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Update written by Dustin-Shane Merrill

At her place, Robert and Anna try to find something to watch on TV when her doorbell rings. It’s Mac and Felicia, and Anna invites them in for movie night. Felicia asks if they can skip it and suggests to Anna they go out and look at the stars.

Alone, Robert tells his brother to start talking. Mac beats around the bush before finally revealing he thinks Felicia wants a baby. Robert laughs, then pours his brother a shot of whiskey. Mac says that raising Maxie, Georgie and Robin were the joys of his life, but he and Felicia never got to have one of their own. However, he thinks he could be misreading the entire situation.

Outside, Anna asks Felicia what is going on. Like her husband, Felicia makes small talk before finally blurting out that she thinks Mac wants a baby. Anna asks if she’d want to raise another child. Felicia doesn’t know as she’s a grandmother of three. Anna thinks that shouldn’t stop her, and perhaps she should be talking about this with Mac. Anna promises whatever she decides, she’ll always be in her corner. Felicia thinks maybe it’s the last thing Mac wants and it’s all in her head.

Sonny says goodnight to his security guard and heads into his empty apartment. He sits down on the couch and puts his feet up on the table. He nods off only to find himself back in Nixon Falls. Lenny appears and says it’s about time he arrived. His friend notes Sonny’s wardrobe is lacking and hands him his old cowboy hat. Sonny thinks this isn’t real, and Lenny’s dead. Lenny reminds Sonny that people thought he was dead once too. Lenny wants to know what’s been happening since Sonny went back to Port Charles.

Sonny fills him in on his divorce, and how his relationship with Nina has put a strain on his relationship with his son. Lenny tells Sonny not to give up on him. Sonny would never, but feels Michael’s given up on him. Sonny asks Lenny what was the secret to his and Phyllis’ happiness. Lenny says both people just have to give. Sonny reveals Nina isn’t making him take sides against his son, which has been a gift. Lenny wonders what he’s giving Nina in return. Sonny thanks Lenny for the good advice and realizes he has to do something for Nina. Lenny tells him to get out of there, but Sonny doesn’t know how he is supposed to leave.

Sonny awakens in his apartment and later makes a call to Nina. He gets her voicemail, so he leaves a message saying he was happy to see her tonight and he can’t wait to see her again soon.

At the hospital, Michael tries to distract Willow with details about their Paris trip that he’s been planning. Sasha and Brando arrive, and Sasha asks if they can wait with her. Willow invites them to join them. Willow tells her that her mom is awake, so Sasha thinks that means there is hope.

Sasha goes into the bathroom and realizes if she had been caught with drugs in her system, she could have been tried for manslaughter. She tells herself not to blow this second chance and flushes the pills. Brando knocks on the door, and Sasha says she’ll be right there.

In Harmony’s room, Carly tells Harmony that she’s not making sense. Harmony says, “Willow, you need to protect her no matter the cost.” Carly asks from what? Harmony apologizes for almost trying to kill her, and she’s been so selfish. Harmony says she should have told the truth when she had the chance.

Carly tells Harmony the longer she takes to tell Willow, the harder it will be to say it. Harmony wishes she had told the truth earlier, but now it’s gone too far, and Willow isn’t safe with her. Willow can never know. Carly is confused. Harmony says, “She loves too much, too hard. She’s obsessive, possessive, she’ll try and take Willow from Michael.” Carly realizes Harmony is talking about Willow’s biological mother. Harmony explains Willow already hates her, and Willow was one of two. Carly figures out Willow is a twin, and Harmony says, “Nelle.” Carly is shocked, “Nina is Willow’s biological mother?” Harmony begs Carly to protect Willow as Nina’s love will smother her. Carly promises her she’ll protect Willow. Suddenly, Harmony codes.

TJ enters the room and finds Harmony has no pulse. He and Amy work to shock Harmony and begin CPR. Harmony never recovers and TJ calls her time of death.

Carly goes to the waiting area and tells Willow that she needs to get back to the ICU. Michael and Willow head there immediately, and Sasha fears she killed Harmony. Brando says it was an accident and everyone knows that. 

In the ICU, Willow can tell by TJ’s face her mother is gone. TJ  explains they did everything they could. Willow asks for a moment alone with her, and TJ tells her to take as much time as she needs. Willow asks Michael to come with her, and they head inside.

Willow sits by her mother and takes her hand. She cries that she loves her and forgives her. She remembers a picnic they had in Colorado, and how her mother braided her hair and made her feel so beautiful and free. She kisses her hand and promises to tell Wiley only the good memories of her. Outside, Carly watches. She remembers Harmony begging her to protect her from Nina, and promising she would.

TJ goes to the waiting room and tells Sasha and Brando that Willow will need their friendship more than ever now.


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