The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Quinn Forrester

Quinn on Bold and Beautiful

Quinn Forrester played by Rena Sofer

Quinn Fuller came to town in 2013 with her son, Wyatt. They had a jewelry business. Hope helped discover that Bill Spencer is Wyatt’s father.  She hired Quinn to design jewelry at Forrester Creations.  Quinn, like the late Stephanie, kept trying to interfere in Wyatt’s love life. She liked him with Hope, so she did everything she could to get Steffy and Liam back together (to keep Liam away from Hope). She had sex with Bill and didn’t want him to go back to Brooke, so she made sure Ridge had evidence of their sex, which sent him to stop Bill and Brooke’s wedding. It ended with Ridge being pushed out of a helicopter and sustaining damage. Everyone blamed Quinn for causing trouble, and she lost her job. Quinn kept interfereing with Hope and Wyatt’s life. Hope fell and miscarried their child during an argument with Quinn.  Quinn tried to reform and married Deacon, but they split up later. Quinn then kidnapped to keep him away from Hope, but she ended up falling for him when he had amnesia.  Eventually, Wyatt tracked him down and helped him escape. They weren’t able to keep Quinn in jail for lack of evidence.

Quinn turned over a new leaf when she started an affair with Eric. When his family found out, they were against it.  She and Eric married and are still together. Eventually, everyone accepted them together. For a brief time, she and Ridge flirted and kissed, but they stopped when they realized they both loved Brooke and Eric too much.  Eric left Quinn and spent some time with his crazy ex-wife, Sheila, but he finally forgave Quinn.  Quinn felt threatened when Katie moved next door and had a friendship with Eric, too. She wasn’t happy that Katie and Wyatt were sleeping together, but she also wasn’t happy when they broke up, and he then took up with Sally. She found herself to be a suspect when Bill was shot in the back. She fought a bit with Pam about having her wedding in the mansion, and also with Donna, who moved back to town and moved in with Katie next door.

When Quinn kidnapped Liam, she confided that her mother never wanted her and treated her badly. Her mother had many boyfriends and berated her for being born.  We know that Bill basically used her and then told her to get an abortion, so she had a hard life, being a single mother and not having many friends.  She never felt worthy of love until she met Eric.  He made her feel worthwhile for the first time.  Being so insecure, Quinn always worries that Eric is going to meet someone better, and she’ll lose him.

Although Quinn is a lot nicer than she used to be, it’s clear that she gets jealous very easily about any woman that Eric talks to and still interferes in Wyatt’s love life (whenever she can).  Quinn’s old friend Shauna recently came to town, which made Quinn very happy. Shauna’s daughter, Flo, used to date Wyatt, so Quinn is trying to push them back together.  Quinn is one of the best characters on the show, and fans love Quinn and Eric together.

Quinn wasn’t getting a lot of story until she and Brooke starting fighting.  Brooke found out that Shauna was kissing Ridge, so she insisted to Eric that he kick out not only Shauna but his wife, Quinn.  Quinn was outraged and plotted against Brooke. She even drugged her juice but decided to back off.  Brooke, however, didn’t back off.  Quinn even suggested that they call a truce, but Brooke was upset about her and Ridge separating, and Shauna putting the moves on him.

Shauna showed Quinn that she took a video of Bill and Brooke making out, the night before Thomas’ wedding.  Shauna had gone there to chat with Brooke about Ridge, but she saw them kissing, so she took the video. Quinn was happy to hear it and wanted Shauna to show it to Ridge.  Shauna wouldn’t hurt Ridge like that, so she asked Quinn to delete it for her.  Quinn did but also sent herself the video and then sent it to Ridge and Brooke’s picture frame (Ridge had set it up so that family could sent pictures or videos of the two of them). Ridge and Brooke had reunited after Brooke was proven right about Thomas being psycho.  Brooke confronted Quinn about the video when she and Donna happened to it. Later, to Brooke’s horror, the video appeared again during her and Ridge’s party (she thought that she had gotten rid of it).  Everyone was horrified, but Quinn was very happy to see Brooke get her comeuppance.  Eric was not happy to hear that Quinn was behind this, but he forgave her.  Hopefully, Quinn will have more story after this and not just fighting with Brooke or talking to Shauna.  Quinn feels sorry for Sally dying, but she will be very upset when the truth comes out.

Eric and Quinn Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful

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