Kristina thanks T.J. for the advice as the elevator doors come to a close.

Cody continues his unruly behavior at the PCPD.  He tells Dante and Mac that it’s no wonder that people don’t have a positive view of the police because the police are too busy protecting the guilty at the expense of the innocent.  Cody threatens Gladys before knocking over a desk chair and pushing several files into the floor.  Mac tells Cody that if he keeps it up he will personally arrest him.  After speaking to Dante in the hall, Mac tells Dante to get his friend (Cody) under control.  Dante tells Mac that he will handle Cody and that Mac can go ahead and leave for the evening.  Dante returns to the interrogation room and asks Cody if he is trying to get arrested.  Cody continues to act ridiculous and it is at that moment that Dante figures it all out.  Cody is not trying to get arrested.  Cody is trying to get committed.  If Cody can get to Ferncliff then maybe he can help Sasha in her current predicament.  Cody continues to act crazy, slamming his head up and down on the interrogation room table while screaming, “Dante, Dante, Dante you’re giving me a headache.” But, Dante’s not having it and says he is not going to commit Cody no matter what. Dante raises the issue that if Cody actually managed to get himself committed, it might not be to Ferncliff.  He asks Cody what he would do in that contingency?  Dante tells Cody that he is free to go, but tells his friend that he needs to be careful and thoughtful about what he does next.

Mac arrives for a date on the roof of the Metro Court.  He tells Felicia about Gladys filing for the restraining order so that Cody can not get near Sasha.  Felicia finds that odd that they are filing for a restraining order when Cody is the one who was stabbed.  Mac says that the whole situation reeks of suspicion.  Felicia agrees.  Felicia tells Mac that she feels that there is so much more she should be doing with her life.  Mac begs her not to go back to work as a private investigator.  Felicia says that is not in her plan.  Mac says that if Felicia wants to make a difference in the lives of the people in their community that there is no better place for her than General Hospital.

When Kristina comes off the elevator in the lobby at General Hospital, T.J. once again sees her and asks how it went.  Kristina said that it went better than expected.  She said that Dr. Randolph was engaging and extremely focused.  T.J. says that sounds great and says that Dr. Randolph would be an asset to her team.

T.J. takes notice of the time and remarks that Kristina must have had to miss the sushi dinner at his place that Molly had thrown for everyone.  But, Molly never invited Kristina and T.J. was completely unaware, landing him in a position he would just as soon not be in.  

Molly tells Sam that after giving it some amount of thought, they had decided that they want Sam to be the baby’s guardian.  Sam, who at first looks overwhelmed, says Yes of course and that she is truly honored.

A few minutes later as Sam was exiting Molly and T.J.’s apartment, Kristina is found standing in the doorway looking not so happy.  Kristina demands to speak to Molly alone.  Sam looks to Molly to make sure that it is OK that she leaves, Molly assures her that it is.  When Sam leaves the apartment, Kristina looks at Molly and says simply, “How could you?”

As Finn is putting Violet to bed.  Violet tells him about the fall.  Finn being an extremely perceptive doctor then confronts Gregory.  He asks Gregory if the reason that he fell is because he is clumsy, or is it something else.

Gregory, looking to unburden himself of this secret to his son, says to Finn, “it is something else…..something horrible.”

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