The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Steffy Forrester

Steffy Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy Forrester played by Jacqueline MacIness Wood

Steffy grew up as a twin to Phoebe in the wealthy Forrester family. However, her father, Ridge, married and re-married her mother, Taylor, and Brooke Logan, over and over, for various reasons. Her mother was presumed dead for a while. This kind of instability was not good for Ridge’s children. She also has her brother, Thomas, and they’re very close. She was also very close to her grandmother, Stephanie (and was her namesake).  When she was two, Steffy was kidnapped and her death was faked by a crazy woman named Morgan that Ridge had dated. Steffy’s twin died in 2008 from a car accident with Rick Forrester. Steffy has always felt that loss.

Steffy became quite a conniving and manipulative person as she plotted to keep Ridge and Taylor together, and she later made moves on Bill so she could blackmail him to get control of Forrester Creations (and keep control from the Logans). She also tried to publicly embarrass Hope and Brooke at different times.

She dated Marcus, Rick, and Owen (who was married).  Liam is the love of her life, although she was also married to Wyatt.  Steffy chased Liam, with Bill’s help, to get him away from Hope. She and Liam were almost married after she got pregnant, but she miscarried after riding her motorcycle and was told she couldn’t have children any more. She divorced Liam and left town for a while to go to Paris.

When she returned, she started a bikini line, which upset young Aly, who was a kind of prude.  Aly ended up going a little nuts when they were in the same area where Steffy’s mother, Taylor, had run over Aly’s mother, Darla, with her car (while drunk). Aly attacked Steffy, who swung at her with a tire iron. Aly fell and hit her head on a rock, dying.  Steffy also had problems with her cousin Ivy; she had a fight with her which ended with Ivy getting electrocuted and almost died.

The differences between Steffy and Hope were really highlighted at this time. Steffy was the bad-ass rock’n roll chick, the sexy dark-haired woman, working hard at business, who was completely comfortable with her body; while Hope was a blonde angel who was prim and proper, and a force for good in the world. Aly idolized Hope and her ideals, which is what led to her going off the rails (along with losing her mother).

Steffy and Liam almost reunited when Quinn kidnapped Liam to keep him away from Steffy, so that Wyatt could win Steffy back. Steffy was disgusted to find out what Quinn had done. When she saw her grandfather Eric and Quinn together later, she attacked Quinn and knocked her to the ground.  She and the others boycotted their wedding and tried to keep Quinn out of the business when Eric was in a coma.  Steffy and Liam were finally married again in Australia with Ridge and Brooke.  She feuded with Sally, who was with Thomas.

Later, Steffy was upset with Liam for kissing Sally, so she slept with Bill, which destroyed her marriage to Liam, even though she was pregnant. Liam forgave her, but Bill’s machinations made Liam think that he and Steffy were still sleeping together.  Liam slept with Hope, so she got pregnant as well.  Steffy gave up on Liam and decided to choose herself, letting Hope have him. She and Hope made peace and decided that their children would be sisters, not the enemies that they were, or that their mothers were.

Steffy seemed to grow up around this point in her life. She is a responsible co-CEO of Forrester Creations (despite never graduating college) and mother. She’s been through a lot in her life and made peace with losing Liam.

Taylor shot Bill for what he did to Steffy, but Steffy begged him not to tell the police, so he didn’t. He held it over Steffy’s head for a while but then backed off.  Eventually, Bill moved on from his obsession with Steffy, since it almost cost him custody of his son, Will.  When Hope started worrying about Taylor being around her baby-to-be, Steffy decided to adopt another daughter so that hers would always have a sister, no matter what.  Dr. Reese Buckingham made friends with Taylor, who mentioned that Steffy was looking to adopt.  He also delivered Hope’s baby, Beth, in a storm, and he used a dead baby that another woman had birthed, to pretend that Hope’s was dead. He delivered the stolen Beth to Steffy, who promptly named her Phoebe, after her twin.  While Hope and Liam are dealing with their grief, Hope keeps pushing Liam to leave her and live with Steffy and her two girls.  Steffy left town for a while because she was worried about how attached Hope was getting to Phoebe.  Thomas, in the meantime, went after Hope and was doing his best to convince her to be his son Douglas’ new mom.

Steffy came back and was devastated to find out that her adopted daughter Phoebe was really Liam and Hope’s daughter, Beth. Reese was put in jail for what he did. Flo, Xander and Zoe were fired. Thomas kept going after Hope, even after she found out that he knew about Beth as well. Steffy was on his side for a while, but then she was very angry with him. Eventually, Steffy teamed up with Hope, Liam, Douglas and Zoe to trap Thomas at his sham wedding to Zoe and show how he was still obsessed with Hope.  Steffy is resigned to the fact that Hope and Liam are a family together, with Douglas and Beth.

Liam and Steffy on Bold and the Beautiful

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