The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Donna Logan

Donna Logan on Bold and Beautiful

Donna Logan played by Jennifer Gareis (formerly played by Carrie Mitchum)

Donna was around when the show began, in 1987. She’s one of Brooke’s two sisters (the other being Katie). They and their brother, Storm, helped raise themselves after their dad took off.  She was convinced to take her clothes off for nude photos, which Bill Spencer (Sr.) was going to publish. She was able to get out of that using blackmail.

The character returned to Los Angeles regularly in 2006. Donna briefly went after Ridge, then Thorne, and Eric. Eric was still married to Stephanie, but he divorced her and married Donna. None of his family approved of their marriage, and Stephanie’s sister, Pam, really wanted her sister and Eric to get back together. Pam did some terrible things to Donna; she was revealed to have a tumor as well as being bipolar. Pam also poisoned Eric to keep him away from Donna.  Eventually, Pam was caught, but Eric reunited with Stephanie.

Felicia (Eric’s daughter) revealed that Donna had a child that she gave up for adoption years ago.  The boy was Marcus, who worked at Forrester, and Eric welcomed him into the family.  His father was revealed to be Justin Barber (Bill Spencer’s lawyer).  Donna and Justin married but later divorced.  Donna left town for a while to visit with her father, Stephen, in Dallas. She made several return visits during the holidays, but she stayed in late 2018. She and Pam are friends and co-workers at Forrester Creations. Donna is very close with her sisters and their families. She lives with Katie and Will sometimes.

Donna is a kind and caring person, but didn’t make wise choices when she was younger. Despite her beauty, she hasn’t been very lucky with the men she’s chosen.  Now she mostly just supports her sisters and has a slight friendship with Pam.

Eric, Donna and Bridget

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