The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Charlie Webber

Charlie Webber on Bold and the Beautiful

Charlie Webber played by Dick Christie

Charlie arrived in 2013 while he was guarding the Hope For the Future Blue Diamond for Forrester Creations Boutique. While Charlie seems like a bumbling old fool, he’s really a pretty smart detective. He now heads up the security for the whole company. He and Pam, Stephanie’s sister, hit it off right away. They both love to bake (Pam is famous for her lemon bars), and they love getting dressed up and going to Medieval Times.

Whenever there’s a holiday or Forrester family special occasion, Pam and Charlie are in the kitchen to prepare the food. Whenever anyone is up to no good at Forrester, Charlie gets suspicious and roots them out.

Not much is known about Charlie’s history or family.

Charlie and Pam at Thanksgiving

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