The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Eric Forrester

Eric Forrester on Bold and Beautiful

Eric Forrester played by John McCook

Eric is the head of the Forrester family and their successful multinational business, Forrester Creations.  He and his late wife Stephanie started the business with a loan from her father.  Although they loved each other, Eric had a wandering eye and cheated on Stephanie many times (She had her own huge secrets). They have a huge, loving family, despite their problems. Eric was married to Brooke, Ridge’s wife, and they had two children.  He was also briefly married to Donna and Sheila.  Eric often seemed weak in comparison to Stephanie, but he’s actually a very strong person. He and Stephanie were married 4 times, and she died in 2012.

Eric is now a grandpa and dotes on both his children and grandchildren. He is retired from the business, and his son, Ridge, is CEO, along with Ridge’s daughter, Steffy. Eric appointed them, so he can change his mind any time.  He’s found a great love in Quinn Fuller. His family didn’t approve at first because Quinn has done some horrible things.  However, Eric’s love forced her to change, so now she’s a better person.  Eric also has a brother named John, who lives in Australia.

Every time there’s a family occasion, such as Christmas, or someone’s wedding, they have it at Eric’s beautiful mansion. Eric plays the piano and everyone loves to gather around it and sing.  A large painting of Stephanie used to hang in the living room, but now Quinn’s painting hangs there for all to see.

Recently, his wife Quinn and his ex-wife Brooke were fighting a lot, which made Eric very upset. He told them to knock it off, but they continued. He wasn’t pleased when Quinn made sure that Ridge and the rest of the family saw a video of Bill and Brooke making out, which killed her marriage to Ridge. He forgave  Quinn as he always does.

The Forresters on The Bold and Beautiful

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