The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Thomas Forrester

The last four actors to play Thomas on Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas Forrester played by Matthew Atkinson (formerly by Drew Tyler Bell/Adam Gregory/Pierson Fodé)

Thomas grew up in a wealthy family, but his parents constantly were breaking up and getting back together again, and his mother was presumed dead twice, which no doubt left its toll on him and his sisters (and his step-siblings). Rick had a troubled past, especially as a teen. When he came back from boarding school, he set fire to Rick’s house and blew up his car to keep Steffy away from him.  He went through counseling for that and made peace with Rick. Later, he and Steffy sent fake text messages to try to keep Ridge and Brooke apart. He and Steffy squabbled and caused some other problems. Later, he developed a bit of an obsession with Brooke. He renamed her line Taboo and kissed her on the runway, and then he creepily kissed her later as she slept. They were stranded on an island after a plane crash and took hallucinogenic drugs, which made Thomas believe that they’d slept together. He wasn’t sure, though. His grandmother, Stephanie, bribed him with Forrester shares to get him to say that they did have sex (to keep Brooke and Ridge apart). He agreed but couldn’t go through with it. Thomas was dating Dayzee, who begged him not to do that, but they broke up.

Later, Thomas took an interest in Hope and worked with Steffy to keep Liam and Hope apart.  Then he competed with Rick for Caroline.  Rick and Thomas argued more when Thomas was interim CEO while Ridge was out of town.  They had a fight, and Rick crashed through a second-story window, so Thomas lost Caroline. Thomas hoped to take over the company after Stephanie died, but Steffy found a DVD that proved she left it all to Eric.  Thomas and Rick had a fashion showdown to decide who would be president, but Thomas lost.

Thomas moved to the beach house with Oliver. A while later, he moved to Paris.  Then he moved home again for Aly’s funeral. He still loved Caroline, even though Ridge was married to her. He slept with her, not knowing that she was combining alcohol and pills.  She didn’t recall the night, so they agreed to forget about it. Thomas then went on a romantic spree, kissing and dating as many women as he could. After a fight with Ridge, Thomas left town again. He returned to find that Caroline was pregnant. Caroline swore Ridge was the father, so he moved in with Ivy, planning to seduce her after a bet with Steffy.   Unfortunately, Ivy was electrocuted during a fight with Steffy, so both she and Thomas blamed themselves.

Thomas became a new man when Douglas was born; he was very close to his “little brother.” When it came out that Ridge was the father, after a time, Thomas wanted to be a family with Caroline and Douglas, but she wasn’t interested. He dated Sasha for awhile, and then tried to make a family with Caroline in New York, but it didn’t work out.  Throughout all of this, Thomas felt rejected by his family because he wasn’t promoted to where he thought he should be. He took up with Sally and invested in her company.  Bill and Caroline concocted a scheme to make Thomas think that Caroline was dying, so that he would leave Sally and cause her financial ruin. Later, he found out about the lie and dumped Caroline, returning to take Sally and her family to New York to start again. It didn’t work out, and he dumped Sally once more to be with Caroline and Douglas.

Thomas returned after Caroline passed away. He tried to convince Hope to dump her husband, Liam, for him and be a mother to Douglas.  In doing so, he took Sally as his confidante (strangely enough), and the secret ruined her relationship with Wyatt.  While Thomas has always been a schemer, this new version of him seems to be way more amoral and twisted.  During his plotting, Thomas kept mum about Steffy’s adopted daughter Phoebe really being Beth.  He terrorized his son and broke up his dad and Brooke and tried hard to sway Hope to his side. He even wooed Zoey to make Hope jealous and almost married her. In March, 2020, Hope, Liam, Steffy and Zoe banded together to foil his plans (and his wedding to Zoey). He hasn’t been seen since. Hopefully he’s getting some much-needed mental help..

Thomas and Caroline on Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Taylor Hayes

Taylor Hayes of Bold and the Beautiful

Dr. Taylor Hayes played by Hunter Tylo

Taylor is a psychiatrist, but she’s always seemed to have a lot of tragedy and stress in her life, and sometimes she’s a bit unstable. She first came on the scene in 1990 when she was counseling Ridge and Caroline. The latter was dying of cancer.  Ridge took an interest in Taylor after that, which didn’t set well with Brooke.  Brooke and Taylor had a triangle for many years as he bounced back and forth between the two women.  At first, Taylor was set up as the “good girl” and Brooke was the bad.

Taylor was presumed dead after a plane crash; she was mugged and lost her memory.  She woke up in the palace of a Moroccan Prince, who called her Laila. She recovered her memory and eventually was let go when she learned that her father, Jack, had a heart attack.  At some point, Taylor’s family learned she was alive, but Ridge and Brooke stayed together. Taylor left town and came back.  She was upset over losing Ridge, got drunk and set herself on fire. She was in a short relationship with Thorne, who cared for her and helped her heal. It didn’t last long.

Taylor and Ridge lived happily for a while with Thomas, and then she was pregnant with twins. She also had TB, so she almost died giving birth to Steffy and Phoebe. Taylor befriended a crazy woman named Morgan, who ended up faking Steffy’s death by shark attack. She tried to steal Steffy until Ridge rescued her.  Later, Taylor died again after being shot by Sheila. This time her death was faked by Prince Omar, who wanted her back. She escaped and reunited with her family once again.

After some more problems with Brooke, and other men, Taylor confessed to Ridge that she had kissed a man named Hector and had previously slept with fellow psychiatrist James. Ridge yelled at her for being a hypocrite, since she was always criticizing Brooke and acting like a saint.  Taylor started drinking heavily.  She was driving to help a stranded Phoebe when she accidentally hit Darla, who was changing a tire, with her car.  Several people told her to keep quiet about her part in it. She got involved with Thorne and his daughter out of guilt. She eventually did tell Thorne the truth and went to jail.  Thorne forgave her and asked the court to do the same, soshe  was let out. They were going to marry, but Aly was against it, so they called it off.

Taylor has counseled many people over the years, including Stephanie, who remembed that she was abused by her father. Taylor urged her to confront her mother, Anne.  She got involved with Nick, Ridge’s half-brother, who was also a patient.  They had a baby, Jack, through in vitro fertilization. She later learned that Brooke was the egg donor and that Nick still had feelings for Brooke.  Taylor couldn’t bond with Jack, so she let Brooke raise him.

Taylor was heavily involved in her children’s lives after that. She dated Rick, who had been dating Phoebe. Phoebe and Rick got into a terrible car accident when they were arguing about his dating Steffy. Phoebe died.  Taylor and Ridge got back together, but Brooke stopped them from remarrying. After some therapy (of sorts), Taylor and Brooke made peace. Taylor was married to Brooke’s ex, Whip, for awhile, but he divorced her after realizing she still loved Ridge.  Taylor seemed to find some peace and happiness when Brooke and Ridge married again, and she moved on with Thorne, but it didn’t last.  Taylor treated many of the show’s characters over the years, including Bill and Katie.   Taylor was close to Stephanie and was upset when she died of cancer. Taylor was involved with Eric for a while, too.  After that, she moved to Paris to be with Steffy.

Taylor returned in 2014 and found that Aly was having mental health issues, so she treated her and also admitted her role in Darla’s death.  She was gone for awhile, again, but reappeared in 2018. She had flown back from Paris to shoot Bill after hearing from Ridge that Bill had forced himself on Steffy (which wasn’t true). Steffy begged Bill not to turn her mother in, and Taylor got therapy of her own.  Despite the therapy, Taylor is back to having arguments with Brooke and trying to manipulate their children.  When word got out that Taylor had shot Bill, the Forresters and Logans were worried about Taylor being around the babies. However, Steffy still trusted her mother and invited her to move in with her.  Taylor met charming Dr. Reese Buckingham and formed a friendship. She helped Steffy adopt a little girl, that she bought from Reese (not realizing that it was Hope’s presumed-dead baby, Beth).  Steffy named her Phoebe.

Taylor hasn’t been seen on the show since this happened. They often mention her as working far away for “Doctors Without Borders.”

The Forrester family

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Steffy Forrester

Steffy Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy Forrester played by Jacqueline MacIness Wood

Steffy grew up as a twin to Phoebe in the wealthy Forrester family. However, her father, Ridge, married and re-married her mother, Taylor, and Brooke Logan, over and over, for various reasons. Her mother was presumed dead for a while. This kind of instability was not good for Ridge’s children. She also has her brother, Thomas, and they’re very close. She was also very close to her grandmother, Stephanie (and was her namesake).  When she was two, Steffy was kidnapped and her death was faked by a crazy woman named Morgan that Ridge had dated. Steffy’s twin died in 2008 from a car accident with Rick Forrester. Steffy has always felt that loss.

Steffy became quite a conniving and manipulative person as she plotted to keep Ridge and Taylor together, and she later made moves on Bill so she could blackmail him to get control of Forrester Creations (and keep control from the Logans). She also tried to publicly embarrass Hope and Brooke at different times.

She dated Marcus, Rick, and Owen (who was married).  Liam is the love of her life, although she was also married to Wyatt.  Steffy chased Liam, with Bill’s help, to get him away from Hope. She and Liam were almost married after she got pregnant, but she miscarried after riding her motorcycle and was told she couldn’t have children any more. She divorced Liam and left town for a while to go to Paris.

When she returned, she started a bikini line, which upset young Aly, who was a kind of prude.  Aly ended up going a little nuts when they were in the same area where Steffy’s mother, Taylor, had run over Aly’s mother, Darla, with her car (while drunk). Aly attacked Steffy, who swung at her with a tire iron. Aly fell and hit her head on a rock, dying.  Steffy also had problems with her cousin Ivy; she had a fight with her which ended with Ivy getting electrocuted and almost died.

The differences between Steffy and Hope were really highlighted at this time. Steffy was the bad-ass rock’n roll chick, the sexy dark-haired woman, working hard at business, who was completely comfortable with her body; while Hope was a blonde angel who was prim and proper, and a force for good in the world. Aly idolized Hope and her ideals, which is what led to her going off the rails (along with losing her mother).

Steffy and Liam almost reunited when Quinn kidnapped Liam to keep him away from Steffy, so that Wyatt could win Steffy back. Steffy was disgusted to find out what Quinn had done. When she saw her grandfather Eric and Quinn together later, she attacked Quinn and knocked her to the ground.  She and the others boycotted their wedding and tried to keep Quinn out of the business when Eric was in a coma.  Steffy and Liam were finally married again in Australia with Ridge and Brooke.  She feuded with Sally, who was with Thomas.

Later, Steffy was upset with Liam for kissing Sally, so she slept with Bill, which destroyed her marriage to Liam, even though she was pregnant. Liam forgave her, but Bill’s machinations made Liam think that he and Steffy were still sleeping together.  Liam slept with Hope, so she got pregnant as well.  Steffy gave up on Liam and decided to choose herself, letting Hope have him. She and Hope made peace and decided that their children would be sisters, not the enemies that they were, or that their mothers were.

Steffy seemed to grow up around this point in her life. She is a responsible co-CEO of Forrester Creations (despite never graduating college) and mother. She’s been through a lot in her life and made peace with losing Liam.

Taylor shot Bill for what he did to Steffy, but Steffy begged him not to tell the police, so he didn’t. He held it over Steffy’s head for a while but then backed off.  Eventually, Bill moved on from his obsession with Steffy, since it almost cost him custody of his son, Will.  When Hope started worrying about Taylor being around her baby-to-be, Steffy decided to adopt another daughter so that hers would always have a sister, no matter what.  Dr. Reese Buckingham made friends with Taylor, who mentioned that Steffy was looking to adopt.  He also delivered Hope’s baby, Beth, in a storm, and he used a dead baby that another woman had birthed, to pretend that Hope’s was dead. He delivered the stolen Beth to Steffy, who promptly named her Phoebe, after her twin.  While Hope and Liam are dealing with their grief, Hope keeps pushing Liam to leave her and live with Steffy and her two girls.  Steffy left town for a while because she was worried about how attached Hope was getting to Phoebe.  Thomas, in the meantime, went after Hope and was doing his best to convince her to be his son Douglas’ new mom.

Steffy came back and was devastated to find out that her adopted daughter Phoebe was really Liam and Hope’s daughter, Beth. Reese was put in jail for what he did. Flo, Xander and Zoe were fired. Thomas kept going after Hope, even after she found out that he knew about Beth as well. Steffy was on his side for a while, but then she was very angry with him. Eventually, Steffy teamed up with Hope, Liam, Douglas and Zoe to trap Thomas at his sham wedding to Zoe and show how he was still obsessed with Hope.  Steffy is resigned to the fact that Hope and Liam are a family together, with Douglas and Beth.

Liam and Steffy on Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Maya Avant

Maya Avant Forrester of The Bold and the Beautiful

Maya Avant Forrester played by Karla Mosley

Maya was first seen in 2013 as a homeless Skid Row mother who had to give up her baby when she went to prison (for a crime she didn’t commit).  Later, she was released and tried to find her baby, but it had died in a car accident with its adopted family.  Maya was an aspiring actress/singer. She met Rick, and they fell in love. She was hired to model at Forrester Creations. She and Rick had many ups and downs over the years as he was with Caroline, and she with Carter, when they weren’t with each other.

In 2015, Rick proposed, and Maya confessed that she was transgender. After some more misunderstandings, they got married. This story was groundbreaking for the soaps. Forrester also had a transgender fashion show, with Maya as the lead model.  Maya’s sister, Nicole, as well as her parents, moved there. She and her father eventually reconciled (he had trouble with her not being a man).  They learned that Nicole’s friend, Sasha, was really their half-sister. Nicole agreed to carry a baby for Rick and Maya, so they had little Lizzy to raise.

Maya started out as a schemer and a bit of a social climber, but she did truly love Rick. Once she and Rick were married and had a child, Maya became more of a saint. She and Rick were given little to do. They divorced off-screen while the characters were in Paris. Maya returned to Forrester without Rick.  Maya’s cousin Xander from London arrived and was working at Forrester as an intern and model.  He was fired and left town after it was revealed that he knew that Hope’s baby Beth was alive but didn’t say anything. He broke up with his girlfriend, Zoe, and left town.  Maya really hasn’t been seen on screen for a long while.

Vivenne, Julian, Maya, Xander, Zoe, Hope and Liam

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Eric Forrester

Eric Forrester on Bold and Beautiful

Eric Forrester played by John McCook

Eric is the head of the Forrester family and their successful multinational business, Forrester Creations.  He and his late wife Stephanie started the business with a loan from her father.  Although they loved each other, Eric had a wandering eye and cheated on Stephanie many times (She had her own huge secrets). They have a huge, loving family, despite their problems. Eric was married to Brooke, Ridge’s wife, and they had two children.  He was also briefly married to Donna and Sheila.  Eric often seemed weak in comparison to Stephanie, but he’s actually a very strong person. He and Stephanie were married 4 times, and she died in 2012.

Eric is now a grandpa and dotes on both his children and grandchildren. He is retired from the business, and his son, Ridge, is CEO, along with Ridge’s daughter, Steffy. Eric appointed them, so he can change his mind any time.  He’s found a great love in Quinn Fuller. His family didn’t approve at first because Quinn has done some horrible things.  However, Eric’s love forced her to change, so now she’s a better person.  Eric also has a brother named John, who lives in Australia.

Every time there’s a family occasion, such as Christmas, or someone’s wedding, they have it at Eric’s beautiful mansion. Eric plays the piano and everyone loves to gather around it and sing.  A large painting of Stephanie used to hang in the living room, but now Quinn’s painting hangs there for all to see.

Recently, his wife Quinn and his ex-wife Brooke were fighting a lot, which made Eric very upset. He told them to knock it off, but they continued. He wasn’t pleased when Quinn made sure that Ridge and the rest of the family saw a video of Bill and Brooke making out, which killed her marriage to Ridge. He forgave  Quinn as he always does.

The Forresters on The Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Bridget Forrester

Bridget Forrester

Bridget Forrester played by Ashley Jones (and formerly Jennifer Finnegan and 11 other actors!)

Bridget grew up on the show. Her mom is Brooke and her dad is Eric. She was always a very good person. Some might call her the moral compass of the family.  She was a victim many times, especially from her well-meaning mom.  Brooke slept with both of Bridget’s husbands, Deacon and Nick. Nick also cheated on her with her Aunt Katie. Nick was the love of her life, but also her Achilles’ Heel.  Bridget always wanted to be a mom, but she miscarried. She finally became one after sleeping with Owen. This is when she finally became more than just a victim or good girl.

Bridget is a doctor because she loves helping people.  For a time, she was also a fashion designer.  She left town with her little boy, Logan, but she visits often.  Rick is her brother and close friend. Owen helps her raise Logan. She now lives in New York City.  She was visiting L.A. when Ridge and Brooke celebrated their reunion in March, 2020. She was at their family gathering when it came out that Brooke and Bill were making out recently (via a video).  Bridget was shocked, like everyone else.

Nick and Bridget Wed on Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Ridge Forrester

Ridge Forrester on Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge Forrester played by Thorsten Kaye (formerly Ronn Moss)

Ridge grew up in a rich family, with lots of love from his parents, who doted on him (especially his mother, Stephanie).  When played by Ronn Moss, Ridge was a very quiet but romantic guy. He was always torn between two women (one of them usually Brooke). He seemed to let his mother dictate his life. Eventually, he stood up to his mother, but it was clearly difficult for him.

Brooke is the love of Ridge’s life and always has been. He was also married to Taylor and the younger Caroline, and engaged to Katie, and the older Caroline, but Brooke is always where his heart has been. They’ve been married eight times. This last time seems to be the final marriage for both, but we’ll see.

Ridge sired twin daughters, Steffy and Phoebe, and son Thomas, with Taylor. Phoebe died in 2008 in a car accident. He and Brooke have R.J., who’s younger than the others.  Ridge, Taylor and Brooke are all grandparents now.

Ridge is a designer in his parents’ fashion firm, Forrester Creations.  Although he grew up in a rich family, he has a big, kind heart.  In 2014, Ridge (now played by Thorsten Kaye) fell out of a helicopter and almost died. He temporarily lost his memory and his design skills. Caroline helped him get these back.  His personality changed since then. He seems to get irritated more and speaks out more. He’s more ascerbic and has trouble controlling his temper. After some struggling with his new personality, he and Brooke married for “the last time.” They both seem to have grown up some and work out their problems rather than splitting up.

Ridge and his daughter Steffy are co-CEO of the family company.

In 2019, Thomas came back to town and started causing trouble for Brooke and Ridge.  Thomas became obsessed with Hope, and Brooke was an obstacle to that.  Ridge and Brooke almost divorced because he couldn’t believe that Thomas was up to no good, and Brooke wouldn’t allow Thomas in their house. They were separated.  Ridge moved back to the Forrester mansion.  Quinn’s friend, Shauna, was living in their guest house, so she and Ridge grew close. They even kissed a few times. Once Thomas’ was shown up to be the psycho that Brooke kept saying he was, then Ridge begged forgiveness and moved back home.

Unfortunately, Bill and Brooke had been making out the night before Thomas’ wedding (where he was exposed), and Shauna got a video of it. Quinn sent the video to Brooke’s digital picture frame (which was a gift from Ridge), so everyone saw it.  Ridge was heartbroken by Brooke’s betrayal, especially with Bill.  He ran off and spent a wild drunken night with Shauna. Brooke came to find him, and it looks like they may be on the road to reuniting, but it’s unclear.

Ridge and Caroline - Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Brooke Logan Forrester

Brooke played by Katherine Kelly Lang

Brooke Logan played by Katherine Kelly Lang

Brooke has a degree in chemistry, yet she was working for her mother’s catering company when she met Ridge, the love of her life, in 1987. They both fell in love, but Ridge was engaged to Caroline Spencer. Ridge’s mother, Stephanie, didn’t approve of Brooke, so she did everything she could, for years, to keep them apart or break them up.  Brooke also did some scheming of her own to win and keep Ridge.  Later, Stephanie admitted that she recognized Brooke as a younger version of herself.

Brooke fights hard for the man she loves, but she has fallen in love with many others as well, including Eric, Ridge’s father (with whom she had two children), and his brother Thorne, as well as Nick and Bill.  She’s very loyal to her family (two sisters and one brother) and helped raise her younger sisters. She’s also very devoted to her two daughters and her son, but she has, in the past, slept with her daughters’ boyfriends/husbands, which caused some problems.

Brooke seems to have grown up quite a bit since her younger years. She mostly concentrates on her children and husband, and working at Forrester Creations.  She and Taylor have feuded for many years, but Taylor seems more interested in carrying on the feud than does Brooke.  They have a lot in common. Not only did they both love Ridge for many years and have children with him, they both interfere in their own children’s lives (just as Stephanie did) and are fiercely protective of them.  Taylor seems a little more unhinged than Brooke, though.

Just like anyone else, Brooke can be jealous, or self-righteous, or nosy; but generally, she’s a good person with a big heart.

Brooke loves having family around her all of the time, so many of her children and their spouses either live in her house, or in the guest house.  None of the Logan sisters can cook, but they love the holidays and always gather with the Forresters to celebrate.

Brooke and Ridge had a terrible time in 2019 and 2020. They separated and almost divorced. Thomas worked hard to break them up, so that he could have Hope. Quinn and Shauna also had a hand in their marriage breaking up.  Ridge has been involved with Shauna, and Brooke was briefly involved with Bill.

Bold and Beautiful Ridge, Brooke and Carter at the wedding

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