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"Star Trek" original cast

Star Trek Character Biographies by Suzanne

Original Star Trek

Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the Starship Enterprise

Captain James T. Kirk (portrayed by William Shatner) is the ultimate hero. Modeled in part after the literary character Horatio Hornblower, he also embodies the lawmen of 60’s TV who went with their guts as well as their heads and hearts.  Kirk is very intelligent and was the top of class as well as being the youngest officer to make captain in Starfleet. He’s shrewd and has outwitted many strange space aliens, some of whom were foes and some of whom became friends.  Although Kirk generally follows regulations, he will sometimes divert from or even ignore them, when his crew is at risk, or when he feels that the greater good is more important (such as saving people on a planet).  Kirk’s crew is very loyal to him, and he to them.  Kirk is the model of the 23rd century man who believes in humanity and peace, not brute force (for the most part).  Kirk boxes to keep in shape, so he’s able to easily defend himself.

Kirk had a son, David, a scientist who resented Kirk at first. David was a pacifist and seemed to be the opposite of Kirk in most ways. He and Kirk grew to admire each other, but then he died when the Klingons stole the Genesis device and threatened Saavik and Spock. Kirk blamed the Klingons for David’s death. He had a hard time letting go of his hatred for them.

Captain Kirk has an eye for beautiful women, but his ship, the Enterprise, is the lady he always chooses to return to. He had a long career as both Captain and Admiral. Kirk dies when he and Captain Picard fight against an evil being named Soran who tries to destroy a planetary system in order to get back to a an extra-dimensional area called The Nexus (in the movie “Star Trek: Generations”).

Mr. Spock, Science Officer of the starship Enterprise

Mr. Spock (portrayed by Leonard Nimoy) is half-human and half-Vulcan. Vulcans suppress their emotions and use logic and science in their lives. Spock is the first Vulcan to serve in Starfleet. He’s the First Officer and Science officer of the Enterprise. Although he has learned not to show his emotions, it’s clear that Spock values his friendships, including those of his captain, James T. Kirk, and Dr. “Bones” McCoy and Nurse Chapel.  Spock gave his life to save the ship when it was about to explode due to the Genesis device. He went into the anti-matter core to adjust it manually, dying of radiation poisoning (In “Star Trek: Wrath of Khan”). He subsequently was resurrected by the same Genesis device and rescued by the crew of the Enterprise (in “Star Trek 3: Search for Spock”).

Later in his life, Spock worked to reunite the Vulcans and Romulans in peace, with help from Jean-Luc Picard (In “Star Trek: The Next Generation”). He also tried to help the Romulans when their planet was threatened. He ended up accidentally creating an alternative timeline because of a vengeful Romulan, Nero (in the 2009 reboot movie “Star Trek”). Spock meets the younger version of himself and Kirk in the other reality, and they defeat Nero. However, Nero had destroyed Vulcan, so Spock remained in the alternate universe to help rebuild New Vulcan. He also aided the younger Spock and Kirk with some advice in their fight with Khan (in the 2013 film “Star Trek: Into Darkness”).

Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy of the starship Enterprise.

Dr. Leonard McCoy (portrayed by DeForest Kelley) is the Chief Medical Officer of the starship Enterprise. He calls himself “an old country doctor” because he’s from Atlanta and studied at the University of Mississippi. He was divorced at a young age and had many failed romances, perhaps because of high moral standards. He’s good friends with Captain Kirk. Where Mr. Spock is very logical, Dr. McCoy is a bit emotional (even though he’s a man of science himself). He believes strongly that sometimes the body can heal itself.  He is very folksy, and he doesn’t trust all of the modern technology, even though he uses it to save lives. He and Mr. Spock were often at odds during tense situations, and McCoy often would call Spock a freak or some other insulting term, but they came to admire and respect each other. Indeed, they became friends.

Dr. McCoy became Chief of Starfleet Medical later on in life, also becoming an admiral. He lived a long life and appeared at age 137 on the Starship Enterprise once again (in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”) to inspect the medical bay of the new Enterprise-D; he was escorted by Lt. Commander Data.


Lt. Commander Montgomery "Scotty" Scott

Montgomery “Scotty” Scott (portrayed by James Doohan) is the Engineering Officer on the Enterprise. He’s Scottish and very proud of his heritage. He’s even prouder of the ship and its engines, which he treats as if they’re his babies. He’s able to perform miracles and get the ship and its crew out of many jams. He likes to drink Scotch Whiskey or other alcoholic drinks. Scotty gets along fine with his shipmates, and he’s very loyal to them (especially Captain Kirk).

Scotty served on 11 ships in his long career. He was about to retire when his shuttlecraft was hit by a Dyson Sphere. He put himself in the pattern buffer to survive, and he was there for 75 years until revived by the crew of the Enterprise D (in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”). Scotty didn’t adjust well to life in the 25th century because his knowledge was too outdated. After helping to save the Enterprise D, he was given a small starship (called a runabout) and went off to explore space in his remaining days.

Nurse Christine Chapel

Nurse Christine Chapel (portrayed by Majel Barrett) is the nurse that assists Dr. McCoy on the Enterprise. She originally had a career in bio-research, but she abandoned it to go into space when her fiancé went missing. Once they found him, and he died, she decided to stay on the ship.  She’s a capable medical officer who does a lot to help the crew. Eventually, she became a doctor (in the movie “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”).

In the series, Nurse Chapel has a crush on Mr. Spock, who can’t return her feelings because he’s a Vulcan. She kept trying to get close to him, despite that.

Lt. Hikaru Sulu

Lt. Hikaru Sulu (portrayed by George Takei) is the ship’s helmsman. He has a background in physics and was the ship’s staff physicist when it started. Then he became the helmsman.  Sulu has many hobbies, including botany, fencing, gymnastics and ancient weaponry. He later, in the movies, became Lt. Commander, Commander and then Captain. He commanded his own ship, the U.S.S. Excelsior.

In the movie “Star Trek: Generations,” we learn that he has a daughter, Demora Sulu. Sulu is also seen in a flashback by Lt. Tuvok, who served under Captain Sulu, in an episode of “Star Trek: Voyager.” We learn nothing else about Sulu’s personal or romantic life.

Lt. Nyota Uhura Lt. Nyota Uhura (portrayed by Nichelle Nichols) is the Chief Communications Officer on the ship. She can also fill in at the helm, navigation or science stations when needed. She speaks many languages, but she mostly interacts with the technology on the ship. She is religious (Christian) and also loves to sing for the crew when off-duty (sometimes with Spock playing the Vulcan lyre). Like most of the ship’s crew, she’s very loyal to the ship, its crew and to Captain Kirk.  She comes from the United States of Africa.

When challenged, especially by obnoxious aliens, she stands up for herself as a strong woman. One alien robot, NOMAD, erased her memory, so she had to relearn her whole life (with the help from the ship’s computers). It didn’t take her long, thankfully.  She has a good working relationship with the other crew, but no mention is ever made of any romantic relationships.  When some of the crew went to the mirror universe, she flirted with the mirror Sulu in order to distract him. Nothing else is known about Uhura’s personal or romantic life.  Later, Uhura was promoted to Lt. Commander and then Captain.

Ensign Pavel ChekovEnsign Pavel Chekov (portrayed by Walter Koenig) is a junior officer compared to the rest of the bridge crew. He’s younger and more naïve.  Chekov is later promoted to Lieutenant, and then to Lt. Commander. He’s the ship’s navigator. Later, he became the ship’s tactical officer and security chief. Hailing from Russia, he enjoys making jokes about how everything is a Russian invention.  However, his youthful arrogance hides the fact that he was an honors graduate of the Space Academy and is almost as good with science as Mr. Spock.

Like Captain Kirk, Chekov always admires beautiful women and frequently flirts with them. Chekov became the Executive Officer aboard the Reliant (in “Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan”) and showed up later on the Enterprise-B as a guest on its first voyage (in “Star Trek: Generations”).  His son, Anton, became President of Earth, but nothing else is known about Chekov’s life outside of the ship.

Yeoman Janice RandJanice Rand (portrayed by Grace Lee Whitney) is Captain Kirk’s Yeoman, which is similar to a personal assistant.  Captain Kirk showed his sexist side when he was uncomfortable having a woman in that position (probably because she was so beautiful, and he had a hard time ignoring that). There is always a lot of sexual tension between the two.  Yeoman Rand seemed quiet and shy at first, but she is clearly a capable officer who frequently goes on away missions with a tricorder, and she’s able to stand up for herself when necessary.

Later, Rand became the Transporter Chief on the ship (in the movie “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”) and then a Communications Officer on the U.S.S. Excelsior (in the film “Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country”).

Lt. Arex, Navigator of the Starship Enterprise (James Doohan)Lt. Arex (voiced by James Doohan) serves as one of the ship’s navigation officers (in “Star Trek: The Animated Series”). He’ss an Edosian, and that species has 6 limbs.  He is adept at using the science station and has commanded the Enterprise a few times when the captain was away. Arex has a very high, whiny voice.

Arex is known as one of the best navigators in Starfleet and was Ensign Chekov’s instructor at the academy. Arex got his start as a technician on merchant vessels but became an officer through a field promotion. He never went to Starfleet Academy. He has had many commendations and citations for bravery and valor, but he is quiet and unassuming.

Lt. M'Ress, Communications Officer of the Starship Enterprise (Majel Barrett)Lt. M’ress (voiced by Majel Barrett) is the ship’s Operations Division Officer and frequently fills in for Uhura as Communications Officer and sometimes as Science Officer. Her species is Caitian; she has a tail and a cat-like appearance. Also, she purrs when she speaks. She is close friends with Lt. Uhura and Nurse Chapel, and she also hangs out with Lt. Arex. She has interests in anthropology, archaeology, poetry-writing and performing in plays.




"Star Trek: The Animated Series" Kirk, Spock and Scotty

Information from watching the series, as well as from Wikipedia and Memory Alpha.

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Legends of Tomorrow Character Profiles

What is everyone like?

Legends of Tomorrow

Ray PalmerRay Palmer Ray is super smart, a science prodigy, and also has a lot of enthusiasm. Although he’s very handsome, he was a lonely and bullied geek growing up. He was a successful inventor who became rich. After his fiance Anna was murdered, he developed a super-powered exoskeleton to fight crime. This is how he became The Atom. His technology allows him to fly, and to shrink or to get larger, as well as to shoot blasts.




Sara LanceSara Lance Sara was thought dead and lost at sea, but she ended up in Nanda Parbat and joined the League of Assassins. She was killed but resurrected, saved via the Lazarus Pit. She is the hero White Canary and is in charge of the Legends since Rip left.





Mick RoryMick Rory Mick was a villain, Heat Wave, along with his friend Leonard Snart (Captain Cold). Mick is a pyromaniac (likes to set fire to things) and thief. Mick was recruited to join the Legion but never considers himself a hero. He was captured by the Time Masters and brainwashed into becoming the Time Master Chronos. Mick eventually broke free of his conditioning and is back to normal (more or less). Although he acts dumbs, it’s clear that he’s pretty smart. He just likes to keep things simple. The death of his best friend affected him deeply. Mick has no powers, just a big powerful gun that shoots flames. Like all of them, he’s good at fighting, too.


Amaya JiveAmaya Jiwe She was part of the Justice Society of America in the 1940’s as Vixen. She chose to join the Legends after she found out that a time traveler killed her lover, Rex. She’s from an African village and was given a magical totem. This gives her the power to call on the power of any animal.





Nate HeywoodNate Heywood Nate is a historian who learned about the Legends and enlisted Oliver Queen to rescued them when they went missing. He’s very enthusiastic and, like Ray, a bit of a geek, despite being so handsome. He was a hemophiliac and almost died, but he was injected by an experimental serum that saved him. It also gave him the super powers to give him an instant metal skin when he needs it. He’s now the superhero Steel.




Leonard SnartLeonard Snart Like Mick, Snart was a criminal. He was the brains of their operation. He developed a cold ray gun that allows him to freeze things and people. He, too, joined the Legends. He was never as gruff or unsocialable as Mick, and eventually, he sacrificed himself to save the Legends when they were fighting Vandal Savage. He’s come back a number of times from the past. His Earth X counterpart, Leo, has joined the team for a little while. This Snart is gay and a much nicer person, who helps people with their feelings.



Zari TomazZari Tomaz She joined the team in 2042, where she was fighting against A.R.G.U.S. Religion had been banned in that future, and she was part of a Muslim family. The Legends rescued her and persuaded her to join their team. She has an amulet similar to Amaya’s, except it lets her control the air. Zari has been hardened by the loss of her family. She presents a gruff exterior, somewhat like Mick, and is very cynical.




GideonGideon Gideon is an advanced computer program, or artificial life form. She’s an interactive consciousness programmed to operate the Waverider (the time machine ship that the Legends use). We mostly just hear Gideon’s voice, but sometimes we see this disembodied head. She is very powerful and has done many amazing things. She’s related to the same Gideon that was developed by Barry Allen in the future and used by Eobard Thawne.




Rip HunterRip Hunter Rip was a Time Master, but when evil Vandal Savage killed his wife and child, he went on a personal mission to stop Vandal and save the world from this evil machinations. This violated the rules set up by the Time Masters, so they tried to hunt him down and kill him. Rip and the Legends ended up stopping the Time Masters and Vandal, but he still lost his wife and child. Rip is basically a hero, but he sometimes acts in his own self interests. He can be very single-minded and sometimes sneaky. He likes to be in control and doesn’t like to let his guard down. He’s a great fighter and can be very ruthless. Sometimes he lets his anger get in the way of his duties. Letting go of his grief has helped him to grow up and become a better person and leader.


Damian DarhkDamien Darhk Damien is a merciless killer with a great sense of humor. Even though he is evil, he also is great at justifying his actions for the greater good (as he sees it). He was once a member of the League of Assassins. He lived a long time, thanks to the Lazarus Pit, and built his power and fortune over centuries. He has obtained magical abilities, due to collecting ancient artifacts. He planned to annihilate the world with nuclear weapons after building himself, his family, and people he thought were important, an unground city to survive the nuclear fallout. He was thwarted by the Green Arrow and his friends and killed. Earlier in time, he teams up with Malcolm Merlyn and Eobard Thawne to control reality, and they do for a time, until the Legends defeat them. Damien was resurrected and teamed up with Gorilla Grodd, and his daughter Nora, and the evil Mallus.


Ava SharpeAva Sharpe Ava is a high ranking agent of the Time Bureau. She is very intelligent and ambitious. She doesn’t like the Legends at first but then worked with them to try to defeat Damien Darhk. She admires the Legends, particularly Sara.





Nora DarhkNora Darhk Nora, who now goes by Eleanor, is the daughter of Damien Darhk and his wife Ruvé Adams. Ruvé and Damien both died in Star City, and Eleanor was adopted by someone else. However, she later joined the Mallus cult and is helping her father (now resurrected) in their plot to rule the world with magic. She has magic as well as the ability to travel through time.




Mallus Mallus is some sort of evil entity that can manipulated time and is feared by everyone. He can possess the bodies of humans and considers himself a God.

Jax JacksonJefferson Jackson “Jax” Jax is a former mechanic who then became a meta-human, part of the hero Firestorm with Martin Stein. He didn’t want to become a Legend, but Martin forced him to go along. Jax forgave him and the men became very close, like father and son.





Martin SteinDr. Martin Stein Martin was a professor of physics who developed Firestorm. He became part of Firestorm as a metahuman when the particle accelerator exploded. Martin knows about a great deal of subjects, including history, and he was invaluable during the Legends missions. However, sometimes his ego would get him into trouble. He was not a good leader, the one time he tried, because he had trouble making quick decisions. Martin is very kind and is married to a wonderful woman named Clarissa. They have a daughter named Lily. Martin sacrifice himself on Earth X when all of the superheroes were trying to save everyone from the Nazis.



Kendra SaundersKendra Saunders






Eobard ThawneEobard Thawne





Lily SteinLily Stein






Vandal SavageVandal Savage






Carter HillCarter Hall






Malcolm MerlynMalcolm Merlyn






Clarissa SteinClarissa Stein






Legends of Tomorrow

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Grey’s Anatomy Character Profiles

What is everyone like?

Grey's Anatomy

Meredith GreyMeredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) Meredith is the central character and narrates most of the shows. She began as an intern and is now a resident. She has had an off and on romance with Derek Shepherd, and they finally got married by post-it note. She calls herself “dark and stormy,” mostly due to issues with her alcoholic absent father who she feels abandoned her many years ago. She also had difficulty reconciling her mother’s long-term affair with Chief of surgery Richard Webber. She is best friends with Cristina Yang and they refer to each other as “my person.” She has a half sister named Lexie and she had difficulty accepting her when she first came to Seattle Grace Hospital, but they have slowly grown closer.


Christina YangCristina Yang (Sandra Oh) Cristina is a cardiothoracic surgery resident who is an overachiever. Her life revolves around surgery and she has been known to put surgery before the relationships in her life. She is best friends with Meredith Grey. For some time, she had a serious relationship with Preston Burke but he left her on their wedding day. She is currently in a relationship with Owen Hunt. He had a relationship with Teddy Altman in Iraq and there is a bit of a love triangle between the three. Cristina offers to give Owen to Teddy in order to scrub in on surgery with Altman as her teacher. She later works through this with Owen.


Derek ShepherdDerek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) – He was originally the head of neurosurgery but took over as chief of surgery when Dr. Webber was “demoted” due to his alcohol issues. He was nicknamed “McDreamy” by the girls. He came to Seattle Grace to get away from his ex-wife Addison, who cheated on him with his best friend Mark Sloan. He began an on-and-off-again relationship with Meredith and they recently ended up marrying by post it note. He has been having issues with Webber since he went to the hospital board about Webber’s drinking problem, resulting in his demotion. They have been able to come to a truce and appear to be helping each other through their trials in their new positions.



Alex KarevAlex Karev (Justin Chambers) – Alex grew up in an unstable home. He continuously had to protect his mother from his father, who was abusive. He had numerous flings with different women at Seattle Grace Hospital until he met a patient named Ava. She came in with amnesia and he took care of her, eventually falling in love. Ava left and later spent some time in a mental hospital and they end up going their separate ways. He later begins to date Izzie and they got married while she was in the hospital with cancer. After she was let go from Seattle Grace for performing an incorrect procedure on a renal patient, causing her to code and almost die. She then disappeared and left him floundering. He started sleeping with Lexie.


Miranda BaileyMiranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) – She is the attending general surgeon at Seattle Grace Hospital. She was always supportive to Chief Webber especially because she wasn’t afraid to tell him like it is. She is well-known for her tough and domineering attitude and earned the nickname The Nazi. She comes across as tough but has softened toward the residents as she has formed relationships with them. The long hours spent at work caused problems between her and her husband and they ended up divorcing. Recently she has started to date Ben Warren (Jason George).



Richard WebberRichard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) – He was the original Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital. Years ago, he had an affair with Meredith’s mom (Ellis Grey), and the affair contributes to the tension between him and Meredith at work. He struggled with alcoholism in the past and when Seattle Grace and Mercy West merged, it caused him much stress and he ended up falling off the wagon. Derek Shepherd reported him to the hospital board, and he was subsequently demoted back to surgeon and told to get help for his alcoholism. Shepherd took over as acting chief in his absence and there has been a lot of tension between the two because Webber does not like the way Shepherd has been running the hospital. Being back in the OR reminds him of his love for surgery and he and Shepherd have come to a truce of sorts. Webber has been offering advice on how to deal with the administrative end of the job.


Mark SloanMark Sloan (Eric Dane) – Mark is the head of plastic surgery. His character ways was a playboy and he even had an affair with Addison Montgomery Shepherd (Derek’s wife), which ruined his friendship with Shepherd for quite some time. The femlales at Seattle Grace nicknamed “McSteamy.”. He started to date Lexie Grey and the relationship turned serious when they decided to move in together. He found out he had an 18 year old pregnant daughter when she showed up on his doorstep, and Lexie had a difficult time adjusting to the thought of “playing mom.” His daughter’s name is Sloan as well and he is excited about being a granddad but Sloan wants to give the baby up for adoption. She ends up leaving without telling him and he really feels the loss. He starts dating Teddy Altman but explains that he doesn’t want a fling, he wants a family, which is opposite of everything he has been up to this point.


Alexandra GreyAlexandra ‘Lexie” Grey (Chyler Leigh) – She is resident and half-sister to Meredith (same father). She is known for her photographic memory. Initially, she and Meredith did not get along but have slowly grown closer. She dated Mark Sloan for quite some time but it ended when his 18 year old daughter showed up at his door pregnant and moved in with them. He was excited about being a grandfather and began to envision a whole family that Lexie was not ready for. She bolted and took solace in sleeping with Alex Karev, neither of which is looking for anything serious. She found out that Sloan moved on with Teddy Altman and she was upset.



Teddy AltmanTeddy Altman (Kim Raver) – She is the head of cardiothoracic surgery at Seattle Grace. She knows Owen Hunt from the past because they served together in Iraq. They were in love and she is still in love with him although he is dating Cristina Yang. She is tough on Yang in surgery and has different teaching methods than what we are used to, but Yang wants to scrub in on as many surgeries with her that she can. Yang offered to trade Owen if she would allow her to scrub in on surgery. Teddy told Owen this, causing issues between him and Yang. Currently she is dating Mark Sloan and they are taking it slowly.



Owen HuntOwen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) – He is the head of trauma surgery and Yang’s current boyfriend. He suffers from PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) from his time in Iraq and because of this he almost kills Yang when he chokes her in his sleep. Yang becomes afraid of him so he seeks therapy and they are able repair their relationship. He struggles with memories of Iraq and his time with Altman and their relationship. He and Yang have a stormy relationship and it almost ends when she offers to give him to Altman in trade for more surgery opportunities.



Arizona RobbinsArizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) – She is the head of pediatric surgery. She appears calm and able to counsel others through highly emotional situations. She is currently dating Callie Torres and has helped her with ‘coming out’ to her dad, although it doesn’t go well at all. Callie wants kids and she adamantly does not, so this is a point of contention for their relationship.




Calliope TorresCalliope “Callie” Torres (Sara Ramirez) – She is an attending orthopaedic surgeon. She got married to George O’Malley but they divorced because he realized he was in love with Izzie. Callie started a relationship with Erica Hahn but it was cut short when Hahn left the hospital over the lack of punishment for Izzie. She has since met Arizona Robbins and they are dating. She “came out” to her dad, who was not happy, but after cutting her off from his money and not speaking to her, he has begun to come around. She and Arizona have discussed children and Arizona vehemently does not want them. Callie is upset and ready to end the relationship because she realizes that she absolutely does want children.


Addison Montgomery ShepherdAddison Montgomery Shepherd (Kate Walsh) – Former head of OB/GYN and Neonatal Surgery. She was married to Derek Shepherd but they got divorced due to her infidelity with his best friend Mark Sloan. She transferred to Seattle Grace and attempted to get back together with Derek, but she finally realized he was in love with Meredith and ended up leaving Seattle Grace (she is currently on the spinoff show Private Practice). She occasionally makes guest appearances on Grey’s Anatomy.



Izzie StevensIsobel “Izzie” Stevens (Katherine Heigl) – Izzie grew up poor and gave a daughter up for adoption when she was 16. She started as an intern at Seattle Grace where she met Denny Duquette, a patient she fell in love with. He needed a heart transplant and he was not going to get one in time, so she purposely cut his LVAD wires, causing him to die. She almost lost her job over this and spiraled into a deep depression. She began dating Alex Karev and their relationship had its ups and downs. She was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma and had to undergo rigorous treatment. They ended up marrying in the hospital and she underwent surgery, surviving the treatment. Once back to work, she accidentally induced hyperkalaemia in a patient slated for renal transplant and therefore lost her job. She left Seattle Grace without a word to anyone, especially her husband Alex and has reappeared occasionally. She and Karev have since separated and she is working at another hospital.

George O'MalleyGeorge O’Malley (T. R. Knight) – George is an intern who was originally infatuated with Meredith. They ended up sleeping together and she cried, humiliating him. They were able to get past that and remain close friends. He was always close friends with Izzie as well. He began to date Callie Torres, and they ended up getting married. He began to develop feelings for Izzie, and therefore broke it off with Callie. They attempted a relationship but realized they were better off as friends. He died when he tried to save a girl from being hit by a bus and ended up getting hit instead.




Grey's Anatomy

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The Flash Character Profiles

What are the “Flash” characters like?

More details coming soon!

Barry Allen/The Flash

Iris West

Caitlin Snow/Killer Forst

Cisco Ramon/Vibe/Reverb

Dr. Harrison Wells


Joe West

Wally West

Jesse Wells/Jesse Quick

Julian Albert

Cecile Horton

Henry Allen

Jay Garrick/The Flash (Earth 3)

The Mechanic

Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker

Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash

Savitar (Barry Allen time remnant)

Nora Allen

Eddie Thawne

Captain David Singh

Hartley Rathaway/Pied Piper

Jay Garrick/Hunter Zolomon/Zoom

Patty Spivot

Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm

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Family Guy Characters

Character Descriptions

Family Guy characters


Peter Griffin bioPeter Griffin is the head of the Griffin family of Quahog, Rhode Island. He is a working class guy… not very mature or bright.   He often runs off on some wild chase or scheme.  He loves beer and hanging out with his friends at the local bar, The Drunken Clam.




Lois Griffin bioLois Griffin is married to Peter and the mom of their kids. She has a little more common sense than he does, but she’s not a very warm person (especially when it comes to her kids). She and Peter bicker a lot but love each other.




Meg Griffin bioMeg Griffin is the oldest child. No one seems to like her (including her family). Her family bullies or ignores her. She’s a bit odd and definitely “a nerd.” Sometimes the family jokes that she’ll be a lesbian in the future.




Chris Griffin bioChris Griffin is a teenaged boy. He’s not very smart and seems emotionally stunted. He’s obsessed with girls, like most teens. Sometimes he speaks as if he’s actually a lot smarter. He loves to play video games.




Stewie Griffin bioStewie Griffin is the baby of the family, but he’s really an evil genius. There are many jokes about him being gay (and in the closet).  Sometimes he acts like a regular child, and other times he seems very far advanced. He has most of the best jokes on the show. Brian is his best friend. They have adventures together. Stewie likes to try to kill his mom and also build time machines.


Brian bioBrian is the family dog, but he can speak and is fairly smart (not as smart as he thinks he is). He likes to read (or at least, pretend to read), write and sip Champagne. He dates humans as well as dogs.  He tries to keep Stewie out of trouble. Brian has a big crush on Lois but is also Peter’s best friend (and Stewie’s as well).  He and Quagmire hate each other.



Joe Swanson bioJoe Swanson is Peter’s next door neighbor. He’s in a wheelchair but is also a police officer.  He has an offbeat sense of humor and is usually cheery not matter what. He, Peter, Quagmire and Cleveland hang out at the local bar. He’s married to a woman, Bonnie, that doesn’t treat him very well.



Glenn Quagmire bioGlenn Quagmire is Peter’s other next door neighbor. He’s a pilot who’s obsessed with sex and bedding as many women as he can. Like Brian, he has a huge crush on Lois. He and Brian hate each other. He thinks Brian is a big phony. His favorite sayings are “all right” and “giggity giggity.”



Cleveland bioCleveland Brown lives across the street from Peter. Whenever there’s a terrible thing that happens in the neighborhood, Cleveland’s house is usually destroyed, with him in the bathtub and falling out of the house. He’s a mail carrier. His wife is Loretta, and they have two children. There was a spinoff of his family, “The Cleveland Show.”


Family Guy

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Character Profiles

Profiles of your favorites!

Larry David Larry is the star of the show as well as the writer. He plays himself, but nobody is really this clueless. He’s a comic genius. Larry the character is socially inept and very self-centered. He gets irritated by other people and situations (sometimes justified) but mostly ends up annoying other people with what he says and does. He gets himself into strange situations sometimes.



Jeff Greene Jeff is Larry’s best friend and lives nearby as well. Jeff is similar to Larry but is more jovial and gets along better with people. He’s also Larry’s manager. Jeff is married to a real shrew and has cheated on her. He and Larry are often getting into mishaps, but Larry is more the leader and Jeff is the follower.



Cheryl David Cheryl was Larry’s wife for many years on the show, but they got divorced. She thought she was too good for him because she was very pretty and better with people. Larry can be a real idiot sometimes, especially when it comes to people. Cheryl, like most of the people in this show, is very self-centered. Most of them are very spoiled and living in a rich-person’s Hollywood bubble. Cheryl was an actress but apparently not a very good one because she didn’t get too many parts.


Susie Greene Susie is Jeff’s long-suffering wife who has a loud mouth and is very outspoken. Larry and Jeff do a lot of crazy, stupid things and she is the one who usually is there to yell at them for it. Then again, it would be really hard to be married to someone like her.



Richard Lewis Like Larry, Richard plays a fictional version of himself. We don’t know which is real and which is fiction. Richard is very neurotic and worries a lot (most of his comedy shows are about that, too). He often has a beautiful woman on his arm, but he usually ends up screwing up the relationship in one way or another.



Marty Funkhouser He’s an old friend of Larry’s.





Leon Black Leon is a distant relative of Larry’s ex-girlfriend Loretta. When she and her family left Larry’s house, he stayed. He and Larry are good friends and often get into trouble together.





Sammi Greene Sammi is Jeff and Susie’s daughter. She’s now an adult.





Ted Danson He also plays a fictionalized version of himself. Ted in the show seems very laid back but often gets into fights with Larry. After he and his wife divorced, he dated Larry’s ex-wife, Cheryl.




Mary Steenburgen

Mary Steenburgen She also plays herself; she’s married to Ted Danson in real life. In the show, they were divorced. She briefly dated Larry.





Nat David Larry’s dad, who might be even more annoying than Larry.





Antoinette Spolar Larry’s previous receptionist, who kept a lot of his secrets…She was in the first four seasons.





Loretta Black Larry’s ex-girlfriend





Keysha Black She and Darryl are Loretta’s children.




Nan Funkhouser
She’s married to Marty, until they divorce.





Wanda Sykes She also plays herself. Whenever Larry talks to her, he often ends up saying the wrong thing about black people. Wanda often gets annoyed with Larry for what he says and does, especially with regards to black people.



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Arrow Character Profiles

Learn About Arrow Characters!

Oliver QueenOliver Queen/Arrow Oliver grew up a rich boy with little direction, spoiled and often getting into trouble, partying and cheating on his girlfriend with her own sister. After he was stranded on the island Lian Yu when his father’s yacht, The Queen’s Gambit, sank, he was forced to grow up and fend for himself against hostiles, natives, nature and the like, especially after watching his father shoot himself so that he could live. Yao Fei taught him to survive, to shoot arrows and kill for meat, but he was also tortured by Yao Fei’s enemies. As we learned over the past 5 years, Oliver had many adventures on and off the island and learned how to fight, especially with a bow and arrow, and how to disguise himself with a hood.  Oliver vowed to return to Starling City and bring the enemies of the people to justice (thanks to the list his father gave him). Oliver is very damaged and has killed people who got in his way, but he is basically a hero, as he proves each week by rescuing the innocent and punishing the evil. Arrow or “The Vigilante” was the costume and mask he wore, but when he was Oliver, he often had to pretend to be the old, spoiled rich boy as well. Oliver is not very trusting (with good reason) and is often caught in the middle between members of his family as well as between Laurel and her father, and between his real life and that of “Arrow”. After 5 seasons, Oliver has lost most of his family and many friends, but he’s matured. He’s now mayor of Star City (no longer called Starling City) and leads a small band of heroes. He now goes by the name Green Arrow. He has an on-again, off-again relationship with Felicity, who also helps them fight crime. He also has a son, William, from a past girlfriend. In Season 6, Felicity and Oliver married, but Oliver was forced to tell the world that he’s the Green Arrow, and they put him in jail.

FelicityFelicity Smoak She worked at QC and helped Walter and Oliver many times. She is a computer genius and suspected at first that Oliver was not honest with her when he asked for her help. Eventually, she became an important part of Team Arrow and is “Overwatch”, helping the team out in the field with her computer skills. She sometimes goes out in the field herself as well.  Her father was a great hacker and criminal, and her mother is a bit of a flighty bimbo, so Felicity has had a troubled relationship with them both. Felicity was a hactivist in college but quit after her boyfriend was arrested for it and hanged himself in prison. She and Oliver have been in love and had an on-again, off-again relationship. She was made paraplegic in an attack by the evil H.I.V.E., but she was given an experimental bio-stimulant that allows her to walk around. She dated Ray Palmer for a while and took over his company while he was presumed dead. She and Oliver were engaged for a while; they finally got married in 2017, and she’s helping to raise his son, William.

WilliamWilliam Clayton is Oliver’s son with his ex-girlfriend, Samantha. He and his mom had to move and adopt new identities to protect them from Damian Darkh. Adrian Chase tracked them down and kidnapped William. Samantha died on Lian Yu when Chase blew it up. William now lives with Oliver and Felicity. William doesn’t want his dad to be The Green Arrow.



John DiggleJohn Diggle He was hired as Oliver’s bodyguard by Moira, but Oliver let him find out that he is Arrow, so John now assists Oliver in bringing down the bad guys. John was formerly in the Special Forces in the Army, so he can fight well. Oliver taught him some of the moves he learned from Yao Fei, and he even donned the Arrow costume once to help out. Now he has his own costume and goes by the superhero name Spartan. He remarried his wife, Lyla, and they have a son together, JJ.  John often serves as Oliver’s and the rest of his team’s moral compass. He had a falling-out with Oliver in Season 6, but they united in their fight against Diaz.

TheaSpeedyThea Queen Nicknamed “Speedy” by her older brother Oliver, Thea was a bit of a wayward teen who liked to go out and party. She and her mother had problems getting along. When her father and brother were presumed dead, Moira shut down and didn’t talk about them, which hurt Thea deeply. Thea did a lot of drinking and sometimes drugs. She had a crush on Tommy as well and liked to lay a guilt trip on Oliver about when he was gone.  Eventually Thea grew up and had to deal with her mother’s death and finding out that she was Malcolm’s daughter. She sometimes fights with Team Arrow. Thea died and was resurrected by the Lazarus Pit. After learning that Malcolm had drugged her and forced her to kill Sara Lance, she and Laurel forced him to bring Sara back from the dead as well, using the Lazarus Pit. Both Thea and Sara have trouble because of this, struggling with “the darkness.” Thea had to quit being a vigilante with Team Arrow because she couldn’t resist the urge to kill.  Thea was helping Oliver to run Star City, but she quit that as well because her ruthless tactics were hurting people. After emerging from a coma in Season 6, Thea left town.

Laurel Lance from Earth TwoDinah ‘Laurel’ Lance AKA Black Siren, is from Earth Two, where she was a villain. She was brought from Earth Two to fight but was defeated and imprisoned by Team Flash. She escaped due to Prometheus, so that he could use h er against Oliver. She was later recruited by Cayden James. She worked with Ricardo Diaz against Team Oliver (but she was really a mole for them).  She grew very close to Laurel’s dad, Quentin, and he taught her to be a better person. He died saving her life.


RoyRoy Harper Roy was a street-savvy young man from the Glades who became involved with Thea and her club.  He was injected with the super-serum Mirakuru, which gave him powers but also made it difficult for him to stay sane. He was cured by S.T.A.R. Labs and became Arrow’s sidekick, Arsenal. He had to fake his death and leave town in order to protect Arrow. He came back to town last year and then left again with Thea. He’s supposed to come back to town again this year and stay.


CurtisCurtis Holt He was part of Team Arrow the last few years. He used to work for Felicity at Palmer Technologies. He’s another computer genius, but he also trained to fight as one of the Team Arrow vigilantes. He became Mr. Terrific. Curtis is a big nerd and often just says whatever dorky thing comes into his mind. He is often comic relief on the show. He was married to his partner, Paul, who divorced him after finding out that Curtis was lying to him for months about being a superhero. He created a technology known as T-Spheres to help him with crime-fighting. Curtis, Rene, Dinah and John lost faith in Oliver. They formed their own team (without John) for a while.

ReneRene Ramirez He’s also known as Wild Dog. He was fighting as a vigilante on the streets of Star City when he was recruited by Team Arrow. A former Navy SEAL, he was discharged when he beat up a prisoner. He still is very violent and loves guns. Rene’s former wife was a junkie, and she was murdered by her dealer. Rene lost custody of his daughter when he accidentally let her get burned by the stove. He’s trying to clean up his life, with the help of Quentin.  He was a real hothead when he started, but now he’s grown a lot. He also helps Oliver at City Hall. Rene and Curtis have become very good friends, even though they don’t have a lot in common. Rene had to inform on Oliver in order to get back custody of his daughter, Zoe.

DinahDinah Drake The latest Black Canary, Dinah’s original name was Tina Boland. She was a police detective in Central City. She was being held captive by villains and watched her partner (and lover) die just as the particle accellerator hit, giving her powers. She was a lone vigilante after that, until Oliver convinced her to join Team Arrow. She also joined the police department in Star City and got an apartment, to settle down. She also has a device to magnify her sonic powers.


Lyla Lyla Michaels is in charge of A.R.G.U.S., a secret government anti-terrorist group. She’s also married to John Diggle and mother to his son, J.J.  They were married while both soldiers but had trouble adjusting to regular married life and divorced. They met up again later, she got pregnant, and then they got married. She worked with the Suicide Squad and worked for years under Amanda Waller.  Sometimes she and John clash because of their jobs, when they have different priorities.


Quentin LanceDetective Quentin Lance He was Laurel’s father, and a police detective. He was angry at Oliver and his family for his daughter Sarah’s death. Also, he wanted to catch the Arrow very badly. He had suspected Arrow was Oliver, but then Oliver had Diggle pose as him at the same time that he was throwing a party, so they had to drop the charges. He worried a lot about Laurel and was very over-protective. Eventually, he worked with the Arrow to catch the bad guys.  Damien Darkh threatened his family, so Quentin helped him take over Star City. This led to his losing his job as well as Laurel’s death.  Now he’s deputy Mayor under Ollie, with full knowledge of all of the team Arrow identities and secrets. Like Laurel, he’s a recovered alcoholic who sometimes slips. He had a brief relationship with Felicity’s mother, Donna. He became good friends with Rene and tried to help him get custody of his daughter. In Season 6, Quentin formed a father-daughter sort of relationship with the alternate-reality Laurel, AKA Black Siren.  He helped her become a better person and then he died when he took a bullet meant for her.

MalcolmMalcolm Merlyn His real name is Arthur King.  After his wife was killed during a robbery, he went to Nanda Parbat and joined the League of Assassins, gaining the name Al Sa-Her (“The Magician”). He left the group and was hunted by them, and Ra’s al Ghul, so he faked his death for a while. When season one started, he worked for the group The Tempest and met with Moira quite a few times (later we learned that they slept together and that Thea is his daughter). He figured out pretty quickly that Arrow qas targeting “The List” and thatOliver is Arrow. He masquerades as “Dark Archer” at times. He cut off his son Tommy from his fortune and tried to kill Oliver. Moira’s family thought that she and Malcolm may be having an affair because they keep meeting in secret for Tempest business. Malcolm has killed many people, as well as been involved in many criminal activities. He doesn’t have a lot of morality. He does protect Thea, but in a really weird, twisted way. At the end of season 5, he teams up with the Green Arrow to rescue Thea and the others. He ended up sacrificing himself for her by standing on a land mine.

LaurelDinah ‘Laurel’ Lance Laurel, Oliver’s ex-girlfriend, lost her sister, Sarah, in the same wreck that stranded Oliver. She had bitterness and anger toward Oliver for cheating on her and then taking her sister on the fatal journey, but she claimed when he returned she was over that blame. Her mother also left after Sarah died. Laurel grew closer to Oliver, but it was still hard for her to trust. She was a lawyer, working for a group called CNRI that fights for the little people against the evil, much like Oliver does, except in court. However, she can also handle herself in a fight. Her father, Quentin, taught her to do that. They had a shaky relationship. She and Oliver still love each other, but she was dating Tommy. Tommy died, but Laurel and Oliver still had a rocky relationship. Laurel had to fight to overcome alcoholism.  Then Laurel became the superhero “Black Canary” but was killed by Damian Darkh. She has a doppelganger from Earth 2 who is the villain Black Siren.

TommyTommy Merlyn Tommy was Oliver’s best friend, another rich playboy. While Oliver was missing and presumed dead, he and Laurel dated. He had real feelings for Laurel but was still very loyal to Ollie. He was estranged from his father, who is a bad guy. Tommy was cut off financially from his father but became a responsible worker. He was killed while saving Laurel.



MoiraMoira Queen She was Oliver and Thea’s mother, and she had a lot of influence in the family business, Queen Consolidated. She married Walter, who had been in charge of QC. She was in cahoots with this shady group, The Tempest, that sabotaged the yacht. She had a lot of secrets. She tried to have her son abducted but otherwise seems to love him and be concerned about him. She was caught up in a conspiracy with Malcolm Merlyn to destroy The Glades and was arrested and tried for that crime, but she was acquitted. She ran for mayor but was then killed by Slade Wilson, who was out for revenge on Oliver.

WalterWalter Steele He was running Queen Consolidated after Oliver’s father died. He was married to Moira, making him Oliver’s step-father. Oliver made a lot of rude jokes about how his mother jumped into bed with him. Walter found out that the company owned a warehouse, within which was the wreck of the Queen’s Gambit, and that Moira knew about it, so he got very annoyed at her lying and left town for a while. He was kidnapped by Malcolm and then rescued by Arrow. He divorced Moira but stil kept good feelings for her chidren. He became CFO of Starling National Bank.

RobertRobert Queen He was Oliver and Thea’s father, and Moira’s husband, and billionaire founder of QC. When he and Oliver were shipwrecked, he shot himself and another crewmember so that Oliver could survive. Before doing so, he gave Oliver a list of evil-doers in their town of Starling City and made him promise to go after them and save the city. Robert and Malcolm formed Tempest to get rid of the criminals in Starling City and clean up the Glade. Malcolm wanted to just kill everyone in the Glade, but Robert didn’t like that idea, so Malcolm sabotaged his ship, the Queen’s Gambit, thus causing his death and creating Arrow and White Canary (Sara Lance).

Sara LanceSara Lance She was Laurel’s sister and Quentin’s daughter. She was on the Queen’s Gambit, Robert’s ship, partying with Oliver, before it was sunk. She was thought dead when she fell out during the explosion.  She turned up later, having been rescued by Anthony Ivo and then recruited by the League of Assassins.  She left the league and returned to Starling City as The Canary to protect Laurel, but the League hunted her down. She was released from them by her former lover, Nyssa. She joined Team Arrow and took up with Oliver again. When she helped defeat Slade Wilson, she agreed to rejoin the League. Later, she helped them hunt down Malcolm, but he had drugged Thea to kill Sara. Sara was resurrected a year later by the Lazarus Pit and then was recruited to join the Legends of Tomorrow. She became their captain after their leader Rip went missing. She seems to prefer women now, not men.

AnatolyAnatoly Knyazev He’s a Russian mobster, leader of the Bratva, and Oliver’s good friend. When Oliver was presumed dead, he rescued Anatoly and became a member of Bratva in order to get their help to kill another Russian who had murdered a friend of his. Oliver and Anatoly have an on-again, off-again relationship due to Anatoly being a criminal.



Adrian ChaseAdrian Chase Originally Simon Morrison, he sought revenge on Oliver after The Hood killed his father, who was on The List. He studied everything about Oliver and his life as well as studied how to fight. He became the District Attorney in Star City and befriended Oliver.  Meanwhile, he was killing people as Prometheus. The media dubbed him “The Throwing Star Killer.” He tortured Oliver and did a lot of terrible things to him and his friends. He wanted Oliver to admit that he was a killer just like him, but Oliver refused.  Adrian was captured by A.R.G.U.S. but then escaped, kidnapping most of Oliver’s friends and family as well, including his young son, William. Oliver and Malcolm tracked him to the island, Lian Yu. Oliver helped his friends escaped from captivity, and then he had a confrontation with Adrian on his boat. Adrian was holding Oliver’s son at knife-point. Oliver saved William, but then Adrian killed himself, blowing up the island and all of Oliver’s friends and family.

RoryRory Regan He was avenging his family and others who died in Havenrock after it was destroyed in season 4.  He was using the mystical rags of the Devarim, which gave him a disguise and protection as well as superpowers.  He joined Team Arrow for a while when they were recruiting new members, but he saved everyone from a nuclear explosion using the rags, so his bond with them was destroyed. He left town, hoping to return when he was able to use the rags again.


EvelynEvelyn Sharp She was another new recruit in season 5, but she was secretly working with Adrian Chase to avenge her parents, who were killed when Malcolm blew up the facility they were in. She also blamed the Green Arrow, H.I.V.E. and all vigilantes. Her code name was Arsenal.



JoannaJoanna De La Vega was Laurel’s best friend, who seemed very devoted to her. They worked together at CNRI.  She went on to work at a private law firm. She always loved and supported The Arrow.



Detective Lucas HiltonDetective Lucas Hilton He was a police detective, who was partnered with Quentin. He disliked vigilantes and wanted to capture The Arrow.  He was killed by Cyrus Gold, who made him shoot himself in the head.




Yao FeiYao Fei Gulon He found Oliver on the island and taught him how to kill his own food, make traps, shoot arrows, etc. He was the first Arrow and had been sentenced to the island by the Chinese government, who thought him very dangerous. He was the father of two daughters, Mei and Shado.  He was once a student of Talia al Ghul. A villain named Edward Fryers shot and killed him.



AndyAndy Diggle He was John’s brother who had a drug problem when he was younger. He became a criminal while in the army and then joined H.I.V.E. He was presumed killed by the villain Deadshot, but H.I.V.E. had helped him fake his death in order to become one of their operatives. He later helped Damian Darkh escape. John tried to reach him, but he just kept betraying John and Team Arrow. He even tortured John and tried to kill his family. John was forced to kill him.



CarlyCarly Diggle She was John’s sister-in-law. Her husband, Andy, was supposedly murdered. She and Walter met sometimes at the restaurant she worked at, Big Belly Burger. John’s old friend suggested that Carly likes John as more than a relative.  John had feelings for her, but they broke up after he decided to take revenge on Deadshot for Andy’s murder. She was kidnapped by a man named Ted Gaynor as leverage against John.  John rescued her.  She later left town with her son, A.J. to a safer place.


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