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Update written by Shane

Michael and Willow began their New Year celebration very low key after putting Wiley to bed. Willow felt sorry for Wiley that he never could quite make it to midnight.  Michael remarked that it was already midnight in London and the two shared a laugh. Michael and Willow toasted with cider this year rather than Willow’s drink of choice, champagne; and they looked forward to spending New Year’s Eve together the following year. Willow asked Michael about the possibility that she wouldn’t be around to celebrate next year.

“There was a long time when I was alone, and now my life is so rich and so full beyond anything I could have ever imagined. And most of it came from you,” Willow told Michael. She credited his love, their son and even Michael’s dysfunctional family who live only steps up the driveway.  Michael asked Willow to hold all of those thoughts and left the room.  When he returned, he had his great-grandmother’s wedding ring.  Michael said that the ring rightfully belonged to Willow because neither one of them had wanted to have their marriage annulled.  Michael got down on one knee and asked Willow to marry him.  Willow was thrilled and quickly answered yes, Michael slid the ring onto her finger and the two shared a kiss during the final moment of 2022.

At Wyndemere, Laura asked if Nikolas had fallen so far that Victor was his only way back. Nikolas insisted that he only had himself to blame for his problems. Nikolas said that he felt it had been his life’s work to disappoint Laura. Laura assured Nikolas that nothing he could do would make her stop loving him.

“The Cassadines have been trying to take you away from me since the day you were born, and I am not gonna let them win,” Laura insisted. “Mother, I love you. For fighting for me and for whatever bit of soul that I have left. But it’s not just about me,” Nikolas said.

Nikolas said that he regretted ever returning to Port Charles and that he should have just remained dead.  Laura scolded him for speaking that way and she told him of how heartbreaking it was thinking he was dead.  She also mentioned that she believed that Spencer spirit had been crushed by Nikolas pretending to be dead and that he had never been able to find his way back from it.

Laura told Nikolas that it was never too late for him to start over, and she vowed that she would back Nikolas with every resource she could muster. “If you could have a clean slate….wipe it clean and start over, would you do it?” Laura asked. Nikolas didn’t think that was really possible. Laura emphatically said that it was possible. Laura pleaded with Nikolas, “It is never too late! It can start tonight. All you have to do is decide…do you belong to Victor? Or do you belong to yourself?” Nikolas walked Laura into the foyer at Wyndemere, and he promised he would think about what she had said.  “Throw Victor out. Throw him out, change the locks, and then you stand back and dare him to do his worst. Because you are not just a Cassadine. You are my son, and you are Spencer’s father. And as long as we stick together, we are going to be just fine,” Laura said adamantly.

Laura threw her arms around Nikolas, and she said she loved him.

Upstairs in the tower, Esme set fire to the Christmas tree in her room with the match that Demetrius had mistakenly left her. 

Downstairs, after Laura had left, Nikolas heard the sound of the fire alarm sound. Nikolas rushed upstairs.

By that time, the fire was raging and Esme conceded to the baby that starting the fire might have been a mistake.

Nikolas appeared outside Esme’s door, and he rushed inside the room with a fire extinguisher. As Nikolas began to use the fire extinguisher, Esme ran past Nikolas with her mouth and nose covered and out onto the parapet. 

Esme stood near the edge of the parapet. Nikolas pleaded with Esme not to jump, and he vowed that Esme would live a life of comfort once she got to Cassadine Island. Nikolas asked Esme to take his hand. Instead, Esme stood up on the rail of the parapet with her back facing the freezing waters below.  Nikolas begged Esme to step down from the parapet. Esme turned a cold stare at  Nikolas. “I’ve survived the drop from the parapet once before… and I’ll do it again,” she said. Esme then fell backward. “NO!” Nikolas screamed as Esme fell.  

At the Haunted Star, Britt’s birthday cake was brought in but before she could offer a wish, Austin reminded her that she still had time to change her mind. Britt ignored Austin, and she blew out all but a few candles on her cake. Maxie said that since Britt was new to the whole “birthday party thing,” that she and Brad probably should have explained the rules.  Maxie explained that it is customary to blow out all the candles if you want your wish to come true. Nina immediately noticed that Britt was out of breath and blew out the remaining candles. Brad announced it was time to cut the cake, but when Britt attempted to do so, her hands were trembling too much to complete the task. Terry rushed over and offered to do the honors.

Afterwards, Liesl took the microphone and announced that she planned to perform the song that she had done at the 2014 Nurses Ball which she claimed had “brought the house down.”  

On the deck of the Haunted Star, Elizabeth told Finn that she wasn’t carrying a baby. Elizabeth claimed that she had a miscarriage. Finn said he was sorry for Elizabeth’s loss.  Elizabeth told Finn that she hadn’t told the boys and Finn said that they would never hear it from him. Finn wished Elizabeth a Happy New Year, and he left to go back inside as Terry walked out to find Elizabeth. Terry put her arms around Elizabeth, and the two hugged. Elizabeth said there is so much I would love to tell you.  Terry said, “and when you’re ready, you will.”

On the opposite deck of the Haunted Star, someone hid behind a large crate and watched Spencer and Trina. 

Trina soon heard the sound of jingling, and she asked what Spencer thought the sound had been. Spencer remarked that it had probably been the wind. Just then, a masked person cloaked in black appeared in the background with a hook in their hand. The person raised the hook and it appeared they would attack Spencer. But, Maxie appeared and she loudly demanded that Spencer and Trina step inside because the good stuff was about to get started.

Later, Scott took the stage, and he grabbed the microphone. Sonny jokingly pleaded with Scott not to sing. Scott laughed at Sonny’s joke, and he said there was one thing missing. “Presents?” Britt asked, and the place went crazy with applause.

Maxie took the microphone from Scott, and she said Britt’s closest friends had put together a special birthday present. Britt was handed a gift box by Liesl, which contained a remote control. A giant TV was brought in for everyone to view the video montage. The video showed a series of photos of Britt from her childhood through her adult years. The montage featured photos of Britt with Brad, Maxie, Nina, Finn, Austin, Epiphany and other friends and co-workers at the hospital.

After the video ended, Britt thanked everyone for the video and she whispered a thank you to Austin. Afterwards, Spencer made his way over to Britt, and he introduced Britt to Trina, and he recalled how special Britt had been to him.

Britt “joked” that if Trina was truly Spencer’s friend, Trina would make sure Spencer turned out to be nothing like her. Spencer looked Britt in the eye, and he said he would be proud to become the person that she had become. Britt and Spencer shared a hug, and Britt mouthed to Trina that Spencer was “the best.”

Afterwards, Spencer asked what Britt had said about him over his shoulder. Trina said she “would never tell.”  

Finn started to leave. Austin asked where he intended to go. Finn recalled that you should be with someone you love at midnight, and he announced that he would go home to ring in the New Year with Violet. 

After Finn departed, Britt then put her arm around Austin and thanked him for having kept quiet about her plans to leave during the countdown. 

As 2022 drew to a close, Britt quietly walked out of the Haunted Star as “Auld Lang Syne” started to play over the speakers. 

Elizabeth hugged Terry, and the two wished each other a Happy New Year. They resolved that 2023 had to be better than 2022. Maxie and Brad asked Austin if he had seen Britt. Austin only remarked that Britt knew how to make an exit.

At Kelly’s Diner, Sam told Dante that she preferred to have a quiet evening instead of attending the party on the Haunted Star. Dante was glad that he and Sam were alone in Kelly’s. Their solitude didn’t last long as they were interrupted by Josslyn, who said that she’d gone to Kelly’s to finally talk with Cameron. However, a waitress from behind the bar told Josslyn that Cameron wouldn’t be back until after midnight, and Josslyn started to leave. Dante encouraged Josslyn to join him and Sam at their table, and the three talked about their New Year’s resolutions.

This prompted Josslyn to compare the differences between Dante, whom she regarded as a good man and his father Sonny, who she said every time she thought she had seen his lowest point, he sank even lower. Josslyn went on and on about Sonny which clearly made Dante and Sam uncomfortable.  At some point, the awkwardness caught up with Josslyn, who apologized and said that she should probably get going.

Afterwards, Sam asked if she could make an observation. “I think you’re smart. But being hung up on Sonny, it’s a waste. You have better things to do with your time,” Sam said.

Josslyn thanked Sam. Dante invited Josslyn to watch the fireworks with them, but Josslyn said she wanted to get to Britt’s party before the end of the year. The three hugged, and they wished each other a Happy New Year.

After Josslyn left, Sam and Dante stood outside Kelly’s. Sam admitted that she hadn’t wanted to share Dante with anyone that night, and the two kissed to ring in the New Year.  Dante felt uneasy and asked Sam if he should have driven Josslyn to the Haunted Star.  Sam said that she thought that Sonny had Josslyn under his protection.

Later, Josslyn stood on the deck of the Haunted Star. The hook killer slowly approached Josslyn. The attacker raised the hook, and Josslyn reacted in horror.

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