The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Taylor Hayes

Taylor Hayes of Bold and the Beautiful

Dr. Taylor Hayes played by Hunter Tylo

Taylor is a psychiatrist, but she’s always seemed to have a lot of tragedy and stress in her life, and sometimes she’s a bit unstable. She first came on the scene in 1990 when she was counseling Ridge and Caroline. The latter was dying of cancer.  Ridge took an interest in Taylor after that, which didn’t set well with Brooke.  Brooke and Taylor had a triangle for many years as he bounced back and forth between the two women.  At first, Taylor was set up as the “good girl” and Brooke was the bad.

Taylor was presumed dead after a plane crash; she was mugged and lost her memory.  She woke up in the palace of a Moroccan Prince, who called her Laila. She recovered her memory and eventually was let go when she learned that her father, Jack, had a heart attack.  At some point, Taylor’s family learned she was alive, but Ridge and Brooke stayed together. Taylor left town and came back.  She was upset over losing Ridge, got drunk and set herself on fire. She was in a short relationship with Thorne, who cared for her and helped her heal. It didn’t last long.

Taylor and Ridge lived happily for a while with Thomas, and then she was pregnant with twins. She also had TB, so she almost died giving birth to Steffy and Phoebe. Taylor befriended a crazy woman named Morgan, who ended up faking Steffy’s death by shark attack. She tried to steal Steffy until Ridge rescued her.  Later, Taylor died again after being shot by Sheila. This time her death was faked by Prince Omar, who wanted her back. She escaped and reunited with her family once again.

After some more problems with Brooke, and other men, Taylor confessed to Ridge that she had kissed a man named Hector and had previously slept with fellow psychiatrist James. Ridge yelled at her for being a hypocrite, since she was always criticizing Brooke and acting like a saint.  Taylor started drinking heavily.  She was driving to help a stranded Phoebe when she accidentally hit Darla, who was changing a tire, with her car.  Several people told her to keep quiet about her part in it. She got involved with Thorne and his daughter out of guilt. She eventually did tell Thorne the truth and went to jail.  Thorne forgave her and asked the court to do the same, soshe  was let out. They were going to marry, but Aly was against it, so they called it off.

Taylor has counseled many people over the years, including Stephanie, who remembed that she was abused by her father. Taylor urged her to confront her mother, Anne.  She got involved with Nick, Ridge’s half-brother, who was also a patient.  They had a baby, Jack, through in vitro fertilization. She later learned that Brooke was the egg donor and that Nick still had feelings for Brooke.  Taylor couldn’t bond with Jack, so she let Brooke raise him.

Taylor was heavily involved in her children’s lives after that. She dated Rick, who had been dating Phoebe. Phoebe and Rick got into a terrible car accident when they were arguing about his dating Steffy. Phoebe died.  Taylor and Ridge got back together, but Brooke stopped them from remarrying. After some therapy (of sorts), Taylor and Brooke made peace. Taylor was married to Brooke’s ex, Whip, for awhile, but he divorced her after realizing she still loved Ridge.  Taylor seemed to find some peace and happiness when Brooke and Ridge married again, and she moved on with Thorne, but it didn’t last.  Taylor treated many of the show’s characters over the years, including Bill and Katie.   Taylor was close to Stephanie and was upset when she died of cancer. Taylor was involved with Eric for a while, too.  After that, she moved to Paris to be with Steffy.

Taylor returned in 2014 and found that Aly was having mental health issues, so she treated her and also admitted her role in Darla’s death.  She was gone for awhile, again, but reappeared in 2018. She had flown back from Paris to shoot Bill after hearing from Ridge that Bill had forced himself on Steffy (which wasn’t true). Steffy begged Bill not to turn her mother in, and Taylor got therapy of her own.  Despite the therapy, Taylor is back to having arguments with Brooke and trying to manipulate their children.  When word got out that Taylor had shot Bill, the Forresters and Logans were worried about Taylor being around the babies. However, Steffy still trusted her mother and invited her to move in with her.  Taylor met charming Dr. Reese Buckingham and formed a friendship. She helped Steffy adopt a little girl, that she bought from Reese (not realizing that it was Hope’s presumed-dead baby, Beth).  Steffy named her Phoebe.

Taylor hasn’t been seen on the show since this happened. They often mention her as working far away for “Doctors Without Borders.”

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