The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Katie Logan

Katie Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful

Katie Logan played by Heather Tom (formerly by Nancy Sloan)

Katie is a very sweet and kind person. She always felt like the ugly duckling compared to her two older, beautiful sisters. She’s worked most of her life, since their father abandoned the family when she was very young. She’s worked a lot at Forrester Creations, aside from a brief tenure at Spencer Publications.  Right now she’s head of Public Relations at Forrester.

In the past, she was involved with Rocco, Thorne, Nick, Wyatt and Ridge. Her greatest love was Bill Spencer, with whom she had her son, Will.  Katie was one of the original characters of the show, when she was a teen, but she was gone for many years and only returned in 2007. Katie was accidentally shot in the heart by her brother, Storm.  He shot himself so that she could have her heart.

Katie is now very close to her sisters as well as Liam and Eric.

Katie has mostly been a good person, but she did sleep with Nick when he was engaged to her niece, Bridget. At times she’s had some mental problems. After her son was born, she had post-partum depression.  Later, she took a gun and almost shot Quinn. She briefly had a drinking problem. She and Bill had many fights and legal battles.  Katie is very strong and has overcome many obstacles.

Liam and Bill had reunited but not yet remarried. They were raising their son, Will, together. However, Katie was shocked to learn that Bill and Brooke had been making out in March, 2020, before Thomas’ wedding (it was caught on video).  Katie is angry at them both. It remains to be seen whether she’ll forgive either of them.

Bill and Katie on Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Hope Logan

Hope Logan of Bold and the Beautiful

Hope Logan played by Annika Noelle (formerly by Kim Matula)

Hope was the product of an affair between her mother, Brooke, and her daughter Bridget’s husband, a lowlife named Deacon.  Hope grew up with Ridge as her stepfather and barely knows Deacon. Hope is a very sweet and good person who cares deeply about everyone and everything, including the future of the world and the environment. Even when she’s hurt, she usually rebounds because she has faith and believes in the good in people.  Hope is such a good person that sometimes she comes off as a little too self-righteous, particularly if she’s having an argument with Steffy.

Hope has had an on-again, off-again relationship with Liam, her current husband. He’s often involved with Steffy Forrester.  The three of them have made an uneasy truce because both women were pregnant with Liam’s children and planned to raise them together.  However, when Hope gave birth, she was told her baby died, so she spent most of 2019 trying to get over that grief (not knowing that Steffy’s adopted daughter, Phoebe, was Hope’s daughter Beth).  Steffy’s brother, Thomas, tried to get her to leave Liam and be with him and his son, Douglas, who had lost his mother and bonded with Hope.  Liam and Hope are very well matched because they are both good, honest people who care about many causes and other people.

Hope lived in Paris for a while. She runs the Hope for the Future fashion line at Forrester Creations.  Hope and her mother are very close, despite some problems they had in the past.  She also loves her brother Rick and her sister, Bridget, but they don’t live in town any more. They all usually get together at the holidays with the Forresters. Hope was thrilled to find that Flo, Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend, is her cousin. She thinks that Flo was baby Phoebe’s birth mother, not knowing that she helped Reese, who told Hope that her baby was dead and then sold it to Steffy to settle his gambling debts. Hope was stunned to learn that Steffy’s baby Phoebe was really Beth. She learned that from Douglas.  Thomas continued to try to convince Hope to marry him.  Eventually, Hope and Liam saw through Thomas’ machinations. They worked with Douglas and Steffy to expose Thomas at his wedding to Zoe.  Now Hope and Liam are reunited and raising Beth and Douglas together.

Steffy, Hope and Liam

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Flo Fulton

Flo played by Katrina Bowden on Bold and the Beautiful

Flo Fulton played by Katrina Bowden

Flo is the daugher of the late Storm Logan, which she didn’t know, growing up. Storm and her mother Shauna had a brief encounter years ago in Vegas. Both Flo and Shauna are from Las Vegas.  Flo was good friends with Dr. Reese Buckingham, who convinced her to come to L.A. with him. He embroiled her in his baby-selling scheme. She was uneasy about helping him, but she trusted him because of their previous romantic involvement and long friendship. Once she met Hope, the baby’s real mother, she started feeling very guilty. Then she learned that Hope is her cousin, which made things worse. Hope and the Logans, as well as the Forresters, welcomed Flo and Shauna and offered Flo a job, which she accepted.  Flo is also Wyatt’s former girlfriend, and they became more than friends, even though he was with Sally.  Reese fled town, but his daughter, Zoe, found out what they’d done. She and Thomas kept pressuring Flo not to tell anyone about the baby switch, so they wouldn’t all go to jail.

Flo seems like a very nice, kind person, caught up in something that she didn’t expect. She was tortured with guilt. She grew up without much family, so she’s very grateful to know that she’s connected to the Logans.  Her tacky mother, Shauna, embarrasses her a little when they first were around the Forresters. Somehow Flu grew up with more manners and seems to be classier and have more style than her mother.  She worked in Las Vegas as a croupier at a craps table, and then she worked in L.A. at Bikini Bar as a bartender before taking the job at Forrester.  Flo doesn’t smile much, unless she’s around Wyatt.

The truth came out about Phoebe being Beth, so Flo was fired from Forrester and ostracized by both the Forresters and Logans. She went to jail but cut a deal, so she was released.  She gave one of her kidneys to Katie when she was sick. She didn’t want the Logans to know at first, but then her mother made sure they knew.  She and Wyatt reunited, thanks to Katie’s suggestions and pointing out how much Flo has redeemed herself.  Brooke and Sally were really the only ones that didn’t forgive Flo.

Sally pretended to be dying, so Wyatt let her move back in with him. Flo was supportive of the idea, but eventually she grew suspicious of Sally’s health and found out that she was faking.  Flo was hit over the head by Sally’s friend and doctor, Penny, just as Flo was about to tell Wyatt about Sally faking it.

Flo with Hope and Shauna on Bold and Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Donna Logan

Donna Logan on Bold and Beautiful

Donna Logan played by Jennifer Gareis (formerly played by Carrie Mitchum)

Donna was around when the show began, in 1987. She’s one of Brooke’s two sisters (the other being Katie). They and their brother, Storm, helped raise themselves after their dad took off.  She was convinced to take her clothes off for nude photos, which Bill Spencer (Sr.) was going to publish. She was able to get out of that using blackmail.

The character returned to Los Angeles regularly in 2006. Donna briefly went after Ridge, then Thorne, and Eric. Eric was still married to Stephanie, but he divorced her and married Donna. None of his family approved of their marriage, and Stephanie’s sister, Pam, really wanted her sister and Eric to get back together. Pam did some terrible things to Donna; she was revealed to have a tumor as well as being bipolar. Pam also poisoned Eric to keep him away from Donna.  Eventually, Pam was caught, but Eric reunited with Stephanie.

Felicia (Eric’s daughter) revealed that Donna had a child that she gave up for adoption years ago.  The boy was Marcus, who worked at Forrester, and Eric welcomed him into the family.  His father was revealed to be Justin Barber (Bill Spencer’s lawyer).  Donna and Justin married but later divorced.  Donna left town for a while to visit with her father, Stephen, in Dallas. She made several return visits during the holidays, but she stayed in late 2018. She and Pam are friends and co-workers at Forrester Creations. Donna is very close with her sisters and their families. She lives with Katie and Will sometimes.

Donna is a kind and caring person, but didn’t make wise choices when she was younger. Despite her beauty, she hasn’t been very lucky with the men she’s chosen.  Now she mostly just supports her sisters and has a slight friendship with Pam.

Eric, Donna and Bridget

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Brooke Logan Forrester

Brooke played by Katherine Kelly Lang

Brooke Logan played by Katherine Kelly Lang

Brooke has a degree in chemistry, yet she was working for her mother’s catering company when she met Ridge, the love of her life, in 1987. They both fell in love, but Ridge was engaged to Caroline Spencer. Ridge’s mother, Stephanie, didn’t approve of Brooke, so she did everything she could, for years, to keep them apart or break them up.  Brooke also did some scheming of her own to win and keep Ridge.  Later, Stephanie admitted that she recognized Brooke as a younger version of herself.

Brooke fights hard for the man she loves, but she has fallen in love with many others as well, including Eric, Ridge’s father (with whom she had two children), and his brother Thorne, as well as Nick and Bill.  She’s very loyal to her family (two sisters and one brother) and helped raise her younger sisters. She’s also very devoted to her two daughters and her son, but she has, in the past, slept with her daughters’ boyfriends/husbands, which caused some problems.

Brooke seems to have grown up quite a bit since her younger years. She mostly concentrates on her children and husband, and working at Forrester Creations.  She and Taylor have feuded for many years, but Taylor seems more interested in carrying on the feud than does Brooke.  They have a lot in common. Not only did they both love Ridge for many years and have children with him, they both interfere in their own children’s lives (just as Stephanie did) and are fiercely protective of them.  Taylor seems a little more unhinged than Brooke, though.

Just like anyone else, Brooke can be jealous, or self-righteous, or nosy; but generally, she’s a good person with a big heart.

Brooke loves having family around her all of the time, so many of her children and their spouses either live in her house, or in the guest house.  None of the Logan sisters can cook, but they love the holidays and always gather with the Forresters to celebrate.

Brooke and Ridge had a terrible time in 2019 and 2020. They separated and almost divorced. Thomas worked hard to break them up, so that he could have Hope. Quinn and Shauna also had a hand in their marriage breaking up.  Ridge has been involved with Shauna, and Brooke was briefly involved with Bill.

Bold and Beautiful Ridge, Brooke and Carter at the wedding

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