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Nina continued going through the box of items that she and Liesl had retrieved from Britt’s office. She picked up the Doctor of the Year award and held it close to her chest. She then began to sort through papers, but was interrupted by Ava returning home.  She told Ava that she had to separate the things that belonged to the hospital from Britt’s personal possessions. Nina also told Ava that Liesl was napping in Nina’s bedroom and that Nina felt like she had not been able to console Liesl in the way she had hoped.  She told Ava that Liesl wouldn’t eat and Nina was growing increasingly concerned. 

Ava said that it was admirable that Nina wanted to take care of her aunt.  But, quickly added that Nina needed to consider taking a minute for some self-care. Nina told Ava how nice it had been getting to know Britt when she returned to Port Charles and that she just couldn’t believe that Britt was gone. Their chat continued on the sofa and Nina revealed to Ava that Britt had Huntington’s disease at the time of her death. 

Nina asked about Esme’s return and Ava’s face shifted to sheer disgust as she remarked that Esme was full of surprises. Ava told Nina that Esme was pregnant and Nikolas was the father. Nina was horrified, and Ava told Nina she didn’t believe there was a word for how angry she was. Ava announced her plan to get divorced as quickly as possible and she stated that if her plan was successful there would be a small reward for Nina.

Ava told Nina she planned on taking Wyndemere for herself. She maintained that she had leverage now with Nikolas’ infidelity and out-of-wedlock child. Ava flashed back to Nikolas’ confession of killing Esme (although she did not reveal it to Nina). Nina had grown accustomed to having Ava around and said that she would actually miss her. They laughed about that, and Ava confessed that she felt the same way. Ava grabbed Nina’s hands, and they agreed that they depended on each other. “You go get ’em,” Nina ordered. Nina also reminded Ava that her bedroom would not be going anywhere.

As Alexis walked into Kelly’s, she told someone on the phone that she would have to reschedule, something had come up, with her family. Just as she ended the call, Nikolas arrived and heard the word “family.” They sat down at a side table, against the wall and Nikolas announced that he needed legal advice, even if it was unofficial. Alexis inquired as to why Nikolas wasn’t using Martin. Nikolas said that Martin was defending Esme from criminal prosecution. Alexis found that humorous and wished him “good luck with that.” He then told her that he was the father of Esme’s baby, and Alexis was mortified. As Nikolas told her that he wanted full custody of the baby, Alexis continued to look at him in disbelief.

Alexis explained that Sam had been taken from her and she would never help someone to take another child away from its mother. She reminded Nikolas that his record as a parent was also lacking. Nikolas said that he would not repeat the errors of the past.  Alexis said the only reason he wanted custody of the unborn baby was to attempt to make up for his horrible mistakes with Spencer. Nikolas insisted that Spencer had cut ties with Nikolas, for good reason. But, Nikolas claimed that he had a responsibility to the unborn child. Alexis insisted that things simply do not work like that, and the parent had to take care of the child because it was their responsibility. Nikolas said that he wanted to protect the new baby from Esme. Alexis promised to find Nikolas an attorney with a good record on child custody cases, but she insisted that he not give up on Spencer as part of the agreement.

Spencer and Sonny walked into Wyndemere and were immediately met by Victor. Sonny said that Spencer would be living with him. “Like hell he is,” Victor responded. Spencer announced that the original date to remain in Victor’s care had passed.  Spencer added that if it were just Victor living at Wyndemere, he would consider staying but that he could not be in the presence of his father after everything that had happened.  Spencer waited for Victor’s response. “Go get your things,” Victor said.  Victor then turned to Sonny and offered him a seat in the living room which Sonny politely refused.  Victor said that he hoped Sonny would do the family a favor.  “Not even when hell freezes over,” Sonny replied. Victor insisted that he was willing to set his pride aside, but Sonny acknowledged that he was only there for Spencer. Victor said that he had hoped to reunite his family, and he hoped that Sonny would use his influence to help reconcile Spencer and Nikolas.

Sonny asked Victor if he thought that it was in Spencer’s best interest to be around Nikolas. He added that Nikolas had the opportunity to be a father. Victor replied that Nikolas was incapable of repairing Spencer’s trust, but he loved Spencer. Victor had hoped to use Sonny’s fractured relationship with Michael as leverage to achieve his point.  But, Sonny wasn’t having it. Victor stated that Sonny and Mike had repaired their relationship, and he wanted Sonny to give Spencer the same chance. Sonny maintained that both people have to be willing to work at it and want it and in this case, Nikolas wouldn’t work for it and Spencer no longer wanted the relationship.

Spencer returned with a small bag. Both Victor and Sonny found it odd that Spencer’s belongings fit inside this tiny bag. Spencer said that he had bumped into Demetrius, who had volunteered to have the rest of Spencer’s things sent to Sonny’s. He noted that Demetrius had headed back up to the North Tower.  “Not the North Tower, it’s closed,” Victor replied.  Spencer said that he had watched Demetrius ascend the stairs himself. Victor looked like he was up to something as Sonny and Spencer exited.

At General Hospital, Michael and Willow rode the elevator to the 3rd floor for their meeting with Dr. Randolph. Willow was excited about the bone marrow transplant donor. She remarked that normally when they got on the hospital elevators, she was overcome with a feeling of dread.  That was not the case on this particular day.

Martin attempted to bar Jordan and Dante from questioning Esme. Martin took the issue to Terry who was standing at the nurses station with Elizabeth. He said that his patient was in no condition for questioning and demanded that Terry intercede. Terry said that as long as Esme’s neurologist had signed off on it she saw no problem with Esme answering questions from the police. As Terry was speaking, Finn stepped off the elevator onto the 10th floor, and Terry asked him to double-check with Esme’s neurologist and then to monitor her condition as the police questioned her. 

Terry was upset that she had to immediately catch up on all the work that Britt was overseeing. She couldn’t understand how Britt could be gone, and she and Elizabeth talked about how much Britt had changed. Terry cried, and Elizabeth offered to be there if she wanted to talk. Terry said that she and Britt had made a good team. Elizabeth agreed. Then, Terry received a notification that her next patient was waiting. Terry thanked Elizabeth for being a good friend.

Terry arrived, and she, Michael, and Willow sat around her desk. Willow extended her condolences. Terry revealed that if Britt were there she would want to concentrate on patient care and get right down to business.  She reviewed Willow’s lab work and looked concerned.  She said that Willow’s numbers weren’t where the doctors wanted them to be, and the chemo hadn’t worked as they’d hoped. However, she did say that the baby was healthy and strong. Terry wanted to schedule the transplant as soon as possible, and she suggested that with Willow being eight months pregnant, the baby should be delivered first. She left the room so that Michael and Willow could discuss it, but Willow wasn’t sure she wanted to deliver the baby early.

Michael did his best to reassure Willow until Terry returned with bad news. She announced that donors always needed a physical, and Willow’s donor had not been cleared by her doctor for the procedure. She said that a search for a donor would be resumed immediately and Michael asked her about other treatments.  “We have to consider them,” Terry said.  She reiterated that they needed to buy time to find Willow another donor.

Jordan, Dante, Martin, and Finn stood in front of Esme’s bed. Dante scrolled through photos of Cameron, Josslyn, Trina, and Oz, on his phone. Esme maintained that she didn’t recognize anyone. She grew agitated, and Martin asked Jordan to end the interrogation, which the commissioner did.

As everyone else left, Martin assured Esme that he knew how to have her set free. He asked Esme the location of where she had been hiding.

In the corridor, Dante and Jordan believed they could charge Esme with the revenge porn and that alone would carry a sentence.  But, Dante didn’t believe Esme could have committed the murders.  He said the evidence was leading them down a different path. Dante thought they needed to find out where Esme had been hiding out for months.

Elizabeth ran into Finn at the nurses’ desk, and he stuttered that he was only there to pick up a chart. Elizabeth stated that she had something to tell him, but was interrupted by Jordan and Dante.

Jordan wanted a statement regarding Elizabeth and Esme. Elizabeth said that she had already given a statement to the police and that nothing had changed. She maintained that she had been surprised to see that Esme was pregnant in the hospital.  She said that it had been too dark at the pier to see on the night she first encountered Esme on the docks. Dante noted that no one in any of the attacks had mentioned the attacker as being pregnant. Jordan revealed that they didn’t think Esme was the killer, and Dante thought it would be helpful to know where Esme had been hiding and why. Finn said that he thought that Wyndemere should be checked again and this time, thoroughly.

Back at the penthouse, Ava hoped that Nina would stop by Wyndemere whenever Sonny had to transport Avery. She was amused that Nina was with Avery’s father. Sonny arrived, and he told Ava that Spencer would be living with him for a while. Ava felt bad for Spencer, and she disclosed that Spencer had apologized to her. Ava also announced to Sonny that she was going to take Wyndemere in the divorce and she rushed off to talk with her lawyer. 

Sonny took off his coat and sat down, while Nina rushed off to the kitchen to fix them drinks.When Nina returned with the drinks, she found Sonny staring at one of the papers from Britt’s box which had been on the table in front of him. She knew that something was wrong.  “Is everything alright?” Ava asked.  Sonny replied simply, “No.”

Nikolas was greeted by Victor when he returned to Wyndemere. Victor, holding up a slightly burned Christmas ornament, demanded that Nikolas tell him what had been going on in the North Tower.

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