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Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Captain Jean-Luc Picard is an exemplary and highly respected Starfleet officer. He is known for his strong moral compass, intelligence, and exceptional leadership skills. Picard is a highly disciplined and thoughtful individual, always striving to find diplomatic solutions and adhering to the principles of the United Federation of Planets.

Physically, Picard is distinguished by his bald head, piercing blue eyes, and a commanding presence. He is often seen wearing the iconic Starfleet uniform, comprising a form-fitting jumpsuit and a communicator badge on the chest.

In terms of personality, Captain Picard is known for his calm and composed demeanor. He possesses a deep intellectual curiosity, often delving into literature, philosophy, and history. He is fluent in several alien languages and is an accomplished diplomat.

As the captain of the USS Enterprise-D (and later the USS Enterprise-E), Picard is responsible for the safety and well-being of his crew. He values the input and expertise of his officers and encourages an open exchange of ideas. Despite his diplomatic approach, Picard can be firm and decisive when necessary, never shying away from taking action to protect his crew or uphold Federation principles.

Throughout the series, Captain Picard becomes a symbol of honor, integrity, and compassion. His catchphrase, “Make it so,” has become iconic in popular culture, representing his commanding authority and willingness to take action.

Commander Will Riker

Commander Will Riker serves as the first officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. He is a skilled and experienced Starfleet officer, known for his confidence, charm, and strategic abilities. Riker is portrayed by actor Jonathan Frakes.

Physically, Riker is tall, with a strong and athletic build. He has a beard, which becomes one of his distinctive features throughout the series. He typically wears the standard Starfleet uniform, consisting of a jumpsuit and communicator badge.

Riker is known for his dynamic and gregarious personality. He possesses a natural charisma and often exudes a sense of humor, which helps to foster camaraderie among the crew. Despite his affable nature, Riker is also a dedicated and disciplined officer, consistently displaying strong leadership qualities.

In terms of his role aboard the Enterprise, Riker serves as Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s second-in-command. He is responsible for overseeing the ship’s operations, coordinating missions, and leading away teams when necessary. Riker is an accomplished tactician and strategist, often relied upon to make crucial decisions during times of crisis.

Riker’s personal life occasionally plays a role in the series, as he navigates romantic relationships and confronts personal challenges. He develops a notable romantic relationship with Counselor Deanna Troi, adding a layer of emotional depth to his character. Later, they’re married.

Throughout the series, Riker’s growth and development are evident as he learns to balance his ambition with loyalty to his crewmates and the ideals of Starfleet. He is a capable and respected officer, known for his quick thinking, resourcefulness, and unwavering dedication to the principles of the United Federation of Planets.

Dr. Beverly Crusher

Dr. Beverly Crusher serves as the chief medical officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. She is portrayed by actress Gates McFadden. Crusher is a highly skilled and compassionate physician, dedicated to the well-being of the crew.

Dr. Crusher is known for her professionalism, intelligence, and strong moral compass. She possesses a vast knowledge of medicine and is proficient in various medical techniques and technologies. Crusher’s expertise extends to both human and alien physiology, allowing her to provide medical care to a wide range of species encountered during the Enterprise’s missions.

Physically, Crusher has a warm and caring demeanor. She has long red hair and typically wears the standard Starfleet uniform, with a lab coat when engaged in medical procedures. As a mother, she often balances her responsibilities as a physician with her role as a parent to her son, Wesley Crusher.

Throughout the series, Dr. Crusher showcases her dedication to the health and well-being of the crew. She is often involved in challenging medical situations, whether it’s treating injuries sustained during missions, combating epidemics, or performing complex surgeries. Her leadership in the medical department is well-respected, and she is known for her ability to make difficult decisions under pressure.

Crusher’s character also evolves through her interactions with the crew and her personal relationships. She has a close friendship with Captain Jean-Luc Picard and occasionally engages in a subtle romantic tension with him. Additionally, Crusher’s role as a mother and her desire to balance her career and family life add depth to her character.

Dr. Beverly Crusher brings compassion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to the health and welfare of the Enterprise crew. Her character provides a crucial medical perspective on the show, highlighting the importance of healthcare and ethical decision-making in a futuristic setting.

Lt. Data

Lieutenant Commander Data is an android officer serving aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. He is portrayed by actor Brent Spiner. Data is an extraordinary and complex being, designed to resemble a human physically but possessing exceptional computational abilities and superhuman strength.

Data has a unique appearance, with his distinctively pale skin, golden eyes, and a lack of hair or facial features. He typically wears the standard Starfleet uniform, but occasionally dons a yellow operations uniform as well.

Data is characterized by his pursuit of understanding and his desire to be more human. Despite lacking emotions initially, he develops a strong curiosity about human behavior and strives to comprehend and experience emotions. Throughout the series, Data often explores the meaning of humanity, ethics, and personal identity.

As an android, Data possesses superhuman strength, speed, and intellect. He has the ability to process vast amounts of information instantaneously and is highly skilled in problem-solving, mathematics, and scientific analysis. Data’s lack of emotions and reliance on logic often serve as an asset in his role as an operations officer and second officer on the Enterprise.

Data’s quest to become more human often leads him to seek advice and guidance from his crewmates, particularly his friend and mentor, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. He has a distinctive and measured way of speaking and occasionally struggles with social interactions due to his literal interpretation of language and difficulty grasping nuanced human behavior.

Throughout the series, Data demonstrates growth and evolves in his understanding of human emotions and experiences. He becomes an integral part of the Enterprise crew, valued for his intelligence, dedication, and unwavering loyalty. His character provides fascinating insights into what it means to be human, while also offering a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence.

Counselor Troi

Counselor Deanna Troi serves as the ship’s counselor aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. She is portrayed by actress Marina Sirtis. Troi is a Betazoid, a humanoid species known for their telepathic and empathic abilities.

Troi has a warm and empathetic nature, which enables her to sense and understand the emotions of others. She is compassionate, intuitive, and serves as a valuable advisor to the crew, often providing insights and guidance based on her empathic abilities. Her primary role is to offer emotional support and counsel to the crew, helping them navigate through personal and interpersonal challenges.

Physically, Troi has a distinctive appearance, with long, dark hair and a unique Starfleet uniform variant that includes a low-cut neckline. This outfit signifies her status as a counselor and distinguishes her from other crew members.

Troi’s empathic abilities allow her to perceive emotions and detect subtle nuances that others might miss. This skill is especially useful during diplomatic negotiations and when dealing with alien species. Throughout the series, Troi’s empathic insight proves instrumental in resolving conflicts and ensuring the well-being of the crew.

In addition to her empathic abilities, Troi is a highly trained and capable officer. She holds the rank of lieutenant commander and can also assume command in the absence of other senior officers. Troi’s role on the bridge often involves monitoring the emotional well-being of the crew during missions.

Troi’s character experiences personal growth and development throughout the series, learning to balance her empathic nature with her professional responsibilities. She develops close relationships with her crewmates and forms a particularly strong bond with Commander Will Riker, with whom she shares a complicated romantic relationship. She also has a brief romantic relationship with Lt. Worf.

Counselor Troi’s presence on the Enterprise provides a valuable perspective on the emotional and psychological aspects of space exploration. Her empathic abilities and compassionate nature make her an indispensable member of the crew, offering support and guidance to her fellow officers.

Lt. Worf

Commander Worf, son of Mogh, is a Klingon officer serving aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. He is portrayed by actor Michael Dorn. Worf is a complex character, torn between his Klingon heritage and his Starfleet duties.

Physically, Worf has distinct Klingon features, including a furrowed forehead and cranial ridges. He is a tall and muscular figure, displaying a formidable presence. Worf typically wears the standard Starfleet uniform, but occasionally dons Klingon attire when participating in traditional Klingon ceremonies.

As a Klingon, Worf values honor, loyalty, and duty. He embraces Klingon traditions, customs, and martial skills. Throughout the series, Worf’s character arc revolves around the challenges of reconciling his Klingon heritage with his Starfleet upbringing. He often finds himself caught between two worlds, struggling to find his place and maintain his honor within a predominantly human crew.

Worf serves as the Enterprise’s chief of security and tactical officer, responsible for the ship’s defense and the safety of the crew. He possesses extensive combat training and is a skilled warrior. Worf’s expertise in Klingon combat techniques and knowledge of Klingon culture often prove valuable during the ship’s encounters with other Klingons or hostile forces.

Despite his fierce exterior, Worf also displays a sense of loyalty, compassion, and humor. He forms close bonds with several crew members, particularly with Commander William Riker, whom he views as a brother figure. Additionally, Worf engages in a romantic relationship with Counselor Deanna Troi, exploring the challenges of an interspecies love affair.

Throughout the series, Worf faces personal and professional challenges, including his ongoing struggle to navigate Klingon traditions and customs within Starfleet protocols. His journey explores themes of honor, identity, and finding a sense of belonging.

Worf’s character adds depth and diversity to the Enterprise crew, providing unique perspectives on intercultural relations, combat strategies, and the complexities of loyalty. His unwavering commitment to honor and duty make him a formidable and respected member of the Star Trek universe.

Lt. LaForge

Lt. Geordi LaForge serves as the chief engineer aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. He is portrayed by actor LeVar Burton. LaForge is a highly skilled and talented engineer, known for his expertise in warp propulsion systems and technology.

LaForge has a distinctive appearance, characterized by his visor, a special ocular device he wears over his eyes. The visor allows him to see, compensating for his blindness since birth. Despite his lack of natural sight, LaForge’s other senses, combined with the enhanced vision provided by his visor, make him an exceptional problem-solver and observer of technical details.

As the chief engineer, LaForge is responsible for the ship’s propulsion systems, ensuring the Enterprise’s engines are functioning optimally. He often works closely with other crew members to address any technical issues that arise during their missions. LaForge’s expertise in engineering is crucial to the success of the ship’s operations.

LaForge possesses a determined and optimistic personality. He is highly dedicated to his work, often spending long hours in the engine room, ensuring the ship’s systems are running smoothly. His ability to think creatively and adapt quickly to challenging situations makes him a valuable asset to the crew.

LaForge is also known for his friendships and camaraderie with other crew members. He develops a close bond with Data, the android officer, often collaborating on various technical projects. Additionally, he shares a warm friendship with fellow crewmate Lieutenant Commander Worf and maintains a professional relationship with Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Throughout the series, LaForge faces personal and professional challenges, demonstrating resilience and determination. He serves as an inspiration to others, overcoming obstacles and showing that disabilities do not define a person’s abilities or potential.

Geordi LaForge’s character brings technical expertise, ingenuity, and a positive outlook to the Enterprise crew. His dedication to his work and his ability to find solutions in difficult situations make him a vital member of the starship’s team.

Wesley Crusher

Wesley Crusher is the son of Dr. Beverly Crusher, the chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. He is portrayed by actor Wil Wheaton. Wesley Crusher is a highly intelligent and precocious teenager who often finds himself involved in various adventures aboard the starship.

Physically, Wesley has a youthful appearance and is often seen wearing the standard Starfleet uniform, indicating his status as an acting ensign. He possesses a keen intellect, displaying an aptitude for scientific and technical knowledge far beyond his years.

As a character, Wesley is known for his curiosity, enthusiasm, and passion for learning. He has a deep interest in all aspects of starship operations, often seeking opportunities to engage with the ship’s crew and explore new technologies. Despite his young age, Wesley’s insights and problem-solving abilities occasionally contribute to the resolution of complex situations.

Throughout the series, Wesley’s character experiences personal growth and development. He grapples with the expectations placed upon him as a prodigy and navigates the challenges of finding his identity and purpose aboard the starship. Wesley often seeks guidance from his mother and develops close relationships with various crew members, including Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge.

Wesley’s character arc involves his journey from an eager teenager to a more mature and independent individual. Over time, he gains valuable life experiences and learns to balance his intellect with emotional intelligence.

It’s worth noting that Wesley Crusher’s character is somewhat divisive among “Star Trek” fans, with some viewers appreciating his contributions to the series while others find his character development inconsistent. Regardless, Wesley’s presence on the USS Enterprise-D adds a youthful perspective and represents the possibilities of growth and learning.

Chief Miles O'Brien

Chief Miles O’Brien serves as the transporter chief and later the chief of operations aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. He is portrayed by actor Colm Meaney. O’Brien is a skilled and reliable non-commissioned officer who plays a crucial role in the ship’s technical operations.

Physically, O’Brien has a rugged appearance, often seen wearing a distinctive mustard-yellow Starfleet uniform indicating his engineering role. He has a no-nonsense demeanor and a practical, down-to-earth approach to his work. O’Brien is known for his technical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and dedication to his responsibilities.

As the transporter chief, O’Brien is responsible for maintaining and operating the ship’s transporter systems, which are used to beam personnel and objects between locations. His role expands to chief of operations, overseeing various engineering and technical aspects of the ship. He becomes a trusted advisor to Captain Jean-Luc Picard and plays a key role in ensuring the ship’s smooth functioning.

O’Brien is depicted as a highly skilled engineer who excels in troubleshooting complex systems and finding innovative solutions. He has a deep knowledge of Federation technology and displays proficiency in various engineering disciplines. O’Brien’s competence and level-headedness make him a dependable and valued member of the crew.

In addition to his technical prowess, O’Brien is known for his affable and approachable nature. He forms close friendships with several crew members, particularly with Commander William Riker and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Beverly Crusher. O’Brien’s relatable personality and working-class background make him a relatable and likable character.

Following his time on “The Next Generation,” O’Brien becomes a main character on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” where his character is further explored, and he takes on more prominent roles.

Lt. Tasha Yar

Lieutenant Tasha Yar serves as the chief security officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. She is portrayed by actress Denise Crosby. Tasha Yar is a strong and capable officer, known for her determination, combat skills, and dedication to the safety of the crew.

Physically, Yar has a fit and athletic build. She typically wears the standard Starfleet uniform, with a security insignia indicating her role. Yar’s appearance often conveys her no-nonsense attitude and readiness for action.

Yar’s background is characterized by a difficult upbringing on a lawless planet, which influences her approach to security matters. She values order and discipline, and her experiences shape her commitment to protecting others. Yar’s determination to prevent violence and protect the crew drives her actions as the chief security officer.

As the chief security officer, Yar is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the Enterprise and its personnel. She handles security protocols, coordinates response to threats, and oversees the ship’s security team. Yar is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, and tactical strategies.

Yar’s character embodies strength and resilience, and she is often portrayed as a fierce advocate for justice and fairness. Her devotion to duty sometimes leads to clashes with other crew members, particularly with the ship’s android officer, Data, as she struggles with her own emotions and perceptions of his lack of emotions.

Tasha Yar’s character arc is cut short during the first season of “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” as her character is killed off. However, her impact is felt throughout the series, and her sacrifice serves as a reminder of the dangers faced by Starfleet officers.


Guinan, portrayed by actress Whoopi Goldberg, is a mysterious and enigmatic bartender aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. Guinan is a member of the El-Aurian species, known for their longevity and unique sensory perceptions.

Physically, Guinan has a distinctive appearance, often seen wearing ornate and exotic clothing that reflects her individuality and cultural background. She has a serene and composed demeanor, conveying a deep wisdom and understanding.

As the bartender of Ten Forward, the ship’s social hub, Guinan provides a listening ear and sage advice to the crew members. She possesses a unique ability to sense disruptions in the space-time continuum and has an uncanny intuition, often offering insights that prove invaluable to those seeking guidance.

Guinan’s role goes beyond that of a traditional bartender, as she acts as a confidante and counselor for the crew. Her calm and empathetic nature create a safe space for the crew members to discuss their problems and seek her perspective on matters both personal and professional.

Guinan shares a particularly close relationship with Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Their bond is based on mutual trust and respect, and Guinan often serves as a trusted advisor to him, offering guidance during critical moments.

Throughout the series, Guinan’s background and true nature remain shrouded in mystery. She alludes to her extensive lifespan and experiences, including encounters with powerful entities and civilizations. Her unique abilities and knowledge make her a valuable ally and confidante.

Guinan’s character brings a touch of mystique and depth to the Enterprise crew, representing wisdom, compassion, and a profound understanding of the universe. Her insights and counsel often assist the crew in making important decisions and navigating complex situations.

Dr. Pulaski

Dr. Kate Pulaski, portrayed by actress Diana Muldaur, serves as the chief medical officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D for the second season of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Pulaski replaces Dr. Beverly Crusher temporarily when the character takes a leave of absence.

Dr. Pulaski is portrayed as a highly competent and intelligent physician. She brings a no-nonsense and assertive attitude to her work, often challenging conventional medical practices and pushing boundaries to find the best solutions for her patients. Unlike Dr. Crusher, Pulaski tends to have a more direct and critical approach to her interactions with others.

Pulaski is known for her expertise in a wide range of medical fields, including diagnostics, surgical procedures, and medical research. She is a dedicated and diligent doctor, committed to the well-being of the crew and always striving to deliver the highest quality of care.

As the chief medical officer, Pulaski is responsible for overseeing the medical department of the Enterprise-D. She works closely with the ship’s personnel to ensure their health and safety, especially during missions and emergencies. Pulaski’s thoroughness and attention to detail make her an asset to the crew in diagnosing and treating various medical conditions.

While Pulaski initially displays some skepticism towards the android officer Data, she eventually develops a mutual respect and understanding with him. Pulaski’s character brings a different dynamic to the medical department and the overall ensemble of the show during her tenure.

It’s important to note that Dr. Pulaski’s character appeared only in the second season of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” After the season, Dr. Beverly Crusher returns as the chief medical officer for the remainder of the series.

Nurse Ogawa

Nurse Alyssa Ogawa, portrayed by actress Patti Yasutake, is a dedicated medical professional serving aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. Ogawa appears throughout the series, providing essential medical support to the crew.

Nurse Ogawa is portrayed as a compassionate and skilled nurse, known for her expertise in various medical procedures and patient care. She assists the ship’s chief medical officers, initially Dr. Beverly Crusher and later Dr. Katherine Pulaski, in tending to the health and well-being of the crew.

As a nurse, Ogawa is responsible for administering treatments, monitoring patients, and ensuring their comfort during recovery. She displays a calm and reassuring presence, providing emotional support to patients and their families. Ogawa’s character often exemplifies the caring and compassionate nature of medical professionals within the Star Trek universe.

Throughout the series, Nurse Ogawa’s character grows and evolves, taking on more significant responsibilities and showcasing her dedication to her profession. She is a valued member of the medical team and is often seen working alongside the doctors to provide efficient and effective medical care to the Enterprise crew.

While Nurse Ogawa does not have as prominent a role as the main characters, her character contributes to the depth and authenticity of the medical department aboard the starship. Her presence highlights the importance of the nursing profession and the vital role it plays in providing holistic care to the crew in a futuristic setting.

Ensign Ro Laren

Ensign Ro Laren, portrayed by actress Michelle Forbes, is a Bajoran officer who joins the crew of the USS Enterprise-D in the fifth season of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Ro Laren is a complex and multidimensional character, known for her independent spirit and strong sense of justice.

As a Bajoran, Ro Laren brings her cultural heritage and experiences to her role as a Starfleet officer. She is introduced as a non-conformist and a bit of a rebel, often challenging authority and pushing the boundaries of Starfleet regulations. Ro is fiercely proud of her Bajoran identity and struggles to balance her loyalty to her people with her obligations as a Starfleet officer.

Ro serves as a junior officer in various capacities during her time on the Enterprise-D. Initially assigned to the operations division, she eventually becomes a member of the ship’s security department. Ro’s skills include tactical expertise, reconnaissance, and problem-solving abilities honed during her time as a member of the Bajoran resistance movement.

Ro’s character arc involves personal growth and overcoming her past traumas. Throughout the series, she learns to trust her fellow crew members and develops close relationships with them, particularly with Commander William Riker, who becomes a mentor figure to her. Ro’s journey showcases her transformation from a skeptical and rebellious officer to someone who recognizes the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

As a Bajoran, Ro Laren’s character provides insights into the struggles and history of her people, including the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. Her character adds diversity and complexity to the Enterprise crew, representing the challenges faced by individuals caught between their cultural identities and their obligations as Starfleet officers.

Keiko O'Brien

Keiko O’Brien, portrayed by actress Rosalind Chao, is a botanist and teacher who serves as a recurring character in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and becomes a main character in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” Keiko is known for her nurturing nature and her deep commitment to her family.

Initially introduced in “The Next Generation,” Keiko O’Brien is a civilian aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. She is married to Chief Miles O’Brien, the ship’s transporter chief and later chief of operations. Keiko’s character provides a glimpse into the life of civilians and the challenges they face aboard a starship.

As a botanist, Keiko is responsible for the maintenance and care of the ship’s arboretum, a section dedicated to growing various plant species. She has a deep passion for plants and their importance in maintaining the ship’s ecosystem. Keiko’s expertise in botany occasionally becomes essential in solving environmental and biological puzzles encountered during missions.

In “Deep Space Nine,” Keiko and her husband Miles O’Brien move to the space station and become integral members of the community. Keiko takes on the role of a schoolteacher, establishing a school for the children aboard the station. Her dedication to education and fostering the growth of young minds is a recurring theme in her character’s story.

As a wife and mother, Keiko’s character showcases the challenges of balancing personal and professional responsibilities in a unique environment. Her relationships with her husband and their children, Molly and later Kirayoshi, are explored throughout the series, portraying the dynamics of family life in the midst of their Starfleet duties.

Keiko’s character brings warmth, empathy, and a sense of domesticity to the Star Trek universe. She represents the importance of family and community, offering a grounded perspective amidst the grand adventures and cosmic challenges faced by the series’ characters.

Alexander Rozhenko

Alexander Rozhenko, portrayed by actors Jon Paul Steuer and later Brian Bonsall, is the son of Lieutenant Worf, a Klingon officer serving aboard the USS Enterprise-D. Alexander is a half-human, half-Klingon child and is an important recurring character in “The Next Generation.”

Physically, Alexander displays Klingon characteristics, such as cranial ridges and forehead features. As a young boy, he often wears traditional Klingon clothing, including armor and warrior attire, reflecting his Klingon heritage.

Alexander’s character explores the challenges of his mixed heritage and his struggle to find his identity. As a Klingon-Human hybrid, he is torn between the aggressive and honor-driven Klingon culture and the more reserved and diplomatic nature of the Human society in which he grows up.

Throughout the series, Alexander faces difficulties adapting to both Klingon and Human customs, often seeking guidance from his father and other members of the crew. He struggles to find his place and reconcile the conflicting expectations placed upon him.

As Alexander grows older, he develops an interest in Klingon martial traditions and strives to become a warrior. He receives training from his father and other Klingon mentors, learning the art of combat and embracing his Klingon heritage.

Alexander’s character adds depth to the exploration of Klingon culture and provides insights into the complexities of multi-cultural identities. His journey highlights themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and the challenges faced by individuals navigating between two contrasting cultures.

Lt. Barclay

Lieutenant Reginald Barclay, portrayed by actor Dwight Schultz, is an intelligent yet socially awkward Starfleet officer who serves as an occasional recurring character in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Star Trek: Voyager.” Barclay is known for his remarkable technical skills and his struggles with anxiety and interpersonal relationships.

Barclay’s character is initially introduced as a subordinate officer in the Enterprise-D’s engineering department, but he also occasionally assists in other areas of the ship. He is portrayed as a highly skilled engineer, with expertise in computer systems and holodeck technology.

However, Barclay often experiences extreme anxiety and finds it difficult to connect with others, leading to feelings of inadequacy and isolation. He displays characteristics of social anxiety disorder, which manifest in his difficulty in forming relationships and his reliance on holodeck simulations as an escape from reality.

Despite his personal challenges, Barclay demonstrates exceptional problem-solving abilities and resourcefulness when it comes to overcoming technical obstacles. His unconventional and creative thinking often leads to innovative solutions in high-pressure situations.

Throughout the series, Barclay seeks guidance and support from his colleagues, including Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge and Counselor Deanna Troi. They help him address his social anxieties and offer him guidance in navigating interpersonal relationships.

Barclay’s character arc shows gradual growth and development as he gains confidence and learns to manage his anxieties. He becomes more comfortable working with others and forms genuine connections with his fellow crew members.

Barclay’s character adds depth and complexity to the Star Trek universe, highlighting the challenges faced by individuals with social anxiety and emphasizing the importance of empathy and understanding in supporting others who may struggle with similar issues.


Q, portrayed by actor John de Lancie, is a powerful and omnipotent being who belongs to the Q Continuum, an extradimensional realm of beings with godlike abilities. Q serves as a recurring character in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and other Star Trek series.

Physically, Q appears as a humanoid figure, typically dressed in extravagant and flamboyant attire. However, Q often assumes various forms and shapes, using his reality-altering powers to manipulate his appearance and the environment around him.

Q is known for his mischievous and unpredictable nature. He possesses an immense intellect and a playful demeanor, often using his powers to test and challenge the crew of the USS Enterprise-D. Q’s primary interactions occur with Captain Jean-Luc Picard, whom he views as an intriguing and worthy opponent.

Q has the ability to manipulate time, space, and matter effortlessly, which allows him to create complex scenarios and place the crew in extraordinary situations. Through his encounters with the Enterprise crew, Q presents moral dilemmas and philosophical questions, provoking thought and growth among the characters.

While Q is often portrayed as a trickster figure, he also exhibits moments of compassion and enlightenment. As the series progresses, Q develops a peculiar fascination with humanity, seeking to understand and evaluate their potential and flaws.

Q’s presence in the series adds an element of cosmic intrigue and philosophical exploration. His interactions with the crew challenge their beliefs and assumptions, prompting them to question their values and the nature of their existence.

Throughout “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and subsequent series, Q appears in various episodes, both as a catalyst for adventure and as a source of guidance and enlightenment for the crew.


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Meredith GreyMeredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) Meredith is the central character and narrates most of the shows. She began as an intern and is now a resident. She has had an off and on romance with Derek Shepherd, and they finally got married by post-it note. She calls herself “dark and stormy,” mostly due to issues with her alcoholic absent father who she feels abandoned her many years ago. She also had difficulty reconciling her mother’s long-term affair with Chief of surgery Richard Webber. She is best friends with Cristina Yang and they refer to each other as “my person.” She has a half sister named Lexie and she had difficulty accepting her when she first came to Seattle Grace Hospital, but they have slowly grown closer.


Christina YangCristina Yang (Sandra Oh) Cristina is a cardiothoracic surgery resident who is an overachiever. Her life revolves around surgery and she has been known to put surgery before the relationships in her life. She is best friends with Meredith Grey. For some time, she had a serious relationship with Preston Burke but he left her on their wedding day. She is currently in a relationship with Owen Hunt. He had a relationship with Teddy Altman in Iraq and there is a bit of a love triangle between the three. Cristina offers to give Owen to Teddy in order to scrub in on surgery with Altman as her teacher. She later works through this with Owen.


Derek ShepherdDerek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) – He was originally the head of neurosurgery but took over as chief of surgery when Dr. Webber was “demoted” due to his alcohol issues. He was nicknamed “McDreamy” by the girls. He came to Seattle Grace to get away from his ex-wife Addison, who cheated on him with his best friend Mark Sloan. He began an on-and-off-again relationship with Meredith and they recently ended up marrying by post it note. He has been having issues with Webber since he went to the hospital board about Webber’s drinking problem, resulting in his demotion. They have been able to come to a truce and appear to be helping each other through their trials in their new positions.



Alex KarevAlex Karev (Justin Chambers) – Alex grew up in an unstable home. He continuously had to protect his mother from his father, who was abusive. He had numerous flings with different women at Seattle Grace Hospital until he met a patient named Ava. She came in with amnesia and he took care of her, eventually falling in love. Ava left and later spent some time in a mental hospital and they end up going their separate ways. He later begins to date Izzie and they got married while she was in the hospital with cancer. After she was let go from Seattle Grace for performing an incorrect procedure on a renal patient, causing her to code and almost die. She then disappeared and left him floundering. He started sleeping with Lexie.


Miranda BaileyMiranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) – She is the attending general surgeon at Seattle Grace Hospital. She was always supportive to Chief Webber especially because she wasn’t afraid to tell him like it is. She is well-known for her tough and domineering attitude and earned the nickname The Nazi. She comes across as tough but has softened toward the residents as she has formed relationships with them. The long hours spent at work caused problems between her and her husband and they ended up divorcing. Recently she has started to date Ben Warren (Jason George).



Richard WebberRichard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) – He was the original Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital. Years ago, he had an affair with Meredith’s mom (Ellis Grey), and the affair contributes to the tension between him and Meredith at work. He struggled with alcoholism in the past and when Seattle Grace and Mercy West merged, it caused him much stress and he ended up falling off the wagon. Derek Shepherd reported him to the hospital board, and he was subsequently demoted back to surgeon and told to get help for his alcoholism. Shepherd took over as acting chief in his absence and there has been a lot of tension between the two because Webber does not like the way Shepherd has been running the hospital. Being back in the OR reminds him of his love for surgery and he and Shepherd have come to a truce of sorts. Webber has been offering advice on how to deal with the administrative end of the job.


Mark SloanMark Sloan (Eric Dane) – Mark is the head of plastic surgery. His character ways was a playboy and he even had an affair with Addison Montgomery Shepherd (Derek’s wife), which ruined his friendship with Shepherd for quite some time. The femlales at Seattle Grace nicknamed “McSteamy.”. He started to date Lexie Grey and the relationship turned serious when they decided to move in together. He found out he had an 18 year old pregnant daughter when she showed up on his doorstep, and Lexie had a difficult time adjusting to the thought of “playing mom.” His daughter’s name is Sloan as well and he is excited about being a granddad but Sloan wants to give the baby up for adoption. She ends up leaving without telling him and he really feels the loss. He starts dating Teddy Altman but explains that he doesn’t want a fling, he wants a family, which is opposite of everything he has been up to this point.


Alexandra GreyAlexandra ‘Lexie” Grey (Chyler Leigh) – She is resident and half-sister to Meredith (same father). She is known for her photographic memory. Initially, she and Meredith did not get along but have slowly grown closer. She dated Mark Sloan for quite some time but it ended when his 18 year old daughter showed up at his door pregnant and moved in with them. He was excited about being a grandfather and began to envision a whole family that Lexie was not ready for. She bolted and took solace in sleeping with Alex Karev, neither of which is looking for anything serious. She found out that Sloan moved on with Teddy Altman and she was upset.



Teddy AltmanTeddy Altman (Kim Raver) – She is the head of cardiothoracic surgery at Seattle Grace. She knows Owen Hunt from the past because they served together in Iraq. They were in love and she is still in love with him although he is dating Cristina Yang. She is tough on Yang in surgery and has different teaching methods than what we are used to, but Yang wants to scrub in on as many surgeries with her that she can. Yang offered to trade Owen if she would allow her to scrub in on surgery. Teddy told Owen this, causing issues between him and Yang. Currently she is dating Mark Sloan and they are taking it slowly.



Owen HuntOwen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) – He is the head of trauma surgery and Yang’s current boyfriend. He suffers from PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) from his time in Iraq and because of this he almost kills Yang when he chokes her in his sleep. Yang becomes afraid of him so he seeks therapy and they are able repair their relationship. He struggles with memories of Iraq and his time with Altman and their relationship. He and Yang have a stormy relationship and it almost ends when she offers to give him to Altman in trade for more surgery opportunities.



Arizona RobbinsArizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) – She is the head of pediatric surgery. She appears calm and able to counsel others through highly emotional situations. She is currently dating Callie Torres and has helped her with ‘coming out’ to her dad, although it doesn’t go well at all. Callie wants kids and she adamantly does not, so this is a point of contention for their relationship.




Calliope TorresCalliope “Callie” Torres (Sara Ramirez) – She is an attending orthopaedic surgeon. She got married to George O’Malley but they divorced because he realized he was in love with Izzie. Callie started a relationship with Erica Hahn but it was cut short when Hahn left the hospital over the lack of punishment for Izzie. She has since met Arizona Robbins and they are dating. She “came out” to her dad, who was not happy, but after cutting her off from his money and not speaking to her, he has begun to come around. She and Arizona have discussed children and Arizona vehemently does not want them. Callie is upset and ready to end the relationship because she realizes that she absolutely does want children.


Addison Montgomery ShepherdAddison Montgomery Shepherd (Kate Walsh) – Former head of OB/GYN and Neonatal Surgery. She was married to Derek Shepherd but they got divorced due to her infidelity with his best friend Mark Sloan. She transferred to Seattle Grace and attempted to get back together with Derek, but she finally realized he was in love with Meredith and ended up leaving Seattle Grace (she is currently on the spinoff show Private Practice). She occasionally makes guest appearances on Grey’s Anatomy.



Izzie StevensIsobel “Izzie” Stevens (Katherine Heigl) – Izzie grew up poor and gave a daughter up for adoption when she was 16. She started as an intern at Seattle Grace where she met Denny Duquette, a patient she fell in love with. He needed a heart transplant and he was not going to get one in time, so she purposely cut his LVAD wires, causing him to die. She almost lost her job over this and spiraled into a deep depression. She began dating Alex Karev and their relationship had its ups and downs. She was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma and had to undergo rigorous treatment. They ended up marrying in the hospital and she underwent surgery, surviving the treatment. Once back to work, she accidentally induced hyperkalaemia in a patient slated for renal transplant and therefore lost her job. She left Seattle Grace without a word to anyone, especially her husband Alex and has reappeared occasionally. She and Karev have since separated and she is working at another hospital.

George O'MalleyGeorge O’Malley (T. R. Knight) – George is an intern who was originally infatuated with Meredith. They ended up sleeping together and she cried, humiliating him. They were able to get past that and remain close friends. He was always close friends with Izzie as well. He began to date Callie Torres, and they ended up getting married. He began to develop feelings for Izzie, and therefore broke it off with Callie. They attempted a relationship but realized they were better off as friends. He died when he tried to save a girl from being hit by a bus and ended up getting hit instead.




Grey's Anatomy

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The Flash Character Profiles

What are the “Flash” characters like?

More details coming soon!

Barry Allen/The Flash

Iris West

Caitlin Snow/Killer Forst

Cisco Ramon/Vibe/Reverb

Dr. Harrison Wells


Joe West

Wally West

Jesse Wells/Jesse Quick

Julian Albert

Cecile Horton

Henry Allen

Jay Garrick/The Flash (Earth 3)

The Mechanic

Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker

Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash

Savitar (Barry Allen time remnant)

Nora Allen

Eddie Thawne

Captain David Singh

Hartley Rathaway/Pied Piper

Jay Garrick/Hunter Zolomon/Zoom

Patty Spivot

Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Character Profiles

Profiles of your favorites!

Larry David Larry is the star of the show as well as the writer. He plays himself, but nobody is really this clueless. He’s a comic genius. Larry the character is socially inept and very self-centered. He gets irritated by other people and situations (sometimes justified) but mostly ends up annoying other people with what he says and does. He gets himself into strange situations sometimes.



Jeff Greene Jeff is Larry’s best friend and lives nearby as well. Jeff is similar to Larry but is more jovial and gets along better with people. He’s also Larry’s manager. Jeff is married to a real shrew and has cheated on her. He and Larry are often getting into mishaps, but Larry is more the leader and Jeff is the follower.



Cheryl David Cheryl was Larry’s wife for many years on the show, but they got divorced. She thought she was too good for him because she was very pretty and better with people. Larry can be a real idiot sometimes, especially when it comes to people. Cheryl, like most of the people in this show, is very self-centered. Most of them are very spoiled and living in a rich-person’s Hollywood bubble. Cheryl was an actress but apparently not a very good one because she didn’t get too many parts.


Susie Greene Susie is Jeff’s long-suffering wife who has a loud mouth and is very outspoken. Larry and Jeff do a lot of crazy, stupid things and she is the one who usually is there to yell at them for it. Then again, it would be really hard to be married to someone like her.



Richard Lewis Like Larry, Richard plays a fictional version of himself. We don’t know which is real and which is fiction. Richard is very neurotic and worries a lot (most of his comedy shows are about that, too). He often has a beautiful woman on his arm, but he usually ends up screwing up the relationship in one way or another.



Marty Funkhouser He’s an old friend of Larry’s.





Leon Black Leon is a distant relative of Larry’s ex-girlfriend Loretta. When she and her family left Larry’s house, he stayed. He and Larry are good friends and often get into trouble together.





Sammi Greene Sammi is Jeff and Susie’s daughter. She’s now an adult.





Ted Danson He also plays a fictionalized version of himself. Ted in the show seems very laid back but often gets into fights with Larry. After he and his wife divorced, he dated Larry’s ex-wife, Cheryl.




Mary Steenburgen

Mary Steenburgen She also plays herself; she’s married to Ted Danson in real life. In the show, they were divorced. She briefly dated Larry.





Nat David Larry’s dad, who might be even more annoying than Larry.





Antoinette Spolar Larry’s previous receptionist, who kept a lot of his secrets…She was in the first four seasons.





Loretta Black Larry’s ex-girlfriend





Keysha Black She and Darryl are Loretta’s children.




Nan Funkhouser
She’s married to Marty, until they divorce.





Wanda Sykes She also plays herself. Whenever Larry talks to her, he often ends up saying the wrong thing about black people. Wanda often gets annoyed with Larry for what he says and does, especially with regards to black people.



See more at Wikipedia

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The Young and The Restless Characters

What the Y&R Characters Are Like!

The Abbotts

Major Current Characters

Recurring Characters

Characters From The Past

  • Adrian (Eyal Podell)
  • Adriana Stone (Jhoanna Flores)
  • Det. Alejandro “Alex” Chavez (Ignacio Serricchio)
  • Alice (Tamara Clatterbuck)
  • Amber (Adrienne Frantz)
  • Amy (Stephanie Williams)
  • Ana (Jamia Simone Nash)
  • Andy (Steven Ford)
  • Angelo (Mike Starr / Angelo Tiffe)
  • Anita H. (Mitzi Kapture)
  • Anita Lawson (Catherine Bach)
  • April (Janet Wood / Cindy Eilbacher / Rebecca Staab)
  • Arthur (David Hedison)
  • Avery Bailey Clark (Jessica Collins)
  • Ben (Billy Warlock)
  • Ben “Stitch” Rayburn (Sean Carrigan)
  • Bill Foster (Charles H. Gray)
  • Blade (Michael Tylo)
  • Bobby (John Enos III)
  • Brad (Don Diamont)
  • Brittany (Lauren Woodland)
  • Brock (Beau Kayser)
  • Callie (Siena Goines)
  • Cameron (Linden Ashby)
  • Cane Ashby / Ethan Atkinson (Daniel Goddard)
  • Carl (Brett Hadley)
  • Carmine Basco (Marco Dapper)
  • Carol (Christopher Templeton)
  • Carmen (Marisa Ramirez)
  • Casey (Roberta Leighton)
  • Cassie Newman (Camryn Grimes)
  • Chris Brooks (Trish Stewart / Lynn Topping)
  • Clint (James Michael Gregary)
  • Cody (Brody Hutzler)
  • Cole (J. Eddie Peck)
  • Colin Atkinson (Tristan Rogers)
  • Colleen (Lyndsy Fonseca / Tammin Sursok / Adrianna Léon)
  • Connie (Lise Simms)
  • Courtney Sloan (Kelli Goss)
  • Daisy Carter Romalotti (Yvonne Zima)
  • Damon (Keith Hamilton Cobb)
  • Daniel Romalotti (Cam Gigandet / Michael Graziadei)
  • Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian)
  • David Chow (Vincent Irizarry)
  • David Kimble (Michael Corbett)
  • Davis Holloway (Alex Straggs)
  • Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan)
  • Delia Abbott (Alix and Madeline Dubois / Olivia and Riley Jones / Sophie Pollono)
  • Diane (Alex Donnelley / Susan Walters / Maura West)
  • Diego (Greg Vaughan)
  • Doris (Karen Hensel)
  • Drucilla (Victoria Rowell)
  • Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton)
  • Eden Baldwin (Erin Sanders / Vanessa Marano / Jessica Heap)
  • Elliot (Michael Nouri)
  • Emily (Stacy Haiduk)
  • Esmerelda (Briana Nicole Henry)
  • Eve (Margaret Mason)
  • Farren (Colleen Casey)
  • Frederick (John H. Martin)
  • Genevieve Atkinson (Genie Francis)
  • Gil (Cassius Willis)
  • Gina (Patty Weaver)
  • Grace (Jennifer Gareis)
  • Greg (James Houghton / Brian Kerwin / Wings Hauser / Howard McGillin)
  • Detective Hank Weber (Sherman Augustus)
  • Heather Stevens (Vail Bloom / Eden Riegel / Jennifer Landon)
  • Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan)
  • Hope (Signy Coleman)
  • Ian Ward (Ray Wise)
  • Isabella (Eva Longoria)
  • J. T. (Thad Luckinbill)
  • Jamie Vernon (Daniel Polo)
  • Jazz (Jon St. Elwood)
  • Jennifer (Dorothy Green)
  • Jessica (Rebecca Street)
  • Ji Min (Eric Steinberg)
  • Joanna (Susan Seaforth Hayes)
  • John Abbott (Jerry Douglas)
  • John Silva (John Castellanos)
  • Julia (Meg Bennett / Pamella D’Pella)
  • Karen (Nia Peeples)
  • Katherine Chancellor Murphy (Jeanne Cooper)
  • Keemo (Philip Moon)
  • Keith (Granville Van Dusen)
  • Kelly Andrews (Cynthis Watros / Cady McLain)
  • Kurt Costner (Leigh McCloskey)
  • Lance (John McCook / Dennis Cole)
  • Larry (David “Shark” Fralick)
  • Leanna (Barbara Crampton)
  • Leslie (Janis Lynde / Victoria Mallory)
  • Leslie Michaelson (Angell Conwell)
  • Lindsey (Lauren Koslow)
  • Liz (Julianna McCarthy)
  • Lorena (Davenia McFadden)
  • Lorie (Jaime Lyn Bauer)
  • Luan (Elizabeth Sung)
  • Lucas (Tom Ligon)
  • Lynne (Laura Bryan Birn)
  • Mac (Ashley Bashioum / Rachel Kimsey / Clementine Ford)
  • Maggie (Tammy Lauren)
  • Malcolm (Shemar Moore / Darius McCrary)
  • Mamie (Veronica Redd)
  • Congressman Marcus Wheeler (Mark Pinter)
  • Marge (Jeanne Cooper)
  • Mari Jo (Pamela Bach / Diana Barton)
  • Mason Wilder (Lamon Archey)
  • Mary (Carolyn Conwell)
  • Matt (Robert Parucha)
  • Matt Clark (Eddie Cibrian / Russell Lawrence / Rick Hearst)
  • Maureen (Cassandra Hepburn)
  • Megan (Ashley Jones)
  • Meggie (Sean Young)
  • Michael (Colby Chester)
  • Miguel (Anthony Peña)
  • Mitchell (William Wintersole)
  • Nathan (Nathan Purdee)
  • Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John)
  • Nina Webster (Tricia Cast)
  • Noah Newman (Luke Kleintank / Hunter Allan / Kevin G. Schmidt / Robert Adamson)Owen (Albie Selznick)
  • Olivia Winters (Tonya Lee Williams)
  • Patrick Murphy (Michael Fairman)
  • Patty Williams / Mary Jane (Stacy Haiduk)
  • Peggy (Pamela Peters Solow / Patricia Everly)
  • Phillip Chancellor III (Thom Bierdz)
  • Rafe Torres (Yani Gellman)
  • Raul (David Lago)
  • Reed (Max Page)
  • Rex (Quinn K. Redeker)
  • Rianna (Rianna Loving)
  • Ricky Williams (Peter Porte)
  • Ripley Turner (Christian Keyes)
  • River (Michael Gross)
  • Ronan Malloy (Jeff Branson)
  • Roxanne (Tatyana Ali)
  • Ryan (Scott Reeves)
  • Ryder (Wilson Bethel)
  • Sabrina (Raya Meddine)
  • Sam (Sean Patrick Flanery)
  • Augustus “Sarge” Wilder (Darnell Williams)
  • Scott (Peter Barton)
  • Scott Jr. (Blair Redford)
  • Shawn (Grant Cramer)
  • Sheila (Kimberlin Brown)
  • Shiloh (Julie Pinson)
  • Sierra (Asia Smith)
  • Skye (Laura Stone)
  • Snapper (David Hasselhoff / William Grey Espy)
  • Sofia Dupre Wilson (Julia Pace Mitchell)
  • Spencer Walsh (Evan Parke)
  • Steve (Greg Wrangler)
  • Todd (Corbin Bernsen)
  • Tom (Roscoe Born)
  • Tomas (Francesco Quinn)
  • Tony (Nick Scotti / Jay Bontatibus)
  • Tricia (Sabryn Genet)
  • Tucker McCall (William Russ / Stephen Nichols)
  • Tyler Michaelson (Redaric Williams)
  • Tyra (Eva Pigford)
  • Tyrone (Phil Morris)
  • Vance (Eric Roberts)
  • Dr. Watkins (Lorraine Toussaint)
  • Yolanda “Harmony” Hamilton (Chene Lawson / Debbi Morgan)

The Faces of Kevin Fisher played by Greg Rikaart, written by Christopher

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Chris and Paul's wedding, with Ryan and Nina

B&B Article 5/6/19

Bold and Beautiful cast at Christmas

Our Opinions

My Letter to the Powers That Be By Suzanne

Here’s an email I sent to CBS. Please send your own and let them know how you feel! You can go to and scroll to the bottom, click on “feedback” to get to their form. They do read all emails and letters.

I’ve been watching the show off and on since the 90’s. I stopped watching after Brooke “accidentally” slept with Oliver (that was incredibly idiotic) but started again with the transgender story, which was really good. I’m close to stopping again because the show is so boring most of the time. First of all, the baby-switching story was terrible. No one wants to see that. It was sad and now just boring. Reese was great, but then you ruined him with that story. Flo, too. I like that actress, but the character will be hard to redeem. I really can’t stand the actress who plays her mother, either. I’m fine with Liam and Steffy getting back together, but this is not the way to do it. I hate that Sally and Wyatt are having problems. I hope that you don’t break them up the way you did Wyatt and Katie, and Katie and Thorne. Those were stupid breakups, too quick and made no sense. Same with Ridge and Caroline, and Donna and Justin, in the past. Thanks for listening!

PS I forgot two things. The new Thomas is terrible — I hate the way he’s now evil and scheming. Yes, evil. It doesn’t matter that he’s in love, or that he wants a mother for his child. It’s evil to intentionally break up a married couple, especially after what they’ve gone through. Thomas was never that bad in the past, so it makes no sense.

Second, I forgot to mention, we want more ROMANCE and love, not just constant tragedy and heartbreak. What happened to the sweeping romantic gestures that Ridge used to do for Brooke? That’s the kind of thing we want. Oh, and how about a wedding for Charlie and Pam, too? Fans love weddings. We like seeing everyone in their best clothes and seeing how much love the couple has for each other, etc. Do more of that sort of thing. That’s why we love soaps!

Oh, and where is Maya? And why did she and Rick break up?

Thanks again.

Thorne and Katie's wedding on Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Zoe Buckingham

Zoe on Bold and the Beautiful

Zoe Buckingham played by Kiara Barnes

Zoe followed her ex-boyfriend, Xander, to L.A. from London. They broke up because she was being a little too clingy, which scared him. He moved to another continent to get away from him. She got a job painting while she looked for him; she had their cat, Harry, at home for company. She painted a beach scene for Wyatt in his living room (of his beach house).

Zoe seemed scary at first, but she just loved Xander and wanted to make up with him.  He was dating Emma, so she tried to get between them.  In the end, Emma broke up with Xander, so Xander and Zoe started up again. He comforted her when Harry died.  They had a very adult, sexual relationship, which Emma couldn’t compete with.

Zoe got a job modeling at Forrester Creations, even though she had left some mean messages on Hope for the Future’s Instagram page.  She was hoping to make Emma look bad, but she got in trouble herself.  However, she was a great success in their fashion show, when she jumped in at the last minute after one of the models injured her ankle, so they hired her.

Zoe seemed to mature after that, no longer worried about Xander’s affections. They both agreed to drop their British accents and speak with American accents, to fit in more.

She had new worries to contend with when her father, Dr. Reese Buckingham, arrived in town.  She soon figured out that he was involved in a baby-stealing scheme. Zoe felt bad that he stole Hope’s baby (and told her that it was dead), but she was more worried that she, her father and Flo would go to jail for it.  She kept pressuring Flo not to tell Hope what happened, but the truth came out.  Reese, who had left town, was arrested and jailed. She didn’t tell Xander about it at first, but eventually, she did. Xander broke up with her when she wouldn’t say anything. He left town but came back to face the music. They both lost their jobs at Forrester but were not arrested.

Zoe was hired back by Liam and Steffy to help them spy on Thomas.  Thomas had been wooing Zoe while also still obsessing over Hope. They hoped to get Zoe to spy on Thomas for them, but she believe his lies that he loved her.  They were about to be married when Hope showed up in the wedding dress that Thomas designed for her.  Zoe was in on the plot to catch Thomas in his lies, but she was also upset that he fell for the trap. He was just using her to make Hope jealous and had her as a second place backup in case he lost Hope.  Zoe still works at Forrester, but Thomas is not around.

Zoe with her dad, Reese, on Bold and the Beautiful.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Xander Avant

Xander Avant on Bold and Beautiful

Xander Avant played by Adain Bradley

Xander is Maya’s cousin, who joined Forrester as an intern in June, 2018. He grew up in Britain. At first, Xander didn’t let anyone at Forrester know that he had a British accent. He wanted to fit in, so he told them he was from the midwest.  Xander was literally bowled over by Emma when she first saw him. She was doing a dance routine, and he got in the way. She was very embarrassed and apologized after he woke up. Emma and Xander were both new interns at Forrester. They became good friends and started dating.

Xander’s ex-girlfriend, Zoe, followed him to Los Angeles. She worked as a painter, including painting a mural in Wyatt’s beach house. She had her cat, Harry, with her, that she and Xander treated like their child. She was a bit like a creepy stalker at first, but eventually, Xander realized that she just loved and missed him. He comforted her when Harry died.

They both agreed to drop their British accents and speak with American accents, to fit in more.  Even though Xander chose Emma over Zoe, Emma wasn’t ready for a physical relationship, so she broke up with him.  Zoe was happy to start up where they left off.  Zoe became a model at Forrester, so she was working alongside Xander.  Zoe’s father came to town, which caused her a great deal of stress.  Xander worried about the secret she’d been keeping.

Xander seemed like a really nice guy; he might be a little bit of a wuss because he lets the women in his life push him around. Xander modeled a little for Forrester, alongside Zoe.  He wants to be a graphic designer.  He found out that Zoe was keeping the huge secret that her father had switched Hope’s baby Beth with a dead baby. He wanted to go to the police, but  Zoe was afraid of going to jail and wanted to protect her father.  Also, Thomas threatened them to keep the secret. Xander left town, going back to London for awhile. When the secret came out, he returned to face the music.  He was not arrested, but he did lose his job at Forrester. He hasn’t been seen since.

Xander and Zoe at Christmas on Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Wyatt Spencer

Wyatt Fuller Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful

Wyatt Fuller Spencer played by Darin Brooks

Wyatt arrived in 2013, not knowing that Bill was his father. Quinn had told him that his father was dead. Wyatt met Hope when he was outside, naked, at a Big Bear campground. She was taking photos, but she fell and his her head. He kissed her, and she woke up. She was trying to get over Liam, who was dealing with Steffy leaving him.  Hope figured out from their matching sword necklaces that Wyatt was Bill’s son. Wyatt wooed Hope away from Liam, with some help from Quinn.  Then he lost Hope again, but he and Liam bonded as brothers. Later, Wyatt convinced Hope to marry him, and she was pregnant with his baby.  Quinn went to a mental hospital, but then returned and argued with Hope. Hope fell and lost the baby. She left town for awhile and divorced Wyatt.

He wasn’t happy when Quinn married Deacon, because he knew that Deacon still liked Brooke.  Wyatt teamed up with Liam to get Rick out of the CEO’s seat at Forrester. He romanced Nicole and found out that Maya is transgender. Liam and Wyatt’s father, Bill, used the information to publicly embarrass Maya in his tabloids, so Nicole couldn’t trust Wyatt any more.  Wyatt had a brief interest in Steffy and then Ivy. Eventually, Wyatt found out that Ivy was more interested in Liam, so he went back to Steffy.  Wyatt and Liam often go after the same women.

Liam disappeared when Quinn kidnapped him so that Wyatt could have Steffy. She sent text messages to make them think that he was just off finding himself. Eventually, Wyatt figured out the truth and rescued Liam. Steffy dumped Wyatt when he told his mother that she and Ridge were conspiring to keep her out of Forrester (while her husband, Eric, was in a coma). Wyatt divorced Steffy, so she could go back to Liam.

At this point, Wyatt and Liam both worked at Spencer, for their dad, Bill. Wyatt grew close to Katie, who took over his PR job at Forrester. They started dating in secret because they knew Bill wouldn’t approve. Wyatt was shocked when he wanted to ask Katie to marry him, and Bill threatened to disown him. Wyatt agreed with Bill, in order to get his future secured at the company, but he kept seeing Katie anyway. Bill cut him off for letting Liam know that Steffy wasn’t really having an affair with Bill (Bill and Justin set it up to make it look that way).

Katie broke up with Wyatt for Will’s sake, and he found Sally at the local Bikini Bar near his house. She was homeless and low on money after Thomas dumped her, so he took her in, to help her out. They ended up romantically involved, of course. Quinn is not a big fan of Sally’s and has tried to break them up.  Forrester hired Wyatt back to do PR, and he got Sally hired as a designer as well.  Wyatt and Bill mended their relationship, so Wyatt went back to Spencer Publications. He talked Bill into financing a new Spectra Fashions for Sally, but she decided to stay at Forrester after Ridge and Eric begged her to stay.\

Wyatt’s former high school girl friend from Las Vegas, Flo,  came back into town, and back into his life. He urged her to find out who her father was, and it turns out that the late Storm Logan is her dad, so she’s related to Hope, Brooke, Katie and Donna, and their children.  Flo’s mother, Shauna, also followed her out to California. Shauna and Quinn are great friends. Sally wasn’t too happy about Flo and Wyatt spending time together.  Wyatt was upset that Sally stayed at Forrester and that she’s got some kind of secret with Thomas, so they were fighting.  Wyatt and Flo have kissed a few times.

Wyatt has been very unlucky in love, but he always seems to have hope for things to improve. He falls in and out of love very easily. He has a great sense of humor and seems to cherish any woman that he’s with.  It’s hard to say which relationship is worse for him, that of his mother (who constantly tries to interfere in his love life), or his dad (who often treats Wyatt poorly).  His friendship with Liam, his brother, took awhile, but it seems like the most stable of all of his relationships.

Wyatt and Flo rekindled their romance, so Wyatt dumped Sally.  When the big baby switch secret came out, Wyatt dumped Flo and went back to Sally.  When Flo gave Katie her kidney and professed her deep regret about her part i n the baby switch, Wyatt forgave her and dump Sally again.  Later, Sally pretended to be dying, So Wyatt let her stay in the beach house. Sally tried to use this scheme to get him to fall in love with her again. Time will tell if it worked.



Wyatt, Bill and Liam on Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Thomas Forrester

The last four actors to play Thomas on Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas Forrester played by Matthew Atkinson (formerly by Drew Tyler Bell/Adam Gregory/Pierson Fodé)

Thomas grew up in a wealthy family, but his parents constantly were breaking up and getting back together again, and his mother was presumed dead twice, which no doubt left its toll on him and his sisters (and his step-siblings). Rick had a troubled past, especially as a teen. When he came back from boarding school, he set fire to Rick’s house and blew up his car to keep Steffy away from him.  He went through counseling for that and made peace with Rick. Later, he and Steffy sent fake text messages to try to keep Ridge and Brooke apart. He and Steffy squabbled and caused some other problems. Later, he developed a bit of an obsession with Brooke. He renamed her line Taboo and kissed her on the runway, and then he creepily kissed her later as she slept. They were stranded on an island after a plane crash and took hallucinogenic drugs, which made Thomas believe that they’d slept together. He wasn’t sure, though. His grandmother, Stephanie, bribed him with Forrester shares to get him to say that they did have sex (to keep Brooke and Ridge apart). He agreed but couldn’t go through with it. Thomas was dating Dayzee, who begged him not to do that, but they broke up.

Later, Thomas took an interest in Hope and worked with Steffy to keep Liam and Hope apart.  Then he competed with Rick for Caroline.  Rick and Thomas argued more when Thomas was interim CEO while Ridge was out of town.  They had a fight, and Rick crashed through a second-story window, so Thomas lost Caroline. Thomas hoped to take over the company after Stephanie died, but Steffy found a DVD that proved she left it all to Eric.  Thomas and Rick had a fashion showdown to decide who would be president, but Thomas lost.

Thomas moved to the beach house with Oliver. A while later, he moved to Paris.  Then he moved home again for Aly’s funeral. He still loved Caroline, even though Ridge was married to her. He slept with her, not knowing that she was combining alcohol and pills.  She didn’t recall the night, so they agreed to forget about it. Thomas then went on a romantic spree, kissing and dating as many women as he could. After a fight with Ridge, Thomas left town again. He returned to find that Caroline was pregnant. Caroline swore Ridge was the father, so he moved in with Ivy, planning to seduce her after a bet with Steffy.   Unfortunately, Ivy was electrocuted during a fight with Steffy, so both she and Thomas blamed themselves.

Thomas became a new man when Douglas was born; he was very close to his “little brother.” When it came out that Ridge was the father, after a time, Thomas wanted to be a family with Caroline and Douglas, but she wasn’t interested. He dated Sasha for awhile, and then tried to make a family with Caroline in New York, but it didn’t work out.  Throughout all of this, Thomas felt rejected by his family because he wasn’t promoted to where he thought he should be. He took up with Sally and invested in her company.  Bill and Caroline concocted a scheme to make Thomas think that Caroline was dying, so that he would leave Sally and cause her financial ruin. Later, he found out about the lie and dumped Caroline, returning to take Sally and her family to New York to start again. It didn’t work out, and he dumped Sally once more to be with Caroline and Douglas.

Thomas returned after Caroline passed away. He tried to convince Hope to dump her husband, Liam, for him and be a mother to Douglas.  In doing so, he took Sally as his confidante (strangely enough), and the secret ruined her relationship with Wyatt.  While Thomas has always been a schemer, this new version of him seems to be way more amoral and twisted.  During his plotting, Thomas kept mum about Steffy’s adopted daughter Phoebe really being Beth.  He terrorized his son and broke up his dad and Brooke and tried hard to sway Hope to his side. He even wooed Zoey to make Hope jealous and almost married her. In March, 2020, Hope, Liam, Steffy and Zoe banded together to foil his plans (and his wedding to Zoey). He hasn’t been seen since. Hopefully he’s getting some much-needed mental help..

Thomas and Caroline on Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Taylor Hayes

Taylor Hayes of Bold and the Beautiful

Dr. Taylor Hayes played by Hunter Tylo

Taylor is a psychiatrist, but she’s always seemed to have a lot of tragedy and stress in her life, and sometimes she’s a bit unstable. She first came on the scene in 1990 when she was counseling Ridge and Caroline. The latter was dying of cancer.  Ridge took an interest in Taylor after that, which didn’t set well with Brooke.  Brooke and Taylor had a triangle for many years as he bounced back and forth between the two women.  At first, Taylor was set up as the “good girl” and Brooke was the bad.

Taylor was presumed dead after a plane crash; she was mugged and lost her memory.  She woke up in the palace of a Moroccan Prince, who called her Laila. She recovered her memory and eventually was let go when she learned that her father, Jack, had a heart attack.  At some point, Taylor’s family learned she was alive, but Ridge and Brooke stayed together. Taylor left town and came back.  She was upset over losing Ridge, got drunk and set herself on fire. She was in a short relationship with Thorne, who cared for her and helped her heal. It didn’t last long.

Taylor and Ridge lived happily for a while with Thomas, and then she was pregnant with twins. She also had TB, so she almost died giving birth to Steffy and Phoebe. Taylor befriended a crazy woman named Morgan, who ended up faking Steffy’s death by shark attack. She tried to steal Steffy until Ridge rescued her.  Later, Taylor died again after being shot by Sheila. This time her death was faked by Prince Omar, who wanted her back. She escaped and reunited with her family once again.

After some more problems with Brooke, and other men, Taylor confessed to Ridge that she had kissed a man named Hector and had previously slept with fellow psychiatrist James. Ridge yelled at her for being a hypocrite, since she was always criticizing Brooke and acting like a saint.  Taylor started drinking heavily.  She was driving to help a stranded Phoebe when she accidentally hit Darla, who was changing a tire, with her car.  Several people told her to keep quiet about her part in it. She got involved with Thorne and his daughter out of guilt. She eventually did tell Thorne the truth and went to jail.  Thorne forgave her and asked the court to do the same, soshe  was let out. They were going to marry, but Aly was against it, so they called it off.

Taylor has counseled many people over the years, including Stephanie, who remembed that she was abused by her father. Taylor urged her to confront her mother, Anne.  She got involved with Nick, Ridge’s half-brother, who was also a patient.  They had a baby, Jack, through in vitro fertilization. She later learned that Brooke was the egg donor and that Nick still had feelings for Brooke.  Taylor couldn’t bond with Jack, so she let Brooke raise him.

Taylor was heavily involved in her children’s lives after that. She dated Rick, who had been dating Phoebe. Phoebe and Rick got into a terrible car accident when they were arguing about his dating Steffy. Phoebe died.  Taylor and Ridge got back together, but Brooke stopped them from remarrying. After some therapy (of sorts), Taylor and Brooke made peace. Taylor was married to Brooke’s ex, Whip, for awhile, but he divorced her after realizing she still loved Ridge.  Taylor seemed to find some peace and happiness when Brooke and Ridge married again, and she moved on with Thorne, but it didn’t last.  Taylor treated many of the show’s characters over the years, including Bill and Katie.   Taylor was close to Stephanie and was upset when she died of cancer. Taylor was involved with Eric for a while, too.  After that, she moved to Paris to be with Steffy.

Taylor returned in 2014 and found that Aly was having mental health issues, so she treated her and also admitted her role in Darla’s death.  She was gone for awhile, again, but reappeared in 2018. She had flown back from Paris to shoot Bill after hearing from Ridge that Bill had forced himself on Steffy (which wasn’t true). Steffy begged Bill not to turn her mother in, and Taylor got therapy of her own.  Despite the therapy, Taylor is back to having arguments with Brooke and trying to manipulate their children.  When word got out that Taylor had shot Bill, the Forresters and Logans were worried about Taylor being around the babies. However, Steffy still trusted her mother and invited her to move in with her.  Taylor met charming Dr. Reese Buckingham and formed a friendship. She helped Steffy adopt a little girl, that she bought from Reese (not realizing that it was Hope’s presumed-dead baby, Beth).  Steffy named her Phoebe.

Taylor hasn’t been seen on the show since this happened. They often mention her as working far away for “Doctors Without Borders.”

The Forrester family

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Steffy Forrester

Steffy Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy Forrester played by Jacqueline MacIness Wood

Steffy grew up as a twin to Phoebe in the wealthy Forrester family. However, her father, Ridge, married and re-married her mother, Taylor, and Brooke Logan, over and over, for various reasons. Her mother was presumed dead for a while. This kind of instability was not good for Ridge’s children. She also has her brother, Thomas, and they’re very close. She was also very close to her grandmother, Stephanie (and was her namesake).  When she was two, Steffy was kidnapped and her death was faked by a crazy woman named Morgan that Ridge had dated. Steffy’s twin died in 2008 from a car accident with Rick Forrester. Steffy has always felt that loss.

Steffy became quite a conniving and manipulative person as she plotted to keep Ridge and Taylor together, and she later made moves on Bill so she could blackmail him to get control of Forrester Creations (and keep control from the Logans). She also tried to publicly embarrass Hope and Brooke at different times.

She dated Marcus, Rick, and Owen (who was married).  Liam is the love of her life, although she was also married to Wyatt.  Steffy chased Liam, with Bill’s help, to get him away from Hope. She and Liam were almost married after she got pregnant, but she miscarried after riding her motorcycle and was told she couldn’t have children any more. She divorced Liam and left town for a while to go to Paris.

When she returned, she started a bikini line, which upset young Aly, who was a kind of prude.  Aly ended up going a little nuts when they were in the same area where Steffy’s mother, Taylor, had run over Aly’s mother, Darla, with her car (while drunk). Aly attacked Steffy, who swung at her with a tire iron. Aly fell and hit her head on a rock, dying.  Steffy also had problems with her cousin Ivy; she had a fight with her which ended with Ivy getting electrocuted and almost died.

The differences between Steffy and Hope were really highlighted at this time. Steffy was the bad-ass rock’n roll chick, the sexy dark-haired woman, working hard at business, who was completely comfortable with her body; while Hope was a blonde angel who was prim and proper, and a force for good in the world. Aly idolized Hope and her ideals, which is what led to her going off the rails (along with losing her mother).

Steffy and Liam almost reunited when Quinn kidnapped Liam to keep him away from Steffy, so that Wyatt could win Steffy back. Steffy was disgusted to find out what Quinn had done. When she saw her grandfather Eric and Quinn together later, she attacked Quinn and knocked her to the ground.  She and the others boycotted their wedding and tried to keep Quinn out of the business when Eric was in a coma.  Steffy and Liam were finally married again in Australia with Ridge and Brooke.  She feuded with Sally, who was with Thomas.

Later, Steffy was upset with Liam for kissing Sally, so she slept with Bill, which destroyed her marriage to Liam, even though she was pregnant. Liam forgave her, but Bill’s machinations made Liam think that he and Steffy were still sleeping together.  Liam slept with Hope, so she got pregnant as well.  Steffy gave up on Liam and decided to choose herself, letting Hope have him. She and Hope made peace and decided that their children would be sisters, not the enemies that they were, or that their mothers were.

Steffy seemed to grow up around this point in her life. She is a responsible co-CEO of Forrester Creations (despite never graduating college) and mother. She’s been through a lot in her life and made peace with losing Liam.

Taylor shot Bill for what he did to Steffy, but Steffy begged him not to tell the police, so he didn’t. He held it over Steffy’s head for a while but then backed off.  Eventually, Bill moved on from his obsession with Steffy, since it almost cost him custody of his son, Will.  When Hope started worrying about Taylor being around her baby-to-be, Steffy decided to adopt another daughter so that hers would always have a sister, no matter what.  Dr. Reese Buckingham made friends with Taylor, who mentioned that Steffy was looking to adopt.  He also delivered Hope’s baby, Beth, in a storm, and he used a dead baby that another woman had birthed, to pretend that Hope’s was dead. He delivered the stolen Beth to Steffy, who promptly named her Phoebe, after her twin.  While Hope and Liam are dealing with their grief, Hope keeps pushing Liam to leave her and live with Steffy and her two girls.  Steffy left town for a while because she was worried about how attached Hope was getting to Phoebe.  Thomas, in the meantime, went after Hope and was doing his best to convince her to be his son Douglas’ new mom.

Steffy came back and was devastated to find out that her adopted daughter Phoebe was really Liam and Hope’s daughter, Beth. Reese was put in jail for what he did. Flo, Xander and Zoe were fired. Thomas kept going after Hope, even after she found out that he knew about Beth as well. Steffy was on his side for a while, but then she was very angry with him. Eventually, Steffy teamed up with Hope, Liam, Douglas and Zoe to trap Thomas at his sham wedding to Zoe and show how he was still obsessed with Hope.  Steffy is resigned to the fact that Hope and Liam are a family together, with Douglas and Beth.

Liam and Steffy on Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Sally Spectra

Sally Spectra from The Bold and the Beautiful

Sally Spectra played by Courtney Hope

Sally is the great-niece of the original Sally Spectra that ran Spectra Fashions back in the 80’s and beyond.  She’s what they call “a feisty redhead.”  She is strong-willed and often stubborn. She sometimes speaks or acts before thinking things through. She once pulled a gun on Wyatt (when she was drunk, and angry at his father), and she also tried to shoot Bill.  She is a great designer and has a lot of good instincts. She takes chances.  She loves fiercely.  They’ve modeled her a little bit on her great-aunt Sally, who was also another fiery redhead.  However, she is much younger and not as sleazy or outrageous as that Sally.

Sally tried to revive Spectra Fashions in its original building in 2017 but was shut down by Bill Spencer, who wanted the property to build a skyscraper. Sally recruited her grandmother, Shirley and other family and friends to start it up. She started a romance with Thomas Forrester, who was also helping her financially.

Sally never knew her parents because they were in the circus. She was raised by her grandmother, Shirley, who was a baker. Sally had worked at her bakery before starting a fashion career.  Shirley helped her at Spectra.  Not having a regular family gave Sally a bit of a chip on her shoulder.

Sally got involved with the Forresters because she need publicity for her business, and this is how she met Thomas. Bill kept trying to sabotage her line, and he also lured Thomas away with a lie from Caroline that she was dying. Liam figured out what Bill was up to and took over Spencer, financing Sally’s business again.  Bill was able to get control back and blew up the Spectra building, not realizing that Liam and Sally were in it. Fortunately, they weren’t badly injured.

Sally reunited with Thomas and left town. He had promised to start up a New York version of Spectra with Sally and her family.  Later, Sally returned after Thomas dumped her again. She had no money or place to stay, and her family didn’t return with her. Wyatt found her, drowning her sorrows at the local bar, so he convinced her to stay with him until she figured things out. They began a romance, and she got a job at Forrester creations.  At first, she didn’t get to design, while working for Hope. Later, Steffy hired her to design for her line.

Wyatt went back to work for his father, Bill, who had turned over a new leaf, on the condition that Bill finance a new Spectra Fashions for Sally. Bill agreed, but Sally decided to stay at Forrester, where they offered her a bright future. Wyatt was a little put out by her changing her mind because he liked working with her and he had done this great gesture for her.

Sally and Wyatt were doing well, though, until his ex-girlfriend Flo came into town at the beginning of 2019. Thomas returned to town with his child. He confided in Sally that he was planning to get Hope and break up her marriage to Liam.  She kept that secret, which led to more problems with Wyatt. Quinn, Wyatt’s mother, never liked Sally for her son. When she spied Sally with Thomas, she tried to get Sally to leave Wyatt by pressuring her to move out and stop sponging off him.  Quinn wants Wyatt with Flo. Wyatt broke up with Sally to get back with Flo, which was devastating for Sally.  Then, it turned out that Flo helped Dr. Reese steal Hope’s baby, Beth, and switch it with a dead one, only to give Beth to Steffy as her new adopted daughter.  Wyatt broke up with Flo and went back to Sally. Sally was reluctant to be hurt again, but he finally won her over, since she does love him.  Later, Flo made amends, so Wyatt dumped Sally again.

Sally’s work started to suffer when she got dizzy spells and her hands shook. She was almost fired.  She found out t hat it was just from stress, but she plotted with her doctor and friend Penny to make it look as if she were dying from some mysterious illness. They manipulated Katie to find out that Sally was dying, so she told Wyatt, Bill, Steffy and Ridge. Wyatt let Sally move back in so that he could take care of her until she died.  Sally was hoping that he would fall back in love with her, and then she could be “cured.” However, Wyatt was already in love with Flo and thought that Sally should move into a hospice or somewhere, since he thought her condition was getting worse. He felt that she needed professional 24-hour help.  Meanwhile, Flo was also suspicious, so she confronted Sally about it and planted a fake rubber snake, which made Sally jump in fear (she’s afraid of snakes).  She then snooped into her medical records and learned that she wasn’t dying.  She was about to blow up Sally and Penny’s plans by calling Wyatt.  However, Penny hit Flo over the head with something, causing her to fall, unconscious, to the floor. Sally and Penny proceeded to move Flo’s body out to the car because Wyatt would be home any minute.  Updated 6/2/20!

Wyatt and Sally on The Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Quinn Forrester

Quinn on Bold and Beautiful

Quinn Forrester played by Rena Sofer

Quinn Fuller came to town in 2013 with her son, Wyatt. They had a jewelry business. Hope helped discover that Bill Spencer is Wyatt’s father.  She hired Quinn to design jewelry at Forrester Creations.  Quinn, like the late Stephanie, kept trying to interfere in Wyatt’s love life. She liked him with Hope, so she did everything she could to get Steffy and Liam back together (to keep Liam away from Hope). She had sex with Bill and didn’t want him to go back to Brooke, so she made sure Ridge had evidence of their sex, which sent him to stop Bill and Brooke’s wedding. It ended with Ridge being pushed out of a helicopter and sustaining damage. Everyone blamed Quinn for causing trouble, and she lost her job. Quinn kept interfereing with Hope and Wyatt’s life. Hope fell and miscarried their child during an argument with Quinn.  Quinn tried to reform and married Deacon, but they split up later. Quinn then kidnapped to keep him away from Hope, but she ended up falling for him when he had amnesia.  Eventually, Wyatt tracked him down and helped him escape. They weren’t able to keep Quinn in jail for lack of evidence.

Quinn turned over a new leaf when she started an affair with Eric. When his family found out, they were against it.  She and Eric married and are still together. Eventually, everyone accepted them together. For a brief time, she and Ridge flirted and kissed, but they stopped when they realized they both loved Brooke and Eric too much.  Eric left Quinn and spent some time with his crazy ex-wife, Sheila, but he finally forgave Quinn.  Quinn felt threatened when Katie moved next door and had a friendship with Eric, too. She wasn’t happy that Katie and Wyatt were sleeping together, but she also wasn’t happy when they broke up, and he then took up with Sally. She found herself to be a suspect when Bill was shot in the back. She fought a bit with Pam about having her wedding in the mansion, and also with Donna, who moved back to town and moved in with Katie next door.

When Quinn kidnapped Liam, she confided that her mother never wanted her and treated her badly. Her mother had many boyfriends and berated her for being born.  We know that Bill basically used her and then told her to get an abortion, so she had a hard life, being a single mother and not having many friends.  She never felt worthy of love until she met Eric.  He made her feel worthwhile for the first time.  Being so insecure, Quinn always worries that Eric is going to meet someone better, and she’ll lose him.

Although Quinn is a lot nicer than she used to be, it’s clear that she gets jealous very easily about any woman that Eric talks to and still interferes in Wyatt’s love life (whenever she can).  Quinn’s old friend Shauna recently came to town, which made Quinn very happy. Shauna’s daughter, Flo, used to date Wyatt, so Quinn is trying to push them back together.  Quinn is one of the best characters on the show, and fans love Quinn and Eric together.

Quinn wasn’t getting a lot of story until she and Brooke starting fighting.  Brooke found out that Shauna was kissing Ridge, so she insisted to Eric that he kick out not only Shauna but his wife, Quinn.  Quinn was outraged and plotted against Brooke. She even drugged her juice but decided to back off.  Brooke, however, didn’t back off.  Quinn even suggested that they call a truce, but Brooke was upset about her and Ridge separating, and Shauna putting the moves on him.

Shauna showed Quinn that she took a video of Bill and Brooke making out, the night before Thomas’ wedding.  Shauna had gone there to chat with Brooke about Ridge, but she saw them kissing, so she took the video. Quinn was happy to hear it and wanted Shauna to show it to Ridge.  Shauna wouldn’t hurt Ridge like that, so she asked Quinn to delete it for her.  Quinn did but also sent herself the video and then sent it to Ridge and Brooke’s picture frame (Ridge had set it up so that family could sent pictures or videos of the two of them). Ridge and Brooke had reunited after Brooke was proven right about Thomas being psycho.  Brooke confronted Quinn about the video when she and Donna happened to it. Later, to Brooke’s horror, the video appeared again during her and Ridge’s party (she thought that she had gotten rid of it).  Everyone was horrified, but Quinn was very happy to see Brooke get her comeuppance.  Eric was not happy to hear that Quinn was behind this, but he forgave her.  Hopefully, Quinn will have more story after this and not just fighting with Brooke or talking to Shauna.  Quinn feels sorry for Sally dying, but she will be very upset when the truth comes out.

Eric and Quinn Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Pam Douglas

Pam of The Bold and the Beautiful

Pam Douglas played by Alley Mills

Pam was Stephanie’s mousy sister.  Pam had been living with their mom in Chicago for many years until she joined Stephanie in Los Angeles in 2006. This changed Pam’s life.  Pam is a bit strange and quirky, and she seems to say whatever comes into her head. Also, she is stronger than she seemed at first.  She doesn’t mind getting into a fight when she needs to. She stood up for Steph with their mom when she denied that their dad had abused Steph.

Pam had been a bit of an old maid, but she dated Stephen Logan for a while before he left town.  For a while, Pam had a crush on Eric, Stephanie’s husband.  When Eric left Stephanie for Donna, Pam was upset and did many mean things to Donna. She almost killed her. Pam was found to have a brain tumor as well as being bipolar.  Now she takes medication.  She’s had to weather the loss of her mother as well as Stephanie, but she has the Forresters to support her. Eric loves her, and most of the rest either love her or tolerate her.  Donna and Pam ended up being good friends and co-workers. They are both receptionists at Forrester Creations now. Pam doesn’t care much for Quinn, Eric’s current wife, and they’ve had a few fights.

Pam had a wonderful German Shepherd that she loved, Tiny, but he passed away.  She loves to bake, especially her famous lemon bars that she offers to everyone.  She has been dating Forrester security guard Charlie for many years. They almost married, but Pam decided she wasn’t ready yet. Both Charlie and Pam love to bake, and they make the food for any family gathering.  They also love dressing up for visits to Medieval Times.

Pam hasn’t had a good story for a while. She and Charlie are rarely seen outside of the holidays.

Charlie and Pam at Christmas

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Maya Avant

Maya Avant Forrester of The Bold and the Beautiful

Maya Avant Forrester played by Karla Mosley

Maya was first seen in 2013 as a homeless Skid Row mother who had to give up her baby when she went to prison (for a crime she didn’t commit).  Later, she was released and tried to find her baby, but it had died in a car accident with its adopted family.  Maya was an aspiring actress/singer. She met Rick, and they fell in love. She was hired to model at Forrester Creations. She and Rick had many ups and downs over the years as he was with Caroline, and she with Carter, when they weren’t with each other.

In 2015, Rick proposed, and Maya confessed that she was transgender. After some more misunderstandings, they got married. This story was groundbreaking for the soaps. Forrester also had a transgender fashion show, with Maya as the lead model.  Maya’s sister, Nicole, as well as her parents, moved there. She and her father eventually reconciled (he had trouble with her not being a man).  They learned that Nicole’s friend, Sasha, was really their half-sister. Nicole agreed to carry a baby for Rick and Maya, so they had little Lizzy to raise.

Maya started out as a schemer and a bit of a social climber, but she did truly love Rick. Once she and Rick were married and had a child, Maya became more of a saint. She and Rick were given little to do. They divorced off-screen while the characters were in Paris. Maya returned to Forrester without Rick.  Maya’s cousin Xander from London arrived and was working at Forrester as an intern and model.  He was fired and left town after it was revealed that he knew that Hope’s baby Beth was alive but didn’t say anything. He broke up with his girlfriend, Zoe, and left town.  Maya really hasn’t been seen on screen for a long while.

Vivenne, Julian, Maya, Xander, Zoe, Hope and Liam

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Liam Spencer

Liam Spencer of The Bold and the Beautiful

Liam Spencer played by Scott Clifton

Liam started on the show as a computer geek who came to town in 2010 to find his real father. He’d been raised by a single mother, former model Kelly. When she died, she left a note, saying that she would find his father at Forrester Creations. Apparently, she thought his father was Ridge or Thorne. However, it turned out that Bill Spencer was his dad.

Liam is the opposite of Bill. He’s a very good and caring person. Like Hope, he cares a lot about people, and about the future of the planet, and about animals. He’s a vegetarian and involved in many causes and charities.  Even though he didn’t grow up rich, he doesn’t care that much about money or the trappings that come along with being a Spencer.  Bill and Liam have had a tumultous relationship, especially since Bill keeps interfering in Liam’s life.  Liam and Bill are now struggling to repair the damage.

Throughout his tenure on the show, Liam has mostly bounced back and forth between Hope and Steffy. There were some brief times when he was somewhat involved with Amber, Quinn, Ivy and Sally. Hope is a lot like Liam, but Steffy chased after him until she got him (with a lot of help from Bill).  Liam now has daughters with both women.  Hope and Liam think that their baby, Beth, died, so they were grieving.

Liam is thrilled that Wyatt is his brother. They usually get along very well. For a while, they were both involved with Hope and Steffy. Now they’re best friends. Liam worked at Spencer Publications for awhile (he even ran it, briefly), but otherwise, he worked at Forrester Creations (like most of the characters on the show).  He worked with Hope on web design for her line as well as some philanthropic ventures.  He eventually forgave his father and went back to work at Spencer.

Liam and Hope split up for awhile because she pushed him back to Steffy.  Later, they found out that their daughter, Beth, was alive. Thomas (and Steffy, to a certain extent) schemed to keep Liam and Hope apart.  They figured it out, eventually, and tricked Thomas into revealing his obsession with Hope.  Liam and Hope reunited and are raising Beth, and Douglas (Thomas’ son) together.

Liam, Hope and Steffy on The Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Katie Logan

Katie Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful

Katie Logan played by Heather Tom (formerly by Nancy Sloan)

Katie is a very sweet and kind person. She always felt like the ugly duckling compared to her two older, beautiful sisters. She’s worked most of her life, since their father abandoned the family when she was very young. She’s worked a lot at Forrester Creations, aside from a brief tenure at Spencer Publications.  Right now she’s head of Public Relations at Forrester.

In the past, she was involved with Rocco, Thorne, Nick, Wyatt and Ridge. Her greatest love was Bill Spencer, with whom she had her son, Will.  Katie was one of the original characters of the show, when she was a teen, but she was gone for many years and only returned in 2007. Katie was accidentally shot in the heart by her brother, Storm.  He shot himself so that she could have her heart.

Katie is now very close to her sisters as well as Liam and Eric.

Katie has mostly been a good person, but she did sleep with Nick when he was engaged to her niece, Bridget. At times she’s had some mental problems. After her son was born, she had post-partum depression.  Later, she took a gun and almost shot Quinn. She briefly had a drinking problem. She and Bill had many fights and legal battles.  Katie is very strong and has overcome many obstacles.

Liam and Bill had reunited but not yet remarried. They were raising their son, Will, together. However, Katie was shocked to learn that Bill and Brooke had been making out in March, 2020, before Thomas’ wedding (it was caught on video).  Katie is angry at them both. It remains to be seen whether she’ll forgive either of them.

Bill and Katie on Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Jake Maclaine

Jake on Bold and the Beautiful

Jake Maclaine played by Todd McKee

Jake, sister of Margo, first appeared in 1990. He’s a former tennis pro who had left his Wisconsin family because his father sexually abused him. Margo helped him figure out that it was really their Uncle Charlie who abused him, not their father, Ben. Jake is a very charming and kind person. Doctor Mark Maclaine is his nephew and appeared on the show for awhile.

Jake worked for Forrester Creations and was briefly involved with both Macy Alexander and Felicia Forrester.  He left for a while with Margo, to go back to Wisconson but came back in 2007.  He still works at Forrester, doing various jobs. He’s a technical wizard who helps them with setting up their fashion shows.

Jake and Macy on Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Hope Logan

Hope Logan of Bold and the Beautiful

Hope Logan played by Annika Noelle (formerly by Kim Matula)

Hope was the product of an affair between her mother, Brooke, and her daughter Bridget’s husband, a lowlife named Deacon.  Hope grew up with Ridge as her stepfather and barely knows Deacon. Hope is a very sweet and good person who cares deeply about everyone and everything, including the future of the world and the environment. Even when she’s hurt, she usually rebounds because she has faith and believes in the good in people.  Hope is such a good person that sometimes she comes off as a little too self-righteous, particularly if she’s having an argument with Steffy.

Hope has had an on-again, off-again relationship with Liam, her current husband. He’s often involved with Steffy Forrester.  The three of them have made an uneasy truce because both women were pregnant with Liam’s children and planned to raise them together.  However, when Hope gave birth, she was told her baby died, so she spent most of 2019 trying to get over that grief (not knowing that Steffy’s adopted daughter, Phoebe, was Hope’s daughter Beth).  Steffy’s brother, Thomas, tried to get her to leave Liam and be with him and his son, Douglas, who had lost his mother and bonded with Hope.  Liam and Hope are very well matched because they are both good, honest people who care about many causes and other people.

Hope lived in Paris for a while. She runs the Hope for the Future fashion line at Forrester Creations.  Hope and her mother are very close, despite some problems they had in the past.  She also loves her brother Rick and her sister, Bridget, but they don’t live in town any more. They all usually get together at the holidays with the Forresters. Hope was thrilled to find that Flo, Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend, is her cousin. She thinks that Flo was baby Phoebe’s birth mother, not knowing that she helped Reese, who told Hope that her baby was dead and then sold it to Steffy to settle his gambling debts. Hope was stunned to learn that Steffy’s baby Phoebe was really Beth. She learned that from Douglas.  Thomas continued to try to convince Hope to marry him.  Eventually, Hope and Liam saw through Thomas’ machinations. They worked with Douglas and Steffy to expose Thomas at his wedding to Zoe.  Now Hope and Liam are reunited and raising Beth and Douglas together.

Steffy, Hope and Liam

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Flo Fulton

Flo played by Katrina Bowden on Bold and the Beautiful

Flo Fulton played by Katrina Bowden

Flo is the daugher of the late Storm Logan, which she didn’t know, growing up. Storm and her mother Shauna had a brief encounter years ago in Vegas. Both Flo and Shauna are from Las Vegas.  Flo was good friends with Dr. Reese Buckingham, who convinced her to come to L.A. with him. He embroiled her in his baby-selling scheme. She was uneasy about helping him, but she trusted him because of their previous romantic involvement and long friendship. Once she met Hope, the baby’s real mother, she started feeling very guilty. Then she learned that Hope is her cousin, which made things worse. Hope and the Logans, as well as the Forresters, welcomed Flo and Shauna and offered Flo a job, which she accepted.  Flo is also Wyatt’s former girlfriend, and they became more than friends, even though he was with Sally.  Reese fled town, but his daughter, Zoe, found out what they’d done. She and Thomas kept pressuring Flo not to tell anyone about the baby switch, so they wouldn’t all go to jail.

Flo seems like a very nice, kind person, caught up in something that she didn’t expect. She was tortured with guilt. She grew up without much family, so she’s very grateful to know that she’s connected to the Logans.  Her tacky mother, Shauna, embarrasses her a little when they first were around the Forresters. Somehow Flu grew up with more manners and seems to be classier and have more style than her mother.  She worked in Las Vegas as a croupier at a craps table, and then she worked in L.A. at Bikini Bar as a bartender before taking the job at Forrester.  Flo doesn’t smile much, unless she’s around Wyatt.

The truth came out about Phoebe being Beth, so Flo was fired from Forrester and ostracized by both the Forresters and Logans. She went to jail but cut a deal, so she was released.  She gave one of her kidneys to Katie when she was sick. She didn’t want the Logans to know at first, but then her mother made sure they knew.  She and Wyatt reunited, thanks to Katie’s suggestions and pointing out how much Flo has redeemed herself.  Brooke and Sally were really the only ones that didn’t forgive Flo.

Sally pretended to be dying, so Wyatt let her move back in with him. Flo was supportive of the idea, but eventually she grew suspicious of Sally’s health and found out that she was faking.  Flo was hit over the head by Sally’s friend and doctor, Penny, just as Flo was about to tell Wyatt about Sally faking it.

Flo with Hope and Shauna on Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Eric Forrester

Eric Forrester on Bold and Beautiful

Eric Forrester played by John McCook

Eric is the head of the Forrester family and their successful multinational business, Forrester Creations.  He and his late wife Stephanie started the business with a loan from her father.  Although they loved each other, Eric had a wandering eye and cheated on Stephanie many times (She had her own huge secrets). They have a huge, loving family, despite their problems. Eric was married to Brooke, Ridge’s wife, and they had two children.  He was also briefly married to Donna and Sheila.  Eric often seemed weak in comparison to Stephanie, but he’s actually a very strong person. He and Stephanie were married 4 times, and she died in 2012.

Eric is now a grandpa and dotes on both his children and grandchildren. He is retired from the business, and his son, Ridge, is CEO, along with Ridge’s daughter, Steffy. Eric appointed them, so he can change his mind any time.  He’s found a great love in Quinn Fuller. His family didn’t approve at first because Quinn has done some horrible things.  However, Eric’s love forced her to change, so now she’s a better person.  Eric also has a brother named John, who lives in Australia.

Every time there’s a family occasion, such as Christmas, or someone’s wedding, they have it at Eric’s beautiful mansion. Eric plays the piano and everyone loves to gather around it and sing.  A large painting of Stephanie used to hang in the living room, but now Quinn’s painting hangs there for all to see.

Recently, his wife Quinn and his ex-wife Brooke were fighting a lot, which made Eric very upset. He told them to knock it off, but they continued. He wasn’t pleased when Quinn made sure that Ridge and the rest of the family saw a video of Bill and Brooke making out, which killed her marriage to Ridge. He forgave  Quinn as he always does.

The Forresters on The Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Donna Logan

Donna Logan on Bold and Beautiful

Donna Logan played by Jennifer Gareis (formerly played by Carrie Mitchum)

Donna was around when the show began, in 1987. She’s one of Brooke’s two sisters (the other being Katie). They and their brother, Storm, helped raise themselves after their dad took off.  She was convinced to take her clothes off for nude photos, which Bill Spencer (Sr.) was going to publish. She was able to get out of that using blackmail.

The character returned to Los Angeles regularly in 2006. Donna briefly went after Ridge, then Thorne, and Eric. Eric was still married to Stephanie, but he divorced her and married Donna. None of his family approved of their marriage, and Stephanie’s sister, Pam, really wanted her sister and Eric to get back together. Pam did some terrible things to Donna; she was revealed to have a tumor as well as being bipolar. Pam also poisoned Eric to keep him away from Donna.  Eventually, Pam was caught, but Eric reunited with Stephanie.

Felicia (Eric’s daughter) revealed that Donna had a child that she gave up for adoption years ago.  The boy was Marcus, who worked at Forrester, and Eric welcomed him into the family.  His father was revealed to be Justin Barber (Bill Spencer’s lawyer).  Donna and Justin married but later divorced.  Donna left town for a while to visit with her father, Stephen, in Dallas. She made several return visits during the holidays, but she stayed in late 2018. She and Pam are friends and co-workers at Forrester Creations. Donna is very close with her sisters and their families. She lives with Katie and Will sometimes.

Donna is a kind and caring person, but didn’t make wise choices when she was younger. Despite her beauty, she hasn’t been very lucky with the men she’s chosen.  Now she mostly just supports her sisters and has a slight friendship with Pam.

Eric, Donna and Bridget

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Danny

Danny on Bold and the Beautiful

Danny played by Keith Carlos

Danny works at Bikini Bar in Malibu, near Wyatt’s beach house.  Flo worked with him there for awhile.  Danny also sometimes models at Forrester Creations.

Not much else is known about Danny, who’s a very minor character, for now.

When Ridge had a fight with Brooke, he got very drunk at the Bikini Bar. Shauna was there, so she and Danny helped Ridge upstairs to a little bedroom for the night. Shauna stayed with Ridge all night. Danny told someone later that the two of them spent all night together.

Danny, Wyatt and Sally on Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Charlie Webber

Charlie Webber on Bold and the Beautiful

Charlie Webber played by Dick Christie

Charlie arrived in 2013 while he was guarding the Hope For the Future Blue Diamond for Forrester Creations Boutique. While Charlie seems like a bumbling old fool, he’s really a pretty smart detective. He now heads up the security for the whole company. He and Pam, Stephanie’s sister, hit it off right away. They both love to bake (Pam is famous for her lemon bars), and they love getting dressed up and going to Medieval Times.

Whenever there’s a holiday or Forrester family special occasion, Pam and Charlie are in the kitchen to prepare the food. Whenever anyone is up to no good at Forrester, Charlie gets suspicious and roots them out.

Not much is known about Charlie’s history or family.

Charlie and Pam at Thanksgiving

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