Y&R Character Description – Michael Baldwin

Michael Baldwin


Written By Darlene
on April 27, 2013

Michael Baldwin is the son of Gloria Bardwell and River Baldwin and brother of Kevin Fisher and Eden Baldwin.  He is married to Lauren Fenmore Baldwin and they have a son, Fen Baldwin.

Michael comes from a family of people who’ve made mistakes in their pasts.  However, unlike the rest of his family, Michael has completely changed his ways.  He is a lawyer and former district attorney.  He is highly regarded and sought after when people need legal representation or advice.

Michael struggles with his past, in that he fears Fen inherited his anger problems and will lash out as he once did.

Michael is a brilliant attorney and an even better friend.  He is sometimes lured into unsavory situations by his family members or his good friend, Phyllis Newman.

Parents: Gloria and River Baldwin
Children: Fenmore Baldwin
Siblings: Kevin Fisher (maternal half-brother), Eden Baldwin (paternal half-sister)
Nieces and Nephews: Bella Fisher

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