Y&R Short Recap Monday, August 15, 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Nick and Victor were at odds over Victor’s scheme to make it look like Ashland died in a car accident. Abby visited Victoria and learned she was having a hard time healing, due to Chance’s investigation into Ashland’s death. Victoria told Abby everything that happened the night Ashland died. Kevin recovered the missing security footage from the gas station. It proved that Ashland’s car had been in the gas station the night he died and that someone who wasn’t Ashland had driven the car away and thrown a cigarette outside the vehicle. Chance took the video to Victor, who brushed it off. Victor asked what Chance would think if Abby killed someone in self defense and Victor covered it up. Chance refused to entertain the hypothetical. Chance thought Victor should trust in law enforcement. Victor thought Chance should be loyal to the family.

Mariah helped Faith shop for college. Tessa got the all clear to use her voice sparingly. Mariah was promoted to head of PR at Jabot, which meant she had to stop working remotely and go back to the office. After a heart to heart, Sharon convinced Tessa to take the job at Marchetti. Nikki was upset Nick confided in Sharon about Ashland’s death. Nick said he trusted Sharon. Diane and Jack spent time with Harrison. Phyllis started her first day at Marchetti, and she and Diane promised Summer and Kyle that they would get along. Phyllis texted Nikki and Ashley and let them know the plan was underway.

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