Star Trek: The Next Generation Trivia Quiz

Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) Trivia Quiz


"Star Trek: The Next Generation" cast

Star Trek: The Next Generation Trivia Quiz

1. What did Riker acquire in the second season?

a. a wife
b. a guitar
c. a cat
d. a beard
e. all of the above

2. Which villainous aliens are new in TNG?

a. Borg
b. Klingons
c. Romulans
d. Changelings
e. Trill

3. TNG was the first Star Trek series to be which of these things?

a. syndicated first-run
b. colorized from black and white
c. integrated bridge crew
d. streamed on Paramount+
e. remastered for greater clarity

4. What was the Picard family business?

a. racing
b. bartending
c. winemaking
d. teaching
e. writing

5. What was Captain Picard’s favorite beverage?

a. black coffee
b. Earl Grey tea
c. water
d. Saurian brandy
e. orange juice

6. Who was the security chief of the show in season 1?

a. Worf
b. Riker
c. Crusher
d. Tasha
e. Wesley

7. Which character did many fans find annoying?

a. Wesley
b. Worf
c. Geordi
d. Data
e. Beverly

8. Which aliens debuted on TNG before going on to greater prominence in DS9?

a. Klingons
b. Romulans
c. Ferengi
d. Borg
e. Tribbles

9. Which character is most like Pinocchio?

a. Worf
b. Picard
c. Riker
d. Data
e. Wesley

10. Which card game did the crew enjoy playing?

a. Risk
b. Backgammon
c. Blackjack
d. Hearts
e. Poker


1. d, 2. a, 3. a, 4. c, 5. b, 6. d, 7. a, 8. c, 9. d, 10. e.



Riker, Shelby, Crusher and Data in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode The Best of Both Worlds.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Character Descriptions

Star Trek Character Profiles


Picard, Riker and Data in "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

Next Gen Character Biographies by Suzanne

Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters

Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Captain Jean-Luc Picard is an exemplary and highly respected Starfleet officer. He is known for his strong moral compass, intelligence, and exceptional leadership skills. Picard is a highly disciplined and thoughtful individual, always striving to find diplomatic solutions and adhering to the principles of the United Federation of Planets.

Physically, Picard is distinguished by his bald head, piercing blue eyes, and a commanding presence. He is often seen wearing the iconic Starfleet uniform, comprising a form-fitting jumpsuit and a communicator badge on the chest.

In terms of personality, Captain Picard is known for his calm and composed demeanor. He possesses a deep intellectual curiosity, often delving into literature, philosophy, and history. He is fluent in several alien languages and is an accomplished diplomat.

As the captain of the USS Enterprise-D (and later the USS Enterprise-E), Picard is responsible for the safety and well-being of his crew. He values the input and expertise of his officers and encourages an open exchange of ideas. Despite his diplomatic approach, Picard can be firm and decisive when necessary, never shying away from taking action to protect his crew or uphold Federation principles.

Throughout the series, Captain Picard becomes a symbol of honor, integrity, and compassion. His catchphrase, “Make it so,” has become iconic in popular culture, representing his commanding authority and willingness to take action.

Commander Will Riker

Commander Will Riker serves as the first officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. He is a skilled and experienced Starfleet officer, known for his confidence, charm, and strategic abilities. Riker is portrayed by actor Jonathan Frakes.

Physically, Riker is tall, with a strong and athletic build. He has a beard, which becomes one of his distinctive features throughout the series. He typically wears the standard Starfleet uniform, consisting of a jumpsuit and communicator badge.

Riker is known for his dynamic and gregarious personality. He possesses a natural charisma and often exudes a sense of humor, which helps to foster camaraderie among the crew. Despite his affable nature, Riker is also a dedicated and disciplined officer, consistently displaying strong leadership qualities.

In terms of his role aboard the Enterprise, Riker serves as Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s second-in-command. He is responsible for overseeing the ship’s operations, coordinating missions, and leading away teams when necessary. Riker is an accomplished tactician and strategist, often relied upon to make crucial decisions during times of crisis.

Riker’s personal life occasionally plays a role in the series, as he navigates romantic relationships and confronts personal challenges. He develops a notable romantic relationship with Counselor Deanna Troi, adding a layer of emotional depth to his character. Later, they’re married.

Throughout the series, Riker’s growth and development are evident as he learns to balance his ambition with loyalty to his crewmates and the ideals of Starfleet. He is a capable and respected officer, known for his quick thinking, resourcefulness, and unwavering dedication to the principles of the United Federation of Planets.

Dr. Beverly Crusher

Dr. Beverly Crusher serves as the chief medical officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. She is portrayed by actress Gates McFadden. Crusher is a highly skilled and compassionate physician, dedicated to the well-being of the crew.

Dr. Crusher is known for her professionalism, intelligence, and strong moral compass. She possesses a vast knowledge of medicine and is proficient in various medical techniques and technologies. Crusher’s expertise extends to both human and alien physiology, allowing her to provide medical care to a wide range of species encountered during the Enterprise’s missions.

Physically, Crusher has a warm and caring demeanor. She has long red hair and typically wears the standard Starfleet uniform, with a lab coat when engaged in medical procedures. As a mother, she often balances her responsibilities as a physician with her role as a parent to her son, Wesley Crusher.

Throughout the series, Dr. Crusher showcases her dedication to the health and well-being of the crew. She is often involved in challenging medical situations, whether it’s treating injuries sustained during missions, combating epidemics, or performing complex surgeries. Her leadership in the medical department is well-respected, and she is known for her ability to make difficult decisions under pressure.

Crusher’s character also evolves through her interactions with the crew and her personal relationships. She has a close friendship with Captain Jean-Luc Picard and occasionally engages in a subtle romantic tension with him. Additionally, Crusher’s role as a mother and her desire to balance her career and family life add depth to her character.

Dr. Beverly Crusher brings compassion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to the health and welfare of the Enterprise crew. Her character provides a crucial medical perspective on the show, highlighting the importance of healthcare and ethical decision-making in a futuristic setting.

Lt. Data

Lieutenant Commander Data is an android officer serving aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. He is portrayed by actor Brent Spiner. Data is an extraordinary and complex being, designed to resemble a human physically but possessing exceptional computational abilities and superhuman strength.

Data has a unique appearance, with his distinctively pale skin, golden eyes, and a lack of hair or facial features. He typically wears the standard Starfleet uniform, but occasionally dons a yellow operations uniform as well.

Data is characterized by his pursuit of understanding and his desire to be more human. Despite lacking emotions initially, he develops a strong curiosity about human behavior and strives to comprehend and experience emotions. Throughout the series, Data often explores the meaning of humanity, ethics, and personal identity.

As an android, Data possesses superhuman strength, speed, and intellect. He has the ability to process vast amounts of information instantaneously and is highly skilled in problem-solving, mathematics, and scientific analysis. Data’s lack of emotions and reliance on logic often serve as an asset in his role as an operations officer and second officer on the Enterprise.

Data’s quest to become more human often leads him to seek advice and guidance from his crewmates, particularly his friend and mentor, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. He has a distinctive and measured way of speaking and occasionally struggles with social interactions due to his literal interpretation of language and difficulty grasping nuanced human behavior.

Throughout the series, Data demonstrates growth and evolves in his understanding of human emotions and experiences. He becomes an integral part of the Enterprise crew, valued for his intelligence, dedication, and unwavering loyalty. His character provides fascinating insights into what it means to be human, while also offering a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence.

Counselor Troi

Counselor Deanna Troi serves as the ship’s counselor aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. She is portrayed by actress Marina Sirtis. Troi is a Betazoid, a humanoid species known for their telepathic and empathic abilities.

Troi has a warm and empathetic nature, which enables her to sense and understand the emotions of others. She is compassionate, intuitive, and serves as a valuable advisor to the crew, often providing insights and guidance based on her empathic abilities. Her primary role is to offer emotional support and counsel to the crew, helping them navigate through personal and interpersonal challenges.

Physically, Troi has a distinctive appearance, with long, dark hair and a unique Starfleet uniform variant that includes a low-cut neckline. This outfit signifies her status as a counselor and distinguishes her from other crew members.

Troi’s empathic abilities allow her to perceive emotions and detect subtle nuances that others might miss. This skill is especially useful during diplomatic negotiations and when dealing with alien species. Throughout the series, Troi’s empathic insight proves instrumental in resolving conflicts and ensuring the well-being of the crew.

In addition to her empathic abilities, Troi is a highly trained and capable officer. She holds the rank of lieutenant commander and can also assume command in the absence of other senior officers. Troi’s role on the bridge often involves monitoring the emotional well-being of the crew during missions.

Troi’s character experiences personal growth and development throughout the series, learning to balance her empathic nature with her professional responsibilities. She develops close relationships with her crewmates and forms a particularly strong bond with Commander Will Riker, with whom she shares a complicated romantic relationship. She also has a brief romantic relationship with Lt. Worf.

Counselor Troi’s presence on the Enterprise provides a valuable perspective on the emotional and psychological aspects of space exploration. Her empathic abilities and compassionate nature make her an indispensable member of the crew, offering support and guidance to her fellow officers.

Lt. Worf

Commander Worf, son of Mogh, is a Klingon officer serving aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. He is portrayed by actor Michael Dorn. Worf is a complex character, torn between his Klingon heritage and his Starfleet duties.

Physically, Worf has distinct Klingon features, including a furrowed forehead and cranial ridges. He is a tall and muscular figure, displaying a formidable presence. Worf typically wears the standard Starfleet uniform, but occasionally dons Klingon attire when participating in traditional Klingon ceremonies.

As a Klingon, Worf values honor, loyalty, and duty. He embraces Klingon traditions, customs, and martial skills. Throughout the series, Worf’s character arc revolves around the challenges of reconciling his Klingon heritage with his Starfleet upbringing. He often finds himself caught between two worlds, struggling to find his place and maintain his honor within a predominantly human crew.

Worf serves as the Enterprise’s chief of security and tactical officer, responsible for the ship’s defense and the safety of the crew. He possesses extensive combat training and is a skilled warrior. Worf’s expertise in Klingon combat techniques and knowledge of Klingon culture often prove valuable during the ship’s encounters with other Klingons or hostile forces.

Despite his fierce exterior, Worf also displays a sense of loyalty, compassion, and humor. He forms close bonds with several crew members, particularly with Commander William Riker, whom he views as a brother figure. Additionally, Worf engages in a romantic relationship with Counselor Deanna Troi, exploring the challenges of an interspecies love affair.

Throughout the series, Worf faces personal and professional challenges, including his ongoing struggle to navigate Klingon traditions and customs within Starfleet protocols. His journey explores themes of honor, identity, and finding a sense of belonging.

Worf’s character adds depth and diversity to the Enterprise crew, providing unique perspectives on intercultural relations, combat strategies, and the complexities of loyalty. His unwavering commitment to honor and duty make him a formidable and respected member of the Star Trek universe.

Lt. LaForge

Lt. Geordi LaForge serves as the chief engineer aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. He is portrayed by actor LeVar Burton. LaForge is a highly skilled and talented engineer, known for his expertise in warp propulsion systems and technology.

LaForge has a distinctive appearance, characterized by his visor, a special ocular device he wears over his eyes. The visor allows him to see, compensating for his blindness since birth. Despite his lack of natural sight, LaForge’s other senses, combined with the enhanced vision provided by his visor, make him an exceptional problem-solver and observer of technical details.

As the chief engineer, LaForge is responsible for the ship’s propulsion systems, ensuring the Enterprise’s engines are functioning optimally. He often works closely with other crew members to address any technical issues that arise during their missions. LaForge’s expertise in engineering is crucial to the success of the ship’s operations.

LaForge possesses a determined and optimistic personality. He is highly dedicated to his work, often spending long hours in the engine room, ensuring the ship’s systems are running smoothly. His ability to think creatively and adapt quickly to challenging situations makes him a valuable asset to the crew.

LaForge is also known for his friendships and camaraderie with other crew members. He develops a close bond with Data, the android officer, often collaborating on various technical projects. Additionally, he shares a warm friendship with fellow crewmate Lieutenant Commander Worf and maintains a professional relationship with Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Throughout the series, LaForge faces personal and professional challenges, demonstrating resilience and determination. He serves as an inspiration to others, overcoming obstacles and showing that disabilities do not define a person’s abilities or potential.

Geordi LaForge’s character brings technical expertise, ingenuity, and a positive outlook to the Enterprise crew. His dedication to his work and his ability to find solutions in difficult situations make him a vital member of the starship’s team.

Wesley Crusher

Wesley Crusher is the son of Dr. Beverly Crusher, the chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. He is portrayed by actor Wil Wheaton. Wesley Crusher is a highly intelligent and precocious teenager who often finds himself involved in various adventures aboard the starship.

Physically, Wesley has a youthful appearance and is often seen wearing the standard Starfleet uniform, indicating his status as an acting ensign. He possesses a keen intellect, displaying an aptitude for scientific and technical knowledge far beyond his years.

As a character, Wesley is known for his curiosity, enthusiasm, and passion for learning. He has a deep interest in all aspects of starship operations, often seeking opportunities to engage with the ship’s crew and explore new technologies. Despite his young age, Wesley’s insights and problem-solving abilities occasionally contribute to the resolution of complex situations.

Throughout the series, Wesley’s character experiences personal growth and development. He grapples with the expectations placed upon him as a prodigy and navigates the challenges of finding his identity and purpose aboard the starship. Wesley often seeks guidance from his mother and develops close relationships with various crew members, including Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge.

Wesley’s character arc involves his journey from an eager teenager to a more mature and independent individual. Over time, he gains valuable life experiences and learns to balance his intellect with emotional intelligence.

It’s worth noting that Wesley Crusher’s character is somewhat divisive among “Star Trek” fans, with some viewers appreciating his contributions to the series while others find his character development inconsistent. Regardless, Wesley’s presence on the USS Enterprise-D adds a youthful perspective and represents the possibilities of growth and learning.

Chief Miles O'Brien

Chief Miles O’Brien serves as the transporter chief and later the chief of operations aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. He is portrayed by actor Colm Meaney. O’Brien is a skilled and reliable non-commissioned officer who plays a crucial role in the ship’s technical operations.

Physically, O’Brien has a rugged appearance, often seen wearing a distinctive mustard-yellow Starfleet uniform indicating his engineering role. He has a no-nonsense demeanor and a practical, down-to-earth approach to his work. O’Brien is known for his technical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and dedication to his responsibilities.

As the transporter chief, O’Brien is responsible for maintaining and operating the ship’s transporter systems, which are used to beam personnel and objects between locations. His role expands to chief of operations, overseeing various engineering and technical aspects of the ship. He becomes a trusted advisor to Captain Jean-Luc Picard and plays a key role in ensuring the ship’s smooth functioning.

O’Brien is depicted as a highly skilled engineer who excels in troubleshooting complex systems and finding innovative solutions. He has a deep knowledge of Federation technology and displays proficiency in various engineering disciplines. O’Brien’s competence and level-headedness make him a dependable and valued member of the crew.

In addition to his technical prowess, O’Brien is known for his affable and approachable nature. He forms close friendships with several crew members, particularly with Commander William Riker and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Beverly Crusher. O’Brien’s relatable personality and working-class background make him a relatable and likable character.

Following his time on “The Next Generation,” O’Brien becomes a main character on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” where his character is further explored, and he takes on more prominent roles.

Lt. Tasha Yar

Lieutenant Tasha Yar serves as the chief security officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. She is portrayed by actress Denise Crosby. Tasha Yar is a strong and capable officer, known for her determination, combat skills, and dedication to the safety of the crew.

Physically, Yar has a fit and athletic build. She typically wears the standard Starfleet uniform, with a security insignia indicating her role. Yar’s appearance often conveys her no-nonsense attitude and readiness for action.

Yar’s background is characterized by a difficult upbringing on a lawless planet, which influences her approach to security matters. She values order and discipline, and her experiences shape her commitment to protecting others. Yar’s determination to prevent violence and protect the crew drives her actions as the chief security officer.

As the chief security officer, Yar is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the Enterprise and its personnel. She handles security protocols, coordinates response to threats, and oversees the ship’s security team. Yar is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, and tactical strategies.

Yar’s character embodies strength and resilience, and she is often portrayed as a fierce advocate for justice and fairness. Her devotion to duty sometimes leads to clashes with other crew members, particularly with the ship’s android officer, Data, as she struggles with her own emotions and perceptions of his lack of emotions.

Tasha Yar’s character arc is cut short during the first season of “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” as her character is killed off. However, her impact is felt throughout the series, and her sacrifice serves as a reminder of the dangers faced by Starfleet officers.


Guinan, portrayed by actress Whoopi Goldberg, is a mysterious and enigmatic bartender aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. Guinan is a member of the El-Aurian species, known for their longevity and unique sensory perceptions.

Physically, Guinan has a distinctive appearance, often seen wearing ornate and exotic clothing that reflects her individuality and cultural background. She has a serene and composed demeanor, conveying a deep wisdom and understanding.

As the bartender of Ten Forward, the ship’s social hub, Guinan provides a listening ear and sage advice to the crew members. She possesses a unique ability to sense disruptions in the space-time continuum and has an uncanny intuition, often offering insights that prove invaluable to those seeking guidance.

Guinan’s role goes beyond that of a traditional bartender, as she acts as a confidante and counselor for the crew. Her calm and empathetic nature create a safe space for the crew members to discuss their problems and seek her perspective on matters both personal and professional.

Guinan shares a particularly close relationship with Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Their bond is based on mutual trust and respect, and Guinan often serves as a trusted advisor to him, offering guidance during critical moments.

Throughout the series, Guinan’s background and true nature remain shrouded in mystery. She alludes to her extensive lifespan and experiences, including encounters with powerful entities and civilizations. Her unique abilities and knowledge make her a valuable ally and confidante.

Guinan’s character brings a touch of mystique and depth to the Enterprise crew, representing wisdom, compassion, and a profound understanding of the universe. Her insights and counsel often assist the crew in making important decisions and navigating complex situations.

Dr. Pulaski

Dr. Kate Pulaski, portrayed by actress Diana Muldaur, serves as the chief medical officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D for the second season of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Pulaski replaces Dr. Beverly Crusher temporarily when the character takes a leave of absence.

Dr. Pulaski is portrayed as a highly competent and intelligent physician. She brings a no-nonsense and assertive attitude to her work, often challenging conventional medical practices and pushing boundaries to find the best solutions for her patients. Unlike Dr. Crusher, Pulaski tends to have a more direct and critical approach to her interactions with others.

Pulaski is known for her expertise in a wide range of medical fields, including diagnostics, surgical procedures, and medical research. She is a dedicated and diligent doctor, committed to the well-being of the crew and always striving to deliver the highest quality of care.

As the chief medical officer, Pulaski is responsible for overseeing the medical department of the Enterprise-D. She works closely with the ship’s personnel to ensure their health and safety, especially during missions and emergencies. Pulaski’s thoroughness and attention to detail make her an asset to the crew in diagnosing and treating various medical conditions.

While Pulaski initially displays some skepticism towards the android officer Data, she eventually develops a mutual respect and understanding with him. Pulaski’s character brings a different dynamic to the medical department and the overall ensemble of the show during her tenure.

It’s important to note that Dr. Pulaski’s character appeared only in the second season of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” After the season, Dr. Beverly Crusher returns as the chief medical officer for the remainder of the series.

Nurse Ogawa

Nurse Alyssa Ogawa, portrayed by actress Patti Yasutake, is a dedicated medical professional serving aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. Ogawa appears throughout the series, providing essential medical support to the crew.

Nurse Ogawa is portrayed as a compassionate and skilled nurse, known for her expertise in various medical procedures and patient care. She assists the ship’s chief medical officers, initially Dr. Beverly Crusher and later Dr. Katherine Pulaski, in tending to the health and well-being of the crew.

As a nurse, Ogawa is responsible for administering treatments, monitoring patients, and ensuring their comfort during recovery. She displays a calm and reassuring presence, providing emotional support to patients and their families. Ogawa’s character often exemplifies the caring and compassionate nature of medical professionals within the Star Trek universe.

Throughout the series, Nurse Ogawa’s character grows and evolves, taking on more significant responsibilities and showcasing her dedication to her profession. She is a valued member of the medical team and is often seen working alongside the doctors to provide efficient and effective medical care to the Enterprise crew.

While Nurse Ogawa does not have as prominent a role as the main characters, her character contributes to the depth and authenticity of the medical department aboard the starship. Her presence highlights the importance of the nursing profession and the vital role it plays in providing holistic care to the crew in a futuristic setting.

Ensign Ro Laren

Ensign Ro Laren, portrayed by actress Michelle Forbes, is a Bajoran officer who joins the crew of the USS Enterprise-D in the fifth season of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Ro Laren is a complex and multidimensional character, known for her independent spirit and strong sense of justice.

As a Bajoran, Ro Laren brings her cultural heritage and experiences to her role as a Starfleet officer. She is introduced as a non-conformist and a bit of a rebel, often challenging authority and pushing the boundaries of Starfleet regulations. Ro is fiercely proud of her Bajoran identity and struggles to balance her loyalty to her people with her obligations as a Starfleet officer.

Ro serves as a junior officer in various capacities during her time on the Enterprise-D. Initially assigned to the operations division, she eventually becomes a member of the ship’s security department. Ro’s skills include tactical expertise, reconnaissance, and problem-solving abilities honed during her time as a member of the Bajoran resistance movement.

Ro’s character arc involves personal growth and overcoming her past traumas. Throughout the series, she learns to trust her fellow crew members and develops close relationships with them, particularly with Commander William Riker, who becomes a mentor figure to her. Ro’s journey showcases her transformation from a skeptical and rebellious officer to someone who recognizes the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

As a Bajoran, Ro Laren’s character provides insights into the struggles and history of her people, including the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. Her character adds diversity and complexity to the Enterprise crew, representing the challenges faced by individuals caught between their cultural identities and their obligations as Starfleet officers.

Keiko O'Brien

Keiko O’Brien, portrayed by actress Rosalind Chao, is a botanist and teacher who serves as a recurring character in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and becomes a main character in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” Keiko is known for her nurturing nature and her deep commitment to her family.

Initially introduced in “The Next Generation,” Keiko O’Brien is a civilian aboard the USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship. She is married to Chief Miles O’Brien, the ship’s transporter chief and later chief of operations. Keiko’s character provides a glimpse into the life of civilians and the challenges they face aboard a starship.

As a botanist, Keiko is responsible for the maintenance and care of the ship’s arboretum, a section dedicated to growing various plant species. She has a deep passion for plants and their importance in maintaining the ship’s ecosystem. Keiko’s expertise in botany occasionally becomes essential in solving environmental and biological puzzles encountered during missions.

In “Deep Space Nine,” Keiko and her husband Miles O’Brien move to the space station and become integral members of the community. Keiko takes on the role of a schoolteacher, establishing a school for the children aboard the station. Her dedication to education and fostering the growth of young minds is a recurring theme in her character’s story.

As a wife and mother, Keiko’s character showcases the challenges of balancing personal and professional responsibilities in a unique environment. Her relationships with her husband and their children, Molly and later Kirayoshi, are explored throughout the series, portraying the dynamics of family life in the midst of their Starfleet duties.

Keiko’s character brings warmth, empathy, and a sense of domesticity to the Star Trek universe. She represents the importance of family and community, offering a grounded perspective amidst the grand adventures and cosmic challenges faced by the series’ characters.

Alexander Rozhenko

Alexander Rozhenko, portrayed by actors Jon Paul Steuer and later Brian Bonsall, is the son of Lieutenant Worf, a Klingon officer serving aboard the USS Enterprise-D. Alexander is a half-human, half-Klingon child and is an important recurring character in “The Next Generation.”

Physically, Alexander displays Klingon characteristics, such as cranial ridges and forehead features. As a young boy, he often wears traditional Klingon clothing, including armor and warrior attire, reflecting his Klingon heritage.

Alexander’s character explores the challenges of his mixed heritage and his struggle to find his identity. As a Klingon-Human hybrid, he is torn between the aggressive and honor-driven Klingon culture and the more reserved and diplomatic nature of the Human society in which he grows up.

Throughout the series, Alexander faces difficulties adapting to both Klingon and Human customs, often seeking guidance from his father and other members of the crew. He struggles to find his place and reconcile the conflicting expectations placed upon him.

As Alexander grows older, he develops an interest in Klingon martial traditions and strives to become a warrior. He receives training from his father and other Klingon mentors, learning the art of combat and embracing his Klingon heritage.

Alexander’s character adds depth to the exploration of Klingon culture and provides insights into the complexities of multi-cultural identities. His journey highlights themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and the challenges faced by individuals navigating between two contrasting cultures.

Lt. Barclay

Lieutenant Reginald Barclay, portrayed by actor Dwight Schultz, is an intelligent yet socially awkward Starfleet officer who serves as an occasional recurring character in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Star Trek: Voyager.” Barclay is known for his remarkable technical skills and his struggles with anxiety and interpersonal relationships.

Barclay’s character is initially introduced as a subordinate officer in the Enterprise-D’s engineering department, but he also occasionally assists in other areas of the ship. He is portrayed as a highly skilled engineer, with expertise in computer systems and holodeck technology.

However, Barclay often experiences extreme anxiety and finds it difficult to connect with others, leading to feelings of inadequacy and isolation. He displays characteristics of social anxiety disorder, which manifest in his difficulty in forming relationships and his reliance on holodeck simulations as an escape from reality.

Despite his personal challenges, Barclay demonstrates exceptional problem-solving abilities and resourcefulness when it comes to overcoming technical obstacles. His unconventional and creative thinking often leads to innovative solutions in high-pressure situations.

Throughout the series, Barclay seeks guidance and support from his colleagues, including Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge and Counselor Deanna Troi. They help him address his social anxieties and offer him guidance in navigating interpersonal relationships.

Barclay’s character arc shows gradual growth and development as he gains confidence and learns to manage his anxieties. He becomes more comfortable working with others and forms genuine connections with his fellow crew members.

Barclay’s character adds depth and complexity to the Star Trek universe, highlighting the challenges faced by individuals with social anxiety and emphasizing the importance of empathy and understanding in supporting others who may struggle with similar issues.


Q, portrayed by actor John de Lancie, is a powerful and omnipotent being who belongs to the Q Continuum, an extradimensional realm of beings with godlike abilities. Q serves as a recurring character in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and other Star Trek series.

Physically, Q appears as a humanoid figure, typically dressed in extravagant and flamboyant attire. However, Q often assumes various forms and shapes, using his reality-altering powers to manipulate his appearance and the environment around him.

Q is known for his mischievous and unpredictable nature. He possesses an immense intellect and a playful demeanor, often using his powers to test and challenge the crew of the USS Enterprise-D. Q’s primary interactions occur with Captain Jean-Luc Picard, whom he views as an intriguing and worthy opponent.

Q has the ability to manipulate time, space, and matter effortlessly, which allows him to create complex scenarios and place the crew in extraordinary situations. Through his encounters with the Enterprise crew, Q presents moral dilemmas and philosophical questions, provoking thought and growth among the characters.

While Q is often portrayed as a trickster figure, he also exhibits moments of compassion and enlightenment. As the series progresses, Q develops a peculiar fascination with humanity, seeking to understand and evaluate their potential and flaws.

Q’s presence in the series adds an element of cosmic intrigue and philosophical exploration. His interactions with the crew challenge their beliefs and assumptions, prompting them to question their values and the nature of their existence.

Throughout “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and subsequent series, Q appears in various episodes, both as a catalyst for adventure and as a source of guidance and enlightenment for the crew.


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Star Trek: The Next Generation” Episode Guide by Suzanne

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  • Encounter at Farpoint (Two-hour pilot: Picard and his crew are assigned to find out the mysteries of Farpoint Station but are met by a powerful being called Q)
  • The Naked Now (The crew acts strangely due to a mysterious disease)
  • Code of Honor (Tasha is forced to fight the wife of a tribal black chieftain)
  • The Last Outpost (The Enterprise and a Ferengi ship are controlled by the guardian of an ancient civilization)
  • Where No One Has Gone Before (The crew experiences hallucinations at the end of the universe)
  • Lonely Among Us (An alien cloud inhabits the crew)
  • Justice (Wesley accidentally breaks the law on an idyllic planet)
  • The Battle (A Ferengi captain tries to destroy Picard’s mind)
  • Hide and Q (Q tries to tempt the crew with his powers)
  • Haven (Troi prepares to get married)
  • The Big Goodbye (Picard goes through a 1930’s detective adventure on the holodeck
  • Datalore (Data’s brother appears)
  • Angel One (The crew tries to rescue some crash survivors on a female-dominated planet)
  • 11001001 (Aliens called Binars steal the ship while keeping Riker busy on the holodeck)
  • Too Short a Season (An ambassador takes a youth drug in order to deal with an old foe)
  • When the Bough Breaks (The sterile Aldeans steal children in order to continue their race)
  • Home Soil (Terraformers find an unusual life form)
  • Coming of Age (Wesley takes the academy entrance exam and Picard is investigated by Starfleet)
  • Heart of Glory (Renegade Klingons are rescued by the Enterprise)
  • Arsenal of Freedom (The crew has to fight the weapons of a long-dead planet in order to rescue Picard and Crusher)
  • Symbiosis (The crew become involved in a dispute between the people of a drug-addicted planet and the people who supply them)
  • Skin of Evil (An evil oil slick-like creature kills Tasha and takes Troi hostage)
  • We’ll Always Have Paris (Michelle Phillips guests as Picard’s old flame, whose husband is having problems with distortedĀ  time)
  • Conspiracy (An alien creature invades Starfleet bodies)
  • The Neutral Zone (The crew meets Romulans after rescuing frozen 20th century people)

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  • The Child (Troi gets pregnant and has a child by a mysterious alien)
  • Where Silence Has Lease (An alien being wants to experience emotions)
  • Elementary, My Dear Data (Data and Geordi play Sherlock Holmes on the holodeck)
  • The Outrageous Okona (The crew rescue a roguish pilot who is wanted on two planets, and Data learns about humor)
  • Loud As a Whisper (The ship transports a deaf-mute negotiator)
  • The Schizoid Man (An old man steals Data’s body)
  • Unnatural Selctions (Dr. Pulaski investigates a mysterious disease that is rapidly aging colonists)
  • A Matter of Honor (Riker temporarily transfers to a Klingon ship for an officer exchange program)
  • The Measure of a Man (Data is put on trial to determine if Starfleet can take him apart)
  • The Dauphin (Wesley falls for a shape-changing girl)
  • Contagion (The Enterprise and a Romulan ship are attacked by a computer virus)
  • The Royale (The crew finds the remains of a human on a planet modeled after Las Vegas)
  • Time Squared (A double of Picard is found on a shuttlecraft)
  • The Icarus Factor (Riker sees his father and Worf’s friends help him with a Klingon ritual)
  • Pen Pals (Data contacts a little girl on an imperiled planet)
  • Q Who (Q tries to join Starfleet and introduces the Borg)
  • Samaritan Snare (Mentally slow aliens steal Geordi)
  • Up the Long Ladder (A dying race tries to steal DNA from the crew for cloning purposes while the ship is transporting homeless colonists)
  • Manhunt (Troi’s mother looks for a mate)
  • The Emissary (The crew deals with frozen Klingons and meet Worf’s old girlfriend)
  • Peak Performance (The Enterprise engages in wargames)
  • Shades of Grey (Pulaski induces old memories in Riker in order to kill an alien parasite)

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  • Evolution (An obsessed scientist contends with the crew and Nannites in the computer)
  • The Ensigns of Command (Data functions as negotiator when a planet must be evacuated)
  • The Survivors(Two old people are the only ones left on a planet)
  • Who Watches the Watchers (The crew encounters stone-age vulcans)
  • The Bonding (Worf helps a boy whose mother was killed on a mission)
  • Booby Trap (Geordi and computer girlfriend Dr. Brahms save the ship)
  • The Price (Troi falls for an unethical Betazoid negotiator)
  • The Enemy (Geordi and a Romulan are imperiled on a planet)
  • The Vengeance Factor (Picard helps to negotiate a treaty between two peoples with an ancient feud and an assassin)
  • The Defector (A Romulan defector takes refuge on the ship)
  • The Hunted (Genetically-altered war veterans try to force The Enterprise to help them)
  • The High Ground (Terrorists kidnap Crusher)
  • Deja Q (Q becomes mortal)
  • A Matter of Perspective (Riker stands trial for murder)
  • Yesterday’s Enterprise (Time is altered when an Enterprise from the past appears)
  • The Offspring (Data creates Lall, his “child”)
  • The Sins of the Fathers (Worf and his brother try to prove that their father was not a traitor)
  • Allegiance (A fake Picard is put on the Enterprise while the real one is kidnapped and tested by aliens)
  • Captain’s Holiday (Picard vacations and becomes embroiled in romance and adventure)
  • Tin Man (A very telepathic Betazoid is sent to communicate with a new life form)
  • Hollow Pursuits (A nerdy crewmember gets addicted to holodeck fantasies)
  • The Most Toys (Data is kidnapped by a psycho collector)
  • Sarek (Spock’s father visits)
  • Menage a Trois (Troi and her mother are kidnapped by Ferengi)
  • Transfigurations (An amnesiatic Christ-like being evolves while on the ship)
  • The Best of Both Worlds Part I (The Borg threaten the Federation and kidnap Picard)

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  • The Best of Both Worlds Part II (The battle with the Borg and the transformed Picard ensues)
  • Family (Picard visits his family and Worf’s parents visit the Enterprise)
  • Brothers (Data and his evil twin meet their creator)
  • Suddenly Human (The crew encounters child abuse of a human boy living among humans)
  • Remember Me (Crusher is trapped in an alternate universe)
  • Legacy (The crew meet Tasha’s sister)
  • Reunion (Worf’s mate and their child appear amidst a Klingon dispute over who will head the Empire)
  • Future Imperfect (Riker thinks he’s lost his memory and that 25 years have passed)
  • Final Mission (Wesley and Picard crash-land on a desert planet)
  • The Loss (Troi loses her telepathic ability)
  • Data’s Day (A day in the life of Data)
  • The Wounded (During peace talks, a captain’s prejudice almost restarts the war with the Cardassians)
  • Devil’s Due (Picard fights a devil woman)
  • Clues (Data lies to the crew to protect them)
  • First Contact (An injured Riker is caught while undercover on an Earth-like planet)
  • Galaxy’s Child (The Enterprise helps an alien give birth and Geordi meets the real Dr. Brahms)
  • Night Terrors (Dream deprivation starts to drive the crew crazy)
  • Identity Crisis (Geordi and another crew member start to turn into alien shadow-creatures)
  • The Nth Degree (Barclay merges with the ship to prevent a crisis)
  • Qpid (Q makes Picard into Robin Hood so he can rescue Vash, Maid Marian)
  • The Drumhead (An ambassador heads a witch hunt for a Romulan spy)
  • Half a Life (Troi’s mother falls for a man condemned to die)
  • The Host (Crusher falls in love with a symbiotic alien ambassador)
  • In Theory (Data tries to fall in love)
  • Minds’ Eye (Geordi is brainwashed by Romulans)
  • Redemption (Picard is asked to be a negotiator in a Klingon dispute)

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  • Redemption II (Worf leaves to fight in the Klingon civil war while Picard tries to prove that the Romulans are involved)
  • Darmok (Picard is stranded on a planet with a monster and an alien that communicates in metaphor)
  • Ensign Ro (An officer with a bad attitude is brought on board to communicate with the beleagured Bajoran)
  • Silicon Avatar (An obsessed woman wants to kill the crystalline entity that killed her son)
  • Disaster (A disruption in space cripples the Enterprise)
  • The Game (Wesley saves the Enterprise from a mind-enslaving game)
  • Unification (Picard and Data go undercover in the Romulan Empire to find Spock)
  • Unification II (Picard and Data help Spock and an underground Romulan movement try to reunite the Vulcan and Romulan races)
  • A Matter of Time (An annoying historian from the future visits the Enterprise)
  • New Ground (Worf’s son comes to stay with him)
  • Hero Worship (A young boy, the lone survivor of a destroyed ship, tries to emulate Data)
  • Violations (Crewmembers undergo a form of psychic rape by telepathic aliens)
  • The Masterpiece Society (An idealic society is threatened by tremors)
  • Conundrum (The crewmembers lose their memories)
  • Power Play (Troi, Data, and O’Brien are taken over by aliens from a penal colony who hold the ship hostage)
  • Ethics (Worf becomes paralyzed and wants to commit suicide)
  • The Outcast (Riker falls for an androgynous alien)
  • Cause and Effect (The crew is caught in a time loop)
  • The First Duty (When a cadet is killed, Wesley and other cadets lie about the circumstances)
  • Cost of Living (Lwaxana prepares to marry)
  • The Perfect Mate (The Enterprise escorts a mate for a prince)
  • Imaginary Friend (A little girl finds a dangerous playmate)
  • I, Borg (The Enterprise finds a young Borg)
  • The Next Phase (Geordi and Ro turn into “ghosts” on a disabled Romulan ship)
  • The Inner Light (Picard’s mind is planted into that of a man long dead)
  • Time’s Arrow (Data’s head is found on Earth)

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  • Time’s Arrow II (The crew is threatened by mysterious aliens and Mark Twain on 18th century Earth)
  • Realm of Fear (Barclay thinks he has transporter psychosis)
  • Man of the People (A peace mediator dumps bad psychic energy into Troi)
  • Relics (Scotty is found suspended in a transporter beam)
  • Schisms (Riker and others inexplicably lose sleep and time)
  • True Q (A new officer discovers she’s a Q)
  • Rascals (Three of the officers are transformed into children while Ferengi take over the ship)
  • A Fistful of Datas (Troi, Worf and Alexander are trapped in a wild west scenario in the holodeck during a malfunction)
  • Quality of Life (Data fights for the rights of another mechanical life form)
  • Chain of Command (Picard, Worf and Crusher are assigned to spy in the Cardassian empire and the crew has to deal with a new captain)
  • Chain of Command Part 2 (Picard is tortured by the Cardassians)
  • Ship in a Bottle (Moriarty reappears and takes control of the ship)
  • Aquiel (Geordi falls for an officer who is suspected of being a shape-changing parasite)
  • Face of the Enemy (Troi turns into a Romulan)
  • Tapestry (Picard dies and Q offers to let him live his life over)
  • Birthright Part 1 (Worf and Data search for answers about their “fathers”)
  • Birthright Part 2 (Worf secretly visits a Romulan prison camp)
  • Starship Mine (During a routine cleaning, Picard discovers terrorists aboard the ship)
  • Lessons (Picard falls in love with a new science officer and then must send her into danger)
  • The Chase (Picard searches for missing pieces in a DNA puzzle)
  • Frame of Mind (Riker questions his sanity as he confronts altered realities)
  • Suspicions (Crusher tries to find the murdered among a group of scientists)
  • Rightful Heir (Worf meets the Klingon messiah)
  • Second Chance (The crew finds Riker’s double)
  • Timephase (Picard, Troi, Data, and Geordi come back from leave to find the Enterprise motionless in time)
  • Descent (As the ship battles the Borg, Data experiences emotions)

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  • Descent, Part 2 (Lore uses Data to torture Geordi, Picard, and Troi while Riker and Crusher try to rescue them and keep the ship from being destroyed by the Borg)
  • Liaisons (While alien ambassadors visit the ship, Picard and one of their race crash on a planet and are held captive by a madwoman)
  • Interface (While using a probe to investigate a crash site, Geordi sees his mother)
  • Gambit Part 1 (The crew investigates Picard’s mysterious death)
  • Gambit Part 2 (Riker and Picard work undercover to stop mercenaries from stealing Romulan artifacts)
  • Phantasms (Data experiences nightmares while awake)
  • Dark Page (Troi’s mother suffers a mental breakdown)
  • Attached (Picard and Crusher are mentally linked)
  • Force of Nature (The crew search for a missing ship in a corridor of space where warp engines are destroying the region)
  • Inheritance (Data meets his “mother”)
  • Parallels (Worf finds his reality changing)
  • The Pegasus (Riker’s former captain risks the Enterprise in the Neutral Zone to find their old ship)
  • Homeward (Worf’s step-brother violates the Prime Directive by bringing the members of a primitive race aboard the Enterprise)
  • Sub Rosa (After attending the funeral of her grandmother, Dr. Crusher falls in love with an ancient Scottish “ghost”)
  • Lower Decks (Four junior officers are up for promotion while the Enterprise is on a secret mission near the Cardassian border)
  • Thine Own Self (Data loses his memory on a primitive planet and Troi becomes a commander)
  • Masks (A strange comet gives Data multiple personalities and transforms the ship into an alien city)
  • Eye of the Beholder (After a crewman commits suicide, Troi has psychic visions)
    Genesis (While Data and Picard are off the ship, the rest of the crew de-evolves into primitives)
  • Journey’s End (Wesley interferes when the Enterprise has orders to move a Native American colony off its planet for the Cardassians)
  • Firstborn (A mysterious Klingon visits Worf and Alexander while the Enterprise tracks down B’etor and Lursa)
  • Bloodlines (A Ferengi from Picard’s past vows revenge on the son he never knew he had)
  • Emergence (The ship tries to create life, which affects the crew and the holodeck) (very end is missing)
  • Preemptive Strike (Ro Laren is recruited to infiltrate the Maquis)
  • All Good Things (Picard finds himself hurtling uncontrollably from the past to the present to the future and back again)

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From Jeff:Ā  Movies featuring the TNG cast

“Star Trek: Generations” Picard and his crew fight against a crazy scientist name Soran who is trying to get the Nexus by destroying stars. Picard, trapped in the Nexus with Soran, gets the presumed-dead Captain Kirk to help him go back in time and stop Soran.

“Star Trek: First Contact” While defending Earth from the Borg, the Enterprise goes back in time to keep them from interfering with the first time the Vulcans landed (to make first contact), in order to change history and take over the Earth when its more vulnerable.

“Star Trek: Insurrection” While helping to rescue Data, who malfunctioned while observing inhabitants of a peaceful planet, Picard uncovers a plot from some top Federation officers (and some neighboring aliens) to force them off the planet and mine it for its fountain of youth qualities (thus destroying the planet).

“Star Trek: Nemesis” Riker and Troi are married, and an earlier version of Data, B-4, is discovered. Dying Romulan rebel Shinzon, a young clone of Picard, tries to kidnap Picard and use his blood to save his life as well as destroy life on Earth.

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Picard and Q (with Geordi and Tasha in the background) on "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast Birthdays

Star Trek: TNG Cast Birthdays


Worf animated GIF with birthday hat

TNG Cast Birthdays List

Remember your favorite “Star Trek” actor on their birthday or wish them a happy birthday on social media!

Note: We get this information from IMDB and Google, so please let us know if you see anything that’s inaccurate…

Joyce Agu 7/4/60
Majel Barrett 2/23/32*
Brian Bonsall 12/3/81
LeVar Burton 2/16/57
Rosalind Chao 9/23/57
Denise Crosby 11/24/57
John de Lancie 3/20/48
Daniel Davis 11/26/45
Michael Dorn 12/9/52
Michelle Forbes 1/8/67
Jonathan Frakes 8/19/52
Whoopi Goldberg 11/13/55
April Grace 3/12/62
Andreas Katsulas 5/18/46*
Barbara March 10/9/53*
Gates McFadden 3/2/49
Colm Meaney 5/30/53
Eric Menyuk 11/5/59
Diana Muldaur 8/19/38
Leonard Nimoy 3/26/31*
Robert O’Reilly 3/25/50
Suzie Plakson 6/3/58
Dwight Schultz 11/24/47
Armin Shimerman 11/5/49
Marina Sirtis 3/29/60
Brent Spiner 2/2/49
Patrick Stewart 7/13/40
Carel Struycken 7/30/48
Ken Thorley 7/14/50
Gwynyth Walsh 11/7/56
Doug Wert 7/31/61
Wil Wheaton 7/29/72
Patti Yasutake 9/6/53


F. Murray Abraham 10/24/39
Jude Ciccolella 11/30/47
Shannon Cochran 8/7/58
James Cromwell 1/27/40
Alan Dale 5/6/47
Mark Deakins 11/30/62
Jenette Goldstein 2/4/60
Tom Hardy 9/15/77
Gregg Henry 5/6/52
Michael Horton 9/5/52
Daniel Hugh Kelly 8/10/52
Jacqueline Kim 3/31/65
Thomas Kopache 10/17/45
Alice Krige 6/28/54
Neal McDonough 2/13/66
Malcolm McDowell 6/13/43
Marnie McPhail 7/4/66
Dina Meyer 12/22/68
Glenn Morshower 4/24/59
Kate Mulgrew 4/29/55
Donna Murphy 3/7/59
Stephanie Niznik 5/20/67*
Ron Perlman 4/13/50
Robert Picardo 10/27/53
Alan Ruck 7/1/56
Tim Russ 6/22/56
Adam Scott 4/3/73
Jack Shearer 3/21/44
Michael Welch 7/25/87
Alfre Woodard 11/8/52
Anthony Zerbe 5/20/36

*passed away

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Worf and birthday cake

Most of this Info from Internet Movie Database

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Star Trek: TNG Cast List

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast List

TNG Cast List


"Star Trek: The Next Generation" actors


Captain Jean-Luc Picard …. Patrick Stewart
Commander William T. Riker …. Jonathan Frakes
Lt. Commander Data …. Brent Spiner
Lieutenant Worf …. Michael Dorn
Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge …. LeVar Burton
Commander Deanna Troi …. Marina Sirtis
Commander Dr. Beverly Crusher …. Gates McFadden
Ensign Wesley Crusher …. Wil Wheaton
Chief Miles O’Brien …. Colm Meaney
Lieutenant Tasha Yar …. Denise Crosby
Guinan …. Whoopi Goldberg
Dr. Kate Pulaski …. Diana Muldaur
Nurse Alyssa Ogawa …. Patti Yasutake
Ensign Ro Laren …. Michelle Forbes
Keiko O’Brien …. Rosalind Chao
Alexander Rozhenko …. Brian Bonsall
Lt. Reginald ‘Reg’ Barclay III …. Dwight Schultz


Q …. John de Lancie
Lwaxana Troi …. Majel Barrett
Ensign Gates …. Joyce Agu
Letek …. Armin Shimerman
Chancellor Gowron … Robert O’Reilly
Transporter Chief Hubbell …. April Grace
Commander Tomalak …. Andreas Katsulas
Mr. Homn …. Carel Struycken
The Traveler …. Eric Menyuk
Federation-Klingon Liaison K’Ehleyr …. Suzie Plakson
Lt. Cmdr. Jack R. Crusher …. Doug Wert
B’Etor …. Gwynyth Walsh
Lursa …. Barbara March
Mr. Mott …. Ken Thorley
Professor James Moriarty …. Daniel Davis
Ambassador Spock …. Leonard Nimoy

"Star Trek: The Next Generation" actors


Most of this Info from Internet Movie Database

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