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Update written by Shane

At Sonny’s penthouse, Nina found a crayon drawing stuffed in the cushions of the couch with the word “MOMMY” written on it.. Sonny came in, and he said that he was glad that Donna and Nina had started to grow close. Nina recalled that Josslyn had stopped by to point out that  Nina was not allowed to spend time with Donna. Nina wondered if spending time with Donna was worth it.

Nina shared that because Nelle had been taken away from her at birth, she had a hole in her heart that she would always try to heal. She said that the more time she spent with Donna the more she was afraid that she was opening her heart to  heartbreak at a later date. Sonny understood, but he didn’t think she had anything to worry about. Nina still insisted that she should keep her distance from Donna. Sonny agreed to Nina’s new terms (despite how much grief he had been put through getting Carly to agree to allow Nina to see Donna in the first place), but he said there was nothing he would like more than for Nina to have a close relationship with Donna. 

In a private room of Metro Court, Denise told Carly that Drew no longer had a reason to search for Willow’s birth mother. Carly asked about Willow’s biological father. Denise remarked that the check Carly had given her would only cover one deceased parent and that information on Willow’s father would cost Carly more.

Denise threatened to expose Carly for the lies she had told Drew and Willow. Carly was disgusted, but needed the information so she gave Denise another check. She told Denise that she was an awful person. “It could be worse. I could be paying someone to lie about someone else’s parents being dead. At least I own who I am and what I’m doing. Trust me, your life would be a lot easier if you looked in the mirror and did the same,” Denise told Carly.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Drew shared with Willow’s biological mother had died. Drew encouraged Willow not to give up hope. An upset Willow left to go for some air. Outside on the patio, Willow struggled to control her emotions. Drew found Willow, and he realized she was in tears.  It was at that moment, that Drew connected all the times that Willow had looked pale, when she had passed out, when she had felt faint, when she said she was “just tired.”  “Oh, my God.  You’re sick, aren’t you? He asked.

Willow shared that she had Stage 4 leukemia, and she added that she didn’t know how much time she had unless she could find a family member for a bone marrow donation. Drew hugged Willow and did his best to consoler her.

Willow said that although she was receiving chemotherapy, it wasn’t enough. Drew was sympathetic, and Willow asked Drew to promise that he wouldn’t tell anyone that Willow was sick. “Not even Carly,” Willow emphasized.

Carly told Willow she was sorry that her birth mother was dead. She said that Willow had all the family she needed in Port Charles. Willow thanked Drew, and she left. Afterwards, Carly remarked that she hadn’t realized how important it was for Willow to find her birth parents. “Neither did I,” Drew replied.

At Charlie’s Pub, Alexis and Gregory shared cocktails before Finn arrived at the bar. Alexis asked Gregory to give her a chance to talk privately to Finn, and Gregory agreed. Finn then told Alexis that things between him and Elizabeth were over.

Finn left the pub, and afterwards, Gregory said that his family was in Alexis’ debt. Later, outside Charlie’s, Ava encountered Finn. Ava asked what was on Finn’s mind. He totally ignored her and walked away.

At Wyndemere, Ava wanted to discuss her marriage to Nikolas. Nikolas said that while he wanted Ava to move back in, the timing was wrong because Spencer had just moved back in, as well. Ava said she hoped Nikolas would “press pause” on their plans for divorce. Elizabeth arrived in the foyer.

A surprised Ava wanted to learn from Nikolas why Elizabeth was at Wyndemere and why she had her own set of keys to the castle. Elizabeth made up an excuse about Nikolas having volunteered his family’s history for a school project that Aiden was working on. Ava bid Nikolas goodnight, and she left.

Alone in the living room, Nikolas shared that he and Elizabeth would have to be careful because Spencer had moved back into the mansion. Elizabeth replied that that wasn’t their only concern, and she handed Nikolas the bottle of prenatal vitamins. “Congratulations! You’re gonna be a father again… to my child,” Elizabeth said with a smile.

Elizabeth called her ridiculous plan to tell Finn that the prenatal vitamins he had found at GH and Wyndemere were hers.  She wanted to tell Finn the truth but Nikolas told her that if she did, Finn would send the cops to Spoon Island and she and Nikolas would likely go down for the false imprisonment of Esme.  He warned that this could mean she would be required to serve time away from her boys. Elizabeth couldn’t believe that she had become the kind of person that would go along with Nikolas’ plan.  Nikolas said that sometimes you had to do deplorable things because they were in the interest of the greater good.  Elizabeth said that if that were true that he must sacrifice his relationship with Ava, so that he could concentrate on the task at hand; keeping Esme off the streets.

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