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Update written by Shane

At Carly’s house, Dex and Josslyn continued to talk. Cameron texted Josslyn to ask if she was okay. Josslyn ignored the text. Dex apologized for causing problems in their relationship. Josslyn asked what Dex had to be sorry about. She said that she was the problem in her relationship with Cameron, and that she should have already spoken to Cameron about her feelings. Before Dex left, he asked if Josslyn was sorry that they had kissed. She looked at him and smiled, choosing not to answer. “Yeah, me, neither,” Dex said.

At Volonino’s Gym, Sam told Cody that Dante hadn’t come home the previous night. She told Cody that she had communicated with him via text, but that she was concerned about Dante and how he was dealing with Rory’s death, since Dante had been the first person on the scene.

At General Hospital, Mac told Dante that an autopsy report had confirmed that venom had been found in Rory’s bloodstream. Dante said, “So, it’s official.  We have a serial killer on our hands.”  

Mac’s phone rang and he was surprised to see that it was Cody.  Cody told Mac that he was with Sam and that she was concerned about how Dante was doing. He asked if Mac knew where Dante was.  Mac said that he was standing right next to him and the two cooked up a plan to get Dante to the gym.    

Later, Mac and Dante appeared at the gym, and Dante quickly deduced that Mac and Cody had teamed up to get Dante to the gym. Mac thanked Cody for having helped reunite Dante with Sam. Cody asked how Mac was doing in the aftermath of Rory’s death. Mac said that it was always difficult to lose a brother in the line of duty.  Mac started to leave and Cody said that he wouldn’t bother him anymore and offered to delete Mac’s information from his phone. Mac encouraged Cody to keep his number and to call if Cody ever needed him.

At Charlie’s Pub, Drew confronted Denise about the lies Denise had told regarding the identity of Willow’s birth mother. The whole conversation got very heated and Denise got up to leave, but Carly intervened. Carly made excuses for why Denise had lied. Denise said that the truth is that Harmony, or “Lorraine,” had already had the baby when Harmony had joined the commune years earlier and that Denise had no idea who Willow’s birth mother or father were. Drew wanted to know if that was the case then why had Denise lied in the first place. Denise said that Harmony had been her friend and she was just trying to defend her and her baby from whatever had caused her to run.  Drew questioned what she meant by that statement.  Denise said that Harmony was very jittery and always seemed fearful of something or someone.  This story seemed to match up with the account that Phyllis had given Drew and Alexis previously.  Denise said she did not believe he should continue to investigate Harmony’s past because doing so could expose Willow to the same threat that had made Harmony so fearful.  On her way out of the pub, Denise left a pair of gloves on the table. Carly rushed to return the gloves to Denise outside the pub. Carly handed Denise the gloves, along with a cash payment for Denise’s story.

“Question: were you telling the truth to Drew? Was Lorraine really running from someone?” Carly asked. “She was jumpy around strangers. Always seemed to be looking over her shoulder,” Denise replied.

Also at Charlie’s Pub, Phyllis listened to Nina’s latest drama. Nina recalled that she had gotten into a verbal spat with Willow and Willow had become so upset that she had passed out. Nina told Phyllis that she hoped everything would be okay and that she had no idea that Willow was having such a difficult pregnancy.

Drew approached Phyllis. Drew asked if Phyllis had ever known Harmony to talk about a baby when Phyllis had known Harmony in New York. “Not that I recall,” Phyllis answered.

Carly came back inside from her conversation with Denise. Drew wondered if Harmony had stolen Willow from Willow’s real parents. Drew said now that they knew the story about Willow’s birth mother having died from an overdose was a lie that meant that someone, somewhere was wondering what happened to their little girl.

In the chapel at the hospital, Ava asked Elizabeth how she dared even enter a chapel.  “Aren’t you scared of being struck by lightning?” Ava said.  She promised that Elizabeth and Nikolas didn’t know the meaning of the word pain, but that they  would both be sorry.  Not only will you lose everything you cost me, but by the time I am done, you will have lost so much more,” Ava threatened.

Elizabeth largely stayed quiet as Ava hurled insult after insult until finally Elizabeth had enough.  “Oh, my God, Ava! Shut up! Not everything is about you!” Elizabeth snapped.

Ava mentioned that Nikolas had slept with Esme months earlier, and she was surprised when she discovered that Elizabeth already knew about it. Ava then brought up the baby Elizabeth was carrying. “There’s not going to be a baby!” Elizabeth replied. Elizabeth said that she had miscarried and that Nikolas didn’t know yet. Ava showed no remorse, and in the most cold way possible, she said that she was “sorry” for Elizabeth’s loss. On her way out of the chapel, Ava told Elizabeth not to expect any sympathy from Nikolas, because he only cared for himself and had no regard for others.

After Ava had left, Elizabeth remained in the chapel. She stared at the cross and spoke to herself. “What am I doing?  If the truth is supposed to set me free, then how come it feels like a stone around my neck? But I guess it’s not the truth that’s the problem, is it? Nope. It’s me and the choices I’ve made.” Elizabeth said she had torn her life down over the past few months, piece by piece.  “I lost Finn. I’m helping Nikolas hold a pregnant woman captive because I thought I was keeping everybody else from getting hurt. But now that cop is dead, and I know it can’t be Esme who’s the killer. This isn’t me. I’m a good person, aren’t I?” Elizabeth asked. Elizabeth paused. “Aren’t I?” she asked again.

At Wyndemere, Spencer walked into the living room where Nikolas was sitting. Nikolas told Spencer that they needed to talk. Nikolas recalled having served Ava with divorce papers. Spencer said that he guessed that meant that a reconciliation was right around the corner. Nikolas told Spencer that he had been unfaithful to Ava and there would be no reconciliation. Spencer assumed that Nikolas had been referring to the affair with Esme, and he was shocked to learn that Nikolas was admitting to a separate affair.  Spencer was outraged when Nikolas admitted that it had been Elizabeth.  He said that Elizabeth was practically family and he recalled Elizabeth’s stint in Shady Brook months earlier because she had been taking sleeping pills that altered her memory.  Spencer implied that Nikolas had taken advantage of her and her situation and asked how he would ever be able to face his friend Cameron again.  Spencer called Nikolas disgusting and said that their relationship was through. Spencer said that there was one “positive” thing that would come out of all of this.  He said that he was now determined to be a better man and a better father than Nikolas.

Nikolas told Spencer that he loved him and said that he was already a better man. Spencer left the room.

Nikolas’ phone rang. It was Elizabeth.  She informed Nikolas about her confrontation with Ava and that she had told Ava she had suffered a miscarriage.  She was relieved that she would no longer have to pretend to be pregnant.  “Now I just have to fix all the other mistakes I’ve made,” Elizabeth told Nikolas. “I know this is hard, but we made our choices. There’s no going back,” Nikolas told his best friend.

Later, in the alley behind Charlie’s Pub, Ava told Nina about having confronted Elizabeth. Nina (with great irony) said that she absolutely hated Elizabeth for what she had done. Ava admitted that she actually felt sympathy for both Elizabeth and Nikolas.  She said that she just didn’t believe she could go after them after they had just lost a child, throwing her plans for revenge for both of them up in the air.

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