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Theo Vanderway

Theo Vanderway

Theo’s parents died when he was young, and as he had no other relatives, he found himself alone. He and Kyle were part of the New York party scene. Though they were friends, Theo, whose blue collar roots meant he’d had to work hard for everything he had, harbored resentment toward Kyle, who had the Abbott money to fall back on. In 2019, Kyle recommended that Jabot contract with Theo’s media company, and he moved to Genoa City. Jack and Traci discovered that their mother, Dina had a baby by Stuart Brooks and placed him for adoption. This child, Eric Vanderway, was Jack, Traci and Ashley’s half brother, and Theo’s father. Jack, Traci and Ashley were eager to welcome Theo into the family fold, and Theo accepted them, although he was a bit wary about having an instant family, and he wasn’t sure where he fit in. Theo is also the nephew of Ashley and the Brooks sisters -Leslie, Peggy, Chris and Lorie. He’s cousin to Abby, Kyle and the late Colleen.

Theo’s friendship with Kyle fell apart, because he was angry that Kyle left the party life behind. At first, Theo blamed Kyle’s girlfriend, Lola for Kyle’s change, but in time, Theo and Lola found common ground and became friends. Theo teamed up with Summer to antagonize Kyle and make him jealous. Theo and Summer also dated for awhile. Kyle was unhappy about Theo being his cousin. Sometimes, Theo tried to bond with Kyle as a relative, but he also took pleasure in using their newly discovered connection to irritate Kyle. After Kyle broke things off with Lola, she and Theo made plans to go on a date.

Theo is fun-loving, creative, and competitive, but lonely. He has a jealous streak and insecurities that sometimes cause him to do underhanded things as he tries to prove that he belongs in the corporate world and in his new family. He lost jobs because he tried to sabotage his coworkers in an attempt to climb the corporate ladder. He claimed to regret for his schemes and worried that his family would turn their backs on him. Jack has compared Theo to himself as a young man, and he hopes his nephew won’t make the same mistakes. 

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Theo and Summer


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