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Update written by Shane

Sam met Maxie at the café, and Sam questioned Maxie on why they were meeting.  Maxie mentioned that she thought that Sam would be the best possible person to provide her with some well-needed perspective on her current situation. She told Sam about what had transpired between Austin and Spinelli. The lying, the blackmail, the ordering of her and Austin’s compatibility report behind her back and Spinelli’s constant interference in her relationship with Austin. Maxie mentioned that she had trusted Austin when they first met but that trust had faded. Maxie confessed that perhaps Spinelli and Georgie had been right from the beginning and she should have trusted their intuition.  Sam advised Maxie to reassess her entire situation using her own intuition and then proceed accordingly. 

Nikolas arrived at the gallery, startling Ava. He told her that he would always love her, and she replied wistfully, “If only that was all it took to fix things.” She invited him to join her for takeout, but he said he would not be staying. He admitted that he was only there to make a special delivery. He handed her an incredibly thick group of papers and a pen. Ava looked at the papers and all the happiness drained for her face.  “Divorce papers?” she snapped.  She believed that something had driven him to go ahead with the divorce and Victor was first in line. After some badgering, he blurted out that he’d had an affair with Elizabeth.

Ava wanted details of the affair, but Nikolas would only tell her that Elizabeth was pregnant. He was determined not to fail another child. He advised her to look at the very generous offer. Ava saw a letter opener on the table and picked it up. She swung at him, but only pinned the papers to the wall. “That’s what I think of your offer,” she murmured. “You could have killed me!” he exclaimed. “Remember that,” she shot back. He apologized, as he’d never wanted to hurt her. “God have mercy on you because you’ll get none from me,” she said coldly, and he left.

Josslyn arrived at Kelly’s with an armful of toys for donation, and Dex offered to help her, but she insisted that she could do it herself. With Spencer acting incredibly rude toward Dex, Dex asked Cameron to cancel his order, and said that he would gladly go to another restaurant. Cameron said that was fine, but Spencer demanded that Dex pay for his order. Dex smugly took out a roll of                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     cash and told Spencer that Sonny paid him well. Spencer punched Dex, who fell on the floor. Dex popped back up, and Spencer dared Dex to punch him.

Cameron separated Spencer and Dex, and Josslyn couldn’t believe that Spencer was already causing problems, freshly out of prison. Spencer explained that Cameron had told him that Dex had put Josslyn in danger, and he yelled at Dex to leave. Josslyn assured Dex that he didn’t have to listen to Spencer. “You have no clue what I do or don’t have to do,” Dex responded, and he left Kelly’s. Cameron didn’t want Spencer to hurt people because of anything he had said. Spencer believed that the attitude of his group of friends had changed in his absence, and he said he didn’t believe he was no longer wanted or needed.  Spencer then stormed out. Cameron suggested that, with all the craziness around them, he and Josslyn go somewhere nice, just the two of them. Josslyn said that sounded really nice but they needed to talk first.

Rory arrived outside at the address of an apartment that he had gained knowledge of by improperly looking through Dante’s filed. He knocked. The door opened when he knocked, so he announced himself and went in. The door slammed shut behind him, and the Hook appeared. From outside the apartment, Dante heard gunshots and called for backup. He announced himself and kicked in the door to the apartment. He found a man bleeding on the floor and checked for a pulse. Just then, Rory emerged, bleeding, from another room. He fell onto the couch and told Dante it had been, “The Hook.”

Trina entered Jordan’s office and asked if she’d seen Rory. Jordan informed Trina that Rory was probably around the station somewhere, as his shift had just ended. Jordan advised Trina to stick around because Rory would love to see Trina. “Not for long,” Trina muttered. She excused herself to go to Kelly’s, and she left. A few minutes later, Jordan’s phone rang, and she learned of Dante’s call for backup.

Jordan arrived at the apartment which was now an official crime scene.  The suspect lay on the floor with what appeared to be at least one gunshot wound to the chest. Dante explained that he had to have just missed the killer, and the woman they suspected could have jumped out the window. Jordan advised an officer to set up a 10 block perimeter to look for the killer. Jordan didn’t think Rory could wait for the ambulance, so Dante and the other officer carried Rory out of the apartment. Jordan put in a call for the medical examiner and crime scene unit to get to the apartment.

At General Hospital, Portia showed Elizabeth some of her options for wedding dresses. However, Portia was unsure about getting married in February, when “the Hook” killer was still on the loose. Elizabeth thought it would give everyone in Port Charles something nice to look forward to. Portia reminded Elizabeth that she and Finn hadn’t yet RSVP’d. Elizabeth said that she would definitely be there, but she couldn’t speak for Finn, as they had ended their relationship.

Gregory ran into Finn at the elevators on the 10th floor of General Hospital, he insisted on taking him to dinner. He knew that Finn hadn’t been doing well, and he told Finn that Violet had also picked up on it. Finn admitted that he and Elizabeth were through. Gregory wondered if Finn wanted to salvage the relationship, but the conversation was interrupted. 

Jordan arrived with Rory, Dante, and the other officers, and Portia, Finn, and Elizabeth got Rory onto a stretcher. Dante revealed that they’d need the antivenom, as Rory had been attacked by the Hook.

At Volonino’s gym, Curtis helped Alexis out with the punching bag. He explained that they needed to “establish a winning mindset” before they tried to catch a serial killer. A short while later, Alexis emerged from the locker room after having changed. Curtis told her that the PCPD had been “tight-lipped” with any information about “the Hook” killer, and Alexis wasn’t sure what else they could do. 

Dex arrived at the gym, and thought about Josslyn as he beat up the punching bag. Curtis returned a short while later and eyed Dex, deeming him far enough away to talk to Alexis. As Curtis explained that Ryan didn’t think that Esme was the killer, his phone rang, Jordan asked Curtis to pick up Trina and bring her immediately to the GH, as there had been another attack. While he talked to Jordan, Alexis got a text from Gregory that read, “911 at GH.” They ran out, Dex thought about Josslyn more as he worked over the punching bag.

Spencer ran into Trina as he exited Kelly’s. He sarcastically talked about how he wasn’t supposed to stick up for anyone anymore. Whatever he’d done, Trina said she was sure that his heart had been in the right place, and he probably just needed to work on his execution. He figured he could do that the next time he was in town. He revealed that he was leaving as soon as the terms of his prison release were met, as Port Charles was no longer a home. He said, “I’m going to move on, and I’m going to disappoint strangers” instead of the people he loved.

Curtis arrived with news for Trina that he said Cameron and Josslyn needed to hear, also. The three went into Kelly’s, and Curtis informed the kids that they needed to go with him to the hospital immediately, on Jordan’s orders, as she wanted eyes on all four of them. He revealed that there had been another attack. Trina asked who had been attacked, and Curtis reluctantly answered that it was Rory.

At the hospital, Alexis asked Dante if the Hook killer had struck again. Jordan ordered Dante to go get cleaned up, so he left. Jordan stated that an officer was fighting for his life after a cowardly and brutal attack, and she would do anything she could for justice. “I’ll be damned if we lose another one of our own, and you can quote me on that,” she added, and she walked away. 

In the operating room, Finn, Portia, and Elizabeth worked on Rory. Finn ordered Elizabeth to administer the antivenom, but she reminded him that it was in short supply. Finn replied that the poison would kill Rory if the injuries didn’t, so she injected the antivenom into the I.V.

Jordan informed Dante that Mac was at the apartment, and Dante offered to see if Mac needed help. But , Jordan refused and said she wanted him to stay at the hospital, as he needed to see things through for Rory’s sake. Trina and Curtis arrived with Josslyn, Cameron and Spencer in tow.  Trina immediately asked how Rory was doing. Portia told her that Rory had lost a lot of blood, and he was bleeding internally. Trina wanted to see him, but Portia added that he was very weak. But moments later Rory was being wheeled to the elevators, and Trina ran over to him. He took his oxygen mask off and groaned that he knew it had been too soon to tell her how he felt about her, but he wasn’t sorry for doing it. “When you know, you know,” he said, and he passed out.

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