The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Zoe Buckingham

Zoe on Bold and the Beautiful

Zoe Buckingham played by Kiara Barnes

Zoe followed her ex-boyfriend, Xander, to L.A. from London. They broke up because she was being a little too clingy, which scared him. He moved to another continent to get away from him. She got a job painting while she looked for him; she had their cat, Harry, at home for company. She painted a beach scene for Wyatt in his living room (of his beach house).

Zoe seemed scary at first, but she just loved Xander and wanted to make up with him.  He was dating Emma, so she tried to get between them.  In the end, Emma broke up with Xander, so Xander and Zoe started up again. He comforted her when Harry died.  They had a very adult, sexual relationship, which Emma couldn’t compete with.

Zoe got a job modeling at Forrester Creations, even though she had left some mean messages on Hope for the Future’s Instagram page.  She was hoping to make Emma look bad, but she got in trouble herself.  However, she was a great success in their fashion show, when she jumped in at the last minute after one of the models injured her ankle, so they hired her.

Zoe seemed to mature after that, no longer worried about Xander’s affections. They both agreed to drop their British accents and speak with American accents, to fit in more.

She had new worries to contend with when her father, Dr. Reese Buckingham, arrived in town.  She soon figured out that he was involved in a baby-stealing scheme. Zoe felt bad that he stole Hope’s baby (and told her that it was dead), but she was more worried that she, her father and Flo would go to jail for it.  She kept pressuring Flo not to tell Hope what happened, but the truth came out.  Reese, who had left town, was arrested and jailed. She didn’t tell Xander about it at first, but eventually, she did. Xander broke up with her when she wouldn’t say anything. He left town but came back to face the music. They both lost their jobs at Forrester but were not arrested.

Zoe was hired back by Liam and Steffy to help them spy on Thomas.  Thomas had been wooing Zoe while also still obsessing over Hope. They hoped to get Zoe to spy on Thomas for them, but she believe his lies that he loved her.  They were about to be married when Hope showed up in the wedding dress that Thomas designed for her.  Zoe was in on the plot to catch Thomas in his lies, but she was also upset that he fell for the trap. He was just using her to make Hope jealous and had her as a second place backup in case he lost Hope.  Zoe still works at Forrester, but Thomas is not around.

Zoe with her dad, Reese, on Bold and the Beautiful.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Xander Avant

Xander Avant on Bold and Beautiful

Xander Avant played by Adain Bradley

Xander is Maya’s cousin, who joined Forrester as an intern in June, 2018. He grew up in Britain. At first, Xander didn’t let anyone at Forrester know that he had a British accent. He wanted to fit in, so he told them he was from the midwest.  Xander was literally bowled over by Emma when she first saw him. She was doing a dance routine, and he got in the way. She was very embarrassed and apologized after he woke up. Emma and Xander were both new interns at Forrester. They became good friends and started dating.

Xander’s ex-girlfriend, Zoe, followed him to Los Angeles. She worked as a painter, including painting a mural in Wyatt’s beach house. She had her cat, Harry, with her, that she and Xander treated like their child. She was a bit like a creepy stalker at first, but eventually, Xander realized that she just loved and missed him. He comforted her when Harry died.

They both agreed to drop their British accents and speak with American accents, to fit in more.  Even though Xander chose Emma over Zoe, Emma wasn’t ready for a physical relationship, so she broke up with him.  Zoe was happy to start up where they left off.  Zoe became a model at Forrester, so she was working alongside Xander.  Zoe’s father came to town, which caused her a great deal of stress.  Xander worried about the secret she’d been keeping.

Xander seemed like a really nice guy; he might be a little bit of a wuss because he lets the women in his life push him around. Xander modeled a little for Forrester, alongside Zoe.  He wants to be a graphic designer.  He found out that Zoe was keeping the huge secret that her father had switched Hope’s baby Beth with a dead baby. He wanted to go to the police, but  Zoe was afraid of going to jail and wanted to protect her father.  Also, Thomas threatened them to keep the secret. Xander left town, going back to London for awhile. When the secret came out, he returned to face the music.  He was not arrested, but he did lose his job at Forrester. He hasn’t been seen since.

Xander and Zoe at Christmas on Bold and the Beautiful

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Maya Avant

Maya Avant Forrester of The Bold and the Beautiful

Maya Avant Forrester played by Karla Mosley

Maya was first seen in 2013 as a homeless Skid Row mother who had to give up her baby when she went to prison (for a crime she didn’t commit).  Later, she was released and tried to find her baby, but it had died in a car accident with its adopted family.  Maya was an aspiring actress/singer. She met Rick, and they fell in love. She was hired to model at Forrester Creations. She and Rick had many ups and downs over the years as he was with Caroline, and she with Carter, when they weren’t with each other.

In 2015, Rick proposed, and Maya confessed that she was transgender. After some more misunderstandings, they got married. This story was groundbreaking for the soaps. Forrester also had a transgender fashion show, with Maya as the lead model.  Maya’s sister, Nicole, as well as her parents, moved there. She and her father eventually reconciled (he had trouble with her not being a man).  They learned that Nicole’s friend, Sasha, was really their half-sister. Nicole agreed to carry a baby for Rick and Maya, so they had little Lizzy to raise.

Maya started out as a schemer and a bit of a social climber, but she did truly love Rick. Once she and Rick were married and had a child, Maya became more of a saint. She and Rick were given little to do. They divorced off-screen while the characters were in Paris. Maya returned to Forrester without Rick.  Maya’s cousin Xander from London arrived and was working at Forrester as an intern and model.  He was fired and left town after it was revealed that he knew that Hope’s baby Beth was alive but didn’t say anything. He broke up with his girlfriend, Zoe, and left town.  Maya really hasn’t been seen on screen for a long while.

Vivenne, Julian, Maya, Xander, Zoe, Hope and Liam

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Donna Logan

Donna Logan on Bold and Beautiful

Donna Logan played by Jennifer Gareis (formerly played by Carrie Mitchum)

Donna was around when the show began, in 1987. She’s one of Brooke’s two sisters (the other being Katie). They and their brother, Storm, helped raise themselves after their dad took off.  She was convinced to take her clothes off for nude photos, which Bill Spencer (Sr.) was going to publish. She was able to get out of that using blackmail.

The character returned to Los Angeles regularly in 2006. Donna briefly went after Ridge, then Thorne, and Eric. Eric was still married to Stephanie, but he divorced her and married Donna. None of his family approved of their marriage, and Stephanie’s sister, Pam, really wanted her sister and Eric to get back together. Pam did some terrible things to Donna; she was revealed to have a tumor as well as being bipolar. Pam also poisoned Eric to keep him away from Donna.  Eventually, Pam was caught, but Eric reunited with Stephanie.

Felicia (Eric’s daughter) revealed that Donna had a child that she gave up for adoption years ago.  The boy was Marcus, who worked at Forrester, and Eric welcomed him into the family.  His father was revealed to be Justin Barber (Bill Spencer’s lawyer).  Donna and Justin married but later divorced.  Donna left town for a while to visit with her father, Stephen, in Dallas. She made several return visits during the holidays, but she stayed in late 2018. She and Pam are friends and co-workers at Forrester Creations. Donna is very close with her sisters and their families. She lives with Katie and Will sometimes.

Donna is a kind and caring person, but didn’t make wise choices when she was younger. Despite her beauty, she hasn’t been very lucky with the men she’s chosen.  Now she mostly just supports her sisters and has a slight friendship with Pam.

Eric, Donna and Bridget

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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Danny

Danny on Bold and the Beautiful

Danny played by Keith Carlos

Danny works at Bikini Bar in Malibu, near Wyatt’s beach house.  Flo worked with him there for awhile.  Danny also sometimes models at Forrester Creations.

Not much else is known about Danny, who’s a very minor character, for now.

When Ridge had a fight with Brooke, he got very drunk at the Bikini Bar. Shauna was there, so she and Danny helped Ridge upstairs to a little bedroom for the night. Shauna stayed with Ridge all night. Danny told someone later that the two of them spent all night together.

Danny, Wyatt and Sally on Bold and the Beautiful

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