GH Update Thursday, November 17, 2022

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Update written by Shane

Sasha and Gladys were sitting at a table at the Metro Court restaurant when Sonny came in. Sasha thanked him for the flowers on what would have been Liam’s first birthday. Sonny said that it was important to remember birthdays.  Gladys joked that Sonny could go right ahead and forget her next one if he liked.  Sonny asked Sasha if she would allow him to say a few words that he knew that Brando would have wanted him to say.  When Sasha nodded, Sonny told Sasha and Gladys that there is nothing more important than family and that Liam would always be in their hearts. 

Sonny asked how the guardianship arrangement was going, and Gladys told him about the deal she had to approve for Sasha at Deception to appease the investors. Sonny wondered if Sasha had seen the changes that the new chef had made in the kitchen yet, and he invited her along for a tour. 

After the tour of the kitchen, Sonny took Sasha aside and admitted that he’d wanted a “one-on-one” with her to check in about how Gladys was really doing as guardian. Sasha responded that, after she and Gladys’ had their initial disagreement over the recent deal, Sasha had realized that Gladys was only trying to protect Sasha’s share in the company. She told Sonny that Gladys’ intentions were genuine and she knew that she was only trying to watch out for her in the long run.

Britt took a sip of her drink at the Metro Court bar and immediately launched back into coughing fits. Brad approached and advised her to do something about the cough, and she snapped, “Which one of us is the doctor?” She apologized and said that she’d had a bad day. She then remarked that she would “never get into heaven” so on that night she wanted to raise hell with Brad. He saw right through the act and wondered aloud what was going on with her.  At first, he quizzed her about Cody, but when Britt asked if he saw Cody, he changed the topic. Selina approached and in typical Selina fashion interrupted their conversation. Selina was pleased to see Brad enjoying a night out after a hard day at work and she was also happy he had a reliable friend. Britt pointedly promised that she had Brad’s back if anyone ever tried to hurt him. Brad looked at Britt like she had officially lost her mind. Selina advised the bartender to put their drinks on her tab, and walked away. 

Brad was shocked at the way Britt had talked to Selina, because as he said no one spoke to Selina like that, at least no one who expected to live long. Britt replied that Selina didn’t scare her anymore and then dropped another bombshell when she casually admitted to Brad that Selina had blackmailed her into insisting that Brad work for her and not for GH. Brad insisted that he actually liked working with his aunt, so both she and Britt had actually done him a favor. He knew that she was dealing with something big and asked how he could help her out in return. She replied that it was nothing that alcohol and music wouldn’t fix. She grabbed his hand, and the two ran out to go to the Savoy.

Gladys approached Selina at a table and said that it was nice to see a “fellow investor.” Selina expressed her sympathy about Brando. Gladys commented that she and Sasha were looking after each other,  after the court had made it clear that what was Sasha’s was Gladys’. Seeing an entrance, Selina mentioned her “private party” she held occasionally at the Savoy, and she wondered how Gladys felt about Texas Hold ‘Em. “I’m not disinterested,” Gladys replied. Selina handed Gladys a card with information about the game and advised her to keep it private.

Sonny and Sasha approached Gladys and Selina, and Sonny mentioned that he  didn’t know that they were acquainted. Selina replied that they were “potential business associates.” “What kind of business?” a suspicious Sonny asked. Selina was glad to see Sasha doing better, and Sasha replied that she was getting help from friends. Selina hoped that Sasha would consider her a friend, as well, and she left as Sonny glared at Gladys. Sasha hugged Gladys for always having her best interest at heart. “Of course. Always,” Gladys replied as she held the card behind her back.

At the police station, Dante was talking with an officer when he spotted Sam. She’d decided to visit him at work, but she insisted that the surprise she had for him should be “private.” They went into the interrogation room, and he was delighted to open the bag she handed him and find “a hoagie from Sal’s.” As he ate, he vented about his assigned investigation into Anna. Sam was surprised when he mentioned that Sonny could be involved, and he asked about any safe houses she could direct him to. Sam said that Anna was a “super-spy” and would be far away from Port Charles by now.

After Dante’s sandwich, the two of them dreamed about winning the lottery and taking the kids on a vacation to Iceland before they became too old to want to go anywhere with them. 

Nikolas let Elizabeth into Esme’s room, and they found Esme passed out on the floor. Elizabeth examined Esme and lied to Nikolas that the baby was in distress, so they needed to call an ambulance or risk a miscarriage. Because Nikolas didn’t like either of those options, Elizabeth advised him to get a knife from the kitchen so she could sterilize it and do a C-section.  “Without anesthesia?” Nikolas replied in disbelief.  “That just seems so inhumane.”  Elizabeth, continuing with the ruse, told Nikolas he needed to get his priorities straight and then she began to “prep” Esme for the procedure. But, at that moment Esme had reached her limit, “Get your grubby paws off me and my baby!” Esme screamed as she came off the floor.

Elizabeth smiled  and gave a sideways glance at Esme, saying she knew that playing Esme would be the only way to cure her. Esme yelled that Elizabeth was supposed to help her, but Elizabeth had zero sympathy for Esme because of what she had done to Cameron. As Nikolas and Elizabeth left the room, Elizabeth was put off by Esme’s cries for help. Esme couldn’t believe she had been outsmarted by Elizabeth.  Esme realized the baby was kicking. She wondered if the baby would be a soccer player. She began to laugh uncontrollably and then the laughter eventually turned to tears.

Downstairs at Wyndemere, Elizabeth asked what Nikolas’ endgame was. Nikolas thought that he would fly Esme to Cassadine Island, where she would live out the rest of her days after giving birth. He begged Elizabeth not to say anything to the police, and when she agreed, he replied that he owed her. Elizabeth insisted that Esme have the baby at Wyndemere, and she would serve as the nurse.

On the phone with Martin, Laura insisted that she was getting some take-out for the two of them, as they were family. She didn’t want to get his hopes up, but she revealed that there were a lot of people risking their lives trying to find Lucy.

Inside Haven Bistro, Robert and Holly were enjoying some private time together without people coming up to tell Holly how pleased they were that she was back. He talked about how worried he was about Anna, who he hadn’t heard from since her escape. Laura arrived and sat down with them while she waited for her take-out order. Laura explained to Holly that she had discovered she had two brothers, and Martin’s relationship with Lucy. Laura continued that Martin was convinced of Anna’s guilt because of the video “evidence.” Holly went on a passionate tirade against gaslighting. When she calmed down, she claimed that she knew what it was like to lose someone, and how many ways there were to lose them. She said she just knew that Anna wasn’t responsible.

Laura commented that Holly sounded sure of herself, and she wondered if Holly knew something that they didn’t. Holly abruptly excused herself to get some air. Laura was suspicious of Holly, but Robert thought that it was a big jump to think that Holly was working with Victor. Laura knew that Robert loved Holly, but she believed that he knew deep down that Holly was hiding something.

Outside, Holly ran through the evening of Lucy’s shooting in her mind: Lucy looking worried, begging for her life, shots being fired, Lucy falling into the water, a woman discarding the weapon and a wig in a bag, and then the woman turns to reveal her true face, it is Holly.

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GH Update Tuesday, November 8, 2022

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Update written by Shane

As Nina clears leaves off of a park bench, Sonny came from behind and startled her. She reminded him that Halloween was over and she was going to be less forgiving about being scared. He told her about wanting to help Carly out after taking Josslyn home, but as it turns out, Carly had all the help she needed from Drew. Nina noted that there had been no new victims in weeks, but Sonny made it clear that the suspect had to be caught. Nina told Sonny that if she needed to “step back” until the threat from the killer was over, she would. Nina said that she knew Sonny’s priority was his kids, but he informed her that Carly was aware that he would not be walking away from Nina.

Elsewhere in the park, Willow and Michael sat on a bench and watched Wiley playing in the leaves. Michael told her that there would be times when their children would get along and times when they wouldn’t. He added that the kids would have each other and them.

T.J. showed up, and Michael excused himself to take a work phone call. T.J. guessed that Willow hadn’t told Michael anything about her illness yet, but Willow said that she intended to tell him after her latest test results. T.J. thought that Willow sounded as though she’d already given up, but she assured him that she hadn’t. T.J. promised that she wouldn’t be alone, and they shared a hug. Just then, Nina and Sonny headed in their direction, and Nina shook her head in disbelief.

Wiley ran over to hug Sonny and Nina, and Willow pulled him away. She told Sonny that she’d arrange a date for him to see Wiley soon, and Nina did her best to get Sonny to leave. Michael rushed over to intervene, but Nina announced that she and Sonny were leaving. After they had gone, Michael asked about them, but Willow told him, she believe Nina had finally relented that she had no place in Wiley’s life.

Willow received a message that the babysitter had car trouble and would be late. She asked T.J. to take her to the hospital for her appointment and suggested that Michael take Wiley home to wait for the sitter. She confirmed that she would meet Michael at the hospital. Michael seemed fine with that even though T.J. looked suspicious.

Sonny told Nina that he was surprised she’d backed off so quickly, but she told him that being around his family was often painful. Nina told Sonny that she believed T.J. and Willow were having an affair, but Sonny found it hard to believe. Nina explained how she had often seen the couple embracing and whispering along with tears. She suspected she could be wrong, and that was why she hadn’t told Sonny previously because she knew he would feel he had to tell Michael.  Sonny said that was exactly what he was not going to do.  The two of them were going to stay out of it and Michael didn’t need to know any of it.  But, Michael was following Sonny and Nina closely and demanded to know what Sonny had said that he “didn’t need to know.”

Elizabeth arrived home with Terry and wondered what she might say to Finn about the trip. She couldn’t believe what she had learned from her parents. Later, there was a knock at the door.  Elizabeth went to it and opened it, only to find Finn standing there.

At Wyndemere, Esme stood in her locked room and tried to figure out a way to get out through the window. Nikolas walked in, and while she claimed that she only wanted fresh air for the baby, Nikolas replied that he knew otherwise. He assured her that his staff had been paid to look the other way, and Esme could make as much noise as she wanted. Esme reiterated that she was not the Hooker, and Nikolas noted that the attacks had stopped since she’d been locked up. He left and relocked the door.

Elsewhere at Windemere, Victor finished up a phone call to Johann, telling him that the necklace he was looking for could be their “final act.” Nikolas walked in and demanded to know why Victor was there. Victor announced that he would be moving back soon and had wanted to check out his room. Nikolas apologized and stated that he was distracted, while Victor announced that something big was going to happen, and he needed a “united front.”

Nikolas shouted at Victor and said that he was tired of Victor’s speeches that gave little in the way of facts. Victor decided that Nikolas had been loyal, after all, and he realized that Nikolas had been distracted by love. He thought that maybe Nikolas was the “real heir apparent” who should be included in his inner circle.

Laura visited Anna at the local jail and assured her that Valentin and Charlotte were safe. Valentin arrived, and he and Anna shared a kiss through the bars. Anna exclaimed that she had been worried, and Valentin announced that Charlotte was home, thanks to help from Laura and Kevin. Laura revealed that Charlotte would be staying at her place. Anna said that Lucy’s body hadn’t been found, and Laura added that she was aware that Victor had arranged with Deputy Mayor Ashby for the drone to fly over the pier.

Anna insisted that she had not been the one to shoot Lucy, and Laura replied that she would announce that the wrong suspect had been in custody. Valentin vowed to get Anna out, but Anna revealed that she would be leaving for Pentonville that night. Valentin cited that Victor had taken on Luke, Lucy, and Anna, and he wondered what Victor had been trying to protect. Valentin proclaimed that he had a plan, and he and Anna grasped hands.

Back in Robert’s office, Holly finished off her text message to Victor just as Robert walked in. She asked if he had any leads in Lucy’s case, and she suggested that they work together like old times. Robert frowned. Holly continued to press for details, but they were interrupted when Deputy Mayor Eileen Ashby barged in. She snapped that she’d heard that Robert had been trying to get Anna out of prison on bail, and she accused him of trying to pull strings. She warned him that she would have to demand his resignation.

Robert replied that he had recused himself from the case, and he pointed out that he was an elected official, Ashby was not the mayor, and he couldn’t resign. Ashby pointed out that the election was in a matter of days, and if she went public, he would not win. She added that she would run the office the way she saw fit until the mayor “graced the city” with her return.

“Well, here I am, Eileen, gracing you,” Laura announced as she stepped into the office. Laura made it clear that she wasn’t happy with Ashby’s falling-out with Robert because she trusted him. She hugged Holly and told her how Robert hadn’t given up hope on her return as quickly as others had. She wondered where Holly had been. Robert informed her that Holly had had a lapse in memory, and Laura suggested that Kevin could help. After suggesting it more than once, Holly shouted a resounding no.

Holly apologized, and Laura announced that she wanted to check in with her family. She also wanted Robert to accompany her out into the hallway. Ashby accused Holly of almost getting them caught, and Holly claimed to not know what Ashby was talking about. Ashby revealed that she was aware that Holly was working with Victor, and he was the one who called the shots.

Out in the hallway, Laura wanted details from Robert. She couldn’t believe that Holly had just shown up, and she wondered if Holly was even telling the truth. Robert reminded her that Holly was the victim, but Laura declared that Holly had been known to mix it up with unsavory people in the past. Robert said that he trusted Holly, and Laura replied that she trusted Robert. They shared a hug.

Robert returned to his office and announced that he had city business. Ashby left, and Holly guessed that Laura had had her doubts about Holly. Robert thought that Laura was just less inclined to trust people, but he trusted Holly, who thought that was all that mattered.

At General Hospital, Heather was wheeled out into the hallway, clad in a straitjacket. She accosted Finn, who was standing by the nurses’ station, and asked why he was scowling. Heather taunted him in sexual terms and admitted that because people thought she was crazy, she had the freedom to say what she wanted. Finn, who had been looking at Elizabeth’s name in his phone contacts list, replied that he was actually happy. He said he planned to give the “all-clear” for Heather to go back to D’Archam.

Heather said that she was under the impression that Finn had wanted to ask her something previously. She guessed that he had been flustered by the mention of Jeff Webber’s name, but Finn replied that he didn’t expect anything coherent from Heather. She told him that years earlier, Jeff had been one who had denied his own shortcomings and never accepted responsibility for his own actions. She suspected that he was still the same. She thought that she had piqued Finn’s curiosity and was willing to discuss it further after certain terms were met. Finn told her he wasn’t interested and dismissed her, just as Valentin stepped off the elevator.

Valentin told Finn that it was time to move on their timeline, and Finn replied that it had all been handled. Just then, Terry arrived, and Finn welcomed her back. He asked about the medical conference and spa. After Terry provided an answer, Finn informed her that he was aware there had been no conference. He added that he was concerned about Elizabeth. Terry suggested that Elizabeth be the one to give him answers.

T.J. grabbed Willow’s hand as they sat and waited in Terry’s office. Terry walked in and sat behind her desk. She had the latest scan results and announced that Willow had Stage 4 leukemia.

Elizabeth heard a knock and opened her front door. It was Finn.

A guard showed up at Anna’s cell, and she guessed it was time for her to depart for Pentonville. He revealed that she was not going there.

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GH Update Friday, November 4, 2022

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Update written by Shane

At Charlie’s Pub, Willow and Michael enjoy a rare date night. Michael apologized for missing Willow’s doctor’s appointment at GH, but she lied and told him that it had been a routine appointment, and everything was fine. Willow briefly replayed T.J.’s words in her head that her Leukemia may have reached State 3 which would seriously limit their treatment options. Michael interrupted Willow’s thoughts. He promised to be by her side at the next checkup. Michael told her that she was stuck with him. After Michael left the table for a moment, Willow checked her phone, but there were no new text messages or voicemails.

Later, Michael noticed that Willow hadn’t touched her food. She admitted that she’d been distracted waiting for the results of her recent tests. Worried, Michael asked about the tests, but Willow rushed to assure him that it had merely been a precaution. Michael reminded Willow that they were a team, but her glance slid to her phone. After the food had been cleared away, Willow broached the subject of marriage. Michael was surprised, but he assured her that he was ready to get married right away. Willow’s eyes welled up with tears as she promised that she never wanted to leave Michael, Wiley, or the baby.

Willow saw that it was Terry, but she told Michael it was “the hospital.”

After a brief exchange with Terry, Willow agreed to meet the doctor the following day to discuss the results. After Willow ended the call, Michael made it clear that he intended to accompany her to the visit. Willow admitted that she wanted Michael to be there.

In Austin’s office at the hospital, Austin announced that he was done with both Mason and Mason’s boss because Austin was a different person now and he had built a life he was proud of in Port Charles. Mason laughed. Maxie barged in and  apologized when she realized that she had walked in on something. “You want to tell her, or should I?” Mason asked his cousin. Austin claimed that Mason had asked Austin to help with some hospital paperwork and Mason’s insurance company. Austin explained that he hadn’t been comfortable crossing any ethical lines, but he reluctantly agreed to look into the matter for Mason.

Maxie felt bad that she had canceled her date with Austin and offered to get something at the Metro Court Restaurant. But, Austin declined the offer saying that he had too much work to do.  Moments later, Austin’s office phone rang. Austin made arrangements to treat a patient that had asked for him in the E.R.

Later when Austin returned from the E.R. to find Mason in his office chair, he furiously ordered Mason out.  The details were not discussed but it was clear that Austin had performed a procedure on a gunshot victim without following the proper protocol of informing the police.

At Metro Court’s restaurant, Spinelli stood on the balcony as he spoke to someone about shutting down Society Setups as quickly as possible. Spinelli told the caller that he was fully aware that the stock had made significant gains, but Spinelli was adamant that the company be shut down. After Spinelli ended the call, he turned and saw Maxie standing in the doorway. Maxie revealed that she’d been waiting for a pickup order, but she was curious about Spinelli’s phone call. “I know the real story behind Society Setups, remember?” Maxie said. Maxie urged Spinelli not to give up because she was certain that Spinelli would find someone else.  

At Curtis and Portia’s house, Curtis admitted that he feared the killer would not stop until she had targeted Trina. Jordan promised both Curtis and Portia that the police would do everything possible to keep Trina safe. Curtis realized that Taggert needed to be told, and security would need to be increased. Jordan advised Portia to follow Trina’s lead by carrying on as normally as possible, but Curtis worried that it might impact Curtis and Portia’s wedding plans. Jordan was surprised when Curtis and Portia revealed their plans for a Valentine’s Day wedding. After Curtis left to call Taggert, Jordan asked when Portia intended to tell Curtis the truth.

Portia explained that she needed more time and that she wanted to prevent Trina from any more stress.  Portia wanted to know for sure if Curtis had the genetic markers for schizophrenia before raising the topic with Trina. Jordan said she believed Portia was just stalling and didn’t realize how important the truth was to Curtis.  Portia snapped and told Jordan that she didn’t need her approval to conduct her familial affairs in the way she saw fit.  With that, Jordan said that her business there had been completed and Portia apologized for having snapped.  She explained to Jordan that there were things that she wasn’t aware of that she was dealing with.  

After Jordan left, Curtis offered to postpone the wedding, in light of the new information. Portia didn’t really want to give some psychopath that much control over their daily lives and so they agreed to keep the wedding date on Valentine’s Day.  Portia asked Jordan to promise that everything would be OK.  He did and she smiled, but her smile quickly turned to an expression of concern.

At Carly’s house, Josslyn was upset that both her life and Trina’s had just been turned upside down by one visit from Jordan. Carly consoled her, but Josslyn realized that if the Hook killer was targeting people associated with Trina that Cameron was also in serious danger. She made several calls to Cameron but they all went to voicemail. After Josslyn left Cameron an urgent message to call her immediately because he might be in “serious danger,” she sent him a text message. Josslyn grew more anxious when Cameron didn’t reply.

Josslyn grabbed her things and said she was going to Kelly’s to warn Cameron, but Carly forbade her to leave the house when a killer was on the loose. Carly promised to take care of everything, but Carly insisted that Josslyn stay put. Carly called Drew and asked if he could find Cameron and warn him and he said that he didn’t have to.  Drew had found Cameron on the footbridge and they had been talking. She was relieved when he told her that he was with Cameron, but she asked Drew to make certain that Cameron got home safe.

At Kelly’s, Sonny and Nina enjoyed an ice cream sundae. Sonny confessed that he was pleased he and Nina no longer had to hide their relationship. Nina agreed, and she admitted that she’d been touched when Sonny had stood up for her to Carly. “I’m a part of your life, so that makes me a part of your kids’ lives,” Nina said. Sonny admitted that it hadn’t been necessary to tell Carly that because of the way that Avery and Donna had responded to Nina. According to Sonny, his youngest two daughters had made it clear that Nina was already part of the family.

Nina noticed Dex outside in the cold, but Sonny reminded Nina that Dex was working, and the cold made him more alert. Nina admitted that she was still getting used to having a bodyguard, but Sonny made it clear that her safety was paramount to him. After a kiss, Nina confessed that she was happy that both Avery and Donna had accepted her, but she noted that Michael and Josslyn had not. Sonny assured Nina that Michael and Josslyn were a “work in progress,” but Sonny had no intention of giving up. Nina smile and said that it wasn’t Sonny’s style to give up.

Outside, Dex was on guard, but his thoughts were on Josslyn. He recalled their talk in Kelly’s when she had told him that his choices had disappointed her, a comment that had clearly cut Dex to the bone. When Nina popped outside to offer him a cup of hot chocolate, Dex politely declined because he was working. Nina insisted, but Dex didn’t accept the offering until Sonny gave his approval. Nina was thrilled when Dex said that she brought out the best in Sonny.

After Sonny and Nina returned to their table, Josslyn approached the front door to Kelly’s, but she stopped short when she saw Dex. She was irritated when Dex revealed that Sonny and Nina were inside. Josslyn glanced through the window, but she didn’t see Cameron working. She decided to wait outside rather than be around Sonny. Within minutes, Josslyn berated Dex for wanting to work for Sonny. “You have no idea what I want,” Dex said.

Just then, Cameron walked up, and he immediately picked up on the tension between Dex and Josslyn. Josslyn ran to Cameron, threw her arms around him, and told him how relieved she was to see him. Dex averted his attention until he heard Josslyn tell Cameron that Jordan believed the Hook had been after Josslyn the night Brando had been attacked. “Wait, the cops think you were the target?” Dex asked Josslyn.

Josslyn explained that all the victims had been linked to Trina’s trial. Josslyn reminded Cameron and Dex that Ava had been Trina’s mentor, Diane had been Trina’s attorney, and Oz Haggerty had exonerated Trina. Josslyn warned Cameron that they were both in danger because both Josslyn and Cameron had testified as defense witnesses. Dex decided that Sonny should be told, but Josslyn objected. Dex asked if her pride was more important than being targeted by a killer.

Moments later, Dex, Josslyn, and Cameron approached Sonny. Dex explained that there was something Sonny needed to know. Sonny left to take Josslyn home as Cameron closed up. Dex assured Cameron that he would return after he dropped off Nina, but Cameron declined being “escorted” home. Dex reminded Cameron that Sonny had ordered Dex to escort Cameron home, but Cameron was adamant in his refusal. Cameron said, “I don’t work for Sonny.”  Nina sided with Dex and asked Cameron if he was sure he didn’t want someone to see that he got home safely. 

After Dex and Nina left, Cameron recalled how Josslyn had run into his arms. The memory made him smile.

At Carly’s house, Carly was surprised when Drew stopped by to check on her. She reminded him that they had agreed to be careful, but Drew admitted that he’d heard the tension in her voice during their phone call. He assured Carly that Cameron was safe, and Drew had dropped Cameron off at Kelly’s. Grateful, Carly decided to let Josslyn know, but Josslyn was nowhere to be seen. Carly called out to her daughter, but she was met with silence.

Carly was furious when she realized that Josslyn had slipped out to check on Cameron at Kelly’s. Carly called her daughter’s phone, but the calls went to voicemail, and Carly’s text messages went unanswered. Drew reminded Carly that she would have done the same thing at Josslyn’s age. Carly agreed, but she had hoped that her daughter would have been smarter. Carly grabbed her jacket with the intention of driving to Kelly’s, but Drew insisted on taking Carly. Carly argued that they couldn’t be seen together, but Drew argued that Josslyn was more important than the SEC.

As Carly opened the door for her and Drew to exit, she found Sonny and Josslyn on the doorstep.  Sonny explained that Josslyn had told him about Jordan’s concerns and that he had decided to bring Josslyn home while Dex saw to getting Cameron home safely.  Carly thanked Sonny for bringing Josslyn home and after he left, she told Drew he had to leave also, so that Sonny would see him leave.  He agreed, but not before kissing Carly goodnight.  After the kiss, Drew left and Carly closed the mansion door, unaware that Josslyn had seen the whole thing.

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GH Update Wednesday, November 2, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Shane

In California, after Jeff tells Elizabeth that she pushed Reiko down the stairs in a fit of anger, Elizabeth refuses to believe him or anything her parents have to say. Jeff explains she saw him with Reiko in his room, Reiko ran out, and Elizabeth followed her to the top of the stairs. Elizabeth has a flashback and can hear herself arguing with Reiko, and Carolyn realizes it’s all coming back to her. 

Elizabeth recalls fighting with Reiko and asking how dare she do this to her mother, and calling her a homewrecker and that she’s not the first and she won’t be the last. Elizabeth threatened Reiko that she was going to tell her mother, and then find her husband and tell him. Elizabeth recalls Reiko grabbing her and telling her she couldn’t do that. As they fought, Reiko tumbled down the stairs. Elizabeth cries to her parents, “I did it, it was me.”

Elizabeth doesn’t remember if she pushed Reiko or if it was an accident, and Jeff admits he didn’t see what happened. Jeff explains Reiko had a concussion and internal bleeding from the fall. Reiko required a blood transfusion after the fall, and that’s how she contracted the disease that killed her. Carolyn goes on to explain Elizabeth was a minor, and they had to protect her from the legal system in the Mariana Islands, so they put in for an immediate transfer.

Elizabeth realizes Reiko died because of her. Carolyn notes that this is not entirely true. Elizabeth doesn’t understand why she blocked all of this out. Carolyn explains she didn’t at first, and she had terrible nightmares and sleepwalking episodes. Carolyn began coaching her to suppress the memory, and they sent her away so their presence wouldn’t cause the memory to return. Carolyn and Jeff never wanted to abandon her, but they thought it was better to lose their relationship with her than lose her forever. Elizabeth thinks they sent her away because they wanted to protect their reputations.

At the park, as Carly is about to tell Sam about her newfound relationship with Drew, he appears and suggests he be the one to tell Sam. He says they realized down in Florida that they made a good team, and came back with a renewed sense of purpose. Spinelli appears, and Drew asks to run something by Carly in private. They head off, and Sam says she is waiting for someone to tell her something that she already knows.

In private, Drew tells Carly that she cannot tell Sam or anyone about them. He explains Ned’s threat that they could be guilty of insider trading. Carly laughs it off and says that the whole thing is absurd. But, Drew says that he had a legal consultant look it over and that they both could both be looking at fines and jail time if the truth got out. He says for now they have to create some distance between them and let this blow over. Drew explains they can’t be in a public relationship. Carly understands and says that she is fine with going off grid to maintain their relationship.

Meanwhile, Sam asks Spinelli to help in finding out what Cody is hiding, and suggests using his algorithm. Spinelli reminds her that she wanted him to destroy it because it could get him sent to jail. She figures they could use it for good and explain Cody’s interest in the necklace that he and Britt found and why he didn’t want Sam looking into its origins. 

Carly and Drew return and say goodbye to Sam and Spinelli before taking off. Sam continues talking to Spinelli about Cody, and feels they need to learn all they can about him. She points out he could be Maxie and Georgie’s family, and she doesn’t want to see Dante hurt either. Spinelli agrees and tells Sam he is at her service.

At Carly’s place, Joss and Trina compare their weekends. Joss confesses she and Cam finally slept together again. She had hoped that it would fix what is wrong in their relationship but she tells Trina that it didn’t. Joss blames Esme for not being able to enjoy her first time. Trina tells Josslyn she can not let Esme ruin her relationship forever. Trina tells Joss to stop trying to get back to where she and Cam were, but instead focus on their future. Joss thanks her for the advice.

Trina opens up to Joss about her stay with Rory at their hotel and tells Joss that just as things got intense, she imagined she was with Spencer. Joss says it’s clear she still has feelings for him. Joss admits to Trina that she and Cam visited Spencer and she tells Trina he wanted to know how she was doing and if she was happy. Trina realizes that is the reason behind the missed call she got from him. Joss says she believes Spencer has a good heart, but that doesn’t mean he deserves her. Trina feels she should put her focus on the good guy she has in front of her, just like Joss is doing with Cam.

At Charlie’s, Cody walks in as Britt is telling Scott and Obrecht about Peter’s necklace. Cody sits down, and Scott tells him he knows trouble when he sees it. Cody apologizes for sucker-punching him, and all he’d like is a do-over. Scott asks why? Cody explains he’s important to Britt’s mom, and Britt is important to him. He also knows how much he loved his biological mother, and he’s sorry they both lost her. Scott says that was a very long time ago.

Britt and Obrecht rejoin Cody and Scott, who are talking about Serina’s concern for Lucy. Obrecht asks if Cody plans on staying in Port Charles. Cody assures her that he is going to stick around as he likes Port Charles, and his job. Scott knows he has a reason given the DNA test he took, and he knows all about the fact that Cody may be Mac’s son. As they talk, Britt coughs after taking a sip of wine. When she continues to have coughing spells, Obrecht looks concerned.

At The Invader, Alexis picks up the phone and has her assistant call for Commissioner Ashford.  She says, “tell the commissioner I just received a letter from The Hook killer.”

Dante and Jordan arrive and take the letter into custody. In it, the killer explains they are not hungry for fame or targeting people at random. They are targeting those who have wronged them. The killer tells Alexis to leave them be or she would regret it and ends by saying they are off to see the wizard. Alexis assumes that is a reference to Oz Haggerty. Dante and Jordan leave and Jordan tells Alexis to not tell anyone about the letter.

Jordan and Dante are barely out the door as Alexis calls Gregory and spills everything to him. She also takes out a copy of the letter that she made before the police arrived.

Later, Jordan arrives at Carly’s house and when Josslyn asks her if she is there to see her mother, Jordan informs her that her business concerns both her and Trina.  Moments later, Carly and Drew say their goodbyes with a kiss and Carly enters the mansion.  She approaches Jordan, Josslyn and Trina and asks what is going on.  It is then that Jordan informs Carly that Brando was not the intended target of the Hook Killer.  Josslyn was the true target.  Jordan then confirms Trina’s worst fear, she is the common thread that ties all of the victims together.

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GH Update Tuesday, November 1, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Dustin

Outside at the Metro Court sponsored pumpkin farm, Carly tells Sam that since she returned from Jacksonville, she feels more leveled and centered than she did before she left.  No sooner than she gets these words out of her mouth, she sees Sonny and Nina with Avery and Donna and totally zones out.  She immediately approaches Sonny.  Sonny and Nina both tell the girls to look that their Mom is home.  The kids rush to hug her and it becomes really awkward when Carly mentions they should have a sleepover soon and the girls ask if Aunt Nina can come. Carly frowns and asks Sonny if they can have a word in private. Sam takes the kids away to give Carly time with Sonny.

Carly takes Sonny aside and lets him have it for having sleepovers with “Aunt Nina,” she also brings up the fact that she specifically asked Sonny not to have Nina over when Donna was present. Sonny explains it wasn’t anything like that. They simply had a pizza party and watches movies. Carly quickly realizes that she overstepped and apologizes to Sonny.  She thanks him for respecting her boundaries and Sonny says that he has respected her boundaries but that they’re not working for him anymore.

Carly looks like she’s prepared for a fight.

Sam leaves the kids with Danny and Rocco. She explains she’s there to support Carly.

Meanwhile, Sonny explains that Nina wasn’t a part of his life but she is now, and it’s official. “Congratulations,” Carly says.

Sonny says he didn’t agree to put his life on hold indefinitely. Sonny says if Carly was seeing someone, he wouldn’t ask her to keep Donna from them. “Who says that I’m not?” She all but admits to seeing someone and Sonny agrees to be careful when he explains things to their kids. When Sonny and Carly rejoin the kids, Nina attempts to say something to Carly but Carly is not having it.  She tells Nina to let Sonny speak for issues involving their children. She makes it clear that she has nothing to say to Nina in any other capacity.  

They all disperse before things get too heated and Sam takes Carly aside to ask what happened in Jacksonville. Carly reminisces about Drew.

Elizabeth confronts her parents about Reiko’s death and the images she has been having.  At first, her parents act aloof, but after she confesses to having images, losing time and even attacking Chase, her parents come clean.  Yes, Elizabeth’s father was having an affair with Reiko but it was not Elizabeth’s father that pushed her down the stairs. Elizabeth’s father tells her there is much more to that and then admits it was Elizabeth that pushed Reiko down the stairs. 

Drew and Scout visit Alexis in her office at The Invader, with Scout dressed as a butterfly for Halloween. Drew and Alexis think she looks great. She dances around with her wings floating and takes some candy from Alexis.

Drew tells Alexis that he knows she is no longer a practicing attorney but he has a hypothetical situation for her.  He presents his situation with Carly and the ELQ/Aurora merger and asks if that would constitute insider trading.  

“Hell Yes!” Alexis responds. She tells him that it is textbook insider trading and that both parties could serve prison time. She goes on to tell him that it would be much harder for charges to stick if he and the “friend” that he mentioned were just casual acquaintances rather than having a family or romantic involvement.  Drew looks horrified. 

Back at the pumpkin farm, Sonny says hello to Holly and introduces her to Nina.  Holly makes an excuse and leaves the three of them quickly. Later, she is seen giving information to an unknown caller about Robert’s efforts to get another judge to intervene on Anna’s behalf.  Sonny asks Robert if he would like to work together to help Anna.  Robert says what did you have in mind?  He asks Sonny if this has something to do with Anna breaking out of jail and living on the run?  Robert tells Sonny not to worry that he has everything under control.  

Sam asks Carly if Drew was with her in Jacksonville.  Carly says that he was and that he was very helpful in securing a place to move her mother’s remains.  Sam says she finds it awkward that they were there for weeks and yet Carly has barely mentioned him. Carly does her best to avoid the details of the situation, knowing that it could be painful for Sam. But, then Carly says, “there is something that you should know.”  Drew is approaching Carly when he hears her say this.

In Switzerland, Valentin is being tailed by Victor’s men wherever he goes and he can not shake them.  He is shocked and glad to see Laura when she knocks one of Victor’s men out cold with a candlestick. She tells him Anna sent her.  They talk about Lucy’s shooting and how Victor has set Anna up to take the fall for the crime. They’re interrupted by another one of Victor’s men. He says hello to the “sister,” and knows Valentin is Charlotte’s daughter but asks for the nun’s name. Laura lies that it’s Sister Margaret. Victor’s goon hears one of his associates at the front of the church on the floor, moaning.  Sister Margaret tells him it is a man who got drunk on the communion wine. The man tells Laura that his co-worker only drinks Vodka as he raises his gun.  This time, Valentin wields the candlestick and the man is left unconscious on the floor. “Father Kevin” shows up and hugs Laura. The three of them agree they need to get Charlotte. 

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GH Update Friday, October 28, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At Carly’s house, Bobbie and Carly sat at the kitchen table.  Bobbie said she was excited to see what was to come in the next chapter of Carly’s life. Carly, who had just returned from Jacksonville, said that she had suffered a “crisis of identity” when she had gone to Florida and she added that she had decided she would not be keeping the name, Corinthos. Carly did not mention what had happened with Drew in Florida to Bobbie. Carly did ask Bobbie what she thought of her taking the family name of Spencer. Bobbie said it was fitting and she hugged Carly.

At Elizabeth’s house, Cameron thought that he and Josslyn had grown closer because Josslyn had stayed over the previous night. He seemed relieved that maybe they had put the shame of the leaked sex tape behind them. However, when Josslyn started to leave she ran into Finn. Josslyn excused herself and said she was just on her way to class.  Cameron began an awkward conversation with Finn who finally asked Cameron outright if Josslyn had spent the night. Cameron quickly told Finn that it was none of his business. Finn said that it was obvious that Josslyn had spent the night, but that he had no intention of telling Elizabeth but added that he thought Cameron should tell his mother the truth.  He reiterated that he was only there to check on the boys as he promised Elizabeth he would do while she was away. Cameron blurted out how odd it was thinking of his Mom being in the same city where his grandparents live.  Finn asked him to repeat what he had said.  It became obvious to Cameron that Finn didn’t know that Elizabeth’s parents also live in Monterey.  Cameron had just inadvertently informed Finn that Elizabeth was, in fact, not attending a medical conference but attempting to gain some clarity on the visions that she had been having about her past.  Cameron offered Finn some advice for being there for Elizabeth without acting like she needed to be saved.  Finn later thanked him for the pep talk. Finn left Elizabeth’s house shaken by the news of Elizabeth’s true reasoning for going to Monterey.

At Oscar’s gravesite, Drew visited Oscar on what would have been his birthday. Drew said that when he had been held captive, he had often closed his eyes and thought of Oscar and Scout. Josslyn appeared with flowers, and she and Drew hugged. Drew said he would leave to give Josslyn some privacy.  But, before he left, he thanked Josslyn for being a part of Oscar’s life. Josslyn spoke to Oscar and confessed to him that things hadn’t been the same between her and Cameron since the sex tape. Josslyn said that she worried Cameron wouldn’t “be able to handle” losing her.

In the kitchen of the Quartermaine mansion, Ned informed Michael that Valentin had been missing for several days. Ned asked if Michael had been behind Valentin’s disappearance and accused Michael of calling immigration to cause trouble for Valentin. Ned had gotten this idea because Sonny had pulled the same stunt in the past with Jax. Michael told Ned that he was nothing like Sonny. Ned quickly responded by saying that Michael was just like Sonny and at that point the conversation quickly turned into a screaming match that Olivia promptly ended by screaming herself and pounding on the table. Olivia left the kitchen to find Brook Lynn to help play referee. Olivia was mortified when she walked into Brook Lynn’s room and found Chase lying on the bed, naked. Ned and Michael were still arguing when Brook Lynn entered.  Olivia and Chase entered just after Brook Lynn and everyone wanted to know why Olivia and Chase were acting so awkward. Olivia admitted that she had walked in on Chase while he was wearing no clothes.  Ned glared at Brook Lynn like she owed him an explanation.  So, Brook Lynn admitted that she and Chase had spent the previous night together. Brook Lynn joked that everyone at the Quartermaine mansion had seen Chase naked, but Olivia quipped that Monica hadn’t, even though it was Monica’s house. “Alan gave it to her!” Chase exclaimed. Everyone had a quick laugh at the tension that was palpable.

Olivia (distracting herself and everyone else) offered to drive Willow to the hospital for her prenatal checkup, and the two left. Later, Drew arrived at the mansion. Drew told Ned that he had gone to Oscar’s Meadow. Drew recalled that Ned and Olivia had been so very kind to Oscar during his last days, and he pleaded with Ned to help fix whatever was broken in their family. Michael said that Ned could not be reasoned with. Ned pointed out that Michael still went by the Corinthos name, and he added that Michael was only a Quartermaine when it was convenient. Ned then lashed out at Drew and said that Drew’s nice-guy act was really starting to wear thin. “Wow! Okay, fine, Ned. The gloves are off, and you are not gonna like the moves that I make to get you and Valentin out,” Drew boasted. “Really? And how do you plan on doing that when you’re facing an insider-trading charge?” Ned asked a shocked Drew.

Drew tried to laugh off Ned’s accusation, but Ned explained that, as Michael’s mother, Carly had been told about the potential merger of Aurora and ELQ and that it had been the only reason why Carly had purchased Aurora shares, which then cost her the Metro Court. “That’s called insider trading, and it’s illegal. Martha Stewart went to prison for much less,” Ned said. Ned told Drew and Michael that they were fortunate that no one knew about what happened to Carly. He also threatened Drew and Michael and told them not to forget that he had knowledge of what had happened. He made it clear that he could put Michael and Drew away if he saw fit to do so. Ned left, and Michael scoffed at him and said that Ned was bluffing. Drew had nothing to say. It was clear that he was in deep thought.

In an exam room at the hospital, Britt remarked that certain areas around Willow’s lymph nodes appeared inflamed. Britt stepped out of the room to call Terry, who advised Britt to schedule an ultrasound on Willow’s liver. Alone in the room with T.J., Willow asked what Britt was so concerned about. T.J. said that if Willow’s liver and lymph nodes were swollen, it could mean that Willow’s cancer had advanced to Stage 3, which might limit their ability to treat her leukemia.

Later, Olivia greeted Finn near the hospital elevators. Olivia started to get a headache, and she asked if Finn had ever had the feeling that someone had just walked over his grave. Olivia then caught sight of a blonde-haired woman in chains and an orange prison jumpsuit. “Hello, Olivia!” the woman said. Olivia screamed when she realized the woman was Heather Webber.

Heather accused Olivia of letting her son rot in prison while Olivia had “traded up” to marry a Quartermaine. She then laughed like a mad woman as she was led away by guards. Afterwards, Finn asked Olivia who the woman was. “Don’t you know? That’s Heather Webber!”

In Monterey, Elizabeth and Terry sat in a car outside Elizabeth’s parents’ home.  Terry informed Elizabeth that her parents had agreed to meet Terry for coffee. Elizabeth planned to break into her parents home to search for clues about Reiko’s death by going through some old diaries that her parents’ had kept. Meanwhile, Terry would meet with Jeff and Carolyn to give Elizabeth enough time to search. Elizabeth flashed back to her first day in Port Charles outside Audrey’s house when she had told Sarah, “The stork brought me! Remember?” Elizabeth smiled at the memory.

Elizabeth left the car, entered her parent’s home and was able to silence the alarm. She stared at different family photos on the mantel and seemed overwhelmed by the memories they brought back. Elizabeth picked up a photo of her and Sarah and she held it closely against her chest. Elizabeth was startled to hear the doorknob rattle. An older man with gray hair entered. 

“Elizabeth?” the man asked.

“Dad,” said Elizabeth.

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GH Update Wednesday, October 26, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Victor and Nikolas argued over Nikolas’ relationship with Ava.  Victor told him that Helena had indulged him too much and that it was time that he embraced his future as a Cassadine without Ava.  

At Nina’s apartment, Ava opened the confession letter that Nikolas had given her and found the note that Victor had left for her, which said “missing something?”  Ava showed the note to Nina and they both initially misconstrued the circumstances surrounding it.  They each blamed Nikolas for stealing the note rather than placing the blame with Victor.  Ava seemed furious and vowed to get revenge on Nikolas.  Nina asked her what she planned to do. Nina added that Nikolas stealing the confession letter didn’t make sense.  Ava said that she was absolutely right and that she didn’t think that Nikolas had stolen the letter.  She also showed Nina the confession that Nikolas had recorded on her phone.

At the salon, Holly soaked her feet and declared Felicia a genius. Felicia smiled because she had been worried that Holly had been humoring her by agreeing to go to the salon. Holly confessed that she had been, but the pedicure had changed her mind. Felicia was pleased and hoped that Holly would stop lying to her. Holly argued that the stiff upper lip was the British way and acknowledged that she felt confused and a little embarrassed because she had always prided herself on being able to take care of herself but someone had clearly gotten the better of her. The conversation turned to Luke’s death, and the investigation into the possibility that Victor was behind it. Holly admitted that she had trouble believing that Luke was really dead, but Holly wanted to help uncover the truth about the cable car crash. Felicia giggled out loud as she recalled the slap Holly had given Victor. “Trust me, I’m just getting started,” Holly said.

At the PCPD jail, Anna rested on a cot as Mac arrived to check on her. Anna stood up and admitted that she’d been going stir crazy, while Victor had been getting away with murder. Robert came in beaming with joy as he shared the news that Holly had returned. Mac was happy for his brother, and Anna was eager for news about her friend. Robert explained that physically, Holly was fine, but she had no memory of the past two years. Anna was desperate to get out of jail, but she conceded that the police had incriminating evidence against her. Robert revealed that he had to recuse himself from the case, so Anna would have to wait for her arraignment. Anna implored Robert to call Valentin to let Valentin know what had happened. Robert was reluctant, but Anna explained that she was concerned because all her calls had gone to voicemail, and Victor had made Valentin’s travel arrangements. She suspected Victor had intended to keep Valentin from interfering in Victor’s efforts to frame her for murder. After Robert left to make the call, Anna took the opportunity to warn Mac that Deputy Mayor Ashby was in cahoots with Victor.

Anna explained that Lucy had overheard Victor and Ashby’s phone conversation the night before Lucy had been shot. Just then, Robert returned to report that his call to Valentin had gone to voicemail. Anna’s concern mounted, but Holly’s arrival offered a brief respite. After Holly exchanged greetings with everyone, Holly passed along a message from Felicia for Mac to meet Felicia at the hospital. Mac wanted to postpone the DNA test, but both Anna and Robert insisted it was too important for Mac to miss. Mac left, so Robert and Anna filled Holly in about the incriminating evidence against Anna. Robert confirmed that a box of bullets had been found in Anna’s home that had matched both the brand and caliber of the casing recovered from the pier. Holly agreed that it sounded like a setup. Anna revealed that she had recognized the trench coat worn by the shooter, which Anna suspected had been taken from her home — along with Anna’s gun — when the bullets had been planted. Robert admitted that forensics had found gunpowder on the trench coat.

Anna was certain Victor had arranged everything. Holly pointed out that the WSB might intervene, but Anna explained that she’d been digging into Luke’s murder privately because the case had been closed when someone had confessed to sabotaging the cable car that had killed Luke. Holly was curious why Victor would target Luke in the first place, so Anna told Holly about Victor’s search for the Ice Princess. Holly asked how many people had to die for the infamous diamond. “Far too many,” Anna said.

Holly recalled that Luke had once mentioned that Helena Cassadine had put a curse on the jewels. Anna told Holly how devastated Robert had been when he’d been told that Holly had died. Moments later, a furious Robert returned to let Anna know that her arraignment had been pushed back to the following day. Robert promised to get Anna out of jail. Anna was confident Robert would succeed, and together, she and Robert would go after Victor. “Count me in,” Holly said.

At the hospital, Austin greeted Maxie and Georgie. He gave Maxie a quick kiss, while Georgie remained silent and grimaced. Maxie and Austin were eager to take Georgie for ice cream, but Georgie refused to play along. Georgie demonsrated what a complete brat she could be and Maxie demanded that Georgie apologize to Austin for her childish behavior. “Never,” Georgie said. Maxie made it clear that there would be no ice cream until Georgie apologized, prompting Georgie to blame Austin for ruining everything.

In Britt’s office, Britt explained that she knew about Sam’s checkered past, and she told Sam she was curious if Sam had ever been a jewel thief. Sam tensed as she asked if Britt was wearing a wire. Britt assured Sam nothing of the sort was going on but she told Sam she did want to retain her to investigate the necklace. Britt showed Sam pictures of the diamond necklace that she had found in Peter’s safe deposit box. Sam admitted the necklace was worth millions if the diamonds were real. Britt assured Sam the gems had been real enough to cut glass.

At Volonino’s, Cody was working out on the weights when Dante arrived. Dante apologized for being late, and they spoke about the past when Dante and Cody had been kids and Dante had given Cody a bloody nose. The conversation turned serious when Dante admitted he’d had a rough day because he’d been forced to arrest Anna, who he knew was innocent. Dante asked about Cody’s day. Cody only admitted that he had spent some time with Britt. Dante chuckled because Britt had clearly not heeded Dante’s advice to stay away from Cody. Dante explained that he’d been looking out for Cody, but Cody told Dante he didn’t want him getting between him and Britt.

Cody reached into his gym bag when he received a reminder notification about the DNA test. Cody sighed with apprehension. Cody opened up to Dante about Mac and the possibility that Mac might be Cody’s biological father. Dante couldn’t believe that Cody hadn’t mentioned it to him sooner, especially since Dante knew what it was like to find a long-lost father. Dante explained that despite everything, Dante and Sonny had managed to forge a close relationship, and it had been Sonny who had gone to Turkey to rescue Dante from a dire situation. Dante admitted that Sonny was a good man despite Sonny’s “questionable lifestyle.” Later, Sam was waiting when Dante and Cody emerged from the locker room. After Cody left, Sam and Dante exchanged a kiss, and they each admitted they had had a crazy day. Sam decided Dante won the prize when he told her about Anna’s arrest. Dante was certain she had been framed by the Cassadine’s and he acknowledged that he was unable to do anything about it at that moment. Sam smiled when Dante decided to focus on them, and he leaned down to kiss her.

Britt noticed Mac and his family gathered at the elevator, and she realized Cody was there for the DNA test. She told Cody that she hoped he got what he wanted, but Cody confessed he wasn’t sure what that was.

After Ava left, Nina called Valentin, but the call went to voicemail. She admitted she was jealous that he was able to visit with Charlotte, and she was eager to hear all about it. However, Nina wanted Valentin to know that things were “weird” in Port Charles because Lucy was missing — and his father might have been responsible.

Victor explained that the world was in chaos, and the Cassadines were positioned to bring order to that chaos. “And order begins at home,” Victor said. Victor announced his decision to move into Wyndemere to keep an eye on Nikolas. Nikolas objected, and claimed the castle was under extensive renovations, but Victor didn’t care. After Victor walked away, Nikolas spotted Ava. Nikolas realized Ava was upset, so he urged her to leave before she ran into Victor. Ava refused, and she told him about the confession that Victor had taken. Nikolas admitted that he already knew, and he filled Ava in about Victor’s threats. Ava wasn’t intimidated, but Nikolas warned her that Victor might deal with Ava the way Victor had dealt with Lucy.

At the elevator, Victor praised Nikolas, but Nikolas warned Victor that Helena had once believed she could control Nikolas, too — and it had not ended well for her.

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GH Update Monday, October 24, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

In the parking lot at the police station, Anna opened her trunk and found a gun and some clothing. She recalled the drone footage of what looked like her shooting Lucy. Dante interrupted her and asked if Jordan had cut Victor loose.  Anna told him that Jordan had no choice but to release Victor. Dante informed Anna that Holly had been the woman that was found in the Quartermaine boathouse. Anna was blown away and had a list of questions for Dante, few of which he could answer.  Dante explained that Holly was experiencing memory problems and couldn’t really tell them where she had been over the last two years.  Anna hoped that Lucy would be located safely as well.

Carly and Drew continued their romantic walk along the beach in Jacksonville. Drew suggested that they return to Port Charles. Carly admitted that she was reluctant to do so because she’d found Drew in Jacksonville. She explained that she’d originally left the town to escape, and while she’d found a lot of what she’d been looking for in Port Charles, she was afraid that she and Drew would change. Drew replied that his life had been similar, and he’d found a lot of what he’d been looking for in the Navy. He stated that he had still felt a void and had realized that he had been looking for who he was. He maintained that Carly had filled the void, and she agreed that they were solid. She thought that Jacksonville had changed them. As they walked along the beach, Carly declared that because the relationship was something that she was choosing, it was worth pursuing. Carly admitted she was afraid of losing Drew because of mistakes or choices that she might make, but he assured her that that wouldn’t happen. Carly said that she didn’t want to ruin the best thing that had happened to her.  Drew said that he liked their chances and Carly agreed.

Nina met up with Sonny at General Hospital so that they could attend Sasha’s guardianship meeting with Martin. They discussed the lack of any word on Lucy. “You cannot bet against Lucy Coe,” Sonny said. They found Martin and Sasha in a meeting room, and they all sat down around a table. Martin announced that with Brando’s death and no living relatives, the judge had decided that there would be a court-appointed guardian. Sasha was unhappy that a stranger would be making decisions for her, and Sonny and Nina wanted to fight it.

Martin made it clear that a court would not appoint either Sonny or Nina due to their past history. The group was determined that they find someone to take over the guardianship.  They discussed who they could find to step in for Brando as Sasha’s guardian. “You’re looking at her,” Gladys exclaimed as she walked in. She apologized for being late. She reminded Sonny that he had told her to step up, and she wanted to take over for Brando. Sonny told her it would be a big responsibility, and Gladys promised to give it her best shot. Martin agreed to petition the court.

Sonny thought that Gladys would be great, and he proclaimed that they were all in it together. Nina said that she would always think of Sasha as the daughter she’d never known, and she loved her. Martin took a phone call and revealed that there was still no word about Lucy. He admitted to feeling lousy but had taken on the meeting for her. Sasha gave him a hug and told him not to lose hope. Martin departed, and Gladys thanked Sonny for everything before taking Sasha home. Sonny and Nina thought that Sasha would get through it because she had them.

Scott and Felicia were in the Metro Court gardens. He wanted information on Lucy because he needed to tell Serena something. Felicia informed him that she had no updates, and Scott thought about hiring his own divers. He confessed that it felt like Lucy was still alive. Suddenly, they were taken aback when they spotted Holly and Robert sitting at a nearby table. There were hugs all around as Scott and Felicia ran to the table. Holly disclosed that she couldn’t remember anything from the past two years.

Scott and Felicia sat down and got around to revealing the information around Lucy’s disappearance. Holly wondered who would have done such a thing. “Why don’t we ask him?” Scott said as Victor walked in. Victor walked right over to the table and apologized for interrupting. He asked if Robert had had any updates on Lucy. Scott was perturbed as Victor announced his willingness to help out if needed.

Victor headed to his own table, and Holly was filled in with facts about Victor. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, since he had seemed so nice and was dressed so well. Felicia declared that they believed that Victor had been behind Lucy’s disappearance, but Robert stopped her before she said anything else about Victor.

At the police station, Jordan and D.A. Arden argued about Anna being responsible for shooting Lucy. Arden announced that Victor wanted to sue the department for unlawful arrest, but Jordan pointed out that while he was a suspect, he hadn’t been arrested. Jordan wanted to call Robert, but Arden didn’t think that was a good idea. She thought that Robert would be forced to recuse himself from the case. Jordan maintained that all of the evidence was circumstantial.

Arden snapped that Jordan had given Anna special treatment, while Jordan insisted that the video they had seen of the shooting had been doctored. Arden implied that Jordan wasn’t handling her job properly with regard to Anna. Arden left, and Mac appeared. He revealed that the divers hadn’t found anything. Jordan was sure that Anna had been framed, and Mac agreed but was surprised that Anna had been released. Jordan stated that Lucy had been missing for less than 48 hours, and they had no body. Mac looked at the video again and was certain that it had been doctored. He and Jordan agreed that while Lucy had been the victim, Anna had been the target. “And you know who’s after her, don’t you?” Mac asked. Jordan explained how Lucy had been working for Anna but had gone rogue. They both worried that Victor could get away with murder again if they couldn’t prove that the footage was fake.

Back at the police station parking lot, D.A. Arden arrived with a cop and announced that she had search warrants for Anna’s car as well as her home. She stated that Anna was the prime suspect in Lucy’s disappearance. She added that Jordan wasn’t a judge and jury, and Dante quickly pointed out that neither was Arden. Anna opened the trunk voluntarily.  Arden, Dante, and Anna walked into the police station lobby. Dante revealed to Jordan and Mac that the gun and clothing from Lucy’s shooting had been found in Anna’s car. Mac shouted at Arden, while Jordan made it clear that what they’d seen on the video had clearly been doctored. Dante whispered to Anna that he had to leave as the others argued. He urged her to play by the rules, but he knew that she had been set up. Mac suggested that Anna hire legal representation. Arden told the others that she was only doing her job.

Victor took a phone call at the gardens, learned about the warrants, and told the caller that he would be willing to contribute to Arden’s campaign if she ever decided to run for higher office. At the other table, Robert suggested that he get Holly home to bed, but Holly insisted that she hear more about Victor. Felicia revealed that Luke was gone, and it was believed that Victor had been responsible. Scott deemed it premeditated murder. Holly glared at Victor.

Dante rushed in and announced that Anna had been arrested as Lucy’s shooter. Scott thought that Arden was always jumping to conclusions. Holly stood up and headed for Victor’s table. He stood up to introduce himself, but Holly slapped him. She declared that the slap had been for Luke, and the next one would be for Anna and Lucy. Robert pulled her away.  Victor said he had half a mind to press charges but Dante and Felicia assured Victor that they hadn’t seen anything. “Your day is coming, tick-tock,” Scott said.

Victor received another phone call. He smiled and told the caller that he knew that little “surprise package would pay dividends.” He inquired about the house and confessed to almost feeling sorry for Anna. Victor confessed what a shame it would be if the police found evidence in Anna’s home that would put her away for life.

Anna said she couldn’t believe that Arden had fallen for the whole “doctored drone footage” exactly as Victor had known she would. Jordan wanted the evidence analyzed, but Arden wanted Anna arrested. Mac refused and cited the fact that Anna had been framed. He was dumbfounded that Arden couldn’t see that and he suggested that Arden was on Victor’s payroll. Arden threatened him, and reluctantly, Jordan placed Anna under arrest. She read Anna her rights and asked if Anna understood them.  “I do,” Anna said.

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GH Update Friday, October 21, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

On a beach in Jacksonville, Carly spread Virginia’s ashes into the ocean. She told Drew that she used to play on the beaches there and catch hermit crabs. Drew said he could picture Carly there, playing on the rocks.  He asked if Carly ever tried to take the crabs home. Carly said no, because her mother told her the crabs lived on the beach and it was their home. Carly told Drew that her mother had said that one day she would live there on the beach too. Drew lifted her urn and said, “and now she will.” Carly eulogized Virginia.  She told her that she was a good Mom and apologized for not always making her feel that way and then she spread her ashes into the water. Afterwards, Carly claimed that she’d found closure and perspective. She told Drew that the emergency landing of her plane in Jacksonville seemed to be an inconvenience but she realized that her mother needed her and she was glad things had happened as they did. Drew and Carly kissed.

In the boathouse at the Quartermaine mansion, Robert was stunned to find Holly alive. Robert told Holly that everyone had thought Holly had died, and he asked where she had been for the past two years. Holly said that she thought she’d been on a boat. Robert wanted to have Holly examined at the hospital for a possible concussion, and Dante called for an ambulance.

At the hospital, Robert told Austin that Holly had been experiencing memory issues. Holly reluctantly agreed to let Austin examine her. After the exam, Robert asked Holly what had been the last thing she’d remembered before waking up in the boathouse. Holly recalled that she had been working a case for the WSB in Monte Carlo. Robert shared that he and Ethan had searched Monte Carlo “up and down” for Holly. Holly was surprised that Robert had gone in search of her, but Robert said he would do it again. Robert wanted Holly to stay in the hospital overnight, but Holly refused.

Also at the hospital, Sasha confided her grief over Brando to Maxie, who shared with Sasha the grief she had felt after Nathan’s death. Mason appeared, and he asked if he could speak to Maxie. Mason asked Maxie to convince Austin to return to Pautuck for Thanksgiving. Austin appeared, and he ushered Mason away from Maxie and Sasha. Off to the side, Mason gravely said that Maxie would do well to stay as far away from Austin as possible.

Later, Martin appeared at the hospital and told Sasha that he had an update from the judge on her guardianship.

In the kitchen of the Quartermaine mansion, Chase and Brook Lynn kissed. Brook Lynn steered the discussion toward her desire to have Chase become a singer in order to get revenge on Linc.

Ned appeared, and he and Chase chatted briefly about Holly. Brook Lynn took a call. Alone, Ned asked if Chase was happy. Chase shared that he enjoyed singing but that his true passion was being a cop. Chase vented his frustration that he was no longer on the force. Outside the mansion, Brook Lynn received an email from Dante that he’d promised to send as part of his effort to get Chase reinstated. Brook Lynn promptly deleted the email.

Brook Lynn reappeared in the kitchen, and she told Chase that Linc wanted Chase to do a duet with one of Linc’s rising female stars. An uneasy Chase hugged an ecstatic Brook Lynn.

In the lobby of the police station, Anna, Jordan, and Martin watched a video of Lucy’s shooting. The three were stunned to see that the person that had shot Lucy had the same face as Anna. A furious Martin called Anna a murderer, but Anna swore that she had been set up. Anna firmly believed that Victor had been behind Lucy’s disappearance, and she angrily marched into the interrogation room to confront him.

Victor swore he’d had nothing to do with Lucy’s disappearance, and he acted emotional when he was told that something had happened to Lucy. Anna became unhinged, and she tried to physically attack Victor. A police officer interceded, and he and Jordan escorted Anna out into the lobby. Jordan lectured Anna on the unprofessional appearance of her histrionics. Anna tried to return to the interrogation room, but Jordan refused to allow her.

In a voice message to Robert, Anna said that Victor had tried to frame her for Lucy’s disappearance. Martin returned with Arden, the assistant district attorney. Martin demanded that Anna be arrested for murder, and he showed Arden the video of the person who looked like Anna shooting Lucy. Anna was reeling that Martin could believe she was responsible for Lucy’s shooting. Martin recalled that Anna had tried to blackmail him, and he accused her of using people any way she had to.

After Jordan returned to the lobby, Arden told Jordan to tell Victor that he was free to leave. Arden then escorted Victor back into the lobby. Victor “learned” that Anna had been seen on the surveillance footage. Arden said that Jordan needed to recuse herself from the investigation into Lucy’s shooting due to Jordan’s close ties with Anna.

Jordan refused, but she agreed to follow the evidence and to pursue the matter to the fullest extent of the law if the person in the video turned out to be Anna. Arden apologized to Victor for the police having “wasted” his time. “All that matters is justice for Lucy. As the commissioner said, just follow the evidence,” Victor said direly.

In the parking lot of the PCPD, Anna searched her car for evidence that she had been framed. In the hatchback of her car, Anna was shocked to find a gun, which she picked up with a gloved hand.

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GH Update Thursday, October 20, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Shane

At the PCPD, Anna told Portia the truth that Lucy had been working for her on an investigation targeting Victor Cassadine, who was being held for questioning in the interrogation room.  Portia asked Anna if she believed Victor could have had Lucy killed and Anna told her that she believed it was entirely possible.  Anna eventually lost it and rushed into the interrogation room and told Victor that if he didn’t start talking she would make it her personal vendetta to bring him down.

At that point, Victor’s attorney arrived and asked why he was being interrogated without counsel?  Victor said that they were all just “caching up.”

Nina’s nosiness got her into another heated exchange with TJ.  She did her best to get him to admit to the affair that he isn’t actually having with Willow.  Nina asked for an explanation from TJ about his closeness to Willow and how they seem to be together quite a lot when Michael isn’t around. TJ declined to give Nina any details and told her to mind her own business. Nina told TJ that it was her business because Wiley was her grandchild. TJ did not respond to her further goading and when Sonny walked over to see what was wrong, TJ said goodbye to Sonny and shot Nina a dirty look and pointedly did not say goodbye to her.

Michael overheard Ned leaving a voice mail message for Valentine detailing how he was very upset that Valentine never returns his calls.  Michael inquired as to whether Ned’s decision to ally himself with Valentine was working out well.  Ned was obstinate and shot back at Michael, wanting to know if the stock free fall at Aurora Media had been contained.  Michael answered that it had been and the situation quickly escalated into a screaming match.  This upset an already ill Willow to the point of her becoming obviously in distress.  Olivia came to her aid first and asked if she was alright, which then triggered Michael to come to check on her.  Olivia suggested that Willow get some fresh air and then she asked Michael and Ned if they were proud of themselves.  She was obviously furious that their juvenile behavior had upset a pregnant woman in their own household. Willow went for walk and found footprints leading up to one of the Quartermaine guesthouses.  Willow investigated and found a woman she did not recognize, she screamed and her screams were heard by Michael, Olivia and Ned in the kitchen of the main house.  Willow came rushing back into the main house and described what she had seen.  Michael asked her if she thought it was Lucy’s assailant and Willow said she didn’t know.  Ned picked up the phone to call Dante and Olivia was going to phone security but Michael rushed out, intent on confronting the individual before they could get away.  Olivia pursued Michael, screaming for him to wait. Michael and Olivia reached the guesthouse and Olivia implored Michael to wait for the police.  But, Michael told her to get back and he smashed the door of the guesthouse. Michael looked perplexed as he saw the woman inside.  When Olivia, ran up she was horrified, like she had seen a ghost.

A pow-wow with Sonny convinced Curtis that he should, “explore genetic counseling,” if, for no other reason, than in the case that he and Portia decide to have any children together, they would know.  Sonny and Curtis being unaware that Portia and Curtis already have a child who is the picture of health.

Back at the PCPD, drone footage from Pier 55 was made available for everyone to see what happened on the Pier.  When the footage was called up on the screen, no one could believe their eyes.

Meanwhile at General Hospital, Epiphany readied herself for her MCATs and had a heated exchange with Marshall for ever building up her self confidence enough to let her pursue what she regarded as a foolish dream.  Marshall quickly talked her down by stating all the wonderful qualities that Epiphany has and how no one can run GH like she can.  Epiphany seemed satisfied and she gave Marshall a kiss on the cheek as she headed to the testing location.

Trina and Rory headed for a comic book convention after Rory was finally able to break free from work. He was delighted and thrilled; she wasn’t exactly, but she explained to Rory that if he found this form of art interesting that she was willing to go into the experience with an open mind.

Epiphany began the process of the MCAT exam and as she saw the first question come up on the screen, she smiled.

Back at the Quartermaine guest house, Robert arrived with Ned and before he could go inside the guest house a concerned Olivia told him before he went inside he should, “prepare himself.”  Robert went inside and was stunned to find Holly seated in the front of the room.  “Hello, Robert,”  Holly said.  Robert looked on with shock.

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GH Update Wednesday, October 19, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by  Shane

On Pier 47, Anna answered her cell phone. It was Robert, who asked if Anna had tracked down Lucy. Anna revealed that Lucy’s assistant had told Anna that Lucy had planned to meet Victor on the pier for a sunset cruise. However, there hadn’t been any sign of Lucy or the boat. After the call, Anna started to leave, but she froze when she heard two shots ring out.  She ran in the direction of Pier 55.  Upon arriving on scene she discovered a shoe she believed could belong to Lucy.  Just as she began examining the show, Victor arrived feigning ignorance of Lucy’s whereabouts.  Anna questioned him and he taunted her with razor-sharp comments designed to provoke Anna.  It became clear to Anna that Victor had discovered that Lucy was working for her and that the entire operation had been compromised.  Dante arrived on scene and questioned Victor.  Victor’s driver confirmed his alibi that he had been nowhere near the scene.  Dante told him he was free to go but instructed him not to leave Port Charles.  As Victor left, he looked Anna directly in the face and said, “I do hope Lucy wasn’t the victim of foul play.”  Anna looked stunned.  Anna quickly pulled Dante aside to tell him that Lucy had been working for her to bring down Victor and that somehow Victor had found out.  Dante was very disturbed by this news.  He did remark that if anyone could survive Victor, it was Lucy.

In Diane’s hospital room, Alexis told Diane how frightening it had been for Alexis to find Diane injured on the garage floor. Diane questioned Alexis about goading the Hook killer in the Invader, but Alexis explained she’d been desperate to drive the attacker out in the open. Alexis conceded that the open letter might have been a bad idea and may have provoked the killer to strike again. Diane reminded Alexis that serial killers never need an excuse to kill. Diane told Alexis how much she appreciated everything she had done on her behalf.  Diane confessed that the attack had put things into perspective. “Am I living my life to the fullest?” Diane asked. It was a rhetorical question, and before Diane could elaborate, Robert appeared in the doorway. Alexis then left to allow Robert and Diane the opportunity to speak in private. Robert apologized if he had chased off Alexis, but Diane assured Robert that she and Alexis had enjoyed a long visit. Diane was curious if Robert had an update about her attacker, but he admitted there was no further news from the PCPD.

Robert asked Diane if she could possibly remember anything else about the night she was attacked. She assured him that she had given it a great deal of thought but all she could remember was that it was definitely a woman wearing bracelets that jangled. Diane admitted that her life had flashed before her eyes. Robert agreed because he had experienced that a few times over the years.

Later, Robert handed Diane a cup of water while she asked about his scars. Robert admitted that he had a scar from his cancer surgery, but he would not show it to Diane unless she bought him dinner. Despite the pain, Diane laughed. She acknowledged that Robert had had plenty of brushes with death, but Diane’s last injury had been in elementary school when she had broken her pinky toe while sliding into third base. Robert was surprised Diane had been a tomboy, but she asked him not to tell anyone because she had a reputation to uphold.  Robert promised to catch the killer and make the streets safe again for Diane, and she looked forward to sparring with Robert in court again. She warned him it would be awhile, but Robert vowed to visit Diane often. Upon leaving, he looked back in the direction of Diane’s room and smiled.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Kristina apologized as she approached Sonny and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She took a seat next to Dante as she explained that she’d been late because she’d been training someone to fill in as manager while she attended an out-of-town management program. Dante wanted to hear all about it, but first he insisted on ordering food because he was starving. Sonny smiled because a family dinner had been long overdue. Kristina glanced around and asked about Dex.  Sonny told Kristina that Dex was there and was on duty. She was pleased because she had never suspected Dex of being the Hook killer. Dante said it had been an error in judgment because it had been early in the investigation, but Dante conceded that new evidence had pointed the police in a different direction. “Told you — both of you,” Kristina said.

Alexis recognized Dex in the Metro Court restaurant and asked him if he had worked for Sonny.  He said, “I am working for Sonny and Mr. Corinthos is having lunch with your daughter.” Alexis was surprised that Kristina was there.

At the table, Dante looked at his phone, got up from the table and said that duty called. After Dante left, Sonny took Kristina’s hand in his and assured her that he was proud of all his children. “Even Michael?” Kristina asked. Sonny assured her that Michael would always be included even though things between them were not good.  Sonny told Kristina that he found it funny that even though Michael was adopted, Michael was by far the child of Sonny’s that he regarded as most like him.  Kristina agreed and held out hope that because of that the two of them would get past their disagreements and come to some sort of understanding.

Moments later, Alexis approached the table. Kristina and Sonny were thrilled to hear that Diane’s recovery was going very well. Sonny excused himself to give Alexis and Kristina a chance to talk. Alexis sat down, but she promised she wouldn’t stay. Kristina explained that she had missed Brando’s funeral because of work commitments and an out of town trip. Alexis reassured Kristina that she respected how important Kristina’s job was to her.

Alexis admitted that she sometimes questioned Kristina’s way of doing things, but Alexis was well aware that Kristina was a responsible young woman and would of course be recognized by her superiors for her great work ethic. “I am so proud of you,” Alexis said.

In the alcove, Sonny told Dex to take a couple of hours off, since Sonny would be having dinner with Kristina, but Dex said he was OK with staying since Sonny would be at the restaurant. Sonny thanked Dex for not holding what had happened to him against Sonny. Sonny acknowledged that “mistakes were made,” and Dex had been treated unfairly; however, Sonny said that Dex had proven himself and he had demonstrated the qualities of loyalty and discretion.  Sonny said those were two qualities he held in high regard.

Sonny revealed that he’d once had someone at his side who had embodied all the important qualities, but “he” was gone. Dex told Sonny that he would never be able to fill Jason’s shoes, but that he was prepared to step into his role. Sonny mentioned a position as a lieutenant in the organization, and Dex promised that he was ready for a new challenge. Sonny asked if Dex could think of anything more important than protecting Sonny’s family. “No, sir,” Dex answered.

At Pentonville, Spencer was working in the library when he was approached by Cyrus who greeted his great-newphew. Spencer was clearly not happy to see Cyrus. but Cyrus glanced at the scraps of paper in Spencer’s hand and explained that the Spencer told Cyrus he didn’t believe in him or his redemption story as he dictated it to Laura, but Cyrus reminded Spencer they were family. “I’m a Cassadine, and family is simply a means to an end for us,” Spencer said. Cyrus was disappointed by this because he said that he held family as the greatest of all bonds. Cyrus mentioned Laura and Martin, but Spencer yelled at Cyrus and told him not to speak his grandmother’s name.  Cyrus explained that he had only intended to convey his regret for having pushed away the two people who had meant the most to him.  Cyrus made it clear that he saw an opportunity in Spencer to make amends, but Spencer wanted nothing to do with Cyrus. Cyrus promised to look out for Spencer, but the prisoner known as “Book” sauntered in to pick up where he had left off with Spencer. Book warned Spencer that the Corinthos men couldn’t protect Spencer 24/7, and Cyrus was an old man.  Furious, Cyrus asked if Book was suggesting that Spencer join with Book. Spencer cut to the chase and asked what Book wanted. Book demanded that Spencer step down as librarian. Spencer wasn’t surprised to learn that Book had been working in the laundry room, but Spencer refused to give in to Book’s demands. Cyrus ordered Book to leave, but Book sucker punched Cyrus in the face. Cyrus quickly turned the tables on Book by slamming Book against the wall with Book’s arm twisted behind Book’s back. “Move on,” Cyrus said in a menacing tone.

Cyrus let Book go. Cyrus accused Book of having a shiv, prompting the guard to conduct a search. The guard recovered a shiv from Book’s pocket and removed him from the library with a promise to lock Book into solitary confinement. 

Spencer reminded his pious great-uncle that the Bible warned against bearing false witness, but Cyrus burst out laughing. “Apparently, God is not through with me yet,” Cyrus said. Cyrus said that his actions were just a way of “removing Book from Spencer’s sphere for a short time.”  Spencer decided to gift Cyrus with a new arrival. Cyrus was excited when Spencer gave him William Tyndale’s translation of the New Testament. “A book for a Book,” Spencer said. However, Spencer made it clear that the gift meant he owed Cyrus nothing. Cyrus insisted that he never had.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was surprised to find Ava on his doorstep. She brushed past him, but he insisted it wasn’t a good time. Ava didn’t care because Nikolas had a lot to answer for. Nikolas offered to meet Ava at the Port Charles Grill later, but Ava refused to leave. Ava confronted him about Victor’s claim that Nikolas intended to file for divorce. Nikolas advised her that this was just his uncle Victor’s way of overstepping the boundaries that Nikolas and Ava had set.  Nikolas recalled his encounter with Victor outside Kelly’s when Victor had threatened to get Nikolas back in line if Nikolas didn’t divorce Ava. But, Nikolas vowed to spend the rest of his life with Ava.  Nikolas started to kiss Ava, but she pulled away before their lips touched. Ava claimed she had stopped by to pick up a few things that she needed to inventory before she closed the gallery. Ava said she needed access to the tower, but Nikolas stopped her. He claimed a pipe had burst, and the damage had been extensive. He promised that her things were boxed up and had not been damaged and that he would get them to her as soon as it was safe to do so.  Ava seemed pleased but doubtful Nikolas was telling her the whole truth at the same time.

In the north wing, Esme remained imprisoned, but she worked furiously on picking the door’s lock. “We won’t give up,” Esme told her baby. She picked up the wire hanger and returned to the lock. Her efforts paid off when she heard a click. “Let’s go see your grandfather,” Esme said. Esme opened the door, but she was horrified to find Nikolas blocking her exit.  Nikolas looked at Esme with a cold stare and said, “Going somewhere?”  He then threw Esme in the bathroom to allow him time to retrieve Ava’s belongings out of the tower.

Ava, seated at the bar at the Metro Court, was met again by Victor.  “Twice in one day,” Victor remarked.  Ava looked at him with a mixture of humor and disgust.  She told Victor she would no longer fall for his attempts to meddle in her marriage.

Meanwhile, somewhere on what looked to be a beach location, a woman in dark clothing managed to drag herself out of the water and walk onto shore. She then immediately collapsed.

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GH Update Tuesday, October 18, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Outside Kelly’s, Britt thanks Cody for offering to help her sort through Peter’s things. She notes most people don’t want anything to do with Peter. Cody says that he won’t be scared off by Peter or Faison, because he could be related to Leopold if not Mac. Britt thinks he seems intrigued about her family and wonders why he wants to help her. He thinks they are similar, as he too has a past and knows what it’s like to try and move on from it. Cody tells her it’s not too late to just throw away the things her brother left her. She’s thought about it but wants to look through them one last time in case she missed something. Britt says that she would hate for something interesting from her family to fall through the cracks.

Cody and Britt head to her room at the Metro Court.  When they arrive, Cody tells Britt it must be nice living full time in a hotel.  He asks her to remind him to go to medical school next time.  Britt says that he has a nice set up as well at the Quartermaine stables.  Cody draws close to Britt and she says that they should get back to business before she has to go back to GH and Cody has to go back to the stables. Britt grabs the box that Peter left her. In it she finds an old ATM recipient, a money clip, and a stub from a parking garage. There is a set of keys as well as his passport. Cody identifies one of the keys as belonging to a safe deposit box. She wonders what could be in it. Cody suggests some things are better left unopened. However, Britt wants to find it and see what’s inside. Cody says there is only one way to figure out what is in the box for sure.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Victor and Lucy grab a table. Victor suggests they continue their interrupted cruise and take a sunset sail around the harbor. He says it could be conducive to doing business. Lucy says that she would like to know more about his business before they head out on a cruise. Victor tells Lucy that if she comes on the cruise, he will tell her everything she wants to know. Lucy says she needs to change into something more suitable for the boat, so he suggests they meet at Pier 55. She reminds him that the bartender was stabbed there, so Victor says he’ll have one of his security guards meet her to make sure she is safe. She agrees to see him later and heads out. Alone, Victor makes a call to someone and tells them Lucy accepted, as he knew she would.  Lucy has unknowingly played right into Victor’s hands.  Victor tells the person on the phone that they know what to do.

Ava meets Scott at the bar, and he advises her to cut ties with Nikolas. Ava informs him that she’s not staying at Wyndemere anymore. Scott notes that was the wrong move because if she stayed in the house she’d have leverage in any potential divorce. He feels she needs to file for divorce before Nikolas does, especially given the fact that he has been running around on her. Ava tells him no one is to know about that. Ava says that if she even hears the slightest peep that Scott has divulged that information that she will have him disbarred for breaking attorney/client privilege. Scott hates seeing her protect Nikolas, and she needs to find someone who deserves her. She says Nikolas wants to work things out, and she doesn’t know yet what she wants.

Later, Victor joins Ava and Scott, and Scott tells him that he is just another Cassadine who Ava needs to remove from her life. Victor agrees with Scott and tells Ava he plans to make sure she’s well taken care of in the divorce. Ava explains she and Nikolas aren’t talking about divorce anymore in case he hadn’t heard. Victor tells Ava that he thought Nikolas would have told her that he is in fact moving forward with the divorce. Ava storms out, and Victor asks Scott if it was something he said. Scott warns Victor whatever he is up to that he will protect Ava.

Lucy heads to her home and changes. She ignores a call from Anna, who leaves her a message to do as she says and stay away from Victor or there will be serious consequences.

Valentin stops by Anna’s place to tell her that Victor is sending him away to see Charlotte, but Anna warns this could be a trap. Valentin thinks it’s possible, but he needs to take that risk because he misses his daughter. She wants to go with him, but he can’t take her because of Victor’s terms. He hates to leave her, and they share a kiss. She cries if he doesn’t come back then she’ll never forgive him. He kisses her again and heads out.

Anna makes a call and tells someone that Valentin is in trouble and needs their help. She later makes another call to check up on Lucy and learns from her office that she’s meeting Victor on Pier 47 for a sunset cruise. She races out.

Later, Johann breaks into Anna’s place and searches for something. After searching all through the downstairs of the home he looks puzzled and says to himself, “it must be upstairs.”  Johann then heads up the stairs.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas speaks with a contractor about repairs on the house and tells him that there is to be no renovations on the north tower until further notice.  The contractor points out that winter is coming and that if they wait, the needed repairs will not be able to be completed until spring.  Nikolas tells him that that will be fine and reiterates that no one is to go near the north tower until he gives the OK.

Later, Nikolas visits Esme in her locked room and brings food, which he expects her to eat all of to nourish the baby. Esme says she hates milk and Nikolas says he doesn’t give a damn what she likes, the baby needs calcium. As he exits the room, Esme grabs a candlestick and tries to club him, but he uses the tray he brought the food on to slap it away. He calls her a psycho and tells her nobody missed her when she was gone, and that the only people looking for her are the PCPD and the only reason they are looking for her is so they can put her in prison. Therefore, he says she is better off locked up in the north tower of Wyndemere. She wonders what will happen after she has the baby. He says the baby will be given a great life, but she is expendable. He looks at her with a cold stare.

Nikolas tells Esme to look on the bright side, locking her up at Wyndemere will prove whether or not she is the hook killer. She swears she isn’t the killer and asks what will happen to her baby after it’s born. Will he give it up, or will he raise it with Ava? He tells her that is none of her concern and reminds her no one will miss her. Esme says that’s not true because her father knows she’s alive and back in town. She then tells Nikolas that she bets he didn’t see that coming. Nikolas accuses her of lying and reminds her that she claimed her adoptive parents were dead and that she didn’t know who her biological parents were. She admits her adoptive parents are dead, but her biological father is alive and a very powerful man. Nikolas says that whether or not her father is real is something that can never be known because she has told so many lies he simply can’t believe her.

Esme tells Nikolas if he doesn’t let her go then he won’t like how his story ends. He says her future is up to him after she gives birth, and then he will decide whether to toss her off the parapet again or throw her to the wolves. Either way, they will see if her imaginary father comes to her rescue or not. He leaves and locks her in.

Alone, Esme rants she’s a prisoner surrounded by Ava’s tacky taste in art. She gets an idea and pulls one of the wires used to hang the paintings off of one. She uses the wire to try and pick the lock to the door.

Downstairs, Nikolas finds Ava at the front door. She says she thought he was done keeping secrets from her.

Valentin boards Victor’s jet and finds a glass of champagne waiting. He sniffs it but doesn’t drink it. He calls Anna to tell her whatever she’s doing that he’s with her in spirit.

Back at the Metro Court, Johann meets with Victor and tells him it’s done. He also says Anna went to Pier 47 to find Lucy. Victor is pleased, as she will be nowhere near Lucy.

Down on the pier, Lucy arrives at Pier 55 and nobody is there. She calls her office and learns Victor’s invite said to meet at Pier 47, but she knows that is wrong.

Lucy sees someone arrive and asks, “What are you doing here?” A gun is pointed at her.  Lucy begs the individual not to shoot.  But, her words fall on deaf ears, two shots ring out.  Lucy has been shot in the stomach.  

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GH Update Monday, October 17, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

In Carly’s hotel in Jacksonville, Peyton tells Carly that the parkway won’t be re-routed, and that Carly has failed. Carly tries to leave, but Peyton grabs her by the arm and tells her that they are not done, not by a long shot. Carly assumes she wants to remind her that she’s a loser and trash. Carly tells Peyton that she used to admire her, she used to want to be liked by her and to fit into her narrow little world but that Peyton no longer determined Carly’s worth.  Peyton agrees and explains that she came to apologize to her.  Peyton says she was moved by Carly’s speech at the guild meeting, and the genuine love that she obviously felt for Virginia. She has to wonder if Reece were still alive would her daughter feel that way about her? Peyton swears that she never knew Virginia was buried in that cemetery until Carly arrived. Peyton admits Carly was only a child back then, and she should have been protected her from Robert and not punished her for his actions. Peyton hopes Carly might forgive her one day.

Peyton regrets not doing better by both Reece and Carly. Carly agrees that Peyton should have defended both Carly and Reece because they were children. She also notes that they can’t change the past, but they can learn from it and move forward. Peyton admits she changed her vote and tried to make Carly’s case to the other members, but the cost of stopping the project was just too high. Peyton says she wishes nothing but good things for her. Peyton goes to leave, but Carly stops her. She says her husband did her wrong and she deserved better, just like Reece did. Peyton takes Carly’s hands, nods, and walks out leaving Carly shocked.

Up in Carly’s room, Drew is surprised when Bobbie appears. Bobbie explains she had to come and support Carly after that awful news article, and she’s worried Carly is just putting up a brave front for her sake. Bobbie asks why Drew dropped everything to rush down to Jacksonville to help Carly, and if it was out of guilt over the failed Aurora merger and the huge toll it exacted on Carly’s finances. He insists he came because Carly means a lot to him. Bobbie says she is glad he is in Carly’s life. Later after Bobbie goes to her room, Drew gets a call that the beautification guild has voted to allow the parkway to go forward, which will force the relocation of all the remaining graves in the cemetery.

Drew heads down to find Carly in the restaurant, and he already knows how the vote went. He comforts Carly. Carly informs him that she learned about it from Peyton and that she apologized. Carly cries that Virginia was so good to her and she didn’t appreciate her, and once again she’s failed her. Drew suggests they grab some beers and head to the beach to figure out what’s next. But, Drew’s idea gives Carly an idea.  She tells Drew that maybe they haven’t lost yet.

Mac and Felicia meet with Scott at the Metro Court to talk about Dominique and Cody. Mac tells Scott there is a possibility that Cody might be his son. Felicia explains they think Dominique gave birth to Cody while at Shady Brook, and the staff may have kept her drugged, so she never knew about the baby. They ask Scott if he recalls if Dominique said anything about her time at Shady Brook.

Scott reveals Dominique never said anything to him about knowing she had a son. He says that he had never heard of Cody Bell before Cody showed up in Port Charles. Scott also knows that Dominique would never have given up on a child of hers. However, he calls Cody bad news and warns Mac to have nothing to do with him. Scott says the guy’s got issues. Felicia understands why because his life has been upended. Mac refuses to rush to judgment because they don’t know Cody, and he deserves a chance.

At Kelly’s, Britt tells Cody that she’s come to give him one last chance to explain why he’s ghosted her. He apologizes for being checked out and explains he’s had stuff come up, which after saying it out loud he admits sounds pretty lame. Cody tells Britt that he has learned some potentially huge news, but she doesn’t like talking about fathers, so he didn’t tell her about it. She asks if he is really comparing Mac to Faison. He wonders who told her about Mac. She admits it was Maxie, and she understands why he ghosted her as this is the second time he found out he isn’t who he thought he was. He admits talking about his feelings doesn’t come easy to him, especially with someone as intimidating as her.

She inquires why he hasn’t gotten the DNA test. Cody notes everyone expects him to be excited about this, and that Mac is a great guy and far better than Leopold. However not everyone is as good as Mac, and Cody says he is not like Mac in that regarded, he has a past. Britt reminds him that she has one too. Britt suspects he is afraid Mac won’t accept him. Cody admits he doesn’t want to set himself up for rejection. Cody asks Britt if there was something that could blow her life up, wouldn’t she feel it was better not to know?

Britt knows how he feels and has lived in Faison’s shadow and with his terrible legacy, and he left her something that has the power to disrupt her life. She doesn’t go into details but says she had to either live in the dark or face her fears and deal with them. She feels that not knowing is worse, so she understands his fears. However, what he chooses to do with the DNA results is up to him, and she doesn’t think he can live with the not knowing. 

Cody calls Mac and tells him he agrees to the DNA test. Mac tells him that he’ll set it up. After the call, Britt is surprised he took her advice because people usually don’t. She realizes she should take her own advice and finally deal with the box of effects that Peter left her. Cody says that since Britt helped him with his problem that it seems only fitting that he should help with hers.  He offers to help her deal with the box that Peter left her and Britt accepts. 

Back at the Metro Court, Mac reveals to Felicia and Scott that the DNA test is on.

At Anna’s, Lucy tells Anna the only way she will be able to bring down Victor, is with her help. Lucy gloats she’s so close to getting the goods on Victor’s. Anna reminds her that she only brought her in to help Valentin, and she should have ended it then and there.  Lucy asks Anna to just trust her. Anna states this has gone too far, and that it is Anna’s responsibility to keep every civilian asset in her operation safe. Lucy points out that if she starts ghosting Victor then he’ll begin asking questions. Anna tells Lucy to let her deal with that and tells Lucy she’s out. Lucy informs Anna that she doesn’t control her and walks out. Anna screams at Lucy and says that they will see about that.

In his suite at the Metro Court, Victor hears Lucy’s maniacal tirade over the listening device implanted in the necklace, implicating not only Anna in her schemes but Robert as well.  Victor then ponders how best to retaliate. He also wonders who other than Lucy and Robert is working with Anna. Just then, Valentin appears at the door.

Valentin assails his father for keeping him away from Charlotte even though he has done everything he’s asked, He’s lied to those he cares about the most about Charlotte for months, and the lie is getting harder to keep up. Valentin suggests his father rethink his plans because he is about at the end of his rope.

Victor admits Valentin is right and that he should be rewarded for his good work. Victor says he will arrange for him to visit Charlotte. However, there is one condition, he must leave immediately, on Victor’s plane, and he must go alone. Victor will not allow Valentin to fly coach or give him time to organize a rescue mission.  Victor tells Valentin that this is the only way he will be allowed to see Charlotte. After Valentin departs, Victor makes a call and says it’s time for a repeat performance of the cable car tragedy. There is a knock at the door, and it’s Lucy. Victor says, “Well, well, if it isn’t the star of the show.”

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GH Update Thursday, May 19, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Carly arrived at the hospital and asked if the results of her DNA test were ready yet, but she was told that they weren’t. A concerned Bobbie approached and wondered what test results Carly was waiting on. Carly assured her mother that the results could wait, the test wasn’t that important. Bobbie and Carly talked about the hearing that was scheduled for the next day, and Carly hoped for justice. Bobbie wondered what Carly would do if the judge ruled in favor of Nina. Carly vowed to do whatever she needed to do to protect her family. She told Bobbie that she didn’t want to talk about it anymore, and she suggested that they  focus on something else. She took Bobbie’s hand, and they left.

Stella entered a conference room at the hospital and found Portia and Epiphany. The medical professionals were glad to see that Stella seemed herself again after her panic attack. Stella assumed that Curtis had told Portia about her part in Marshall’s 40-year absence, and Portia assured Stella that Curtis understood that Stella had needed to keep the secret. Portia made a comment to Epiphany about being a doctor soon, and Stella was delighted to hear that Epiphany was going to medical school. Portia realized that, since they were off the clock, they should be out enjoying themselves. She suggested that they go to the Savoy and drink for free.

Nina sat down at the Savoy and ordered a martini from the bartender in order to take her mind off of the hearing the next day. A man approached Nina and recognized her as the “mafia home-wrecker,” and she threatened to have a bouncer kick the man out. Sonny arrived and asked if there was a problem. The suddenly terrified man apologized to Nina, put his drink down, and ran out. She thanked Sonny for defending her honor, but she insisted that she could take care of herself.

Nina and Sonny began to talk about Michael, and Sonny thought that things wouldn’t be all right between him and his son for a long time. He told Nina that he refused to let Michael tear down everything he’d spent his life building. Just then, Epiphany, Portia, and Stella arrived and greeted Sonny, and he introduced Nina. Nina advised the women not to believe everything they’d read about her. The women wished Sonny and Nina a good evening and then headed to their waiting table.

Nina wondered what Sonny was going to do about Michael. Sonny revealed that Michael wanting nothing to do with him left him free to support Nina at the hearing. Just then, Carly and Bobbie arrived and glared when they spotted Sonny and Nina.

In Brooklyn, Marshall entered the bar T.J. and Molly were in, and they were thrilled to see him. T.J. wanted to let Curtis know that he’d found Marshall, but Marshall told him not to. Molly sensed that the two needed some time one on one, so she went ahead to the jazz club. When she was gone, Marshall divulged that there had been too much damage done for him to go home and that everyone was better off without him. T.J. shot back that Marshall had never stuck around long enough to find out.

Marshall thought that T.J.’s father would be proud of him at that moment. Without deciding anything, Marshall figured that they shouldn’t keep Molly waiting, and they left the bar. Outside, Marshall took them down an alley that led to the stage door. Just then, two men approached and demanded that Marshall and T.J. place their wallets and phones on the ground. The two complied. One of the men spotted the clarinet case and wanted that, too, but T.J. refused. One of the men took out a knife and growled, “Don’t make me ask again.”

Finn arrived at Laura’s to check on Elizabeth, and Laura mentioned that Elizabeth hadn’t talked any more about ghosts. Kevin entered the room to join the conversation as Elizabeth descended the stairs. She accused them of thinking that she was losing her mind, but Finn insisted that no one thought she was crazy. Just then, glass shattered, and they turned and saw a broken flower vase on the floor. Kevin explained that it had been an accident waiting to happen on the bookshelf, but Elizabeth thought it was Franco again.

Finn insisted that he was always on Elizabeth’s side. If he really was, Elizabeth challenged him to join her the next time she met with Chelsea. Kevin and Laura wanted to give the two privacy to talk, but Elizabeth said that if anyone should leave, it was Finn. He tried to convince her that she was playing right into the culprit’s hands, but she didn’t want to hear it, so he left. She called Chelsea but got her voicemail. Laura suggested that everyone would feel better after a good night’s sleep, so Elizabeth went upstairs.

As Kevin and Laura cleaned up the broken vase a few minutes later, they wished that they could help Elizabeth. Laura asked Kevin to lock up for her while she checked on Elizabeth. She went upstairs, and Kevin went to the door, only to find it ajar. Laura returned downstairs and revealed that Elizabeth was gone. A few minutes later, Kevin told Laura that the security guard hadn’t seen Elizabeth at the entrance, so she could have used the service entrance in the basement. Laura wondered where Elizabeth would go at that time of night.

At Kelly’s, Violet was drawing a picture as Gregory talked to her about youth. She showed him the picture of Gregory and Chase, and she explained that it went with another one of Finn, Elizabeth, her boys, and Violet. Violet observed that Finn was late meeting them again, and Gregory figured Finn had encountered an emergency at the hospital.

A clearly upset Finn arrived and revealed that he was late because he’d gone to visit Elizabeth. As Violet ordered a hot fudge sundae, Finn muttered to Gregory that he was losing Elizabeth. A few minutes later, Violet ate her ice cream with her headphones on. Finn told Gregory about the medium and how he couldn’t get through to Elizabeth. He conceded that there had never been evidence of anyone being there when anything had happened, but Violet took her headphones off and reminded Finn that Elizabeth had always been there.

Elizabeth arrived at home. She saw the picture Violet had drawn of the family. She picked it up and ripped Finn and Violet out of the picture.






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GH Update Monday, May 16, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At the Port Charles Elementary school fair, Leo read his poem to rave reviews after focusing his eyes solely on Chase. Chase made a deal with Leo that if he performed his poem that Chase would sing later at his birthday party. Which Chase did, keeping up his end of the bargain. But it wasn’t all fun and happiness as Michael continued his refusal to speak to Sonny.  Willow tried to speak cordially to Sonny and did her best to keep the peace.

Felicia and Anna had lunch at the Metro Court Gardens where Anna told her friend how Valentin had come to her house, kissed her, and then ghosted her. Just then, Valentin happened by and when Anna took a phone call, Felicia gave him the third degree and warned him not to hurt Anna.

Anna later returned to the table and said the WSB now believes that Jennifer killed Luke. The three of them agreed that there was no way Jennifer could pull off a well-coordinated hit like that on her own.  They agreed the entire situation reeked of Victor Cassadine. That made Felicia and Anna think of the mysterious French captain (who in reality is Valentin). When Valentin soon suggested he and Anna share the wine he brought over weeks ago, Anna said she and Felicia had already finished the wine. Anna said, “I told you it wouldn’t wait.”

Back at the fair, Drew and Michael offered Ned the Chief Operations Officer position at ELQ, but he said he had to think about it.  Ned then took a phone call from Valentin and they had a secret meeting on site to discuss the merger.  Valentin told Ned that when Michael and Drew had control of ELQ they would cut him out of any and all major strategy decisions.  He urged Ned to join forces with him to preserve his place in the company.

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GH Update Friday, May 13, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At the Metro Court spa, Carly took Josslyn for a mother-daughter outing. Josslyn was dismayed that Nina had chosen to go the legal route with regard to Wiley, and she scoffed at Nina’s claim to visitation rights. Carly recalled how often she had wiped tears away from Avery and Donna’s faces when they’d believed that Sonny had been dead.

Carly said that Nina had kept Sonny to herself for nine months while the rest of his family had been collateral damage. “What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t insist that Nina suffer the consequences for what she did to our family?” Carly asked.

Josslyn said that Carly was justified in trying to shield Wiley from Nina, no matter how far Carly had to go.

At the hospital, T.J. told Jordan that he wanted to file a missing persons report with regard to Marshall. Jordan told T.J. that it was possible Marshall didn’t want to be found and that Marshall wasn’t considered missing because he’d left Port Charles of his own free will. T.J. brought Jordan the musical instrument that Marshall had sent and discovered a receipt from a music shop in Brooklyn. Jordan encouraged T.J. to reach out to the store owner to see if he might know where Marshall was. T.J. said that he’d secured some time off from work, and he announced that he’d head to Brooklyn to find Marshall. Jordan told T.J. to follow his heart, and she promised to help square any concerns that Curtis might have about T.J. reuniting with Marshall.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned told Olivia that he’d meet her and Leo at the elementary school fair for Leo’s poem after he tended to some business with ELQ. Brook Lynn gave Leo a warm hug, and a displeased Olivia told Ned that he should concentrate on the things he had and be grateful for them.

After Olivia left with Leo, Brook Lynn asked Ned to take Olivia’s advice and to be grateful. Brook Lynn asked why merging ELQ with Aurora was a bad thing, and Ned asserted that Michael and Drew had already spoken to Brook Lynn and gotten her on their side. Brook Lynn admitted that she’d spoken to Michael, but she wasn’t on anyone’s side except the family’s. Brook Lynn surmised that getting rid of Valentin made the merger worth it. Ned worried that Michael and Drew were planning a future that didn’t include him, but Brook Lynn urged Ned not to do something he would regret. Brook Lynn told Ned that the day was all about Leo, and she encouraged Ned to not let business get in the way. Ned agreed and left with Brook Lynn.

At Kelly’s Diner, Valentin knew the Quartermaines were trying to oust him as CEO and wanted to know what Martin planned to do about it. Martin said that Valentin’s month-long absence from town had given the Quartermaines time to plot Valentin’s exodus, and Martin added that Valentin wouldn’t have a chance if the family stayed a united front. Valentin said that a united front had never been able to hold up a united front for long.

Valentin admitted that he needed to find a way to bring a member of the Quartermaines over to his side. Martin scoffed at the idea that a Quartermaine would ever side with Valentin, but Valentin asked Martin who would benefit the most. Valentin guessed that the answer to his question was Ned.

At the elementary school fair, Sonny and Drew arrived for their daughters’ talent activities and greeted one another. Sonny and Drew spoke of Sonny’s icy relationship with Michael, and Sonny told Drew that Michael felt embarrassed by what the Corinthos name stood for. Sonny expressed his regret that things had deteriorated between him and Michael. “By the time Wiley is old enough to ask questions about his grandfather, I’m going to be a distant memory,” Sonny said.

Drew said that he hated to see bad blood between Sonny and Michael, and he asked if there was anything he could do to help things. Sonny asked how Drew thought he could help, and Drew offered to get Sonny and Michael together and serve as a mediator without taking sides. Sonny said that Michael was building walls around his family to keep Sonny out, and Michael wouldn’t listen to reason. Drew told Sonny that walls didn’t last forever and that things could change.

Drew confided to Sonny that he and Michael were working on a merger with ELQ, and he said that he could perhaps broker peace. Sonny wanted to know if Valentin was likely to retaliate against Michael. Drew assured Sonny that Drew and Michael could handle themselves, but Sonny said he wouldn’t allow Michael to go up against someone like Valentin without backup. “I want in,” Sonny said.

Drew told Sonny that as much as their friendship meant to him, his answer was no. Sonny said that Michael was lucky to have Drew on his side, but he added that if Michael let a family disagreement escalate to something more, he would need all the luck he could get.

At the gatehouse at the Quartermaine mansion, Dante told Willow that the lab results had confirmed that Harmony wasn’t Willow’s biological mother. Sam came to lend emotional support to Willow and invited Willow to join her at the elementary school fair to take Willow’s mind off Harmony.

After Sam and Willow left, Michael asked Dante why he’d really come to the mansion, and he surmised that it hadn’t just been to see Willow. Dante said that Michael and Sonny needed to get in a room and hash out their differences. Michael said that Sonny had abandoned his family, but Dante didn’t believe that. Dante said that no one was perfect. Dante later accused Michael of behaving just like Sonny, and Michael exploded on Dante and said he was nothing like Sonny. Dante asked why Michael couldn’t leave their dad out of things.

“It’s not enough that I have to rise to the top, Sonny has to fall. I’m going to take everything from him. Every shred of legitimacy that he has. And the next time the PCPD comes calling, he’s not going to have anywhere to hide,” Michael told Dante about Sonny.

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GH Update Tuesday, May 10, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned asked Drew to call off the plan to merge ELQ and Aurora. Drew tried to explain that it was in the companies’ best interests to merge because it would dilute Valentin’s shares. But, Ned still felt he could be left out in the cold if the merger went through.

Alone with Michael, Ned said that he’d sacrificed a lot for ELQ and admitted he felt he was about to be “put out to pasture.” Michael assured Ned that no one was trying to drive him out. Michael promised that he would be active in discussions about how to move forward. Michael asked Ned to not worry so much. “Anything for the family,” Ned said.

At the gatehouse of the Quartermaine mansion, Willow reeled from the shock that Harmony was dead and had never been Willow’s birth mother. Alexis stopped by to visit Willow and said that Harmony had approached her for help in getting Willow a fake birth certificate. Alexis said she felt bad for keeping the truth about Harmony from Willow, but she said that it wasn’t her place to tell a friend’s secret. Alexis recalled that Harmony had told her that a woman on a commune in Colorado named Joan had given birth to Willow and then disappeared. Willow asked if Alexis thought that any of Harmony’s story had been true.

Alexis recalled that the more time had passed, the more Harmony’s story hadn’t added up. Alexis told Willow that she’d encouraged Harmony to tell the truth several times. Alexis added that Harmony’s relationship with Willow had to have meant the world to Harmony if she’d been willing to kill to keep Willow’s identity a secret. Willow then mentioned her father and wondered if he’d known of Harmony’s lies.

At Charlie’s Pub, Carly asked how it was that Nina always managed to consider herself the victim in every situation that Nina caused. Nina tried to tell Carly that they both wanted peace, and she asked Carly to sit with her.

Nina asked how Willow was doing and asked Carly to send Nina’s condolences to Willow. Carly refused and called Nina out for only pretending to care about Willow. Nina asked if Michael and Willow had told Wiley that Harmony had died. Nina said that Wiley shouldn’t feel abandoned. Carly told Nina that Wiley was too young to process that type of information. Carly accused Nina of not putting Wiley first. 

Nina claimed she loved Wiley and deserved to be in his life, and just then, Phyllis walked in the door. Nina excused herself, and Phyllis invited Carly to join her at the bar. Carly said she’d wanted to see how Phyllis had been since the robbery. Phyllis said that Carly was always welcome at Charlie’s. The two mentioned Nina, and Phyllis said that it was hard not to care about someone who’d been helpless and in a coma as Nina had been many years before.

Phyllis revealed that she hadn’t been with Nina at the time Nina had given birth and that Madeline Reeves had later given the baby to Phyllis to deliver to the child’s adoptive parents. Carly asked if Phyllis knew if anyone had been present when Nelle had been born. Phyllis wondered why Carly would ask, and Carly claimed that Nelle had been on her mind lately.

Nina returned to the main room at Charlie’s and thanked Phyllis for being a friend. As she did, Nina put a glass of wine that she’d been sipping on a table as Carly stared at the glass. When Nina left, Carly got up and put a napkin around the glass to slip into her purse. Carly looked up and was startled by Drew.

At Kelly’s Diner, Josslyn yelled for Esme to leave. When Cameron refused to take sides, Trina and Josslyn accused Esme of manipulation and both said that Cameron’s refusal to take sides was as bad as taking Esme’s side. Esme left but made a point to compliment Cameron on being a gentleman and for having a heart.

Josslyn told Cameron that she’d seen the way Esme had touched Cameron before she’d left and that it had been Esme’s way of saying to Josslyn that Cameron didn’t mind Esme touching him. Cameron didn’t see it that way and insisted that in time, Trina would understand Cameron’s actions. Cameron told Josslyn that he had to get back to work, and he gave Josslyn a hug.

At the Jerome art gallery, Trina told Ava that she needed Ava’s help. Trina said she needed to prove that Esme was responsible for the sex tape and to make Esme pay for it. Trina surmised that Esme was a true schemer, just like Ava, and added that Ava was the only person Trina knew that could “out-scheme” Esme. Ava was flattered by Trina’s faith in her.

Ava told Trina that Spencer knew Trina to be a wonderful person, and Ava asked Trina to take advantage of Spencer’s feelings. Ava suggested that Trina set a trap and goad Esme into making a mistake. Ava thought that if Trina put on the right act around Spencer, it would drive Esme crazy. Ava said that if Trina stuck to the plan, Esme would lash out just enough to incriminate herself. Trina then confessed there was something that could help her. “Something I’ve been keeping to myself. But before I tell you what it is, this is a last resort,” Trina said.

At Wyndemere, Spencer went through an old box of Esme’s and found a prescription bottle. Spencer discovered the bottle contained pills but had no label. Spencer slipped the bottle into his shirt pocket to take for testing and wondered what else Esme had hidden. Spencer continued to look through the box of Esme’s things when he found Maggie’s letter to Esme. Spencer read the letter as Esme sneaked into the room and watched Spencer from behind the door.

Esme yelled at Spencer for having gone through her personal things. Spencer confessed that he’d read the letter Maggie had written Esme, and he wanted to know why there was an entire box full of letters from Maggie when Esme claimed to have thrown them away. Esme wanted to know why Spencer had gone through her private things. “When you found that box, exactly what did you think you’d find?” Esme asked.

Spencer claimed he didn’t know what he’d been looking for, but he wanted to know Esme more. Esme said that if she and Spencer were going to get back to being the couple they’d once been, they both needed to be completely transparent with each other. Spencer readily agreed.

“Why don’t we start with this? Why did Maggie write, ‘No good can come from you having contact with your father’?” Spencer asked Esme.

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GH Update Monday, May 9, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Curtis admits having Marshall back in his life was unexpected. TJ notes Marshall leaving is not just Curtis’ loss, because he was just getting to know his grandfather. Curtis says this was Marshall’s choice, but TJ feels Curtis also made a choice to do what he did without any of their opinions. Curtis fills TJ in on what he learned about Marshall. TJ respects his decision to do what he did and hopes Curtis will respect his. TJ refuses to give up on Marshall, and he intends to find him and bring him back.

At the Metro Court Gardens, Carly tells Valentin that his ruse of having Sasha pretend to be Nina’s daughter, and not being honest with her from the get-go, is what cost Nina a relationship with her real daughter. She feels everything that’s happened is really his fault. Valentin is just suggesting it would be best for everyone if they set aside their differences. He thinks she should have compassion for Nina, as she has everything Nina has ever wanted. Carly notes last time she checked, Nina has her husband.

Valentin argues that Nina still has no children, no relationship with her grandchild, and few friends. Even her office space is at Carly’s mercy. Carly notes Nina has defenders, and she is no victim. Valentin points out that Nina’s been exploited by everyone who has said they care about her. He asks if there is no part of her that feels for Nina?

Carly vents, “Nina’s been hurt, so what! You carry on and that’s called life.” Valentin points out Carly has multiple support systems, and Nina only has a few people who care for her, one being Phyllis. Carly knows Phyllis nursed Nina while she was in a coma, but asks if she was there when she gave birth. He asks why she’d need to know that? Carly explains even Harmony felt for Nina and what happened to her. Valentin adds, “And Sonny?” Carly doesn’t know why he feels what he does for Nina and suggests it’s Stockholm Syndrome from all the months they spent together.

Chet meets with Terry for their first official date. He confesses that he should have told her about his legs on Valentine’s Day, and not over texts. She tells him that doesn’t matter to her, and he should be proud of who he is. He admits some women have rejected him because of it. He asks if it was difficult for her to tell him about herself. She was terrified, but it’s how she knew she really liked him and dating a trans woman isn’t something many men consider. He comments if it felt that way it would have been his loss.

They continue to talk and agree to a second date. She laughs that she’s been having such a good time that she forgot about her dust-up at work. She explains she’s gotten into it with a colleague at General Hospital. Chet notes his sister works there and she may know her. He reveals Amy is his sister to a surprised Terry.

At Wyndemere, Esme gets another letter from her nanny Maggie. Thanks to what she wrote her, Maggie believes Esme has tons of friends and she and Spencer are closer than ever. She also is relieved to hear Esme isn’t pursuing a relationship with Ryan. She urges her to focus on school and Spencer, and to be happy. Esme goes into her closet and hides the letter in a shoebox with other letters. She vows she intends to be happy.

At Kelly’s, Cam asks Spencer if his plan is worth the hell he is going through. Spencer admits Esme wants to have sex, and he’s running out of ways to avoid it. Cam feels they are out of options and need to tell Joss and Trina the truth. Spencer won’t do that, so Cam says they must find physical evidence against Esme. Spencer explains it’s not that easy as she’s always hovering. Right now, she’s gone to yoga, and then she’ll be walking through Kelly’s door. Cam urges him to go search for proof and he’ll stall Esme.

Joss and Trina head to the yoga studio for a relaxing class. Rory is there stretching, and Trina says when this trial is over she plans to enjoy life to its fullest. Joss catches her friend staring and asks Trina if she’s enjoying the view. Rory looks their way, and Trina and Rory smile at one another. He approaches them to say hello and relays that he was in the previous class and was just stretching. Joss leaves them to talk.

Esme arrives and spies on Trina and Rory. Rory admits to Trina that he can’t socialize with someone under active investigation, but there are no rules on running into one another. He also says when she beats the charges… Trina cuts him off and responds, “If I beat them.” He knows she will, and then they are free to explore whatever. He eventually departs, and Joss returns. Trina wonders if Joss is trying to hook her up with Rory to keep her mind off Spencer. Joss wants her to have a good guy, not someone who is needy, superficial, and jealous. Trina tells her not to worry, and she gave Spencer and Esme the boot out of the gallery the other day. Joss wonders why they were even there. Trina explains Spencer was working on his restitution, and Esme followed him like the psycho she is.

Joss wonders if Rory can help them with her case, but Trina won’t put him in that position. Joss vents that Esme set them both up and ruined their lives. Joss knows she has to have made a mistake which proves her guilt. When they find it, Joss vows Esme will go to prison where she belongs.

Back at Kelly’s, Esme arrives and asks Cam if Spencer is there. He explains he sent him on a grocery run because they were out of milk. She had something to tell him but guesses she’ll see him at home. Cam tries to delay her and says they should clear the air. He knows he’s said things to her, but Trina is Joss’ best friend and is Joss his girlfriend. Esme wishes she had a boyfriend as loyal as him. Cam assures her that Spencer believes in her, and even accused him and Joss of being in on this with Trina to frame Esme. He says Spencer has her back, and this will all work out for the best. Esme thanks him and gives him a big hug as Joss and Trina enter. Joss yells, “Get your tentacles off my boyfriend!”

At Wyndemere, Spencer takes photos of Esme’s room and then begins to search it. He makes his way into her closet, takes more photos, and starts looking through her shoeboxes. He eventually comes across something.

At Charlie’s, Nina meets up with Ava and reveals she was just strategizing with Scott. She’s ordered Scott to go after Willow. Ava thinks going after Willow right after her mother died is harsh, but Nina feels they took the first shot. Ava assumes this has to do with Smoltz’s article and explains that he asked her to comment on Avery’s birth. Nina rants this is Michael and Willow’s fault, but Ava says this is all public record, and Diane will bring it up in court. Ava didn’t tell him anything, and won’t talk unless called into court. Ava changes the topic and asks how things with her and Sonny are going. 

Before she can answer, Nina spots Amy and says hello to her. She asks how her day is going, and Amy moans badly. Nina comments if she can help to let her know. Amy pulls up a chair, and vents about Terry. Nina suggests she think about what Man Landers would advise two women having trouble at work to do. Amy jokes he’d advise they get a drink together, and she goes to the bar.

Ava returns to the topic of Sonny and points out that if Nina marries Sonny then Michael will become her step-child. She advises she take that into consideration before doing anything rash. Nina doesn’t care and declares she’s going after Michael and Willow with everything she has. Nina states she didn’t want this fight, but she’ll come out guns blazing, and Carly better hope she’s not in the line of fire. Carly walks in at that moment, hears Nina, and smirks.

Amy leaves and runs into another nurse outside the bar. She tells Amy that she just saw her brother having drinks with Dr. Randolph and they appeared to be having a good time. Amy is stunned.

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GH Update Friday, May 6, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Shane

At Sonny’s office, Dex handed Sonny a copy of his résumé, which Sonny immediately shredded. Sonny told Dex that he didn’t use résumés but relied solely on his instincts. Sonny told Dex that the most important thing in his business was trust. “If that’s a problem, then we stop right now,” Sonny said.

Sonny informed Dex that he needed to know Dex would be able to take orders and follow them, and Dex was never to think he knew better than Sonny. Sonny complimented Dex for having broken up the fight at the gym earlier. Sonny told Dex that being tough could only get a person so far and that being smart was “the better way.” Sonny was impressed by Dex’s attitude but wouldn’t make any promises to bring Dex into his business.

Frank escorted Brando into Sonny’s office. Sonny asked about Sasha, and Brando said that he needed Sonny’s help. 

At GH, T.J informed Sasha of the normal results of her CT scan. When T.J. left, Sasha began desperately digging through her purse. The photographer who’d chased Sasha the previous night entered the room.  He told a startled Sasha that he had checked and that he knew the pills he’d seen her drop at the Metro Court gardens were not for migraines. He told Sasha that all he wanted was his memory card back and then he would forget about the unseemly photos he’d taken of Sasha. The photographer added that he had connections that he insinuated were tied to drugs. He texted Sasha his number and told Sasha to give him a call.

At the elevators, Jordan ran into Dante. Jordan told Dante that she had a pressing job for him. Jordan wanted him to find out who Willow’s birth mother was. Jordan told Dante to learn everything he could about Harmony’s life before she’d come to Port Charles. Jordan added that somewhere out there, a mother was missing her daughter.

At the Metro Court gardens, Gladys was having difficulty inserting the memory card to view the photos of Sasha when Valentin asked if he could be of assistance. Valentin ignored Gladys’ pleas that she didn’t need any help and began looking at the photographs. Valentin focused on one of the photos the photographer had taken of Sasha.

He told Gladys that while they both knew that Sasha hadn’t struck Harmony on purpose. “In the wrong hands, these photos tell a decidedly different story,”  He showed Gladys a photo of Sasha crouched on the floor of the Metro Court Garden’s desperately trying to retrieve several spilled pills.

Gladys defended Sasha, saying that a doctor had prescribed medication for Sasha to help her cope with the loss of Liam. Valentin was sympathetic, but he reminded Gladys that Sasha had a history of drug abuse. Valentin was concerned because Sasha was his business partner and represented a large part of Valentin’s investment. Gladys told Valentin that she trusted Sasha. Gladys became irritated with Valentin and moved to an empty table nearby.

Sasha joined Gladys at the table. Sasha remembered flushing her pills and told Gladys not to throw the memory card away. Sasha said the photographer might leave them alone if they gave back the memory card. Gladys said she would protect Sasha. She added that Sasha could tell her anything. Sasha thanked Gladys for looking out for her but encouraged Gladys to return the memory card as a show of good faith. When Sasha left, Gladys stared at the memory card.

At Marta & Chloe, Nina stormed in and interrupted Scott’s facial. Nina revealed that she’d received an advance copy of the five-part series the Invader was scheduled to run. Scott assured Nina that her case would be decided in court and not on the front page of the Invader. Scott mentioned Harmony’s death and quipped that compared to Harmony, Nina was like Mother Teresa. Scott felt he and Nina should go to Michael and Willow’s lawyer and announce that they’d let the judge decide whose behavior was better for Wiley’s sake: Nina’s, or that of a double murderer.

As they were speaking, Diane entered the salon and brought up Nina’s documented history of emotional and mental instability. Diane encouraged Nina to withdraw her claim, but Nina refused to back down. Nina told Diane that if Michael and Willow insisted on dragging her through the mud, Nina would drag both of them with her. As Diane went to leave, Nina said that Wiley shouldn’t be punished because of Willow’s pain. “Nina, you seem to think that depriving Wiley of your presence would be a punishment. The court may not agree with you,” Diane said.

When Diane left, Scott and Nina agreed that it was time for an all-out war against Michael and Willow. Nina felt that Willow was “too good to be true” and told Scott there had to be something about Willow they could uncover. Nina told Scott to keep digging until he found it.

At the gatehouse at the Quartermaine mansion, Dante told Willow the PCPD would do everything in its power to make sure Willow got answers. Carly told Willow that the reason Harmony had attacked Carly and Alexis was because Harmony’s secret had started to come out.

Willow then recalled that Harmony had a difficult time finding Willow’s birth certificate. Dante told Willow that Willow’s real birth certificate had never existed and that the one Harmony had given Willow had been forged. Carly then explained that Willow had been taken as an infant and given to someone else. Willow couldn’t believe that everything she had been told about her childhood was a falsehood. 

Willow pleaded for Carly to tell her if Harmony had confided why Harmony had lied about being Willow’s birth mother. Carly flashed back to the promise she’d made on Harmony’s deathbed to look after Willow. Dante wanted Willow to take a DNA test to rule out any blood relation between Willow and Harmony, and Willow said she needed time to digest everything she’d learned. Dante agreed to come back the next day. Dante apologized for having been the bearer of bad news, and he left. Carly got up to leave, as well, and hugged Michael and Willow. Before she left, Carly told Willow that she’d promised Harmony she would protect Willow. Willow told Michael she couldn’t help but ask herself the same question. “If Harmony isn’t my birth mother, who is?” Willow said.



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GH Update Thursday, May 5, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Shane

At Finn’s place, Violet hosted a tea party with Chase. Brook Lynn came over with lightsabers for May 4th and asked if she could join Chase and Violet. Chase and Violet played with the lightsabers while Chase explained to Violet that the lightsaber is the weapon of the Jedi. Brook Lynn smiled while she watched Chase and Violet. Chase and Brook Lynn hated that they had not been able to watch Star Wars on May 4th, and Brook Lynn suggested the two have their own screening of the movie soon. 

Chet returned from a trip to the Middle East and tells Sony that he had a lot to look forward to on his return home and mentioned Dex, a friend he’d recommended take over his role when Chet was away.

Dante tells Sonny that Carly and Alexis had both been attacked by Harmony. Dante informed Sonny that Harmony had died shortly after she ran into traffic. Sonny told Dante that normally Carly or Michael would have called him immediately.  He thought that the fact that neither Carly nor Michael had reached out to him was also meant to send him a message.  They don’t want anything to do with him and that is the way things are going to be now.

Dante asked if Sonny was taking care of himself, specifically his mental health. He told Sonny that he was concerned he could become more and more isolated. Sonny told Dante that he was taking good care of himself.

Dex impressed Sonny after breaking up a sparring match that turned into an all-out fight.  He reconsidered his decision about Dex’s future and asked Chet to have Dex come by his office later.

At GH, Britt tried to console T.J. after the loss of his first patient. T.J. confided that it was the worst thing he had ever experienced, and admitted he felt angry and “useless.” T.J. said he wanted to scream. Britt told him to prepare himself. She said that might have been the first patient he had lost, but it wouldn’t be the last.  

When T.J. said he wished he could compartmentalize his emotions. Britt said she wanted doctors who used their hearts as well as their heads. T.J. said that telling Willow was heart wrenching. Britt told T.J. to take the rest of the day off to take care of himself.

At the Metro Court nail salon, Terry welcomed Elizabeth for a mani-pedi. Terry told Elizabeth that their mani-pedi had been paid for by Finn. Elizabeth insisted that she was still shaken by recent events but she was taking care of things. Elizabeth confided to Terry that Aiden believed Elizabeth’s stalker was Franco’s ghost. Elizabeth admitted she didn’t know what to think anymore and asked Terry to go with her to her appointment with the medium.

At Michael and Willow’s place, Carly told Michael that Willow would need their strength to lean on, given what the future held. Carly warned Michael that he needed to be careful what he said around Wiley and added that the press would be all over the story of Harmony’s death. Michael said he didn’t know how to protect Willow from the fallout.

Dante arrived and asked to see Willow as Willow descended the stairs. Dante told Willow that he had more information on Harmony if Willow was ready for it. Willow asked what secret Harmony had tried to hide. “Harmony had killed before,” Dante told her.

Carly told Willow that Harmony had revealed a secret that Neil had kept in his notes through the years. Willow asked what the secret was and pleaded for someone to tell her. “Harmony was not your biological mother,” Dante told a stunned Willow.

Carly then flashed back to Harmony’s deathbed confession that Willow had been Nelle’s twin and that Nina was Willow’s biological daughter.  Carly had vowed to protect Willow from Nina and she pointedly did not admit anything else to Willow but the fact that Willow was not Harmony’s biological child.  She told Willow that Harmony had taken Willow from someone else and raised her as her own.  Willow struggled to take in all the news.

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GH Update Wednesday, May 4, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Dustin-Shane Merrill

At her place, Robert and Anna try to find something to watch on TV when her doorbell rings. It’s Mac and Felicia, and Anna invites them in for movie night. Felicia asks if they can skip it and suggests to Anna they go out and look at the stars.

Alone, Robert tells his brother to start talking. Mac beats around the bush before finally revealing he thinks Felicia wants a baby. Robert laughs, then pours his brother a shot of whiskey. Mac says that raising Maxie, Georgie and Robin were the joys of his life, but he and Felicia never got to have one of their own. However, he thinks he could be misreading the entire situation.

Outside, Anna asks Felicia what is going on. Like her husband, Felicia makes small talk before finally blurting out that she thinks Mac wants a baby. Anna asks if she’d want to raise another child. Felicia doesn’t know as she’s a grandmother of three. Anna thinks that shouldn’t stop her, and perhaps she should be talking about this with Mac. Anna promises whatever she decides, she’ll always be in her corner. Felicia thinks maybe it’s the last thing Mac wants and it’s all in her head.

Sonny says goodnight to his security guard and heads into his empty apartment. He sits down on the couch and puts his feet up on the table. He nods off only to find himself back in Nixon Falls. Lenny appears and says it’s about time he arrived. His friend notes Sonny’s wardrobe is lacking and hands him his old cowboy hat. Sonny thinks this isn’t real, and Lenny’s dead. Lenny reminds Sonny that people thought he was dead once too. Lenny wants to know what’s been happening since Sonny went back to Port Charles.

Sonny fills him in on his divorce, and how his relationship with Nina has put a strain on his relationship with his son. Lenny tells Sonny not to give up on him. Sonny would never, but feels Michael’s given up on him. Sonny asks Lenny what was the secret to his and Phyllis’ happiness. Lenny says both people just have to give. Sonny reveals Nina isn’t making him take sides against his son, which has been a gift. Lenny wonders what he’s giving Nina in return. Sonny thanks Lenny for the good advice and realizes he has to do something for Nina. Lenny tells him to get out of there, but Sonny doesn’t know how he is supposed to leave.

Sonny awakens in his apartment and later makes a call to Nina. He gets her voicemail, so he leaves a message saying he was happy to see her tonight and he can’t wait to see her again soon.

At the hospital, Michael tries to distract Willow with details about their Paris trip that he’s been planning. Sasha and Brando arrive, and Sasha asks if they can wait with her. Willow invites them to join them. Willow tells her that her mom is awake, so Sasha thinks that means there is hope.

Sasha goes into the bathroom and realizes if she had been caught with drugs in her system, she could have been tried for manslaughter. She tells herself not to blow this second chance and flushes the pills. Brando knocks on the door, and Sasha says she’ll be right there.

In Harmony’s room, Carly tells Harmony that she’s not making sense. Harmony says, “Willow, you need to protect her no matter the cost.” Carly asks from what? Harmony apologizes for almost trying to kill her, and she’s been so selfish. Harmony says she should have told the truth when she had the chance.

Carly tells Harmony the longer she takes to tell Willow, the harder it will be to say it. Harmony wishes she had told the truth earlier, but now it’s gone too far, and Willow isn’t safe with her. Willow can never know. Carly is confused. Harmony says, “She loves too much, too hard. She’s obsessive, possessive, she’ll try and take Willow from Michael.” Carly realizes Harmony is talking about Willow’s biological mother. Harmony explains Willow already hates her, and Willow was one of two. Carly figures out Willow is a twin, and Harmony says, “Nelle.” Carly is shocked, “Nina is Willow’s biological mother?” Harmony begs Carly to protect Willow as Nina’s love will smother her. Carly promises her she’ll protect Willow. Suddenly, Harmony codes.

TJ enters the room and finds Harmony has no pulse. He and Amy work to shock Harmony and begin CPR. Harmony never recovers and TJ calls her time of death.

Carly goes to the waiting area and tells Willow that she needs to get back to the ICU. Michael and Willow head there immediately, and Sasha fears she killed Harmony. Brando says it was an accident and everyone knows that. 

In the ICU, Willow can tell by TJ’s face her mother is gone. TJ  explains they did everything they could. Willow asks for a moment alone with her, and TJ tells her to take as much time as she needs. Willow asks Michael to come with her, and they head inside.

Willow sits by her mother and takes her hand. She cries that she loves her and forgives her. She remembers a picnic they had in Colorado, and how her mother braided her hair and made her feel so beautiful and free. She kisses her hand and promises to tell Wiley only the good memories of her. Outside, Carly watches. She remembers Harmony begging her to protect her from Nina, and promising she would.

TJ goes to the waiting room and tells Sasha and Brando that Willow will need their friendship more than ever now.


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GH Update Tuesday, May 3, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Shane

Maxie explained that she wanted to see Austin two nights in a row but that she didn’t want to ask Mac and Felicia to babysit again. Maxie said that being a parent to three kids didn’t leave her with much free time. Austin said that it seemed that Maxie was trying to convince herself more than anyone else. Maxie denied that she had wanted to push Austin away and recalled everything she had been through in the past year with Peter. Still, Maxie conceded that Austin had a valid point, and she said that a new relationship was the last thing she needed. Austin offered for he and Maxie to go back to being friends. “To hell with that,” Maxie said, and she flung her arms around Austin for a long kiss.

As they kissed, Maxie and Austin were interrupted by Georgie, who was upset to find Austin at the apartment. Austin said it was time for him to leave. Maxie walked Austin to the door and told him goodnight as Georgie looked on with disapproval.

At the Metro Court, Lucy entered Martin’s room as the two planned a steamy night of romance. Afterwards, Lucy told Martin that she had missed him. Lucy said the best part about Martin’s return and the launch of Deception as a public company was that she and Martin could take their relationship public. Lucy encouraged Martin to dump Valentin as Martin’s only client, but Martin was hesitant. Lucy asked if Martin had a problem with going public with their relationship. Martin denied that he wanted to keep their affair hidden, but he expressed his desire to remain financially independent in lieu of Lucy’s recent windfall with Deception. Martin then said he was tired of kowtowing to Valentin. “I can always find another client. I just don’t think I can find another you,” Martin said.

Later, Lucy and Martin stepped off the elevator and encountered Valentin. Martin boasted that he and Lucy were indeed an item and assured Valentin that Martin’s clients were never the subject of “pillow talk.” Martin added that he would be sorry to see Valentin go as a client if Valentin felt uncomfortable watching his lawyer and close business associate become involved.

Valentin told Martin that Martin and Lucy made a happy couple, and Valentin wished them all the best. When Martin asked if that meant Valentin was still his client, Valentin assured Martin that he was. Valentin told Lucy that she would have his blessing as long as Valentin could count on Lucy’s support at ELQ. Lucy assured Valentin that she’d been happy with his work with the company and that she had no plans to withdraw her support. Valentin bid them a good evening and left.

In Elizabeth’s room at Metro Court, Elizabeth and Finn kissed on the sofa before Elizabeth’s phone rang. Afterward, Finn started to leave to go to his room next door. Elizabeth gave Finn a key in case she called and needed his help. Finn told Elizabeth to make sure she latched the door to her room after he left. Just as Finn left, Elizabeth’s phone rang again. Elizabeth answered but forgot to latch the door.

Later, Elizabeth showered and was startled to discover that the room had been trashed and that someone had ripped open the couch pillows and cut through the furniture in her room. Elizabeth yelled for Finn, who rushed in. Rory and the police arrived shortly after Finn to take Elizabeth’s statement and to look for clues. Elizabeth admitted that she’d forgotten to latch the door.

Elizabeth and Finn went to the dining room area of the Metro Court and ran into Lucy. Lucy invited Elizabeth and Finn to join her and Martin. Elizabeth remembered that she’d left her phone in the room, and Finn offered to get it. When Finn left, Lucy asked what Elizabeth would do next. Elizabeth told Lucy that she felt the police might be “out of their depth on this case.” Elizabeth then asked Lucy for the name of the medium she had mentioned.

Back in Elizabeth’s room, Rory told Finn that Elizabeth’s room was out of the security cameras’ range but confirmed that no one had entered or exited the elevator on the floor of the room. Rory told Finn that the police were searching the hotel’s vacant rooms because the intruder could have hidden in one of them. Finn told Rory that there had to be something the police had missed because it was impossible to break into someone’s room, vanish, and leave no evidence.

At the Savoy, Nina invited Sonny to join her table. When Nina learned that Sonny hadn’t spoken to Michael, she told Sonny that Harmony had been involved in a terrible accident and was in the ICU. Nina encouraged Sonny to join Michael at the hospital, but Sonny told Nina that he wouldn’t be welcomed there.

Sonny recalled his and Michael’s awful fight and said that things had been said that couldn’t be forgotten or forgiven. Sonny expressed his disbelief that someone fighting for their life that was so close to Michael and Willow didn’t warrant a phone call, but Sonny reasoned that it was no longer his place to check in on Michael. Nina urged Sonny to keep the door open to reconciliation.

Sonny told Nina that he’d felt great since he’d quit drinking. When all the patrons at the Savoy had gone home, Sonny told Nina to dance with him. Sonny and Nina danced passionately and intensely and held each other close. After Sonny and Nina danced, Neka and a co-worker applauded. Sonny and Nina thanked each other for the dance and bade each other goodnight. Both stared longingly at each other before Nina left.

At the hospital, T.J. gave Willow, Michael, and Carly the news that Harmony was still in critical condition. T.J. cautioned Willow about the importance of keeping Harmony calm.

In the waiting room, Michael brought Carly orange juice and a snack. Michael confessed that he felt Willow would be off without Harmony and said that it was hard whenever a parent betrayed their children’s love. Carly quickly surmised that Michael was referring to Sonny and she told Michael that she wanted him to have a relationship with his father. Michael said that he didn’t want anything from Sonny, his money, his advice or his support.

In Harmony’s room, Willow told Harmony to keep fighting and said that they could get through whatever had happened that night. Harmony opened her eyes. “Willow, I’m so, so sorry,” Harmony managed to say through her strained voice. Harmony told Willow that she had loved being Willow’s mom, and she said she had to tell Willow something. Harmony then became anxious, and Willow had to leave the room.

Michael and Carly joined Willow outside Harmony’s room, where Willow begged Carly to say whatever Carly had been about to tell Willow earlier in the night. Carly deferred and told Willow that she needed to focus on Harmony. T.J. joined them and informed them that Harmony had only needed a sedative for the time being.

Carly encouraged Willow to go for a walk with Michael and get some fresh air. Not long after they left, Harmony awoke and motioned for Carly to join her in her room. Inside, Carly told Harmony that Willow knew that Harmony had tried to kill Carly and Alexis, but Carly added that Willow didn’t know why. Carly then told Harmony that she’d held back for Willow’s sake.

Harmony tried to speak but couldn’t get the words out. Carly said she would find someone to help Harmony communicate.

“Nina,” Harmony muttered to a confused Carly.

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GH Update Friday, April 29, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Shane

Ava returns home to Wyndemere and tries to sneak off to her room, only for Nikolas to open the doors to the living room and surprise her with a romantic setup. She reminds him that she made her position clear that as long as Esme is at the house they will have no peace. Nikolas informs her that Esme is free to go back to the mainland thanks to Laura getting Sonny to agree that he would do Esme no harm. Ava wonders when she’s moving out. Nikolas admits they haven’t set a date yet. Ava informs Nikolas when he invited Spencer and Esme to move in, she realized they had more important issues. Ava says she doesn’t trust him and knows he doesn’t trust her. They argue, and Nikolas asks how he is supposed to trust her when she always has one foot out the door. They fall onto the couch, but Ava quickly puts a stop to things. She says until their have worked through their problems sex will only complicate matters.

At the gallery, Trina tells Spencer that she’ll leave him a to-do list so he can get back to the love of his life. Esme arrives as Spencer explains things with Esme are complicated. Trina tells him he threw away their friendship for his psycho girlfriend.

Esme emerges and accuses Trina of being the psycho. Trina tells Esme that she talks a good game but that everyone sees her for the horrible person she is. Trina says she has to put some things away and tells Esme the gallery is closed and orders her to leave because she’s trespassing.

At the hospital, Carly sticks around to support Willow in the light of Harmony’s accident. Joss arrives and asks why she’s in the ER. Carly tells her the whole story, and Joss doesn’t understand why Harmony attacked her in the first place. Carly explains that she found out something about Harmony that Willow doesn’t know, but she needs to.

In the chapel, Willow doesn’t understand why her mother was in the middle of the woods walking down the road. She tells Michael that for the first time in a long time she’s felt her mother’s love and she’s not ready to lose that again. Michael says Harmony is a fighter and will fight to get back to her.

In a hallway, Sasha reaches for her pills but is interrupted by Gladys. Brando arrives and Sasha rushes into his arms and says she may have killed Willow’s mother. Brando asks her to start from the beginning so they find a seat in the lobby. Sasha explains this photographer was taking photos of her at the Metro Court, so they left.  But, the photographer chased her in his car, and Gladys blurts out that Harmony just ran out into the road. Gladys blames the photographer for chasing them. Brando asks why he was chasing them? Sasha tells him he had a reason, and Gladys admits she stole his memory card. Sasha yells none of it matters because Willow will never forgive her if Harmony doesn’t make it. Brando notes this isn’t her fault, and she needs to tell Willow what happened. Sasha eventually agrees.

Sasha and Brando find Willow and Michael in the chapel. Willow explains they were about to check on how her mom is doing. Sasha tells Willow she knows this is a terrible time, but they need to talk alone. Michael and Brando leave, and Willow asks what they need to talk about. Sasha breaks down and tells Willow the truth. She explains it was an accident, and her mother came out of nowhere.

Willow asks if Sasha was with Carly and Alexis. Sasha says she wasn’t, she was coming from the Metro Court. Willow asks if it seemed like her mom jumped in front of her car on purpose. Sasha explains it happened so fast, and she felt it was more like Harmony didn’t see her. Willow doesn’t understand any of this and needs to know why her mom was in the woods stumbling into the road.

Michael asks Brando what happened with Sasha. Brando tells him that Sasha is the one who hit Harmony and relays what he knows. Michael suspects his mother might know more about what is going on.

Gladys steps into the elevator while looking at the photographer’s memory card. The doors close and she makes her exit.

Back in the chapel, Carly appears and tells Sasha she needs to talk to Willow alone as she has the answers to her questions.

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GH Update Thursday, April 28, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Sasha and Gladys race over to the body of the person on the ground that Sasha has hit with her car. The photographer who was following them very closely is still in tow, he says look what you’ve done. He began his harassment of Sasha again as Gladys tried to call for an ambulance. The photographer grabbed the phone to handle the ambulance, while Gladys and Sasha turned the person over. It is Willow’s Mom, Harmony. Sasha began to perform CPR.

The ambulance arrives and Harmony was whisked away.  One of the EMTs said that Sasha had most likely kept Harmony alive. The photographer said that he wanted his memory card returned. He added that depending on how the events unfolded he would sell the story with Sasha as a hero or the cause of an unspeakable tragedy. Sasha refused to deal with him, and their argument grew physical until Dante arrived on scene to restore order.

Gladys stepped aside to call Brando. The photographer claimed he needed medical attention after the fight, and Dante urged him to drive himself to the hospital. Sasha told Dante the truth, that the photographer had been chasing her in the car and she had tried to get away. Harmony had stepped out into the roadway and she attempted to swerve to miss her but by the time she appeared in the headlights, it was too late. Dante suggested that Gladys take Sasha to GH to be checked for shock, and he told them to come to the PCPD the following day for statements.  By the time Dante left, Sasha was losing it, flashing back to the photographer capturing images of her dropping pills on the ground. Gladys tried to reassure her, although she pointed out that Sasha had been speeding. Gladys wondered what was on the memory card and admitted to Sasha that she still had it in her possession. 

At Wyndemere, Esme found Spencer on the phone, asking someone for a favor. “What favor is that?” Esme asked Spencer when he ended the call. Spencer told her that he had asked Cameron to watch what he said around Esme. He added that he was heading out to the gallery to start his “menial tasks” after hours in order to avoid Trina and Ava. He kissed Esme on the cheek. 

In the library, Nikolas attempted to reach Ava on the phone as he looked at the table that had been set for two. Shortly after, Ava replied via text message that she had other plans and told him not to wait up. Nikolas exploded. He shouted that his effort had been a waste. He overturned the table, glasses and dishware crashing to the floor. Esme feigned concern as she walked in and began to pick up some pieces. She couldn’t understand why Ava didn’t appreciate Nikolas. Esme always wanted someone who was unconditionally loyal like Nikolas. She picked up Nikolas’ phone and then hesitated when their hands touched while she gave it back to him.

Esme said it wasn’t fair that she and Nikolas were stuck in a house without the love they needed. They were surprised when Laura walked in and commented that no one was stuck. She added that Esme no longer needed to hide. Laura had spoken to Sonny, who had maintained that Esme had nothing to fear. Laura declared that Sonny’s word was his bond, and everyone could resume their normal lives with Esme moving out. “Let’s not be too hasty!” Nikolas said.

Nikolas stated that Esme and Spencer were unable to support themselves. Nikolas appreciated Laura’s stopping by. “And not a minute too soon, it seems,” Laura replied. She mentioned the moment that Nikolas and Esme were apparently having. Nikolas mentioned that he was simply trying to console Esme. Laura thought that Nikolas should be consoling his wife instead. She was also worried about Spencer, who had been fighting with his friends and was isolated. She urged Nikolas to get rid of Esme, the source of everyone’s strained relationships. Nikolas felt that Esme only wanted someone to love her, and he was confident that she and Spencer would reconcile. Laura thought Nikolas was being naïve and noted that he had a scorpion under his roof. 

Trina heard a noise while she was working at the art gallery. It was Rory. He said he had noticed that the front door wasn’t locked, and he was there on Jordan’s orders to keep watch over Trina. She accused him of overreacting to the situation just days prior when he had arrested Cameron. Rory confided that he had to follow the rules. Trina accused him of taking his job too seriously.

Rory asked for something to drink before heading back to sit in his car. When Trina returned with a bottle of water, she found Rory staring at a painting. They began a discussion of artwork, and Rory said that he saw hope in the painting, though he knew nothing about art. Spencer walked in and threw out some of his own art knowledge. Trina demanded to know why he was there.

Portia and Curtis sat at a table in a corner of the Savoy. She said she had been worried about him. Curtis replied that he had found and then lost his father. They’d had a confrontation after Curtis had discovered Marshall’s secrets, and Marshall had been upset and left town. Curtis told Portia none of it mattered now that their future was most important, and he didn’t think Marshall wanted to be found. Curtis insisted he cared about Portia and Trina, even though Trina wasn’t his.

Willow and Michael greeted Dante at the Metro Court Gardens. They made small talk, and Dante mentioned that he’d seen Sonny. Willow took advantage of the moment and stated that she wanted to check up on Wiley, and she left to make a phone call. Dante wanted to hear Michael’s side of things, but Michael replied that it was between him and Sonny. Dante pointed out that Sonny had been going through changes since he had arrived back in Port Charles. Dante reminded Michael that they would always be brothers. After Dante left, Michael told Willow that he wished Dante had not mentioned Sonny. He declared that it was a rare night out for them, though, and they kissed. Michael received a phone call from Carly, telling him to come to the ER immediately.

Sam found Alexis at the hospital, where T.J. revealed that Harmony had attacked both Alexis and Carly. Carly begged Jordan to find Harmony because she was a danger to Willow and Wiley. She told Jordan that Harmony had been desperate to keep her secrets. Carly also told Jordan about the paper she’d found in Alexis’ fireplace with Neil’s psychiatric notes from a therapy session with Harmony. Jordan wanted to know more about the attack at Rana Point. Jordan felt that Carly knew more than she was letting on and pressed her for answers but Carly insisted she was telling Jordan everything she knew.  Jordan later got a call about the accident on the highway.

A gurney carrying Harmony was wheeled into the emergency room. Jordan announced that Harmony had been hit by a car. Willow and Michael arrived and found Sam, Carly, Alexis, and Jordan waiting.

Carly calmed Willow down, but Willow asked what Carly knew. Carly and Alexis explained that they had been with Harmony earlier. Willow was trying to figure out who could have hit her mother. Harmony was then wheeled out of an exam room on the way to surgery. Sasha and Gladys also arrived.

In another exam room, Felty whined about his stolen memory card. He declared that he had been attacked. Dante was not moved as Felty spoke about pressing charges and reminded him that Sasha too would be able to file charges for assault, harassment and an illegal vehicle pursuit. Felty changed his mind as Dante ordered him not to go anywhere. Felty called Smoltz and announced that he had what the journalist wanted.

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GH Update Wednesday, April 27, 2022

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Update written by Dustin-Shane Merrill

Curtis wanted to know why Sonny didn’t help him investigate his father. Sonny remembered seeing Marshall drop a bottle of his medication and said the past should stay in the past. He hoped that everything worked out for Curtis and his father. Curtis told him that Marshall left town. Sonny was willing to have his guys track Marshall down. He told him not to give up if there’s a chance they could reconcile.  He told Curtis that he had two very strong willed men as sons and they often didn’t see eye to eye. 

Sasha is blindsided at a Deception celebration. A sleazy photographer bursts into the restaurant where Gladys, Sasha, Maxie, Brooke Lynn and Lucy are having drinks. He begins taking pictures of Sasha and refuses to relent even after Lucy threatens to call security.  Eventually, Austin arrives and intervenes. While Austin is dealing with the photographer, Gladys slips the memory card that contains the photos, out of the camera. 

TJ gets an unexpected gift that arrives in an unmarked box.  He is not able to discern who or where it is from. He opens it and realizes that Marshall has gifted him his clarinet as a parting gift and tells him he wishes to leave him the gift of music and reminds him of their conversation when T.J. said that working on a surgical team was a lot like being part of an orchestra. 

Nina shares her concerns with Brando.  Nina believes that Sasha is really shaken up by what happened at Charlie’s a few nights back. Sasha expressed to Nina that Brando rushed to Sonny’s aid without giving thought to the consequences.  Sasha tells Nina that she has already lost Liam, she can’t lose Brando as well.

Portia and Drew met at The Savoy to talk about Marshall leaving town. Drew blamed himself for Marshall leaving. Drew tells her about the fake job offer so he could do a background check on Marshall. He said Marshall was upset about it. She didn’t think that was enough to make him leave. Drew thought Curtis might have found something out about him. She wished Curtis would have let her help him. Drew told her that Marshall’s past was dangerous. He said it was better that she didn’t know. 

Gladys and Sasha are pursued by the photographer as Sasha is driving them home.  The photographer wants the memory card for the photos he took. He is right behind them and driving erratically, so Sasha increases her speed to try to lose him.

Alexis wanted to know how many people had to die for Harmony to keep her secret about Willow. Harmony says, “as many as it takes.” She strangles Alexis. Alexis pushes her away. Harmony grabbed a rock to bash her in the head. But, Carly appeared and pushed Harmony away. Alexis called the police while Carly held off Harmony. Harmony eventually managed to get away from Carly. Carly tells Alexis that they have to stop her. Alexis assures her that the police were on their way. Carly was afraid that Harmony was going after Willow and Wiley. 

Rory showed up to question Carly and Alexis. They told him everything about Harmony, all the murders she had committed, the stolen therapy notes, her psychiatric file. But, Carly said that it was all a waste of time. She said if Harmony reached the highway, she would escape. Harmony was in the woods and looked at a picture of Willow and Wiley. They were all she had left. She refused to lose them. She ran out into the road and was caught in the headlights of Sasha’s car.  Gladys told Sasha to watch out for the person that appeared in the road.  Harmony screams while Sasha swerves to avoid striking Harmony.

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