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At The Invader, Alexis is furious about Senator Wilkins being acquitted even though he was caught red handed and indicted on criminal charges. Alexis and Gregory discuss how the senator’s attorneys must have outsmarted the incompetent prosecutors. Alexis tells Gregory the senator can escape prosecution because he can afford great lawyers. She then pounds on her desk and tells Gregory that the whole situation makes her want to break something. Gregory says, “why don’t you?” Alexis replies that she might also enjoy sweeping her hand across her desk and pushing everything into the floor. Gregory says that the didn’t mean for Alexis to take his situation literally. He said he knew of a place that would help them dispose of their aggressive feelings. He said that it was an establishment that Finn and Chase had recommended and that he had come to take their recommendations seriously.

The two of them end up at an axe-throwing bar. Alexis proves to be not as good at axe-throwing as Gregory, but she quickly learns how to hit the bullseye. The activity helps Alexis blow off some steam and the two of them have an excellent time until Gregory’s ALS causes him to become symptomatic. He then became emotional and admitted to Alexis that his pain is growing worse by the day. This turn of events brings about a serious discussion of life and Gregory’s bucket list. Alexis does her best to empathize with Gregory as he is moved to tears thinking about how bad his illness may become. Alexis gives Gregory a big hug. He tells Alexis that he has started to avoid both Chase and Finn because he is concerned that he will no longer be able to conceal his illness.  Alexis encourages Gregory to come clean with Finn because he is a medical doctor and will be able to help. Gregory insisted he did not want to dump his problems on Finn.

Olivia is surprised to see Carly when she comes by the Metro Court to check on her. Carly remarks how strange it is to be standing in her old office. She tells Olivia that she is surprised that Nina hasn’t taken it over. Olivia says she would never allow that to happen and Carly thanks her. Carly explains that she is at the Metro Court because she could not help but be concerned with everything Olivia is going through. Nina hears the conversation between Carly and Olivia and can’t help but insert herself into the conversation. Nina thanks Olivia (in front of Carly) and tells Olivia they can have a detailed discussion the following morning. After Nina leaves, Carly immediately asks what Nina was talking about. Olivia then admits that she is helping Nina and Sonny plan the wedding. She also tells Carly that the ceremony is going to be at the Metro Court. Carly is surprised that Nina and Sonny would ask Olivia to plan their wedding. Olivia concedes that it was actually her idea. Olivia does admit that she is doing it because it will distract her from the ongoing situation with Ned (Eddie). Olivia tells Carly that Tracy wants to have Ned (Eddie) institutionalized. Carly says that she thinks that is a bit extreme. Olivia says that she believes that Leo is handling the whole situation better than she is. 

To Olivia’s surprise, Carly offers to help with the wedding. Olivia can’t believe Carly would even want to help her after the way she treated her at the hospital. Carly tells Olivia that they will always be best friends. They hug and reflect on key moments in their friendship and then Carly offers to take Olivia somewhere to have fun and take her mind off of things. “Where are we going?” Olivia asks.  “You’ll see,” Carly says.

Portia is sitting at home when the doorbell rings. She is ecstatic to see Trina at the door and the two embrace. Portia exclaims, “you’re home.”  Trina asks her mother if that is OK? Portia then sees Spencer at the door carrying Trina’s things and her facial expression immediately changes. Portia says that seeing Trina is the highlight of her day.  Portia says it is fine that Trina has come home but she admits she has been using Trina’s room for extra storage.  She tells Trina she will have to move some books and things out of her way.  Trina heads upstairs and Spencer says he will take Trina’s things upstairs, Portia tells him that won’t be necessary. Portia continues by telling Spencer that her house is Trina’s home and that she will always be there for Trina and that she is more that capable of helping Trina move her stuff upstairs. Spencer says that he is aware of that but that Trina asked for his help and she is expecting him to stick around. Portia says that she is concerned about Spencer being around Trina because she believes that Sonny (Spencer’s uncle) may have been the intended target of the sniper that critically injured Curtis. Spencer says that he is by no means perfect, but he insists he is nothing like his Uncle Sonny or Victor. Portia refuses to let Spencer go upstairs and say “good night” to Trina. Portia tells Spencer that she will tell Trina that he had to “take off.”  Spencer leaves and Trina returns downstairs, Portia tells Trina that Spencer had to go. Portia lies to Trina again when she tells Trina that Spencer was probably thinking about his baby brother. Trina quizzes Portia about the house and Portia discusses her plans for the house now that Curtis is paralyzed. Portia tells Trina she plans to make the entire house accessible for Curtis. Portia tells Trina that Curtis hasn’t exactly agreed to even move back into their home.  Portia tells Trina that patients sometimes have a difficult time with these types of injuries and that she just has to be patient and wait for Curtis to come to terms with being paralyzed.

Dante is working in an interrogation room for some peace and quiet when Jordan comes in and asks what he is working on. He asks why Jordan is interested since she is no longer the commissioner. She says just because she is not the commissioner doesn’t mean she can’t be curious. Dante concedes that he is working on the Metro Court pool shooting and informs Jordan that the gun was traced back to the WSB. Jordan wonders why the WSB isn’t more involved in the case. Dante says the only action the WSB has taken is to totally turn its back on Anna. Dante also shared with Jordan that Anna was having a tough time. Jordan said that she was willing to help in any way she could and said that she owed it to Anna and Curtis. They briefly discuss her new job as Deputy Mayor and then she leaves to let him concentrate on his casework.

Sonny is watching movies with Donna at his penthouse. When the movie ends and Donna falls asleep, Sonny turns on a boxing match. He then calls Dante to give him updates but Dante doesn’t want to hear anything about the fight because he is recording it to watch later. Sonny inquires why Dante is still at work. Sonny tells Dante he will talk to him later. 

When Nina gets home they talk about his love of boxing and then he asks her why she was late. Sonny quickly realized that Nina wasn’t at all interested in boxing. Nina said that anything that made Sonny smile made her happy. As Sonny and Nina cuddled, Nina recalled having just left Metro Court. Nina said that she had seen Carly. Sonny said he didn’t want Nina to feel that she had to avoid Carly. Nina said that she had gone to Olivia’s office to talk about wedding plans, but she said that it is difficult to make wedding plans without a wedding date. Sonny said that he would marry Nina with a justice of the peace or in Las Vegas if he had to. Sonny and Nina started to kiss. They later agreed to pick a date for the wedding the following day.

Marshall goes to see Curtis and brings a deck of cards. They play ‘go fish’ like they did when he was a kid and talk about the rehab facility Curtis is supposed to go to. Curtis doesn’t want to go because he feels like by going to the rehabilitation facility he would be giving up and accepting being paralyzed but Marshall does his best to try to change his mind. Curtis tells Marshall that Portia is determined to stick with him through this difficult time but Curtis tells Marshall that just seeing Portia is a reminder of the life that they will never have together.  At this point, Jordan enters Curtis’ hospital room and Marshall leaves them alone to talk. She asks Curtis if he remembers anything about the events surrounding the shooting. Curtis asks Jordan why she is investigating the shooting, now that she is deputy mayor. However, he promises to tell her if anything comes back to him.

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