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Update written by Shane

Curtis met Portia at Haven Bistro. He told Portia that Trina had called him and was concerned about her mother’s safety after Britt’s death. Portia talked about all the bad things their family had been through. She was still reeling from Britt’s death. She told Curtis that she had admired Britt not only as a boss, but as a doctor and colleague. Curtis, wanting to shift the conversation away from talk of the past,  presented Portia with a calathea plant he’d gotten at the florist. He told Portia they symbolized new beginnings. Portia and Curtis both looked forward to the day when they would be wed.

Felicia arrived at the stables, looking very somber in search of Cody. She told him that Mac had been trying to reach him, and she burst into tears as she told him of Britt’s death. She advised him of exactly what the police knew. Cody said that life had never cut Britt a break. Felicia implied that this was something they both he and Britt had in common, and it was no surprise that they had enjoyed each other’s company for a while. Cody regretted that he had not simply been honest with Britt. He told Felicia that now Britt would never know the truth, that all he really wanted was Britt.  He thanked Felicia for coming to deliver the news in person. She said for him to thank Mac, because Mac had insisted that someone personally go to the Quartermaine’s to give Cody the news. She asked Cody if she could hug him and he said of course.  They shared a hug and then Felicia left.  Cody looked crushed and clearly felt alone.

Heather entered Ryan’s room at Spring Ridge, and he demanded to know where she’d been the night before. She said she had gone out for a bit of fresh air. Ryan commented that Britt had been killed by the Hook, and he realized that Heather was the killer. Heather said that someone had to protect their daughter from the killer. Ryan told Heather that she needed to confess so that their daughter could go free. Heather refused the idea, but insisted that she had done everything a mother could do to protect Esme.

Ryan then informed Heather that their little girl was going to have a baby.  Heather was thrilled and couldn’t wait to become a grandmother.

Outside of Britt’s room in the Metro Court, a reporter asked hounded Maxie with questions about Britt’s death. Brad appeared, yelling at the man, and Nina demanded that he leave the hotel or she would have him physically removed. He snapped a few photos as she pushed him, and he was gone. She thanked Maxie and Brad for meeting her there and informed them that the funeral home needed something for Britt to wear. Brad commented that Britt would love to hear people talking about her like a hero, and he suddenly got angry that she was gone. Maxie reminded him of how Britt had wanted them to be friends, and she suggested that they honor Britt that way by choosing her last outfit together.

The three of them entered Britt’s hotel room and found it empty.  The closets were also empty.  Nina made some calls and found out that Britt had her clothes sent to her destination and the rest of her things were put into the hospital’s charity donation bins.  Maxie and Brad were beside themselves.  Why would Britt have done such a thing?  They couldn’t understand it.  They spoke and questioned each other about Britt’s motives until Nina finally broke her silence.  She told them that Liesl had told her that Britt had late stage Huntington’s disease.  Maxie and Brad were speechless.  They showed a momentary moment of unity but that quickly dissolved into an argument over what type of outfit they would have Britt buried in.

Austin entered Britt’s office and found a crying Liesl packing Britt’s things. Austin advised LIesl that he would handle the packing.  He said that he would make sure what belonged to the hospital was returned to the hospital and what was personal would be forwarded to Liesl.  She thanked him for his birthday gift to Britt, and she asked Austin if Britt had been loved, to which Austin responded, “yes she was.” Austin chose to believe that Britt had changed her mind about leaving for good, and Liesl realized that Britt had planned on going away to die. Austin was sorry that Liesl had to hear that news from him.

Austin mentioned the incredible last week Britt had, including delivering a baby at the Quartermaine mansion and throwing an epic birthday party, all culminating in saving a life. He was sad that she was gone, but he believed that she’d picked a “badass way to go.” He then he made the mistake of mentioning that Esme had been admitted and was being held by the police there at General Hospital. After Austin left, Liesl picked up Britt’s lab coat with her badge on it.

Minutes later Nina entered Britt’s empty office. She responded to a text from Liesl, telling Nina to meet Liesl in Britt’s office.  “Where are you?” Nina responded to the original message.

At GH, Esme awoke and asked Elizabeth to remove the restraints.  Elizabeth said that she was not allowed to do that. Elizabeth asked Esme if she could remember anything at all. But, Esme said all she remembered was waking up in the hospital. 

There was a knock at the door, and Dr. Kevin Collins entered. “I remember your face,” Esme said, but when Kevin introduced himself, she didn’t recognize his name. Kevin asked to be left alone with his new patient.

Kevin said he would explain how Esme knew his face, even though she did not know him, if she would answer some basic questions.  Kevin asked Esme if she recalled her name, where she had been, how she ended up in the water? She could not answer these questions. Kevin then asked her if she knew Spencer or Nikolas Cassadine.  She said she did not. Kevin then mentioned that Esme had previously cared for his brother Ryan, but as he was speaking they were interrupted when Martin barged into the room and demanded that Kevin “cease and desist” his questioning of his client by order of a Port Charles County judge. Martin advised Esme that he was her lawyer, and from that moment on she was to speak to no one but him. Kevin said, “far be it for me to disagree with the judge,” and he left. Martin asked Elizabeth for privacy, but Esme didn’t want her to go. Esme said that Elizabeth was the only one that had been very kind to her since she arrived. Esme asked about what she had supposedly done, and Martin mentioned a list of crimes, ending in murder and Esme appeared to briefly lose consciousness.

Elizabeth asked Martin for a minute with Esme, so he left the room.  Elizabeth advised Esme to simply rest and concentrate on her health and her baby.

Later, Esme was alone in her room and a doctor entered. Esme asked if she could have something stronger to help her sleep. The doctor closed the door and turned around, it was Liesl.  She said, “yes, that can be arranged.”

At the PCPD, Nikolas asked for a phone call, as he didn’t want Spencer to find out from anyone else about Britt’s death. Dante interrogated Nikolas about his involvement with Esme, and he suggested that Esme (since she is pregnant) had obviously had help staying hidden. “Who would have more reason to help than the father of her baby?” Dante wondered. Nikolas said that Dante was badgering him because he had nothing on him.  Dante said if that is the case, why are you getting so angry? Nikolas then left the police station because he was not being detained.

Kevin arrived to inform Dante that Martin had been assigned to Esme’s case. Dante doubted the legitimacy of Esme’s amnesia. Kevin said he needed more time to observe her and to consult with a neurologist, but he did believe that she had significant memory loss. He couldn’t say if the condition was short or long term. Dante was having a hard time believing that a pregnant woman could possibly overpower a cop (Rory) and a marine veteran (Brando).  He was determined to unveil the identity of the actual killer and bring them to justice.

Martin and Nikolas had a heated conversation about him being assigned to Esme’s case when Nikolas told him not to blame the judge. Nikolas said that he had pulled strings to have Martin assigned to the case. He then told Martin that Esme was carrying his child and that he knew she would be in good hands with a member of the family. Nikolas promised to double Martin’s normal fee until Esme gave birth, and thereafter triple it. Martin said they had a deal. However, they did not see Elizabeth approaching as Martin agreed to the deal. “Esme is in good hands with Uncle Martin,” Nikolas said.


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