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Devon Hamilton


Written By Darlene
on January 21, 2013

Devon Hamilton met Lily Winters while doing community service in Genoa City.  Lily befriended him and introduced him to her parents, Neil and Drucilla Winters.  Devon’s mother, Yolanda, was a drug addict and unable to properly take care of her son.  Drucilla convinced Neil they should become Devon’s foster parents.  They also tried to help Yolanda.  That plan seemed to work until Yolanda misinterpreted Neil’s feelings for her and made a pass at him.  Yolanda left town and Neil and Drucilla adopted Devon.

Devon was diagnosed with meningitis and lost his hearing.  He was given cochlear implants to help.  In spite of his hearing impairment, Devon has a love for music and is very talented.

In 2008, Drucilla fell over a cliff during a scuffle with Phyllis Newman.  Her body was never found, but she was presumed dead.

Devon’s Aunt Tyra and her daughter, Ana, came to town and were welcomed by the Winters family.  Ana has a talent for music, like Devon.

Devon’s great aunt revealed that she isn’t really related to Devon at all and Ana is the daughter of Yolanda, making her his sister.  Tyra explained that she took Ana in because Yolanda was unable to care for her.

By this time, Neil was remarried to Karen, but he and Tyra couldn’t ignore their attraction for each other and had an affair.  Devon was witness to this and became very angry.  As Devon and Tyra argued, they succumbed to passion and had sex.  Devon’s girlfriend, Roxanne, walked in on them and broke up with him for a short time, but he convinced her it wouldn’t happen again.

Katherine Chancellor gave Ana a scholarship to go to school for her singing and Tyra decided to join her.  Tyra and Ana left town but not after damage had been done.  Besides the Devon/Roxanne break up, Karen divorced Neil.

In 2011, it was revealed that Devon’s father was none other than Tucker McCall, who once traveled with rock bands on the road.  Yolanda was a groupie who had a relationship with Tucker.  Yolanda wrote Tucker a note, but she never let him meet his son.  Despite all his resources, he never bothered to search for his child.

Upon realizing that Devon was his son, Tucker wanted a relationship with him.  Yolanda came back to town with a new name, Harmony.  Harmony was clean and sober and wanted to bond with Devon and Ana.  Katherine Chancellor, who was Devon’s new grandmother and an alcoholic herself, took Harmony in and helped her stay sober.  Harmony discovered she was still attracted to Neil and this time he reciprocated.

Devon eventually made peace with Harmony and Katherine, but remained skeptical of Tucker, who seemed to care more about business than family.  Harmony left Genoa City to be closer to Ana in spite of her growing relationships with both Devon and Neil.

Devon found the music business to be very slow in Wisconsin, so he joined Neil, Lily, and Lily’s husband Cane to work at Jabot.


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