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Update written by Shane

At Kelly’s, Dante and Sam enjoy a quiet New Year’s Eve celebration.  

Dex walks in to Kelly’s.  Dante and Sam wish him a Happy New Year.  Dex wishes them the same.  Dante asks Dex how things are working for his father and asked if there is any “residual friction.”  Dex asks why would there be?  Dante tells Dex that he saw his wrists and Dex holds them up and says they are just fine.  Dante says that might be, but Michael was very detailed in his description of what Sonny had done to Dex.  Dante gives Dex the opportunity to amend his statement that Sonny had nothing to do with his injuries.  Dex says that will not be necessary.  He then says, “I guess I will skip the hot chocolate.”  

Britt arrives on the dock and complains because her boat is not waiting to take her to the airport and far away from Port Charles.  She sees the fireworks display go off from Pier 47 and enjoys them.  She remarks how much she loves fireworks.  She recalls Liesl telling her that she never has to be alone.

Dante and Sam’s conversation then turns to whether or not Dante has compromised his badge by treating Sonny differently than he would any other perp.  Sam has finally had enough of the discussion and she asks Dante pointedly, if cops sometimes step away from cases because they have a personal interest in the outcome.  Dante says, all the time.  Sam says have you ever done that.  Dante says yes.  Sam says, have you ever done that in a case your father was involved in.  Dante says absolutely.  Sam finally says, then you haven’t compromised your badge, you have gone out of your way to make sure that your badge and your oath have not been compromised.  

Nearby, the Hook takes a swing at Josslyn and she pushes him away and runs only to fall because she is wearing formal shoes.  The Hook approaches, Josslyn regains her footing and tries to run but the Hook takes another swipe at her, Josslyn, realizing that the Hook is a woman, tries to overpower her and grabs but gets pinned against the wall.  Josslyn screams, “HELP ME!!!!!” Josslyn and the killer struggle over the hook.  Once again, Josslyn breaks free, but the hook punches her in the stomach, and she collapses to the deck of the pier.  The hook approaches, and prepares to finish her.  However, before she can do anything, Britt knocks her down and screams, “back off bitch!”  The hook then focuses her attention on Britt, the killer swipes at Britt but Britt blocks her assault with her handbag.  The hook is able to free the weapon from the handbag and prepares to launch a final blow when she is shot by Dex.  The killer falls to the deck, but quickly rebounds and begins to run. Britt screams for Dex to shoot her again.  But, Dex rushes to Josslyn’s side and asks her if she is injured and if she can walk.  Britt sarcastically says, “I’m fine, Thanks.”  Britt removes her phone from her handbag to call the police but Dex asks her not to, at least until he and Josslyn have made their escape.  

Maxie walks back into the Haunted Star and tells Liesl, “well, that’s it!”  Everyone has headed over to Pier 47 to the see the fireworks.  She says it was a good party if she does say so herself.  Liesl was thrilled that Maxie and Brad did so much for Britt.  Maxie says, “Please, Britt threw her own birthday party, Brad and I just assisted.”  

Carly arrives framed in the doorway of the Haunted Star and asks if she missed the party.  She says she knew she was late but she didn’t think she was that late.  She feigns disappointment.

Liesl and Maxie reminisce about Nathan, Peter and Austin.  Liesl tells Maxie that Nathan was taken far too soon. Maxie remarks what a good man Nathan was.  He was the perfect provider, protector, husband, father and partner. Liesl says that Peter was a horrible person who wanted Maxie to only see the best.  She added that Austin was just not the right man for Maxie.  She agrees. 

After they left the pier, Dex took Josslyn to his apartment. Dex poured them both a glass of scotch, and Josslyn said she owed Dex for having saved her and Britt’s lives. Dex said that Josslyn didn’t owe him anything.

Dex said that he had shot the killer with a gun that Sonny had given him. He also produced a shell casing, and he said there was no evidence to tie the gun back to Sonny.  “Anything to protect the boss, right?” Josslyn snapped. Dex grabbed her and said that he had prayed that Josslyn wouldn’t die when he found her on the docks. Dex added that he had been afraid that he would never get to kiss Josslyn again. The two kissed passionately and slowly began to undress.  The two then had sex on the couch in Dex’s apartment.

The police finally arrive and find Britt on the dock.  They initially don’t believe her claims when she says she was attacked by the Hook killer.  The police say they have had multiple hook sightings already.  Britt then coyly points to the actual Hook which is lying on the deck and asks the police if all the other posers left something like that behind.  The police then take her seriously and order more manpower be brought to bear on the pier and docks, and a perimeter be set up to keep anyone from getting in or out.  The police interrogate Britt.  Britt tells them she was on the dock waiting for a boat, when she heard a struggle and then a scream.  She says she responded and found a young woman in distress.  She tells the police she fought off the killer, and both the killer and the young woman escaped.  The police drill Britt, asking her a series of questions:  who was the victim, where is she, where did she go, was she injured, did she get a good look at the killer and in what direction did the killer run?  Britt tells the police that she doesn’t know.

Drew arrives at the Haunted Star this time, interrupting some tender recollections of Nathan between Maxie and Liesl.  Drew tells Liesl what a wonderful woman Britt is and that she should be so proud of her.  Liesl says that she is proud of her.  

Carly and Drew met up on the pier. Drew asked Carly if she remembered where they were the previous New Year’s Eve? Carly said that they were on the bridge, both mourning Jason. Drew said that he was done focusing on the past and instead wanted to look to the future. Drew added that he saw a great future in Carly’s eyes. Carly returned Drew’s affections and they kissed. Drew produced a bottle of champagne and they shared a toast.

On the deck of the Haunted Star, Spencer and Trina stayed near each other — to give the appearance that they were turning to each other. Spencer was thrilled that Britt had such a wonderful party and he recalled the days when Britt was engaged to Nikolas.  He said that he loved the idea of her being his stepmother because she wasn’t maternal in any way and she said never talked down to him.

Spencer leaned in to kiss Trina. But before they could kiss, they were horrified when they saw an extremely pale Esme in the doorway. Spencer asked where she had been. Esme collapsed before she could answer. Spencer rushed to cover Esme and to check her pulse. Trina said, “she’s pregnant.” Spencer put his coat around Esme, and he said they needed to get Esme to GH.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas brought Elizabeth up to speed on Esme’s escape. Nikolas told Elizabeth that Esme had started a fire and that as he fought the fire she ran passed him and straight out onto the turret.  Elizabeth demanded to know where Esme was at that moment.  Nikolas told Elizabeth that she had gone over the parapet.  Elizabeth didn’t believe Nikolas, it was obvious in her eyes and demeanor.  Nikolas then swore that Esme had raised her hands and fell backwards into the water below.  Nikolas was so upset that Elizabeth realized he was telling the truth.  Nikolas told Esme that he had searched the house, the waters and the shore but there was no sign of her.

Elizabeth grew panicked over the crimes she had committed, but Nikolas said that there was no way she could survive that fall. Elizabeth was adamant that she wouldn’t continue to cover up the crimes that she and Nikolas had committed.

Elizabeth’s phone rang and she took the call, it was Spencer. Spencer told Elizabeth that he and Trina had found Esme on the deck of the Haunted Star. He told Elizabeth she was suffering from hypothermia and that the police had been called and she would soon be in police custody.  Elizabeth, held the phone away from her face and looked at Nikolas as if to say that both of their lives were over.

Later, Dante appeared at the hospital. Dante questioned Spencer and Trina about Esme’s appearance. Elizabeth and Nikolas stepped off the elevator. Dante asked why they had come to the hospital. Spencer explained that since Esme had assaulted Elizabeth that he had called her to let her know that Esme was at GH.  Nikolas said that he had been with Elizabeth at the time she got the call. 

A doctor emerged from Esme’s room in the ER and Dante identified himself and asked if he could have access to Esme’s room to question her. In Esme’s room, the doctor gave Dante a bag of Esme’s belongings which included a Christmas tree ornament. Dante asked Esme if she could tell him what had happened to her.  She seemed to attempt to speak but she was still shivering too violently to speak.

Later, on the docks, the hook reappeared from out of the frigid water, revealing a gash on her right wrist. The attacker took off her mask, revealing the Hook killer to be Heather Webber. 

Back inside the Haunted Star, as Liesl was singing “Happy Birthday”, Britt reappeared and sang the last line – altering the words. Britt said that she had far too many reasons to stay in Port Charles than to leave.  She and Liesl poured themselves a toast of champagne, but before they could drink.  Liesl noticed that Britt’s dress was torn and then quickly thereafter inquired, “are you bleeding?”  Britt didn’t answer and headed toward one of the couches, as she got closer to the couch, she became woozy and then finally collapsed to the floor.

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