Y&R Short Recap Monday, August 29, 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Nick loved Sally and Chloe’s plans for Newman Media. Nick and Sally discussed the truth about Ashland’s death and Adam’s need for revenge. Sally had a hard time understanding Adam’s attitude toward his family. Nick was grateful Sally warned Victoria about Adam. Part of Sally still had feelings for Adam, and she could relate to his vengeful side, but she’d changed, thanks to people like Nick giving her a chance. Nick wanted to believe Adam could change too. Chelsea and Adam had a friendly conversation and encouraged each other to make good choices. Adam told Chelsea how Ashland really died and about his plans to expose Victor. Chelsea urged Adam not to seek revenge against Victor. Adam still struggled with Victor covering up him killing AJ. Adam admitted he’d break the law to protect Connor, and he’d do the same for Chelsea too. Adam and Chelsea were glad they could emotionally support each other. Sally walked up and saw Adam and Chelsea hugging. Noah got the lease at the Grand Phoenix to open his club. Jack and Traci took Noah and Allie out to celebrate. Diane was suspicious when Nikki was so nice to her. Nikki said she was just going to sit back and wait for Diane to implode her own life, but Diane was sure Nikki and Phyllis had teamed up to plot against her. Jack misread the situation between Diane and Nikki. He thought Nikki was verbally attacking Diane, and he came to Diane’s defense. Jack invited Diane to join the celebration, but she had to go back to work. Traci commented on Jack wanting to spend time with Diane. Allie and Noah had a passionate kiss and headed toward the bedroom. Phyllis told Talia that she and Nikki had a plan and that Diane was going to get herself in trouble at work. Phyllis offered to give Talia some dirt on Diane to publish in an article while Talia worked on investigating Diane’s time in LA.

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