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Update written by Shane

At Alexis’ house, Alexis had quite a few of her clan gathered together, including Molly, T.J., Christina, Sam, Dante and Spencer. Spencer seemed slightly removed from the group both in proximity and in his state of mind. At one point, everyone went to replenish their drinks. Alexis took this opportunity to engage with  Spencer who had wandered over to the Christmas tree. Alexis asks him what was going on, because he seemed a million miles away. Spencer assured Alexis that he was having fun. Alexis pointed out that for a Cassadine, Spencer was a terrible liar. Reluctantly, Spencer admitted that he had a lot on his mind.

“Am I destined to be like my father?” Spencer asked. Alexis wanted to know what Nikolas had done, Spencer chose his words with the utmost care as he explained that he had discovered some things about Nikolas that Spencer feared would make him seem “bad by association.” Spencer assured Alexis that he wanted a life outside of his family — including Victor — but Spencer was unable to find a way out. “How do I escape my own family?” Spencer asked. “You can’t,” Alexis answered. “But, you can survive them,” she added.  

“Okay. How?” Spencer asked. Alexis told Spencer that she and her daughters had chartered their own course and had their own lives. Alexis acknowledged that Victor had a special interest in Spencer, and she advised Spencer to exercise extreme caution because of that interest. “Because this band of psychopathic, murdering megalomaniacs are ours. They are our family and always will be,” Alexis said. “So, basically I’m doomed,” Spencer replied. Alexis smiled and urged Spencer to forge his own path. Do the things that made him happy, the things that made him feel alive. Alexis pointed to her daughters as she reminded Spencer that a person’s genetics don’t necessarily dictate their actions. “Find out what makes you feel good,” Alexis said. She encouraged him to figure out what made him happy and to let it be his guide. Alexis promised that there would come a day when he would be able to forget Victor and Nikolas and live his own life free of their influence.

Elsewhere at the party, Sam scolded Dante for checking his phone. Dante confessed that he had was worried about Cody spending Christmas alone. Sam suggested Dante invite Cody to the Gingerbread Jam at Rice Plaza. Dante asked Sam if he had mentioned that she was the greatest yet that day.  She responded by saying “a few times, but it never gets old.” Moments later, Dante received a text message. Sam grew concerned when she noticed his reaction. Dante assured Sam that the Hook hadn’t struck again, but he admitted that he had to leave for a short time to take care of something.

After Dante left, everyone returned to the living room with plates of pie. Spencer explained that he had to leave and he thanked Alexis for the talk.  It had clearly given him a lot to think about.

At Finn’s apartment, Gregory was so glad that he would be spending Christmas with both of his sons and his granddaughter. Chase admitted that he just didn’t feel into Christmas this year and he offered to leave so as not to be a downer on everyone else’s holiday. Gregory and Finn said absolutely not. When Gregory mentioned Chase canceling the performance at Rice Plaza, Chase accused Brook Lynn of putting herself first. Chase confessed that he had no regrets about backing out of the Gingerbread Jam and leaving Brook Lynn to deal with the fallout. Gregory asked Chase if the whole thing was about revenge. Gregory suggested that just because Brook Lynn hadn’t done the right thing didn’t mean that Chase should do the same thing. Gregory reminded Chase that Chase’s badge had been taken away, not Chase’s moral compass, so Gregory encouraged Chase to right a wrong. Before Chase could reply, there was a knock at the door. It was Dante. Dante explained that he had something to tell Chase and he didn’t think it could wait until after Christmas.

Chase stepped into the hallway for privacy. Dante told him that the review board had agreed to take another look at Chase’s case in the spring when the board reconvened. To Chase’s surprise, Dante credited Brook Lynn for the unprecedented decision. Dante told Chase that somehow Brook Lynn had found a way to get her letter to the board.  “Merry Christmas, partner,” Dante said as he departed to return to Alexis’.

Inside, Violet left the room to go to her bedroom. Gregory took an opportunity to tell Finn how proud he was that he hadn’t let the breakup with Elizabeth affect Violet’s holiday. Gregory told Finn that he didn’t mean to pry into his son’s personal relationship, but that he wanted Finn to know how much Violet cared for her Aunt Elizabeth. Finn admitted that Elizabeth would remain a part of Violet’s life but that he believed he had finally learned his lesson. He told his father that he was just not cut out for love and relationships and that he was going to throw himself into his work and give up on love. Gregory pointed out that he had been given Violet as the result of one of those relationships that he had dubbed as a failure.  He asked if Finn would change that. “Not for a minute,” Finn said. Gregory told Finn that he should probably not throw in the towel just yet.

When Chase reentered the apartment, Gregory and Finn asked why Dante had stopped by. “To deliver a Christmas miracle,” Chase said. Shortly after Chase left, and Gregory, Finn, and Violet settled on the sofa with hot chocolate. Finn handed his father a book, and Gregory began to read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

At Alexis’ house, Sam opened the front door and happily welcomed Dante back. “There’s no place I’d rather be,” Dante said. On the sofa, Molly and T.J. shared a tender kiss.

At Curtis and Portia’s house, Curtis, Marshall, and Josslyn watched as Portia comforted her daughter. Trina pulled away from her mother and tearfully apologized for ruining everyone’s Christmas, but Josslyn insisted that Trina had nothing to be sorry for. Portia agreed, and she made it clear that she wanted Trina to set the tone for the holiday. Curtis reminded Trina that the holidays were all about family. Trina admitted that she was both sad and scared, but she was also grateful to have her family.

Later, Marshall helped Portia set out snacks. Curtis said that he wanted to celebrate the first Christmas in his new home with Portia. He also pointed out that it was his first Christmas with Marshall in a very long time. Curtis handed gifts to both Portia and Marshall. Portia received a gift card to the Metro Court for a spa day, which she loved. Marshall’s gift was impressed by the music collection that he said was like stepping into a “time machine.”

Trina and Josslyn sat in front of the fireplace as Trina expressed concern about the traffic to Rice Plaza. Josslyn promised to take the back roads. Trina opened up to Josslyn about her feelings surrounding Rory’s death and she admitted that Rory might have ended things with her anyway, but now she would never know.  Trina blamed herself for Rory’s death which Josslyn immediately said was not her fault in any way.  Trina said that if she had not become involved with Rory then he would never have gone to that apartment to try and apprehend the Hook killer.  Josslyn made it clear that the only person responsible for Rory’s death was “the monster who killed him.”

Marshall returned the gift-giving sentiment with Curtis, by giving him a special gift. It was a photograph of Marshall, his wife, Thomas, Curtis, and Stella taken during Curtis’ first Christmas. Marshall explained that the picture had always been a family favorite because Stella was a blur in the photograph because she had not allowed enough delay on the timer to capture the image appropriately. Curtis wished his father a merry Christmas.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned, Olivia, Michael, and Willow were seated in the living room as they watched Leo and Wiley each open a gift. Drew and Carly stood nearby. Later, Brook Lynn entered the living room. Brook Lynn was surprised that they had decided to open presents, but Olivia explained that the boys had been given only one gift each to open. 

Meanwhile, Michael and Willow sat on the floor with Wiley and told him that he would be getting a baby sister. “I can’t wait,” Wiley said. 

At the patio doors, Drew and Carly chatted. Carly was very happy to have time to spend with Michael, Willow and Wiley. The conversation turned to Willow when Carly expressed concern about Willow’s pale complexion. Carly worried that the pregnancy was difficult on Willow. Drew agreed, and he admitted that the news that Denise had shared with them didn’t help matters any.

Drew made it clear that he was determined to find Willow’s birth parents. “You are a man on a mission,” Carly said. Carly advised caution before they offer any more theories to Willow and was concerned how coming up empty handed would affect her pregnancy.  Carly, with an obvious agenda, believed they should keep all information to themselves until it could be confirmed.  

In the living room, Michael assured Willow that they would spend many more Christmases together. Willow smiled as Michael wrapped his arms around her and Wiley. A short time later, Carly said her goodbyes to everyone, and Drew walked her out. The minute they were alone on the front steps, Drew pulled Carly into his arms for a kiss. Afterwards, he surprised Carly with a gift. A Jacksonville, Florida keychain.

Carly loved the key chain, and she thanked Drew. However, she was curious about the key attached to it. Drew told her that she would find out soon what the key was all about. He went to kiss her again, but Carly playfully pulled away. “Merry Christmas,” Carly said. Drew smiled as she walked away.

On the way to Rice Plaza, Josslyn jerked the steering wheel of her car as another car blared its horn at her. After rebounding from that, she was blinded by oncoming headlights and she slammed on the brakes.


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