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L to R: Larry David, Cheryl Hines, Ted Danson

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Larry, Cheryl and Marty

Curb Your Enthusiasm Spoilers

What’s Coming up!

Sunday, December 26, 10:30PM The Mormon Advantage
With the city council vote rapidly approaching, Larry gives some unsolicited marriage advice and hosts an event for an American hero. Promo

Sunday, December 19, 10:30PM Igor, Gregor, & Timor
Larry does the right thing (and regrets it) while seizing an unprecedented opportunity to avoid Irma. Jeff seeks out a pricey peace offering for Susie. Promo

Sunday, December 12, 10:30PM  What Have I Done?
Larry does damage control to remain in Irma’s good graces while encouraging Leon to monetize his knack for husbandly counsel. Promo

Sunday, December 5, 10:30PM Irma Kostroski
Ahead of Election Day, Larry befriends City Councilwoman Irma Kostroski while mediating a conflict between a difficult actor and his prop master. Promo

Sunday, November 28, 10:30PM Man Fights Tiny Woman
Larry navigates the complexities of requesting a new chauffeur, letting his roofer do his job, and imparting some constructive criticism to his chiropractor. Promo

Sunday, November 21, 10:30PM IRASSHAIMASE!
After enlisting both Jeff and Freddy’s help for the occasion, Larry’s hot date quickly goes south. Promo

Sunday, November 14, 10:30PM The Watermelon
After agreeing to take Susie’s new rabbi golfing, Larry then cashes in on her favor. Later, Larry’s appeal to Woody Harrelson’s animal rights activism comes with unexpected consequences. Promo

Sunday, November 7, 10:30PM The Mini Bar
In a last-ditch effort, Larry enlists Cheryl’s help with a project and, later, concocts a plan that could finally save his newest creative venture. Promo

Sunday, October 31, 10:30PM Angel Muffin
Larry is forced to attend an ill-fated work meeting and investigates the truth behind a faulty toilet. Determined to unravel a mystery of his own, Jeff employs Larry’s detective skills. Promo

Sunday, October 24, 10:30PM The Five-Foot Fence
A discovery in Larry’s backyard threatens to derail his latest creative venture, while a clumsy mishap threatens the future of his latest romance. Albert Brooks hosts an unprecedented event, and Leon makes arrangements for an upcoming trip. Promo


Jeff Garlin revealed in an article that Larry didn’t mention the pandemic when discussing the ideas for season 11.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, March 22, 10:01PM The Spite Store (Season 10 | Episode 10) Promo Larry runs into a familiar face, causes a rift between expectant parents, and seeks second opinion on his knee injury.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, March 15, 10:45PM Beep Panic (Season 10 | Episode 9) Promo Larry David turns simple things into something complicated.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, March 8, 10:30PM Elizabeth, Margaret and Larry (Season 10 | Episode 8) Promo A prominent actor shadows Larry to prepare for an upcoming role. Meanwhile, Larry meddles in the sale of Cheryl’s sister’s house; helps Leon grow a new business; and stirs up trouble at a dinner party hosted by Richard’s girlfriend.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, March 1, 10:30PM The Ugly Section (Season 10 | Episode 7) Promo Richard has a suspiciously good day on the golf course. Later, Larry attempts to capitalize on a friend’s unexpected death; takes issue with a pattern of discrimination at a trendy restaurant; and offers his dermatologist’s son a job.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, February 23, 10:31PM The Surprise Party (Season 10 | Episode 6) When Susie plans a surprise party for Jeff, Larry suspects she has ulterior motives, and enlists the help of his new friend Wally to ensure things don’t go awry. Meanwhile, Larry connects with a problematic inventor to develop an innovative new product.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, February 17, 10:30PM Insufficient Praise (Season 10 | Episode 5) Promo Larry receives a problematic gift from Freddy Funkhouser; causes trouble with Richard’s new girlfriend; and offends one of Jeff’s A-list clients.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, February 9, 10:31PM You’re Not Going to Get Me to Say Anything Bad About (Season 10 | Episode 4) Promo Travel plans go awry when Larry brings an impromptu date to a destination wedding. And, at the hotel, Larry finds himself in a sticky situation when he
goes searching for a toothbrush.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, February 2, 10:30PM Artificial Fruit (Season 10 | Episode 3) Promo Larry drops the ball when he gets the chance to make amends with Alice; Larry and Richard go to extreme lengths for their upcoming lunch date.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, January 26, 10:31PM Side Sitting (Season 10 | Episode 2) Promo Larry’s lawyer tries to resolve the situation with his assistant, Alice. Larry surprises Susie with an impressive birthday gift and comes one step closer to exacting revenge on Mocha Joe.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, January 19, 10:31PM Happy New Year (Season 10 | Episode 1) Promo In the season premiere, Larry kicks off the new year with a new rival–Mocha Joe. Later, at a cocktail party hosted by Jeff and Susie, Larry gets roped into lunch plans and has a misunderstanding with a caterer.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, December 3, 10:00PM “Fatwa!” (Season 9 | Episode 10) Teaser In the Season 9 finale, Larry has a scheduling conflict; takes issue with work associates; and hosts a pair of ungrateful houseguests.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, November 26, 10:00PM “The Shucker” (Season 9 | Episode 9) Promo Larry is blackmailed by an employee and tormented by someone from his past. Meanwhile, Jeff and Larry pitch a new creative venture; and Susie gets turned on by a surprising source.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sun Nov 12 9:00pm “Namaste” (Season 9 | Episode 7) Teaser Larry irks a hot yoga teacher; has an auspicious first date; and seethes over an encounter with an unfair ride-sharing driver.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, November 5, 10:00PM “The Accidental Text on Purpose” (Season 9 | Episode 6) Promo Larry invents a clever ploy for getting his friends out of relationship jams; Larry upsets Funkhouser’s new girlfriend.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, October 29, 10:10PM “Thank You for Your Service” (Season 9 | Episode 5) Promo Larry commits a faux pas with Sammi’s fiancé, and tries to start over with his mail carrier and golf club security guard.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, October 22, 10:00PM “Running With the Bulls” (Season 9 | Episode 4) Promo Larry bribes an usher at a funeral; Susie grows suspicious of Jeff; Larry’s therapist accuses him of overstepping.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, October 8, 10:00PM “The Pickle Gambit” (Season 9 | Episode 2) Promo Larry reaches out to a familiar face; gives sartorial advice to a hotel guest; and tries to create a diversion to help a friend’s nephew.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm – Sunday, October 1, 10:00PM “Foisted!” (Season 9 | Episode 1) Video Clips In the Season 9 premiere, Larry offends Jeff’s barber, tries to get rid of an inept assistant and gets into hot water over a new project.

Season 9 Is a ‘Five-Year Log-Jam of Indignities’

The Concept Behind The New Season Of Curb Your Enthusiasm Is Genius

Season 9 finds Larry on Judge Judy

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Main Primetime News Page

Curb Your Enthusiasm News

What’s New!

Great article about the show in the NY Times

Richard Lewis Passed Away

Wil Wheaton blasts Larry David for attacking Elmo on air, citing his own abusive childhood

HBO Original Comedy Series CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Returns For Its Twelfth And Final Season February 4

Older news:

From 8/23 press release: HBO Renews CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM For A Twelfth Season
HBO has renewed the Emmy® and Golden Globe-winning comedy series CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, starring Larry David, for a twelfth season.
Originally debuting on HBO in 2001 and with 110 completed episodes to date, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM stars “Seinfeld” co-creator David as an over-the-top version of himself in an unsparing but tongue-in-cheek depiction of his fictionalized life. The series also stars Jeff Garlin, Susie Essman, J.B. Smoove, Cheryl Hines, Richard Lewis, Vince Vaughn, and Ted Danson.
Amy Gravitt, Executive Vice President, HBO Programming quote: “Larry outdoes himself season after season and always manages to come back when the audience needs him most. We’re thrilled for him, Jeff Schaffer, and our phenomenal cast to continue making us laugh and cringe in equal measure.”
Larry David quote: “Playing the role of Larry David has been the greatest honor of my life. In researching this multi-faceted, multi-talented man, I discovered that there’s more to him than I ever could have imagined: He speaks six languages, brines his own pickles, and spearheads a national movement to install a bidet in every home. I’ve also been told from numerous sources that he is the most generous of lovers. I am so excited to once again transform into this force of nature. I only pray that I can do him justice.”
The comedy series continues to prove how seemingly trivial details of one’s day-to-day life can precipitate a catastrophic chain of events. To keep the narrative spontaneous, the series is shot without a script and cast members are given scene outlines and improvise lines as they go.
Season 12 Credits: CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM is created by Larry David; executive producers, Larry David, Jeff Garlin, Jeff Schaffer; co-executive producers, Laura Streicher, Jennifer Corey.

This documentary below was canceled just hours before it was supposed to air!

The Larry David Story Documentary on HBO MaxTwo-Part HBO Documentary THE LARRY DAVID STORY Debuts March 1


  • HBO’s two-part documentary, THE LARRY DAVID STORY, debuts TUESDAY, MARCH 1 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and will be available to stream on HBO Max.
  • Logline: For over three decades, award-winning producer/writer/comedian Larry David has been one of TV’s defining talents. Now, this insightful two-part documentary finds the 74-year-old sitting down with friend/director Larry Charles for a peek behind the proverbial curtain, as David gets candid about his personal and professional highs and lows, from his humble beginnings as an unfunny Brooklyn kid to becoming America’s favorite misanthrope. In between reflecting on his bumpy road to success – and hit series “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” – David shares his thoughts on everything from metaphysics to parenthood. Genuine, hilarious, and eye-opening, THE LARRY DAVID STORY shines a new light on the infamous cynic who remains a singular voice in comedy today.
  • Credits: Director/Executive producer, Larry Charles; Executive producer, Mark Herzog



Entertainment Weekly

CYE returns October 24 on HBO!

Teaser for Season 11

Collider: Season 11 Guests Stars Include Woody Harrelson, Bill Hader, Jon Hamm, and More

Older News

Lin-Manuel Miranda is nominated for an Emmy for Best Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie for his role in “Hamilton.” The Emmys will air Sunday, September 19, 2021 on CBS.

‘VOMO: Vote Or Miss Out’ Clip: Larry David, Jon Hamm And Susie Essman Chat About Saving The USPS And…Lickable Faces

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Plans for a Spite Store Pop-Up in LA Were Thwarted by the Pandemic

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Star JB Smoove on Trump’s Reaction to MAGA Hat Scene and His Best SNL Pitches

How Faking An Illness Helped Larry David Become Famous

Sending Up Showbiz Through ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,’ ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ ‘The Kominsky Method’

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Boss on Larry David’s MAGA Hat … and a Deleted Sean Penn Scene

Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Jeff Garlin On Season 11 And Why Larry David Is Such A ‘True Genius’

The show is renewed for season 11

Interview with Jeff Garlin

Emmy Spotlight: Director Jeff Schaffer Is Long Overdue

10 Times Larry David Went Too Far

Jeff Schaffer Learned a Key Comedy Rule from Sasha Baron Cohen

The show returns Sunday, January 19 (10:30-11:07 pm), for its 10th season premiere on HBO. Trailer

Most of the cast can be found on this podcast “Origins” – first episode is about CYE!

Ted Danson is nominated for an Emmy Award for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in “The Good Place.” The 2019 Primetime Emmy Awards, honoring the best in TV programming, will be handed out Sunday, Sept. 22. The show will air live on Fox starting at 5 p.m. PT from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Lin-Manuel Miranda was nominated for a 2019 Teen Choice Award for Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie Actor for “Mary Poppins Returns.”

Bob Einstein (Marty Funkhauser) died.

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Is Still The Funniest Comedy Of Manners On TV In Season 9 9/29

Larry David Did Not Seem Thrilled to Be on ‘The View’ This Morning 9/28

Larry David Wreaks Hilarious Havoc on His Interview With Matt Lauer 9/27

Larry David to Matt Lauer: ‘Curb’ Spoilers Are None of Your Business 9/27

Season 9 will be supersized 9/26

Netflix to release film on how ‘Curb’ influenced a murder trial 9/3

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 Episodes Leaked by HBO Hacker 8/13

Check out this podcast “Origins” – first episode is about CYE!

Larry David and Curb Your Enthuasiasm to return to HBO!

Larry David’s ‘Bern Your Enthusiasm’ is our new favorite show

Larry David hosted “Saturday Night Live” 2/6/16
Videos: Leslie Jones Isn’t Feeling SNL Host Larry David
SNL Host Larry David Gets A Hug From The 1975 and Kate McKinnon
Larry David Becomes Kevin Roberts Behind-the-scenes footage of rehearsals leading up to Larry David’s performance as Kevin Roberts in “FBI Simulator” on February 6, 2016.

Larry David On His ‘Seinfeld’ Fortune: “I Don’t Have That Kind Of Money”

60 Minutes: Who Is Larry David?

He’s made untold millions laugh. He’s a celebrity worth many millions of dollars. Yet Larry David says he couldn’t walk up to a woman in a bar and say hello. That’s what the famous comedy and television star tells Charlie Rose in a dynamic and humorous interview to be broadcast on 60 MINUTES Sunday, March 1 (7:00-8:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.
Asked by Rose whether his success as the co-creator of “Seinfeld” and the star of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” changed him, perhaps has given him confidence, he says, “It gave me something that I didn’t have, but not in the way that people think… like a total transformation.
“It wasn’t that at all,” he tells Rose, saying he is still the guy in certain ways that he always was. “I still… to this day, I still couldn’t walk up to a woman at a bar and say hello… I don’t have that.” Watch the excerpt.
David shows plenty of confidence acting each night in previews of his own hit comedy play, “Fish in the Dark,”” which opens on Broadway next week. But he tells Rose of his childhood, where he says he never joined anything and his mother showed little faith in him.
“In junior high school and high school I did not participate in anything,” says David. “I didn’t even know, I swear to you, I didn’t even know there was a prom.”
This lack of confidence was compounded by the fact his mother didn’t have high ambitions for her son. “A mailman… she wanted me to work in the post office… that was her dream,” he tells Rose. “It said a lot to me. It wasn’t only that she said that. That’s how I felt about it.
“Zero, zero belief in myself. And it’s changed somewhat, but there’s still a lot of that in me,” says David.
Rose’s profile includes footage from the new play and clips from David’s television program. 60 MINUTES also takes David back to his old apartment and his junior high school in Brooklyn.

Larry David Defends Seinfeld Finale, Talks Possibility Of More Curb

Vote for Jeff Garlin for Favorite Comedic TV Actor in the People’s Choice Awards!

Larry David’s Mother Wanted Him To Grow Up To Be A Mailman

Larry David admits uncertainty about Curb Your Enthusiasm’s return

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” star Lewis helps mark Zanies 35th

Jeff Garlin isn’t willing to curb his yelling enthusiasm in ‘Goldbergs’

Mario Cantone On ‘A Conversation With Susie Essman’

Larry David Makes the Most Larry David Face Ever

Larry David Finally Weighs in on Twitter Sensation ‘Modern Seinfeld’ and Trashes It

Larry David tells Emerson kids to carry a notebook

Larry David Home Still on the Auction Block

Review of Larry David’s movie “Clear History”

Jewish TV cliches are a thing of the past

New HBO Project: A Black ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’?

HBO will develop a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style comedy show, but for Black Hollywood this time

Larry David’s Fictional Wife on the End of their ‘Marriage’

Curb Your Enthusiasm Spoilers

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Episode List


0 1-00 October 17, 1999 Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm (1 min)


1 1-01 October 15, 2000 “The Pants Tent”
2 1-02 October 27, 2000 “Ted and Mary”
3 1-03 October 29, 2000 “Porno Gil”
4 1-04 November 5, 2000 “The Bracelet”
5 1-05 November 12, 2000 “Interior Decorator”
6 1-06 November 19, 2000 “The Wire”
7 1-07 November 26, 2000 “AAMCO”
8 1-08 December 3, 2000 “Beloved Aunt”
9 1-09 December 10, 2000 “Affirmative Action”
10 1-10 December 17, 2000 “Group”


11 2-01 September 23, 2001 “The Car Salesman”
12 2-02 September 30, 2001 “Thor”
13 2-03 October 7, 2001 “Trick or Treat”
14 2-04 October 14, 2001 “The Shrimp Incident”
15 2-05 October 21, 2001 “The Thong”
16 2-06 October 28, 2001 “The Acupuncturist”
17 2-07 November 4, 2001 “AAMCO”
18 2-08 November 11, 2001 “Shaq”
19 2-09 November 18, 2001 “The Baptism”
20 2-10 November 25, 2001 “The Massage”


21 3-01 September 15, 2002 “Chet’s Shirt”
22 3-02 September 22, 2002 “The Benadryl Brownie”
23 3-03 September 29, 2002 “Club Soda and Salt”
24 3-04 October 6, 2002 “The Nanny from Hell”
25 3-05 October 13, 2002 “The Terrorist Attack”
26 3-06 October 20, 2002 “The Special Section”
27 3-07 October 27, 2002 “The Corpse-Sniffing Dog”
28 3-08 November 3, 2002 “Krazee-Eyez Killa”
29 3-09 November 10, 2002 “Mary, Joseph and Larry”
30 3-10 November 17, 2002 “The Grand Opening”


31 4-01 January 4, 2004 “Mel’s Offer”
32 4-02 January 11, 2004 “Ben’s Birthday Party”
33 4-03 January 18, 2004 “The Blind Date”
34 4-04 January 25, 2004 “The Weatherman”
35 4-05 February 1, 2004 “The 5 Wood”
36 4-06 February 8, 2004 “The Car Pool Lane”
37 4-07 February 22, 2004 “The Surrogate”
38 4-08 February 29, 2004 “Wandering Bear”
39 4-09 March 7, 2004 “The Survivor”
40 4-10 March 14, 2004 “Opening Night”


41 5-01 September 25, 2005 “The Larry David Sandwich”
42 5-02 October 2, 2005 “The Bowtie”
43 5-03 October 9, 2005 “The Christ Nail”
44 5-04 October 16, 2005 “Kamikaze Bingo”
45 5-05 October 30, 2005 “Lewis Needs A Kidney”
46 5-06 November 6, 2005 “The Smoking Jacket”
47 5-07 November 13, 2005 “The Seder”
48 5-08 November 20, 2005 “The Ski Lift”
49 5-09 November 27, 2005 “The Korean Bookie”
50 5-10 December 4, 2005 “The End”


51 6-01 September 9, 2007 “Meet The Blacks”
52 6-02 September 16, 2007 “The Anonymous Donor”
53 6-03 September 23, 2007 “The Ida Funkhouser Roadside Memorial”
54 6-04 September 30, 2007 “The Lefty Call”
55 6-05 October 7, 2007 “The Freak Book”
56 6-06 October 14, 2007 “The Rat Dog”
57 6-07 October 21, 2007 “The TiVo Guy”
58 6-08 October 28, 2007 “The N Word”
59 6-09 November 4, 2007 “The Therapist”
60 6-10 November 11, 2007 “The Bat Mitzvah”


61 7-01 September 20, 2009 “Funkhouser’s Crazy Sister”
62 7-02 September 27, 2009 “Vehicular Fellatio”
63 7-03 October 4, 2009 “The Reunion”
64 7-04 October 11, 2009 “The Hot Towel”
65 7-05 October 18, 2009 “Denise Handicapped”
66 7-06 October 25, 2009 “The Bare Midriff”
67 7-07 November 1, 2009 “The Black Swan”
68 7-08 November 8, 2009 “Officer Krupke”
69 7-09 November 15, 2009 “The Table Read”
70 7-10 November 22, 2009 “Seinfeld”


71 8-01 July 10, 2011 “The Divorce”
72 8-02 July 17, 2011 “The Safe House”
73 8-03 July 24, 2011 “Palestinian Chicken”
74 8-04 July 31, 2011 “The Smiley Face”
75 8-05 August 7, 2011 “Vow of Silence”
76 8-06 August 14, 2011 “The Hero”
77 8-07 August 21, 2011 “The Bi-Sexual”
78 8-08 August 28, 2011 “Car Periscope”
79 8-09 September 4, 2011 “Mister Softee”
80 8-10 September 11, 2011 “Larry vs. Michael J. Fox”


81 9-01 October 1, 2017 “Foisted!”
82 9-02 October 8, 2017 “The Pickle Gambit”
83 9-03 October 15, 2017 “A Disturbance in the Kitchen”
84 9-04 October 22, 2017 “Running with the Bulls”
85 9-05 October 29, 2017 “Thank You for Your Service”
86 9-06 November 5, 2017 “The Accidental Text on Purpose”
87 9-07 November 12, 2017 “Namaste”
88 9-08 November 19, 2017 “Never Wait for Seconds!”
89 9-09 November 26, 2017 “The Shucker”
90 9-10 December 3, 2017 “Fatwa!”


91 10-01 January 19, 2020 “Happy New Year”
92 10-02 January 26, 2020 “Side Sitting”
93 10-03 February 2, 2020 “Artificial Fruit”
94 10-04 February 9, 2020 “You’re Not Going to Get Me to Say Anything Bad About Mickey”
95 10-05 February 16, 2020 “Insufficient Praise”
96 10-6 February 23, 2020 “The Surprise Party”
97 10-7 March 1, 2020 “The Ugly Section”
98 10-08 March 8, 2020 “Elizabeth, Margaret and Larry”
99 10-09 March 15, 2020 “Beep Panic”
100 10-10 March 22, 2020 “The Spite Store”

Other Episode Guides

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Contact Info

Write to the show!

Send HBO an email about the show

Write to HBO or any of the actors c/o HBO

500 Broadway Ste 400
Santa Monica, CA 90404

310 382 3000

1100 Ave of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

212 512 1000 x6712 phone

or send a letter to Larry David c/o

William Morris Endeavor (WME) Entertainment
+1 310 248 2000 phone
+1 310 248 2020 fax
9601 Wilshire Blvd
3rd Fl
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Character Profiles

Profiles of your favorites!

Larry David Larry is the star of the show as well as the writer. He plays himself, but nobody is really this clueless. He’s a comic genius. Larry the character is socially inept and very self-centered. He gets irritated by other people and situations (sometimes justified) but mostly ends up annoying other people with what he says and does. He gets himself into strange situations sometimes.



Jeff Greene Jeff is Larry’s best friend and lives nearby as well. Jeff is similar to Larry but is more jovial and gets along better with people. He’s also Larry’s manager. Jeff is married to a real shrew and has cheated on her. He and Larry are often getting into mishaps, but Larry is more the leader and Jeff is the follower.



Cheryl David Cheryl was Larry’s wife for many years on the show, but they got divorced. She thought she was too good for him because she was very pretty and better with people. Larry can be a real idiot sometimes, especially when it comes to people. Cheryl, like most of the people in this show, is very self-centered. Most of them are very spoiled and living in a rich-person’s Hollywood bubble. Cheryl was an actress but apparently not a very good one because she didn’t get too many parts.


Susie Greene Susie is Jeff’s long-suffering wife who has a loud mouth and is very outspoken. Larry and Jeff do a lot of crazy, stupid things and she is the one who usually is there to yell at them for it. Then again, it would be really hard to be married to someone like her.



Richard Lewis Like Larry, Richard plays a fictional version of himself. We don’t know which is real and which is fiction. Richard is very neurotic and worries a lot (most of his comedy shows are about that, too). He often has a beautiful woman on his arm, but he usually ends up screwing up the relationship in one way or another.



Marty Funkhouser He’s an old friend of Larry’s.





Leon Black Leon is a distant relative of Larry’s ex-girlfriend Loretta. When she and her family left Larry’s house, he stayed. He and Larry are good friends and often get into trouble together.





Sammi Greene Sammi is Jeff and Susie’s daughter. She’s now an adult.





Ted Danson He also plays a fictionalized version of himself. Ted in the show seems very laid back but often gets into fights with Larry. After he and his wife divorced, he dated Larry’s ex-wife, Cheryl.




Mary Steenburgen

Mary Steenburgen She also plays herself; she’s married to Ted Danson in real life. In the show, they were divorced. She briefly dated Larry.





Nat David Larry’s dad, who might be even more annoying than Larry.





Antoinette Spolar Larry’s previous receptionist, who kept a lot of his secrets…She was in the first four seasons.





Loretta Black Larry’s ex-girlfriend





Keysha Black She and Darryl are Loretta’s children.




Nan Funkhouser
She’s married to Marty, until they divorce.





Wanda Sykes She also plays herself. Whenever Larry talks to her, he often ends up saying the wrong thing about black people. Wanda often gets annoyed with Larry for what he says and does, especially with regards to black people.



See more at Wikipedia

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Cast List

Who’s Who in the cast!

Larry David

Jeff Garlin…Jeff Greene

Cheryl Hines…Cheryl David

Susie Essman…Susie Greene

Richard Lewis

J.B. Smoove…Leon Black

Vince Vaughn…Freddy Funkhouser

Ted Danson

Shelley Berman…Nat David

Antoinette Spolar

Vivica A. Fox…Loretta Black

Carla Jeffery…Keysha Black

Ann Ryerson…Nan Funkhouser

Wanda Sykes

Ellia English…Auntie Rae

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Ashly Holloway…Sammi Greene

Paul Dooley…Cheryl’s Dad

Julie Payne…Cheryl’s Mom

Kaitlin Olson…Becky

Mocha Joe…Saverio Guerra

Jerry Seinfeld

Louis Nye…Jeff Greene’s Dad

Jason Alexander

Mary Steenburgen

Paul Mazursky…Norm

Mina Kolb…Jeff Greene’s Mom

Cady Huffman

Jim Staahl…Restaurant Manager

Richard Kind…Cousin Andy

Suzy Nakamura…Assistant Manager

Bob Einstein…Marty Funkhouser

Mel Brooks

Michael York

Ben Stiller

Mekhi Phifer…Omar Jones

Jack Gallagher…Doctor

David Schwimmer

Patrick Kerr…Michael

Rosie O’Donnell

Don Stark…Stu Braudy

Christine Taylor

Michael Richards

Jane Carr

Fran Metzger

Caroline Aaron…Barbara

Mayim Bialik…Jodi Funkhouser

Tia Carrere…Cha Cha

Most of this Info from Internet Movie Database

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Cast Birthdays

Celebrate your favorite actors’ birthdays!

Caroline Aaron 8/7
Jason Alexander 9/23
Lisa Arch 11/23
Shelley Berman 2/3
Mayim Bialik 12/12
Mel Brooks 6/28
Jane Carr 8/13
Tia Carrere 1/2
Ted Danson 12/29
Larry David 7/2
Paul Dooley 2/22
Bob Einstein 11/20
Ellia English 3/26
Susie Essman 5/31
Vivica A. Fox 7/30
Jack Gallagher ?
Jeff Garlin 6/5
Saverio Guerra 8/25
Cheryl Hines 9/21
Ashly Holloway 9/30
Cady Huffman 2/2
Carla Jeffery 7/10
Patrick Kerr 1/23
Richard Kind 11/22
Mina Kolb 6/7
Richard Lewis 6/29
Julia Louis-Dreyfus 1/13
Paul Mazursky 4/25
Suzy Nakamura 12/2
Nick Nervies 1/24
Louis Nye 10/9
Rosie O’Donnell 3/21
Kaitlin Olson 8/18
Julie Payne 9/11
Mekhi Phifer 12/29
Michael Richards 7/24
Ann Ryerson 8/15
David Schwimmer 11/2
Jerry Seinfeld 4/29
J.B. Smoove 12/16
Antoinette Spolar ?
Jim Staahl ?
Don Stark 7/5
Mary Steenburgen 2/8
Ben Stiller 11/30
Wanda Sykes 3/7
Christine Taylor 7/30
Vince Vaughn 3/28
Michael York 3/27

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Larry David Birthday Meme

Curb Your Enthusiasm Articles

Writing about the show!

Interview with Lisa Arch (Cassie) 11/18/21

Review of Season 7 DVD 5/31/10.

Interview with Richard Kind (Cousin Andy) and others 10/20/16.

Interview with Vivica Fox and others 11/4/14.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Appearances

Where to find your favorite “Curb” actors!

Susie Essman (Susie) occasionally does voices on “American Dad” on TBS. She does a guest voice appearance on “Bob’s Burgers” Sunday, May 8 on FOX. and  on  the Audible podcast “Like Mother“.

Rosie O’Donnell appears in “American Gigolo” on Showtime and appears Tuesday, 9/13 on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on NBC.

Lin-Manuel Miranda stars in the movie version of “Hamilton,” which he created. It can be seen on the Disney+ streaming channel. He does several voices on “Ducktales” on the Disney Channel and appears Thurday, 9/15 on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Larry David sometimes appears on “Saturday Night Live” Saturdays on NBC as Bernie Sanders. He appears in this very funny Super Bowl commercial!

Cheryl Hines (Cheryl) stars in the next Bad Moms movie, “Bad Moms’ Moms” and in “Flight Attendant” on HBO Max and guest-stars in “Fantasy Island” for the first episodes of the second season on FOX (in the Fall). She’s a judge on “I Can See Your Voice” Wednesdays on FOX.

Richard Kind (Cousin Andy) appears in many TV shows and movies… busy guy! He also does voices on “American Dad” on TBS and has a recurring role on “The Goldbergs” Wednesdays on ABC.

Ted Danson (Ted) appears Thursday, 9/8 (Re-run from 3/29/22) on “The Drew Barrymore Show.” He and Cheryl Hines appear Thursday, 9/8 on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Mary Steenburgen has a few movies coming out.

Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen star in the new movie “Best Summer Ever” found On Demand.

Wanda Sykes (Wanda) has several movies coming out, as well as the new Netflix series “The Upshaws.” She does voices in many animated series. You can see her standup tour dates on her website. She is one of the stars in ONE Campaign’s Pandemica and stars in a new show “The Upshaws” on Netflix. She appears Friday, 9/2 (Re-run from 6/28/22) on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on NBC.

Ellia English (Auntie Rae) has several movies coming out.

Jerry Seinfeld (Jerry) created and stars in the hit web series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Jason Alexander (Jason) has a bunch of new movies coming out. He and Patton Oswalt (Harry) guest-star on “The Conners” Wednesday, November 24 on ABC. Oswalt stars in “A.P. Bio” on the new Peacock streaming channel, works steadily in TV, does the voice-over for the show “The Goldbergs”, has three movies coming out and does voices for many animated series, including the new “M.O.D.O.K.” series for HULU.

Vivica A. Fox (ex-Loretta) stars in the syndicated show Face the Truth and has many movies coming out.  She has a new new Lifetime film series, “Keeping up with the Joneses.” It airs four consecutive Fridays beginning July 8 at 8/7c. She appears Monday, 7/11 (Re-run from 3/11/22) on “Tamron Hall.”

J.B. Smoove does one of the voices in the new animated “Harley Quinn” series on DC Universe. He appears in “The Real Husbands of Hollywood” Wednesdays on BET and does many commercials for Ceasar’s Palace Sportsbook. He also guest-stars on “Password” 8/23 on NBC.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a few movies coming out.

Mary Steenburgen is one of the stars of “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” on NBC. They’re finishing the series with a Christmas movie. From TVLINE.COM: The film will debut for free on Wednesday, Dec. 1, exclusively on The Roku Channel — which does not require a Roku device — in the U.S., Canada and the UK. All 25 episodes of the series are currently available to stream on the service.

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